A Ronulan inside the dragon’s lair

Yesterday, some people commented on my blog post, accusing me of selling out the revolution for money.  Not true.  Just the opposite. The revolution has been a huge personal loss for me.   But a loss that I have embraced with joy.

The charge was made because I defended Gary Howard’s appointment to a post inside the Republican National Convention.

Howard, an African American, has been Dr. Paul’s able press secretary throughout the campaign.  His appointment to the RNC was being roughed up by Barack Obama attack dogs and I saw that as hypocritical and I wanted to reply to that.  It doesn’t mean that I support the Federal Reserve or the New World Order or Goldman Sachs.  It doesn’t even mean I support Mitt Romney which will only, slightly slow down the Obama descent into socialism, and as of now, will do nothing to redress the oligarchy’s rape of the poor and middle class in this country.  (Not to mention the military industrial complex.)

First, let me  say, I understand the frustration.  So I have no hurt feelings toward those who are lashing out.  But there is a biblical injunction in Romans that says this, “Let not your good be spoken of as evil.”  So I have an obligation to respond and speak up.

I have done a lot of bad things in my life but supporting Ron Paul was not one of them.  And once the fog lifted and I began to see how corrupt the monetary system had become, and how it was used to debase the currency and defraud the poor and the middle class, and how both Republican and Democrat presidents have played that game, I have joined the Revolution and never looked back.

It has not been a financially rewarding experience.  First, I lost my number one corporate client, who was LDS, and wanted me to support Mitt Romney.   I love the LDS people and appreciate their principled stand for the constitution but within months of supporting Ron Paul, 70% of my income was lost.  And much of my future income was, as well.  For example, I was suddenly told that a large business network I had spent years and thousands of dollars building, was no longer mine.  Just like that, it was given to someone else.

When the campaign was asked by a television network to send over a spokesperson to talk about Dr. Paul and the campaign suggested Doug Wead, the producer on the other end of the phone line said, “No, we’ve been told we can’t use Doug Wead.”

Yes, sometimes I slipped through the net.  Sometimes the television networks just need a good presidential historian and honest ones are hard to come by.  And sometimes, during the campaing the teleivsion network executives were so apoplytic about how to stop Ron Paul that they briefly decided, “let’s give him some rope and let him hang himself,”  or “let’s give his crazy ideas some exposure.”  And so they had me on, diverting me by giving me a false subject to prepare for, sending me phony articles to read and then ambushing me with the worst possible questions they could think of about Dr. Paul.

Ha.  The great thing about working for a man who is honest and can’t be bribed and for a cause that is based on truth is that you don’t need to remember what to say.  You just tell the truth.

So those brief moments backfired on them and you didn’t see me any more.

It is not easy taking on a system that is making a very few rich and powerful people, even richer and more powerful.  And the price of challenging the corruption is huge.  If Gary Howard, a man who has paid his own price for supporting Dr. Paul, can get appointed to a position inside the RNC, well great.  How are we ever going to win if the RNC is owned by the enemy?  We need more congressmen, more Senators, more TV talking heads, more staffers at the RNC, not fewer.  Maybe if Gary had been appointed in 2008, this election cycle would have been a bit more fair.

So I am in favor of every incursion we make into enemy territory.

When Dr. Paul decided to run as a presidential candidate for the GOP in 2008 some in the Liberty Movement called THAT a compromise.  They were outraged.  After all, the GOP was just as guilty as the Dems in ignoring the Constitution and in treading on civil liberties.  But Dr. Paul ran anyway.  And I’m glad he did.  Because I never would have heard of him or learned his message if he hadn’t.

So good luck Gary.  If you will feel lonely at times inside the RNC remember that we support you and are praying for you and we know that you will do what you can.  And don’t forget us.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. You say Romney will only slow our decent into Socialism? Well I believe he will accelerate our Accent into Fascist Tyranny … So take your pick ! Socialism or Fascist Tyranny…. Does it really matter?

  2. Doug, thank you for all your sacrifices. Your dismantling of Gregg Jarrett on FOX was awe-inspiring. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll speak for myself.. it’s guys like you that make me proud to support this movement.

    1. Been busy in too many endeavors. Still trying to get people on track regarding the lawsuit and Tampa. And, trying to get some work done at the same time. I’ll have to shut this down for same, right about now. But, glad to see you here!

  3. Hey, Doug Wead.
    Yes, I am pretty irritated with those who are now lashing out at anyone who’s not doing exactly what they expect them to do. It started with the Rand psychobabble and it’s not going to end anytime soon. People who have an audience (and I am not going to name them) have convinced too many that Ron Paul never meant to win and even that Paul has endorsed Romney (uhm, b/s and not gonna happen).
    Yesterday, I received an intimidating phonecall from our county elections clerk, stating i am the subject of a criminal investigation, for speaking out about the farce of a primary in Austin, Texas. I know I did not break any laws or rules (i was very careful in what I said), and I am sure they will be digging away, trying to make it so, but there’s nothing for them to find.
    Still, nobody ever said standing up for right was a popular position or an easy task. All we can do is what we do.

    1. Wow. Keep us informed of what happens. Nobody should go thru that for supporting Ron Paul. As long as the internet is free we need to track every movement of this sort of thing.

      1. Well, as I did sign with the lawsuit, as a witness, i am already protected. And Mr Gilbert did get on this within hours of the phone call. I can’t say it worried me any less, because I know the lengths these “folk” will go to in order to prove me wrong (evil, cheating, anything else), but I did feel a little better knowing I have a strong person on my side.
        The letter to the county clerk was nothing short of scathing.

    2. Disgusting beyond belief. Dana DeBeauvois has been in that office way too long. Aggressively going after an election judge?

      1. What is probably the worst is, when I was seemingly unflappable (to being told I should expect the county prosecutor to contact me, as subject of investigation), she had to get in that last dig: “neither the Republicans or the Democrats want you (me) as a judge”, and she removed me from my writ.
        Today, my alternate judge called me to check-in (my name is on her writ). I had to tell her the story and she was flabbergasted, to say the least. I think she will gladly make me a copy of her writ, though, so i have more proof of what they are doing to shut me up.
        Still, it is illegal, what DeBeauvois has done. It’s a federal crime to intimidate a witness in a federal case– and she had to know i am a plaintiff.witness. Guess she thinks she can do what she wants to do- but explains her phone call, rather than having me served or putting it in writing.
        Oh, well.

    3. annebeck58 —

      You should have asked to have them send this threat to you in writing!
      Perhaps you still can — then legal actions can be taken for many reasons against them: Intimidating a witness, harassment against a sovereign individual, etc.!

      Keep us posted — you are my hero!


    1. Oh, yes; they threatened me that I am the subject of a criminal investigation. And, they removed me from my post (Rep judge of run-off elections scheduled for 31st). When I was pleasant about all this woman had to say, she said, “Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want you!”
      I immediately turned to Richard Gilbert by typing up the words used. He fired off a letter to her reminding Ms DeBeauvois that I am a plaintiff in a federal case. I hope that has her shaking in her own boots.

      Either way, I did nothing wrong, and I know i did nothing wrong.

      1. Hmm. I don’t see a direct way to contact you other than via this blog.
        Anyway, it all started when I was hired (and they were “thrilled to have” me) to work the primary. I saw Dr Paul take 2/3 of the vote (according to what people volunteered as they signed-in to vote) so I expected to write-up a rave piece, saying Texas, or at least Austin, had gotten it right.
        It’s all on my blog; click on my pic, here, to see it. I was then asked to join in the lawsuit against RNC/GOP Texas, and I did. I have been telling people they are protected once they sign on, and this is the perfect way to test it, I suppose. Even if it has to be me, it has to be me.
        I will send you more when I have your email address, I’ll include my notes to the attorney, Richard Gilbert, and his (scathing) letter back to Ms Dana DeBeauvois, Travis County (Austin) Clerk, Elections Board.
        Why would she call me, rather than have me served, if she did not mean to threaten me into silence?

  4. People are just cautious of you Doug because of your relationship with the Bush’s, who are one of the leading proponents for a New World Order. I for one have made mistakes, have had completely unfounded and simply wrong points of view, but over time with more education and more perspective I have switched many of my views. So I don’t think it unrealistic that you have to.

    All I’m going to say is, you can trust in someone without having a blind devotion to them. Blind devotion is what has gotten us into this mess. That being said, I for one have trust and faith in Doug, Ron, Rand, Napolitano, and a few others. They have earned that trust because of their perseverance and dedication and we would be wrong not to trust in them, but also wrong not to question, for that is the whole purpose; question what your told.

    1. Understood. I agree. I don’t ask you to trust me. I just wanted to correct a falsehood that said I betrayed the revolution for money. It is the opposite. I have stayed true and it has cost me.

      1. Oh I know. And I admire your perseverance through it, even when some on our side attack you. I think being a Ron Paul supporter costs us all in one way or another. From being chastised, to having your finances taken, to being looked upon as insane, to getting into physical altercations, to having professors fail you because you disagree with their point of view. I know I have had my fair share of threats and arguments and I am just a college kid trying to share my views. But as Paul himself said “They cannot un-hear what we tell them” That being said, it is far more rewarding to fight for freedom and be punished, than to protect tyranny and be rewarded. Truth will always prevail in the end.

    1. That was done based on what i had to say about what happened in Austin. I am in touch (constantly) with the person who had these graphs run, and funny enough– they completely proved what I said, not just in Austin or Travis County but in the actual precinct I worked. Of course, they were run after I spoke out, but who knows how the GOP of TX will try to read it (if they can.)
      Such a thing they are trying to put forth, while it makes zero sense, they want us to believe it? Craziness!

      1. Romney won in my home precinct in New York. This is simply impossible. I live near Palmyra (Where the Mormon religion was founded) and I know many of their elders and most, I dare say nearly all of them did not support Romney. (They viewed him as a fake) Now let me put even more perspective on the situation. There is a Ron Paul sign every mile or so. Everybody I talked to either supported Paul or Santorum. In all my calls, in all my meetings, in all of my talks at school I had met one Romney supporter. I find it extremely hard to believe he won upstate New York so handily. Paul has an insanely huge following up here.

      2. I completely agree. I’ve seen absolutely zero Romney signs and, other than the certain people I’ve met who said they would go with the GOP choice (which I guess was Romney), not one person has told me he or she would vote for him (or did vote for him). It does not make me question the results; instead, I see the results as a complete and utter scam.

    2. Yea, I was wondering what ended up happening with that. I remember Swann commenting on it, and saying he would look into it, but nothing ever came from it.

      I wish someone recognizable (who also has serious math skillz) could help verify it, it seems the only way this will get noticed is if someone big covers it.

      Maybe Doug knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody?

      1. If you want, I will ask Ben. I need to send him a note, anyway, but will ask him if he’s done more research into the lawsuit and/or the charting, which do seem to prove the flipping we’ve accused the GOP of taking part in.

    3. I saw these before….. and in a lapse, lost them…. thank you for posting the link…. mathematically you are correct, for a line like these, all Ron Paul votes wen’t directly into Romney spots after the voting had started… there is no other possible explanation for thwe dip in the Ron Paul line and the Romney Rise…

    4. By the way, anyone can go to: RealVoteCount.com to view all graphs that have been posted to prove the numbers of cases of vote-flipping. I’ve seen my county as well as the precinct I worked in, and it was one of the worst. In fact, the statistician who interpreted it said exactly that: “worst case I’ve ever seen”.
      I am working with a few people to try and get this proven even more-so, but it’s a very slow go.
      Attempting to find voters who did vote and were not counted (which is my thought as to one thing they did) is just about impossible. Besides, people do not like answering their phones to numbers they don’t know, anymore.

  5. Why do you always have to write, “Gary Howard, an African American”? Can’t you just say Gary Howard? I am not trying to start something here but it caught my eye and got me wondering what the purpose would be.

      1. Hah. Truth.
        I think they point was, this is a Black man, working against another Black man (Obama) and you know most thought it, too. I thought same and I am not afraid to say so.
        The statement, regarding this being an “African American”, says more about Obama and the Democrats than it does anyone else. At least that’s my take on it.
        (I got a reprieve from work as I await appointments.)

    1. I don’t speak for Doug Wead but here’s my best guess. I think sometimes, while we in the Libertarian mindset take care to avoid engaging in a collectivist mindset, it’s naive to think that a lot people in the African American community don’t still subscribe to a very collectivist world view. The voter turnout in this demographic during the 2008 election cycle is proof of that.

      I hate to be the one to even say it, because the last thing I would ever want to do is perpetuate collectivist or racist paradigms, but the truth is, sometimes you DO have to point out that there are black people who support Ron Paul, and I don’t think anyone should have to feel any shame in doing so. Some people will never question the lies they are told, or vote for someone based on the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, unless they first see someone else who has broken away from the pack and gone that direction first, as Gary Howard has.

      Now if that makes me some kind of racist for suggesting that a lot of black people will never vote for anyone but Obama simply because he’s black too, then sorry, because I’m not. I am simply calling it like I see it. (Incidentally, I voted for Obama myself last time around and was very excited to because I believed in the Change he promised. I will never vote for him again though, because his campaign promises have turned out to be a huge pack of lies — he is a massive war monger and doesn’t care about civil liberties in the slightest.)

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Doug making sure to mention Mr. Howard’s ethnicity. Personally I think it is important for people to know there are prominent, successful, intelligent people who also happen to be black, who support Ron Paul. We all wish for a future where such a factor will be completely irrelevant. But unfortunately, we’re still not quite there yet. And by the way–none of my friends who happen to be black ever use the term “African American,” they all use the term “black.” (In case you were wondering why I do too.)

      1. Wow, great replies. No I was not trying to pick on anyone or anything. I just thought it was kind of odd, that’s all. 🙂

  6. “So I am in favor of every incursion we make into enemy territory.”
    I’m thinking of joining my local republican committee. I know Ron Paul has consistently tried to change the system this way. Hearing your words gives me further confidence I’m doing the right thing.

    By the way, I got to hear you speak in Springfield VA back in March. You were just as inspiring as Dr. Paul himself. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Doug, my father saw you speak a long time ago and said you were the best public/motivation speaker he’d ever seen.

    Keep going man, you’re an inspiration to all of us, even if sometime all you hear from are the angry folk who thought forcibly wrenching the GOP back to Constitutional principles would be as easy as “walking into Mordor.”

    Keep it up, you may not speak for everyone, but you’re certainly an inspiration to me and others.

  8. Hi Doug,
    Your humble yet direct reply was just the perfect response to everyone who is watching and reading.Good Job !! I do want to mention that your leadership and all of us who have been empowered by it are all in good company.Consider our Forefathers and Biblical Leaders mentioned in Heb 11 who all endured inconvenience,sacrifice,loss,and death for choosing to run with Truth and Justice.They all had been deceived at one time or another.Thats how they knew to make a correction.Thats how we got the USA, and our personal Salvation.We are all in good company.Truth always wins.Lets keep fighting the good fight while we can. 🙂

  9. Mr. Wead, please ignore the rude idiots who insult you. There are a whole lot of us who appreciate everything you have done and are continuing to do for liberty. You are one of us now. There is no going back. :))

  10. Since you’re “campaign insider”, you know more on Gary Howard, what exact role he played etc. To most of us outsiders looking in, it seemed to be a very superficial role. I recall him being on 1 or 2 low profile interviews on CNN or some other channel, and sender of few email blasts. Nothing much beyond that.

    Also, some others “characters” (whose names I won’t mention here) made it appear that it was really Trygve Olson who was puppet master behind the scenes – with Jesse Benton, John Tate, Dmitri Kesari, Gary Howard and more being at the ends of his strings. How much truth/falsehood is to that claim, I have no idea.

    Again, these are all snippets of appearances we outsiders get. You have far better knowledge & context of what went/goes on inside the campaign.

    In light of such low profile Gary Howard appeared to have, whatever switch he made officially joining Fascist Gestapo/Squadristi – and Communist Politburo hypocritically denouncing it – all this doesn’t seem like terribly relevant stuff to devote new blog post to. I’ll even claim it seems like a distraction in light of too many things of far bigger importance going on simultaneously. As is obvious from my SPAMMING [I say that in the most positive way] your comment section of that blogpost:

    * Romney’s criminal doings from youth in Michigan exposed
    * Romney’s dirty deeds from Bain capital days exposed
    * Romney having no leg to stand on talking about Obamacare
    * Nebraska convention heating up
    * Seeming Ron Paul already has plurality in more than 5 states
    * Barclays/Bank of England LIBOR scandal tied to Federal Reserve
    * Polls showing Americans don’t trust mainstream news
    * Polls showing independents don’t care about Romney
    * Infighting within fascist GOP establishment networks
    * Monsanto globalist corruption fighting against GMO culpability
    * Guantanamo torture network getting infrastructure upgrades
    * Increase in civilian drone programs
    * More dirt spilling about illegalities of al-Awalaki assassinations
    * and many many more far more important/relevant issues

    That is some really serious list of issues which American voters care about. While all this heavy stuff is going on, some low profile Gary Howard joins the ranks of fascists? I mean, who really cares?

    Speaking for myself personally: It appeared on surface you were being an apologist for Joe LIKUD Liberman, Bill LIKUD Kristol etc. militant Zionist foreign policy and especially neo-con scam of American taxpayer subsidization for IDF. Hoping that wasn’t your real intent. But the way you worded some things, it seems that way.

    And BTW, Mitt Romney is NOT poised to pick up the largest Jewish vote. He is NOT even poised to pick up nomination of his own party, for goodness sake.

  11. Doug,

    It Sounds like you are doing the right thing. I’m sorry this has cost you LDS and other business. I am from a high ranking family within the LDS and will certainly tell them my views. It makes little sense for LDS to support Romney as he is a fake and Mormon mostly by birth and his 10% income contribution. I’m not sure it will help but hey…

    Good luck sir.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  12. If I could rate, I would give you five stars, Doug. Based on all I have read, and it’s been most of your posts, you’ve provided truth, backed up by facts.

    Regarding yesterday’s post, I also thought; Obama must be thinking, “what kind of Black guy is this to go with the GOP?”. So you were not alone in that.

  13. Thank you Doug for your post today. Someone said to me the other day that I should be “getting paid” for what we are doing in AZ to stop the corruption. I told her “With liberty you pay the price, liberty doesn’t pay you.”

    I agree with you about getting our good principled people into positions of leadership. That is what we should be working for. That is what we are trying to accomplish in AZ. How can we be effective at getting things back on the right track if those who support principles of liberty are not the ones in leadership?

  14. Legendary American investor Jim Rogers says:

    Federal Reserve + European Central Bank (+ Bank of England) scam GOING DOWN!!!

    Neither Obama NOR Romney have any freaking clue as they’re just puppets of above central banking cabal.

    Vote for President Paul as the only person having any clue – if the voters has any iota of freaking clue, that is:

  15. “Ha. The great thing about working for a man who is honest and can’t be bribed and for a cause that is based on truth is that you don’t need to remember what to say. You just tell the truth.”

    Mr. Wead, knowing that Rand was endorsing Romney like Dr. Paul did, then allowing the OFFICIAL campaign website to be used to defend Rand’s lying endorsement of Mitt Romney, is not honest.
    The “defense” of a lying endorsement was weak, and the official campaign website should never have been used to defend Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

    Ending an official “CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT” with several million on hand, and never running one single Romney only attack ad, and never attempting to win the first one-on-one state of Virginia, then North Carolina, is not an honest use of supporters time/money/efforts to the Campaign FOR President.

    Saying things like “In It to Win It”, and never attacking the number one opponent like Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum were, is dishonest.
    You can’t claim to be “In It to Win It” and fail to try to win the first one-on-one state against Mitt Romney.

    1. I do not think Dr Paul knew what Rand was going to do, and certainly not when he would do it (the day before Cali and Tx were to start their conventions!). I heard Carol Paul, whom I’d believe before Rand, say he did not know.
      Yes, he knew that Rand had planned, long back, to support whomever the “GOP Nominee was”, but he also said he would only back whomever that was when the win was sure.
      Check back in a month or so and see what some of us have seen; an email, included in which are Jesse Benton, Tate, and others within the campaign (I believe Rand may have been a part of this), planning on taking-down the Paul campaign. It was written approximately six months ago! The email is what has Jesse in a pickle. It could do same to Rand, though I do not think his father wants that, particularly.
      The attorneys who have looked into Benton’s dealings have found some very nasty evidence, in this email, and it does not surprise me.
      But, please do not add Ron Paul to the bunch of jerks who stepped on us and on him. I am as sure as I can be; Ron Paul did not know Rand Paul would do– or surely, when he’d do it.
      How would you like for your son to come out with something like that? Then the tools (and the mouths were all out in full-force), making up stories and posting them all over the airwaves and the internet, to call-out Dr Paul.
      What is wrong with people?
      Is this society so lacking in empathy that we cannot grasp that what Rand did, and what Benton did (Ron Paul’s granddaughter’s husband!) against him and us, that we’d not give the man a moment to consider how to deal with such a thing? No, it’s an instant-gratification society, and nobody can wait a moment for anything. Good or bad, everyone must know, right away, or the rumor-mill starts up.
      Nothing has made me more sick than these so-called supporters of liberty, who made their own names off of support for Ron Paul, who turned on him in a split second. There’s still no proof of what’s been said and no apologies from that bunch have yet been heard.

      Some of these mouths I will not bother with again. They were too quick to turn on their own.

      1. “I do not think Dr Paul knew what Rand was going to do, and certainly not when he would do it (the day before Cali and Tx were to start their conventions!).”

        Rand said it in the main endorsement, and there after as well. Ron Paul, his father, KNEW what he was doing that night. Carol Paul said she hadn’t spoken to Rand, not that Ron hadn’t.

        If Ron Paul didn’t know Rand was doing it, he has not denied it. Again, Carol Paul said SHE didn’t know, not Ron. Rand has said his dad, Ron Paul, did know what was happening and they had talked.

        RonPaul2012.com was then used to defend Rand Paul’s lying endorsement of Mitt Romney, in which Rand Paul brought Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters into it, by mentioning them. Rand Paul does not speak for me, and needs to learn how to do a proper endorsement.

        Again, if Ron Paul didn’t know about Rand Paul’s endorsement, evidence says he does, then why would RonPaul2012.com be allowed to defend Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney?

      2. Anne, you’re dropping BIG BOMB here with statements like “lawyers have looked int Jesse Benton’s email & discovered treasonous plots”. If it’s possible for you, can you go on dailypaul & create a new thread on this topic, this is earth-shattering stuff for the patriot movement.

        Also as you’re aware: Doug has been a persistent apologist for Jesse Benton (& Rand Paul). How about getting Doug to address this statement of yours?

      3. I do have an account at Daily Paul. The “Texas Delegation” (mainly stealth) has discussed the Benton actions, ad nauseum. Disgusting is how I’d describe him, Tate, and probably Rand (along with a few others). I think Doug is aware of what’s been found, and I do know that the “leader” of lawyers for Paul know what it is, as they discussed it with all of we Texans, via (LONG) conference call, at least a month ago.
        I’ll send some of the notes from that call. Perhaps I will post them on my blog, which usually does get more attention than my DP posts. I think I should cleanse the posting(s) of certain names as, like I said, many Texans are going-stealth.

        Will meet up with some of the delegation, tonight, and get their take on my posting any of what we’ve said and decided.
        But, yes; Benton was/is a traitor to the campaign, to Dr Paul, and to all of us, especially those of us who worked so hard AND donated what monies we had.
        I’d also say Jack Hunter has done some very negative things. For those who do NOT know, Hunter ran/runs the RonPaul2012 site. And, it was Hunter who put up the videos defending Rand and telling US to now go Johnson. After I discussed this on the air, and others followed suit, the videos were removed. I hope i did have an influence on Hunter doing that, at least.

      4. Say, btw; Chiefe, would you tell this other guy that I respond, once, to get my point across. If he wants to know what I said, I think what I wrote was pretty plain-talk and he should re-read it.
        I do not bother with those who will not see– at least not more than once. As I like to remind them, it’s one and DONE. Questions that don’t follow what I said are not answered, at least not by ME.

      5. Anne, so you’re saying Doug knows about evil treason committed by Trygve Olson/Benton. Yet on multiple occasions when Doug was asked specifically in Facebook chats if Benton was ‘friend or foe?” he defended him. Doug also said in multiple Facebook chats that this was the best run campaign he has been associated with among multiple (12 or 13?) campaigns. That stuff doesn’t add up.

        However, I recall in 1 radio interview when Doug was questioned about shenanigans going on at the time. He gave a cryptic reply – “Some of these things can’t be discussed in gory detail right now, but will be out in the open 10 years from now.” Seems it is related to above point.

        About “this other guy”: I assume you’re referring to “CoffeeWithPolitics”? Not sure what to tell him. Of course, Rand Paul has behaved like a traitor. But to accuse Ron Paul of being in collusion with that is beyond ridiculous. If he wanted to do such things at the age of 76-77, he would’ve

      6. No, I am not saying Doug knows. I am saying the attorneys know. I am saying the attorneys discussed with the Texas Delegation (very long conference call, lasting til well past midnight, a fee Saturdays back) and the word is, Benton has been served.

        I do not know what Doug knows, other than what he posts, himself. I would not speak for Doug, as he’s more than capable, should he decide to do same.
        Doug; do you know what I know and would you like to respond? Is it too early to discuss, or do you just not know what’s transpired?

      7. […sorry don’t know what happened with above comment getting randomly cut off, continuing…]

        If he wanted to do such things at the age of 76-77, he would’ve never done any of the things consistently did for 30+ years to begin with.

      8. For me, it’s watching my typos jump onto the page just as I notice them– and don’t catch them soon enough.
        Yes, if Dr Paul had wanted to mess with us, he surely would have done so before now. I’ve watched the man pretty consistently since 1980, because one of my college friends (names John Paul Jones– poor guy!) truly loved Dr Paul, and that’s all he talked about. I wonder where JPJ is, today?

      9. annebeck58 you seem to be all over the place, let me quote you again though…using your own words:
        1) “But, please do not add Ron Paul to the bunch of jerks who stepped on us and on him. I am as sure as I can be; Ron Paul did not know Rand Paul would do– or surely, when he’d do it.”

        Rand said Ron knew about the endorsement, BEFORE the Romney endorsement happened. Sean Hannity asked Rand in the endorsement interview, “Does your Congressman father know what you’re about to do?” (not exact) and Rand did not say, “No, my father has no clue, and I’m speaking for only myself.”

        Rand went on to drag Ron Paul, and Ron Paul supporters into his endorsement of MItt Romney.

        2) Ron Paul has not said since Rand’s endorsement that he did not know about it.
        Dr. Paul allowed (or didn’t care) that RonPaul2012.com was used multiple times to defend Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

        3) You said of the videos, “After I discussed this on the air, and others followed suit, the videos were removed.”
        No they were not, they were simply bumped from the front page of RonPaul2012.com by more stories being posted. You can still find them on the site if you look:

        4) Why would Dr. Paul turn/do anything now? Most people seem to forget that Dr. Paul has been a Congressman. Congressman Paul has been making more than $100K each year as a Congressman since the 90s. It’s not like this is costing him money, and last I checked, he has written books and had some newsletters that are pretty famous now that he was making money off of when he was/wasn’t in Congress.

        If you’re a good employee for 30 years, but then end your employee-ship by allowing your company website to be used to endorse your company’s opposing brand, that probably wouldn’t sit well with your stockholders; and it shouldn’t.

        The proof is in the pudding folks. Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, dragging Ron Paul and his supporters into the endorsement. Rand told us Mitt Romney was supportive of oversite/auditing the Fed, when Mitt is on record numerous times saying the exact opposite.
        Within days, RonPaul2012.com is used to defend Rand Paul’s endorsement, and it takes Dr. Paul more than a week to release a video addressing supporters in any fashion, in which he does not mention Rand Paul’s endorsement or knowing anything of it.

      10. Come on, buddy- read the next sentence and perhaps try to ingest it before you say anything else. You should not take one sentence and use it and only it to try and prove a moot point.
        As I said, anyone who was not hanging his or her hat on Rand (RAND, not Ron) being potus-2016, because we knew what Rand is.. We KNEW that Rand has always said he would support whomever the eventual nominee would be ,from the Republican side.
        However, he did NOT specifically call his dad, prior to that announcement, which came PRIOR to the “win” by Romney (he still is not the nominee). It also came the day prior to both Texas’ and California’s conventions getting underway. He also did not call Ron or Carol after that announcement. Carol did say this, and Rand did NOT say he had called his dad, prior to his statement. He did say he had discussed what he would do (and he gave NO time frame, as we all knew what he would do, if we knew anything about Rand.) This, Rand going along with the PTB, is why many of we Texans do not love Rand. Okay??
        Now, does this finally make sense to you, or what?

        If you cannot grasp the nuance of this difference, I cannot help you. And, you have now received the one and DONE,, plus one. Now, I am done bothering myself.

        READ it ALL.

      11. “But, please do not add Ron Paul to the bunch of jerks who stepped on us and on him. I am as sure as I can be; Ron Paul did not know Rand Paul would do– or surely, when he’d do it.
        How would you like for your son to come out with something like that? Then the tools (and the mouths were all out in full-force), making up stories and posting them all over the airwaves and the internet, to call-out Dr Paul.”

        Okay, so to add more to it…

        “How would you like for your son to come out with something like that?”
        Does not change one fact I mentioned.
        1) Ron Paul has not denied he knew about it, only Carol Paul saying Rand did not call her. Carol Paul, “I never spoke with Rand.” “He didn’t call ME.”

        2) Then the campaign website, RonPaul2012.com, was used not just once, but multiple times to try and defend Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

        3) The links are still on RonPaul2012.com.

        Perhaps you like to skim, and want to base things on feelings, not on facts. I will stick with the facts for now.

        “If you cannot grasp the nuance of this difference, I cannot help you. And, you have now received the one and DONE,, plus one. Now, I am done bothering myself.

        READ it ALL.”

        If you cannot read and look at actual facts, and want to base things on feelings instead ignoring actual facts, “How would you feel…”, I cannot help you. You have received more than one and DONE, and still apparently ignore facts for feelings.

  16. I will put this out here in the hopes that Doug (or his moderator) will approve this comment, as some of mine have never appeared…

    I don’t know Doug Wead personally, but I am sure as the day is long that he speaks truth in this blog entry. The PURE VENOM directed towards Dr. Paul and anyone who dared support him openly was straight from Lucifer. I’ve lost friends who I thought were sane, I’ve lost opportunities that were sure as rain before I was discovered to be a supporter of that “kooky old man”.

    My strongest motivation to support Dr. Paul was the fact that his “platform” was aligned with Christian principles. “My” Christianity is WAAAAAY different than Santorum’s, Romney’s, or Obama’s Christianity (it’s obvious that Gingerich doesn’t have Christ anywhere near his heart LOL).

    I believe that the explanation for the Paul campaign travails was written long ago:

    Ephesians 5:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    No man, not even Dr. Paul (may God bless him and protect him), can defeat these enemies. The Bible IS history AND prophecy: what was, what will be…and only Jesus Christ will be our champion and savior from this New World Order.

    I pray for your safety and His protection for you all in Tampa.

    1. Thanks Paul, I don’t know of any comment we ever block unless it has profanity and it doesn’t sound like anything you would write. Maybe it got lost in spam for some reason but we approve it all.

  17. After nearly 20 years of supporting Ron Paul and the Liberty movement, I see you are now going through the final stages of initiation, hang in there. And please consider plugging the Liberty Live Stream Team, thanks for your support, perhaps we can throw you a Money Bomb as well, 🙂

    George Bush is a mass murdering, cocaine dealing, federal reserve lackey that wanted to, and continues to attempt, to destroy this nation. Once you learn THAT lesson, your initiation will be complete and perhaps, we will have another real revolutionary, a real soldier join our ranks. Just think of how much money you could make if you wrote the TRUTH about a President, the real truth and continued your contrition. And I’m not insulting you Mr. Wead, I’m just speaking the plain truth, the hard truth and life … is great.

    I encourage you to get in your car, drive to Nebraska and cover the convention with Qadoshyah, Suriyah, Ezriyah, Norayah and the rest of the Liberty Live Stream Team, it would do you some good to get out in the field, and yes, we could pay for your gas expenses and provide you with lodging, but … bring yer fishin’ pole!

    For Liberty and for the win in Tampa.

  18. Doug — Thanks for all you’ve done for the campaign and for trying to better American society. I never comment on internet posts, but it really makes me sad when people levy brutally unfair charges at those trying to help a noble cause. God bless you and your family. Please keep carrying a torch for all of us.

  19. Hi Doug,

    Can you please comment on why Ron Paul or Rand Paul have not used the LIBOR scandal as a platform for Audit the Fed? It is prime media attention on the banks, regulators, and the Fed. Ron or Rand can use that as an illustration and more evidence for the case to Audit. Ron has yet to even comment on it. If anything, a comment on pressuring State Attorneys General and the DOJ to investigate criminal matters would be a start….

  20. Whether Doug realizes it or not, he puts a lot of effort into celebratizing himself. He really plays to peoples emotions to get them to sympathize with him. Maybe old habits die hard, just look at this scenario he is referencing.

    The objection was to his action of supporting Gary Howard. How did Doug respond? Did he respond by defending howards commitment to liberty??? Did he respond by defending howards work as rons “able press secretary”??? (If I was involved with producing the kind of results that rp got in the press this campaign, I’d want a chance to explain things)

    NO, Doug responded by going on to some tirade about how awesome he is, and how bad he has it. It’s all about doug. It was all about how we should feel sorry for him because he no longer profits from a system that, literally, is destroying our country. Wake up doug, they were purchasing your political influence. Did you think they were going to keep giving you money when you stopped getting them special favors??? I’m not sorry that you are no longer profit off the scam. If it was me, I’d approach the issue with a little remorse, not flaunting it around begging for sympathy. I would think someone who as truly woken up wouldn’t want that sympathy anyway, especially from the people it was hurting.

    And yes, you were awesome on TV, but the way you dramatized that pointless reminder makes you seem like you are on the emotional level of a jr high student.

    You’d never see Ron Paul bragging about how he clowned some mindless talking heads. For Ron Paul, it’s not all about him.

  21. Doug, Thank you for all you have done. The only thing I ask is that you please drink a little more of the kool-aid. The flavor for me is “President Ron Paul 2012” !

    Do we really NEED Nebraska? I have heard that we already have more than 5?

    1. Hmmm. Well, I hate to say this but we really have what the Romney controlled convention will say that we have. If they control the credentials committee they can keep some of our people out and they have shown at the state level that they have the will to do that.

      1. That, sadly, seems to be it.
        However, with the lawsuit (mainly the delegate suit) going forth, we’re mainly hoping for a response before the convention (which Romney does seem to believe is his coronation).
        I don’t expect a federal judge to put this off until after the date a response would be required, but, stranger things have happened this year.
        Actually, in my opinion, strange things have happened since Ronald Reagan was president. People like to say Nixon was the start of evil taking-over, or that it was GW Bush, but i think it was Reagan. Too many votes have been consistently inconsistent since Reagan.
        Yes,the Bush-era Hack-a-Vote did not help!

      2. Doug Wead — will you be at the Nebraska Convention this weekend?

        As a historian, a first hand experience of History to be made, or unmade, would be invaluable on its own merit!

      3. My Question is: If there is proof of Voter Corruption by the Rmoney Campaign, is anyone doing anything about it. It is almost liek Government and the People are separate entities now, and the Government ignores the people….we know what that will lead too. I am still hoping for Ron Paul Nomination as I don’t think Obama nor Romney deserve any vote at all…

      4. Yes. There is a case (well, two) by Lawyers 4 Paul. First is the case to seat and unbind all delegates. Second is a RICO case, and I am a part of that case, which is why the elections board is looking into me (or thought they would, and may have changed their collective mind, after hearing from Mr Gilbert!), for some sort of criminal act in,
        1, Stating what I saw- rule/law breaking at the polls and
        2. What I am sure was vote-flipping or irregular counting in Texas

        A lot is being done, behind the scenes, and everyone who’s been attacked or disuaded from being delegates (or from voting) or otherwise mistreated by the GOP or their elections-board needs to immediately sign-on to ElectionFraudRemedy.com (ToolsForJustice.com). I’ve been tweeting with the lead attorney, RIchard Gilbert, all morning. We are moving forward and he did prove how well I am protected from the slings and arrows of the establishment, just three days ago, when he immediately jumped on the Travis County Election Clerk// Travis County Clerk, for her phone call to me, meant to intimidate me, solely.

        We are receiving FREE representation and almost anyone who’s participated in these farces, in just about ever state, should be party to this suit. I don’t know what’s stopping people from signing on and having their say, other than the fools who liked to pass on the word that Mr Gilbert and others working with him are in this for the money. What money? He is not getting paid and all filing fees are out of HIS pocket. So come on people.
        Do the right thing, for yourselves and for liberty for ALL of us. Sign on, say what you saw, and keep in it.

        Otherwise, you are giving up (and I am saying this to anyone reading this who’s rolled over for the GOP/RNC/DEMS, and all in this establishment).
        Thank you.

  22. Doug, I gotta admit, with your past associations, I was very wary of you helping the Ron Paul campaign. I think you have hit a home run, stayed in the open, you do your best to communicate with everyone, and you have done a great job on TV and with your articles and dedication. Thank you and I’m now a fan.

    1. Well, I am a fan of Dr. Paul and all of you in the liberty movement. Just now reading Creature From Jekyll Island and some of the other classics that all of you read long ago.

  23. Yea…it’s pretty discouraging to KNOW we were on a trajectory to win 10-12 states back on May 12th (with the wins in OK and AZ which were subsequently stolen from us.) Now it looks like we will only have 3–maybe 4–and will not be able to even nominate Dr. Paul in Tampa. And where has the campaign been since May 12th?? They did nothing to support our brave patriots in OK and AZ, and have done nothing much but poor cold water on the campaign since then, telling us to be nice while they break our bones.

    1. That is exactly what the lawsuit is about.
      If you were a delegate or prevented from being a delegate, mainly due to their “credentialling” process, please do sign on with ElectionFraudRemedy.com, or ToolsForJustice.com.
      I cannot stress how important this case will be in taking back our voting rights!

      1. Already been working with them from near the beginning. Richard Gilbert and David Callihan were even on the show on 7/3/12.

        For the Republic and Its Creator,

        Steve Martin
        Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
        780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.

      2. It was David that contacted me, initially, and asked for my testimony. And it was my testimony that got me removed as Republican-judge for our run-off elections.
        Richard sent our Elections Clerk (who had called me to be nasty) a letter, just yesterday, to warn her off.
        Today, my alternate Republican judge phoned me just to check in. Somehow, I am on her writ of elections, yet I was specifically told I am not wanted by either party. It’s kooky the lengths they will go to in order to keep hiding the truth.

    2. Btw,I LOVE Lewiston, ME!
      When i was a kid, two of my best friends and I took a trip to Lewiston, to spend a few weeks with the dad of one of them. It was our first trip away as “grown-ups” (we were about 14 and the three of us rode the bus from CT to Lewiston– or Green?) We thought we were so hot and cool at the same time.

  24. OK.. So we pick up Nebraska too!

    It will be hard but it can be done.

    As your previous comment hinted… Romney has the help of the Party. Our delegates have to fight on their own. We don’t even have any help from the campaign.

    That is the one thing that bothers me. You always make these blogs the day after… What a surprise!!! Ron Paul won delegates in …….

    It wouldn’t be such a surprise if you were more involved. You guys need to get yourselves and Ron Paul to Nebraska! please.

    1. Here;s the thing: Romney does not actually have the number of delegates, as of yet, to be the king of the RNC Ball. The fact that the RNC and.or each states’ GOP has worked with him (in collusion with one not yet the unopposed nominee) is in direct conflict with GOP rules, as well as RNC rules.
      This collusion should remove Romney from the ballots of most states delegates, and if that can be accomplished, Ron Paul is the only person left to win.
      (Sure, delegates could still go with Santorum or Gingrich or anyone else, but they could also vote Paul.)

    2. Trish — correct!

      Talk is cheap — only actions have merit!
      Let us see who here will go to Nebraska?

      This will be Bunker Hill — either the Revolution wins, or it gets betrayed!

    1. Haha
      That’s what I say; haters, begone!

      We will never please all of the people all of the time. And, since Rand and Benton and others (the mouths) have come out with so many ridiculous things, it’s been something else to tough it out in the Paul camp. Well, it’s not all that difficult, if one really cares about honesty and truth and doing the right thing. But, we will all meet-up with those who will love to hate.

      makes me with I had read the other post, thoroughly, and said something. Of course, I had a pretty interesting day, myself!

  25. I searched the web for evidence of Howard’s appointment being “roughed up by Barack Obama attack dogs ” and only found this article, written one day before yours, which , while also not offering any direct quotes, paints a slightly different picture:

    ““As Romney is working to beef up his foreign policy credentials, he and the Republican Party should concentrate on hiring professionals who have a history of supporting a strong America and a robust US-Israel relationship,” said Josh Block, Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and former AIPAC spokesman who has also SHARPLY CRITICIZED the Obama Administration on Israel, in an email…..Howard himself has not been quoted saying anything about Israel, and is a CAREER Republican STAFFER with roots in the more MAINSTREAM WING of the party,NOT the Ron Paul “Revolution.” His allies bridle at what they see as guilt-by-association for a staffer who has no known views on the controversial topic…..
    Jewish Republicans, for their part, have been less than welcoming to Ron Paul in the past; the Republican Jewish Coalition didn’t invite Paul to their candidates forum this year, because they “reject his misguided and extreme views,” executive director Matt Brooks said at the time to the Washington Jewish Week.”


  26. Mr. Wead, i thought that if i ever had to do one thing, and leave one comment, then your blog would be it. Growing up during apartheid, young and confused as to what my country stood for, the U.S.A always stood out as the beacon of hope, the bastion for true democracy. However now as a 30 something, male idealist/romantic, trying to figure out his place in the world, i have been rudely awakended to my own nievety and the truth that the world is divided into ‘white’ and ‘black’ worlds. “white’ where supposedly democracy and the ‘plebians’ have rights and are supported by constitutions…. and ‘black’, where rank, file and money seem to be the fulcrums and lies the levers. Yet ‘true’ democracy died in Rome thousands of years ago, around the time the great orators started to ply their trade, and i supsect the world has yet to see something, anything that truelly comes close to utopoia and freedom for the human spirit.

    I have avidly watched and followed this charade against Ron Paul for the last 8 month’s or so, and what is spun in the media as ‘democarcy in action’. Action yes… the other i’m not so sure of… all we hear is Romney this, Romney that…. R.Paul…not a whisper. Unless you dig and take an interest, not that many people have a clue who Ron Paul is( in my country at least), and what is at stake globally, if his message is defeated… We all have our own “distractions’ to worry about it seems… ” give them the games!!” Yet these days the games have moved on from gladiators and charioteers, to Wars, Financial crisis, Mortage bubbles, Oil wars, heck anything that can drum up EMOTIONS!! That is the name of the game…. Emotions… happy or sad, it’s what they, our ringmasters want… but to be centered and thoughtful, hell no!

    I can’t get the Orwellian plot out of my head, Double think, Double speak, Thought crime, New speak….. it all seems to be coming into play at break speed… every single day, 100’s of thousands of people around the world, in every corner of society, are instituting regimes of control and slavery of the human spirit, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes with the best intentions at heart, and yet we know where that road leads! History is already being re-written, in our Ministeries of Truth….

    And yet this reality of ours, the one that we actually control in our minds, seems to be the target of all this effort….to get us, the ‘sheeple’ to acquiesce to the “way things are”… and that nothing else is possible for the human race. No happiness, no prosperity for all, no evolution as a species.

    Well. The great delusion is, i think almost upon us. And it is in times of great stress, great fear and great hardships, that quantum leaps are made, evolutionary jumps are experienced and Hero journeys are completed. I believe that the living god/universe is within us, the remembering is near, and our story is almost at an end. To what end, is up to all of us. To all of those out-there who feel powerless and believe that there is nothing they can do, at least you can do one thing. Be a Witness to our story of humankind. Be a Witness to generations to come, and at least be a Witness in your own life….

    As Gandhi said, “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.

    Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth.”

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice an opinion!! Good luck with your journey, and I hope we will all meet oneday on the other side, and look back and say ” we couldn’t have given ourselves a better test, to prove our worthiness to sit at THE table, in HIS/HER presence. We have won already, just remember our beginning in the light!! ……

    I witnessed

      1. Thanks Mr. Wead, i speak from the heart. You are quite the speaker, and i have enjoyed the rare interviews that you’ve been allowed to respond to questions about Ron Paul! He couldn’t have a better advisor i’m sure. You navigate the Vipers with the reflexes of a Mongoose. As for blogging… well i don’t know what more to say really!! I’ll just continue Witnessing our story, and in my beautiful corner of the world, continue to do my part, trying to make it a little bit better. Humor is the key! There’s a saying, ” Q; Why do Angels fly! A: Because they take themselves so lightly… 🙂 i’m learning to take this world with a pinch of salt…. Keep up th good work… and don’t worry about the money, you can’t take it with you!!!

  27. Hi Doug – all of your efforts that stem from your deeply held, Christian world-view convictions to spare the country from constitutional destruction are not going to go unnoticed or unrewarded. God will be the one to repay you, here in this life. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is going to place a “5-talent” prophet in political control of the United States whose administration and tenure will look like that of an old testament king. With tyrannical-like power, in righteousness, he is going to drive the tyrants of Washington out. You are going to be the chief architect that will direct and manage his campaign. All of that will be revealed to you in His timing.

  28. God bless you Mr. Wead, your a true patriot! Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of myself and millions like me who support Dr. Paul and the campaign for Liberty! May the Peace of the Lord remain with you and your family.
    Warmest regards,
    Jeffrey Kelly

  29. “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

    Doug, I love you man.

    Like most Latter-day Saints, freedom to choose is central to my beliefs, but unfortunately I’m one of few (yet ever increasing) LDS who applies this doctrine to the proper role of government.

    1. Thanks. Good luck. Most LDS have a strong commitment to the US Constitution. So much so that they put the rest of us to shame. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not one of them.

  30. Thank you for all that you do, Doug. I have been paying attention to your blog and your media appearances ever since I saw you on Maddow back in February, and maybe one appearance before that. I have not always agreed with all of your statements or strategies, but I never doubted your sincerity. I personally think it is not possible to take over the GOP, but am not necessarily opposed to the attempts. I think it is better to just wait for the inevitable: the GOP’s implosion. It happened to the Federalists and it happened to the Whigs, and in today’s strange political landscape, there is no reason why it can’t happen again. The GOP has lost all credibility with me and countless Ron Paul supporters and independents. While it is possible to gain some of it back, I personally don’t count on that happening. I think no matter what happens this election cycle, the party of war and corporatism will meet its fate. For if Obama is elected, the establishment will lose face for nominating a loser. And if Romney is elected, they will still lose face because the descent into tyranny and fiscal collapse will still occur. When the GOP is gone, my hope is that a phoenix will arise from the ashes in the form of a new, rejuvenated conservative party. The only problem at that point will be the warmongers seeking to co-opt it. But given their track record, which will at that time be more exposed and worthy of ridicule than ever, I don’t anticipate them being given a second chance. Not without a fight, thats for sure. I say let them go and join the other party of war and corporatism, the Democratic party. They are more aligned with them anyways, than they are true conservatives.

    God Bless.

  31. Well. this is nice!
    I am happy to see so many positive comments to you, Doug, and glad I subbed this blog so I’d see them. You deserve all of the thanks, from us as well as from the campaign. I think you did a wonderful job, when they decided to talk Paul, and then keeping us apprised of what was going on in the GOP.RNC all throughout this country.

    This is why I have added your blogs to my “likes” (and glad I didn’t bother reading commentary on that from the other day.) People will always have things to say. It’s negative when they are angry, and usually positive when they get what they want. We don’t always get what we want, but we should always strive to be better.

  32. We love you Doug. You won’t be remembered as George HW Bush’s adviser… but as a voice of the righteous, a voice of the revolution. Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

    1. The Chiefe — why the ethical problem (or is it your dislike to keep washing your hands to remove the slime that results in typing a RESPONSE involving the BO)?

      Using the enemy’s (Insane Hussein) ammunition to bring down the Mitt SCUM that fraudulently stands in Patriot Ron Paul’s way, is strategically sound!

  33. “No, we’ve been told we can’t use Doug Wead.” Wow! Such a bombshell. (We won’t let the campaign’s most eloquent spokesman on our program.) I wondered why you weren’t more visible. It’s great to hear the real story. I never get used to the corruption. It’s always astonishing.

  34. Thank you, Doug, and God bless you. I am more grateful than I can express for all that you have done for our cause of liberty!

  35. Run Doug Run! The question is which way. I’ll vote for you.

    But the fruit of the SPIRIT is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.

    Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY.

  36. Wow, wow, wow…..This GLOBALIST filth like Congressman from Flagstaff, Arizona claims:

    United States Constitution DOES NOT completely apply to United States! Wow, wow, wow!!!! It is time to CLEAN THE FREAKING HOUSE in Congress of these parasites folks. And when I say HOUSE I mean Senate & The House. 😉

    I’m now going to cut-past slimy reply to my email about CISPA I got from my Senator. Another GLOBALIST slimy filth knows as Senator Dianne Feinstein. It’s a good thing these filths are openly acknowledging to be unpatriotic & traitors to the Constitution they’re – making it clear which slime should be cleaned up from the Congress in first iteration. Starting to work very hard on it. I replied to Dianne Feistein thanking for clarifying the position & I’ll work very hard to see her defeated in next election.

    Dear xxxxxxx :

    Thank you for your letter about the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act” (H.R. 3523). I appreciate your taking the time to write and welcome the opportunity to respond.

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act passed the House of Representatives on April 29, 2012. The bill would, among other things, establish procedures to allow the Intelligence Community to share cyber threat intelligence with the private sector. On May 7, 2012, the bill was referred to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which I chair.

    I agree with the authors of the House bill that our nation faces a serious and growing threat from cyber attack and espionage—threats to both our national security and our economy. Effective cybersecurity requires that the information on cyber threats and defenses in our government’s hands be passed to the private sector, and that information from industry be shared with the government.

    That is why I authored the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2012 (S. 2102). That legislation—which became Title VII in the comprehensive Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S. 2105) co-sponsored by Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)—authorizes companies to monitor and defend their own networks. It establishes procedures for private sector companies to share cyber threat information with each other and with the federal government, and establishes procedures for the government to share classified cybersecurity threat information with certified private sector entities.

    Importantly, however, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 includes substantially more robust privacy protections, as well as better safeguards against the private sector abusing new information sharing authorities, than the bill the House passed.

    In particular, our legislation narrowly defines cybersecurity information that can be shared; places limits on how that information can be used by the government; requires that government bodies for collecting and sharing information be civilian institutions; and prevents any information to be shared or government action to be taken based on activities that are protected under the Constitution. I have worked closely with privacy and civil liberty organizations to draft the legislation, and have continued to make changes to the bill to ensure proper protections are in place.

    Like you, I recognize that cybersecurity is a very serious issue. We must ensure our national security, and at the same time, protect our civil liberties and our fundamental rights to privacy and free speech. Determining the best way to strike that balance will require careful consideration, and I will certainly keep your views in mind as the debate on this issue advances.

    Once again, thank you for your letter. I am pleased that you are engaged in this important issue and hope you continue to inform me of issues that matter to you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841, or visit my website at http://feinstein.senate.gov.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

      1. But, I do like the videos. Totally dig Matlarson10. I get my news from Mat and Ben Swann and much of my politics from Ron Paul and even Doug Wead, here.
        Sure, I go to many sites, but these are my go-to folk.
        And i almost missed my friend, Tmot; boots on the ground. Don’t just vote them out, but replace them- with ourselves.

        Of course, as one of our long-past statesmen stated, “anyone who runs for office should not be elected..” (guess who it was)
        There’s some truth in that.

    1. Wow.
      So we only thought bullying in cyberspace was bad, already; just think about it when the bullies are those WE (supposedly) vote for. Oh, I know, they already are.
      What the heck is Feinstein saying? It seems like she’s on both sides of this, or am I just not reading her words correctly?
      Double-speak,coming soon, in cyberspeak.

    2. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) says:
      July 13, 2012 at 6:16 am

      RE: Amazing this Frankenstein Creature (Feinstein) respond to you in such transparent way (as a NWO stooge)!

      More to follow.

  37. The heck Feinstein is saying means – 4th Amendment to Constitution (rights against unreasonable warrant-less searches & seizures) doesn’t mean anything.

    Get ready for all our emails, phone conversations (landline/mobile/Skype/VoIP), our GPS usage, our internet searches, our Facebook/twitter/youtube/blogosphere usages, our TV channel & DVR usages – EVERYTHING to be archived into giant spying databases. And big government police state to be able run business intelligence searches to be able to constantly SPY/SPY/SPY on all of us. Because by default, all American citizen are potential terrorists & threats to banking establishment. Guilty until proven innocent.

    1. I was just thinking; when Feinstein was first elected, people had such high-hopes for her and us.
      This should prove that so many in Congress quickly change their tune(s) and it’s generally against us. Yes, it’s worse than sad; it’s pretty-much horrific!

      The constitution? Who cares, I guess, when one can always get around it?

  38. Fellow patriots & blog subscribers, you aren’t going to believe this. Do you realize how much of a sham Romney campaign is & about to implode? How much dissent & infighting there is within the fascism network itself?

    Here, I present to you an opinion article from……..Fox News………yelch…..spit…..barf……which claims: There is NO WAY in hell a globalist liar like Romney could be vetted for even a VP spot based on his track record.

    I’m serious, not making this stuff up. Could this really be happening? I pinched myself & it’s true.

    Now I know most faithful readers would have trepidations clicking on link from that disgusting neocon organization. But pls take my word for it & go ahead. It’s perfectly safe, it’s really thrashing Mitten to pieces.

    This is best possible scenario emerging for President Paul to receive his deserved nomination.


    1. Wow, Chiefe; yikes.
      Here’s the thing I’ve been saying and others have said, too (esp the tea-party folk down here in Texas): Mitt is a FALL-GUY.
      Obama is not meant to lose this election (if you can call it that anymore). We are not meant to have a President Mitt. If anything, the GOP wanted his money, nothing else.

      Good article by Fox, though; I am almost surprised. Other than the fact that Mitt’s in it to lose, it would completely take me aback. Wonder how happy Mitt is about it– if he reads.

  39. Go Ben, go!!!! GO FOR THE JUGULAR!!!!

    Confirmation that freaking Mitt PLASTIC LIAR Romney is a FASCIST committed CRIMINAL.

    He’s a felon. Put him behind the bars, let him go clean toilets with Bernie Maddoff.

    1. Makes ya wonder, though; has any prior presidential “nominee” come off of a run for president by going to jail? Will Mitt be the first of the “serious contenders”?

      1. Oh, I mean anyone who loses the battle and then is indicted.. Nixon “won” and was impeached for his doings, which really do look like only a small B&E, compared to the Romney crime-family and all they have done and convinced regular GOP tools to do. Something is so wrong about Mitt, and it’s why I say and have said for all of the time they’ve called him the likely or presumptive nominee.
        He’s a fall-guy and nothing more.

      2. Sorry- I should have used, “I would think Doug would know, but i do not know if he is aware of what we know..”
        And,sorry- this is to the other question. answer regarding what Doug knows. I would think probably-so, but I don’t know if it’s the case, and I won’t go so far as to say he must or he does.
        I can only say what I know.

  40. I have been following the Ron Paul Presidential campaign closely.

    I have donated money, voted, and promoted RP online.

    This has been an exciting campaign that provided millions of people a new sense of hope and patriotism.

    Now that things are coming to a depressing end, I’m left wondering what really went wrong.

    After all the talk of GOP bullying, voter fraud, and media blackout, why is the campaign bending over? That should make us fight harder… right?

    What happen to winning? Many of us would put our life on the line for these causes. Yet it’s starting to seem like the leaders of this campaign are more interested in their petty careers and pleasing the establishment than a real revolution. Not ready to die eh?

    So while Rand votes Mitt and the campaign releases another article on Carol’s Cooking… there are many of use who need something to chew on and a new direction.

    UGH… not even sure what to say about this anymore. I’m disappointed in the leadership and venting. I really like Doug and who knows, maybe he feels the same.

  41. Doug, I have been following you since 2008. Thanks for bearing all of the pain and suffering that has been thrown your way. Most of us have sacrificed in some way or another. Knowing what I know now, if it could be replayed, would do it all over again. The cause is righteous and we have achieved much more than most people realize. I know you know all of this. Thanks for what you have done. Gary Shoemaker, Asheville, NC. alternate delegate.

  42. You go Doug. For some it does not matter what you do or do not do, they will always have a problem with what has happen . Even Jesus Christ was not good enough for them and he also suffered under their poisonious gossip, Nothing new here same ole same ole crap . Let’s not forget the main device of our enemy is to divide us so the can defeat us. This is an old tactic still used at every level by the controllers to maintain their power over us. Yes there are traitors among us anthey are they are most likely the ones who rush to judge and would divide us from our goal of freedom by Casting doubt and pointing fingers. We must listen with our hearts to know the truth. Dr Paul has taught us to defend ourself but never attack first. This lesson is for us in our personal life as well as for our nation. So when we see an agressor we know where they are coming from and it is not from the cause of.liberty.

    1. A convicted felon cannot vote! Let alone vote for himself to be nominated for office!

      Therefore, it follows that a FELON is ineligible by his own volition to run for the President’s Office.

      Question: Would said felon, be able to run for office, if others nominate him to run?

      Reason to ask this: Mitt Rmoney may be soon convicted of Federal felony!

      Make this video Viral!

    2. Ending the Feds!

      It’s over for the banking cabal!

      This video has gone Viral — spread it some more!!!

  43. Doug, Adam Vs the Man has strong negative issues with Jessie Benton. I understand you are troubled by giving any negative press on Benton but will you at least tell us if Adams problem with Jessie Benton is warranted. Thank you.

  44. Doug — about time you stood up for yourself!

    I find you a True Patriot and hope when all is over, we get adjoining accommodations in a FEMA Camp — would love to play you a game of Chess or two, across the iron bars….

    Annabeck58 and The Chiefe can keep score from the next cell….

    1. Haha Surfisher!

      It’s a date- you too, Doug and Chiefe!
      It’s either that or we run?? Ideas, anyone?
      I really am not much of a runner; am much more of a stand and fight sort. My baby-bro said, when I told him how they are threatening me; “wow, they chose the wrong person in doing that!”
      Now I shall have to try and prove him right!

      1. Annabeck58 — they can NEVER defeat us!

        But, why don’t you contact a Congressman in your own State of Texas, and inform him of what is being done to you because of your participation in the cause of Liberty and Justice for All?

        Hmm…thinking of a name…how about Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul…(the Next president of the USA)?

      2. I would bet he’s been alerted that they have attacked an election judge in Texas. I don’t care if he -or anyone, for that matter- knows my name.
        And whaddya know?
        Two days ago, I get that horrible call, telling me all of the Dems and Reps hate me (kidding, the County Clerk/ Election Board Head, said the Reps and Dems did not want me).
        Today? In my mail is my writ of elections, calling me the Republican Judge, reminding me of my one-hour course I must go through on the 28th, and warning that not showing-up is a misdemeanor (as the writ always states).
        Now what the heck am I supposed to do?

        I sent a note to the attorney, Richard Gilbert, and asked him. We’ll see what.
        But, come on- these people are NUTTS. It’s either I show and am (probably) arrested, because the training is in the Sheriff’s Office, or I don’t show, and am arrested for not showing.
        AS I have not (yet) received a denial or removal in writing, in any manner as of yet, I really don’t know which game they are playing with me.

        It’s terrible- a real catch-22.

      3. Oh, by the way, though Dr Paul is A Texas Congressman, he is not MY Congressman. My congressional representatives are all a part of the Bipartison Mafia family in Texas. Sick and twisted and just as connected to them as is the county-clerk.
        When I filed charges against her with the police, today (yes I did, for interfering with a federal witness), I felt a little better. The sweet (young) officer did not know her name and I bet she has something to do with him having a job. He reach is very long! (I think he thought i was saying A CLERK, when I was saying, THE CLERK!)

    2. 😉 Surfisher, I’ve listened to multiple Doug Wead Facebook chats & I agree. His heart is in the right place. Haven’t been terribly comfortable when he kept defending Jesse Benton (or Rand Paul’s actions). But he has given clarifications on Rand Paul matter multiple times & don’t want to paint all with the same brush.

  45. Ron Paul is a Gentleman, in a political Arena filled with vicious subhuman Carnivores (bent on devouring America for themselves)!

    Dr. Paul has always taken the highroad — always speaking the Truth, never attacking any individuals!

    While the RABID Animals-in-Power have always sunk to THEIR lowest, darkest, insidious, perfidious, despicable, degenerate, appalling, repelling, corrupt, nauseating, immoral, unconstitutionally evil, sinister, asinine, decaying, poisonous, disingenuous, venomous, malignant, treacherous, hypocritical, SELF-LOATHING LEVEL — to personally attack the Greatest American Patriot in the 21st Century — Dr. and Future President to cure America, Ron Paul!

    Just because Dr. Paul is The Nicest Person on the Planet — and shrugs off these idiots — does not mean that His Supporters have to put up with such INFAMY!

    We need to Fight Fire with Fire — a tooth for 3200 teeth, an eye for 10,000 eyes!

    The Silent Majority is awakening, and just as the Japanese learned from Pearl Harbor, let these ATTACKERS AND USURPERS OF OUR NATION LEARN that the Sleeping Giant has Awaken, and we, Real Americans, will END them eventually!

    Our fight has just began!

  46. Well Doug the price for going against the grain is high. Dr. Paul does not play well in the war mongering cocktail partying lobbyist loving power elite that run the political parties in this country. Nor does he play well with the average ignorant fearful conservative voter. The people that support Dr. Paul get it. For what it’s worth I commend you and all those that ran the Paul campaign. It was the most uplifting and classicist campaign I have ever seen. You were a great spokesman for Dr. Paul. Your elegant words fell mostly on deaf ears. Fear not peace is what this country understands. I hope some day this country comes to it’s senses. I hope some day we get our fill of violence and war and drones and surveillance and all the other outrageous things this country prides itself in. Only then the country might turn to a man like Ron Paul. The problem by then it may be too late. It may already be too late. Our fate may already be sealed.

      1. Hiya, Rich,
        I am still fighting, and the county is now playing games with me, it seems. First they tell me I am subject of a criminal investigation. when I am unflappable and say, thank you!– they say, “On and the Replbulican and Democrats do not want YOU as their judge”. I tell the attorney, he writes then a letter, saying: “you are a criminal”/ (I say they as it’s the woman who runs the election board and speaks for the county board of elections), and warns her to not bother me. Two days later, I receive a writ of elections, calling me, “Presiding Republican Judge”.
        What am I supposed to do with this? It had to have gone out just following the call to me. Are they trying to catch me ignoring my writ (a misdemeanor)? Or, do they just not know what they are doing? Or, were they scared by the letter from the attorney?

        I wish I knew what my next move was!

        And it is NOT over.

      2. Richard Gilbert and i have been in constant contact over this, since immediately following the phone-call.
        I just got offa g=talk with him, and I am filing charges against the County Clerk (is actually elected official who does a lot more than push papers- she pushes people around, including sheriffs!) for witness intimidation.
        Sheriff office says probably is APD (police) deal, as we’re both in the city, but the intimidation came from the Travis County line. So I would think should be County Sheriff deal.
        Anyway, Atty says I should also file with DOJ, re: intimidation of witness, and that’s a hefty crime. Am trying to see who, in particular, I need to follow up with (DOJ) and looks like local FBI office.
        What am I doing?

        I am standing up for me and for you guys, too.. I guess?

      3. annebeck58 — you go, of course.

        A writ supersedes a mere phone call.

        I’d take friend along…to record if anything funny happens.

      4. Perhaps I can convince my 6′ tall son to go with? He’s leaving for Japan a couple of days after the election, so perhaps he’ll do this on his way out of the country?
        Of course, my boy has already said, “I told you not to get involved with those people”. He’s still very angry over being tricked into voting Obama– and I tried to tell him to not do it, but he thought they were honest. Honest politician, other than Paul? Not lately.

  47. Say Doug; have you blocked Don Howard? I know he was trying to run-off that little tex2 idiot, but felt like Don got caught up in that fray. He asked me, on twitter, to see what’s up.
    I don’t think Don’s a bad guy and he does have good things to say.

    But, it’s your blog. And, of course, I don’t know all that’s said by anyone.

    1. …the only conclusion he really gives me is that they are inaccurate or manipuliated. I have not met anyone that can “joyfully” promote Romney, nor when compared to Ron Paul can beat him. People still don’t know Ron Pauls stance and the way he does things…

  48. Strength is in numbers. We had 57 numbers who we all remember as our founding fathers who gave all of us our Liberties and our Freedoms. 57. Who was number 1? Someone has to be number one in the fight we call the revolution. We got a few good men in there. Just because some of you may see it as not doing what you think those who support us are supposed to be doing doesn’t mean your right about that. On capitol hill there is one man who stands out, stands alone in his undying love for our country, who fights every step of the way, every minute he is able, to ensure that we the people are protected as our 57 founders intended. That man is Ron Paul. Do you think Dr. Paul faults Gary Howard for going to work for the Romney camp? I kinda doubt it. I have heard that once you go Ron Paul you never go back. I am sure that all Gary Howard would have to do hear Dr. Pauls voice or visit this blog to make that fire of liberty in his gut blaze out full force. He does what he does. He’s a pr man. I think Gary Howard, as good as he is will still carry Dr. Pauls message out there to those who forget the reason they have the right to say what they want, and and do what they want is because of 57 men who literally fought a bloody and brutal battle for them so that they could remain as free as those who died fighting for it. And they did the same thing for all of us. We bow to no one. Except our creator. We all have the right to say what we feel, and some of you would stoop so low as to demean a man who fought on our side. Maybe he sees a way to continue the revolution and maybe everyone else is wrong. So far I think we are winning. So does Dr. Paul. I love him, I respect him but most of all I am soo grateful to him for bringing true patriotism into our hearts and our minds so much so that we understand just what we need to do in the name of our founders and of our constitution.

    A bad government is never more than one generation away from defeat of freedom.

    The true government is “we the people” and if we don’t stand for freedom and liberty and justice then just what do we stand for?

    Ron Paul will be sorely missed in Washington by so many, but that man has opened schools for our young people so that they can understand just the govt. is trying to do to bring them into socialism, and tyranny.

    The best thing you can do is to light those fires of liberty one heart at a time. Teach them. As our founders had to live it in real so must we all live it now through the eyes of men like Dr. Ron Paul. We know because of him what they are doing to become rulers over us once again like the King of England pressed tyranny and oppression upon them.

    Teach them as Doug Wead teaches us, and Dr. Paul teaches us, and Rand Paul teaches us. The constitution is what Unites us. This is what brings together the division washington tries to create. It is there to protect us from a bad government. This is what you must love and embrace. Know it to its core and with God’s help our nation will thrive. We all need each other. Bring it together. If we all did not believe this, well we wouldn’t be here would we?

  49. Just a couple of truths, from a friend of mine, today:

    “I think Congressmen should wear uniforms,

    you know, like NASCAR drivers, so we could

    identify their corporate sponsors.”

    The reason Politicians try so

    hard to get re-elected is that they

    would ‘hate’ to have to make a living

    under the laws they’ve passed.

    Why do we like Dr Paul so much? These things don’t apply to HIM.

    1. No, Valeria, but I don’t exactly (ever) watch the tee-vee. I turned it off and tuned it out nearly 4 years ago, when Obama was anointed POTUS. I am trying to find a link, now, and if I do find it, will post here. Meanwhile, if you can find a link (online), please do post!

    1. Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

      All REAL Americans, and ALL People around the world— that believe in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Honesty, Truth, Goodness and Self-determination —are for Ron Paul.

      President Paul wants to save our Nation and heal the World, and desires nothing for himself — making him a True Patriot (unlike the megalomaniacs that want The Presidency, so they can get a bigger pie, and engorge themselves further at the people’s expense — marking them as Leeches on the path to suck US dry)!

      Ron Paul has awoken the Sleeping Giant that is We, The People! We are growing in numbers and our voice is no longer distant thunder — but a Roaring Storm that’s approaching and eventually will wipe out the PUPPETEERS that have stolen Our Nation!

      We are the MANY, while the Criminals in Power, that want to control us, are the FEW (and their subhuman squeals are getting weaker)!




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