In the trenches of the Washington State battle

In the last few months I have been inundated with emails and memos and got to this one late but I kept it for months and read it and re-read it.  This is from Peter Chiou in the Tacoma, Washington area and it was written in March when the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum people were working together to stop Romney.  There is good advice here for Ron Paul people still in the trenches.  And this is a good archival piece to have for the future.  It offers needed insight into the process.

One correction? Peter Chiou is a very humble, self effacing leader but he is wrong to blame himself.  We have taken on the establishment and it is no easy task.  There will be successes and times that we fall short.  It is a process and his experiences here will help others in others states win delegates and it will help in the future.

Pierce County Convention 3/25/2012

The 28th District


Peter Chiou

Do not give in to the prospect of losing but proceed ever more boldly against it!

This is a no-holds-barred self examination of how we screwed the pooch so badly in the 28th.  This paper is intended to educate in how to win.  I apologize to all those in 28th who worked so hard to only fail.  We missed a lot of opportunities.  No holding back.  No time for pride and ego.  Get it out and then fix it.  We must really hang up our egos at the door in debriefs like this if we are to learn.  When we’re done, let’s go have a beer.

It was a bloodbath yesterday in the 28th.  The results could have been very different had I known the rules better and had previous experience in a contentious environment like this.  JM (RS DL as well as GOP DL and Caucus Chairman), counter to the wishes of the Santorum campaign, crafted a unity slate with the Romney and Gingrich camps.  Their objective was to shut the Ron Paul people out rather than to ensure a brokered convention at the national convention.  This objective was achieved but to their own detriment.  It was a tactical win but an operational error on her part, IMHBAO.  However, their execution was nearly flawless (my hat off to them) but it took a lot longer than they had expected because a lot of their Santorum and Romney folks were also new and showed up unbeknownst to them.

Hence, the following are ideas derived from my experience yesterday:  (I hate losing due to stupidity)

  1. Expect a battle.
  2. KNOW ROBERTS RULE OF ORDER!!!!!!  You have to know how to ask the questions and make motions without sounding dumb.  This way, you can challenge with confidence and perceived credibility.
  3. Appoint an experienced floor captain and not simply one with good heart and good intentions such as I but had no experience.
  4. Bring notebooks and each keep own notes.
  5. Establish roll call.  Know what quorum is!  And keep an eye on it.
  6. Establish coalition long beforehand.  Unless we have a clear majority, we MUST establish coalition to deny Romney the likely 1144 delegates.
  7. Point of Information and ascertain the number needed for Quorum.  Then see if a walk-out of the Ron Paul delegation will affect the quorum.  This can be used as a tactic to stall the proceedings.
  8. Must have a floor leader with personality of wanting to win so badly that he seeks every angle and every opportunity.  Not a milk toast like I was.  Could have raised a point of information and asked if all the Santorum and Gingrich people really want to help Romney get to the 1144 faster or do they want to slow them down.  And if I could affect quorum, lead the delegation out and force a hallway discussion before returning to order of the day.  Or, take a risk in walking out and hoping the Santorum/Gingrich people will walk out.  I could also have done this after the first ballot and got all the people outside and really laid everything out.
  9. Appoint a floor toughie.  If the leader is not assertive enough as was our case.  I was too concerned with building rapport and being nice instead of winning.  I made a lot of friends in the process and got people to like me but did not win any delegates at all.  This should be our main goal.
  10. After so many people had left because of exhaustion, we could have politely pointed to the lack of quorum and shut down the alternate election process.  They did not have to have any alternates at all!!!!  We FOULed this one up big time!
  11. Santorum and Paul people must be informed to know the plan to secure victory.  Be bold in who you support.  In other words, don’t be a stealth supporter.  Make it a sporting event where there is healthy competition and energy on both sides.  And everyone knows who the other side is.  At least the leadership should not be stealthy.
  12. There are no secrets in politics when it comes to real-time.  In the military, we safeguard  information and plans until execution.  Then it doesn’t matter because it’s often too late to respond to.  It is true in general but there are always exceptions.
  13. Go to your caucus room as soon as possible.  So that as your people arrive, you can greet them at the door.  Assume they know who you are.  No stealth was needed in our case because for speeches, we simply stood up and said our name, our preference, and if we’d support the nominee.  Most of us said yes.  Only one had the courage to say no.  It wouldn’t have made any difference if we had said no.
  14. Clear leadership presence in the room for each must be established early on.  We failed here in the 28th.  I did not make sure everyone knew I was there and who I was.  Santorum caucus leaders had leis around their necks to show who they were.
  15. Recommend that the two leaders working together know each other beforehand.  Agree that when one motions for recess to talk to your people, the each group will agree to the recess.  Otherwise, you’d just to have wait for an opportune time.  We had Jane Milhans so it was an impossible situation to begin with.  This may be the case with you as well.  However, if you make the case early on – like a week before, then you stand a chance.
  16. Have a Command Post established just outside the the caucus rooms with computer and printer for real-time printing of Slates.  Bring lots of ink and paper.  Exchange cell phones for real time texting.  Text to command post’s google voice account to be able to relay to appropriate personnel for action.
  17. Set the Santorum and Ron Paul tables next to each other or close by to collaborate.  Real-time IM or texting between the two might be helpful too.
  18. JCl, please make my Clear Channel Hotspot available for the conventions’ use if necessary.  We had good wifi yesterday but that may not always be the case.  This will facilitate the google voice texting by the command post, if desired.
  19. Have Ron Paul and Santorum leaders address their respective groups together.  NS had good success here in the 25th.  This builds trust between the two camps.  In the 27th, this fell apart because the Santorum people mistrusted the other side and we were thus screwed.  Our side trusted them, however.  So they got the lionshare of the delegate and we got one after Romney and Gingrich.   After church this morning, a bunch of Ron Paul people and Santorum people were exchanging war stories over coffee.  Remember, we are brothers and neighbors first before we were adversaries in this contest.
  20. DW, a very close friend of mine from church, made the front page of The News Tribune.  They lied and said he was a Ron Paul person when they knew he was a Santorum district leader.  I wish we had thought of this idea sooner.  He was trying to effect mutual support with RP in the 27th but failed.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

36 thoughts on “In the trenches of the Washington State battle

  1. Don`t be so hard on yourself, I think each and every one of us who is really trying to make a difference will somewhere along the way have a stone thrown in our path. Do not get discouraged because of it just step over it and continue to do the best you can. That is really what maters. Always doing the right thing the best as one can. Never give up!

    1. “Mitt Romney Resigns!”

      “Mitt Romney announced today (place date) he will no longer seek the Republican nomination. Instead, he pledged his full support to Dr. Ron Paul, who he trusts implicitly to be the only viable candidate to defeat Barrack Obama,” said a Romney spokesperson.

      Mr. Romney’s spokesperson continued saying, ” Mr. Romney is making the ultimate sacrifice, for the good of the Nation, so wants to be remembered as the one that helped America be rid of Obama…as such Mr. Romney is a true patriot…”.

      Questioned as to the real reasons Mitt Romney quit — the spokesperson said, “He only wants to be remembered as the Patriot that Saved America… that is his only reason”….and “…none of the below were a factor in his decision”…as claimed:

      “That so many videos have been taped showing fraud on his behalf that TV mini-series could be made running for weeks,
      Or, that he can’t get 100 people to attend his meetings, while Ron Paul gathers Real Americans in the several thousands,
      Or, that he has broken rule #11 in collusion with the GOP, so he is about to be removed from many states ballots,
      Or, that his shadowy party in Nevada, is further grounds for his removal as a GOP candidate,
      Or, that he cannot garner enough delegates with all the cheating done on his behalf so far,
      Or, that All National Delegates are NOT bound according to rule #38, and US election law, in Tampa,
      Or, that his eventual loss to Ron Paul in Tampa will make him a national joke,
      Or, that even if manages to CHEAT his way out of Tampa, his guaranteed loss to Obama will make him an even Bigger Joke…”.

      No, none of these are factors, according to Mitt Romney’s spokesperson — “Mr. Romney quit the race today because he is a Patriot!”

      And I agree, Mitt did the right thing — and we shall build monuments and name schools after him!

      Pass it on! Hopefully someone with brains in Mitt’s camp will see this syllogism and force it upon this dullard (for his own good)!

  2. I think Peter’s attempt was to encourage others to be just as self-critical so that all may truly examine the situation without being too easy on themselves. To often, one give too much credit to oneself.

  3. 10 million Strong Americans need to descent on Tampa and take the nomination for Ron Paul!

    If there was a “Million Men March” on DC (to ask for what they thought was right) we can have a 10 Million Men, Women and Children March on Tampa — to demand what we KNOW is RIGHT!

    No more playing nice with these criminals in power!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (There are no other options — so, speak softly, and carry a Big Stick in Tampa!)

    1. Ron Paul confirming that a single FASCIST SOCIALIST party continues to impost FRAUD on the entire American population & that people like Romney, Obama, McCain, Clinton(s), Bush all belong to this single FASCISM Party:

      1. I believe the delegates in CD4 stood up for their rights & prevented this nonsense. In other CDs, despite all protests the thugs closed down illegally. I believe the matter has now joined ranks with the ongoing lawsuit

      1. This is great Chiefe!

        I served papers on the ORP today. If there are any other videos that can be found, especially from the other districts, please let me know.

      1. Don Howard —

        Great to hear you served them papers!

        Now, if we can only get Justice…before Tampa!

        If not, let them suffer the consequences!

      1. This kind of stuff and what happened in Louisiana is getting so brazen…I stop and think about what Doug Wead said the other day on video chat. I have to completely agree with Doug. The Constitution is literally hanging by a thread. The fate of a collapsing republic is hanging by a thread and if/when it starts crashing down will majority wake up & take to the streets.

        Now you/we all do understand why in places like Nigeria, Uganda, Bangladesh, Indonesia…election frauds regularly lead to physical violence, murders, rioting and military coups become the norm. Suppressed populations in those places become desensitized and become resigned to perpetual enslavement of fascism. THIS IS EXACTLY their intended plan for perpetual enslavement of American middle-class. This is not hyperbole. Powers that be have all intentions to turn United States into a fascist dictatorial playground & only an irate, tireless minority is fully awake to what the hell is going on.

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) —excellent job posting these 53 minutes video!

      Worth watching at least 2 times to comprehend its meaning!

      Doug Wead opens up and states many things that we needed to hear (in a few direct statements, some round-about-ways and mostly reading-btw-the-lines)!

      Superb interview that gives us hope for a possible (against all odds) Ron Paul nomination!

      (Some notes of mine — Doug expects that the BO will get another 4 years (very reasonable expectation, since all manipulations witnessed so far, lead to this surmise) and hopes that the eventual economic collapse under the Kenyan will create sufficient poverty to unite us all for the the next election (a Rand Paul win, that will then begin the restoration of our nation.) Only one fault I find with this — will Rand still exist in 2016….)

  4. Ron Paul Keeps Winning the Battles, but What About the War?

    LONG ARTICLE — but must read material!!!

    Joe Wolverton, II
    New American
    June 24, 2012

    Word out of Iowa is that Ron Paul won a majority of that state’s delegates to the Republican National Convention to be held in August in Tampa, Florida. This is contrary to the story told on election night in January when first Mitt Romney and then, after a recount, Rick Santorum was declared the winner of the Hawkeye State’s caucus.

    After what the Des Moines Register described as a “two-day tug-of-war marked by bouts of angry shouting,” backers of the Libertarian-leaning Texas congressman won 23 of the state’s 28 total delegates.

    This isn’t the first such example of a Paul Paradox. State convention delegates elected pro-Paul slates in Minnesota, Maine, Nevada, and Louisiana, although Paul didn’t win the popular vote in any of those states (or any other state for that matter). The results are indisputable, but the million-dollar question is whether the Republican National Committee will allow these delegates to vote their consciences or will “bind” them to vote for the “presumptive nominee,” former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

    Some who support Ron Paul have decided not to wait on the RNC to rule and have taken their case to the courts.

    As we have reported, a lawsuit was filed by the law firm of Gilbert & Marlowe in Santa Ana, California, asking a federal court to determine:

    … whether Plaintiffs are free to vote their conscience on the first and all ballots at the Federal Election known as the Republican National Convention or whether Plaintiffs are bound to vote for a particular candidate as instructed by Defendants’ State Party Bylaws, or State Laws, or the preference of political operatives….

    Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the chairmen of every state’s Republican Party, as well as the state party itself.

    A d v e r t i s e m e n t

    In all a total of over 143 delegates (presumably national delegates, otherwise the federal court would have no jurisdiction) have joined or asked to join as plaintiffs in the suit.

    Among other complaints, the lawsuit alleges that the RNC violated its own rules and applicable federal voting statutes by:

    Certifying “unlawful slates of Delegates that were not elected in accordance with the US Statues and US Supreme Court Decisions cited, nor in accordance with the proper Bylaws of Defendants;”

    Engaging “in a scheme to intimidate and harass Delegates who were supporting a Candidate that Defendants did not approve of;”

    Forcing delegates to “sign affidavits under penalty of perjury with the threat of criminal prosecution for perjury as well as financial penalties and fines if the Delegate fails to vote as instructed by Defendants rather than vote the Delegate’s conscience as mandated by the US Statutes and US Supreme Court;”

    Denying “a quorum or to manipulate Delegates supporting a particular Candidate to be deprived of a fair election as a Delegate;”

    Using “threats of violence including dressing security type people in dark clothing searching out supporters of a Candidate Defendants do not approve of to harass and intimidate said Delegates from voting their conscience;”

    Unlawfully using “State Bylaws and in some cases State Laws to harass and intimidate Delegates from voting their conscience;” and

    Altering “the voting ballot results to fraudulently reflect an outcome that is inconsistent with the actual voting ballot results for the purpose of certifying a fraudulently selected slate of Delegates to support the Candidate of Defendants’ choice rather than the Delegates properly elected.”

    If the court does not issue an immediate injunction blocking these actions, the plaintiffs argue, they will suffer irreparable harm.

    This notion of “binding” delegates to vote for one candidate despite their own allegiances (and the allegiances of those state convention delegates who voted for them) is one of the many bones of contention being fought over by those loyal to Ron Paul and those who accept Mitt Romney as the “presumptive nominee.”

    The RNC argues that the winner of the popular vote (Mitt Romney in most cases) should also received at least a corresponding percentage of that state’s delegates elected at the state conventions, while the plaintiffs in this lawsuit (and the Paul campaign itself) insist that delegates are empowered by RNC Rule 38 to vote their consciences and cannot be forced to vote for the winner of the state primaries.

    Promising to “carry on the fight,” the executive committee of the Lawyers for Ron Paul is actively seeking new plaintiffs to add to the lawsuit and they continue to promote the message that the war is not over and that despite the fact (as they see it) that Ron Paul’s national campaign staff has “thrown in the towel,” the grassroots supporters around the country still have the power to get their man into the White House.

    Assuming for a moment that a federal judge rules that all Republican delegates to the national nominating convention are unbound and may vote for the candidate of their choice, what would the practical effect of such a holding be? Ron Paul himself has conceded that he does not have the numbers necessary to put him over the top and onto the top of the ticket. Is there any scenario that can convert these victories into anything other than the Pyrrhic variety?

    First, Ron Paul maintains that he is not ready to follow in his senator son’s footsteps and endorse Mitt Romney.

    In an interview on CNN’s The Situation Room, Ron Paul said, “No. Not ready. No way,” when asked by the host Wolf Blitzer if he was ready to throw his support behind Romney. That firm denial seems to indicate that despite having suspended his active campaign in May, Ron Paul remains a candidate for president.

    Then again, there is the message to supporters posted last week on YouTube where Ron Paul told viewers that he had “a lot of good news,” describing a roster of goals for all the delegates and alternates elected to represent him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.

    First, delegates should work to “influence the platform.” Next, they should “fight for our values,” and finally, “do whatever they can to promote the cause of liberty.”

    Running about eight minutes, Dr. Paul’s message does not sound like an attempt to either compromise or concede. He sounds confident that the fight for liberty and limited government will continue.

    But without him in the Oval Office.

    Another Paul Paradox is the man’s adamant denials that he will mount a third party campaign for president. This hardline would seem to indicate that Ron Paul considers the GOP to be the most reliable vehicle for taking his message to the masses. Why then does he refuse to endorse the Party’s candidate?

    Principle. The answer is that in a world where pseudo-statesmen trip over themselves to be the first to get to the Party’s altars so they can sacrifice all their principles to the god of Power, Ron Paul stands back, humbly and boldly proclaiming liberty like the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

    Whatever the outcome, when the smoke clears on this Republican war of ideas, there is little doubt that there will remain yet alive millions of American freedom fighters devoted to the cause of the Constitution and to the protection of our civil liberties.

    Many of these patriots are young, so they must be reminded that there will come others from their ranks that will run for office and promote this cause and stand firm against the Establishment’s gradual march toward absolutism.

    Truly, Ron Paul is not the first and he will not be the last candidate to lead the fight for freedom, but he may be the best.

    1. Rmoney shill spotted.

      Poor Mitt must be getting desperate, to resort to having such idiots troll for him.

    2. Yesterday I left two comments here that are still not showing up. As I have tried to leave them again a message appears saying that I have already left that message. Whoever is moderating needs to quit operating like a Romney thug…

      1. WASHINGTON, DC 6-25-2012 – Congressman Ron Paul, Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee, announced today that the subcommittee will hold a hearing this week to examine fractional reserve banking.

        “Fractional reserve banking underpins the entire banking system, yet its effects on society are completely ignored,” Paul stated. “Our financial system consists of vast amounts of credit pyramided on top of very small amounts of real savings– all backstopped by explicit and implicit government guarantees. This poses significant risks to the stability of the economy and monetary system, which ought to give pause to any serious observer of financial markets.”

        We, The People, have been economic Slaves to these Bankster Creatures…and nearly none of us are aware of this EVER EXPANDING SLAVERY!

        (the video below explains it short & simple; for in depth, read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” and a book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” — good luck finding either in your local library…most likely BANNED there!)

        Spread this like wildfire!

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — great post!

      One thing that must be comprehended by all:

      If the requirement to sign these affidavits was introduces Ex Post Facto (which seems to be the case) then the invalidation of the duly elected Ron Paul delegates cannot be Legally enforced (even by a Private Organization such as the GOP) since that flies in the face of all common law (no-one can Retroactively change the rules, in order to change the outcome of an already transpired Fact!).

  5. Mittney disagrees with himself — all the time, but agrees with The BO all of the time!

    What great choices for Americans — whose used underwear will you be buying this time around, come Election Day?

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