How the GOP shut down Ron Paul in Illinois

Some of the published reports coming out of the Illinois GOP State Convention are so factually handicapped that this firsthand, documented, insider account from Harvey Bluedorn, New Boston, Illinois, should be read by any serious historian of the Liberty Movement.  It is important for us to cheer on our victories but it is also important for us to read the stories of those who are hurt by insider games and to let them know that they are not alone, that we appreciate their efforts.  Their tormentors may sometimes own the day but we own the future.

The 2012 Illinois Republican State Convention (June 8-9)

Illinois is allotted 69 delegates to the Republican National Convention. 54 national delegates are determined by primary voting, 3 national delegates are picked from the state central committee, and 12 national delegates are “at large” and to be determined at the Illinois Republican state convention, this year held June 8 and 9 at Tinley Park, Illinois.

54 national delegates – 3 for each of 18 congressional districts – were selected in the March 20 primary vote. The grassroots campaign gathered petition signatures for Ron Paul national delegate slates for each of the 18 districts. Neither Santorum nor Gingrich had national delegate slates for every district. Santorum raised a challenge to our signatures, but we negotiated a withdrawal.

Technically, both Illinois state law and Illinois Republican party rules say that no national delegate is pledged or bound to any candidate – delegates merely express their preference at the time of their filing. They are bound only by their conscience.

Ron Paul had been gathering crowds of one, two, three thousand – until he came to Champaign, Illinois, where he gathered a capacity crowd of six thousand (some reported 4 or 5 thousand, but we were there and we counted them). At this point, the media blackout of Ron Paul events had become complete – and the crowds kept getting bigger. In March, outside a Santorum rally in Illinois, we staged a respectful protest of the blackout (not interfering with Santorum’s rally), but the only notable effect was that at the next Santorum rally he reportedly boasted of having thousands at his last rally (but we were there, there were only 320 seats, and not all of them were filled – but four network cameramen were there.)

Ron Paul won no districts in the March 20 Illinois primary. In 102 counties, considered county by county, Paul carried between 5 and 15 percent of the popular vote, averaging about 9.4 percent overall across the state.

Weeks before the State Convention we discovered that the Illinois GOP regularly fails to gather even half of the available state delegate seats, so with 12 at-large national delegate seats available, we began working for state delegate seats to the state convention.  Our aim?  To influence the selection of national delegates.

[FYI: Delegates and alternates to the Illinois state convention are appointed by the county chair or its equivalent in Chicago land. Illinois politics is all about persons in positions of power with no accountability. Obama was trained on Illinois politics, our last two Governors are in prison, and our present Governor along with the Speaker of the Illinois House are trying very hard to join them. Then there is also Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to consider.]

Once word came to the ‘power insiders’ of our efforts to secure state delegates from each county, word was sent to the county chairs to shut out Ron Paul supporters (and apparently Tea Party people also) and to fill up all state delegate seats so that no extra seats would be available – they even extended the filing date right up to the day of the convention in order to allow for more non-Paul delegates to register, and they developed a profile to determine the probability that someone was a Paul delegate.

[That’s shut out #1.] We were still able to slip in some Paul delegates – not everybody follows orders from on high. The overall affect was about a 2/3 increase in the number of total delegates registered for the state convention from four years ago. (In 2008 there were 724 credentialed delegates. In 2012 there were 1,229 credentialed delegates. 505 more delegates = 70% increase.) We estimate possibly two or three hundred of the registered delegates (each paying a $50.00 fee) never showed up at the convention. (Well, many of them had already served their purpose by filling up delegations and effectively closing us out.)

On Friday afternoon, June 8, 2012, we were basically reduced to observers at the various committee meetings – no motions were recognized or allowed. [That’s shut out #2.] The committee on selection of national delegates rejected our motion to put delegates up for a vote among the committee.

We were also advised that no motions would be allowed from the convention floor during the general session on Saturday. Then we learned that we could collect 50 petition signatures from the heads of county delegations and thereby bring a matter before the whole convention. We put together a petition for consideration of our delegate slate and we began collecting signatures.

At the Friday evening reception, Chairman of the RNC Reinhold Reince Priebus delivered a message on how President Barack Hussein Obama’s priorities are not our own.  No one had much to say about Willard Milton (‘Mitt’) Romney other than that he is our nominee and we must unite in full support behind him because this is the most important election in our lifetime.

Later that evening there were fourteen “hospitality rooms” (parties) at the convention hall, including ours. We seemed to be the only ones having any fun – at least we showed them how to have a political ‘party.’ Through this party, the ‘mainstream’ and the ‘conservative’ elements of the Republican Party saw some of our strength, while the ‘power insiders’ apparently continued to nurture their paranoia. Connections were made here which will likely prove important in the future.

On Saturday morning, June 9,  before the General Session, the clock was running down on our signature drive. It was reported that county chairmen were being told not to sign anything – some chairmen otherwise inclined to sign the petition became afraid, and some chairmen even sought to revoke their signature. When the clock ran out we had 41 signatures – another couple of hours may have made a difference, we’re not sure. We were alerted ahead of time of still other technical obstacles which were in the modified rules – rules which were not given out until the very moment the doors opened for the general session – which also happened to be the deadline for the petition. Anyway, we overcame all obstacles except the number of signatures, and we submitted 500 copies of the petition (that was one of the new obstacles) at literally the very last minute. They looked surprised – especially at the 500 copies, a detail which we were not supposed to know about.

There was still the prospect that the general session would vote down the delegate committee’s chosen slate of national delegates. Ours would then be the only other slate submitted. There are also legal reasons and political reasons for presenting the petition anyway.

The general session of the Illinois State GOP convention began at 11:30 AM with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the national anthem. So far so good.

Next, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady praised reforms in Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker and attacked corruption in Illinois under Chicago Democrat rule, singling out House Speaker Michael Madigan and his single-party rule, assuming total power, and effectively shutting out Republicans from the process. “We are under the thumb of a controlling, vindictive, ethically challenged, self-serving leprechaun, and I mean no disrespect to leprechauns, Speaker Mike Madigan. He has spent the last 40 years in Springfield, making himself rich, trading on his position of trust.”

There were other speeches, all emphasizing integrity, none of the speakers seemingly aware of the irony of what they were saying and how it conflicted with what they were doing to us.

The report of the Committee on Credentials was approved by the convention with no measurable objections.

However, there were measurable objections to the recommendations of each of three committees:

The Committee on At-Large Delegates and Alternates, the Committee on Platform and Resolutions, the Committee to Nominate National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.

We knew we would not be the only ones in opposition here, but we had no idea how just how large the dissent would be. The committee chairs ruled that the ‘Ayes’ prevailed. Pat Brady, the convention chair, ruled that each recommendation had passed by a clear voice vote and ignored numerous calls on each vote for a division by roll. He even had the audacity to declare “we’ve gotta play by the rules … listen, let’s be respectful.”

We have numerous reports and video evidence – from non-delegates seated outside of the delegations giving the voice vote – that the ‘Nays’ were in audible majority – which should be sufficient warrant for a division by standing show or roll call. [That’s shut out #3.]

Pat Brady was visibly agitated, fumbled about, and tried to characterize this as a disturbance brought on by Tea Party people and Ron Paul supporters, and justified his actions by claiming that we must get behind our nominee, Mitt Romney, because we can’t have four more years of Barack Obama. We know that there were a whole lot more than us who voted ‘Nay’ and who were calling for division.

Here is an independent recording at the convention of the voice vote for the at-large national delegates.  (The vote is at 3:00)

At 1:45 PM, while the general session was still going on, many of the Ron Paul delegates (200+) walked out. Soon the lobby filled with many others walking out as well. We proceeded to gather in a room as far away from the general session as we could find. We were not there very long before security arrived and closed the room, and we proceeded to meet in groups in the lobby.

After lamenting “if we had only had more time, more resources, if we only knew this or did that,” the truth emerged that no matter what we did, the game had been rigged, weighted, and manipulated to shut us and others like us out. We represent a peril to ‘power insider’ politics. Maybe we can’t “out-hustle them, and outsmart them,” but as long as we have the correct character, principles, and issues on our side, we will be taking their place one-by-one. We are the future. They have no future.

Some comments by a convention attendee:

My Thoughts on the Illinois State Convention 2012

My Thoughts on the Liberty Movement, and Illinois State Convention

We were not the only ones to protest the process. William J. Kelly, a candidate for National GOP Committeeman from Illinois, objected to the convention committee’s process.


WBEZ news coverage: Illinois Republican panel blocks direct elections of top leaders

It appears that Tea Party people may have also been profiled by county chairs.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

41 thoughts on “How the GOP shut down Ron Paul in Illinois

  1. This is extremely accurate. I was able to sit in on the platform committee, the national delegate committee, and the national committeeman committee, and they all disrespected the delegates by letting them know that we are not part of the process.

    1. You must have missed the credentials meeting – they had no microphone and the chairwoman was intentionally trying to keep it so that we could not hear what they were saying. I had to jack my video coverage up 8x just to hear it – we couldn’t hear hardly anything that was said and I was even up front because I was livestreaming. She actually said she didn’t care if the room full of delegates couldn’t hear and that all she cared about hearing her was the committee when we asked them to speak up. I have it up on YouTube – my channel is Ralyns, I make no claims at being good at video, was using my phone.

    1. I was there, we were railroaded. Paul delegates were left off the “list” at registration, alternates and guests who were identified as Paul supporters were not allowed to become delegates, but were told they could still volunteer with the party. Basically we could do their leg work but we couldn’t have a voice. Even with all this disenfranchisement we went from representing 6% of the total delegation in ’08 to 18% of the total delegation this year. The diebold machines only gave us 9% of the popular vote during our primary this year.


  3. Good write up – hats off to Harvey. Even the delegates that were wearing Mitt buttons were upset about the way things went. All Chicago area people got shoved at us for the at large delegates, the rest of the state is not represented by any of the at large delegates. It was not just us they shut out – they shut out almost all delegates. Roll call was also being called for along with division but ignored. I didn’t see a single microphone on the floor for us… They did thank Ron Paul supporters for the record turn out of delegates and they did say it was a record high.

  4. So Doug what are your thoughts about the Ron Paul grassroots campaign organizer attempting to bomb a gas pipeline in Texas this week? How many more supporters need to go off the rails before you advise Ron Paul to throw in the towel? Is your campaign paycheck more important than human life?

  5. Goog;e Anson Chi. Aside from being a Ron Paul campaign organizer he also built the website “How to become a delegate” that was approved by Jeff Greenspan regional coordinator of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee.

    1. Wow, you want to hold a supporter that Dr. Paul had no control of against him? I have no idea who this guy is you are talking about is, other than reading the article you trolled up…But I do believe you’ve hit an all time troll low…

      1. Are you saying Paul can’t control his supporters? That he lacks LEADERSHIP ability? Thank you. Thank you.

      2. BTW Chi wasn’t just some supporter-his resume lists him as Ron Paul Campaign Director for Austin

      3. Ron Paul doesn’t control his supporters any more than anyone else that isn’t a dictator. Get a grip. Chi was his GOP precinct chairman. It was a GOP operative that is suspected of this act. . . he never said he was a campaign director, he said he was a “grassroots campaign director” which is something he made up himself and there is no such position in the campaign.

    2. It’s strange that the Washington Post (one of the biggest Anti-Paul news organizations) didn’t make mention of any ties to Ron Paul…if there was one organization that would jump at the chance to propagate a smear story, it would have been them…perhaps tomorrow? —interesting non-story Bro. 🙂

      1. You need to dig deeper bro, instead of just relying on the MSM. Chi was well respected on both the Daily Paul and Ron Paul forums for his delegate website.Look at his facebook and Myspace. He wasn’t just a weekend warrior but was, as Doug would describe him (while inciting dozens more just like him) a soldier deep “in the trenches.”

      2. Also check FEC records. Chi gave $6,479 for guys like Wead, whose gravy train will end if Paul were to drop out.

      1. We’re not talking about a simple reporter-Chi was a campaign member. This is exactly why no one takes your so called “movement” seriously-you are all so quick to throw one of your own under the bus! I bet Ron himself, when asked for a statement about the bomber, would laugh and say “we’re dangerous!”

      2. Anson Chi was a self proclaimed “Grassroots Campaign Director for Austin, Texas.” There is no such position in the Ron Paul campaign. It’s a title he gave himself. He says that he is Travis County District 149 Precinct Chairman for the GOP. This position does exist and it is easily verifiable. It is clear that Anson Chi is a ranking official for the GOP who promotes himself as being a made up position in the Ron Paul Campaign. Them darn GOP must be terrorists I guess . . .

        His web Resume:

      3. RONonymous explain his FB and Myspace. As I said this is why your movement is astrofurf-you are all so quick to throw one another under the bus rather than stick together. Same goes for Wead. When RP is indicted for inciting domestic terrorism rest assured Wead will sound just like the ex-Nazi’s during the Nuremberg trials-“I was only following orders.”

      4. Can you name one example where Ron Paul has ever incited domestic terrorism? The problem with you Neocons is you see a terrorist in everyone that disagrees. Let’s see – millions of Ron Paul supporters and one of them allegedly commits a crime and all Ron Paul supporters are supposed to stick with him and Ron Paul is somehow responsible? I’m sure glad we live in a country where your minority opinion on what makes one an accomplice is still just some psyop agent’s post on the internet and no one takes it seriously.

  6. Ron Paul has locked up being on the Presidential ballot in Tampa — no matter what the criminal GOP does, it will be hard put to overcome the below (without getting into further federal lawsuits!).

    8 States Majority so far (only 5 are needed!):

    1) Colorado
    2) Iowa
    3) Louisiana
    4) Maine
    5) Massachusetts
    6) Minnesota
    7) Nevada
    8) Virginia

    Bye, bye Perfidy Mitt — the UNBOUND delegates will vote you OUT, NWO-scumbag!

    Time for YOU — Mitt Rmoney — to resign NOW in favor of Ron Paul, thus becoming a patriot to be remembered (before you get totally embarrassed and have your political carrier ended in Tampa)!

    Federal Lawsuit has been filed claiming


  7. As I view the situation, the R party’s ‘leadership’ has–by cheating every step of the way to secure Romney’s nomination–won the battle but lost the war. They cannot possibly expect those they disenfranchised to turn out in November. Which begs the question, whom do they really want as the next President? If they had won the nomination fight fair and square, then they could demand we all line up behind the nominee, but by cheating they have lost all moral authority to make such a demand now. I think we should all get ready for another 4 years of Barry Sotero a/k/a Barack Obama.

    1. “Mitt Romney Resigns!”

      “Mitt Romney announced today (place date) he will no longer seek the Republican nomination. Instead, he pledged his full support to Dr. Ron Paul, who he trusts implicitly to be the only viable candidate to defeat Barrack Obama,” said a Romney spokesperson.

      Mr. Romney’s spokesperson continued saying, ” Mr. Romney is making the ultimate sacrifice, for the good of the Nation, so wants to be remembered as the one that helped America be rid of Obama…as such Mr. Romney is a true patriot…”.

      Questioned as to the real reasons Mitt Romney quit — the spokesperson said, “He only wants to be remembered as the Patriot that Saved America… that is his only reason”….and “…none of the below were a factor in his decision”…as claimed:

      “That so many videos have been taped showing fraud on his behalf that TV mini-series could be made running for weeks,
      Or, that he can’t get 100 people to attend his meetings, while Ron Paul gathers Real Americans in the several thousands,
      Or, that he has broken rule #11 in collusion with the GOP, so he is about to be removed from many states ballots,
      Or, that his shadowy party in Nevada, is further grounds for his removal as a GOP candidate,
      Or, that he cannot garner enough delegates with all the cheating done on his behalf so far,
      Or, that All National Delegates are NOT bound according to rule #38, and US election law, in Tampa,
      Or, that his eventual loss to Ron Paul in Tampa will make him a national joke,
      Or, that even if manages to CHEAT his way out of Tampa, his guaranteed loss to Obama will make him an even Bigger Joke…”.

      No, none of these are factors, according to Mitt Romney’s spokesperson — “Mr. Romney quit the race today because he is a Patriot!”

      And I agree, Mitt did the right thing — and we shall build monuments and name schools after him!

      Pass it on! Hopefully someone with brains in Mitt’s camp will see this syllogism and force it upon him (for his own good)!

  8. 10 million Strong Americans need to descent on Tampa and take the nomination for Ron Paul!

    If there was a “Million Men March” on DC (to ask for what they thought was right) we can have a 10 Million Men, Women and Children March on Tampa — to demand what we KNOW is RIGHT!

    No more playing nice with these criminals in power!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (There are no other options — so, speak softly, and carry a Big Stick in Tampa!)

    1. Rmoney shill spotted.

      Poor Mitt must be getting desperate, to resort to having such idiots troll for him.

  9. WASHINGTON, DC 6-25-2012 – Congressman Ron Paul, Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee, announced today that the subcommittee will hold a hearing this week to examine fractional reserve banking.

    “Fractional reserve banking underpins the entire banking system, yet its effects on society are completely ignored,” Paul stated. “Our financial system consists of vast amounts of credit pyramided on top of very small amounts of real savings– all backstopped by explicit and implicit government guarantees. This poses significant risks to the stability of the economy and monetary system, which ought to give pause to any serious observer of financial markets.”

    We, The People, have been economic Slaves to these Bankster Creatures…and nearly none of us are aware of this EVER EXPANDING SLAVERY!

    (the video below explains it short & simple; for in depth, read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” and a book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” — good luck finding either in your local library…most likely BANNED there!)

    Spread this like wildfire!

    I was a delegate.
    The “Nayes” had it!
    I have a recording from the middle of the room. I am donating my audio recorder for the lawsuit.

    1. Thank you, Mike. My recording of the general session was not real good – we were seated at a very bad angle for our county as far as visual, towards the front and the stage was to left of us. But the nays had it from my seat as well. The audio is good for my recordings just the view that was messed up, and you can clearly hear the calls for roll call and division behind us.

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