There’s a new winner of the Iowa Caucus and it’s Ron Paul

Ladies and Gentlemen, once more we must announce the winner of the Iowa Caucus.  And it isn’t Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney afterall, it is Ron Paul.  Today, delegates duly elected to represent the GOP at their state convention, gave the Texas congressman 21 of the 25 contestable delegates to the RNC in Tampa.  They will all be unbound, able and willing to vote for Ron Paul for president.

This ends a process that began with the Iowa Cavalcade last summer, when Ron Paul came within a few votes of winning the Straw Vote, and handily defeated Romney, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich and Pawlenty.  Dr. Paul’s strong showing was virtually ignored by the main stream media whose executives apparently felt threatened by his call for transparency in the actions of the Federal Reserve, a prime support system for their corporate advertisers and, in some cases, their own parent holding companies.

The following January, Dr. Paul finished third in the Iowa Caucus presidential preference poll but swept the precinct caucuses which elected delegates that led to the state convention triumph this weekend.

Interestingly enough, even tonight, the New York Times and the Associated Press still cling to their marvelous fiction that Ron Paul has won only a single delegate from last January’s Iowa Caucus.  According to their chart, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have each won 13.

But now the facts are in and as we have been telling you since last January, Dr. Paul won a clear majority of the delegates.  He won 10 of 13 delegates elected at today’s state convention in addition to having won 11 of 12 delegates elected at last night’s district conventions, for a weekend total of 21 of 25 contestable delegates, all unbound.

Dr. Paul’s victory in the Hawkeye State affirms his delegate-attainment strategy and it has the added benefit of having occurred in the first-in-nation voting state, also a swing state.

“We thank the many Iowa Republican activists for working tirelessly toward this meaningful victory, in particular the work they performed in the service of constitutional government and personal liberty.  This win is a real validation for our campaign and its many supporters in Iowa and across our great nation,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“We look forward to bringing the Ron Paul delegation to Tampa and to making a significant, positive contribution to the 2012 Republican Party Platform,” added Mr. Benton.

Had the media accurately reported events in Iowa it is likely that Dr. Paul’s campaign would have benefited substantially in subsequent contests.  But its incomplete coverage of Iowa turned out to be a harbinger of things to come.  The national television networks routinely marginalized his speaking times in the presidential debates and virtually excluded him from their national coverage.

Nevertheless, the final tally in Iowa reflects the ongoing transformation of the Republican Party as it brings in more youth, Hispanics and independents who support Dr. Ron Paul’s vision of an end to corruption in Washignton, a return free markets and constitutional government.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

40 thoughts on “There’s a new winner of the Iowa Caucus and it’s Ron Paul

    1. I see those in Iowa, New Hampshire, Texas, and many other states that some think are crazy and don’t really count *because they are crazy* as salt of the earth! There’s a reason Iowa has always been first, and though some of the states with larger old-party-GOP tried to usurp their status, these people have stood up and been counted.
      It’s a thrilling day and I believe there are many more, like this, to come. Count on it going on throughout the next six weeks.
      An idea whose time has come… cannot be stopped by ANY MAN.

  1. As a supporter from 2007, this is such wonderful news! Can you imagine, they threw everything short of the kitchen sink and yet RP still brings home a win. And where’s that douche bag Tex3 or whatever that moron’s name is.. Probably hiding in his corner of the sewer.

  2. I know, Doug Wead!
    Isn’t this wonderful?

    Hey, even some of the “old partiers” are coming around. They surely are, in Austin and in the rest of Texas, where the crazy vote-reporting has MANY on edge.
    And we’re not just kids. Nor are all Ron Paul “superfans”, but he’s far too beloved for most to swallow the reports of Romney’s win OR Ron Paul’s political demise. Even our State’s GOP Chairman is happy with the (now filed) lawsuits. As a respondent he alluded to this very thing.

    All I want to say, as a Texan, is: YeeHah!

    And, great job, Iowa! Today’s a day that will go down in history.

  3. Doug,Thanks again for working so wisely on behalf of “All” of us…Someday,even some of the other opponents will look back on this and appreciate that whats right is being done.

  4. Oh, and by the way, Doug; please do NOT count Texas out as a state where our delegates ARE bound. Oh, that was just maneuvering (a bit of illegal bullying, snowing, strong-arming on the part of the cuckoo-old-party). Steve Muniesteri was happy for the filing of legal papers, and even happy to be served, as he WOULD like to know how “legal and legitimate” the binding of any delegates IS. We’re not relying on that obscure and oft misinterpreted rule-38 of the RNC; no, we’re relying on election-laws, and I am sure Rence Priebus is wondering what he, also, did wrong.
    It’s been an extremely exciting 24 hours in Austin, Texas. In Steve Muniesteri, GOP Chairman of the (great) state of Texas, actually said he, “welcomed the suit”.
    What a day we’ve had and it is simply the start– of something very big. The R3VOLution lives on. Vive le Revolutione!

  5. you forgot to mention the 5 more delegates were won in Virginia. Not to bad of a weekend for Ron Paul. To bad in Montana they railroaded a slate of delegates for mittens.

  6. I will say this for Steve Munisteri, Anne. He was as fair and reasonable at the convention as any of us there could have hoped for. I was also at the 2008 convention chaired by Tina B, and that thing was mess (largely due to ineptness from the chair).


  8. Lets not forget our tacky statement by our govenor when he said publicly on national television that a ron paul win would mean nothing and damage Iowa. And lets not forget the vote tallies from story county that “got lost.” Tonights results reflect the true winner from the git go and reflect the establishments evil efforts to thwart the peoples choice. Iowa will not vote for the lesser of two evils, not anymore. Chris district 3 polk county, central committee member.

  9. Hey Doug! I’m not trying to nit pick here but what part of this statement is supposed to save our republic from Obama-lite? “…and to making a significant, positive contribution to the 2012 Republican Party Platform,” added Mr. Benton.”
    This is not the place to discuss strategy but I’d love to share my views at length with you. I believe there are a few key things, 100% moral, that we can do but we need to act sooner rather then later. How can I share my thoughts with you ?

  10. And the same AIPAC Mossad agent being very honest & earnest giving assurance – How he will play his part in ensuring the Destruction of the US Constitution.

    Ahh, it must be very nice & assuring hearing such honesty.

  11. It was some Ron Paul staffers from the Campaign such as Matt Collins who contributed to the problem exposing the fraud in Iowa during the Jan 3 Caucus. If the campaign had not been undermined by people trying to keep efforts by supporters from monitoring the vote the fraud would have been nailed and Romney never would have been able to claim a win there at the beginning. Just sayin.

  12. Sorry, but I doubt any Ron Paul delegate is going to spend thousands of dollars and the enormous amount of time they’ve given up to go to Tampa and fight for the platform. Have you read the platform? It is an incoherent document to put it politely. In the same section it talks of support for a law against the burning of the flag it also declares the party’s unwavering and uncompromising support of free speech. This is the same document that is supposed to govern the Republican party that gave us the Patriot Act, HR 347, and the indefinite detention and assassination powers of the NDAA. Screw the platform, we know what our principles are. We’re not going to Tampa to change the platform, we’re going to Tampa to unemploy some people in our government. So to the campaign I’ll paraphrase Rage Against the Machine: “I’m passionately opposed to and offended by your suggestion, I won’t do what you tell me.” Why should we? It’s not like the campaign was much help getting these delegates elected anyway, in my experience the campaign as another obstacle in the process.

  13. Great news that won’t be covered by the establishment media.

    Where is the FCC? If the mainstream media was broadcasting propaganda from the USSR durring the Cold War you better believe there’d be a formal inquiry followed by congressional hearings and the appropriate fines and penalties laid. Propaganda against the American public must never be tolerated even if it comes from our very own “Operation Mockingbird.”

    One day the liberty restoration movement must call the media barrons to task for their violation of the public trust and have their media monopolies broken up, and that’s if they’re lucky.

    The writings on the wall and their time is almost up.

    Thanks to the Iowan patriots and Doug Wead for making this good news possible!

  14. Having been able to ascertain a more national viewpoint on what the RP national campaign has been doing, I can assure you that the consensus is that not only is the campaign leadership incompetent, but that it has intentionally sabotaged any success Ron Paul could have had. The success shown has been in spite of, not because of, the national campaign. They are doing their best to keep the brush fires of Liberty contained.

    It won’t work, despite the efforts of Jesse Benton, John Tate, et al to keep us down. The jury is still out on you, Doug. Where do YOU stand, with the Liberty Movement, or with the sell outs?

    1. Porter, that’s the same thing that happened in 2008; Jesse Benton and the National Campaign leadership knowingly, purposefully, and with either malice aforethought or extreme self-aggrandizing incompetence, sabotaged the RP campaign. Many of us state organizers shared our appalled and even stunned reactions to the machinations of the “leadership” of the campaign. This sort of campaign mismanagement for obvious personal gain has happened over and over again.

      People have not lost their commitment to Ron Paul or to Liberty, but many have come to wonder why there is obvious and intentional sabotage of the support and elevation of Liberty, Freedom, and Truth back into the Office of the President, in the persona of Ron Paul.

  15. Ron Paul speaks about the Debt, Downgrades and Predicts the demise of the Dollar. Remember – He’s been Right before and I believe there will be an “I told you so” moment.

  16. There’s a new winner of the Iowa Caucus and it’s Ron Paul!

    Today, delegates duly elected to represent the GOP at their state convention, gave the Texas congressman 21 of the 25 contestable delegates to the RNC in Tampa. They will all be unbound, able and willing to vote for Ron Paul for president.

    Tremendous win — since not only being a swing state, Iowa is the first-in-nation voting state! And that gives the 5 states needed for Ron Paul to be on the ballot in Tampa!

    Bye, bye Rmoney — the only way you can win at the RNC Convention is for your Storm Troopers to do what was showcased in Tampa (see THEIR WARNING — which makes us even more DETERMINED)!

    1. And if REAL soldiers happen to appear during the convention then they will most certainly STAND DOWN and arrest their CO’s.

  17. Doud Wead…..why is it that not one person has the nerve to ask Mitt the questions that need to be ask of him? Can we not infiltrate w/video cam`s one,or,more of his campaign speeches? Have one of us surprise him with a question like ;will you Mr Romney give back to money you scammed from the Dept of Ed now that you claim that you will Fix Education.or, How`z the Ponzi Scheme investigation going,or,will you send you son(s) to fight your wars? That kind of stuff.

  18. Doug, I was at the convention on Friday night and Saturday all day as a Paul delegate for District 1 and all I can say is after getting the “liberty” slate on Saturday morning, I’m disappointed in Ron Paul’s Iowa campaign and Drew Ivers. I was flying high after getting all liberty delegates on Friday night in District 1, but seeing Steve Scheffler as the “liberty” candidate for National Committeeman, I knew Drew Ivers had sold out. To promote someone as corrupt and shady as Scheffler (who was instrumental in the social conservative movement in the GOP, head of the corrupt Iowa Christian Coalition, and who associates himself with Ralph Reid and Jack Abramoff) over someone who actually believes in liberty like David Chung or Judd Saul was insulting: you don’t eradicate corruption in Washington by trading favors with corrupt politicians. After listening carefully to other Paul supporters Saturday morning, it was clear none of them knew who Scheffler was and were going to blindly vote for him. They did, and he won. There are reports out that as soon as he was elected, he spread the word to vote for Tamara Scott rather than Kim Pearson (the “liberty” slate candidate) for National Committeewoman which contributed to Kim Pearson losing. I guess we all learned this weekend that when you play with snakes, you’re going to get bitten.

    I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter for years and I continue to be one, but I don’t consider what happened here in Iowa on Saturday to be a victory for liberty (for Ron Paul’s bid for president, yes; for the liberty movement, no). One thing I’ve learned from Ron Paul is that you don’t sacrifice your principles to achieve something: the ends never justify the means. Obviously, some Paul supporters here in Iowa don’t believe those platitudes.

    1. I’d be very interested in getting a list of State Coordinators appointed by the national campaign staff who were actually successful in supporting the grassroots so they could get their work done. I know of no state like that. The norm seems to be bumbling and fumbling and incessant attempts at list-building that only inhibited the campaign’s success in various ways.

    2. The Obama thingy picks the John Kerry creature for debate sparring partner…see these puppets in preparation below:

  19. FEMA camps will be located in each and every state – three to fifteen each (according to their population)!

    FEMA has ORDERED 100,000+ Boxcars With Chain Shackles (this calculates to about 15 Million Iron Shackles)!

    Unless Dr Paul wins — who do you think will occupy these FEMA Concentration Camps, other than the 15+ Millions of the Real Americans that support him (all True Americans will be “voluntarily” sent there in iron shackles)!?!

    Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

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