Inside the New Mexico state GOP convention

Here is a story from Paul Smith inside the New Mexico state convention.  Be warned, there are no broken bones or angry voices.  But then, this is how democracy is supposed to work.

Here’s the story:

I’ll begin with the great news: this Saturday, the New Mexico GOP Convention elected 20 delegates and 20 alternates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Of these, the Conservative Unity slate organized by Ron Paul supporters won 8 delegates and 9 alternates!

After the county conventions in May, we Ron Paul folks knew we’d have a strong minority at the state convention—enough for a nice showing, but probably not enough to win national delegates. So in the week leading up to the convention, we formed a coalition that brought together Ron Paul supporters and other grassroots conservative leaders from across the state.

This coalition put together a full “Conservative Unity” delegate slate: 20 candidates for the 20 delegate spots. Of these 20, 15 were Ron Paul supporters, and 5 were proven limited-government advocates whose candidate preference went unstated. We were up against the Romney campaign slate: 20 state party leaders including Governor Susana Martinez, Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, Congressman Steve Pearce, and US Senate Candidate Heather Wilson.

At the convention, several things occurred that made us successful and encourage me about the future of liberty and the GOP in New Mexico:

1) The state party leadership played fair. There were no shenanigans of any type. The rules were clear to all, and they were followed precisely. I commend their integrity. After certain happenings in other states this is a tremendous step in the right direction, and makes me positive about our efforts moving forward.

2) The Ron Paul supporters were respectful. We did not try to “hijack” the convention, we did not disrupt the proceedings, and we did not get into loud arguments about policy issues. Our time was spent engaged in civilized conversation, garnering the votes we needed for our Conservative Unity slate.

3) The true conservatives came together and actually won. This reminds me a bit of the Ted Cruz campaign in Texas: advocates for liberty uniting (regardless of which presidential candidate they supported) and achieving victory against establishment candidates.

Here’s the bottom line: 85% of our slate is going to Tampa as elected members of the New Mexico delegation. We’ll see you there—for liberty and the future.

~Paul Smith


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

40 thoughts on “Inside the New Mexico state GOP convention

  1. Your first paragraph you mention this is how “Democracy” is supposed to work…excuse me this is supposed to be a “Republic” but I am sure you knew this…..Lastly you slapped us all in the face with Ted Cruz who most of us do not support and it makes us wonder why Dr Paul’s campaign would endorse him at all, Ted apparently will not endorse Dr Paul, what does that say for him?
    I think the actions of the official campaign are the reason Dr Paul is not the clear nominee, why on earth would Dr Paul hire people like Jesse Benton and you? I also just heard he hired another establishment scumbag to deal with legal issues..I hate to doubt Dr Paul so I must conclude his campaign has been infiltrated and destroyed without his consent.

    1. ALLRonPaul (@ALLRonPaul) —

      true: a Republic (using democratic process in the popular vote, ONLY!) That’s why ONLY the Delegates display the republican motto (per Plato’s Republic — the Qualified FEW override the Ignorant MANY)!

      false: Doug Wead is only a senior ADVISER to Ron Paul’s campaign (not a decision maker)!

      If you want to levy charges of sedition to the Top members of the RP campaign — than you may have valid reasons.

      BUT do not include Doug in your indictment, since he is not part of them — I’ve found Mr. Wead (through many analysis of his spoken words) to be above reproach; a true patriot that is risking his future daily in his UNDYING SUPPORT of Ron Paul!

    2. Doug’s not so bad, he does his job as a hired PR guy well enough, Benton though can suck my nut. At least Lawyers for Ron Paul got sick of seeing the piss poor management and now have a US district court case on behalf of the national delegates. A Judge is already assigned to it, happening in the 9th district.

    3. Yes, I must agree with Surfisher, who also responded to you.
      Please, as we have now (just this week) gotten rid of the bad-apples, including Benton and even Rand as well as others, let’s US stop the backbiting.
      Doug Wead IS an adviser, nothing more. He has been very good to Dr Paul, quite honest (and as open as could be and as warranted at the time) with US, so do not lump him in with the worse elements who have, as I said, been cleansed from the inner-sanctum.

      The campaign actually did some good things, but in the longrun, their idea WAS to tank the nomination and roll over for Romney. An email from at least six months back (with at least Jesse Benton’s fingerprints all over it–) has been uncovered, and Benton has “Been Served”. I think, however, a LOT of the great happenings have been given to the campaign, when in actuality, it was people like US who really got the vote out. Now, as we see how we’ve been defrauded, it”s US, again, who have filed suit in our respective states, to take BACK our votes.
      So do not give up and do not attack anyone you are not sure did whatever you think they did. Some of these people, Doug Wead inclusive, are a real asset to the campaign and we should hate to lose them. Others, as I said, are being dealt with.
      You can bet your lunch on THAT!

      1. @annebeck, is there any way to get you to serve up the full story behind your comments about “cleansing” and Benton being “Served” ?

    4. @ALLRonPaul: Wish everyone understood we’re supposed to be a Republic, NOT a democracy (founding fathers had very bad things to say about “democracy”).

      So Doug Wead is quoting Paul Smith that previous conventions’ RP supporters caused their own problems by being disrespectful, hijacking, and disrupting meetings….Somehow even the Establishment shannanigans were avoided by being “respectful”….Wow, that’s all it takes to overcome pure evil?

      Why isn’t anyone talking about Lawyers for Ron Paul claim to taking over the RP campaign?

  2. RON PAUL AND ONLY RON PAUL////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  3. Conservative Unity? What exactly does “Conservative Unity” mean? Does it mean that you expect us to toss in with rombama? Because I will not vote for the lesser of two evils here and that is what rombama is. We are in this to Put Ron Paul in the Whitehouse and the GOP had better realize this.

    1. Did you ever think of the possibility that if we had not joined forces with these Tea Party/limited government conservatives that we may have walked away with nothing? According to the report, the slate was 15 Paul and 5 limited government advocates. Is that really not good enough? It’s not compromising, it’s building bridges.

    2. I’d say, “Conservative Unity” is uniting all of us REAL Conservatives within the GOP. It’s not those fake cons, aka, NeoCons. In my opinion, they should not count or should, at least, make-up their own party and leave the GOP to US.
      Oh, I think it will happen, sooner rather than later.

      1. Hi Annebeck58, I always enjoy your comments and in this, I hope you’re right. There is no compromising with the establishment gop that are aligned with the democrat and the nwo agenda.

    3. Conservative Unity sounds like a clever way to disguise the Ron Paul supporters and include a few Tea Party anti-GOP types.

    4. “Conservative Unity? What exactly does “Conservative Unity” mean?” That was the name of our slate

  4. If I’m reading this correctly, Ron Paul has another plurality in New Mexico (or is there double-talk in the above blog?). Add this to the below!

    There’s a new winner of the Iowa Caucus and it’s Ron Paul!

    Today, delegates duly elected to represent the GOP at their state convention, gave the Texas congressman 21 of the 25 contestable delegates to the RNC in Tampa. They will all be unbound, able and willing to vote for Ron Paul for president.

    Tremendous win — since not only being a swing state, Iowa is the first-in-nation voting state! And that gives the 5 states needed for Ron Paul to be on the ballot in Tampa!

    Bye, bye Rmoney — the only way you can win at the RNC Convention is for your Storm Troopers to do what was showcased in Tampa (see THEIR WARNING — which makes us even more DETERMINED)!

    1. I don’t think we have a plurality, because we have 8 delegates out of 23. No doubt the other 15 will vote for Romney (they’re bound to vote for Romney anyway, and the three RNC members are probably establishment).

      1. Christian Evans (@cevans93) —

        Please, explain. To which count are you referring — Iowa or NM?

        What is your take on the needed 5 states — how many are truly locked for Ron Paul as of today?

      2. Yes, Christian; we have had the rug pulled out from under our delegates SO MANY TIMES, this year, it’s hard to believe we have more than Iowa and, I think Minnesota, right now.
        Do you know what other states we ACTUALLY Have, where fake ROMBAMA Slates have now replaced our people?

      3. Someone just reported on another board that we have plurality of delegates in Virginia too!!!

        If that’s really true, we’ll need Supreme court to get Virginia delegates to unbind as well.

        The amount of information coming out of Virginia has been very hazy & at times frankly conflicting.

        Doug, can you pls help out here with Virginia due to lot of confusion? Pls could get to the bottom of what exactly is going on Virginia & report to the faithful troops?

  5. Doug — you are a true patriot!

    Since it seems the cat is nearly out of the bag — will you confirm that Ron Paul (in your estimate) has won the needed 5 state plurality to be on the ballot in Tampa?

    Please, don’t let me take any more blood-pressure pills (by playing it stealth at this stage)!


    1. The Real Delegate Count was supposed to help us with blood pressure. IMO it’s been very helpful in reducing stress however it’s changed as frequently as the weather in Ohio.

      I recall when it was “reported” that we’d won 11 states. Now we’re wondering if we’ll even get the minimum of 5.

      I understand the process but clearly, we’re still not getting truthful and accurate reports from the media or our own campaign.

      I can’t wait for Tampa to be over so I can get on with my life – or what’s left of it after Romney is coronated by the RNC per the Bilderberg Group.

  6. Once again; THANK YOU DOUG WEAD!

    Much appreciated. Please do not bother yourself with the naysayers. We (regulars) have gotten to know you for the good man you are!

  7. @annebeck58, I think there is some confusion in the RNC rules about who automatically gets on the ballot. I read it as “support of 5 delegations that want to nominate their candidate”, not as “plurality of the delegates as bound to vote by their states”. The latter would be inconsistent with the 2008 ruling and the federal election code (as per your lawsuit). Furthermore, if you read the whole 2008 letter from the RNC to Utah, I believe you’ll find that it says that anyone may be nominated from the floor. I know the RNC operates under Congressional rules instead of Roberts Rules, but at least under Roberts Rules I do not believe this sort of nomination even requires a second.

    As always, please correct me wherever I am wrong.

  8. It sounds like the convention in Tampa could be a lively one for a change. I hope so. I hope we get a brokered convention and Ron Paul beats Robme like a run away sister wife. I would like to see that happen. Then when you put Ron Paul’s message of freedom and sound fiscal policy against Obama’s message of look ahead not back and throw money away as fast as you can Paul will will in a landslide.

  9. Doug – I’m glad you pointed out that we were respectful. I’d like to point out that in most of the conventions where we had fingers broken, or our delegates were ignored, punched, arrested, we were the only ones being respectful and following the rules. If you believe otherwise you’ve been severely mislead.

    1. The Obama thingy picks the John Kerry creature for debate sparring partner…see these puppets in preparation below:

  10. 10 million Strong Americans need to descent on Tampa and take the nomination for Ron Paul!

    If there was a “Million Men March” on DC (to ask for what they thought was right) we can have a 10 Million Men, Women and Children March on Tampa — to demand what we KNOW is RIGHT!

    No more playing nice with these criminals in power!

    1. FEMA camps will be located in each and every state – three to fifteen each (according to their population)!

      FEMA has ORDERED 100,000+ Boxcars With Chain Shackles (this calculates to about 15 Million Iron Shackles)!

      Unless Dr Paul wins — who do you think will occupy these FEMA Concentration Camps, other than the 15+ Millions of the Real Americans that support him (all True Americans will be “voluntarily” sent there in iron shackles)!?!

      Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

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