So who needs Romney?

Establishment Republicans and the main stream media are having a difficult time understanding why Ron Paul supporters aren’t just falling into line behind Mitt Romney.  Don’t we want the GOP to win?  And don’t we want our own candidate to win the nomination someday?  And if so, don’t we realize that we have to be loyal to the nominee this time?

Of course, these are the same establishment Republicans who are hiring off duty policemen to arrest and detain our duly elected county chairmen, or locking the registered rolls of delegates in the trunks of their cars so that the convention cannot have a roll call vote and they can claim “Ayes have it,” when the “Ayes” don’t have anything.

And this is the mainstream media that gave Ron Paul 89 seconds of an hour long televised debate.  And who in another debate, gave their anchor almost as much time as Dr. Paul, the presidential candidate.  And who ignore videotaped state conventions where delegates have their bones broken for more compelling news stories elsewhere.

We see the train headed toward a canyon and the bridge is out.  There is going to be a great crash.  And meanwhile, we are being urged to change the engineer.  “Obama is driving this train 100 mph!” we are told by hand wringing, hysterical, establishment Republicans.  “We need to get Romney in there.  He will slow it down to 95.”

Some are quite energized by this contest.  They think that the future of the Republic is at stake.  “Can’t you see that?” They ask imploringly. “Don’t you care?”

But we only laugh.  Yes, Romney will spend less than Obama but he will not reduce spending by a single cent.  The circulation of money will be increased to pay the deficit and the poor and middle class will suffer from devalued money.

Obama? Romney?  So what?  This train is still headed toward the canyon and the bridge is out.  This train needs to be stopped, not slowed.  And the bridge needs to be repaired.

Remember this?


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. Doug, I have faith in Ron like many others. I will never vote for Romney after all he has done to try and stop us. It is not clear why Rand did what he did but i’m sure he has his reasons. If he has to go along to get along then so be it. Knowing how Ron is i don’t think he will ever endorse Romney. We Americans who are awake want Ron Paul and nothing else. Please let him know that we will never give up.

    1. Thanks for asking Doug as your question represents the question many of us have. I just like to add that before getting frustrated and desisting it is worth considering a 3rd party alternative. What one cannot do is endorse Romney as he committed fraud, etc, with the help of his Puppet Masters. Lots of adjectives used today: one I liked was “basest” (for politics). This situation is tantamount to coup d’etat (the NWO way for America – elsewhere is having Al-Qaeda do the bidding for The Shadow Government of America).

    2. Good posting Doug! I have always enjoyed your stance for Ron Paul and for the cause we’re all striving for. If the Republican party can’t afford to learn the lesson why election fraud, the NDAA, and murdering people over seas is unacceptable by any degree, then they can’t afford my vote. Republicans may say, “Oh, well you’re handing the election to Obama.” No! Immoral Republicans handed the election to Obama. If they assume that they can buy our votes with corruption and by providing a candidate with few differences to Obama, they are greatly mistaken. Without a system or party of integrity, we have nothing. I believe even if we supported Romney he would lose. So if he’s going to lose, I want him to lose so badly, Republicans have a wake up call. Our allegiance is not to a party, but to the United States Constitution!

      1. A bit AMEN to that! “Our allegiance is not to a prty, but the the United States Constitutioin”. People that is the Key!!!!!!

  2. So when the nomination is not possible to get, the main priority of the Ron Paul delegates will be to change the platform and make Mitt Romney flip-flop again? I know that this was supposed to be a long-term strategy to position ourselves in the best possible way for future elections, but can you say something about the strategy now and until Tampa?

    People seem to be quite annoyed with Rand endorsing Mitt Romney, and I get the impression that a lot thinks that Ron Paul didn’t fight hard enough to win the nomination. Could you clarify this for us supporters?

  3. Thanks Doug, I had my second day with the GOP today as a newly elected committee woman. I am SO happy I got elected. I was again able to share with people in the party about WHY RON PAUL.. AND WHY PAUL SUPPORTERS ARE SO PASSIONATE about him. WHat I find funny is half these people do NOT know what is going on. I educated many tonight on bills like CISPA, NDAA, and HR347. They did NOT know what they were. I talked to them about the National debt and how Ron Paul is the ONLY reason we are having this discussion… I told them I am there to educate my district and the PEOPLE need to take this country back….. I LOVE standing in a Room with Republicans and explaining WHY RON PAUL makes sense. Funny, they never seem to be able to debate what I have said YET… The Revolution continues!

    1. Way to go Lori! Wish I could have heard your remarks. May you go far in the cause of liberty. God bless you!

    2. Isn’t it sad that those working in the party, and in some cases holding our fate in their hands, seem to know the least about what the govt is doing (to us)?
      Congrats on your seat!
      I filed to be precinct-chair, in Travis County, and since nobody opposed me, i won it. Now is (still) the time to turn this party around, or just set a match to it. I’d prefer we do the former.

    3. LORI…you are my hero! This is our job now … Ron Paul educated us and now we need to keep educating. Way to go!!

    4. Lori Stephens Mills — my hat is off to you!

      Superb job you are doing!

      p.s. they cannot debate you, since logic is apodictic!

  4. As the title of my latest blog post says, “It’s About Freedom, Not Paul.” It’s a movement that transcends one man’s political career, and any one person’s life span. You can’t “un-see” the cliff the train is heading for; similarly, you can’t “un-see” real liberty. Once you’ve seen the wreck that’s about to happen, your only real interest is going to be stopping it, or helping someone stop it.

    “Rmoney” shows no signs of being able to stop the train, or wanting to try very hard, or even taking it seriously. Supporting him, even casually endorsing him, seems pointless for those who understand what is going on. Many people have said, over the past several months, “if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I’ll write him in.” That’s not the sort of sentiment that leads to switching support to someone else.

  5. I hope this means what I think it means. This is exactly what we in the trenches needed to here. I’ve recently been appointed precinct committeemen in my community. The revolution is going strong.

  6. Know what, Doug? I read this (too) quickly, and have to say I am glad I re-read it. This is what I;ve been saying to folk all over the US. It’s what people in other countries have also been saying to this country. Yet, we have been slandered, completely, by the GOP.
    I read an article, yesterday, that talked about, “how nice and polite” the Ron Paul delegates in Texas were. Little comments were made, such ask, “they were not all just asking to legalize marijuana”, and a few other things that the writer ended up agreeing with.
    Yet, the point of the article was to tell other Republicans that they need US more than WE need them. At least the writer got that. Too bad, though, the TRP has been warning all Republicans to watch out for those “Crazy Ron Paul supporters” and even his delegates, as I think we may have turned a lot more toward Dr Paul (could, still, to an extent) long before today.

    It’s what I ‘have been also saying for a year. People come into meetings or exchanges with us believing we are nutts and mean and evil. When we react in that manner, we prove their inane beliefs, so it was and is incumbent on us to behave better than them.

    Now, how to we calmly tell them the train’s about to derail?

  7. Yes, the train needs to be stopped and the bridge needs to be repaired but the only one who could do that has been thrown onto the tracks by his own son. Spin it any way you want but the truth is the truth. He could have waited til Tampa to see if the flip-flopper would really be the nominee. If the delegates are not bound, as we have been told they are not, anything could still happen. And, regardless of where it all stands NOW, anything STILL COULD!
    Go, Ron Paul!

  8. im sorry but im not going to back mitt romney.he has proven to be a flip floper and he is for the n d a a and carbon taxs(cap and trade) this is a trap to trick us in to backind wont work on me,im sure it will fool a bunch of paul bots,and its to bad.i see all the tricks being played.makes me sick cause i put my trust in to you and dr.. paul,i have woken up to the real reality and i knew this was to good to be true(campaign for liberty)you all are closet neo cons wait ing to go to war with iran,or any country with oil.i know im not trhe only one that can see through this trickery so im sure the real truth will come out on top. i hope mitt looses

  9. Hello Folks,

    Just a reminder that the manipulations of the vote are the NWO concept of “democracy” (which they use to invade countries of “vital interest” to the NWO). They have been doing it for a long, long time. It was only in 1934 that Smedley Butler denounced a plot for overthrowing FDR. Therefore, although I still hope that RP is still in, if he is not (life threat to him or his close ones), we have to get his backup copy ready (i.e. his VP replacement): Judge Napolitano.

    What the NWO can’t stand is that their methods seem outdated in light of the Internet Highway.

    YouTube video on The NWO to overthrow FDR.

    RP Revolution Has Reached Critical Mass & Momentum:

    God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!

  10. Doug, aren’t you kind of preaching to the choir here?

    Great blogpost mind you, but we’ve seen similar iterations of this about 100 times already. Unless of course, you’re addressing it to a different audience…

    Speaking of the grassroots audience:

    You’re repeatedly presented the problem statement very well. But how about blogging on the solution(s)?

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — blogging solutions at this stage would amount to giving away strategy to the enemy.

      In a few weeks it will become clearer…just clearer.

  11. Here is an “interesting” comment I just caught in the early wee hours (20 past midnight):

    “IN THE MIDST of all of Paul’s nonaggression towards Romney one has to wonder why he made an agreement with the Romney camp that both he and Romney would decline an invitation for a CNN pre-Super Tuesday Debate scheduled for March 1, 2012.

    If Ron Paul’s strategy was not to win the nomination (as some assert) but rather to spread the gospel of Constitutionalism, the CNN Debate would have been a unique opportunity for Ron Paul to reach millions of Americans with his message.

    Why then would he walk away from such an opportunity? So as not to embarrass Romney? To be in a position to ask for a political favor later on? A VP slot for Rand?”

    However strange it sounds, it rings true as in: “What’s Up Doug?!” (as Bugs Bunny meant to say). Isn’t there a movie called “The Backup Plan”? If not, there should be one.

    1. Oh, the stories that folks are telling, now.. I would believe about 1/4 of it, and would bother with about half of that.
      It is ALL put out there to stir us up, and against Ron Paul. Please, always, consider the source! Many of these people are out to only make a name for themselves, not caring whom they hurt, as these others (including Ron Paul) just get in their way.
      It is very upsetting.

  12. After all that mess I suffered at the OKGOP convention. I’m more so dead set against Romney than ever. FOR LIFE !! They assaulted, cheated, and yes.. they even tried to physically starved us out. At 1 point I had to stand up way in back of conventrion hall against the wall out of fear that Mitt’s goons would hit me while my back turn. I would rather write in Daffy Duck than to vote for Mitt.

    1. Re: Daffy Duck (DD)… Since RP is nowhere to be found and Doug mentioned that it will be August before we hear from RP (i.e. not a good sign to be mystic at this moment), I am starting to think of 3rd party alternatives. The only one I heard about is Gary Johnson. Today, after hearing Jesse Ventura talk positively about Johnson, I am starting to consider seriously this man. He is no RP but he is not DD either. I only wish that Judge Napolitano would tell us what he thinks about the whole NWO situation. As I posted previously, what people can’t see is that the NWO Gang is doing their best to carry out Albert Pike’s (AP) recipe for Global Governance: World War 3 (the last remaining war of the 3 he recommended). Those who don’t know AP should know 2 important things about him: 1-NWO Idol, 2-AP Statue in the Capitol grounds. The hogwash talk about Iran and Syria is not a posturing campaign, it is the real deal: they want to trigger WW3. Russia and China are ready for it. The NWO Gang won’t send their children to war but ours. All the while, the Banksters keep laughing at the Sheeple. So… If there were no 3rd Party Candidate I would agree to vote for DD but never for Romney and least for Nobel Peace Prize Warmonger OB.

      NOTE: This little rant is intended to put into notice those who are using the RP campaign to mind-condition “We, The People” with Pet Talk that “working from the inside”, “working at the state-level”, etc, is the way to go. The Sheeple are awakening from their zombie trance. They do it thanks to the internet, not NWO Propaganda Machine.

    2. I am still writing-in Ron Paul.
      And, I AM counting on delegates to get to Tampa and have their say on the floor., after they convince Santorum AND Gingrich delegates to do the right thing and come the way of LIBERTY.

      Who said we were done?

      1. There are things going on behind the scenes folks….O’romney is going down….so are his NWO cronies…..don’t give up on the DOC….he is most likely being protected for the GOONS who want him dead!!!

      2. Thank you!
        I just came from a ridiculous rumor-mongering CHRISTOPHER GREENE video (where, by the way, he asks for donations for HIMSELF), saying, “Rand is an extension of Rand, and if Rand supports the neocons, so does RON”.
        GOSH, I DO SO want to slap some sense into him (but being the liberty minded person I am, I have to only tell him to shut his mouth).
        i cannot believe the rumormongers going on and on and on about how Ron Paul sold “us” out. What is wrong with these TOOLS of the establishment? It really makes me believe THEY are paid for by the same folk that run ROMBAMA, considering the “behaviour” of the dopes!

  13. Romney did not win the nomination. The GOP primary was stolen from Dr Ron Paul. The fraud is evidenced by an extremely well researched white paper on the subject of algorithmic vote flipping. Revealing the fraud in the electronic voting machines should be our only goal. Overturning the fraudulent election in Texas as well as many other primary states should be our main goal. When a false candidate with the assistance of the establishment commit fraud on such a massive scale it should be exposed. It is our duty to expose it because the nations future this time hangs in the balance.

    An election judge in Texas did exit polling and has at least in her voting district confirmed that vote flipping is taking place. The entire concept of accepting that Dr Ron Paul lost his own district in Texas is appallingly absurd. Those supporters would never, ever vote for a slickster like Romney. The American people have been duped on a massive scale. Please stop telling everyone that this race is over. When people learn the truth they will understand that a national tragedy has taken place. The government is losing any shred of legitimacy. We will fight even if it means the inevitable. Please help expose this fraud Doug. There are not many close to the campaign with your experience and connections. We need this exposed so the American people can finally know the truth.

    1. I’ve seen this documentation and am interested in seeing where it is gong. What conflicts is our own internal polling. That is not rigged. And that shows we still have work to do.

      1. hey, you guys-
        I am she. I have filed my testimony as affidavit to be shared and used, in the case against my state’s GOP as well as the RNC, and Rence Priebus.
        If you listen to the show from Republic Broadcasting Network, Rick Adams, from Monday night, it’s packed full of info regarding the case(s), filed Monday in District 9, Cali. From what I understand, we got a good (decent, honest) judge who supports all person’s rights, so will see what happens.
        (I believe the show is linked within the post, on Daily Paul, regarding my post in wordpress. If you don’t find it in the body of the post, I do know each hour is posted within the comments, separately.)

        I hope many more will come forth and relate their experiences with Lawyers for Paul, with Tools for Justice, with Election Fraud Remedy. All are working together and all are the same case(s). If you saw something or had something done to you, PLEASE speak up, now!

        Remember, it was not JUST Ron Paul that was defrauded, it was US; all of US.

    2. Btw, just to clarify, I did not do exit-polling. AS an election official, that would have been taboo. I did only make notations of those who came in, specifically to vote for Ron Paul, as opposed to the total number of folk who showed-up to vote (in the heavily Democratic, somewhat Republican, area of Austin) where I live.

      That should be known to all. I only reported on what I saw and heard, personally, and some will not want to accept my testimony as enough. “proof”. I hope a judge will, as I did retell only what I saw, and did not ask one person WHO they voted for, only which party and only as instructed by the Elections board. People volunteered the information that they were voting for Dr Paul.

      1. Thank you Anne for the tremendous work you are doing. One thing that does not jive is the polling system, external, or otherwise. I like to see how our own internal one was conducted, who conducted it, is there a pdf of it for inspection, was it done district to district? What sort of pool sample did we have? How in the world did RP lose his own district to Mitt Romney? I am hearing from all over Texas that people are NOT buying the election results.

      2. You know, Chris, I still have yet to see a Romney sign. I have,also, never met one person who said he would or did vote for Romney.
        People have told me they were going for Santorum and GIngrich, but nobody I’ve spoken with, in Texas, has come out and fessed-up to going ROMNEY.
        Yet the Paul folk are everywhere. Some even surprised me with their choice. It’s one reason I am sure it was not just the precinct I worked that went Paul.
        Brazoria County? Are these people crazy? I don’t think so.

      3. Chris and Anne….I couldn’t agree with you more…..I live in Nevada and I come up on RON PAUL bumper stickers weekly. I saw ONE romney sticker the other day…..I ask people the same thing….do you see Romney stickers anywhere….NO….I do still see several Obama stickers too but the Paul stickers outweigh both BO and O’romney….hands down! There is NO way O’romney won in NEVADA either. Beside the GOP hacks I don’t know anyone voting for him!

      4. You know, I don’t even know if they (the est hacks) voted for him. I have not heard one state they had. Of course, considering what I saw and what i was told and I KNOW, nobody really had to vote-for Romney. The machines took care of that.

        What? Ron Paul lost ALL of Texas? That is IMPOSSIBLE.
        Why yes; that was and is impossible. Texans LOVE Dr Paul. I haven’t ever met a Texan who did not have, at least, a soft spot in his or her heart for the man.

    1. Before I go on, I would like to apologize for the length of my comment.

      The Big Picture…

      There isn’t any doubt about RP’s impressive career and unique dedication. However, to disregard the obvious shows little understanding of The Grand Chessboard played by The NWO Gangsters. The simplest example is JFK. Although many have woken up to the reality of JFK ending, some still believe the original fantasy manufactured by The Shadow Government and then passed to us by The Puppet Government. Many also still fail the 911 litmus test.

      Why do you think the Bilderberg’s (Bs) came to town? Why do you think there were rumors on Life Threats on RP? etc. The Bs did not come to town to hold hands. These NWO Gangsters (the 0.0000001% trillionaires and super-billionaires) are used to Coup d’Etats. They prefer to do it covertly (e.g. by rigging elections=buying politicians+rigging voting machines) but since they always have too much to loose, they will do whatever it takes (as in JFK).

      We shouldn’t question RP but that we may be led to the Slaughterhouse by the illusions created in our minds by the NWO Illusionists (aka Masters of Deception). It is great to go to Tampa to enjoy Ron Paul-Fest but, will we sign up without hearing from RP? Does that make sense? Am I seeing Black Project Fighter Planes where everyone is seeing those ET-UFOs that Rockefeller’s Radio Project envisioned to fool “We, The People”? Who is right: The Woken Up Fellow or The Mind-Conditioned Ones?

      In a previous comment I mentioned that given that Doug told us that we will hear from RP in August (and we are now in the middle of June), it would be smart to start getting plan B ready.

      Therefore, having a 3rd Party Candidate does not only seem reasonable but it is also seems the smart+sensible way to go. Why? Because, having a 3rd Party Candidate will mean further trouble for the NWO Gangsters (the more alternatives thrown to the NWO Gangsters, the better for us). The rise of a 3rd party alternative will further educate the electorate on how rigged our NWO “Democratic” elections are. Sure, we are given the “Freedom” to pick our candidate but witthin our NWO system, in the end we are mind-conditioned to think that we have to vote for either Dems or Reps. Therefore, Gary Johnson seems as good as it gets for Plan B. I would have preferred Judge Napolitano but I have no idea of how to contact him. A Johnson-Napolitano ticket would seem an excellent alternative if we are to be given a Surprise.

      Plan B will take the increased pressure from RP’s shoulders and this may make him give us the answer we need at a date earlier than August. Don’t forget that there is a False Flag Op coming soon and the NWO Gangsters may be trying to control the timing of all different events in order to maximize the effectiveness of their Op.

      1. Romney v. Obama? There is no such thing as a lesser of two evils. Evil is evil, and there are no degrees. Romney is very close to Nut-N-Yahoo and will probabley start WWIII, increase spending to finance it, gut safety nets and increase taxes calling it something else. Rumor is that Bolton or Lieberman are his (Nut-N-Yahoo’s) choice for Secretary of State. Jobs will continue to go overseas as he caters to his buddies at the country club. Johnson/Napolitano is a great ticket, but Johnson alone is just as good. Those that still believe that they can change the rotting dead corpse called the GOP from within are fooling themselves. It is made up of old men whose brains are frozen in a time past and who are clueless about what’s going on today. Many are still fighting “the communists”, not realizing that the greatest threat to our security as a nation is our own government. It is time for a REAL third party that puts America’s interests above all else!!

    2. You are right.
      And Carol Paul was right when she said, yesterday, Ron Paul has not changed!
      When did the nitpicking nattering naybobs become a part of the LIBERTY MOVEMENT? Are they simply Johnson or Romney folk who want to, now, have their say?
      I know about Alex Jones (and I would love to smack him in the back of the head). I know that Tarpley (another guy that goes off to kooky-town under the guise of “historian”) should zip it. Even Adam Kokesh began to go off on Ron Paul and, “the Paul’s”, and I had to (kind of) lay into him and others because.
      Ron Paul has not changed. Ron Paul has done HIS job. Not only has he stood up for right, he has taught us to do the same. WHY are we now, when it’s most important, not taking his lessons and following through? Perhaps it’s this instant-gimme-now society that is the problem? A good part of me thinks it is the usual jacks, who are jumping in on something they know little of. I include Jones and Tarpley and some others (certain Liberty-minded folk LIKE) who are now using this moment to abuse Ron Paul. I hope people will consider more the source than the content.

      1. Hah, Tonight, both Greene and Kokesh are on the radio together (on GreeneWave Radio). I bet they will mention what a thorn I have been in both of their side(s). Or, they will say I am, “oblivious to what the Paul’s are so OBVIOUSLY doing”.
        What tools- for the ESTABLISHMENT they have become..; the same establishment they say they abhor.
        In my opinion, these guys, along with others, are the oblivious ones!

  14. Reblogged this on A different approach and commented:
    Doug Wead presents his thoughts on the Ron Paul delegates and why they won’t support Mitt Romney. This movement really is larger than just one person!

  15. If the GOP is serious about beating Obama they better free up the delegates for Ron Paul because Romney doesn’t stand a chance against Obama as a populace candidate that’s able to bring in independent swing Democrat voters. Don’t blame Ron Paul for not backing Romney. Paul’s supporters will never back Romney because many of them were moderates and independents to begin with. Nothing Ron can do for Romney to make him seem more electable to swing Democrats that like Paul. The GOP is handing Obama a second term with Romney as it’s candidate. The ball is in the GOP delegates court if they’re serious about a populace GOP contender for the White House they know who it is.

    1. Truly; these, “anyone but Obama” folk are not considering that nobody but them will be voting Romney. They cannot accomplish their “mission” without US.

    2. Btw:
      Don’t you know the GOP is completely suicidal?
      They THINK they have numbers, but it’s because they don’t realize that more than half of those numbers are US. If they sat down and counted the old-party folk and compared it to what’s left of “their” party, I think they’d be in for a surprise.
      But, they don’t want to open their eyes. These are the same people that usually do not bother to read what they are voting on, signing, or the TRUTH of our numbers.

      Perhaps we should let them die? It’s either that or we fix it.

  16. Yes Doug, Liberty Movement Loyalists cannot, and will not EVER vote for Mitt Romney! His record is clear – “What year is it? Oh my position is on this issue is now _______.” The Republican Party stance is also clear – “Stop RON PAUL by any means possible! Cheat, lie, and steal his votes. Ban his supporters.” So what’s to under_stand? Mitt Romney and the RNC DON’T stand on any PRINCIPLES. Ron Paul does, and he has for over 30 years! AND he’s RIGHT! I will be RIGHTING in Ron Paul for President on the 2012 ballot, along with Judge Andrew Napolitano for VP. It’s a no-brainer! The cause of LIBERTY can never be stopped! It’s a universal PRINCIPLE.

  17. Doug-I have been watching campaign spokesmen for years and you are the best I have ever seen. You were forthright and honest and genuine and a real asset to Ron Paul’s campaign. It’s too bad you had to compete in this banana republic of a country run by corporations. Had things been more equal Ron Paul could have won easily. Even though the hour is late I still have hope that RP will somehow win the nomination and the presidency. Romney could implode at the last minute. If not I just want to say to you job well done.

  18. Doug Wead for president 2016! Thank you and God bless you for your clarity of mind and speaking the truth, Mr. Wead!

  19. NOT much time….US soon to follow……Dr. Paul’s predictions will be coming true shortly….then we can call on him to be our next PREZ….

    Thursday, June 14, 2012
    The Euro has collapsed unofficially
    June 14, 2012
    It is with trepidation that I write to you….The Euro has collapsed unofficially. The money is OUT of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and the German Elites have begun to shore up their wealth in hard assets and precious metals. RBS has given orders to close two of their major equities sectors, thousands of jobs are going to be lost the next few days/weeks. Credit Sussie has called on top investors to head to Swiss safe harbor and hard asset diversified portfolios.
    The Capital Controls are in place to keep the charade of control going for the next four to six months before the official collapse. Steve…this is it. The Euro has collapsed and no one has noticed it. Greek bank runs are close to $3.5 Billion Euros per day not the $1 Billion that is being reported. The rest of the PIIGS are in the same boat. Bank Holiday imminent in all of continental Europe in the coming days and weeks. This is again theatrics to keep the plebeians believing in some semblance of control.
    Please warn your listeners to pull out of their bank accounts everything that they need. Keep only to pay the day to day expenses. If they have land to go to, please do so now. Steve I do not know how much longer I can keep writing to you. You were knocked off line during your show with the Haggmans right before your were going to divulge what I have told you with the Spanish bailout. It is getting dangerous for all of now.
    Again the Euro has collapsed…I repeat the Euro has collapsed. Unofficially.
    May God Help Us All….

    1. jacqlynsmith — it should be so!

      However, it looks like the US will bail out the Euro (via the Feds loaning the needed amount to US banksters…for their own “needed” investments — which in turn they’ll give to the European Union to salvage their fiat money fiasco temporarily — thus avoiding the direct no-no of the Feds giving our dollars to the Euros directly)!

      Cute maneuver that will use more printed fed paper tacked on our backs, to postpone the inevitable Euro collapse for a short time — while this ponzi scheme will exponentially accelerate our own financial demise!

    1. Yes,
      I was saying, only, that we missed hearing from him. I understood he had a conflict and I was not chiming in with the peanut-gallery, who were going off on Doug as much as they have gone off on Dr Paul. I have more sense than that!

      Say, Doug Wead; would you consider a post to the blithering fools who are now going against Dr Paul, explaining to them that they ARE the people who are destroying the momentum of the movement, by casting aspersions on Dr Paul for Rand’s actions?
      I feel these people are playing into the hands of the establishment, and it really has me upset. I will probably make my own post, but i know you have a lot more readers than me, so would very much appreciate if, if you have the time!
      Thank you.

      And, thanks, Chiefe. No worries.

      1. annebeck58 —

        Ron Paul has not lost a single True American supporter!

        The few paraded are not even a fraction of 1% — but make good news copy….LOL

      2. I spent the beginning of the week on the radio, talking about the vote-flipping in Texas. WOW, if you go to the sites provided in Daily Paul post (Election Judge Verifies Vote in Texas Flipped– by Dr K), you will see all of what I mean).
        (yes, I had my 15 minutes, and that was good for me)
        The rest of the week was spent combatting all of the WHINING and YELLING about Dr Paul and how he had supposedly dropped out. Rand’s announcement became Dr Paul dropped out. I was like, WHAT? I called out many people, including Adam Kokesh, C Greene (Greenewave), and Alex Jones, to name a few. I am awaiting their “mea culpa” videos (Oh, I am sure it will be a while, if ever). Some of my friends who also supported Paul started hanging on the words of these tools, and they were acting as tools of the establishment, and some of these friends started saying such things as;
        “Dr Paul is just another politician”
        “I am so disappointed– in Dr Paul”!!
        I tried to bring them back and, in a way, the timing of Dr Paul’s announcement, last night, could not have been better. That he said everything I had expected him to say gave me a bit more of an opportunity to use the mom stand-by, “I told you SO”. Really, all week, I was posting everywhere; GIVE THE MAN TIME TO BREATHE.
        Now, I will be joining some other friends and some of what have become Paul pundits (the nattering naybobs they have been this week), to stick it to them one more time. I actually want the apology, to me, to my friends and the many Paul supporters, as well as to Dr Paul, himself. I think I will be able to get it.

      3. I merely wish that one-percent (the silly pundits with the online radio-shows, in particular) had zipped it a LOT sooner, as they did get a few to go along with their insanity.
        I see today as a very bright new day. And, we are still IN THIS!

  20. I have so much respect for Doug Wead and all he has done for the Liberty Movement. I must say however, it has been an eye opener getting so involved in this campaign. I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 07 where I had to give my support to John McCain, someone I now consider a traitor and a coward.

    It is so hard to stay motivated about the future of this country as the Paul campaign had proven to me without a doubt, what the media apparently knew all along.

    That the election process is a charade and what I had heard rumored about Mitt Romney making a deal with the banks promising him the nomination if he would drop out in 08, was not the rumor I believed it was but is in fact true and the Media seemed to know it all along. I had witnessed with my own eyes the rampant voter fraud and also the throngs of Ron Paul supporters the media called the fringe but were in fact, the main stream American voter out numbering all other candidates. I had known all along Ron Paul was winning by landslides in most of the States where he was surely the front runner we all should have been hearing about, only to have all those victories stolen from him time and time again. I guess Donald Trump knew something we did not?

    It has left me with a very bad feeling about the future of this Country. That it may be too late to save it or that it may not be worth saving by the time Romney or Obama is finished following their instructions from those they are obligated to serving.

    I don’t see much point in voting at all after this. I never felt so disenfranchised from a Country I swore an oath to defend its Constitution as a United States Navy Veteran. It has made me very angry inside and it is the type of anger that is hard to reconcile Mr. Wead.

    I don’t know how else to say it, but all this has made me feel like the Media has made a fool out of me and the voters. I am finding it very difficult to say I love this Country when I know this isn’t my Country anymore and there is very little that it stands for that I would agree with. I have seriously thought about giving up my citizenship as there is more and more this country is doing that I am so damned far and away against that it makes me sick looking at the American flag and feeling as though I am looking at a picture of a loved one that had died and that I miss very much. My Father is a WWII Veteran of both the Army and Navy and also a Retired Policeman. He is in his 85 years old and feels like giving up on living accumulating another day of memories that only make him feel the America he left us was supposed to be better than the one he was given and that somewhere along the way, they failed.

    I tried to explain to him, it wasn’t his generation that failed. It was mine. Now, even I am too old to fight for liberty and have the added guilt between knowing the America I leave, is hardly worth living in at the cost of living in it and knowing what price those before us had paid, that we took for granted and squandered away.

    I tried the very best I could and see all three branch’s of Government completely corrupted so much that an armed conflict not withstanding, I don’t see us ever getting our Country back.

    It also makes one want to die trying, especially when there is nothing left to live for. I guess that is why I am writing you Doug. Is there any hope left in this Country? What am I to feel about an America that only rips its own citizens off and tells us honest, principled men of integrity are unelectable.

    That now, corruptible is the new electable and always leaving us a choice between two equally distasteful alternatives as we get closer and closer to that final choice,,

    of either Stalin

    Or Hitler.

    1. KENT…..please don’t give up….”we the people” have been duped for many years…..we must stand up to these thugs….please help us….this is NOT about Ron Paul…..this is about taking our COUNTRY back if you want it you have to TAKE it….they are not going to give it back to us because they are CRIMINALS who are running the world and this country…..please listen here and join us…..

      WTPN® promos

      … PLUS! Ron Paul’s campaign gets a boost!

      Lead Attorney for the Delegates for the Republican National Convention Richard Gilbert and Operating Director of Lawyers for Ron Paul David Callihan join Robby DeMarco and Lynn Nichols on The Liberty Hour to discuss the civil lawsuit pending in the people vs. the RNC and also the new direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

      LISTEN!! –>

      1. KENT…..please don’t give up….”we the people” have been duped for many years…..we must stand up to these thugs….please help us….this is NOT about Ron Paul…..this is about taking our COUNTRY back if you want it you have to TAKE it….they are not going to give it back to us because they are CRIMINALS who are running the world and this country…..please listen here and join us…..

        WTPN® promos

        … PLUS! Ron Paul’s campaign gets a boost!

        Lead Attorney for the Delegates for the Republican National Convention Richard Gilbert and Operating Director of Lawyers for Ron Paul David Callihan join Robby DeMarco and Lynn Nichols on The Liberty Hour to discuss the civil lawsuit pending in the people vs. the RNC and also the new direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

        LISTEN!! –>

      1. Know what?
        Doug Wead, I also have a lot of respect for you. I know you have been lumped-in with certain others; others I do feel have done us a disservice, and I completely disagree with these folk doing so. I have been trying to get them to zip it, but they are not (generally) listening.
        Of course, these are the same idiots who are saying, “Ron Paul sold out”, when it’s them who’re playing into the establishment’s hand with this line of discourse.

        Perhaps we need a day of silence?

      2. By the way; the music; the anthem of my generation.
        Since the first time I heard it (I think I was eleven), until today, it has brought tears to my eyes. With these photos, it’s helped to steel my resolve.
        Glad this generation gets it.

    2. Kent Perry —

      Your post is too true!

      Thus, let us resolve to give it all that we have left (being an oldster like you) to end by fighting for what’s Right!

    1. On Billy Krystol — A waste of protoplasm in the attempt to create a human being (such cell formation could only be justified in creating a billy-goat — more precisely a Judas Goat (in the olden days when the sheep were wary to exit the pen to be slaughtered, a Judas Goat was introduced…it led them through the gate, where it passed safely, while the sheep that followed it got their brains bashed in)).

    1. I am beginning to believe Rand did this to intentionally shut-out his dad and US. He could have answered any of the questions, yet chose to be a tool.
      How sad.
      Now, imagine how his father must feel. I do not believe Ron Paul knew Rand was going to endorse Romney, especially prior to Tamps. That feels very set-up and not at ALL by Ron Paul.
      So people need to get off of Ron Paul’s back.

    2. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) —

      Perfect behavior by Rand…punctuates it all by not responding!

      (dare we say Bilderberg….?)

    1. Okay- weird, I thought I was replying with above note, to this video? Am I confused? could be.

      I wish everyone would really look at these pictures and figure it out, now.

      1. the video? I watched it. I thought it was wonderful. The song was one I sang, all day, yesterday.

        (My bunnies thought I was crazy, by their looks, but they seem to think that- a LOT!)

  21. My take on the Ron Paul message 6-15-2012:

    Get a million+ supporters in Tampa — so they can hear us roar!

    Delegates, remember that none of you are bound — so let’s get that Climatic End done ….where Ron Paul wins!

    Thank you Ron Paul for FINALLY saying what we’ve been waiting to hear from you only…for an anxiously long time!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

  22. Doug, in the Facebook chat when put on the spot with question “Jessie Benton, friend or foe?” you defended campaign staff of doing a “great job with the available resources they’ve got”.

    Well guess what, from Virginia state convention:

    John “campaign manager” Tate who was supposed to be a nominated delegate doesn’t even appear on any Ron Paul slate. Convention goers mention there isn’t even any Ron Paul slate prepared as per Virginia state coordinator.

    Smells of nothing but intentional sabotage and treachery.

    It’s going to be incredibly difficult justifying anything about this regardless of how many more Facebook chats you do or books about liberty movement campaign you write.

    1. So was the information brought by a guy physically present @ Virginia state convention – that John Tate didn’t even show up on any delegate slate. Only for someone else later in the day come up with contradictory information:

      John Tate and Christopher Stearns (who’s he??) were chosen as national delegates.

      Just too much self-contradicting & fluid information coming through from Virginia all day. But was also stated that a large number of delegates simply didn’t show up for state convention. This is inexcusable, but we clearly have both Rand Paul & Jesse Benton to thank – for doing everything, putting brakes on all momentum.

      1. ABSOLUTELY.

        Jesse Benton can henceforth be known as, Defendant, and former-campaign manager.. I do not know, yet, of the fate of Tate. I am aware of certain other dealings which would or should shame Rand.
        Jesse and Rand. Will they take the knife out of Ron’s back now?

      2. But, Chiefe– and others, I WILL agree that is is COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE for ALL who actually made it PAST the GOP, to be delegates to state, to simply NOT SHOW. That I have a tough time getting past.
        Look at ALL of the work many of us have done, throughout this country and on your behalf. When you just don’t show, you let US down, and more importantly, you let yourselves down.
        Think to MISSOURI- a state fought and WON. A state where their CURRENT GOP CHAIR had to go through being arrested and thrown in JAIL, and then the PAUL DELEGATES DID NOT SHOW AND CLAIM THEIR TERRITORY? What on earth was THAT about? Yes, we “lost” Missouri, and the people have only themselves to blame. It was so hard-fought and we all watched for the honest truth and openness of that state, in particular, having your backs if only in an online-way.
        WE cared. We still care.
        Anyone who has been disenfranchised, in ANY State or local convention or meeting, PLEASE; Now, go and file your experience with the Lawyers for Dr Paul. In fact, they are LAWYERS for RON PAUL SUPPORTERS. They work for US. Please give liberty a leg-up, today!!

      3. John Tate is just a kid, just like Jesse Benton. Here he’s in this video.

        I would’ve been FAR more comfortable with seasoned people like Doug Wead, Tom Woods (who knows, even Lew Rockwell … if he could’ve been persuaded) to be in charge of campaign, instead of these kids like Benton, Tate.

      4. Come, come, boss The Chiefe

        Haven’t you learned yet that we have to take it gallantly because we are the boys and girls with the white hats? Haven’t you learned that we must wait until the time is right to be told? In case you don’t get it, pay a visit to my good old friend and teacher, the young fellow know as Derren Brown:

        One of my messages to take home is that we cannot throw away what we conquered from the lessons we learned since the beginning of this new century: Awareness (aka Awakening to Reality).

        The RP R3VOLUTION has reached its Climax of Critical Mass and Momentum thanks to our Awareness which, in turn, came about because of several key factors that made it possible for many to recognize in Ron Paul a man who was not “a kook” like The Puppet Masters endeavored to portray him but, instead, The Messenger of Truth (note: I don’t agree with RP 100% but that shows that he is a normal human, not one that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize because he can tell you: “You can take that to the bank.”).

        The events of the beginning of this century have allowed The Masters to carry out their imperialistic criminal wars but, at the same time, thanks to the heavy price payed by “We, The People” have allowed many us (sadly not enough) to “Pay Attention”, to realize that The Shadow Government unleashed in this New Century a Heavy Duty Campaign of Misinformation (aka Lies – as Judge Napolitano would prefer to call). The lies are so big (e.g. “OBL did it”, “Saddam WMDs”, etc – see video about “GWB+WMDs+Jokes”), that even the most apathetic couch slob (who manages to turn off the TV) succeeds in taking the proverbial “Red Pill”. Who hasn’t heard that over 1 Million of innocent people have been killed “thanks” to 911: “You are with us or with the terrorists”? Who hasn’t heard that our Goldman-Sachs, Rothschilds, etc, control The Show? Surely “End The Fed” is a great slogan but “The Rabbit Hole” is much deeper tham it looks (if only people took the time to “research” and “study”: ESF, The Secret Team, The Shadow Government, etc).

        So… Next time someone tells you (ergo: us) that the “Red Pill” is not the way to go, but that we must be Obedient and sit in the corner, you must remember Derren Brown because RP is our only chance to prevent World War 3, Global Dictatorship and everything else that goes with it and that the Criminal Gang wants to achieve in the very near future. The talk of planning for the next election cycle is (in the very words of Ron Paul): Fantasy. Our system will not last until then:

        “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” Paul Warburg, (one of the founders of the Federal Reserve), as he testified before the US Senate on February 17, 1950 .

        Therefore, forget about investing in gold at this moment…. Our best investment in the future is called: President Ron Paul. This message is brought to you from Veterans like Smedley Butler (a decorated and prestigious mercenary dressed in our honorable military uniform). Read about his life so that you better understand this message.

        God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!
        PS: Clarification for those who did not get the introduction: it was intended to be sarcastic (part of the repertoire for literary expression). The opinion expressed here has not been submitted for approval to Ron Paul or his Team.

    2. BUT, as certain things had not yet been brought to light, I would like to say this (in regard to Doug Wead),
      Do not give the man such a tough time. I don’t know that Doug was aware of what others were saying and.or about a certain email which DID involve Benton enough to be named in the suit by Lawyers for Paul (and by the Texas Delegation, for example). I think we should ALL learn from this and truly should watch ourselves. Let the cooler heads prevail and do NOT make wild assumptions about Doug Wead (and even Tate).

      Neither Wead nor Tate have yet, to my knowledge, been named as party in ANY lawsuit. Were there knowledge (and believe you me, the details are and have been SCOURED for DETAILS), in regard to either man doing anything nefarious, they would have been.

      Doug Wead has given us information when we needed it. He’s been a shining light in dark times. Let’s not now jump on Doug. I’d say same goes for Tate, though I would like an explanation in regard to the VA convention. But, lets not harass Doug about same!

      1. The Real Delegate Count of delegates who prefer a

        candidate, not those “bound” to a candidate:

        Romney 419, Paul 263, Gingrich 106, Santorum 41

        Federal Lawsuit has been filed claiming


        Spread this like wildfire!!!

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