Ron Paul scores surprise delegates in New Mexico!

There is a report that six of the newly elected delegates to the RNC from New Mexico are Ron Paul supporters.  This happened last Saturday at the GOP State Convention.  Nine other Ron Paul supporters were elected as alternate delegates.  Amazing.  According to the Romney campaign they will still have to vote for Mitt Romney in Tampa.  New Mexico will be represented by only 20 delegates, so this is a significant haul.

Meanwhile, the Mitt Romney campaign continues to fight Ron Paul supporters at every level.  It is like the Russo-German front in World War Two.  Take no prisoners.  Break bones if you have to.  In Nevada, having been duly outvoted, his campaign is now rumored to be supporting a bogus, pro Romney appointed slate.    It is as if they are afraid of losing the nomination.

The fact is that we can’t stop them from winning the nomination but they can’t stop us from fielding delegates either.  So why the fuss?  We will be there.  We will be a presence.  If they leave it alone, there will be  hundreds of us, maybe a thousand.  And the GOP will have what they need, youth, Hispanics, Independents, the very voters that represent the best chance of a general election win, not to mention the future.    If they keep fighting us they will diminish the numbers  but we will still be there.  So why fight?

The Romney campaign’s paranoia over Ron Paul supporters sometimes reaches comical proportions.  In one state they asked questions to eliminate potential Ron Paul supporters filing as delegates.  Youth, of course, are suspect, so your age alone can get you eliminated.  And Hispanics, who vote in huge numbers for Ron Paul, are sometimes targets.  In New Mexico the Romney people struck from the list a Hispanic couple who actually, ironically, supported their man.  Longtime Republican activists, they were reportedly dropped for having Latino sounding names.

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Bill Kristol says Romney and GOP don’t need Ron Paul supporters.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

77 thoughts on “Ron Paul scores surprise delegates in New Mexico!

  1. Doug, you left out the part where come RNC time, all delegates are unbound! Meaning, those delegates in New Mexico, CAN and WILL vote Ron Paul on the 1st ballot. During the Texas State Convention, it was made absolutely CLEAR that the RNC rules trump the states rules. Come RNC time, all delegates will be unbound. There are no “bound” delegates. People can try all they want to tell us we are misinterpreting that or they try finding some negative crap to tell us why it would be invalid and so on. However, we are going to that convention, we will fight for what is rightfully ours, we will cause chaos if need be. We don’t care what you or anyone else says or thinks, and if you think by the delegates revolting that it would somehow ruin the Liberty Movement…. Look around, the Liberty Movement is already going downhill because of Rand joining the dark side, Ron Paul not addressing his supporters, Trigvey Olsen or whatever the fuck his name is ordering Benton and Rand and Jack Hunter and maybe even YOU to ruin Ron Paul’s chances…. There is a whole of a hell lot of anger right now, and it’s advised no one stands in our way. Fuck playing nice and being “respectful”! When your candidate has been literally cheated out of an election, you don’t wanna play nice. Come August, Ron Paul is either with us or against us, but we will win that damn nomination and we will call out and expose those who have attempted/are going to attempt to defraud us some more in hopes Romney would actually get the nomination. Romney is UNELECTABLE! Will LOSE to Obama! And is NO DIFFERENT than Obama! So Doug, are YOU with us, or against us?

      1. I will announce this, as I am a plaintiff, and encourage all RP delegates to do so. It will only state by a court that we are unbound BUT it will grant you protection of the law…

        there is a national lawsuit just filed monday for all delegates. it is to force an injunction and to state clearly the law that we cannot be bound. if you are not a plaintiff already please go and sign up for free, goto forum find your state and give your testimony and state that you wish to be a plaintiff. being a plaintiff also grants you extra protection with the law preventing the RNC or state parties to retaliate etc. go here to see court documents filed along with all the defendants and the actions being seeked by the court

        If you are interested in viewing or downloading the Federal Civil Voting
        Rights Complaint Documents which were recently filed on Monday, June 11,
        2012 by Attorney Richard Gilbert on behalf of disenfranchised and injured
        Republican state and national delegates and alternate delegates in the U.S.
        9th Circuit Southern District Court in Santa Ana, California, please go to
        the following link:

        You may view, download, and/or print these documents.

        Please distribute them far and wide so that we may help ALL delegates to
        benefit from this civil lawsuit prior to the National Republican Party
        Convention in Tampa, Florida in August, 2012.

        Thank you,

        LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL / ToolsForJustice Legal Team
        850-417-8543 / 561-747-8596

      2. Doug I think you should announce that!! There are some delegates that may not think they are unbound!! And if you aren’t announcing this then what is the reason????

    1. I think we should all wait to hear from Dr Paul before we start casting blame.. I can give 2 or 3 good reasons for Rand to suddenly come out in support of Romney.. I would guess that there are probably a few things going on behind the scenes that need to be kept that way till the right time don’t you think?

      If Rand truly went redcoat on us then we will know soon enough and it will end his career. I would imagine he knows his voter base and it would be an idiotic move assuming these delegates are really unbound and we are actually winning them the way it is being told us. If that is not the case then it would be a good move for the Libertarian movement for him to get in close as possible to Romney since we would have no chance of getting anything accomplished otherwise. It would be better to have Rand on the inside working for us than nothing at all and we would have to trust that he has his dads integrity.

      I think these men have earned out trust, including Doug. There has been no evidence of any dishonesty from any of them so far and we will all know the truth soon enough I am sure..

    2. Chase,
      Fixation on rule 38 keeps us re-charged. But do not overlook “plurality” rule as RNC interprets it. It would not be easy to get 4 states with plurality, not to mention 5. So roll call may not be an assured thing yet.

    3. I totally agree Chase.
      Strike while the iron is hot, promote a “sensible” chaos if need be, show the nation/world that liberty is not meant to be messed around with. The Tampa GOP convention may be an opportunity that might never come again. “Lawyers for Ron Paul” is filing a lawsuit against the GOP/RNC for voting rights violations and election fraud for the 2012 Republican election phase. Also, there is that precedent in 2008 that Ben Swann pointed out; i.e. the McCain “bound” delegate wanting to vote for Romney at GOP convention. The RNC’s legal stance was that a delegate is a free-agent who can use their own conscience during selection of the respective candidate. Think about it …. early in the primary season you become a delegate for person A, thinking that this person is a “good” candidate. Later, after months of caucuses/primaries you realize that person B is actually a more “good” (better) candidate and person A is “bad” or “deceptive” (e.g. an uber flip-flopper, switching their views according to the prevailing winds of change). How could the delegate vote/support person A ? It would be the responsibility of the delegate to support a consistent/reponsible candidate that would be “good” for the role of the President of the USA. That is, the delegate would have to be a real patriot and do what’s “good” for the nation.

      Oh … I hope Tampa goes off like a rocket.

  2. i sure am glad our founders had a little more concern for Liberty than some of these others….do you think they should have played nice with the king? Should they have been respectful to the King? Give me a damn break. Mitt Romney will continue the path we have been on for the past 100 years.

  3. Bill Kristol is a Dyed-in-the-Wool Neocon who supports usurping the US Constitution. He even Praises Obama’s Foreign Policy.

    1. I can never look at Bill Kristol but to see him wearing one of those WWI German helmets with the spike on top.

  4. Bill Kristol has connections to all the usual suspects in the dark corners of K-street and beyond. Through his many affiliations and policy setting agendas, he is well in keeping with the neocon movement and the CFR/Bilderberg/old world power structures.

    All of these people are connected through seemingly innocent associations and they are planning our future before we ever get a say in it. Bill Kristol isn’t interested in a revolution, because he always has been fighting for the police state.

    We all know that Paul won the first contest of the primary season. The reason nobody in the media really hit it hard, is the same reason they don’t dig into why Andrew Breitbart up and dies a day before he was to release a series of damning videos of Obama. The fix is in and there are too many people on the take on the inside.

    We need people to stand up and be counted. People who will call a spade a spade and clean out the fetid swamp of American politics. We need people who are inclined to do the right thing and draw a line in the sand, not people who want to play games and get rich in the process. This is not about money, it’s not about power, it’s about not letting the forces of darkness win.

    I don’t care if you are poor or from a lower class family and never thought about getting into politics. We need people who can go the distance and are genuine in their fight for real liberty. Farmers, dentists, mechanics, nurses and all; stand up and take part in this, stand up and run for office. Flood the system with good until it can’t support the bad. If they change the rules on us, than deny them the board to set their pawns on.

    They can choke on their big progressive, neocon, new world order, new century garbage.

    Let’s get some fire in the belly and do it with a smile just as smug as old Billy.

    1. Aye Aye! Great post, this is about getting all the greedy and corrupt out! Taking out the trash once and for all. We CANNOT allow this anymore if we are to survive with a degree of sustaining our lifestyles. Otherwise if we allow the dark side to win, we give up everything we’ve worked our fingers to the bone to aquire. This is no time to lay down because we’re tired. Now is time to go the extra mile and finish the race. We can rest when our work is done. Go Ron Paul all the way to the finish line in first place, we, the people will carry you all the way! And that is a promise.

    1. Dr. PauL owes us no words. He’s not responsible for the acts of his son. Rand is free to endorse who he wishes and inside enemy lines.. Rand nor the Good Doctor have done any wrong. They have support of miLLions and TSIATGoDOWN !! Big Love and Thanks Dr. PauL!!

  5. Bill Kristol is a neocon. The term neocon was invented by a socialist to describe Bill Kristol’s dad Irving. The term neocon is often misused to describe any Republican who doesn’t entirely agree with Ron Paul. But Bill Kristol most certainly is a neocon.

  6. Thanks for the update, Doug. Note that out of the unfortunate battles that have occurred during the state conventions, another bright spot happened over the weekend in Texas.

    An account from the convention, as quoted from the Texans for Ron Paul 2012 facebook page

    “We had a lot of insiders with us, people from as far back as Goldwater. We elected an 80 year old woman to our electoral college that was a delegate for him. People said she sold her soul to the devil to join us. It was amazing the age groups that participated in all the meetings and sub meetings and how it worked out.

    We didn’t know our real numbers till day 2, by then it was obvious. We had them lookin up CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, ANTI-TSA, Agenda 21 ect.. because it was coming from almost every district in resolutions, speeches and platform.

    The majority of us did it right though, by going in humble, injecting issues and not people, it is very hard to argue with reason, we were able to sway people over. Even when we were treated bad, by not stooping to their level we bring more to our side by example. We Should be Proud, this is only another chapter since ’08.”

  7. I am amazed that you continually state that Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination, But that Paul supporters will be just what the GOP needs ect. blah,, blah, blah..What planet are you on exactly?! If anyone in the GOP thinks that this monumental support for Ron Paul is going to magically transfer to Romney after the convention. You are an absolute moron! There is no way the GOP is going to benefit from the Ron Paul movement unless they nominate Ron Paul, period. The support will NOT go to Romney, it will go to Gary Johnson and you all KNOW it. Take that to the bank!

    1. Go Gary Johnson, Libertarian for president!! The GOP will never let Ron Paul get the nomination, and Ron doesn’t have the stomach to run third party. Even if he did, he’s surrounded himself with neo-con’s who would do the same to him in that effort as they did to him in the GOP. They are only interested in donors money. All the lawsuits will take years to be decided. Speeches and planks in party platforms are just silly talk. Its all about sucking Paul supporters into the GOP, just as the so called tea party movement was, so another neo-con will win the White HOuse. Don’t go for it. Vote Gary Johnson!!!

      1. I’ll follow Ron Paul anywhere. Gary Johnson may be a nice guy but he’s no Ron Paul. So stop ring to divide us. Blake, the GOP isn’t going to “let” us do anything. We are going to take what we want. Don’t talk for Paul either because you don’t know what your are talking about. The Tea Party steps on you, I step on you. Begone.

  8. Bill Kristol is AIPAC personified.

    Bill Kristol HATES the American Revolution and US Constitution.

    Bill Kristol HATES, HATES, HATES everything about United States of America with venom. This is as anti-American Trotskyist socialist scum as you can find.

    Let’s stop bringing this Bill Kristol garbage over here. We have serious work to do. Let’s find more Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry material, instead of Bill Kristol trash.

    1. Looks like you get unhealthy agitated. I am not sure if you were agitated the same way from Connie Rice, Collen Powell, Panetta or from real socialists in our Democratic party.

      1. Aha, sounds like the real Leo Strauss disciple conveniently using an “unhealthy” epithet – All the while to go along with a “freeman” moniker, eh?!

        “free” for what? Free to be stooging for Bank of England?

  9. LOL im from canada and am obviously more concerned about US politics then my own countries because its sooo dependent and RP is hitting home. Same crap different pile and Ron is waking us up too! From my almost daily following RP I really do believe RP will steal the nomination and all non mainstream sources ooze with pro rp delegate counts. Hell, look at all the rallies. im sure ive watches a good 10hours worth hahaha. Even the texas convention… im sure he won everyone over. Anyhow im looking forward to tampa. Ps rand sort of endorsing mitt is cool… just think if RP wins how many romney folk rand will bring over. Muhahaha. muhahaha is the right way to sound evil eh? hahaha.

  10. Ron Paul started something in America and even he cannot control or stop it! Liberty and truth is something that we all understand. Americans were always charitable people, so if we are not helping all of the world, we can certainly take care of our own.

    I really feel that the Bilderbergs, the globalists, elitists, corporate statists, socialists, whatever you want to label them, have scored a major battle victory in scaring Rand Paul, but they haven’t stopped the movement.

    I do agree that Dr. Paul needs to speak to his followers and supporters. I feel that nobody possesses the ability to do that for him and so he will have to come forth and speak to us all.

    We still must focus on local and Congressional candidates who also stand for limited government and liberty. And above all, we most protect the integrity of t he election.

    First, we need Ron Paul in the White House:

    Second, we must let America know why we do not support Romney:

    And contrast Romney with Obama and the integrity of either against that of Ron Paul:

    It is clear that only Ron Paul will be the one to restore America. The others will further its destruction., only one more quickly and more painful than the other but the same end result.

  11. I wish someone would attack the real problem. The entire fraud could have been derailed if we didnt have electronic voting machines easily rigged under testimony. Even if Ron wins the nomination. The electronic machines and vote counters will rig it for Obama the 666 satanic devil ,here to kill us all. I dont trust anyone anymore and I am sorry to say even u Doug.

    1. You are very correct.. I have been posting about them for many years..what can we do? keep posting and awaking the world. an election judge did a full exit poll and found them completely flipped in Texas. RP got 72%! are they gonna squash that too??

  12. Bill Kristal recap:

    “Ron Paul is rocking the boat and we don’t like it. We are taking our ball and going home. You don’t get to play in our game anymore because you want us to folllow the rules when we cheat.”

    The whole interview wanted to make me puke.

  13. Doug. We are done with you stating that “The fact is that we can’t stop them from winning the nomination” BS! Everytime I turn around you are saying something negetive like that. WTF?!?!? We will win at Tampa Doug…so please keep your ‘The fact is’ to yourself.

    1. I feel all the tamping down by Doug Weed, and others within the Ron Paul twisted loyalty camp may be to suppress a real revolution. I mean we are gonna have a Festival with 100,000 plus people in Tampa or Orlando. We will have at least last qoute 15,000 troops for Ron Paul at the Tampa Convention, We have millions of disinfranchised voters who have been defrauded by electronic voting and the Old Fat Cronies in the RNC. We have a civil rights national free probono lawsuit against the RNC. Plurality of 5 states? That will be nothing after the lawyers spit out the RNC in the courts of law breaking thier own rules and assaulting Ron Paul delegates.We have a great awakening in America, Occupy Wal Street, Ron Paul and End The Fed.When nationally on Zionist TV , we see Ron get the boot,Nazi style! The great awakening with the great REVOLUTION will turn into a hailstorm of riots. No wonder NATO chose Tampa for thier demos on how to raid house to house for secring small arms and killing those who resist. They must be really scared of us.So when the masses see the obvious scandle unfold nothing is gonna stop us. I truly believe one way or the other this country’s people are getting what they want.Ron Paul. Now you know why they want our guns. Now you can feel the thunder of the Revolution.
      I feel they are not worried about the Liberty Movement in 2016 due to the fact they are trying to have total control of voting by computer using ex Goldman Sacks VP’s setting up a company to dominate the computer vote from home system. All votes going to a central data bank under the tyranical control of one crooked firm constructed by ex Goldman Sacks VP’s.
      Get ready for for Revolution. I am not talking to the people. They are ready. Its u old political corrupt cronies I am talking to. Millions of pissed off people is not what you want. But is what you will have.

      1. Mat, I have serious concerns about having so many Ron Paul supporter in one place. I hope to god they are planning on having their own security.

    1. He speaks with forked tongue…and would make the perfect judge in this old joke:

      Judge finds guilty a man that couldn’t save a Jew from drowning.
      Man: “But your Honor, I yelled several times — Give me your hand, give me your hand! He didn’t and drowned.”
      Judge: “Did you know he was a Jew?”
      Man: “Yes.”
      Judge: “Than you should have known better and yelled instead — Take my hand, TAKE it….”

      1. As you heard with latest Matt Larson Video. Ron Paul is still in the running. The statements you have heard from Jack ZHunter, Doug Weed and even Rand Paul are false. The projected numbers are wrong. Ron Paul is piling on the delegates and really has a chance to win the nomination no matter what everyone says. This is the ultimate lie of lies. Romney is not the nominie and Ron Paul can still win. So dont get fooled, dont get down. I sure was but then realized its all bullshit and Romney is losing more and more delegates everyday. When the people realize how they have been lied to then we may have a few more sheep waking up . Plus more and more Romney delegates coming our way due to the scandulous example the RNC and GOP is leaving on everyones breath.

      2. I bet ole’ Dougie boy really loved this one. I bet he shared it with Ronnie too.

  14. And old Billy has just explained why he is completely out of touch. He says he’s for a lot of things Paul is for, yet he wants Romney? He says Paul is anti-Israel, while he was the ONLY man to stand up for Israel at one time. Israel knows Ron Paul would be better for them than is Obama or would be Romney.
    Someone, please? TELL ME: why does this ridiculous neocon tool, who does not have the intellect to even know which candidate aligns with his OWN views, still has a JOB.
    I agree with the last caller; Neocons; GET OUT!

    Oh, but Doug; appreciated the nice news out of New Mexico, as Texas continues to play it close to the vest. We are not stupid enough to be taken out when we’ve worked so very hard.

    When Tampa comes we shall see.

    This video is a great reminder of why I no longer even turn the tee-vee ON! Time to get out the 12-guage and end a couple of tellies in my home. I would not want to donate them anywhere as I don’t want any more brains polluted by the likes of this.

    1. We are choosing a President of the United States, not Israel!!! Who cares about that zionist little strip of sand?

  15. I was surprised to read this (“The fact is that we can’t stop them from winning the nomination”) up at the top. :/ No one knows what the future holds. All sorts of things could go wrong for Romney between now and the convention. Is it LIKELY that things would go wrong enough to turn the tables around? Maybe not — but it’s not over till it’s over.

    – MJM

  16. Doug,
    Thanks for the Bill Crystal clip…somehow if Reagan were here today I don’t think he would concur w/ B. Crystal, Crystal’s father or the other too many to count Reagan name droppers including Romney. The same “fear” & “fight” you point out relative to the current Romney campaign is evident in Bill Crystal as well…a Bush 1 kind of guy… a 1992 UN Agenda 21 – NAFTA inclusive kill America kind of guy. I don’t think we’d find any evidence of Bill Crystal going to the wall for Reagan in 1976 or 1980 as Ron Paul did. Ron Paul has stood sentinal for 30 yrs waiting for the rest of us to wake up and now that we have it will take more than a “little willy” Crystal to put out our fire.

    Now about that other “stuff”. I’ve just watched Peter Schiff’s interview with Rand Paul. Rand’s answers… (more practiced, polished & catered for our consumption) and reasoning were both LOGICAL & ACCEPTABLE. What was NOT acceptable, was the absence of any recognition or concilation for his own huge mistake(?) in regard to “we the people” in his FATHER’s movement. With no email, which could have been sent concurrent w/ his HANNITY SURPRISE bumbling performance, choosing Hannity who we’ve watched insult Ron Paul since day 1 of the 2008 campaign (that single action alone was like blind siding us with a putrid rotten fish to the face) and to this minute not one word to us but a shoo fly flick of the wrist response to Peter’s question regarding the upset… Rand has managed to rank right up there with Pelosi and her “astroturf” comment. It wouldn’t have taken much to have said “listen our people are truly heartfelt in their convictions & worries about this country and in their support for my father – I think we owe ’em a minute to adjust”… Atleast that was true & wouldn’t have invited the Romney people to laugh at us & Santorum to attack us just because he’s in debt & needs a job. It wasn’t they who beat Obama in the polls – it was RON Paul. And it wasn’t us who cheated & broke bones, they did… and THEY did it as presidential candidates.

    Perhaps Rand was sprinkled w/ that Washington elite magic dust his father’s personal constitution was immune too but Rand would do well to remember our support for him came by extention of an EARNED respect, heartfelt affection & unyielding devotion to his father. This entire movement that was growing by the minute would have never happened without Ron Paul’s track record, his refusal to compromise on Constitutional issues, to compromise on the backs of the people, his work ethic, his accurrate predictions & judgements, his faithfulness to his oath, his tireless teaching. For Rand to point to it as a failure due to the lack of compromise when that record brought forth the very movement that placed him in the senate is not smart. From now on, Rand will have to get our support the same way his father did yrs ago… He’ll earn it. Or end up in a movement void of people, bumper stickers & with hired delegates like Romney.

    As for the rest of the “stuff’. I’ve just finished reading Jessie the “turncoat ” Benton’s interview w/ Politico. Benton is not worth anyone’s typing time. He disgusted us in 2008 & has repulsed us in 2012. The movement will go on without him… is his real last name Bush??

    1. Lem — agree that the Rand announcement blind-sided us (very poor coordination)! Felt like a slap on the face!

      However, after reviewing many sources, over 10 times each, I’ll state it was a brilliant move (read btwn the lines, to see what it actually means — and DON”T pass it on when you do)!

      Here is the most telling one (note how Rand states that his “endorsement” of the Mittney means nothing (his actual words)…and when you figure out the rest — again, don’t pass it it on)!

  17. The others won’t have to vote for Romney, that’s why Mittens’ folks are paranoid. They know that the moment these “bound” delegates realize they are actually FREE to vote their conscience and that the RNC and it’s assorted minions may be liable in law for their coercion, game over. In fact, ironically, it was a Mittens delegate who set that standard in 2008!!! Hahaha. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  18. The information I have is that we elected 8 delegates and 9 alternatives from our Ron Paul slate here in New Mexico.
    Thanks to all the Ron Paul supporters who attended the convention and voted for our slate.
    I found the speeches given before we voted claiming Romney was the nominee to be quite sickening, I won’t be “uniting” behind that establishment globalist scumbag.
    I am a Republican, but I will never vote for Romney, Heather Wilson (independent Jon Barrie is a FAR better candidate!), or Steve Pierce.

  19. After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

      1. There is no hope of getting any California delegates unfortunately. California works differently. All of their delegates are already selected (voted on in Primary) ahead of California state convention.

      2. That’s like where I live here in NC. Total Mulehocky. Were still gonna win!!
        Thanks for reply

    1. mat — please, do not use such language in the heat of the moment (it reflects badly on all of us).


    2. Make this viral!

      Nice sound track — watch and share this video (also, Nice pic of the BO posing as Lenin…LOL)!

      1. Dude awesome vid of the Revolution!!! I think that is gonna energize my 5K facebook friends and email buddies!!

  20. there is a national lawsuit just filed monday for all delegates. it is to force an injunction and to state clearly the law that we cannot be bound. if you are not a plaintiff already please go and sign up for free, goto forum find your state and give your testimony and state that you wish to be a plaintiff. being a plaintiff also grants you extra protection with the law preventing the RNC or state parties to retaliate etc. I am a plaintiff from oklahoma. go here to see court documents filed along with all the defendants and the actions being seeked by the court

    If you are interested in viewing or downloading the Federal Civil Voting
    Rights Complaint Documents which were recently filed on Monday, June 11,
    2012 by Attorney Richard Gilbert on behalf of disenfranchised and injured
    Republican state and national delegates and alternate delegates in the U.S.
    9th Circuit Southern District Court in Santa Ana, California, please go to
    the following link:

    You may view, download, and/or print these documents.

    Please distribute them far and wide so that we may help ALL delegates to
    benefit from this civil lawsuit prior to the National Republican Party
    Convention in Tampa, Florida in August, 2012.

    Thank you,

    LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL / ToolsForJustice Legal Team
    850-417-8543 / 561-747-8596

  21. My 2 cents:

    On Billy Krystol — A waste of protoplasm in the attempt to create a human being (such cell formation could only be justified in creating a billy-goat — more precisely a Judas Goat (in the olden days when the sheep were wary to exit the pen to be slaughtered, a Judas Goat was introduced…it led them through the gate, where it passed safely, while the sheep that followed it got their brains bashed in)).

  22. Important comments by Steve Deace regarding Paul supporters and the Republican Party. Can one have a revolution from the inside out?

    [audio src="" /]

    1. You’re referring to the two-faced hypocrite Steve Deace who endorsed Newt Gingrich in Iowa back in December?!?!

      He did this, despite Tom Woods sending him LONG OPEN email, urging him not to do any such vile thing?

      Just like that other coward Jim DeMint from South Carolina who didn’t have guts to endorse Ron Paul, why should Steve Deace’s comments have any credibility on what Liberty minded CONSTITUTIONALISTS should do?

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