Insider Secrets Behind Arkansas Win.

Here is a message for those of you still laboring in the GOP machine, working to get delegates.  This comes from another soldier in the Ron Paul Arkansas Constitutional team.
Keep in mind that we did not win the whole state,  so it doesn’t count as one of the five, this because under Arkansas GOP rules the establishment county chairman will pick the 21 at large delegates themselves, and we don’t have the majority of those county chairman.  But we have picked up some chairmen and we DID win a majority of the district delegates that were available in free election.
Hello Doug,
I was at the 2nd District Convention in Arkansas this past Saturday having served as the 2nd Congressional District Leader for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign in Arkansas.  It was your interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that clued us in on the need to swarm into the County committees and stealthily establish a Ron Paul majority.  Thank you for your excellent guidance on that.  We took it and ran with it.  What a lesson in Political Science too.  Monica Serrano also did a great job as State Coordinator for the campaign.
One of the more significant things about our clean sweep of the delegates and alternates in Arkansas’ 2nd District was the names of the competing candidates we were able to beat.  Senator John Boozman, Congressman Tim Griffin and many other elected officials and party leaders were on the ballot and also on Romney’s list of recommend delegates that appeared on every table.  It was looking as if we were about to get trounced by the party establishment when a miracle began to unfold.
As the ballots were being read, I thought I was dreaming.  First elected was Todd Ellis of the Ron Paul Army, who was wearing his ball cap backwards.  Second elected was Zak Smart of the Ron Paul Army, who wears his blond hair with the top died bright red.  Third elected was Lonnie Lasseter of the Ron Paul Army, who gave the appearance of a good old country boy.   These new delegates sure didn’t look like typical Republicans!  😉
The party leaders had to take a break after that to go look at the party rules.  They came back completely baffled.
Then we began to elect the alternates.  First alternate was Crickett Baker of the Ron Paul Army, a tiny, elderly lady who charmed the crowd by saying she wanted to go to at least one Republican National Convention before she died.  We granted her wish.  Then we elected another elderly lady, Mozella Fulchte, because our slate ran out and we liked her.  We had been passing notes under the tables.  For the third alternate, we elected Benjamen Peterson of the Ron Paul Army.  I can’t really tell you what he looks like because he didn’t show up.  Apparently he came late and was locked out.  But we elected him anyway.
And so, that is how our rag tag team of Ron Paul Revolutionaries took over the Republican Party in Central Arkansas.
The party establishment was completely blindsided and left in a state of shock.  They are still stunned.
Moral of the story;  You can’t stop an idea whose time has come!
Freedom Forever,
Dugan King
Note to delegate hunters:  Here is that Rachel Maddow interview.  Like the Ronulans of Arkansas, listen and learn and act accordingly.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. So you, Mr Doug Wead, continue the Paul sell out? Why did you even post this letter? Looks to me as though you want everyone to think that Ron Paul delgates are a bunch of oddballs who were lucky to have earned the spot. If you were really for Ron Paul, you would have not posted this letter. Since you have posted it, I guess you fall in line with Rand and Benton to make sure Ron Paul has no chance. Your a sellout!

      1. Doug- As a Historian I am sure you can see how history really does repeat. These folks who are attacking the campaign are that fringe of the insecure that come in while the going is good and when things get rough start pointing fingers without really understanding what is going on. Nader faced it, Goldwater faced it, I would say even Reagan faced it to a certain extent and now it is Ron Paul’s turn to face it. Its a shame that those who created this movement and brought such great success could be so visciously maligned by the nameless, faceless blogosphere and sycophants of the new media like Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones who would not be where they are without Ron Paul and his team to give them a voice and an audience. Shame on them for their weakness. Keep going. You guys are doing great. Please tell Dr. Paul that there are real people out here who are stil on point and focused on the goals at hand. This diversion will pass with the next speech but in the meantime it is good to note who the detractors are and why they are so willing to jump ship based on rumor and inuendo and without facts. We may have just flushed out some of the problem and IMHO it is good to cleanse the system every now and again. Good luck and God Bless you and Dr. Paul.

      2. I completely agree.
        It’s why I was all over youtube, the other day, asking these people to zip it.. and why I then asked people to not equate Rand with Ron.
        I am glad Adam has taken some of this back because his words (that interview with woman, “Debbie”?) was something else. At least Adam allowed my comment (and admonishment to him) to be up top in comments, so others would also read it.

        Gosh. What a week– already!

    1. Aw, come on. Many of us can look ourselves in the mirror and know what we see is not the “typical Republican”.
      When I worked with the precinct next to mine, as election judge, the other women were shocked to lean I am a Republican. I just look a little more relaxed than them! I had joked with my daughter that I should have probably pulled out an old sweater-set so I would fit in. Of course I didn’t do that.
      I was accepted, though, and am now chair or my precinct, with the help of one of those Republican election judges, too!

      1. annebeck58

        Sorry for this question, but do you have an account with the same name on the dailypaul?

        Lot a flack over the lawsuit over there.

        Just want to make sure it’s you.

      2. Yes. It is me.
        I was asked to file my blog, in wordpress, into the lawsuit as affidavit of what I saw. I was only surprised that more people had not done the same from their areas.
        Yes, it is me they are discussing in DP.

      3. Thanks annebeck58

        I still can’t believe folks are arguing if it’s real or not.
        I hope it is timely and deals a serious blow to the establishment.
        Good luck in it.

    2. that is crazy….the point Dugan was making was “regular folks” who are not the Rep cookie cutouts were able to get in there and get elected. Zach in particular has a bit of a goth look….his hair is black, not blonde with a red patch died infront and those stiff 65 years and older reg reps did not know what to think of this new crowd who do not fit their mold. Our state chairman never batted an eye about it and could not have been more inviting to them. Shaking their hands and thanking them when it was over. He even told us a story about when he was 25 and scruffy and didn’t look the part, but was elected the very first delegate. He was trying to show that he relates. Our top GOP official accepts us….it’s the ones right under him that we either have to work on to get them to work with us….or we have to vote them out. These attacks on Doug, Jesse and Rand are so over the top and insane. These men respect Ron Paul probably more than any or at least most others on earth. I appreciate them very much!!!

      1. You all did great in Arkansas..People do have a right to be angry with Rand Paul making a pack with the Devil..We are mad and he burnt his Bridges with most of the Ron Paul supporters..So Long Rand!!!

  2. Arkansas, “did guud”
    Texas put out quite a few Ron Paul delegates, also, and we will have meetings of delegates (and those who “should have been”) all week, to see what we got and who’s in, for sure.
    Of course, the central committee, like in every state is working to take people down and replace them with old-grande-old-partiers, but that’s part of the game.

    Say, Doug; when elected officials are sent to the national convention, do these people pay for their trips, or are they covered by their state or municipalities? I know, in the case of “lay” delegates, the cash comes from their own pockets. Any idea about the good ole boys? If not paid for, by themselves, is there not a conflict of interest there?

  3. Dugan did am amazing job getting people filed to join their committees. He and some of his team raised money and even helped pay the filing fees of several committee members. He also drove people over during that one week of filing to get them filed. That was the most important step because these committee members were the ones who voted on who would VOTE on the delegates. I big huge thank you to Dugan for his hard work. Cass Pierce did alot to help Dugan and me too! Jason Robinson in District 3 was my rock through this entire thing. Scott Widen was also an amazing help and he is now going to keep District three moving forward in the party and seeing how far we can take this. He also did an amazing job!!! There were several in District 4, Evan Soule, Coralyn Liscinski, Reggie Cowan, Michelle Stanley… in district 2 Patrick Dickens came in towards the end and helped me get Faulkner County organized. There are several others who did so much to help….and several of them I will not name because they are already elected party officials and I do not want to out them without their permission. It took great team work to get this done and I am so grateful that we pulled together, even when we didn’t always agree….we pulled together in the end and got the job done. BRAVO to you all and to all of the County Delegates who got up early Saturday morning and made the long drives and took part in the most real way and voted in our people! I pray you all stay involved, become party officials and RUN FOR OFFIC!!! 🙂

  4. uh…”office” lol

    I don’t think I said enough about Jason Robinson….seriously…would have quit a long time ago without this guy. He was right there with me the entire way going through the same things i was going through. He is an amazing leader and any campaign would be BLESSED to have him on it. I am so honored to know him and to call him my friend. My husband and I hope to continue working with him for years to come. He’s brilliant and humble and never asks for credit. He didn’t know if he could do the job of 3rd District Leader, and I have learned when someone somewhat doubts them self but says “I’ll work hard to not let you down”….then that’s the person for the job. When someone over sales them self….they usually don’t do nearly as good of a job. Jason…you ROCK!!!!


  6. Lawsuit Against the RNC and GOP Fraud — Finally TODAY!

    Spread this far and wide!!


    Today, Monday June 11th, the lid is to be blown wide off the FRAUD that has been going on in the elections this year!!

    This lawsuit will also LEGALLY unbound ALL Delegates and protect them as well!!

    1. Yep!
      This is what I was alluding to.
      I am now a (the?) plaintiff or complainant in Texas. We sure could use more, so if you know anyone in Texas who’s been disenfranchised in any way, ask them to check out the site; Okay?
      I had been urged to not say too much, other than to put out the fact that good news was on the way, and I had to be respectful of that.
      Some delegates and others who are part of this suit are a bit worried for their safety and that of their family. I spoke this morning with a man in London (currently) regarding all of this and will (soon?) have a link to his radio program, which will be aired tonight, to give people more info regarding what they can do to help the cause. It is NOT over!

      Btw; for those who are insisting Dr Paul has dropped out, I want to say this: Until and unless I hear it directly, from HIS mouth, I will move ahead. I think we should all do the same.

    2. By the way, I have been asked to be a guest on a radio show, tonight, with “Dr K”.
      When I know what channel it is on, I will post.
      (groan– so now you will all know what I sound like. Oh well.)

      I believe the show is on Ron Paul radio (dot) com, but I am not sure of that. It will be from nine ’til eleven, central time, tonight.
      Again, if I find the info, I will pass it on. I do know that this program will be about the lawsuit(s) and how we plan to move forward. Could be there’s a link to the show in Tools for Justice (dot) com?

      1. Annebeck58 My name is Mike O. Smith Im a admin with watchthevote2012. I live in Dayton Texas and would like to talk to you about some things. Can you please call me 936-257-2669 Thanks.

      2. Hey Mike.
        I responded to you on my blog, at least once or twice. I have filed my affidavit (basically, my blog) with Tools For Justice.
        You can reach me in twitter: @annebeck58, and in
        I’ve been on the phone all day, so give me a few minutes to cook (and eat?)

  7. After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

  8. The Liberty Live Stream Team:

    is making plans to Live Stream the :

    “Summer State Committee Meeting (Election of Delegates to National Convention and Election of National Committeeman and woman)”

    Arkansas Summer State Committee Meeting, June 23

    This event on Saturday, June 23, is the Arkansas version of their State level GOP convention. It seems that the ladies in Arkansas, in general, are very, very involved in the GOP in Arkansas at this time. The Liberty Live Stream Team is expected to be well received.

    We are developing contacts, boots on the ground, in the Ron Paul sphere in Arkansas to facilitate developing a list of interviews with individuals involved in this event.

    Monica, I hope that you will be available for several short, concise, interviews before, perhaps at some point during, and after the convention.

    Any contacts or potential interviews that could be made by the Liberty Live Stream Team would be greatly appreciated.

    Please email the director of public relations for LLST at:

    social (at) ronpaulbillboards (dot) com

    Early reports and information indicate there is much, much more support in Arkansas than you might have ever thought.

    RON PAUL 2012 !

    NO ONE … BUT … RON PAUL !!!

  9. Tom Woods DIRECTLY talks to President Paul & puts the great statesman ON THE SPOT. After last few schizophrenic weeks, I’m happy for Tom Woods to finally step to the plate and question WHAT THE FREAKING HELL is going on?!?!

    I don’t think the BASTARD kid Benton would even let President Paul watch this. I don’t think traitor Trygve Judas Olson would let Benton show it. The Benton is an enemy of the state & enemy of the entire planet. I can’t believe we’re letting a nobody pathetic Benton to stand ahead of movement for liberty for the entire planet?!?!? Get rid off this Benton cancer NOW, kick him out & take over the legitimate campaign.

    1. Ron Paul has grand kids and friends and family that at some point will talk to Ron Paul I beg those friends and family to let Ron Paul know what his supporters are saying about Olson and Benton. They are hurting the good Dr. we demand liberty and the people that are working agains Dr. Paul have to stop.

      1. Well clearly, Doug has the pulse of supporters. Are Benton & Olson allowing Doug to speak directly with him, or is even that off limits?!

        I don’t really expect Doug to come here and answer that question directly one way or another. Because, something VERY eerie is going on, but the country is hurting due to it.

  10. hang on.
    When did Dr Paul ever say he was out? And, given what it being done, by us, what would you expect Dr Paul to say?
    I am getting to be extremely disappointed by the folk who say they are on the same side, yet are going a bit nutts over Dr Paul not speaking– on cue. Come ON!
    We are still working to get Dr Paul on the stage in Tampa. We are being fought at every turn. So, we keep our heads down and keep at it. When did that change?

    1. Was that comment specifically addressed to my comment OR some other statement.

      No, I never claimed Dr. Paul stated he was out. Tom Woods didn’t do that either?

      Tom Woods has effectively posted a video for Jesse Benton & whoever else Trygve Olson cast of characters to be cast aside, Rand Paul to be IGNORED. About time!!!

      1. No. It was more addressed to anyone who thinks we are out.
        I am frustrated with people saying Paul is out, when he’s not out, as far as I know!

      2. But, I do wish Benton was not only out; I wish we could go back in time and remove him before HE started saying Paul was out.
        What a little twerp.
        I do not like the idea (in this video) of putting Dr Paul on the spot, and i did not like the negative tone of specific words, “put the Great Statesman on the spot”. What, really, is he supposed to say? In the last email I received from Dr Paul, he said it was onward to Tampa (exclamation point). I did not feel he was saying, in any way, what Benton OR Tate (or surely, Hannity) had said. Since when do WE listen to the newzz-toolzz?
        Why did these specific “soldiers” drop?
        People seem to now be looking out for themselves. I definitely include Rand Paul and Benton (maybe Tate, too) in that, and yes; Dr Paul has said in the past that Rand IS his own man and has to make his own path.
        Why are the sins of the son being visited on the father? Why is what Benton said (grrrr) being also put on to Dr Paul?
        That is not, specifically addressed to you. it’s to everyone who says they are for Paul yet have lost their drive and momentum. What gives?

        It ain’t over, babies!

      3. These are not ordinary times & too much treachery has gone on both from inside & outside. Extra-ordinary times and grave dangers posed to Constitutional Republic call for those kinds of words of urgency.

      4. Yes, I will agree that we have to be careful. Who knows who is really behind all of this? Yes, we know some of “the who”, but I am sure there are some pretty ugly factions most of us would not even consider.
        We don’t know to what lengths they are willing to go, but I think we can imagine how bad it could be. This is why the lawsuit calls for protection.
        Hence the, shhhh…

    2. I am proud as the dickens of Arkansas (Go Hawgs!).

      I also have viewed Rand’s “endorsement” and realize there is a strategy at play here. For those who can’t put their finger on it, well,, maybe it’s best not to show everyone your hand in the middle of the poker game.

      Rand has an outstanding pro-liberty voting record in the Senate and has accomplished more in 1 1/2 years than most Senators, who have spent half their lives in the Senate. He battles the TSA and has worked hard for everything we stand for. He rejected sanctions on Iran just 5-6 weeks ago, and even sided with an Oregon Democrat for the legalization of hemp,, the day AFTER the endorsement.

      I saw no cheer in his face making that endorsement, but I have enough respect for his record and his stance on many issues that I believe in, to be patient and see what’s what.

      At any rate,, Giant Kudos for Arkansas. Rock on!

      1. I would not even attempt to guess at Rand’s motive. If it’s to stay in the party, well, that’s one thing- and perhaps he can do some good? If it’s to distract the rest of the republican voters away from what’s happening, so that Dr Paul can continue to build up delegates, as happened in Arkansas? Good.
        So, why are people freaking out and dropping like flies?

        I am thrilled with what Arkansas (Arkansas!!) accomplished! Texas will not say, for now, what happened. It’s stealth time. Let’s move it forward!

      2. I only can hope other Delegates for Ron Paul know what we did in Arkansas..It worked and will continue to work,I’m still not sure about Rand Paul, that took the wind out of anyone as a Delegate for his Father..

      3. Imagine what Rand’s little tidbit did tor his dad. I wish people would have just let Dr Paul ingest it and come out to say whatever he needed to say.
        Still, he has not said he’s done. ONLY Hannity (the fool) has said that. Rand did not correct Hannity (and I think he should have).
        So don’t let yourself get down. Texas worked just as hard for him as ever, and y’all did great! Thank you for that.

  11. Ron Paul to WIN — Or American to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    The Mittney will never defeat the BO!

    And If the BO gets reelected, we’ll reach the Point of No Return. (Four more years of this usurper will GUARANTEE the disappearance of the 2nd Amendment — and most likely the disappearance of many visible opponents he has, and certainly the core of the supporters of freedom, in their hundreds of thousands, will be whisked away to FEMA Camps, never to be heard of again — thanks to his NDAA). I would not be surprised if the BO in his second term enacts a law whereby He, for the “good of the people”, can be win a third term. All empires end with a dictatorship — and since ours is nearing its end, why expect it to be different. It’s good to be the King — and the BO is a willing Nero (and then his progeny could become a Dynasty).

    On the other hand:

    To his own surprise, Ron Paul has reached a stage that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of his campaign. He actually can depend on more committed patriotic delegates, then Rmoney can count on his forced-through “bound ones”!

    I say, push to Tampa — and see how many will vote their Conscience! We might just get surprised how many patriots still exist in our nation!

    1. People RNC rule number 38 there are no State bound Delegates once all the Delegates get to Tampa.Florida.Not even Florida’s Delegates are bound to Romney..all are unbound to vote thier Consciences at the National Convention and be a Delegate for whom ever they choose!!! The RNC at my precinct showed me the rule and was straight forward after the county and State Conventions all Bound delegates are unbound even in Primary winner takes all States, Those are the GOP and RNC’s own rules..Now that Ron Paul is running they want to hide this fact..No State can keep any Delegate Bound to any Candidate after thier state Convention, they have tried to lie steal put pressure on people but its thier own rules and all Delegates are free in Tampa Florida to vote your Consciences…So cheer up..We have the troops on the Ground..We have the majority of support.., I know Rand pissed us off ..even i had too blow off a heck of a lot of steam..But Doug Wead u need to tell Ron Paul it isn’t over till The Fat Lady sings and she hasn’t even cleared her throat yet!!.
      I feel much better today..Ron Paul never signed papers Conceding this election and Doug tell him not to and tell him yes Rand knocked the wind out of our sails but he needs to come back and say i changed my mind. Many Ron Paul Supporters were injured and rules were broken, votes thrown out, Votes not counted ,Ballot boxes being stuffed, Dead people voting..People’s pets voting..Ron Paul Delegates forcibly being locked out..this happened in every single State..No one draws crowds as big as Ron Paul and doesn’t win any States..Romney and Obama can’t fill the floor seats of a stadium..Ron Paul supporters are not all collage kids..We are young , middle aged, and elderly..We come from every color,race religion and Creed..If Ron Paul had asked for a 10 million dollar money bomb to hit the Primary states we would have gotten it to him all he had to do was ask..Tell us what he needed..We always gave more than what he asked for in his money bombs..No its not always easy but We are Patriots..I sold my king size bed and gave the money to Ron Paul ..When he needed more i had A garage sale..Then a yard sale..then a moving sale..why? because its just material stuff. I had Cancer and now they have found pre cancer cells ..nothing is worth anything if u don’t have your health and We can’t take this Stuff with us when we die..Romney however is building a elevator for his car..He is so out of touch with reality..Sure its his money and he can do what he wants to with it..but if it were me or most anyone especially patriots we would take that money and help some struggling families right here in America..America has always helped other countries I saw a middle class family ..husband and wife no children yet..they lost thier homes, then thier jobs and went to las vegas because they were told they could find work there..They are now living in a storm drain,no car no home and Pan handling to get money just for food..Its time for all our churches to pass the Black velvet bag around once a month to help our own..Its time to cut all Foreign aid and help our own..America has always been the most generous Nation in the world ..We have always been there when there was a epidemic or droughts in Africa..We are still putting Haiti back together and our missionaries are in Japan..And u know i still don’t even have a bed..but my
      freedom,My Children’s and grand Children’s Freedom was more
      important then a bed!!! so some one got me a blow up is horrible but better than sleeping in a storm drain or on the
      floor. It went for Freedom and Liberty and we can’t give up..not now ..we have them on the run..Romney was at the Bilderberg Meeting in Chantilly Virginia,I went to school there..Many eye witnesses saw him there..He is a Traitor to America and has no Intention of auditing the Fed..He said so many times..So Rand is either Lying or totally disillusioned. On a happier note, Someone on the inside of that meeting said” the Bilderberg’s are very depressed, things aren’t happening the way and as fast as they want them to.also they don’t like Obama or how he has done things and have given up on Obama and Romney is thier new Puppet.! We can’t let Romney win, Ron Paul needs to come back and recant ..I do believe in Miracles..If we loose it here in the last Bastion of Freedom the entire World Congressmen Dr. Ron Paul,We need you, come back and lead this Nation !!!

      1. You do know that the RNC states that each states’ GOP binding is merely a suggestion? A letter, from RNC attorney(s), in 2008 prove that. And, it was done for a woman who wanted to vote ROMNEY rather than McCain. So, it seems that letter has come back to bite Mitt, and it’s the way it should be. What’s good for one goose is good for the next goose (Rom).

        All of these forced/coerced signatures by delegates saying they would vote for the “primary winner” are absolutely WORTHLESS. Yet, they are included in the lawsuit. I say? GOOD.

  12. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    The Mittney will never defeat the BO!

    And If the BO gets reelected, we’ll reach the Point of No Return. (Four more years of this usurper will GUARANTEE the disappearance of the 2nd Amendment — and most likely the disappearance of many visible opponents he has, and certainly the core of the supporters of freedom, in their hundreds of thousands, will be whisked away to FEMA Camps, never to be heard of again — thanks to his NDAA). I would not be surprised if the BO in his second term enacts a law whereby He, for the “good of the people”, can win a third term. All empires end with a dictatorship — and since ours is nearing its end, why expect it to be different. It’s good to be the King — and the BO is a willing Nero (and then his progeny could become a Dynasty).

    On the other hand:

    To his own surprise, Ron Paul has reached a stage that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of his campaign. He actually can depend on more committed patriotic delegates, then Rmoney can count on his forced-through “bound ones”!

    I say, push to Tampa — and see how many will vote their Conscience! We might just get surprised how many patriots still exist in our nation!

  13. Apparently he came late and was locked out. But we elected him anyway.

    The party establishment was completely blindsided and left in a state of shock. They are still stunned.

    I bet Ron Pauls nomination is just like that.

    1. why is (s)he mad at PAUL?
      If it was a GOP shirt or flag, or sign, cool.. but mad at PAUL?
      Check out my post about the lies and the vote-fraud. Direct that anger appropriately.

      1. Oh, I know, Cheife. It;s a fair-weather supporter.
        Funny, in a way, as the Paul campaign season has encountered nothing BUT bad-weather, and everything they have thrown at him (and US) has been taken as it came, and handled well.
        I know what you’re saying about the “stupid negativity”.., it’s just that it seems to be all around us. I know I spent a lot of the weekend chastising certain folk (those who really would have no name were it not for Ron Paul), and I think I had some positive affect on them. The words have become more measured as they (seem to) realize that what they said and where they went was wrong.
        Still? Frustrating.

        I was a guest on RBN, last night (Republic Broadcasting Network) to discuss what I saw in Austin, Texas (voting irregularities). From what i heard, it was a good show, but I know I was very nervous. Anyway, the point of bringing that up was to say: the show, by Rick the Avenger (uncensored) should be in their archives today, should you want to give it a listen.
        It’s, in part, discussion about the lawsuits files, yesterday, on behalf of supporters for Paul (ElectionFraudRemedy or ToolsForJustice). It is still not over and my understanding is this: there IS/are injunction(s) included in suit to prevent these votes (ahem) from being certified, in Austin– which would mean, in Texas. So, who knows? This may put the case on an accelerated track, and will protect ANYONE who feels he has been disenfranchised or defrauded.
        Based on my account, a graph was done of the precinct I worked, and it’s been shown how obvious that what I said, “the votes were flipped” was an accurate assessment of the day.
        So we shall see, but they DO need more to file, now!

      2. Anne: she stated exactly why she’s mad. She’s one of the BELIEVERS. She believed in Dr. Paul and the campaign. She believed that Ron and Rand were a joined force.

        There are MANY believers out there. You happen to be an informed advocate. You need to step into the shoes of a believer to understand her pain.

        Chiefe: you know, I got blasted for calling Texas “stupid” because of their lack of support in the primary. I pointed out that I prefer to call it like it is – just like when Dr. Paul called Santorum “corrupt” and Gingrich “chickenhawk”. I wonder if those same people who blasted me will blast you for challenging this person’s intelligence? I doubt it.

        Did you bother LISTENING to her? I doubt that, too. I’ll explain it to you since you clearly can’t bother yourself to empathize with another human being’s suffering.

        This woman is a BELIEVER. She leans on faith more than reason. She put her faith in Jesus ASIDE and put it in Dr. Paul. She clearly feels betrayed now. She feels that her granddaughter has been betrayed and that her future has been compromised. Most of us support Dr. Paul because we BELIEVE that he was our hope to save our future, too.

        Honestly, I have a sense of betrayal, too.

        She’s done her best to articulate how she feels betrayed. I applaud her effort but also hope that she’ll come to understand the REASONS behind all of this apparent betrayal – me, too.

      3. I think you didn’t get what I was saying.
        It was more of a statement (if this IS or WAS a real Paul-supporter– it’s not one I KNOW,and I know a heck of a lot of those who post in yt). Why is ANYONE mad at Ron Paul? What has HE done other than be put into the position to suffer the barbs of his son and/or of his TEAM?

        And, to those INSISTING that Dr Paul come out and tell “US” what he thinks about all of that, or even what his plans are for now?? ZIP IT. Can you imagine, as a parent, having to deal with such a thing? I am a mother to two late-twenties adults, and it would break my heart. Would I want to put up videos or write letters to say how hurt i am?. Do you not think this has created some sad feeling in the man? If not, you did not pay attention to Dr Paul.
        I am asking ALL to please consider that Ron Paul does have feelings. Also consider what he IS supposed to do or say to fix this,
        I mean; guess WHAT? The intention was two-folk, with one side being to get to TAMPA, to be on the stage, and given the work delegates are STILL doing, I think he will have that chance. Once he speaks, who knows what might happen? It could be one incredible moment (and wrinkle for Mitt) in time. He is still planning on doing HIS job, and Benton, Tate, even Jack Hunter, need to step out of the way (and ZIP IT, too). His fair-weather supporters should do SAME. I include Jones, Celente, Kokesh, Tarpley, etc.., in that very small band of not so merry men. someone take their instruments AWAY!

        Please stop thinking only about your needs and your desires. Consider the man we’ve come to know. And, finally; consider that he probably DOES need some time to recover from what Rand did, without having to now see so many (big-mouthed) Paul faithful coming at him from ALL sides. Let him digest this, okay?

        All will be clear in due course. In this age of, “instant everything”, we don’t want a knee-jerk reaction from a man who has proven he is ALWAYS considering both sides. If he had simply reacted, in whatever way, I think the naysayers would still have something to say.
        Let’s give him a chance. Dropping out, now, is NOT an option! I mean; conventions are STILL taking place, and rigged votes are being reversed. Was this not the plan, all along?

      4. It was obvious the women burning the Ron Paul sign and shirt was drunk..Listen to her ..she is slurring her words..So your trying to tell us she is a drunken Christian ?.. She needs a little more Faith and a lot less booze..

      5. Divide and conquer. This lady is apart of something bigger then Ron Paul. I agree with her that I to fill betrayed. I will keep fighting though I do not need Ron Paul to fight for Liberty.

      1. annebeck58 — vhat typpos?

        Alos, please, post a link to hear your radio show participation!

      2. Here’s the whole link to the DP article, about me and what I saw:
        Within that post is a link to Rick the Avenger, uncensored, on RBN. That is the show I was on as “featured guest” (I had not thought of it that way until a friend called right after the show to say so. funny..)
        So, you will get to hear what I sound like.. and I hate my voice! Oh well.

      3. annebeck58 — read it.

        The math does show a flip (for the results to nearly match the opposite of the polling).

        However, could not find a link of the radio show. Please, post is — love to hear it!!!

      4. Well, here’s a link to another show i will be on in about an hour (plus):

        *yes, it’s on Ron Paul Radio.
        The link for last night show? is:

        Again, the show name is Rick ***? the Avenger, and was at nine til eleven, last night. Maybe his last name is Adams?
        I will be on, today, though, with Paco Elijah, Occupy the Media.. on RPR. This is CRAZY to me (I am a quiet person, except when I am online and have a mission to expose TRUTH!)

        Maybe I should phone my daughter and tell her to listen?

      5. WOW. I am now being moderated? Is it just me?
        (I always think it’s just me.== kind of a complex).
        Maybe it’s because I added links to other post? Oh well…

  14. My Family ,Friends and i are writing Ron Paul in on the Ballot ..we know Romney doesn’t have the Delegates they are claiming he does..So we are hoping for a Brokered Convention..But When Rand Paul said it was over and was supporting Romney a dictator ..How are we to react? Peeling all the Ron Paul bumper stickers off of my truck is the last thing i want to do..It would be like peeling my own skin off..His sign is still in my yard ..I went to sleep last night hoping when i woke up it was all just a bad dream..All i can say is keep gathering all the Delegates as we can ..Sometimes to keep from getting beat up your foot broken or your fingers u have to pretend to support a Romney as a delegate ..It doesn’t matter after u are free at the National Convention to be a Delegate for Ron Paul..So it’s ok to be a county Delegate for Romney and good to be a State Delegate for Romney..That’ s fine..Just know who your a Delegate for when we get to Tampa!!!..We aren’t breaking any rules..they have along with a foot and some fingers as well!!!..See ya in Tampa!

  15. This is all very good news, and I am pleased that Monica and her team were able to outmaneuver the Romney campaign, which obviously had tremendous resource advantages and was able to score a win though better organization, but what is the end goal here?

    Even if all of our delegates vote for against Romney, he is certainly going to get the nomination. What is our end game here? Someone at my convention asked me “what do you guys have planned for the convention?” I don’t know the answer to that, but I hope it is something other than having 700 people show up in Tampa, vote for Paul and still lose getting the same result if we had no delegates.

    1. Our end goal here in AR is the Constitutional Republicans. We are organizing to do what the Teaparty could not….remain principled! We are focused on local elections and holding our elected officials and PARTY officials’ feet to the fire.

      1. No Monica, all Arkansans are not Focused on electing Rhino Republicans in fact we are focused on get rid of these Rhino Republicans!!!..You may speak for yourself but not the rest of Arkansans..I would have no problem voting for a Libertarian or Independent..We don’t want Rhino Republicans, and We meaning the people i know are fighting and working to get rid of these rhino Republican Sell outs..Like Boozeman and Womack who voted for the bailouts!!!

    2. I would have said (as I have to the RPT and TCRP, all year); my plan is to ensure we have an honest convention, regardless of who’s on slate, or not.
      The RPT actually loved it when I wrote something very similar to them.

    3. The end game is to take over the party with liberty minded people and change the leadership of the GOP. That is the end game. Maybe Ron Paul does not win the NOM. But next time in 4 more years we get even more people into leadership rolls. Then in 8 yrs maybe then we will have enought people in local and state level leadership spots to get our man into the white house.

      1. Yes, Mike– and yes to your second comment.
        These voting machine, with NO receipt? Are really geared so that there is little paper-trail. Also, as you know, judges are told to take each and every scrap of paper and put them in enveloped to go to the central office. This even included the waxed-paper that the little “I voted” stickers went onto or came off of.
        Now why is all of that?

  16. RAND Paul interview — I watched it several times because it reminded me of something I’ve seen before.

    It finally came to me — Rand looked and sounded like one of the US hostages that were paraded in 1979 on Iranian TV…very eery….

    1. Meaning, i saw him as a more wiling participant, but still not completely comfortable.
      Were I speaking out like that, against my dad, I would feel the same.
      Perhaps this accounts for him NOT checking Hannity when the tool said, “Now that Ron Paul has dropped out..” blah blah blah.

      1. I saw Rand as speaking in what he did not believe — just like the US hostages did on Iranian TV (you could not see the gun at their backs, but knew it was there).

        The main similarities that struck me (whereby the hostages were trying to alert us to read between the lines of what they were forced to say): Changes of posture, blinking and then vacantly staring, fluctuation of the voice, unneeded pauses, aversion of eye contact, then direct eye contact (ALL according to the words spoken).

        Draw your own conclusions — but mine are that Rand was FORCED to do it because of a very good reason (one that may not be discussed now)!

        Only a FOOL would assume that a son of Ron Paul’s wonderful family will betray his father (there is a VALID reason behind this move…and that’s all I’ll say about it)!

        Try and read between the lines on your own (and don’t pass it on when you figure it out)!

      2. And he does still need to be in this. I just talked with others who are still (as am I) completely pro-Ron Paul. We are still the liberty people, and we are still in this. We may not “win” for Ron Paul, but if we stay in it, we do win..

      3. I just watched this (somewhat) on RonPaulTribune, but am watching it all, again.
        I wish Rand would zip it, though. It seems, each time he opens his mouth, he digs a deeper hole– for US.

      4. ronpaulfreedom1 :

        Ron Paul is around and doing just fine! He was in Dallas, Texas on Thursday @ the Texas State Convention, you didn’t watch his speech?

        He gave one of the best speeches, better than any State of the Union – pretty much at the same time while his traitor son was shmoozing at NeoCon Central.

      5. Yes I do know that and, yes; i know what he said. Was that addressed to me?
        I was only talking about Ron Paul, not Rand.
        And, I just got an email from Dr Paul (the elder), today. So he is around and he is fine.

      6. No. I was replying to ronpaulfreedom1, who wrote the stuff below. Hmm, I’ve never figured out how to reply to a specific comment…especially in a long comment thread.

        “Where is Ron Paul?..Who has seen or heard from him? He just held a friggen money bomb ,so where is he? why would he make his supporters worried? Someone better find out where Ron Paul is..”

      7. Yes; I saw that right after I asked.
        Long day and I am exhausted!
        Did you see the good news out of Texas, though? No, I still don’t know numbers, but I do know we did a lot better than most expected.

    2. Rand Paul, I just don’t know this came on the heals of the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia where Romney was there we had many eye witnesses..The Biderbergs are Depressed and Depressed with Obama and now they are backing Romney..This is why we need Ron At the helm..Romney is now the N.W.O.Puppet!!!..Rand Paul i just can’t get a hand on what he did or why!!

      1. The more i see Rand Paul the more i dislike say that Romney is for auditing the Fed is a out and out lie..To say Romney is against the wars when Romney just got through saying he is putting another 100,000 troops in the middle east ..Rand is a dang liar..Where is Ron Paul?..Who has seen or heard from him? He just held a friggen money bomb ,so where is he? why would he make his supporters worried? Someone better find out where Ron Paul is..i never got a e-mail from him and i always do after my family sends in money in for one of his money bombs..Doug wead u need to let us know where Ron Paul is and if he is alright because if he doesn’t speak somewhere and isn’t in Tampa there will be a civil war all hell will break out and no one will be safe.I can imagine how embarrassed He is after what his son did and by the way Rand Paul came out again and said he was going to campaign for Romney so he isn’t the loyal son u all want to think he is ..He is Judas!!! Rand Paul is a Snake in the Grass and we are going to do everything we can to make sure Kentucky doesn’t reelect him..Rand Paul’s careear is over ..No one is that disloyal to his mother and Father and Ron Paul’s supporters as Rand Paul put us down too..Everyone leave Rand in the Dust!!! u will when u see this next video..!!!..His is a friggen Creep!!!..I can’t stomach watching this pip squeek!!!..Down with Rand..Down with Rand!!!. Don’t campaign with Romney in our State Rand we will be waiting for ya!!!

  17. Sfish I agree I do not want to believe Rand did this on his own. I think he had good reasons for doing it and im sure he did it only because he felt he HAD to. WE ALL HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND THAT WE DO WHAT WE DO NOT FOR RON PAUL BUT FOR LIBERTY. FIGHT FOR LIBERTY NOT RON PAUL. THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT IS BIGGER THEN RON PAUL

    1. Hollah, Chiefe!
      Now, this IS the Adam Kokesh we have all come to love (like a baby brother, in my case). i am glad he came out with this, as the last video I watched of his (with that chick) really put me off.
      BUT, at least Adam did have the guts to place my admonishments to him up top in comments, telling me he read it and he got it. This video goes even further and I am glad to see it.
      Last night, I was on RBN regarding vote-fraud/ flipping I had witnessed, and had to explain to an older man that the video (jack Hunter) on front-page,, was NOT put up by Ron Paul, that we were still taking delegates to Tampa (and not only has TEXAS done well, but so has New Mexico), and had to make some — somewhat cautious- comments about Adam, too.
      I was just SO disappointed in Adam for that other video, where it was alluded to that Dr Paul had scammed us all, so I am glad that he’s essentially repented in this vid. I don’t need to see ANY more Jack Hunter or Rand Paul videos to make up my mind. I don’t need to hear any who are not “really” a part of OUR revolution.
      I think it takes some real guts (as Dr Paul has shown) to keep this up, the fight for liberty,and I think Hunter and Rand do not have same. It’s too bad, but I never believed I would vote for Rand, unless he was a lot less Rep and a lot more libertarian than I know him to be.
      Thanks for the post!

      1. If you’re referring to Adam Kokesh interviewing that woman in Texas (Penny Langford Freeman?) : She didn’t really say Ron Paul was scamming all his supporters. She said he got surrounded by undesirable elements like Benton, Olson etc. AND putting Rand career ambitions ahead of the interests of country is like killing Ron Paul’s message.

  18. More Rand Paul garbage who feels Da Rayhpublikan Party is more important than United States of America:

    [audio src="" /]

    Yay, yeah!!!! Da Raypublikan Party is now going to accommodate people like Rand Paul, how nice!!!! Let’s all gather together & have a singing Kumaya Convention in honor of Rand Paul!

    1. yep. more like RAND is going to (again) bend to the will of the establishment. Now I do know Rand has done some good, and tried to do more good, but I feel he is so much more ready to go along to get along, than his dad, there really is no comparison.
      Again; thanks for the post!

      (phew- I think my 15 minutes IS over– and YAY)

    2. My 2 cents:

      The BO and Rmoney — both a waste of protoplasm in the attempt to create a human being (such cell formation could only be justified in creating a billy-goat — more precisely a Judas Goat (in the olden days when the sheep were wary to exit the pen to be slaughtered, a Judas Goat was introduced…it led them through the gate, where it passed safely, while the sheep that followed it got their brains bashed in)).

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