Ron Paul surprise in Arkansas!

While many in the Liberty Movement were engaged in a weekend of blame and counter blame, other Ron Paul stalwarts were still fighting in the trenches at district and state conventions.  I have lots of video and documentary on the marathon events in Texas but before that, here is another shocker.  This one from Arkansas.  It shows clearly that the move to transform the GOP is organic and real and cannot be stopped, even from inside.

So here is the firsthand story coming out of the Arkansas District Conventions.  No broken bones this time and, thankfully, no broken hearts either.  Ron Paul was supposed to be shut out in Arkansas.  Some in the establishment were going to great lengths to keep his forces from participating.  But how can you stop his ideas?  And how can you stop people who are awake to the truth?

Enjoy this report from Monica Serrano, Arkansas State Ron Paul Director.  She endured months of loneliness, rejection and long odds on her unlikely road to success.

Monica Serranos’s Report:

Today was a most amazing day and for so many reasons.  Where do I begin?

Arkansas held their district conventions.  We have 4 districts.  We elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates from each district.  And they will be going to Tampa.  On June 23 we will elect 21 “at large” delegates and alternatives who will also go to Tampa with the top 3 State GOP officials.

We really have no say about the 21 at large because they are elected by insider county chairmen.  So the district conventions were the only hope for the people to win something.  I think we did awesome!

It began in February, getting people to file.   They had to pay fees and get papers notarized and filed with county clerks, just to be able to vote on the people that VOTE on the Delegates.  Then the potential delegates had to file before our May primary and declare in advance who they support, causing any filed delegates for losing candidates to be disqualified.  It was a long and detailed process, with some in the establishment looking for signs of Ron Paul youth to block but we navigated through the maze and came out with the strongest force in the state!

Here is a summary of the District Conventions.  Keep in mind that some of the victories cannot yet be announced, lest the establishment find a way to undue them.

District 1:  None of our delegates were elected in district 1, but we knew going in that our odds were low.  District 1 is very rural and our support out there was much lower.

District 4: They swept all 3 delegate slots.  With only 9 people filed, total, and 6 recommended by the Romney Campaign, leaving our 3 out in the dark on the district level, we nevertheless, managed to get those three elected!  The party regulars are shocked and many are currently scrambling to find out how on earth we did it.  It doesn’t matter, we did it fairly and it cannot be undone!

District 2:  This was a sight to behold.  We filled the tables with our people and before it started we could feel it….”we’ve got this.”  However, nothing beats hearing the sound of that first delegate being called out.  Once we heard that name we were set and we all knew it.

There was a little confusion because one of the delegates from our slate did not show, and we were not sure if we could elect him or not.

Also the District Chairman kept insulting him for not being there, saying he had no backbone.  He was rude throughout the entire proceeding and that did not go unnoticed by even non Paulers.

Ok, back to our tale of victory!  We replaced our second delegate, who was not there, with our first Alternate.  We elected the second delegate and then the third.  It was official, we had just swept the delegate slots in District 2 with Ron Paul Delegates.

Then it was time to elect Alternates.  We elected the first alternate.  We thought we had 6 people to vote on, but as it turned out, one of them was not on the ballot.   (Found out later he had filed for Paul and not Romney)  So….we had a decision to make.  Do we vote on the absent delegate and really anger the District Chairman who clearly did not want him elected…..or do we give the establishment the last two seats/alternates?

I thought it over and considered a very dear and very old woman named Mozella.  This woman is basically Mrs. Republican for the state.  She wanted to go so badly.  I sent the message around the room….we will give them one.  Let’s vote for Mozella on the next ballot and then we send a message that we, the people, will have our say and we are a group that is to be respected.

I would like to take credit for that idea, but the “message” was the idea of a very wise Faulkner County leader.  You know who you are!  😉  We voted Mozella and when her name was read her table jumped in such shock and she looked like a giddy school girl.  It was really nice!

Last but not least, we voted in the absent delegate as the last alternate.  Johnny was running for the same delegate slots.  He even wrote up a short “resume” of sorts, asking for our vote, and placed it at every chair at every table.  We denied Johnny, the Second District Chairman, a slot as delegate from his own district.  This was probably the biggest message we sent today in our district.  We showed the party establishment that we are here in large organized numbers and we can accomplish MUCH!

I spoke with State Chairman Webb after it was over, and he was very kind.  I told him thank you for being such a great State Chairman and for treating us fairly.  He told me I had been a pleasure to work with.  At this point, I support him completely as state chairman.  He has been nothing but fair and honest with us. I view him as highly ethical.

(update:  That absent delegate got there a few minutes late and was not allowed in.  The woman at the registration table could not find his name on the list.  He told her he was not there to vote, but that he was a filed Delegate candidate for Romney.  She still could not find his name and she was asked to come in the room and she took the list with her and shut the door, leaving him outside.  He was the second name on our ballot.  It makes no sense that she could not find him.)

District 3:  Now this one was interesting.  They held their convention very differently, opting to divide into counties and hold a mock caucus type election….although caucus rules were not really followed since “caucus goers” were not allowed to speak to their counties.

Because of the change in style, they were off to a slow start.  We had votes all across the room in every county and the county establishment started trying to work against each other to get their own county delegates elected.  They have a bit of a rivalry going between the counties, particularly Washington and Benton.

A slug fest started and Paul delegates were up for the fight.  There was a lot of confusion and as they were caucusing  a call came in to a big wig establishment person and that call was overheard.

“They took District 2!”  I don’t know who from district 2 called district 4, but the word was out, somehow, the Paul People had taken a district!

A meeting was quickly called for all of the County Chairmen and the fight was on.

Some of our people, including our 2 delegates, tried explaining to their chairman that we have the votes to make things happen, if they would just play ball.  They ignored us and attempted to get their way.  The first delegate was elected and the second.  Neither were Stealth Delegates, but it also was not quite going the way these County Chairmen wanted.  I guess they weren’t getting who they each wanted.

Once again, the plea was made for the Benton County Chairman to work with us, or go down in defeat.  As I understand it, a deal was struck and we elected Duane Neal of the rules committee and although not a Paul supporter, he was a man who had helped us along the way due to an ethical stand on “following the rules.”

In exchange, we took Alternate seats 1 and 2 for our only two delegates in the running.  And we helped elect the 4th.

Now, I know…we didn’t get our two in as delegates, but it was still a victory and here is why.   We showed them that we could block them and prevent them from getting what they wanted, and we could get what we wanted accomplished with just a little cooperation.  They may not like us but they now know that they need us!  Sound familiar?  Couple that with our District 2 and 4 sweep and the Constitutional Republicans just became the biggest force in Arkansas GOP state politics!

Just to be clear:  Every one of our people, with the exception of district 1, were elected to either delegate or alternate.  This means 10 out of 14 are going to Tampa!  Bravo County Delegates!   (6  Stealth Delegates and 4 Stealth Alternates, with 1 Regular delegate and 2 Regular Alternates gifted by us, to show we can be respectful and kind but still in charge.)

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

149 thoughts on “Ron Paul surprise in Arkansas!

    1. Why is Rand Paul even important? Let him do his thing whatever it is, our job is to promote the liberty movement.

    2. We did something similar in New Mexico on Saturday as well. No one at the convention even mentioned Rand Paul. Everyone was focused to getting Ron Paul delegates and we got 5 at large and 2 in districts, as well as 4 alternates from a total of 14. I asked our team lead to write up our report too. It’s great to read and hear about other successes.

    3. Doug, thank you for the update.
      It is nice that we have so many good people who are actually DOING something for Liberty. True, we have many “collectivists” among us (people with mentality of Blue Republicans, OWS, Alex Jones’ 5-6 banks) who like to divide us for the purity of THEIR vision or in order to ease THEIR anxiety. Sadly, they still do not understand the meaning of individual liberty.
      It is a maturity phase for all of us. Weak will leave and will be replaced by new fighters. We will fight within GOP and boost Libertarian party at the same time.

      1. freeman,

        I am a “Blue Republican” (former Democrat) and I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am doing something for Liberty… Before our primary here in California I volunteered my time calling people to talk to them about Ron Paul. And in spite of being currently unemployed I spent lots of my own money both donating to the campaign, and making huge signs (which I spent numerous hours making myself) that I then went and hung up on freeway overpasses a couple days before the vote.

        I spent extra money to make these signs on plywood, and painted them, and I bought chains and padlocks, all of this in order to make them much more difficult to remove. I didn’t have to do all that but I am fighting for what I believe in.

        By classifying people into these groups, and calling them “collectivists” in mentality, and suggesting that people like me are here to “divide” you (whoever “you” is), isn’t that kind of “collectivist” of you? Whatever stereotypes you have floating around in your head, I think you might want to re-think that approach. Regardless of where someone came from, or why they support Ron Paul, maybe you should have more faith that there are people all over the place who DO understand Liberty and who ARE doing something about it too. If someone demonstrates they are counter-productive to the movement, fine, call out that person as an individual. Do not paint other people with broad brush strokes and proclaim you know who they are because you have placed them in a group, under a label… Thank you.

        –Respectfully, and In Liberty

    1. All we need is 5 states — then Ron Paul will be in Tampa!

      Look out Establishment puppets!

      (p.s. the #2 is polluting again…time to post the List…?)

      1. I know, right? I was not going to mention it.. but it is what it is.
        Like anyone cares to respond to it? Yeesh. It never quits.

        Doug; time to take out the trash, again!

  1. Mr. Wead, I respect you and think you are a very smart guy, but please tell me what does this matter anymore? Ron comes out and says we should be respectful in Tampa to the winner and Rand endorses Romney! The movement shot itself in the foot. Where do you think it can go from here? An endorsement of Romney is an endorsement of tyranny and the system.

    1. Well, it matters to Monica Serrano and the people who worked so hard for years in Arkansas. They are now players in the GOP in that state and they will have a say in the future of the GOP. They will go to Tampa and have experience at a national convention that may someday be invaluable. Maybe the next time we will be having these showdowns at the national convention instead of the district and state conventions. And if it is too late to change anything this cycle, it is not too late to change it next time. The alternative, is to give up, and to let the insiders continue to loot the rest of us and just willingly retreat into serfdom.

      1. The head of the party will be Romney. Without another leader as Ron Paul is quitting and Rand is joining the enemy, any gains made will fade into the twilight. What a total waste.

      2. The sheer power of the Paul movement will not stop and stories like this have me in tears of joy. I can no be a member of the Republican Party and love peace at the same time. This story is huge and I am sharing it all week long… Thank you Monica ..and one day soon you will probably be a Chairwoman…and the old party will not be that upset because you are fair and follow the rules.

      3. But handing over our delegates and endorsing Mitt Romney seems like we are giving up. The big questtion is why aren’t we challenging anything and “being respectful”? I understand I guess but seems to me we have been respectful to the rules and the process as it was meant to be. I guess it is a disappointment because we were hoping you were in it to win it and it is our feeling we really do not have 4 more years left in this country. Romney and the establishment will not give us the time of day so influence doesn’t mean anything.

      4. Who is Monica Serrano? No one knows and its largely irrelevant. If Mitt Romney or Obama drags the US into war with Iran and this sets off World War Three, there will be no ‘next time’ for these young people to change America back into what it was designed to be.

        The alternative is most certainly not to give up. The alternative is to detach from the system entirely and starve it of money. It means all Libertarians moving to one State and then nullifying all Federal Laws and dictates. It means doing something that does not mean more years of theft, violence, tyranny and waiting, while our money is destroyed, lives are wasted, countries bombed and persons abused.

        We have all had enough of this. We are not going to take this anymore. No more compromises, deals, patience, “wait and see” and hoping for the future. The future is here now; its the twenty-first century, and the tyrannical State needs to be abolished in short order, not over decades.

        I’m terribly sorry that your long view, well constructed plans are being comprehensively rejected by the Ron Paul inspired Libertarians. Its a shame that everyone could not do this as a coherent whole, but if that is the way it has to be, so be it. No real American is willing to wait to be free, especially after having been awakened to what is really going on in the country. No real American is going to accept Mitt Romney and his ignorant war mongering, taxing and constitution violating.

        After the red hot anger of the last few days cools down, you are going to witness an annealed and strengthened Libertarian movement that will organize in such a way that it cannot be sidelined, betrayed or stopped. We have had enough. We are going to take our liberty back and there is nothing you people can do to stop it.

      5. Right on, Doug! Keep the faith people and keep bringing on the delegates! This has been a discouraging and confusing weekend for the movement, but I am pleased to see that we have continued to do so well! Rumors of good things in Texas too! The time has come, and we cannot be stopped!

      6. Rodney Martin — your above post is spot on!

        Do not expect an answer — since Doug won’t lie.

      7. Great work patriots! Way to be the change you want to see in the world! “Stealth” delegates are not out to destroy Ron Paul or our movement by endorsing another candidate, and neither is Rand. There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come!

      8. I do not believe it’s too late to change things this election cycle and I think you know what I am referring to, Doug. No, I am not going to blast it to the world- just yet. I will allow those running that particular show to put it out there, tomorrow.
        This could be THE game-changer of the season!

      9. Rodney, who in the heck said Ron Paul is urging his delegates to support anyone other than Ron Paul???

        It’s amazing how delusional someone that ARE NOT Ron Paul can cause about things involving Ron Paul…

      10. God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference. ~Amen

        More people need to pray for wisdom.. as there is still much that can be changed.

      11. Doug, I have a lot of respect for you and truly believe you are a good man. That being said I appreciate you are trying to stay positive and you’re playing politics and not being critical, but pleas spare us the rhetoric and BS.

        We want the truth and we want answers now. Let’s start with New World Order political strategist sent by the military industrial complex to sabotage the Ron Paul Revolution Trygve Olson and his company, Viking Strategies. Who is Trygve Olson? A former official of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a tax-funded “regime-change” operation under the rubric of the National Endowment for Democracy, Olson was involved in several of the “color revolutions” that swept Eastern Europe and the central Asian former Soviet republics during the Bush years. This New York Times reported on his activities in Belarus meddling in their internal politics and plotting to overthrow its thuggish President, Alexander Lukashenko: he also played a part in stirring up similar trouble on Washington’s behalf in Serbia and Poland. Mr. Olson got Rand Paul elected in Kentucky, then(I’m only guessing) Rand pressured Ron Paul to bring Mr. Olson on the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and removed all the truly effective campaign leaders, like yourself, from any decision making process, then appoints inexperienced, 25 year old boys like Jesse Benton to run the Eon Paul 2012 campaign. Under Mr. Olson’s campaign leadership, we have seen the dumbest Ron Paul campaign ever, including: handing out endorsements(which Ron Paul NEVER did prior to Mr. Olson) to New World Order trash like Ted Cruze, ceding primary states to Romney, relying on Google ads for promotions, and telling supporters who are bleeding, sweating and really pounding the pavement that we can win, then disappears and when Rand sells us out as political capital.

        It’s my conspiracy theory that us Ron Paul supporters were used to lock up votes in the “deep freeze” so other candidates couldn’t beat Mitt Romney. Now that Romney has the lead and Ron Paul single-handedly destroyed Gingritch and Santorum(but NEVER attacked “Mittens” Romney all campaign) Ron Paul is just protecting the political future of his son and his 60+ relatives who are on campaign salaries. This aid in helping Romney will secure Rand a possible VP slot or a cabinet position, thus setting Rand Paul up for 2012.

        This is why, Doug Wead, that myself, Jeremy, Rodney Martin and others are asking “why does it matter anymore?” We all knew the establishment had something planned to cheat Ron Paul out of being the president, but none of us ever expected to have the deception from within the campaign. Until we get some freaking answers from Dr. Paul, it is my opinion to say, go to hell Trygve Olson and your New World Order trash. And to Rand…you do not have my support. Your dad spent over 30 years not compromising and “going along to get along”. We stand for liberty, justice and the Constitution, we don’t compromise with the New World Order.

      12. It took progressives 40 years to completely infiltrate the Democratic Party (and making their way into the GOP) using the same tactics the “Liberty Patriots” are now using. Y’all did a great job of sneaking around and coordinating your efforts to game the system and play on people’s trust.

        Two words: Saul Alinsky.

        There are a lot of folks out there that agree with some if not all of what RP wants and the message was resonating but just like progressives when your not making headway fast enough you act as a group like you have since February. I guess your “anything for the cause” mentality will fight through the distrust you created.

    2. Personally, I’m not going to vote for Mitt Romney, and I’m going to do everything I can to encourage Santorum/Gingrich, and other GOP delegates who think we can do better than Romney with someone picked at Tampa (Christie, Walker, Ryan, whoever) to vote against him so we can elect someone else someone else.

      Of course I try to be respectful to other people who disagree with me, but in the end I respect freedom (including their freedom) more than what they want to impose on other people, so that is going to win out.

    3. It is not over, Paul is in to the convention. We will have a voice for the first time to sway GOP policy. It is awsome. Yes, I would love to see a miracle, which if you believe in God and that the liberty movement is from God, it could happen. I know the road looks weary right now, but put your faith in the liberty movement, and do not put one man so high in it. Ron Paul is not going to quit the liberty movement even if he does not get the nomination. Keep staying true to your beliefs, and the fight for liberty, and we will prevail, but as in all of Gods battles on earth, there is misery and heartache. It is what makes us stronger as individuals. Keep the faith, keep the fight and lets bring liberty to America again.

    4. Why has everyone concluded that “be respectful” means “don’t try to win the nomination for me” ? Keep in mind, Ron Paul has not dropped out, nor has he endorsed Romney. Whatever Rand does is irrelevant to the National convention this year. He is not up for the nomination, last time I checked. Ron Paul has not endorsed Romney or suggested anyone should make him the nominee, and that is what counts.

      The statement to “be respectful” means just that. Don’t boo people when they’re speaking, for example. Don’t have the hired cops dislocate an old man’s artificial hip, or break someone else’s fingers when you start losing, for example. Treat people with respect. That’s all it means. When you compete in a karate tournament, you are instructed to “be respectful” to your opponent. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to beat him!!

      This statement to “be respectful” happened after Romney’s son got booed and was a result of Ron Paul getting pressure from others in the GOP, and he said what he had to say. Simple as that. (And yes I know the booing of Romney’s son was somewhat exaggerated. But nonetheless RP had to say something, I mean, what do you expect?)

      I have checked every dictionary and thesaurus I can find, and none of them define “be respectful” as “give up, roll over, and hand victory to someone who doesn’t deserve it.” People should stop attaching meaning to words that is not there. “Be respectful” means to treat others with respect. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Doug — will you let us know when Ron Paul gets a 5 state plurality… or will you let us hang by our nails till the end…?

      2. 5 states? For what? To be nominated from the floor. What will the outcome of that be? A nice, hearty LAUGH…?

        Our “camp” was proclaiming that we’d already “won” 11 states. Now we’re not sure if we even have 5! Good thing that Texas was so supportive…

        Ron Paul seems to be honest and consistent. His campaign seems to have been less than. It’s clear now that we’re just as much engaged in political rhetoric and NONSENSE as the “other guys”.

        Right, Mr. Wead? As you’ve recently stated – Ron Paul’s too old to be president. This was said on the heels of so many “why Ron Paul ought to be president” statements.

        I’m COMPLETELY disenfranchised now because I see it all too clearly.

        Sadly, I was right. The reality is that Dr. Paul has been used by others and was personally never truly in it to win for himself. Now it’s time to listen to all of the rhetoric. Jack Hunter has begun spinning more of his “hope speech” which ultimately amounts to Jack Squat.

        My cup runneth over with that Kool-Aid.

        I’m about ready to drink whatever tex2 is having…

      3. I’m with FryeWyngz, I refuse to engage in BS “positive thinking” rhetoric. That’s cult speak. If we can’t critically and objectively see what Ron Paul’s campaign managers are doing by using us as political capital/leverage we are no more delusional than the Clinton supporters who refused to see what NAFTA did, or “W” Bush supporters who confused murdering people in foriegn wars as “being tough on terrorism”, or Obama supporters who refuse to objectively look past the rhetoric and look at NDAA, Obama care, etc. People, stand up for liberty, demand answers from the Paul campaign, denounce cooperation with New World Order Mitt Romney. We will not “be respectful” to Mitt Romney after all the beatings, false arrests, and verbal abuse we had to put up with. Let’s be objective and not take talking points as assurances the Ron Paul campaign managers are working in our best interests.

  2. *What we learned from this GOP Primary Election*

    Just a few months ago, anyone telling me that there was such a thing as election fraud, would have raised my eyebrows.

    And with a smirk, I would have responded: “Yeah, sure, it probably happens from time to time somewhere in the Deep South, where some toothless rednecks rock back-and-forth on their front porch, with a shotgun on their lap, while tilting a demijohn of moonshine…. But, not here, where we are all civilized” — would have been my crushing retort.

    Do I feel now the Fool, the Snob, the Idiot, the Naive, the Misguided, the Imbecile, the Moron, the Dupe, the Dunce, the Betrayed — YES!

    IT WAS SHOCK AND AWE — What the GOP did! They managed to grind down all my beliefs in Liberty and Justice for All INTO NOTHINGNESS!

    The SHOCK was their constant manipulation to do elections behind closed doors. The AWE was their TRANSPARENT Fraud at all State’s Conventions — in their zeal to elect their fair-hair child, the Mittney, the GOP displayed Nazi Tactics without regard they were being recorded for all to see.

    Their ARROGANCE for this BLATANT display must rest in their assurance that they are Above the Law, while we, the people, count for nothing!

    What happened to us America — when did we blink to lose it All?!

    1. The Daily Bell put it this way:
      “There is no doubt that had Ron Paul fought hard, the manipulation of the primary votes would have become obvious. But such a spectacle would probably have ruined the Republican Party or at least have ruined any chances that Romney has to capture the presidency.
      As it is, Ron Paul’s candidacy provided a powerful insight into the reality of the GOP for people who wanted to look. The GOP does not, after all, stand for fiscal solvency and responsible power. It is a handmaiden of the military-industrial complex.
      Perhaps Ron Paul’s biggest accomplishment is to show for the history books what the GOP really is – merely part of a larger charade that attempts to give people the idea that there is a political choice when there is none. President Barack Obama has continued President George Bush’s policies virtually without a hitch.
      Prior to what we call the Internet Reformation and Ron Paul’s double candidacy, the reality of the GOP was not in evidence. GOP pols posed as fiscal conservatives. But Ron Paul has thoroughly exposed that as a farce.
      The ramifications shall be longlasting – and they are not fully glimpsed yet. Young people, especially, want to take the pronouncements of the Republican Party at face value. Without winning the nomination or even coming close, (I disagree) Ron Paul has incited a profound change among the younger generation.
      It is probably not an exaggeration to say that millions of young people are engaged in the political process in ways they never have been before. The candidacy of Ron Paul shall ensure that these young people will not be content with the current two-party system.
      So I guess we didnt push back hard on fraud to be sure to get Obama out but it Ain’t over – plus if we had made it an all out war, who knows if the convention would be canceled due to a false flag thing to be Sure we won’t make trouble. Now, as it is, the announcement of Rand’s endorsement will pacify enough to get us to Tampa and in the door to make a HUGE SHOWING that the MSM Cannot Hide…. I think that’s worth it considering the risk of the other way, now that I see the huge momentum and we are still Winning Delegates.
      Do me a favor and listen to the YouTube at Least the Intro to Ron Paul speaking at the TX state Convention – it’s AMAZING, one of those that brings tears to my eyes. That Thunderous applause from 11,000 people, the roar of the crowd, tells me that as Shel Silverstein said, “Anything can happen child, anything can be”.
      And that goes double for Tampa. Never underestimate the power of small groups of determined citizens to change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that Ever has. Margaret Meade said that one. I will NOT give up in the face of the momentum and the message that Won’t be refused by anyone with a bit of sense and love for our country!

    2. Surfisher; go to my blog and read the responses to my post on vote-flipping in Texas. I think you can glean from the replies what is going on. It’s happening, tomorrow, so fret not, okay?

      1. Anne, how many states has Ron Paul secured out of 5? Some of us at Daily Paul are trying to find out. Thanks!

      2. I am truly not sure. We get the numbers, they pull out the rug from under them..
        All has to do with these central “credentialing” committees, which is why WE need to fill GOP offices, even precinct chairs, so that we have a chance of being (replacing, again) that committee.
        It won’t help us this presidential season, but it will, in the future (if you can stomach these folk).

      3. I heard we only have officially 2 states from a Ron Paul campaign person in Washington State. Maine and Minnesota. Maine is being challenged too from what they told me because something like the vote did not happen on the floor per the rules of the Maine convention but behind closed doors?

        I also hear that Colorado we do not have plurality in because Mr. Sweater Vest will not release his delegates. We know that Nevada and Massachusetts we have a majority of delegates but those are for the 2nd round and from what we are now gathering plurality is based on the majority of delegates bound to a delegate in the first round of voting and that rule 38, 39, or abstaining does not help towards plurality as we have to get plurality in 5 states before the convention and for the first round of voting. True??

        We also have not won Louisiana officially yet. Who knows what slate is going to be recognized. If the establishment has their way then it won’t be a Ron Paul slate being recognized. Also Louisiana had 46 delegates available but 20 are bound in the first round to Santorum and again he’s not releasing them. 46 total delegates: Possibly 20 tied to March 24 primary; 5 additional statewide delegates are chosen by the state convention and are uncommitted; 18 district delegates are uncommitted but CNN may estimate according to district-by-district vote results; 3 unpledged RNC members.

        Arkansas rules state: 36 total delegates; 33 tied to May 22 primary; 3 Unpledged RNC delegates. So Romney got that one for plurality too regardless of how the convention outcome was.

        Iowa is most likely ours so that would give us 3 states of the required 5 but really we shouldn’t count Iowa until after their convention at the end of the month so we are not disappointed like WA and MO outcomes.

        I am not sure about Virginias rules but it does state: 49 total delegates; 46 delegates tied to the March 6 primary; 3 Unpledged RNC delegates. So if that were true Romney would get the delegates since he won the March 6 primary for the first round of voting when it comes to plurality.

        So what I gather is we ONLY HAVE 3 states for plurality. Of the 5. How and where can we get the first round delegates to make it 5 based on the rules when it comes to plurality. We may have it at the convention but before it’s not looking good if that is the true definition and we need 5 to be even listed on the ballot!!!!


      4. I don’t know.
        The delegate count seems to be in flux, at the moment. A lot of haggling and changing is being done, behind closed doors, as much as that is wrong and smarmy.
        I hear GREAT things from different states, then the usuals come in and make=up their own new-slates. Something should be done, and something IS being done, now. If anyone has been disenfranchised, as a delegate or as a voter, please check out ElectionFraudRemedy (ToolsForJustice), today!
        TODAY IS a BIG day, given the long phone call I received and participated in, yesterday, from Florida. But we all need to work together to fix this mess and win this battle!

      5. Mardukk —read your post, very well stated!

        At one point we had 11, but as Annebeck stated — they pulled the rung from underneath on about 8.

        And this is Primary Goal — to get the 5 needed so Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa!

        Also, the Lawsuit being filed must be expedited (to stop the Fraud)!

      6. I heard there is a lawsuit in the works and it is a class action and not only because Ron Paul experienced fraud. I actually think that it is a bigger problem than just against Ron Paul. It has happened to Santorum, Gingrich, and even Romney.. Take the Iowa contest at the beginning, how did eight districts/areas not get counted in the final results of the state? Really?? And the dead are rising in places like S. Carolina to vote.. And democrats do not want a voting ID system…. Come on…

        However, I do fear that with any pending lawsuit that even if expedited it will be too late. It still takes a while for the suit to be drafted (which his probably done already), presented to a judge who will determine if the claim is warranted or not and if so will set a trial date based on the courts schedule. Meaning typically even expedited it could take 2-3 months to be even heard which is too late but stranger things have happened and I hope they do.

      7. Actually, I don’t see it as any of the candidates being defrauded. I believe it is US. I’ve known this since Iowa (for 2012, anyway), and have been working to ensure our votes do count or, if they had insisted on doing the wrong thing, we would have to fight back.
        If the Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman, etc.., people want to get involved, though; they should! I am sure the Lawyers for Paul would be happy to work with them. Problem? I believe Santorum has turned to working for the machine, which means for Romney.
        I just saw the totals (wow, how wrong were they!!) from the precict I worked. I just don’t even know where they got their numbers from. Insane!

      8. Oh, by the way, included in the suit(s) is a provision to protect ALL witnesses. It’s like when someone goes against the company he works for (what DO they call that?) for unfair labor-practices or unsafe conditions. He would have protection to open his mouth and testify against the company. This should be addressed, today, or in plenty of time to STOP the RNC from messing with Paul delegates (and voters who also complain).
        I guess we’ll know, soon, what happens with it all?

      9. Where are you located annebeck58 and what is the difference between what you saw and was reported?

      10. I am in Austin, and I worked Travis-county precinct 247 (though my own precinct is 238).
        You can read my post about what I saw, compared to what was posted (by newzz). I saw and heard a lot of people who were “republican for the day”, and some who actually said they were there to vote for Ron Paul. It was a lot of, “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” in their words and behaviour, meant to let us know the point of their votes.
        I also believe we hit approximately 155 voters, for Republicans, at about 4 in the afternoon, yet the party stated we only had one hundred and one voters (in person, that day). To the best of my recollection, we had a total of 240 voters that chose to go Republican. Yet the totals did not show that.
        It’s crazy. They said that exactly 50 people voted early and exactly one-hundred and one voted, in person and on the day. It was not that, for SURE.

    3. Say, Surfisher– did you watch any of Illinois convention, yesterday? What a FARCE. These people took the fees from the Paul delegates and alternates, yet when the NAYS (of the Paul-sters) outweighed the Yeas of their own inner-circle, they completely glossed-over it.
      The head of THEIR GOP said, in the open, “This is about getting Gov Romney elected”, and that will have some to do with his undoing. What jerks these people are. Amazing how they think they can or will simply get away with this? Kooky!

  3. I heard there was a Paul guy there wearing a silver barrette in his hair with red and white stripes and even HE was picked! When you have the numbers, it makes all the difference!

    1. Ya..just red stripes, though. I did wish the guy had a little more blending in effect, as these people are pretty conservative..but we did get him in. I think Romney’s slate also helped, because when you have 21 to pick from and u can only pick one, unless you are very organized (like we were) it would be difficult for one person on it to get lots of votes. BTW, I don’t know about all of us, but this one for sure needs money to get there. My address can be found on DP.

  4. Great article, Thank you Doug and thank you to all who made this vicotry possible. This is the best news we have heard in days at a time when many could really use it! Jennifer Gibbons-Nie.

  5. Doug — will you let us know when Ron Paul gets a 5 state plurality… or will you let us hang by our nails till the end…?

  6. Doug,

    It would be great for the movement if you could use your gift and eloquence with words… To explain the Rand Paul endorsement and its impact or inside insights behind it.


    1. Excellent — Just post the message, for all to know!

      The Texas State Organizer for the Paul Campaign has requested that YOU do not make our delegates into targets for the establishment! If you want to list the number of Paul delegates and/or alternates in your Texas CD, DO NOT GIVE THE CD number! If you say there are 2 delegates in CD#”X”, they will be able to find out who they are and cause these people problems! DO NOT GIVE out any State wide delegate totals (Yes, I know no one even has this yet, but if you figure it out, DO NOT give it out). AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE RELEASE ANY NAMES! PLEASE allow our delegates anonymity! Look at what has been done to known Paul supporters in other states! Arrested, broken bones, displaced hips, punches, etc., they do not need problems. It will all be written about years from now, but from here to Tampa BE QUIET! Loose lips sink ships! There has already been too much info released! I realize everyone wants to know so they can cheer our success, but we had the success we had BECAUSE we were low key, under the radar at the convention. Which is the best way to win by the way, coordinated, organized, and low key!

      1. Surfisher, thank you… I have to go to work today… please keep getting the message out. It should apply to ALL states and ALL delegates, as well as anyone “in the know” of any delegate counts, or names of delegates…. It’s time for us to lay low, but keep fighting. Thanks 🙂

      2. Yes, though I do know certain delegates for PAUL, in Austin and the surrounding area, I would not state same, just in case. As it stands, the “central committee” is going though these names with a fine-toothed comb. But, don’t worry about Texas, I would absolutely state that the numbers of delegates for liberty are much more closely aligned with what I SAW as election judge in the precinct next to mine. For the safety and sanity of these delegates (for Paul, for Liberty), we should stop ourselves from saying much.

        And, do pay attention tomorrow- there will be a BIG announcement, based on a phone call I just had with a man in another state. It may completely upend the GOP, of each state, as well as the RNC. It’s a big deal.

        Liberty will win over.

  7. It’s a little strange that we are so concerned about being “kind and respectful” when the GOP grind us and our liberties into the DIRT, have cheated and stolen in every state and nearly every District. I’m not suggesting we break the rules but when will it be enough?!?!?!? Can we not just stand as patriots did??? I suppose that era is gone. We have so much POLITICAL correctness that we don’t know how to stand for ourselves. Glad we took what we did but. The back of the bus attitude that came through on much of this will not serve us in good stead. EVER.

    1. Churchill said “When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.”
      Being respectful doesn’t mean caving to party pressure, backing down in the face of whatever odds we find ourselves in on the convention floor, or groveling hat-in-hand before the GOP elite.
      Being respectful with people you disagree with, with people who you know are wrong right from their first word spoken, is a reflection of how WE do business, not on what we think of how THEY do business.
      We can respectfully attend the convention, respectfully make our presence known and voices heard, and be respectfully cut-throat and ruthless in achieving the goals of the liberty movement.
      We can respectfully choke them with their own presumptive nomination of their anointed one. We can respectfully beat them at their own game and then respectfully take over the entire party from top to bottom.

  8. Doug, I follow you online as much as I can. My question to you is why on earth are the Pauls, particularly Ron, giving support to Romney when he stands for the opposite that everything this Liberty movement stands for? I can understand Rand’s reasons for endorsing Romney even if I don’t agree with his decision. But come on what if this is our last hope? Why not give it all we got? ANd why hasn’t Ron taking a harder line in this whole thing against the fraud and the utter illegal acts that have been going on since the beginning of this year? If Ron would just confront the MSM and Romney head on we would be right there behind him!

    1. I don’t know what you are doing, but a lot of us are working our asses off to get the most delegates to Tampa as possible. From there, we will see have happens.

    2. WHEN and WHERE did Ron Paul give his support to Romney? Yes, Rand (oh, Rand, we knew you when..) came out and said he was supporting Rom, but Ron is NOT RAND and Rand, not Ron.
      Rand ought to be glad he’s in Kentucky as many Texans are quite ticked-off over what HE did.

  9. Great read Doug. People need to wake up to the significance of what is happening. Now is NOT the time to give up, this is momentum like we’ve never seen. Also, forget about Rand for a while, he is not a presidential candidate last time I checked…#RonPaulOrNoOne

  10. Nice, Doug Wead!
    And, yes; Texas went a lot better (and much quieter) than people expected. It seems that the old-party did not exactly know which were for Paul and which were not, and I KNOW that at least 2 Paul delegates and 1 Paul alternate, from Austin area, were chosen.
    According to the cheers in the convention arena, I would also say it happened in many other areas. So, Ron Paul did well in Texas.
    I believe the delegate count for Texas (for PAUL) may mimic what I know I saw, as election judge (at least 66 percent for Paul), as opposed to that farcical number of 72 percent for Romney.
    I also heard some familiar names in the at-large delegate and alternate category, but would have to review the list to be sure of who’s who. Suffice it to say, I am sure I know at least ONE Romney (or woman who’d vote for whomever the party wanted) delegate did not make it to Tampa from Austin.
    Sorry, Mitt, but Texans do not cotton to being told what to do by folk up in Boston (of ALL places)! Even if the mainstays have to go against what the party says, they will generally do so, if it means putting a Texas guy in there. I would love to hear the numbers, but am sure our people are getting them together to ensure they are accurate.

    I also know of some things in the works, which most of y’all should hear about, tomorrow. So keep your heads down but your ears open. Hear me when i say; Regardless of what Rand did, this is not over. It’s far from being OVER. Okay?

    1. annebeck58 — I was worried about you!

      Glad to hear you are OK, and optimistic!

      Share only what is obvious so far (the rest, keep it till later)!

      With my complete respect to you,

      1. I was busy working on something else, for the liberty party. i have not dropped out, especially based on what RAND would say. We Texans knew to not take much of what Rand as anything that Ron Paul wanted or meant.
        I have to say I am very irritated over those who’ve made their NAMES based on being for Paul suddenly turning their backs on him. The movement is still alive and Ron Paul has not lost yet- nor have WE.

        It will all come out in the wash.
        Now, if only we can silence our naysayers, from within the great party of PAUL and liberty. That would make me most happy, today.

  11. I think it’s up to us. the Ron Paul supporters to go to Tampa and make our final stand.. I can respect the process and still force change, we all can. With all this voter fraud and “lost ballots” etc, Ron Paul was never given a fair shake. He cannot send an email telling everyone to go in and sweep this thing but we can take the initiative ourselves and Put him in office. Period

  12. Mr. Wead, you are a proven statesman and a good adviser to Dr. Paul and I have high respect for you. But I was and still am puzzled by the poor wording of the May 14th press release unless that was intended. It let the army on the streets leaderless but they shirked it and went back to work a day or so later regardless. John Tate had announced in April that we were saving cash for the battles ahead in the rich states of TX and CA, and the good doctor made a tremendous barnstorm through both states in April and May and it looked likely we could have at least half in CA and more in TX. And now with Rand Paul endorsement, we are kind of watching the funeral parade of RP2012 presidency? All this tremendous upheavel in just three weeks?

    It is obvious there has been a compromise made in mid-May. We don’t know what it is. But I am also quite certain, or at least hopeful, it was big enough to let the air out of millions of supporters. I hope you write a book about it some day soon.

    I don’t buy the idea that the campaign was short of cash. Remember the $5M money bomb? I max’d out recently and had started working on my friends to go all out, but May 14 stopped that thought.

    I also find it curious that early in May, Dr. Paul issued a statement saying if we don’t get $650,000 soon, the campaign is going to have to cease. But there was only a lukewarm attempt to start the money bomb. I saw that on the DailyPaul but not on RonPaul2012 site. I found that somewhat strange; now I find it suspicious. Dr. Paul seemed tired from the barnstorm but the language now makes me believe that the decision was made around May 7th. TMOT mentioned the change of strategy in
    But I am still shaking my head that if the delegate strategy was the real choice, why give up farming for delegates aggressively in the remaining primaries.

    John Tate needs adult supervision. That press release was very poorly worded and the media had a full meal with it.

    I would love to hear an encouraging word, and so would millions more that the shift was all worth it.

    1. The delegate strategy was the only way to beat the hack-a-vote machines.
      And, i wish people had made exit-polls (this is the FIRST presidential season I have not seen exit-polls from the news– now, why IS that, if Romney was the man the people voted for??). I would have also been happy if a lot more supporters of Paul would have joined me in being election judges. I did it so I could see, for myself, how the votes really went. I know how they went; for PAUL. Yet they were flipped for Romney in the machines.
      It is why I have filed my post regarding my experience as my affidavit in this case against the GOP-Machine (and the hack-a-vote-2000 machines).
      What I saw and what was put out there were two completely different things. One is only left, when seeing it all, to know the votes WERE flipped for Romney.
      (I should go and check the school, where the polls were, to see if the number-totals are still up on the wall. It’s possible they are, unless they were removed or changed.)

  13. Sell outs. Romney will never give us the time and day. Their Supporters laugh at our ideas. Call us crazy. How can I support people who disagree with me on every issue. I am done witht his campaign. You just robbed all the American people. SCUM

  14. i think we should NOT even count the delegates at this point! Just keep getting as many liberty minded people elected as delegates as we can and see how it all plays out in Tampa.go stealth, pretend to be Romney supporters if we must but most of all keep a lid on things from now till August in Tampa!

  15. now just remember the voting rights act and rule 38… It is illegal to bind and vote your conscience. We will in Massachusetts… In fact we are playing hardball with the Scott Brown campaign.. Still angry on not letting Senate s 604 get killed…

  16. WTF??? Are we broadcasting to the world how many stealth delegates we have in each district now?

    I certainly hope the numbers are not accurate Doug, loose lips sink ships.

    1. Oh, no. I would never name-names, but if Arkansas actually is good (all who attended the convention) with those they chose, I guess it’s on them?
      Texas delegates ARE remaining mum. Even I cannot get a word on the number, and I would never post it to anyone. I’ll only say that there were some names called (as delegates, alternates, and at-large, both) that I am very familiar with. I don’t expect these people to be removed as i know, too, that the RPT and TCRP knows them. We’ll see, though.

      However, as the credentials committees are working very hard to remove people from the roster(s), it probably is best to remain MUM.

  17. Hey Mr. Wead,

    Thanks so much for the update and for continually providing us with vital information about the campaign.

    My only question is when will the most pressing questions we RP supporters have are going to be address?

    For example:

    1. Why did Benton send out that email essentially ending all campaigning when the momentum was up?

    2. Why has Ron Paul been so silent since that email?

    3. Why did Rand Paul endorse Mitt Romney?

    4. What can be said about the validity of the article below and Penny Freeman’s interview?

    I remember your interview regarding question #1 when you stated some things in the campaign cannot be revealed and we may find out looking back in history a decade later or so.

    Mr. Wead, I am sure you realize why that is unacceptable to us who have worked so hard to support this campaign.

    We are not asking for anything but answers.

    Ron Paul has built a career based on honesty and openness and lately it seems as if the campaign has not been that way with its supporters.

    While gaining wins in Arkansas is amazing and shouldn’t be minimized, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed.

    Please Mr. Wead, can you provide us with some answers?

    1. I know the answer: there’s a “strategy behind it all that just can’t be fully disclosed until sometime in the future”.


      1. FyreWyngz — I do not expect you to trust them.

        But will you trust ME (when I tell you I’ve finally started putting the pieces together, and am begging to see it — and it should not be revealed, so just do the hardest thing possible, be patient)?


      2. Hi, Surfisher,

        To be clear – I never had trust to begin with. I didn’t need it! When you have a candidate like Dr. Paul who has been historically so crystal clear and transparent on EVERYTHING then you don’t really need trust. This is what I’ve always appreciated about him however his campaign seems to be all over the place now which has resulted in me questioning everything that I used to take for FACE VALUE.

        I honestly don’t know what to make of all of this however I will continue reading what goes on here but I’m not at all encouraged to continue campaigning for Dr. Paul in the ways that I was.

        It’s not ptience that I need. It’s that the campaign has to gain my trust. This is entirely challenging!

      3. Hey, Fyre;
        I was also pretty disgusted with what certain members of the Paul CAMP did, as well as what some specific talking-heads have done and said (Kokesh, Jones, that Penny- or Debbie??– chick, to name a few). I wish they would just shut their stupid mouths. But, this is America and I guess people can say what they want. I only wish cooler heads would prevail, and especially that those who’ve made a name for themselves off of their support for Ron Paul would stop and THINK about what they are doing.
        They are doing a disservice to all of us, not just to the Paul’s. It’s hurtful and their words are SHAMEFUL.
        Give it some time. I hope this suit being filed, today, will give you some peace. Until I hear from Dr Paul that he’s out, he is NOT out. And, i have yet to hear that.

      4. Hi, Anne, friends and family who’ve been using me as a barometer for this campaign are now looking at me like, “WTF?” They’re saying, “I told you – they were just trying to get Rand lined up.”

        Again, I don’t know what to think but I certainly don’t appreciate all of the BS.

        The banner on my house and the sign in my yard say “RON PAUL” not “RAND PAUL”. Where is Ron Paul NOW…?! Why has his campaign INCLUDING DOUG WEAD seemingly betrayed him?

        I agree with you – Dr. Paul is NOT out but his campaign sure is pushing him there!!!

      5. I soooooooooo agree with you. This campaign should not be stopped, even if Dr. Paul has been made a prisoner of Benton and Olson. Wead, I trust, but he is on the sidelines. Bring Penny back. Need people to come work for peanuts for the fire in the belly, not $$$$$$ in the bank like Jesse and the mole Trig. THROW THE BUMS OUT RIGHT NOW, Dr.Paul. The flame will continue to burn.

  18. Doug, I don’t think Rand is enthusiastic about his endorsement of Romney. I guess he had to do it. What I don’t understand is why he did it now. He could have waited until right before the convention and still saved face with the establishment. After all, Ron IS his dad. Why the hurry? Everybody knows that Romney will say whatever he has to say to whatever crowd he happens to be in front of that day. A promise from him is worthless. I don’t get it. Rand says he and Romney have a lot in common? Come on- we all know that isn’t true. I wish I could figure out why he did this now and especially on the Hannity show- the most disgraced “news” program out there. I was going to do a write in for Ron, (assuming he is not the nominee)but I have decided to vote Obama because we will get another shot in 4 years if Obama wins. Obama/Romney = same thing except Obama is guaranteed only 4 more years As a result of Rand’s actions, I am doing all I can to convince Ron Paul supporters to vote Obama in November. I will be attending the liberty meet-ups in my region and spreading this message as far as I can. We need to think long term now.

    1. Jeanne, I reluctantly agree with you. There is not a whit of a difference between Obama and Romney other than the skin of their color. Obama will not attack Iran as neocons would like to.

      Now, more than ever, it is important to send liberty minded people to congress. That’s where the real help is needed.

    2. Joanne its not over until its over. Lets support the movement into Tampa – chin up for 60 days. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we have to make a decision in November for Obama or Romney, I agree Obama is a better choice strategically, especially if we can keep the House Republican. A non-moving government will be best for 4 years. Romney has three strikes out for me…1. Supporter of bank bailouts in the event of EU contagion 2. He wants the ability to call war in his own hands 3. He supports the FED. This week Bill Clinton’s kind words of Romney, were a warning flag to me as well.

    3. For anyone that watched the rand-mittens endorsement. if you watch closely and listen closely youd laugh. he talks about choosing his father first.. sure he endorses the presumptive nominee… but his father first. and when he talks about having family structure in common with mitt. yeah thats about it… No big deal.

    4. Joanne….to vote for Obama means we will not have a chance
      in four years. Crazy motive. It will be a military/gov
      fascist one world order. Support the Ron Paul movement still….
      there is one thing better than him being president (hard to
      imagine, of course) … but that is that he is changing the
      Republican party to a freedom party………don’t dessert the
      IDEAS….keep with the ones you have worked hard and hoped hard with. We are in the trenches of a war. The troops don’t
      always know all the details.

  19. Mr. Wead,

    I understand you may not want my comment on your blog at this time and therefore you may not let it through moderation… but would you be willing to email me a short answer?

    I was part of the Youth for Paul at University of Maryland.


      1. Mr. Wead,

        Thank you so much for your response.

        Here is the comment I wrote earlier that outlines the general question I have:

        Hey Mr. Wead,

        Thanks so much for the update and for continually providing us with vital information about the campaign.

        My only question is when will the most pressing questions we RP supporters have are going to be address?

        For example:

        1. Why did Benton send out that email essentially ending all campaigning when the momentum was up?

        2. Why has Ron Paul been so silent since that email?

        3. Why did Rand Paul endorse Mitt Romney?

        4. What can be said about the validity of the article below and Penny Freeman’s interview?

        I remember your interview regarding question #1 when you stated some things in the campaign cannot be revealed and we may find out looking back in history a decade later or so.

        Mr. Wead, I am sure you realize why that is unacceptable and hard to hear to us who have worked so hard to support this campaign.

        We are not asking for anything but answers.

        Ron Paul has built a career based on honesty and openness and lately it seems as if the campaign has not been that way with its supporters.

        While gaining wins in Arkansas is amazing and shouldn’t be minimized, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed.

        Please Mr. Wead, can you provide us with some answers?

    1. Well, i am not Doug, Brian, but i think I can answer some questions.
      I think Jesse Benton is looking to his own future in other campaigns. I think Rand was doing same, but I think what Rand did will bite his behind– people do not like those who will go against their parents, especially for their own gain.
      Re: Penny Freeman. I think we saw a case of sour-grapes on her side, and I believe Adam Kokesh purposefully egged her on. Penny has not been a “Paul-insider” since 2007? So, please; tell me what she knows that none of us know? Penny, too, is just making her name. Same is true of Adam Kokesh. HE specifically made HIS name on the work of Ron Paul. Now he wants to turn it around and attack? His video with Penny made my stomach hurt. Again, I believe this will come around and work against him, the fool.

      In the end, it is always proven who’s out for himself and who’s on the side of right. Given the numbers of rumors and innuendo out of the mouths of Penny, Jesse, Adam, etc…, I see them for what they are: big-mouthed naysayers and rumor-mongers. And, I hope others will consider the source when looking back on all of this.

  20. So does this mean we’re still winning the race to the nomination? I hear on TV that Mitt Romney is going to have enough delegates, but doesn’t he really have only 500? This puts us over 1000 according to one of my Facebook friends. Is she right? I don’t want any surprises or disappointments at the convention.

  21. Doug, why should we care if we just found out that the whole delegate strategy was a sham all along, and we’ve been effectively betrayed and lied to about the campaign’s real motives.

  22. Now go for the jugular. Put your own at large slate up. All 21 Ron Paul people and alternates as one delegation. Call it the,”Conservative Value Slate,” or something you like. You have to study your state party rules or what rules will be adopted at the convention. Can you hire a parliamentarian for the day to help you through the process. If you have the numbers, you will WIN!!! Show up, stay all day, and vote. You can wear out a lot of people and they will leave early. We have a contested delegation going to Florida from Oklahoma. Get your numbers to the state convention and you will WIN!!!

    1. That’s not how it works here. it is completely different. I said it in the report, our delegates had to file BEFORE our primary and they also paid $150 to file. Filing is over. I also made it very clear who gets to cast the votes for the 21…and it’s not us. Please read more carefully.

      1. honestly….the AR model is pretty darn full proof. it takes party regulars to get things done. we have to become those party regulars to have a bigger impact next time. 🙂 I’ve studied our rules like mad.

    1. That’s a good way of putting it. Ron endorsed several incumbent Republicans facing reelection as part of a party rule. He didn’t expect his followers to donate money or actually vote for these incumbents.

  23. I was at the 4th district convention in Arkansas. Romney had his recommended delegates marked with asterisks and notes DIRECTLY ON THE BALLOT. Despite this, Paul-friendlies swept all three delegate slots. 🙂 I have photo evidence of the ballot as well as a letter placed on everyone’s table from the Romney campaign addressed to the state chairman, asking everyone to vote for the attached list of Romney delegates. I also have video of the names of the winners being read aloud.

  24. The Liberty movement is much, much bigger than Ron Paul. Ron Paul did not expect to win the nomination, he had a different strategy altogether, its by transforming the GOP and motivating the younger generation and setting the brush fires of Liberty. As for Rand Paul, he has taken his father’s advice by endorsing Romney so he isn’t alienated by the GOP, because Rand Paul will most likely run for president in 2016, while at the same time, getting liberty minded people to run for all elected offices, ensuring the Liberty movement well into the future. I too, was upset with Rand’s endorsement of Romney, but after reading a certain article, it all makes perfect sense.

  25. As a Brit, not too clued up on this delegate business, could someone answer me a simple question? Is Ron still in the running for POTUS, and does he have a chance? I desperately hope so! Best wishes from UK.

    1. Sean UK Liberty Lover — Ron Paul has a good chance to win!

      (Later on how — the day before the Tampa Convention!)

  26. Doug,
    Hypotheticaly. What if Ron won the nomination. And say miricle of God we win the general election.

    How do we navigate the electorial college?

    1. I would like to slap the both of them.
      Being in Austin, for over thirty years, I know enough to not hear Jones’ garbage. And, Kokesh just proved what a useless tool he is, too. Both play the anti-establishment role fairly well, but when it comes to really being same? Both are failures.
      I wish they would both zip it, before they bring more to the belief that this is over and there’s nothing to be done. This is exactly the wrong “strategy” NOW.

    2. To find out what Alex Jones is up to Duckduckgo (a non NSA google alternative) search Bill Cooper Alex Jones or Alex Jones Knights of Malta!

  27. I still think there should be two white houses, two Presidents, and let the Demorepublicans fight over their own ten square miles…Dr Ron Paul should be made the alternative President and continue educating the people. Forget about Rand Paul. His father will always be Top Gun. President Ron Paul is the People’s choice and Romney is the Party’s choice. Let it be. Like one under Common Law and one under statutory law…

  28. Let’s see…….you bout outta cash Doug$$$$? How’s it going you f…… A hole. I have given lotsa $$$$$$$$$$$$$, you get enough for you and Benton and Tate?..and the other guy. Nomoney bomb coming soon to your local cam-Pain.

  29. Apparently Rand Paul is disgusted with his nomination of Gov. Romney with this linguistics analysis.

    Talking about his father vs. talking about Romney

    There is also a subtle but very real difference between the way Sen. Rand Paul talks about his father versus talking about Romney. Here are the overriding emotions as he speaks:

    Happy, confident, expressive:

    My first choice has always been my father, I campaigned for him when I was eleven years old, he’s still my first pick…

    Reserved, cautious, neutral:

    ..but you know now that the nominating process is over, tonight I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be supporting…

    Depressed, disgusted:

    Governor Romney.

    Micro-expressions analysis

    Immediately after Rand Paul utters “Governor Romney,” his face freezes. His usual pattern of rapid blinking and eyebrow hikes grinds to a virtual halt. He goes “stone cold” for a few seconds.

    He only smiles again when Sean Hannity mentions his father:

    If you didn’t support your father, by the way, I would really question…

    Rand Paul SMILES (i.e. he likes his father)

    Learn more:

  30. I can not think of one question I would have ask Romney during the Campaign..can you? I mean he has been totally honest,and has committed no fraud,or,told any lies.Their was nothing the Paul campaign could have said,or,done because Mitt is an Honest man..clean through,top to bottom,and would never lie,or,cheat anyone…Or! the Paul Campaign has been told what they can,and can not do,and they listened;with Wead as their guidon.

  31. Spread this far and wide!!


    Today, Monday June 11th, the lid is to be blown wide off the FRAUD that has been going on in the elections this year!!

    This lawsuit will also LEGALLY unbound ALL Delegates and protect them as well!!

    HONEST RON 2012

  32. Mr. Wead ,
    Any chance the GOP will skip having a vote in Tampa, or
    they can’t even try that ? Thank you so very much for opening
    this blog for us to speak our mind and ask questions, I knew
    you’d be the one to brave it first!


  33. i refuse to listen to or trust anyone who can only lay claims of a stereotypical ‘television’ ideaology of southern ppl. judy how much more uneducated can someone be to make comments about ppl NOT from a different area of this UNITED States like this?? the key term being UNITED, duh. what an idiot. let’s see you allow this.

  34. Doug,

    I appreciate your insightful commentary regarding the long view. As displeasing as Rand’s endorsement is to me, ultimately we must be willing to concede a battle to win the war.

    We must also, however, be mindful of the slippery slope this creates. While Ron Paul is truly a rare individual in politics (and my hope is that Rand will continue to promote his fathers beliefs), over the course of history the political landscape has been littered with individuals whose intentions are initially pure, but overtime diluted to a point where they eventually become assimilated to establishment.

    Remember, trust but verify…

    Your thoughts?

  35. Doug, let me be frank to express my hurt at the recent turn of events.

    I NEVER, EVER donated to a politician in my lifetime except for Ron Paul during the primaries. And I donated as much as I reasonably could for EVERY moneybomb and EVERY time the campaign asked. I went without in order to put my money where my mouth was and support the country that I love and the ideas I hold true to my heart. With that being said, I feel like I’ve been taken for a ride.

    The campaign took a lot of missteps that made me scratch my brow but I was silent and optimistic. From the delegate stragegy that seems like a pipe dream given the corrupt system, to not contesting Florida at all, to not campaigning in Texas, to not justly and fairly attacking Romney, to not fighting voting fraud (Iowa, Maine, etc.), to Jesse’s ridiculous message that the campaign was suspended active campaigning (what was the value in this declaration besides taking the wind out of the ship’s sail?), to the urging of delegates to “be respectful” and play nice with Romney and the corrupt GOP at the convention. I say this without hesitation now – THIS CAMPAIGN WAS SOLD OUT. To Olson’s Viking Consulting making 200K (Olson is a true and blue NEOCON) to reports that Benton made $500K in salary and kickbacks, to the reports of rampant nepotism, I feel SOLD OUT. The campaign was resourceful in food choices, lodging, and tracking funds I’m sure. But the overinflated salaries and consulting fees really irk me. This was a grassroots movement – there is no room for heavy salaries. It should be about attracting people that believe in the ideas and will do anything to get them spread – not increasing one’s bank account. You don’t join a charity or cause you believe in to make it rich – you do it to follow your passions.

    Rand’s endorsement of Romney is a big slap in the face to all of the people, to all of the delegates that worked so hard and continue to hold out hope that change can be made this election. I don’t know the details and I don’t know what happened but I am disgusted. I will NEVER donate another cent to any politician and I have also unsubscribed from the Campaign for Liberty.

    Doug, I type these words seeking reassurance that what my gut and facts tell me are not true. It’s up to you and RON PAUL, who is now eerily silent, to tell me otherwise.

    1. Ron Paul to WIN — Or American to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

      The Mittney will never defeat the BO!

      And If the BO gets reelected, we’ll reach the Point of No Return. (Four more years of this usurper will GUARANTEE the disappearance of the 2nd Amendment — and most likely the disappearance of many visible opponents he has, and certainly the core of the supporters of freedom, in their hundreds of thousands, will be whisked away to FEMA Camps, never to be heard of again — thanks to his NDAA). I would not be surprised if the BO in his second term enacts a law whereby He, for the “good of the people”, can win a third term. All empires end with a dictatorship — and since ours is nearing its end, why expect it to be different. It’s good to be the King — and the BO is a willing Nero (and then his progeny could become a Dynasty).

      On the other hand:

      To his own surprise, Ron Paul has reached a stage that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of his campaign. He actually can depend on more committed patriotic delegates, then Rmoney can count on his forced-through “bound ones”!

      I say, push to Tampa — and see how many will vote their Conscience! We might just get surprised how many patriots still exist in our nation!

    2. I will say this; that statement put-out by Benton, just before TEXAS was to vote(??) felt like a huge betrayal to US; Texans. Some people I do know that watch the MSM were asking me IF Paul had dropped-out, and I had to remind them to not hear or heed the words of the media, as it is their work to deceive us.
      But, yes; not campaigning (actively) in Texas was a very bad decision. We were so UP, and then Benton put out that stupid email.
      Perhaps funds were low? Yet, if this were the case, why was Benton paid so well? I had no idea what his salary was, but it’s been reported to be as low as 200k and as high as 500k. I thought he’d be taking a nominal fee, considering what Dr Paul has said he would accept as salary for president! I suppose some people are not what we think they are and they do generally expose their true nature, in the end; this is Benton.
      I did not have such a problem with the nepotism, as who can generally speak for the candidate better than family? Yet, back to the salary of Benton (and probably Tate?), what the heck happened? Who decided on that figure? Were either a true patriot or lover of liberty they would have gone with 1/4 of what they were paid.

      It’s frustrating, but it does not change who Ron Paul is. And, again, I say; why do we put the wrongs of his family members onto the head of Ron Paul? Perhaps this is one reason he is NOT speaking out? I would think, too, given what Rand said to Hannity (and did not say to Hannity), Ron Paul must be questioning what he can say and if he should continue to soldier on. I would feel that, had I experienced what he has, especially from family..

  36. After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

  37. Well done, Arkansas Liberty fellows!!!
    I hope all the Ron Paul delegates who may feel confused, betrayed, angry or heartbroken due to the last developments can once more regain that little spark of joy, that gleam in the eye that distinguish every Liberty supporter who want Dr. Ron Paul elected as President, even if he doesn’t want the job anymore.

    The finest, ultimate forma of keynessian stimulus is warfare. It is possible that war against Syria or Iran o even Pakistan will be declared (illegally) by President Obama in order to secure the election. Of course, we all know that Romney will not say a word against it, for the same reasons he was for the bail-out and for the same reasons all the MSM oracles and the propaganda tentacles will say it’s great thing to wage war against countries that do not pose a national security risk, but happen to have useful natural resources as well as being all enemies of the one true faith: the “hit and run christian warfare”. But, What will Randall “happy-to-endorse-Romney” Paul do in such situation?

    Question: Why not running as independent? The debates should be infiltrated and blown up from the public, because they won’t let Ron Paul have a seat in a national debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, so that all the people can finally see the difference.

    Some people say that unemployment is the key. If Romney can play that card well enough, then he can beat Obama. But what that people don’t say is that unemployment is merely a fever. The infection is deep inside, and you need the right theory to cure this disease. Romney does not know one iota about economy. Obama does not know anything at all. Paul knows what is to be done. It’s time to see a real Doctor.

  38. Mr. Wead,

    Will you help us? Are you willing/able to talk to Dr. Paul? So many people need to hear something from him personally. We can tell when those emails or press releases are written by someone other than him. We need to hear him speak. We’ve put a lot into this, and its working people into a frenzy.

    Does he hear the words of Alex Jones, Tom Woods, and others? Does he hear all the speculation and talk? Do you all realize how volatile this situation is becoming? We need to hear from him soon. We have stood with Dr. Paul. Please ask him to tell us if he is going to stand with us now. He can’t give up. He PROMISED us he would stay in it to win it. He promised he would fight all the way to Tampa. Is he going to throw us under the bus and turn his back after all these years? After all he has done?

    There are many angry patriots out here. Some of us don’t have jobs, and have donated money and time even though we have small children to feed. These are desperate times.

    I know you read this. I know you can answer me. I know you can talk to Dr. Paul. Please help?

    Thank you,

    1. Ditto for me. I brought in more than a dozen people in for the baptism in Liberty. Now we are looking at each other and scratching our heads on how to help the Revolution. It is now a movement looking for the leader or a substitute. Rand Paul doesn’t cut it. May be we all vote for Gary Johnson. We are purists, not pragmatic!

  39. You people don’t get it . A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama . If we really want to change America , get united behind Romney . Ron Paul is only going to devide the Republican party . WHAT ARE YOU THINKING .

    1. Ron Paul has said he will not be the nominee come Tampa. As much as I wanted Ron Paul to be our president, it pains me to say that if we want the best approach to continue our message and reform the GOP then we need to get behind Romney unfortunately. Think of it this way. We won so many delegates, right? We won so many leadership positions at the State level, right? Since we DID we have a great opportunity to influence/reform the GOP at the state level which then will go to the National level, If we shun the GOP nominee (Romney) then we will be basically giving up on all the people who won the spots at the state levels. No one will work with us if we say screw you GOP and turn our backs.

      Unfortunately, I do see it this way. And the FACT that Rand Paul said in the DailyPaul interview yesterday a few things of importance.

      That “everyone knows” that Romney has between 1300-1500 delegates at this point.

      And that he talked to his father before the endorsement and made it clear he would not endorse until the nomination process was over and there was a nominee. Meaning Ron knew about the endorsement and probably was ok with it. Ron is about the message and reform.

    2. My 2 cents:

      The BO and Rmoney — both a waste of protoplasm in the attempt to create a human being (such cell formation could only be justified in creating a billy-goat — more precisely a Judas Goat (in the olden days when the sheep were wary to exit the pen to be slaughtered, a Judas Goat was introduced…it led them through the gate, where it passed safely, while the sheep that followed it got their brains bashed in)).

  40. What a mess. Ron Paul won most all the states but got punked with the vote cheating/flipping and we are supposed to roll over and take it? Typical Repub behavior is not being able to stick up for oneself. So we bow to the one who stole it from Ron Paul?
    Hey, the country is about to go down the crapper in August and the little people are about to get crushed. We don’t have any more time nor a future to bet on. Of course those of you with lots of loot will be fine. It’s the 99% who will not be fine. So we paid off the campaign with our donations and got what? The signal to roll over and take it? Canada inploded but did you see it in the news? Nope. US bailed them out and not one peep.
    Who’s going to bail us out? If Ron Paul doesn’t want to be president than why’d he run? I love him and want him to lead us away from the impending doom of a collapse. It is NOT inevitable if we can turn this ship around.

  41. Boy this all sounds just like it did in 2008. We all went through the heartache and distrust then too. de ja vue all over again as our freedoms disappear like a rock rolling downhill and picking up speed. Make sure you are ready for what’s about to come!

  42. Let’s throw one of our soldiers into the musket balls and let him take some fire so the British won’t burn all our towns down, YEAH, THAT’S the right attitude! Let’s let ONE of the enemy have our gold and silver, let’s APPEASE them … then they’ll think we’re all nice and stuff.



    Liberty Live Stream Team GOT the film while being glared at and STALKED by GOP THUGS!

    Monica, when you look back on this, you will regret your appeasement of these violent terrorists.

    Give them an inch and they will BREAK YOUR FINGERS. But he weren’t scared, no.

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