Behind the brutality in Louisiana

What was behind the broken bones, hysteria and bruised egos at last weekend’s Louisiana State GOP Convention?  Why the attacks on legitimately elected Ron Paul delegates?   Don’t the Romney folks get it?  Don’t they want to win in November?  Don’t they want and need the youth vote?  Hispanics?  Independents?  Even, the Democrats, that Ron Paul is attracting to the party?

And the answer is way more complex that it appears.

Yes, in some state conventions,  Romney people have orchestrated the efforts to disenfranchise the new Ron Paul delegates.  Look to Nevada to see for yourself.  In Clark County (Las Vegas) 111 out of 140  delegates went for Ron Paul so last week the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the GOP walked out, and in a redo of Alaska, they took the GOP money with them.  It’s always about money.

In Arizona a Ron Paul victory was stolen.  According to reports from the convention, a sealed box was taken home after the vote and the next day 100 ballots got added when it was opened.  Said Ron Paul coordinator, Shawn Dow, “They took a bunch of our winners off and then stuck on a bunch of their losers.”

Nathan Sproul was the Romney operative tasked with stopping Ron Paul supporters in Arizona.

Here are the crib notes on Sproul:

“Accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states.”

More on voter registration fraud.

“Team Bush paid millions to Nathan Sproul and then tried to hide it.”

In Illinois, the RNC (Romney National Committee) has a sophisticated system in place to keep out the Ronulans.  Many delegate slots to the state convention are empty and the party is actively trying to fill them with anyone but a Ron Paul supporter.  As such they have a series of questions they use to screen the applicants.  Of course they want to know their age, their race, their occupation, etc.  Several applicants have called in to say that a GOP Illinois state official called back to decline their participation.

One was told, “I am so sorry but I will have to say no.  You came back with a score of 87%.  That’s too high.”  It was explained to the applicant that the higher the score that greater the likelihood that they were a Ron Paul supporter and would thus not be allowed by the party to fill the vacant slot and participate in their state convention.

(Citizens from Illinois can contact state RP leader Scott Davis or Laurie Bluedorn for information on becoming a delegate or alternate.)

But it is the more malicious and violent attacks that happened last weekend that has garnered attention.   Even if the main stream media ignores it, the stories are viral.   And today we are getting a clearer pictures of what happened.  This time, it is not the Romney people, indeed they were trying to make peace, understanding that breaking bones is not the way to unite the party.  It was local and national Rick Santorum people behind the chaos.

The Santorum people, running the Louisiana State GOP Convention, hired off duty police to do their bidding.  Knowing they were outnumbered by duly elected Ron Paul delegates, who had won their elections at precinct, county and district conventions, and knowing that they would immediately be voted out of their positions, the Santorum people decided to manhandle the state convention and make a win with brute force.

The Santorum team rationalized this because of their 49% primary win last March 24.  Didn’t this give them the right to run the convention?  They decided it did.

But the Santorum people had not turned out voters at the caucus meetings, nor had they elected enough delegates to the state convention.  They were desperate.  They had to find a place for their national leaders, Tony Perkins, for example, the choleric head of Family Research Council, who had endorsed Santorum and tried to bring along others.

And so off duty police were  hired and when the vote went bad, they had the Ron Paul delegates roughed up a bit.

Correction:  Okay, I took out the last line on Calvin.  As a born again Christian, myself, with doctrinal roots in Calvinism I felt free to mock the motives of Mr. Perkins, the Baptist, who appeared to want to be a delegate so badly that it didn’t matter who got hurt.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. Doug,

    As a resident of Louisiana & a Ron Paul supporter, I am appalled at the tactics used by Shreveport police…….not that this is not common for them. My question is…..have the two victims filed suit yet?

    1. There were TWO victims? This is disgusting. We have disgraceful things going on in the Massachusetts GOP Party too, now.

    2. Please everyone,Do not let this incedent fade from memory like the establishment would like.This is exactly the kind of sensationlism we need to open alot of peoples eyes. get these poor victims on letterman,etc,etc

  2. Grieved by the abuse experienced by Ron Paul supporters, but saddened, as well, by the last two lines of your article – casting Christians and Calvinists in a bad light. There are a lot of “us” in your camp doing our best to support Ron Paul…

    1. I really appreciated your analysis and explanation. I didn’t appreciate the John Calvin slight. I know you area student of history so please take a look at the belligerence of Servetus and the graciousness of Calvin. Look also to exactly how much power Calvin wielded as compared to the body that made the decision. Never the less, I take your point. I respect and appreciate Calvin deeply. I do not have very much respect for those who used brute force to try to hold on to power despite the rules. I do not have very much respect for FRC, after Ron gave a stellar speech at the values voters summit and Perkins got on the air to totally undermine his own straw poll. I called FRC personally to voice my disgust.

      1. I think the point was that John Calvin, though he professed the highest of Christian virtues and motivations, was actually a vicious and Machiavellian politician, that personally commanded a great number of executions in the name of religious revolution.

      2. I used to support FRC but not since hearing false witness that Gary Bauer was giving on video. I didn’t see it at first, but when I did, it explained why many I know had been accusing Paul of being anti-Israel, though Paul stood alone in Israel’s defense when Bauer was with Reagan and the UN condemning Israel for attacking a nuke site in Iraq. Now that we bombed all of Iraq, how can we (and he) have such a log in our eye about Israel bombing one target back then, and how can he be so hypocritical? I suspect his Bauer’s real motivation is his commitment to keep Government officially in charge of marriage instead of the church. But if we return to allowing the church to deal with marriage and forget about income tax (including the effects of marital status on taxation), I think the homosexual activists will stop pursuing marriage. It’s really about the money.

        When I was teaching, I paid full tuition to teach my own daughter. It had not always been like that, as at one time, family tuition waivers covered the children and spouses of all faculty. (Don’t muzzle the ox treading the grain). But the union was quick to give up those benefits when there was low tuition, and then promised to get them back when tuition skyrocketed. The family tuition waivers that they got back however did not cover children. It covered domestic partners and spouses instead. It seems the homosexuals stole the benefits from the children, and they will do the same thing with marriage as long as the government has income tax where we have to disclose our marital status. In reality the tax is invasive of privacy, and marriage should be a private religious matter. Dr. Paul was right, but it didn’t help his relations with Gary Bauer & FRC.

        It’s too bad. I used to have a lot of respect for Gary Bauer and FRC. I doubt I will return to supporting him or FRC anytime soon. It’s too bad over the years I’ve probably contributed way more to FRC than to Dr. Paul’s campaign.

      3. What kind of revisionist history is that, creolegenius? There was only one ordered execution under Calvin’s “rule” (Servetus) and that wasn’t done by Calvin but the leaders of Geneva. This is a political blog trying to keep revisionists out. Don’t make it worse by adding revisionist commentary to half-century old politics.

  3. Yes, Doug;
    I was a bit (more than) miffed to see the write-up in the local papers (La newspaper) that Santorum had a hand in this. It’s why I posted the story on your prior blog.
    When can we finally count Santorum out? He and his ilk are being the attempts to “bind” all delegates, in Texas, to the “winner of the primary”. I have not, though, heard more about his pressuring the RPT (Rep Party TX) since he dropped out of the race, which is to say, he may still be pursuing same. “His” Tea-Party supporters in Texas have planned (still) to vote for him, if they make it as delegates to our convention, this week. It all seems a bit backwards, to me, but i wonder if this is a way to get HIM up on the stage in Tampa (as a candidate, again). Wouldn’t he be done, once he suspended his campaign? If so, when will he finally drop out and explain to his supporters that he IS out?

    I am happy that the Romney folk decided to go along with the Paul folk, in LA, but I am very disgusted that the word from LaGOP is that, “The Paul supporters refused to participate in OUR convention”, and accounts for the many delegate slots still open, as they surely cannot have a conservative or his supporters as their choice.
    I suppose this would simply be too much honesty for Louisiana?

    (I liked the throw-back to Calvin/ Calvinism.)

      1. These people are remnants of their primary. I explained, below, that the GOP of LA is still supporting their loser, Santorum, and they will easily turn to Romney (evidenced by their going after Paul supporters, ONLY), rather then PAUL- as soon as the RNC gives them the green light.
        These people do not think for themselves. At least, in my experience, they think how the National Party tells them to think, but only WHEN the National Party tells them to think it.
        I took, from this article, that the Santorum folk are still going to be a thorn in our collective side, as they are in Texas, and will turn into Romney-thorns as soon as the RNC gives the go.

  4. @Abigail: If Doug is alluding to what I think he is, “Calvinism” or the works of Calvin weren’t really appreciated until after the fact. In his case, after his death. To quote Wikipedia: Calvin did not live to see the foundation of his work grow into an international movement; but his death allowed his ideas to break out of their city of origin, to succeed far beyond their borders, and to establish their own distinct character.

    Well-played, Doug. Quite an obscure character is Calvin to draw some alignment to the RP movement, but as a fellow historian, I can certainly see it!

  5. By 1547, opposition to Calvin and other French refugee ministers had grown to constitute the majority of the syndics, the civil magistrates of Geneva. On 27 June an unsigned threatening letter in Genevan dialect was found at the pulpit of St. Pierre Cathedral where Calvin preached. Suspecting a plot against both the church and the state, the council appointed a commission to investigate. Jacques Gruet, a Genevan member of Favre’s group, was arrested and incriminating evidence was found when his house was searched. Under torture, he confessed to several crimes including writing the letter left in the pulpit which threatened God and his ambassadors and endeavouring to subvert church order. The civil court condemned him to death and, with Calvin’s consent, he was beheaded on 26 July.[44]

    The libertines continued their opposition, taking opportunities to stir up discontent, to insult the ministers, and to defy the authority of the Consistory.

  6. Santorum is on the Romney team. He was put in the race to cause trouble in the Paul campaign to begin with.

  7. Become a Plaintiff in your state. If you were a delegate and witnessed fraud at your convention go here. or
    A delegate in Arizona

  8. As the Ron Paul campaign inches closer to a deal with Romney Mr. Wead attempts to shift blame towards Santorum in an effort to smooth over relations with Romney.

    1. You have it spot on sir. Now we are doing the spinning for Mr Mittins. What IS going on here. Oh well….

  9. Doug, you need to shuck your republiCON loyalty and wake up to reality. Your backing a desperate, dead, corrupt crime family. A third party that represents the overwhelming majority of Americans is what is needed, not silly excuses to prop up your misguided allegience. That is appearing to be Dr. Paul’s biggest problem!!

    1. Again; please do not shoot the messenger!
      The way Doug reported it is the way it happened, on the ground, in LaGOP convention. I also got my info straight from LA GOP delegates (for Paul) and the word IS:
      Santorum and his people are still working to KILL the GOP, everywhere, especially the “new” GOP Paul supporters.
      Does nobody understand how Catholic Louisiana IS? If so, why do y’all not understand the comment about Calvin?

      1. I live in Louisiana. I know first hand that the Louisiana GOP is all for Santorum and they HATE Ron Paul supporters… Annebeck, it’s not just the Catholics. I’ve had conversations with Baptists as well as Nondenominationals, who are active members of the state GOP, and have been told that Santorum is the only canidate they can believe in. This is because of his stance on making federal laws to outlaw abortion as well as his strong stance on supporting Israel. Those are the only two issues that seem to be important to them and they can’t grasp the concept that the federal government should give states the rights to govern themselves.
        They disagree with Paul because Paul wants to give the states the right to make the decision about abortion and because of this, they think that some states won’t outlaw abortion. They believe that since the president can push for federal laws, he should outlaw abortion on the federal level and anything else that is making this country “immoral” and is not fitting of their christian values.
        The other issue is Paul’s support for Israel. The believe that since the US is the “most powerful country in the world” and “the policeman of the world” it is our duty to support Israel with whatever it needs because that’s what they believe the Bible tells them to do.
        Ohhh, and there’s the whole “bringing the troops home” thing. That’s a big No No in their eyes. After-all, “we are the policemen of the world”.
        Seriously, they are as far right as you can get. All I’ve said here is strait from their mouths.

      2. Yes, Jonathan.
        I was mainly talking about Louisiana being (historically) Catholic in regard to the last lines of Doug’s post (on Calvin). I was raised in an ultra-Catholic family and attended Catholic schools. I then moved to Texas, where the church has nowhere near as much pull (at least the Catholic church has little say in politics). But, they will also more readily go with another Catholic based on that, alone (even those who are just neighbors of Catholics- as? the parish still runs the neighborhoods.)
        I believe everything you said about the people of La going with Santorum and why, and this does include the Church of Christ, Baptist, and other Christians. We hear the same, here, in the Tea Party (especially). These people have held out for Santorum, and were still with him yesterday, in the Texas convention. However, those who are pro-Santorum are also not as strongly pro-Romney as the main GOP and his bots. But as they are more establishment GOP (but don’t try and tell THEM that), they will go Romney when given the word to do so. It seems that RAND PAUL gave them the word.
        And, still, at the Texas convention, the Paul folk did quite well. And, if we can get a hold of these Santorum and GIngrich delegates before August, I believe they WILL go Paul.
        ALL we wanted was PAUL in Tampa. I believe the GOP has to allow for that or they risk losing the election by losing US. After all, their numbers are not going to beat Obama, without US. I think they know this. If they don’t, I wonder why they even went along with this (complete) farce of a convention? Did they need Romney’s injection of money into their coffers? Was that what they really wanted?
        Most of Paul’s supporters don’t have a lot of cash to spare, but we have something most GOP has not had for a long time; a LOT of heart and energy to go with it.
        If only we can get Santorum to (now) zip it!!

    1. Don’t you wonder about that meeting rand had with Mittens last week? Why is the campaign treating Romney with kid gloves? Look at the release from Tate thanking Romney for taking the high road. Romney is the OPPONENT. There will be plenty of time after Dr Paul receives the nomination to make nice.Why now?

  10. Shreveport, Louisiana Police are in BIG TROUBLE!!! BUSTED on camera! And hopefully, the state GOP establishment along with them too.

    Those so-called “police” were rent-a-cops, hired by Louisiana GOP as private security. Meaning, they were off-duty. But they were wearing taxpayer funded uniforms as if they were on-duty. That’s a BIG no-no! And on top of that, entire thuggish behavior they exhibited is all well documented.

    Louisiana GOP has helped open a ridiculously CORRUPT can of worms. This story is going to get murky.

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — Spot on!

      Their name badges were recorded — now just a matter of taking each one INDIVIDUALLY to court!

    1. I believe it’s Santorum working to bring his supporters around to the idea of ROMNEY.
      And it sure as heck is NOT Doug Wead (or anyone in the Paul camp) doing same.

      Y’all need to back off of Doug and pay attention to the facts!

  11. Mr Wead, Santorum supporters, really. You’re joshing right? By the way where have you been during any of this. Watching reruns of Fox Mews when got to be interviewed. Still got a job? I hope not.

    1. He wasn’t in Washington. Or Missouri. Or North Carolina. What happened to the money from the last money bomb?

  12. No Mr. Wead. This is no crazed Santorum supporters taking revenge here. This is a desperate Mitt Romney crew is fighting for delegates. Fighting dirty because of the impending loss.

    Do you have any proof or at least a motive as to why Santorum people would do this? Have you watched the video as the minority have proceeded to elect delegates for Romney?

    Let me get this straight, Romney folks are our friends and we should be prepared to make nice-nice with them and may be even vote for Mittens eventually? And who knows, may be war-mongering Rand Paul will be a vice president?

    Care to comment on this one Mr. Weed?

    1. Well, I pointed out the Romney action but what intrigued me here was who hired the off duty police and why did they want to bully the convention? And that, according to the people I interviewed, led to Santy people. I was surprised as well. As to motive, it was apparently to get their people named or “elected” as delegates to Tampa as a reward.

      1. The police were hired by Villere direct, as was the room and the utilities. Villere commanded the state troopers to command the Shreeport Swarmcops. I was standing right there and heard him. I don’t like Santorum or Romney, but this thing was all about the prospect of Villere and his LAGOP executive committee minions (Jason Doré, Scott Wilfong, Ross Little, Jennifer Madsen, Lynn Skidmore, Jeff Giles, etc.) keeping their jobs and the salaries/bank accounts secure.

        Delegate, Congressional District 1

    2. Mr BB:
      Here’s the thing about Republicans and LaGOP: they ARE Santorum supporters, as much as the Texas Tea-Party folk are ALSO Santorum supporters. However, as they are ALSO GOP (dyed-in-the-wool RED), they are easily moved to support the guy the RNC decides is, “it”. So, if the RNC says Romney is the guy, then Romney is the guy, but until they are told this, Santorum IS the guy in Louisiana. That much was proven in their primary (well, as much as we can trust ANY machine to provide accurate votes and, as a Texan, I can tell you it is surely not MUCH).
      So, yes; they were supporters of Lil Ricky. But, they are just as happy to come out and support Romney. However, do not count on them to EVER support Dr Paul, unless and until the RNC allows for it. They were supporters of Santorum and they will be supporters of Mitt, but only when their RNC_Programmed minds are told to do so.

  13. No Mr. Wead. This is no crazed Santorum supporters taking revenge here. This is a desperate Mitt Romney crew is fighting for delegates. Fighting dirty because of the impending loss.

    Do you have any proof or at least a motive as to why Santorum people would do this? Have you watched the video as the minority have proceeded to elect delegates for Romney?

    Let me get this straight, Romney folks are our friends and we should be prepared to make nice-nice with them and may be even vote for Mittens eventually? And who knows may be war mongering Rand Paul will be a vice president?

    Care to comment on this one Mr. Weed?

    1. I am just reporting what people are telling me. If you have some different info, I will report it. People on the ground told me that in this case, the local, establishment GOP we Santy supporters who initially ran the convention and hired the off duty police and that in this case, the Romney people there tried to help our side.

      1. Weadie;
        Bushie here. At the meeting last week, I thought I heard Turdblossom tell you to finger Romneyguys for what was going to happen, and let the Sanitariums off until after Texas? Or was it the other way around? I forget after that last beer.

      2. I am just now getting back to this, and WHOA; things went a bit topsy-turvy overnight!
        Yes, my understanding (from Paul folk, on the ground– literally in some cases) was; it WAS the insiders; the “GOP Committee-members”. who happened to be pro-Santorum, that instigated all of this. When the convention turned around, quite literally, the Romney folk joined the Paul folk in doing so. The Romney folk (and I really am sure they were seriously outnumbered by Paul delegates) were prepared to hear the newly-elected chairman, yet the Santorum LA-GOP mainstays were NOT. And it was the LaGOP (Santorum delegates left-over from their primary) who had hired the off-duty cops and gave them their marching orders.

        Now, when it comes to how we treat the Romney supporters, and how we work with them or not, I want to say this to everyone: Read, “The Art of War”. Figure out when we need to make a move and how we need to, initially, work with these people. We do not need to start out by making them our adversaries. That is no way to get anything positive done. That sort of behaviour is what gets their hackles up and get them acting violently toward US.

        And the last sentence re: Calvin? I understood it to mean; Calvin would have smiled- WRYLY. I took it as a semi-joke.
        We sure as heck do not need to start working to tear one-another down, as we are still trying to get OUR GUY, Dr Paul, nominated. Use more honey than salt. We shall NEVER change the minds of our adversaries by name-calling or angry words. All that will do is create more disharmony and probably (as we’ve seen) violence, yet again.
        Doug reported, accurately, what went on on the ground in Louisiana. Please do not shoot the messenger! He happens to be, in this case, on OUR side!

      3. If you were, indeed, reporting what people told you, you would have asked me, who grew up with Roger Villere in Kenner, and regrets it to this day. I am a C4L regional coordinator and a CATHOLIC delegate from District 1 to the Convention. I was in the middle of all the action. You are reporting things that people are feeding you, without any interior knowledge. Fully 1/3 of our Louisiana delegates are Catholic, so I suggest that this Calvinist crowd here get off their stupid comments about Santorum, who doesn’t represent the real Catholics of Louisiana. He is supported by the majority of Evangelicals here, however.

      4. You see, this is why that comment regarding Calvin (smiling) made complete sense to me, and made me smile (well, chortle), too.

      5. I should have also said this, “The enemy of my enemy is (not necessarily) my friend!” We can use our enemy to take-down our larger enemy and I understand this was what was attempted in the LaGOP Convention.
        Is that wrong?

      6. So in other words you traffic in hearsay? Is this what we the people pay you to do through the money bombs?

      7. Well, John; perhaps you want to take look at the videos and explain which “side” was in the wrong? according to different people in La, at the convention, Doug’s information is accurate.
        Do you expect him to be at each and every convention? If there are three states hosting conventions on one particular day, would you like to decide which one he needs to attend? Would that satisfy you?

        Dr Paul’s employees are generally paid a lot less than those of ROmney and even Santorum. Why would you have a problem with them accepting salaries? I really don’t think anyone working for Dr Paul is in this for the money, so why would you make such a snide comment?

  14. Are you freaking serious???!!!! I am a 100% died in the wool Ron Paul supporter. I have donated every bit of any extra funds to his campaign that I could scrap up. I have four children that are homeschooled by their mother whom I work extremely hard to ensure that she can do so without working herself…all the while putting myself thru college! Thus, funds are ever so tight. I have prayed for Dr. Paul and his candidacy and have done my best to defend him against all those who would attack him and our phiolosophy of government. I have bought the signs, went to bat in the midst of total crowd oppostition giving an apologetic for the Ron Paul vision of economics, political theory and foreign policy for America as a dyed the the wool, true blue CALVINISTIC Christian!

    There are plenty if calvinist of my stripe who support Dr. Paul (in direct contra-distinction to the mostly sadly misinformed evangelicals)…in fact, about the only wing of evangelical christianily that has fully supported Ron Paul’s campaign have been the Reformed Calvinistic Christians.

    What a terribly foolish thing for Mr. Wead to say! What a misinformed and historically innaccurate ad hominem attack against what are probably the most ardent defenders of Dr. Paul’s candidacy that is within Christianity in America!!! (I am assuming here that this is an historical reference to Servitus), I do not wish at this point to explain or defend the details — and historical malignment — of John Calvin’s involvement with the execution of Servitus, but it is akin to blaming all white people for all time as guilty for the enslavement of African Americans.

    This does not change my views or support of Dr. Paul’s message. However, this is a terrible miscalculation on Mr. Wead’s part…in order to do what? Score a few misinformed historical popularity points? I have appreciated much of what Mr. Wead has done for the campaign up to this point, but this line of ad hominem reasoning is akin to the likes of an Al Sharptron or Jesse Jackson. Shame on you Mr. Wead…shame on you!!!

    1. Pleased to see the redaction. No doubt, I would love to flesh out the historical reference to Calvin but
      alas, I am typing this on my phone and this really wasn’t my intent here. Another place, another post perhaps. Grace and Peace.

      RP 2012!!

  15. Uh, Doug? Since Santorum is Catholic, would it not have been more appropriate to say “All in the name of a loving Crusade, of course. The Pope would have smiled.”
    I am a Calvinist with MANY Calvinist Ron Paul friends. I am maxed out to the campaign and still giving heavily to delegate assistance causes.
    Really, Doug? What are you trying to do here?

      1. Ok, so, if you are a Calvinist, WHAT are you trying to do here? What’s up with equating Calvin to the sadistic mastermind of the Santorum campaign?

  16. Calvin? He was a Protestant (Calvinism founder)…Santorum is a Catholic.

    Though I do see your point – this certainly is not the behavior of anyone who claims to value Christian principles. Our Lord did not say “get your way at all costs – the end justifies the means.” Instead, He advocates: “If at all possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” (Romans 12:18)

  17. so does this mean “we are to be come partners with mitt romney?”I for one will not be backing any mitt romney .after the bilderburg meeting this week end i feel that i have been scamed.i hope you bought something nice with the $2500 that i donated to the paul camp.i knew i coulndt trust some one that was working for a war criminal may have dooped me at first but now it makes sense to me now why Dr.Paul hasnt attacked your real boss mitt romney.

  18. I believe everyone is giving the state GOP and Santorum proponents too much credit. They really do not have any ideals, just looking out for themselves. They did not want someone else taking THEIR spot at the national convention. I live in Louisiana, and am acquainted with a couple of the guys in the hierarchy of the State GOP. As a liberty movement / Ron Paul supporter, I tend steer clear of these characters.

  19. I went to my first GOP meeting as an elected official last night in Pa. It was a Romney cheerleading fest. UNTIL I was able to get up and give my speech on how the RNC is indeed dividing the party with their treatment of Paul and his supporters. I let them know it was up to the Party to embrace Paul supporters and Give Ron Paul the respect he deserves for serving this country for 30 years. The Room was silent….. Afterwards a few people came up shook my hand and thanked me… I may have woken a few people up! I can only hope!

  20. Where is Dr.Paul? Are you guys winding down to kill the momentum or what? Just remember, not trying to win may also cause issues in a peaceful attempt to change the direction of a party.

    We will NOT vote for Romney no matter what he says. I wouldn’t care if Dr.Paul himself came to my home to ask me to do it. It’s not going to happen. If a deal is struck to get Rand in next cycle.. I won’t vote for him either.

    Stop playing their game.. if you continue, it isn’t much better than Santorum playing “get along”..

    I will not vote for your son sir. He is not you.

  21. Mr. Wead–

    Love your blog, loved seeing you in Virginia with Dr. Paul a few months ago. But, as a staunch Calvinist, I have to say I’m disappointed at the cheap shot, ad hominem attack. Indeed, liberty and freedom, as well as the integrity and value of individuals, are inherent in a biblical worldview, so I fail to see how invoking Calvin would prove your point. Plus, I trust you know Calvin was on the opposite end of the Reformation than Santorum’s Catholic predecessors…

    Keep the liberty coming, but it be best to leave the theology out of it!

    Davey Ermold, Th.M.

  22. Everyone, pls PUBLICIZE this like heck & EVERYWHERE!!!

    A new legal fund to fight unethical & corrupt Oklahoma state convention by immoral/slimy GOP establishment in that state has been setup. Pls contribute to it to the best of your capability:


    Especially after the horrifying no-shows of our delegates @ Missouri state convention. Again, spread info about this link to make it go viral!

    to be contd in next comment due to multiple links…

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) —

      Any news on the attempted ban by the RNC in Tampa — to stop the Ron Paul Festival Aug 24-27?

      A link, that you can post (somehow cannot find it)?

      1. Hmm, hadn’t paid as much close attention to that; will go look around for more info…

        Thx much for support among all the noise of “different” kind within the comments here. It’s becoming like a cacophony here & everyone needs to focus on final objective.

  23. This is a very transparent attempt by those involved to embarass the police and apparently the Santorum folks. Both of these videos show police acting according to the law and procedures of public meetings. They are asking the men to comply over and over and then take them by the sholders and arms and walk them out. When are people expected to be responsible for.thier actions? If this guy has an artificial hip, why does he resist efforts go escort him peacefully from the event? This was obviously a set up. People began yelling as if on cue, the guy with the cellphone began video’ing on cue, and this guy who is purported to be so injured suddenly (again, as if on cue) begins to demand a report? Imagine the surprise of the guy with the cell phone when the officer asks for his phone as evidence? Rightfully so btw since he
    has videotaped evidence of an alleged crime.

      1. As one who worked as a judge in the primary of Texas, in Austin, yet in a highly Old-Guard-GOP Neocon area, I can attest to the FACT that at least 66 percent of those who voted Republican voted for PAUL.
        I will, to my last day, know and state that the GOP actively flipped the votes for Romney and against Paul. I was prepared, upon leaving my precinct (I was there from six a.m. til after we closed and broke-down the polls), to write-up that Paul had won. Yet, by the time I got home, these dolts were reporting the exact opposite of my experience.
        They could not have been more obvious. When you look at results from Brazoria County (Paul’s HOME, where he has been elected twelve times!!) and Behar County (San Antonio, where Paul is much beloved for his work with their poorest citizens), the flipping is/was absolutely obvious.

      2. annebeck58 says:
        June 5, 2012 at 6:22 pm

        That’s why it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE, that the Ron Paul delegates win the Texas Convention (no electronic voting there)!

        Stand your ground, any perfidy you see, report it immediately to those recording — and have LIVE STREAM at all time!

        The fight for what’s right is Just!

  24. Lawsuit Filing this Week Against the RNC


    Tools for Justice is looking for “Disenfranchised voters” and “Disenfranchised Delegates.” Even the slightest observation of fraud that you may have personally experienced will be helpful in the case. People from over 12 states are working with Tools for Justice as plaintiffs.

  25. Ron Paul MUST win a 5 state delegate plurality to be seated at Tampa! This is the ONLY GOAL all of us need to concentrate at this time! (Why do you think the GOP is pulling all stops to prevent this — because, once at the RNC Convention, Ron Paul will neuter this scum! And his supporters — the Real Americans — will surround the convention in the hundreds of thousands)!

    No electronic voting at the Conventions — Delegates are elected on written ballots — this is our last chance to stop the Electronic Fraud…until the General Election…(then the BO will have the Fix…unless we do something about it)!

    This has to be IMBEDDED IN ALL OUR MINDS — Get Ron Paul seated in Tampa! Nothing else is as important as this!

    After Tampa…depending on what transpires — other options for Ron Paul may be discussed (BUT NOT NOW)!

    1. Yes, Surfisher.
      Our goal remains to get Dr Paul on the slate, in Tampa. Their goal is to prevent that, at all cost. It’s why we are seeing such violence and other nastiness and rule-breaking.
      I wonder, though; if they really thought Romney was SO freakin’ great, why would the worry about Dr Paul and his “fringe” supporters? Why not just allow Ron Paul to be on the ballot if the great majority of delegates are actually Pro-Mitt? Surely, his supporters out-number US, eh?

      And, as someone said to me, yesterday, WHY is the Romney camp NOW running anti-Ron Paul ads, if he is not (really) in this? Seems a bit odd, no?

      1. I am not sure where, but I was told this the other day (by a Romney supporter). I asked where I could find such a thing, but did not get an answer.
        I am repeating what I was told. Any idea how I’d find them?

      2. I guess it could be in regard to this?

        I don’t know if it’s playing, now, or where it would be playing, but is available in youtube and put out by a Romney pac.

      3. Well, it would be the ONLY WAY Paul gets on the tee-vee, so it probably is not happening. I wish the person who said there is or are ad(s) up would tell me, WHERE.
        I have not turned on a television in a very long time so couldn’t say. I have considered donating them to somewhere, but don’t want others to pollute their minds, either. So, I think I will take my son’s twelve-guage and blow them up. Why not? It would be great for my psyche, eh?

    2. Btw; MAYBE someone saw this as an attack on Paul?

      Yes, they would have to be pretty stupid, but come on- did anyone accuse Romulans (thanks, Doug Wead) of being SMART?

      1. This might be the least subtle fear-mongering ad Ive ever seen. Apparently you have to kill some people in order to have a legit service record…Ron Paul is a DOCTOR…why would he be sporting a machine gun on the front lines when he put the time and effort into being worth a bit more than a pincushion for bullets in a meaningless war? This video does nothing more than tell us all that a Mitt Romney Pres WILL lead to a militant police state that takes over the world and abolishes the rest of our freedoms already dwindled down by the Bush and Obama administrations.

  26. As a Calvinist AND a Weadian, I want to thank Doug Wead for covering this. Perkins of the Family Council ought to humble himself and give his ill-gained seat back to the Paul delegate who won it fairly. Ditto regarding the rest of them.

  27. (Let me see. Once again I cannot leave a reply to someone. Attempting multiple times it tells me that the comment is already at least in the cache. So maybe putting this as a separate comment with this added to it might allow it to be posted.)

    This is an interesting question about if lawsuits have been followed. No? Once again the violence is being poo-pooed off? Where are the “ambulance chaser” lawyers that have to be part of this movement also?

    In addition to that, we just had weeks’ worth of John Edwards in the news for maybe misusing his campaign finances. Why? Why should simple misuse of your own campaign monies be brought to a national level of court action when it appears that outright thievery of the Republican committees’ monies were taken by the previous leaders there? Something is not right in this whole thing. Doug seems to be the only one who is really at least willing to mention the corruptions, but without retaliatory actions of some type beyond just words, then we really are nothing much beyond just entertainment for “them” as they see us already.

    June 5, 2012/Tuesday

    1. Hey, Ronda; perhaps the “ambulance chasers” are chasing same on the other side (the side of the perpetrators?) and this is why we’re not seeing much of them, on our side.
      However, there is a group: Lawyers for Paul, that is willing to take on cases of voter and.or delegate (super-voter) disenfranchisement, set-up on facebook. There is at least one other group and has been listed in response to the post I put up on my blog, post entitled: My Experience as an Election Judge, in Austin, Texas
      Check it out, if you’d like.
      (You should be able to post there without any moderation as I set it up for any and all comments to be allowed. Then again, I don’t know the half of wordpress and/or their ideas on allowable comments.)

      1. Annebeck,

        Thank you for the information. I will follow up on it.

        As far as WordPress is concerned, some years ago I ran for a very short period of time one of the largest websites in its article comment area out here. During that time WordPress was rather lax in what was done with the entire service being used by their subscribers. Now it might be different, but the other website is still going strong and it seems that they have been able to add what they want when they want and merge with other services quite fluently. How much WordPress is still a part of it, I have no idea. I think, though, it was mandatory for a commenter to be registered with WordPress if I remember their clarification index correctly, at least in part somehow.

        That other comment I left here might still be here in the cache since it never was posted. Why, I have no idea, but this one you are responding to went up immediately. Just for the sake of the experiment, I will try to see if the other is in the cache still by copying what I wrote and attempting to post it under here. If it is not here in the next few minutes, then you know it is still in the cache most likely…strange, but I have the time, so worth the investigation.

        June 8, 2012/Friday

    2. This is an interesting question about if lawsuits have been followed. No? Once again the violence is being poo-pooed off? Where are the “ambulance chaser” lawyers that have to be part of this movement also?

      In addition to that, we just had weeks’ worth of John Edwards in the news for maybe misusing his campaign finances. Why? Why should simple misuse of your own campaign monies be brought to a national level of court action when it appears that outright thievery of the Republican committees’ monies were taken by the previous leaders there? Something is not right in this whole thing. Doug seems to be the only one who is really at least willing to mention the corruptions, but without retaliatory actions of some type beyond just words, then we really are nothing much beyond just entertainment for “them” as they see us already.

      June 5, 2012/Tuesday

      1. Wrong, Rhonda.
        Lawsuits are being filed, TODAY. I know as I have received MANY emails and comments on my own blog ( My-Experience-as-Election-Judge-in-Austin-Texas).
        Check it out. Then follow the links to the LAWSUITS, again, being filed TODAY against those who perpetrated and perpetuated fraud of ALL SORTS against the liberty movement and the supporters of Ron Paul.
        You should not speak of that you don’t know. Instead, look it up and see what’s REALLY going on, okay?
        Regarding your comments not being posted immediately? Perhaps this has more to do with what you’ve had to say than anything else? RESEARCH TRUTH; check out LawyersForPaul, TheRealVote2012, etc.. (the links are ALL here and they are ALL in my blog, too). Telephone numbers are there, too, so just take a minute or two to look them up.
        Otherwise, you come off as being completely out of touch with the “ground war” and each battle as it comes up. Thanks.

  28. All of this stuff is bullsh*t. If we know the establishment is doing this stuff, why aren’t we doing something about it?? I don’t want violence but if these bastards won’t let us have what the country wants peacefully what other option do we have???

    Everybody that doesn’t watch MSM knows Romney isn’t the true winner/nominee/frontrunner. What’s being done about Arizona???

    1. Don’t worry Josh. We are doing something about it.
      I expect there will be a news-conference, tomorrow, after something IS done about all of this, all over the USA.

    1. Good video- thanks for posting.
      It did make it all (what else we’ve seen) make a lot more sense, though what was done made ZERO sense, too.

      What they will not do for a, “win”.., the jerks!

    2. You know, cheife; when this tool for the establishment said, “It’s all about getting Gov Romney elected…”, I think he screwed-up, royally! I believe those words will come back to haunt him.

    3. *ooops.
      I posted that last comment on the wrong video. I was talking about Illinois. I think this man will wish he had never said what he did say. I am sure it will be brought to his attention, many times; the idiot.

  29. Is it legal or proper for “off-duty” police to wear their uniforms? And then at anyone’s bidding to “rough up” citizens who are peacefully and legitimately taking part in the democratic process? I don’t think so! Sue the cr-p out of all those involved, including the individual policemen! If the legal system does not provide a smooth path to justice in this situation, there is something terribly wrong with it and we need to think in terms of total change.

    1. You are correct — These off-duty cops are now being taken to court!

      On the other hand:

      The ONLY Fight right now to be fought is for Tampa (Ron Paul must be seated there)!

      Try, all of you, to comprehend this SIGNIFICANCE!

      Unless we assure a Ron Paul seating at Tampa — in order to expose nationwide and worldwide, the SCUM that has occupied our government — we’ll have a one-man-puppet-show (Rmoney “debating” himself, and winning)!

      Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options)

    2. It can be legal for them to wear their state or locality-issued uniforms, IF it’s allowed by the bosses. Some allow it, some do not, and in some places, it’s been generally accepted as that’s how it’s always been.
      But, as they are or were employed by the state’s GOP, they were acting as agents of GOP, and that would mean suits should be addressed to LaGOP.
      I’m hoping these suits (this suit) get filed immediately, along with the criminal complaints, so that the GOP (everywhere) will back-down. I’d also like to know what part, if any, the RNC played in all of this ruckus.
      We shall see.

    1. HANG ON.
      He said, “It is about getting Gov Romney elected/”
      UHM_ since WHEN?
      Who dropped out? Did Ron Paul drop out? Last I heard, he had not, and the Texas convention acted as if he did not.
      THIS is pretty disgusting. I was watching the Texas delegation, yet checked in on this one a couple of times, and I was pretty disgusted. It felt like a well-presented infomercial for ROM. Sick. Just sick and irritating.

    2. Wow.
      It seems they do not understand the seriousness of this game they play. I am SO glad Texas did not go that way (yet). Then again, out committee members will be going through the delegate lists with fine-toothed combs, to remove ALL Ron Paul leaning folk. This is why many pro-liberty people have been very much undercover. One can only hope this is the case in Illinois.

  30. Hey Doug, I was once a Calvinist and I can’t for the life of me figure out the internal compulsion we have to mock other Christians. It’s ingrained in the belief system of the Calvinist. And it’s not Christian.
    By the way, I am a fellow parishioner at an Orthodox church with your old pal, Jim Buchfuehrer.
    Best wishes! Chris

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