War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones

“In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport police and released.  During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane.”

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This report from inside the Ron Paul campaign gives you a glimpse of the resistance from establishment Republican Party operatives as they seek to hold power.  Meanwhile, the GOP continues to experience its transformation.  Ron Paul supporters are enduring false arrests, detainment, broken bones and slander as they simply exercise their constitutional rights of voting and participating in party politics.  Keep in mind, the final outcome, as explained to me, was a good one.  And in spite of brutal tactics from some in the establishment who are trying to cling to power, the Republicans of Louisiana will be represented in Tampa.  Most of them will be supporters of Ron Paul, cheering on the GOP nominee.

Here is the report:

“Louisiana GOP officials ignored the vast majority of duly elected delegates and attempted to use illegally adopted rules to deny Ron Paul supporters an opportunity to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Louisiana has 46 delegates.  Five were pledged to Mitt Romney based on the March 23rd primary result and Rick Santorum received 10, meaning most delegates were contestable at the state convention.

“Delegates to the state convention were chosen at caucus meetings on April 28th.  Ron Paul slates won four of six congressional district contests.  Of the approximately 180 delegates attending the state convention, 113 voted to remove the LAGOP chairman when he failed to respond to requests for information and other motions from delegates.  Nearly two-thirds of the delegates began physically moving their chairs, literally turning their back on the GOP chair appointed by the party hierarchy.

“In another instance, State Central Committeeman and Ron Paul supporter Henry Herford Jr. of Franklin Parrish was attacked by some security officials who didn’t realize that the body had voted out the previous chairman.  Mr. Herford has a prosthetic hip and according to a doctor at the scene it appears as though the prosthetic was dislocated and may require replacement.  The injury occurred as he was beginning to call to order the newly re-formed convention.

“In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport police and released.  During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane.

“By 10:50 a.m. today, the newly formed convention completed its work.  Newly-elected national delegates met with the Romney campaign’s Louisiana Chairman, Scott Sewell, who graciously said ‘that he supported the effort and would do everything he could to make sure the delegation was seated’ in Tampa.

“Despite the divisiveness that characterized the Louisiana state convention initially, we are thankful that the Paul and Romney campaigns took the high road to guarantee the enfranchisement of Republicans whose candidate preferences differ.

“Republicans of goodwill agree that following the spirited primary season, the general election presents us with an opportunity to defeat Obama and place the nation on a path to recovery.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured at the convention.  And, we thank all responsible convention participants for ending the day on a more unified note.”

See “Smoke and Mirrors in the GOP,” the Louisiana State GOP convention.

Warning:  The following Youtubes have been taken down continually in the last few hours.  If you are able, copy them yourself and circulate them.  And while you are at it, I have added at the bottom a third Youtube that is old and has been removed from production numerous times.  If you are savvy with this technology, make a copy of it as well and keep it safe.  It is a stout defense of Dr. Paul when his record was under attack.  And an interesting expose of the FED and its impact.


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Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

169 thoughts on “War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones

  1. File charges against the GOP Politburo, RNC, the whole shooting match. Bunch of jihadists. The GOP is toast. They stole our liberties and were caught out.

    If Ron Paul is not the GOP nominee, and don’t count him and his supporters out, the Libertarian Party will be the big winner.

    Romney is a morally upright (thinking about Bain Capital, some might argue, as Balzac said, “behind every great fortune there lies a crime) and photogenic guy, in a silk suit. He is a big government protagonist, both pro-life and pro-choice depending on where he campaigns, both for and against gun control, both for and against bail outs, both for and against stimulus spending, and (I kid you not), the ARCHITECT of Obama Care. Let’s get real. He is a closet Democrat. The same special interests that are bankrolling Obama’s campaign are also bankrolling Romney. More of the same is just more of the same.

    Gary Johnson offers true fiscal discipline, a withdrawal of our troops from abroad, free markets, no bailouts, no stimulus spending, the shutting down of unconstitutional bureaucracies and a restoration of our civil liberties.

    The WAR-vangelicals won’t vote for him, because he is pro-choice – kind of funny isn’t it? The Religious Right won’t vote for him, because they think the federal Government should turn us into a theocracy and govern issues such as marriage according to their theological dictates. As a Christian myself, I contend that we are not voting for a theocracy, a parish priest or self-righteous moralist. We are voting to put someone in the White House who will stop the bleeding of blood and treasure and return us to our constitutional roots. The war-vangelicals and Religious Right can hold their noses and vote for their favorite Mormon – oh, the irony of it all.

    Johnson will draw votes from both parties. The Libertarian Party has in Johnson, a proven campaigner with a stellar political record. If he gets more than 15% of the vote, the Libertarian Party would come of age. It would no longer be marginalized. The dawn of a new era. Voters now have a true alternative to the one-party status quo – the two wings of the same predatory bird.

    In the mean time, I continue to work tirelessly to get Ron Paul the nomination. However, if not… there is a delectable alternative to the Politburo.

    1. Sorry, but I for one, and there are probably others who agree with me, will write in Dr. Paul if he doesn’t get the nomination.

      Incidentally, on the neocon/RINO sites that allow comments, I’ve been posting this:

      “If RMoney lies, cheats, and defrauds his way into the presidency the way he’s currently lying, cheating, and defrauding his way into the nomination, then when things don’t get any better ($2.50 for a loaf of BREAD????) or get even worse, please don’t say we “Paulbots” didn’t try to warn you!”

      1. I completely agree, Rich;
        After these HARD-FOUGHT (and we thought we’d be fighting with WORDS?) wins and close-to-wins? It’s time to GIVE UP??
        Sorry, but I really don’t think this is the post.blog or the time, for sure, to start going on about the Libertarian choice. I do find it irritating and it feels a bit “vulture-ish”:, to me.
        Let us allow the defenders of liberty- the Ron Paul Delegates DO THEIR JOB before we all start making plans to jump ship! It is far from over, and if you look at theReal2012DelegateCount,com, you will see that Romney is HARD_PRESSED to take ANY sweep that would add up to him going into the convention AS the nominee.
        This means we will have what we’ve fought for, all along; a brokered convention. And, if that happens (as it seems it WILL), it will mean ALL delegates will vote their (collective) conscience. That is great for Ron Paul and it’s great for US/USA.

        To: Albert? Please refrain from posting the Libertarian mantra, today. The timing is certainly OFF and does not inspire ANYONE to continue in this fight,while the fight is barely half-over. We hope the old-party idiots (tools they are) will not go ahead with MORE violence, but we have no faith they will “behave”. Let’s allow it to play out before the Libertarian stuff is put out there, okay?

      2. Looks like you are more into personality and vendetta than into ideas. Since only portion of RP supporters will right RP in, GOP and DEM may parade the numbers as insignificant noise. Moreover, for those who want to continue taking over GOP in 2016, this would be a detrimental move. Voting for GJ will leave GOP & DEM clueless about our real numbers and clueless who voted for whom. That will allow us a smooth comeback later.

      3. Make sure to write in votes for a full electoral slate as well… otherwise your “write-in vote” is just so much garbage.

      4. Write-ins don’t even get tallied unless they numerically stand a chance of unseating the winner. If you write in “Ron Paul,” your vote will literally only be recorded as “write-in,” and the message you hope to convey will be lost. If you vote for Gary Johnson, at least your vote will be tallied for “Gary Johnson” — assuming the votes are counted correctly, which is quite a leap to make, sadly.

      5. Sorry, Matt. bit I would no sooner vote for Gary than (gag, barf) Mitt (spit). And if they _don’t_ count my write-in vote, then that’s election fraud, which is legally actionable.

      6. I am also a die hard Paul supporter but if Dr Paul is not the candidate and I pray he is, a write in will be counted as a vote for romney or not counted because they will be thrown away. I want Paul but I will settle for Johnson before I let my vote go to romney. Please think about this.

      7. Hate to even mention this, but; paper ballots (including mail-in or absentee ballots) are “misplaced” all of the time. Write-ins fall into the category of those lost, in trucks, on the side of the road.
        Ballots are found, months after elections (at least in Texas, they are) and are never counted as, “what is the point” then?

        I know. I understand the point, yet those working so closely with the parties, really believe this.

      8. I have to agree with those here who say that if our man, Dr. Paul, is not on the presidential ticket that the second choice of action is to vote for Gary Johnson rather than writing in Dr. Paul’s name. Yes, writing Ron Paul’s name in will show the dedication towards the good doctor, but to start with, most of the reasons given here as to why it would not be good are valid as far as I have found out. In addition to many write-ins just being seen officially as “write-ins”, they are also not allowed in all 50 states. So even if they were to all be counted as the person written in for, what good will the outcome be if only about 70% of the total possible votes go to him? Gary Johnson through the Libertarian Party is supposedly registered in all 50 states.

        In addition to the apparent fact that Gary Johnson is on all 50 states’ ballots, he is very close to Ron Paul, has been a supporter of Ron Paul, and has been jilted by the Republican Party in a sense worse than what they did to Dr. Paul four years ago. The moment that he said on stage during a debate that he is a backer of Ron Paul, he was never allowed again to be part of any further debates no matter who was sponsoring it. If it comes to that point where Dr. Paul is not on the ballot, we then owe our backing to Gary Johnson as he backed us up the moment he was there for Dr. Paul.

        Of course it would be wonderful if maybe Dr. Paul changed his party affiliation and joined in with Gary Johnson if he is not on the Republican ticket. Remember, the event is not over with yet, but if it comes down to writing in Dr. Paul’s name versus voting for a live candidate on the ballot sheet in all 50 states who is close to Dr. Paul, then for this occasion, the latter is the wiser decision. It will not harm the movement and may actually enhance it. Please suggest this course of action to others on the blogs you visit to prefer doing if and when that time comes.

        June 8, 2012/Friday

      9. I really wish you would take that to another post– like a Libertarian post? many of us are liberty minded, and even libertarian-leaning (not cap L as in the party that argues so much they get nothing done), and we are ALSO Republicans. we are here in support of Ron Paul and not Gary Johnson, and I really detest the pro-johnson posts. The guy is NOT for ending the wars and that’s one of my biggest reasons for going with Paul.

      10. Rhonda: Will you please stop trying to turn our Ron Paul discussion into some ad for some third party? Third party has _never_ been an option for a number of us. A vote for a third party will effectively be a vote for one or the other of the Obamas. Third parties have historically never even been on the radar.

        I will write in Dr. Paul if he doesnt get the nomination, period.

        If you want to flog that third party guy, then please go make your own third party website.

      11. Thanks, RIch.
        It is really ticking me off.
        It feels like a bunch of vultures, trying to grab what they think is left of the liberty movement. I’m not done. I don’t know that Ron Paul is done.
        Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul and I wouldn’t be voting for Rand, anyway. These people need to get that.

    2. I agree, if RP does not run in November, GJ is a logical choice. Writing RP in will only give our numbers to GOP (county-by-county) so they can laugh at us (if Romney wins) or curse us (if Obama wins.) GJ is weaker on economics and he does not understand drawbacks of his “fair (sales) tax”, namely moving to sound money will result in depreciation across the board and BIG saving by people, thus, no sale tax revenue. The attack should be on spending, not devising a new tax scheme. But we will take what we can.

      1. Unfortunately, unless the political winds have changed direction, GJ doesn’t stand a chance in the hot place of winning any public office again, especially as a libertarian. Libertarians are too busy arguing about nuances that a Democrat or Republican would sweep under a chair and forget for party unity. Not so with Libertarians. They’ll badger it to death and stay home for reasons of party purity.

        On the other hand Dr. Paul could easily win as an Independent. Folks won’t vote for Libertarians but they’ll vote for an Independent. It’s the old “they can’t win scenario” that has gone against the Libertarians in every election since Christ was a corporal. All else considered, Johnson won’t be able to raise enough money to paint his house. Dr. Paul can raise millions as an Independent. It makes no difference to me. If Dr. Paul doesn’t run I’ll write him in, just like I wrote in Hospers and Nathan in ’72.

        The fact of the matter is that Obama and Romney are the Establishment picks. Regardless of which of them wins, the Establishment is still pulling the strings. The Establishment has a win/win scenario with either one of the liars.

        Libertarians have been running for political offices since 1972 and no one has come close to winning a federal office. Ed Clark came the closest with 921,128 votes or 1.1% in 1980–whoopee!! Harry Brown tried later, but he couldn’t get in the debates and settled for a vote total, in two elections, of 870,190 or less than Ed Clark got in ONE election. The highest office ever held by a Libertarian that I know of has been a state rep.

        In 10 presidential elections Libertarians have got a whopping 3,838,444 total votes.

        In Michigan we have had one strong U.S. Senate candidate since 1972. His name was Jon Coon. He ran a such a professional campaign that it looked like he was going to get a substantial vote. He raised over $200,000. When the wind cleared all the gun owners and freedom lovers that were at his rallies voted Republican. He got a measly 4.2% of the vote. Afterwards the Republicans asked him to join the party and run on their next slate. He said no. I guess Jon is cutting trees somewhere in Michigan now.

      2. And you know, Ron, a vote and WIN by an Independent would signify the final coffin in the casket that is the GOP. They have been trying to kill themselves, all of these past four (or maybe six) years. Maybe we should assist that suicide?

        Truly, a win by Dr Paul, as an INDY, would make his party THE second party. And the GOP can unceremoniously drop OUT.
        Sounds like a win-win to me.

      3. Darn it- meant to say, final NAIL in the coffin (or casket) that is the GOP.
        I think I need to get offline for a while!
        (This LA B.S, really got to me, today!! I mean, especially after what they did to US, in TEXAS, I am so very angry, I could spit– maybe nails!)

      4. The Establishment is in control…for now. The last nail in their coffin may need another election cycle to 2014 before it gets hammered in. After November there are enough Ron Paul delegates at the state levels to derail most Establishment Republican candidates. I hope that in Michigan we’ll be able to deep six RINO Rick in 2014.

      5. Ron; I do not know if the GOP actually HAS another election cycle to do this. I honestly think this year, given these acts by the Party-Elite, are causing even the most faithful to drop out. I’ve been on a lot of “regular Republican” sites, and I have now established myself with these people, and even they are leaving. If I can find the many notes from 30-year and so veterans of the RNC/GOP, stating they are done, I will try to re-post here. Suffice it to say, the GOP has been acting suicidal all year, and this set of acts in Louisiana may have sealed their fate.
        Could be, as much as I have (personally) resisted it; Ron Paul WILL be forced to run as an Independent, and that run will make Indies the second-party, finally burying the GOP. It was theirs to lose and they have lost it (in more ways than one).
        Could be you’re right and this GOP/RNC can be resussitated, but I am really not sure the plug should not be pulled.

      6. Anne, I certainly welcome what you say with an open mind. Pardon
        my skepticism. It isn’t about what you have to say, but that I am jaded; and from experience, I know that if the fat lady ain’t singing then the Establishment “ain’t dead neither.” Or, I’ll believe it when I experience it after Tampa.

        That’s not to say we should lay down and play dead, far from it. We’ve got to continue recruiting PDs and should consolidate what we have, to be ready if the Establishment gets new legs and tries a come back in the next election cycle. Their supporters have very deep pockets and aren’t afraid to spend the money when they smell more money and power for their pockets.

        Look what Soros is doing for the liberals. He is sponsoring over ninety liberal causes and organizations, at last count. It is costing him hundreds of millions of dollars. The good thing is that it seems that we are winning the fight between free markets and collectivism. What could we do with a George Soros checkbook?

        The 20-teens are for us what the 1960s were for the liberals. This time it’s for liberty, not hand outs and control.

      7. Sure, Ron.
        I was not saying you were giving up, and nor am I. I know I’ve been letting it be known that MANY of the party-faithful (who are more conservative than the NEOCONS who run it) are giving up. I’ve actually spent part of the weekend asking them to not do it, and rather, to spend their time in this fight WITH US. Again, and as usual, ,they “love Ron Paul’s honesty” and some of his points (Patriotism, especially), but they are still NOT SURE if they can or will vote for him (getting past that mental block of their is very difficult and EXHAUSTING!!).
        I would not suggest that ANY of us give up. I would say, if we can hire our own security (off-duty DFW cops, hopefully?), we should surely do it. Problem I see is that MItt is more likely to beat the salaries we could afford, and it does always seem to be about the money.
        You know, if we could get Soros’ money AND Tom Delay’s pushiness, I think we COULD get things readied for Fort Worth, Texas Convention. Otherwise, the only thing to do IS speak to the cops already there and explain what liberty is and how the convention is supposed to run. It surely can’t hurt!

    3. What options do the Ron Paul fifty state delegation have to throw the whole blasted convention into chaos? Can the delegates abstain on the first ballot? Can they exercise rules of order? Can the members of states whose conventions were illegally co-opted by anti-Paul forces challenge the Romney delegates?

      We can’t lay down and take it any more. The Republican Party isn’t worth saving if Romney’s the nominee. What’s the lesser of two evils, Obama or Obama lite? Either one is hell bent on bankrupting the country with the conservative’s favorite; military spending, or, the liberal’s favorite, (among many) health care entitlements.

      Ron Paul supporters cannot take the cheating on the part of the RNC and state party hacks lying down. The time for Mr. Nice Guy is over. If we don’t have the backbone to stand up and fight NOW, then, we deserve to lose at the national convention. I can’t fight at the state level yet as I won’t become a precinct delegate until after the national convention and I need to keep a low profile until after late August.

      I will support a Ron Paul third party run. The stars are aligned for a third party for the first time since George Wallace’s run back in 1972. Liberal Democrats are abandoning Obama in droves and Dr. Paul is the only anti-war alternative they have.

      1. In actuality, I don’t see Rule-38 as being the answer to our prayers. I prefer to use Rule-11, which states that NO State GOP should work with any nominee, prior to that nominee being the only person left in the race, and.or that person having amassed the number of (actual) delegates it would take for such a win.
        Romney has done neither on the positive side, Ron Paul is IN THIS and the word, “presumptive” never enters the text(s) of the GOP/RNC rules.. Romney has NOT (yet) taken the number of delegate votes he requires to BE the nominee, regardless of what the toolz say. And, we do have proof of Rule-11 being broken, repeatedly. The word of the day should be: COLLUSION!
        What is the remedy for a candidate who’s been found to have broken such a rule (again, in collusion WITH the states’ GOP)? Removal of all of his delegates and/or their votes. Removal of his name from the slate (for these particular national delegates) in (this year) Tampa.
        Here is part of the problem, as I see it: the GOP of each state is its’ own separate club, and there are smaller clubs within that club, per district or town. The RNC is a national semi-governing body of each states’ GOP. RIght about now, they should be researching our complaints about Romney, his agents (employees) and the dastardly deeds perpetrated, prior to the LA fiasco. And, their decision (if they are honest) Would be to remove Mitt from Maine delegates slate(s), as well as Nevada, Missouri, etc.. Any proof is what we now need to amass in order to send to the RNC– before ANY committeemen or chairs or national delegates are seated. And, we must give the RNC a time-limit (say ten days) to respond.
        They both have rules. We PAY fees to be a part of their club and, when we do pay, we are essentially (and legally) getting assurance from them that they will also abide these rules. Yet, they have not, and the video proof is everywhere!!

        I believe that if we get a group of attorneys worth their salt who practice this sort of law, the case should be handled easily and quickly, though this IS the republicans I am talking about- and what do THEY care?? They accepted OUR fees and our oaths; they had better start caring or PAY for not doing so.

      2. This is to Annebeck (and Ron and others),

        You mention right above this to Ron about the Republican Party on its last legs. I must remind you of something that contradicts that or else what I am about to say will happen after the Republican convention and the two-party-as-one-theory will not have been as valid as we all seem to think, at least between these two main parties. That is this. With the documented corruption that has been going within the Republican Party there is only one other “party”, besides the major media outlets, that can put that final nail in the coffin of the Republican Party. That enemy is the Democrat Party.

        Supposedly the Democrat Party’s worse political enemy is the Republican Party. Well, like mob bosses wanting to take over a territory, if you see your enemy having a weak moment and having no quick way to get back all the power he once had, that would be the time to pounce. Therefore if the two party system really is against each other, it is virtually the duty to all the loyal Democrats for the party leaders to take these documented consistent corruptions and advertise it all over the place. That would be the nail that puts an end to the Republican Party. Who else really has the power and yet if not done, then the Republican Party will live on no matter what we all might like to think otherwise? Of course that will be the final confirmation that each of the two parties looks out for the other.

        June 8, 2012/Friday

    4. “The war-vangelicals and Religious Right can hold their noses and vote for their favorite Mormon – oh, the irony of it all.”

      I’m actually rejoicing in this idea, That alone is sure to send them to confession for at least a year. Hee Hee.

      You cornered the term “war-vangelicals” perfectly. I never knew what to call those brainwashed Bible bangers who make a life of opposing abortion all the while they cheer for wars that get kids killed all over the world. Talk about skewed thinking.

      1. I’ve never understood this line of thinking either, Lynda. A Santorum supporter I know naively told me that the US is very careful and does everything possible to minimize casualties. Yes, I believe many of the individual soldiers probably try to do this but overall the government doesn’t give a crap about collateral damage. It’s amazing that many believe this nonsense. These are the same people who believe whole countries are evil.

    5. My sentiments exactly sir. One way or another I will cast a vote and feel good about it this November. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way without writing someone in.

    6. Hmm. Seems your response to me was taken down? I cannot find it, anyway.
      But, yes; I read your entire response. I will say, again; I do not think it’s time to throw in the towel. I know we’re barely half-way done with state conventions, and in MY opinion, posting that we should all now go Libertarian is in poor taste.
      As I said, it’s not the time, nor is it the place; surely not today!

    7. Albert, You make some very good points. I too am a Christian, formerly a war monger, have finally come to realize that it doesn’t make sense to be pro-life to want to protect innocent children, but at the same time to be pro-war and encourage one’s government to make war against innocent civilians; men, women, children and unborn children. For an immoral government it makes perfect sense to be pro-death in the support of abortion and war, but for a Christian it does not make sense.
      I plan to vote for Ron Paul as he best represents what I want. If I can’t vote for Ron, then I would vote for Gary Johnson. I will not waste my vote on Romney.

      1. Thanks Tom. I’d prefer if Johnson was pro-life, but at least he is not going to wipe out thousands of Iranians who are loved by their families and just want to make the most of what life has to offer for them and their children.

        Ten Pakistanis were blown to smithereens yesterday by a drone attack. I don’t hear the pro-life Pharisees in the Southern Baptist church protesting this tragic loss of life. They are too busy sucking up to their favorite Mormon.

        I’m at the point when someone calls me on the phone and asks me to vote for so and so, because he is pro-life, I just respond by saying, stop right there. Pro-life means, you believe that life starts at conception and stops at our borders.

        Only hypocrites parade their pro-life stance. True pro-lifers value the life in the womb, wherever that may be, and the life of the innocent mother and child on the streets of Baghdad and Teheran, whose only sin was that they were born in an oil rich country.

    8. First assaults to the backs of GOP heads. Now broken bones and dislocated hips? What’s next death? Their tacit crimes should not go unanswered. Throw them out on their ears! Hope charges and criminal complaints were filed as well.

    9. Now is exactly the wrong time to do this. “Ron Paul Republicans” are infiltrating the party and taking it over. Look around all the various states, the new, exciting, up and coming all-stars are all Ron Paul people. If we abandon that and go to the Libertarian party now, all will be for naught. The LP will get 5% of the vote, and we’ll be back at square one.

      Our only hope of a gradual decline in government is to take over the Republican party. It’s either that or watch the country collapse and try to rebuild. Those are our two options.

      1. Yes – I know, in Texas, and especially in Travis and Williamson Counties, real conservatives are filing for many local offices and chairs. I did file for precinct-chair, as the post was vacant. I expected for the old-party to scramble to get someone to go against me, UNTIL I also worked as an election-judge in the precinct next to mine and acquainted myself with the Republican precinct-chair, there. She and i had some decent discussions, and in the end, she did say she was happy that I am a part of the Republican party of Austin.
        In fact, nobody did file to oppose me, which does mean that as of six o’clock, on the first, I AM the chair of precinct 238, Austin. One very positive thing about this chairmanship is that I am now also a committee member (those committees we speak of so often) and, as such, I do have a vote at each monthly meeting of my county. If I could do it, I am sure ANYONE could and should.
        EIther we take-back the party or the party dies. I do not see another option!

      2. I joined the Libertarian Party in 1972. My membership number Is 1895. A person can get hit in the back of the head only so many times before he pays attention. I started paying attention when Harry Brown couldn’t get in the debates AGAIN; and for the umpteenth time, while standing in line at the polls, heard someone say,”Harry Brown can’t get elected. He’s a Libertarian.” Bang! In the back of the head again. It took me twenty-four years to learn the lesson.

        What I learned was stay away from the Libertarians. They are poison for politics, Yak, yak, yak, yak, and yak and NO ACTION. All talk and no do. For a Libertarian, getting a letter to the editor published is a big deal. What was a big deal to a lover of spotted owls? How about being handcuffed to a chain link fence and getting arrested? Now, that gets attention. What was a big deal to a Vietnam War protester? Laying in the street and stopping traffic.That was a big deal. I’m not advocating trespassing. I’m advocating shutting up and getting out in the streets and do something, anything for them to get past the inertia.

        Why aren’t Libertarians marching in the Fourth of July parades with banners streaming WE ARE THE “CAN DO” FREEDOM PARTY and then go back home and do something like a petition drive to repeal some onerous law or regulation or lower politician’s salaries, something that gets attention.

        Ron Paul’s Libertarian rhetoric has moved mountains for us. Why? Because he has been in the debates as a libertarian Republican and gotten the exposure for his ideas. He will do so again in the presidential debates after he gets the nomination. The Libertarian Party candidate won’t get past the front door. Even if Gary Johnson gets on the ballot in fifty states he won’t participate in one single debate–PERIOD– He doesn’t belong to the club and he WON’T be invited.

        Rhetoric alone; from the The International Institute for Individual Liberty, the Advocates for Self Government, the Institute for Justice, the Fully Informed Jury, the Cato Institute, the Independence Institute and other Libertarian ACTIVIST organizations hasn’t helped in spreading the word as much as their workshops and seminars of the last forty years have. ACTIVISM, ACTION–getting their hands dirty, mingling with the crowds–is how they spread the libertarian message, not by sitting back hoping to get invited to a local candidate debate and be seen by tens of tens.

      1. DIsqualification, per state, would be the remedy– as outlined in Rule-11 of GOP rules.
        Will it happen? Not if we sit on our hands; it won’t.

  2. Now these people (newly / fairly elected) are true HEROS for the cause of Liberty! Thank you, and see you in Tampa!

  3. Tell the children,and the neighbors about those PIG`S.Make signs with Pic`s.Take off their mask,and they will cry,and run to mother if they have one.

  4. There has to be some way to either remove, prosecute, or sue those policemen for the abuses they’ve enacted on Mr. Helwig and Mr. Herford Jr. We have the evidence on video. Are there any lawyers out there who know which specific laws these cops have violated and under what jurisdiction it falls under? I would like to believe that the police cannot just arrest you without good reason or assault/break your fingers even while you are under arrest. I would be willing and glad to start a petition/send letters to whomever necessary to have those unworthy servicemen removed. Let’s work together and support each other. It breaks my heart to see good, honest people trying to make a difference through the democratic process being abused like this.

  5. Would it be accurate to say that members of the Shreveport police department tortured Alex Helwig while he was held in their jail facilities? The breaking of the fingers is an older torture technique than water boarding, probably one of the very first torture techniques developed by mankind is the breaking of the fingers.

    When the fingers of a political activist are broken by police while being held in a jail facility, isn’t that the very definition of torture. And that he was walking with a limp, can’t we easily infer he was beaten so badly that he was in such pain that he could not then walk without pain?

    Wasn’t Alex Helwig “tortured” by the Shreveport police?

  6. You know what, why wait for slow litigation when we can flood their e-mails to make it known how corruptly the Shreveport police officers conducted themselves? Here is their contact website: http://www.shreveportla.gov/dept/police/polcontacts.htm
    Remember to be “respectful” but let them know how embarrassed they should be for having trained men like this. Let’s hope they have a conscience so that it bothers them maybe a little.

    1. That display was the very definition of, “Act first, ask questions, later”. Seemed that some of these terrorists (P.O.’s) were rethinking their actions almost immediately.
      What a horrific act.
      That it was caught, “on tape”, is probably the only saving grace for the State of LA. May this be used as training video, to teach restraint, for every “peace officers” to come out of future classes.

      (Still, it brought tears to my eyes to see this man handled in this manner. Something is very wrong in LA and in the USA.)

    2. Thanks for the link Lara..I JUST dialed the Chief Of Po PO at 318-673-6900 and filed a complaint “AGAINST THEM” had a wonderful talk with them..I did all the talking for the most part but I “PROMISED THEM” they would be getting more calls..this is OUR DUTY people! Pick up the phone and let these gangsters know that we will not put up with this! CALL NOW! and tell others to do the same..you dont need to use foul language to make your point..but believe me, I MADE MY POINTS C-L-E-A-R to them that they were in the wrong 100% and we have it video! THEY NEED TO BE SUED. CALL THEM PLEASE!

  7. Why has the Paul campaign been so quite? We all are really in need of encouragement. It seems like we are in this fight alone.

    1. The more the Paul campaign tries to encourage us the harder the g.o.p. fights! Ron Paul delegates NEED to go stealth, pretend to be on board with the idea of uniting behind Romney to defeat Obama this fall. That way the g.o.p. won’t fight so hard to keep us out and then in Tampa they can vote however they please.

      1. That is the way to do it ..You will also spare yourself of broken bones, dang Nazi’s..This is worse then the Democrats and Acorn..This is the GOP and RNC folks surprised? I was at first then I had to realize there really is no more Republican and Democrat parties ..They are one and the same with the same end game..We just aren’t “pawns in thier game”(Bob Dylan)

      2. Yep.
        Rombama is Obamney and other way around.
        And, the GOP are Dems, until and unless WE work the party and take it back. After all,a Neocon is a Neocon, and any Neocon is filth. They are anti-America and anti-American, by being anti-small and medium-sized BUSINESS.
        IF Mitt Romney (RMoney) or Obama is in, come November, we can all kiss American manufacturing good-bye. Everything we use or eat or wear is from other countries and Romney (and Obama) would have it no other way. That attitude and stupid business practice may have worked in the nineties (for the one-percent), but the top numbers are dwindling, as the one-percent shrinks and the middle class is poor.
        In my opinion, Baine Cap and MANY like them have destroyed American business(es) and for this, NOBODY should ever consider a vote for ROMNEY. Since Obama and Co go with them on everything, same should be said and thought of them.
        It leaves ONLY Ron Paul, in my mind, to help us fix this (with the help of US).

      3. And, boy, are they ever pigheaded.
        We actually need to somehow convince them that voting for the two RomBama is working toward their own (and our) demise. It takes a LOT of patience and persistence, but it is (sometimes) possible. I’ve talked with a few who were only going the way the party wanted, and have convinced them to at least take a listen to Ron Paul (and not what the news says he is or says). I know at least two who have changed their minds and the others have agreed that, no matter who the people want in the GOP nominee slot, they will support him (including Paul).
        It is not easy. But, patience and being kind is worth it in the long-run. At least that has been my experience. And, some days it’s easier than others, for sure!

  8. Just watched these disturbing videos from Russia — where the KGB Police is manhandling and even throwing down an elderly handicapped citizen on the ground (disgusting)!

    Now, when are you going to show us videos from our exemplary USA elections…?

      1. annebeck58 — I wonder if they’ll permit Ben Swann to comment and show any of this…?

      2. I will forward all of this to Ben, and I expect he’s already working on it. But, to make sure it’s happening, will get it out.
        This is ALL that was talked-about, last night at the b-b-q. It definitely had more than one delegate concerned for their safety, especially as the Dallas delegates (for the old-party) have put the “word” out that they are ready to FIGHT. Who knows what they mean by this?
        I have a feeling it is akin to the horrors of LA.
        Just; wow. Sick.
        (this one makes me want to curse!)

      3. Oh, and regarding what Ben says and produces? He is working at an AFFILIATE station, in Cincinnati, and as such, he pretty much as free-reign to say what he wants. That he now has people all over the country , and even the WORLD, supporting him has his bosses pretty happy with whatever he wants to bring to the fore.

    1. Okay– sent it all to Ben Swann. I think he’s already on it, and hope I was able to provide him something different from what he must have already had.
      Now waiting for the email saying, “Ben Swann has just uploaded a video”. It could be tonight?!

  9. Those videos are really amazing.
    What where those officers thinking? The police is meant for preventing and stopping trouble, right? Their job is to defend the Law, even when the law works against their bosses.

    I hope both Herford and Helwig recover soon so they can go to Tampa to tell Ron Paul that he is going to be the nominee even if he doesn’t want to. At the very least, they should attend the festival as special guest stars and martyrs to the cause of giving a sensible person the job of President (the whole world have been waiting 24 years to see that).

    The comment by Albert Meyer reminds me of a refrán (proverb) we Spaniards say from time to time: “God writes straight with crooked lines”. That sums why god is giving Romney to christian warmongers, just like God gave Spain awful kings and rulers and so much corruption as a consequence of the crimes against jews and true christians.

    Mr. Wead ¿Is it true that Ron Paul is angry because of the treatment his supporters gave to Mitt Romney’s son in Arizona? It would be sad to see Ron Paul asking to vote for Romney after all this way, and I don’t think many Ron Paul supporters (not even half of them), even among republicans, would end up supporting Romney, even if it means more Obama. The idea here is “No One But Paul” rather than “Anyone But Obama”.

    I’m from a certain european country and I want Ron Paul to win because European Politicians copy almost everything that Americans do, and that’s how, as a commemoration of the First Centenary WWI, we are about to face another absolute chaos. By copying the libertarian ways of President Ron Paul, Europe could have a last and small chance of surviving the implosion that is about to occur. Some say it would be hell if governments shut down, but I think it would be worse if governments prevented people to recover an move on just because they don’t let themselves die.


  10. Paul’s campaign made an immediate statement about the injuries at the Louisiana convention, which was very diplomatic and aimed at calming people and decompressing angry supporters.

    Not a word from the Romney campaign as of yet. Does he sit at home with a wry smile on his face, pleased that a couple of older well-dressed gentlemen are having their hips dislocated and fingers broken on his behalf?

    If he has all of the delegates needed (with spares) then why all of this commotion? He should ask his state level supporters to cool it, because he has it in the bag.. Or does he?


    1. That’s funny. I just asked the same question: What does MITT say about all of this, and why is he not speaking out against this violence?
      It should tell people a LOT about Mitt’s character– or lack thereof.

      1. He (RMoney) doesn’t even know it’s going on. He lives in his ivory tower, getting information from his handlers, maybe watching the blacked-out MSM, probably golfing and drinking wine schpritzers with the other Obama in his spare time.

  11. You know, I watched parts of LA convention, ,but I saw the smoother parts, when CD’s were split-off (and yes, I was watching Ron Paul FRIENDLY cameras). It all looked to be in-hand and going just fine, so I tuned out.
    Last night, I went to a b-b-q meet-up of delegates for Paul (or Liberty), and the buzz over the brisket was Louisiana. WOW. Here’s my worry; The old-guard mainstay (mental, it seems) GOP of Texas, particularly of Dallas, has put out the word that they are in this for the FIGHT. Had I heard that five days ago, I would have thought they meant a fight of words. After watching these videos and hearing much more, I worry that something of this “level” will also transpire in Ft Worth. I hope not, but if the “regular” GOP; the GOP we MUST Replace, goes at, again, violently, who comes out looking more reasoned and rational? Oh, that would be the Paul supporters and delegates.
    I have not found, yet, if we have a live-stream set-up for Ft Worth, and would like to know, if anyone does know; is there a guest set-up to do this, in the Texas convention? If not, I will see if it’s possible I can get up there and do it.
    What insanity, though. These thugs of the GOP really cannot be allowed to continue as party leaders, or what are we saying about America? Fight with all you have, debase the party and the spirit of the convention, in order to get your way?
    And, WHY is Mitt Romney not coming out and saying something to those who would follow HIM? If anyone should speak up, now, it should surely be MITT.

    Thanks, Doug, for posting.

    1. annebeck58 —

      It’s an odd numbered day — the 3rd — so the Mitt is unsure of what to commit to. Since tomorrow, on an even numbered day, he’ll have to state the opposite….

      1. Hmm. On the odd-numbered days, does he wear a cape and mask to go with the magic undies? Does that help with his super-powers?
        (Speaking of which; does he not remind you of the original Superman? I’ve always thought so.)

    2. There is a team of individuals called the “Liberty Live Stream Team” that will be streaming Live from the Texas convention starting June 7, (Thursday), by Live Streaming Dr. Paul’s speech in the “breakout session” on Thursday. Later that evening they will be Live Streaming and reporting from the Jordan Paige concert. The team will continue to stream events at the convention through June 9, 2012.

      The LLST, (Liberty Live Stream Team), will be streaming on Ustream channel, http://www.ustream.tv/channel/suriyahfish , the “SURIYAHFISH” brand of the LLST.

      2, complimentary, guest tickets were issued to the LLST by one of the delegates to the Texas convention. We have allies there, some in high places.

      I’m looking forward to seeing many of you participating in the Live Stream “Social Stream” and the “Chat”. The channel will be moderated for profanity and speech that is deemed provocative or violent.

      I am, Pat Jack, director of public relations, for Liberty Live Stream Team and a founding team member.

      1. Great! I was concerned that it would not all be video’d or streamed.
        I was on with suriyafish (what a sweet young lady!) from Oklahoma, ten in the morning, til about ten in the evening, including the incredible “Rump” convention! I could not tear myself away from the computer– for ANYTHING- so am thrilled to know this will be done.

        I am very familiar with (was at their meet-up bbq, last night) with the Austin, Travis (and Williamson) County delegation, and the invitation is open for me to go. Due to work-commitments, my going is kind of up in the air. But, I have a ride and a place to stay, should I want it.
        I AM now my precinct’s chair (yay). I signed on and it seems I was unopposed, so by default, I am officially a part of the GOP and will be the person in my area to help all Republicans with their requests (and this surely includes supporters of LIBERTY, in my area). This would not have happened were it not for certain delegate leaders calling and asking me to run! And, this (Ron Paul supporters now filling precinct-chairman slots) has happened all over the area.
        We have to replace the old-guard with ourselves,from the ground, up!

    3. Mitt Romney is not the nice kinda guy everyone seems to think he is. He is one of them, not one of us!

      1. I have never thought Romney had a decent bone in his body. I am quite sure Romney is evil, based on his business dealings alone, and I am sure he’s very bad for America’s economy, which is already bad enough; Romney would DESTROY us, for sure.
        The video on “Why I am supporting Mitt Romney” is a JOKE. It’s a very good video about why to NOT support that piece of Plastic (you know what). I cannot stand Romney and abhor his business practices! If he had his way, we would not have business in the USA, except to sell crap from other countries. Romney is ANTI-American-Business, and I detest him for that.

    4. I’ll be at the Texas GOP convention. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous as well. There will be approximately 9,000 delegates and alternates in attendance…and who knows how many guests. I sure hope calm order reigns but with that many people, it’s anyone’s guess as to what might happen.

      1. It is very disconcerting, after Louisiana. I wonder if your area can afford to hire some off-duty police, for themselves?
        Honestly, I don’t know that I’d want to go and put myself in the line of fire (literally) with these people.
        It has me wondering what kind of “club” I finally (officially) joined? Honestly, this is the “right to life” party of “peace”? Obviously, not, or not the old-party. We have to always be better than them, in all ways, and hope they do not become violent (also- I mean, what IF this is their new “strategy”? wow.)

      2. I’m certain we could afford to hire off-duty police officers but I’m not sure we’d be able to pull it off before the convention…considering the sheer number we’d need and actually getting them registered and through the door. From what I understand, that place is going to be locked down tight! I’m pretty tough but the thought of being physically taken down by a rogue police officer or an out of control Romney supporter is quite scary. I’m actually appalled that we should even be concerned about this. RP supporters were encouraged to volunteer as Sergeant-At-Arms (responsible for keeping the peace) at the convention but I’m not sure how successful that’s been. Our delegate numbers appear to be quite strong so hopefully the established GOPers won’t be able pull off any funny business and get away with it. We’re seriously fired up here in Texas!

      3. I am in Texas and so I do know how the delegates in Austin and surrounding area feel (and have spoken about this fiasco).
        Wondering; where are you coming from, and have you heard that the DALLAS (not Ft Worth, but Dallas) delegation has put-out the word that they are prepping for a FIGHT. I hope they do not mean something like what happened in LA, but would like to know.

  12. Sue the police and government of Shreveport as well as the GOP operatives who ordered/requested this illegal police action to the maximum degree on criminal, civil and civil rights abuse charges. This kind of fascist strong-arm tactic is absolutely unacceptable in a “democracy”. Punish those g-d-dmnd criminal thugs.

  13. As a Big supporter do Mr. Paul I am sure I am speaking for all of us that we could use some personal support from Mr. Paul himself. Please it would do us all a lot of good in so many ways.

  14. Funny how the GOP old guard is behaving after it was announced that Romney had the nomination “locked up.” If he has it won, then why should they worry about the Ron Paul supporters? The only thing I can conclude is that he doesn’t have it won, that he’s not even close, otherwise the establishment hacks wouldn’t be behaving the way they are. The MSM AP propaganda doesn’t fool me none. It’s the delegates who decide the nominee, not the media. I know because I’m a state delegate in Minnesota, I was at the convention in St. Cloud, as well as at my district convention in Shakopee. It’s the state delegates who send the national delegates to Tampa, and in my case we swept all 3 delegate and all 3 alternate spots in my district and we took 12 of 13 national delegates at the state convention, in addition to endorsing liberty candidate Kurt Bills for the US Senate against two well financed establishment opponents. What we’re witnessing here is a re-birth of liberty in our nation, a re-awakening, a re-discovery of who we are. The old guard is losing its grasp on power, it is slipping away from them and they are getting desperate. We need to keep the pressure up at full tilt. We need to keep fighting the good fight and keeping the faith. Soon the republican party will once again be for We the People and we will change things for the better and America will be great once again. God bless all you patriots out there, you’re making me proud to be an American once again. American pride baby! Go Ron Paul!

    1. Also Why would Romney still be running negative adds about Ron Paul?..He doesn’t have it “locked up”

  15. …and ignoramus policemen who do not know or understand the law should definitely not be entrusted with enforcing it. Those policemen should be fired immediately.

  16. Hello Doug,

    Do you know of anything like this happening in previous election years or is this something new?

    Historical context would be great

    D Kyle
    Eau Claire WI

    1. OneTwoBuckleMyShoe: “Can a citizens’ arrest be carried out against policemen when they break the law?”

      Sure, but I doubt you’d get much backup.

  17. As Paul supporters we are well known for our moneybombs, so NOW we should have a huge one to hire an attorney to SUE the Shrevesport,La. Police dept as well as the State of La.

    1. Oh, I think we DO have some attorneys in our ranks that would be HAPPY to take this one (or two) on, GRATIS. And I agree that these people need to be filed upon. Their actions were disgusting and horrific, and it seems they were acting on the say-so of the usual Party-Mainstays, which would make them ALSO accountable and should be forced to answer.

      1. But lawsuits need to be file NOW so the TX GOP can’t follow the in the steps of the LA GOP. ( No last minute rule changes and no police involvement.)

      2. Oh, believe me, the TX GOP will try a lot of illicit and even illegal acts. The thing is, we have a lot of people on our side who’ve been working to stop this, for years. So, as we know their games, I am saying it’s easier to beat them at same.
        But, yes; get this filed NOW. DO not wait til tomorrow.

      3. Yeah, you could file suit today and get heard in court sometime in February, 2013.

        I’d like to see criminal charges for aggravated assault and battery for breaking that guy’s fingers and making him limp. And all of the other abuses those people commit.

    2. Sue the b——-s back into the stone age. Establishment Republicans are pigs and should be in a sty spelled J-A-I-L!

      1. ronb28135 — re: your post June 3, 2012 at 5:36 pm

        Superbly stated!

        On this post — absolutely!

      2. Ron Paul has the Establishment Republicans scared to death. I’m sure that their fear is based upon their own immorality and they are incapable of understanding that Ron Paul supporters are; for the most part, people who work within the system to achieve what they want, peaceably. I think that we can become intransigent if we have too but it will be within the system without pushing and shoving. If it means suing the b______s back into the stone age, then so be it. If it means pushing the Establishment out through sheer numbers then we will.

        As it stands now. I believe that we have the Precinct Delegates needed nationally to stymy the Establishment. We don’t have to go along to get along. I think that Establishment political shoo-ins are a thing of the past in most states. We have the delegates to impose our ways upon state parties by refusing to go along. This is the 1960s for we Paulites. In the future, primaries will more reflect the choices of the people rather than the chicanery of the Establishment.

        I have been bitching about being a slave for years since I last ran for office as a Libertarian—four times @ 4% each time. I haven’t been active for years but I an now an unopposed Republican Precinct Delegate candidate. I didn’t know it would be so easy. I’m keeping a low profile until after the August election. I’m not alone in Michigan. The Tea Party also has PDs either already in office or running in this election. It may take another two year cycle to firm up our base.

        I’m recruiting PDs for 2014. Now I can speak from experience about how to go about getting on the ballot as a PD, and I can demonstrate the simplicity of doing so.

        Why the Libertarians didn’t co-opt the Republican Party years ago is beyond my comprehension. If you’re a Libertarian no one has to listen, but, if you are a Libertarian Republican at least they will have to acknowledge your ideas whether in agreement with them or or not.

  18. Anne, with respect, I won’t censure you and you don’t censure me. Beside, you only read half my post.

    What is the difference between: “Gary Johnson offers true fiscal discipline, a withdrawal of our troops from abroad, free markets, no bailouts, no stimulus spending, the shutting down of unconstitutional bureaucracies and a restoration of our civil liberties, and what Dr. Paul stands for? Libertarian stuff, hey?

    I’m warning the Politburo (without asking your permission, by the way), that they are on a path of destruction. We are not without a viable alternative. Dr. Paul ran on the Libertarian ticket in 1988. I think of worst things to promote, mother. (If you need me to inspire you, then you are in need to serious counseling.) I can’t reveal what I am doing to help Dr. Paul get the nomination, but trust me, I’m not sitting on my hands.

    1. I did not find your response, above, but that is where I responded.
      Anyway; as i said, it is my opinion that this is neither the time nor the place to bring up the Libertarian issue. I believe it’s my right to have an opinion, and I feel that it’s in poor-taste to bring this up, here, and today.
      We are barely half-way there. Let us, instead, continue– and in a smarter way than them. If it comes down to it, after the national convention, that they will (regardless of what our delegates say and how they vote) push Romney on US, yes; consider other options. But, my other option IS to write-in Paul. I just won’t have it any other way (besides, there are things about Johnson I cannot get on board with, but that is not my reason for saying this was in poor taste, in MY OPINION.)

      Johnson is not enough like Paul, from all of my investigation of him, to garner my vote.

    2. Albert Meyer, the reason we don’t want to advertise the Libertarian candidate is because this is a Ron Paul discussion thread.

      And, as I’ve said repeatedly, if Dr. Paul doesn’t get nominated, I’m going to write him in anyway!

      1. Please write his name in. Personally, It an exercise in futility. A vote for Johnson (true, if they count it) could push him over the 15% threshold, which would bring the ideas of true fiscal discipline, a withdrawal of our troops from abroad, free markets, no bailouts, no stimulus spending, the shutting down of unconstitutional bureaucracies and a restoration of our civil liberties right into the mainstream. You can’t ignore the political influence of 15% of the population.

    3. (BTW)
      I never did accuse you of sitting on your hands.
      Please don’t be so negative, is part of what I was saying, and who the heck said anything about permission other than you? Re-read what I said, okay?
      It is neither the time nor the place. How’d you read all of what you said into that?

  19. TO those who are concerned about Paul delegates NOT showing-up, when they should have, to fight for US?? = here is the deal:
    The Mainstays of the GOP, on their way out and in a last-ditch effort to grab back the “control” of the party, have been FILLING Delegate slots with people who will NEVER be delegates, and were not at any meetings, which should disqualify them, anyway. When these supposed (and LISTED) “delegates” do NOT show up, alternates are selected, and it’s generally by going down the list by number (each delegate-alternate IS assigned a number). This IS an old-game that the party has played for quite some time. What ends up happening is, quite a few alternates ultimately do NOT show-up for the State Convention(s). The list is exhausted pretty expeditiously, and it leaves open slots to be filled from the floor. On the floor, as guests, are family members and neighbors of the mainstays.
    TO prevent this happening, CONTACT EACH DELEGATE AND ALTERNATE in YOUR area (especially any who’ve been to ANY meetings) to advise them that they will, most likely, be seated as full-fledged delegates (with votes and every other opportunity as all delegates), as credentialing goes on. BRING YOUR OWN GUESTS, too, those who care about liberty and our constitution, as they MAY also end up seated!
    It is IMPORTANT people realize this IS the game the party (both parties) has played forever. It is how they “win” and we CAN take advantage of this game by, again, playing it better than THEM!


      1. Right- and I ONLY HOPE the Paul people will show. What happened in WA State and MO, with ALTERNATE Delegates (for Paul) must not happen in Texas! If it does, we’ll lose our state,too.
        I don’t think I can stand that after the mess of a primary-vote (or the counting/ reporting of such).
        Thanks, though!

      2. Say, did you know that the GOP (mainstays) have been filling up their lists with people who have zero desire to be delegates? It’s their little game, to say the list is full, so nobody who really wants to be in this– for CHANGE– will bother.
        It’s insanity, and it’s an old game.

      1. Thanks, Surfisher;
        I am a good cheer-leader, but when I come across actions like what transpired in LA GOP, i find myself feeling more and more agoraphobic. I will do anything to get others out, and I do worry (now) for their physical safety. Yet I really don’t know, were it me in an alternate spot, if I would feel comfortable inserting ME in one of these situations.
        It seems the latest plan launched by the GOP is violence. Now, how DO we fight that? Yes, they have been writing up their own rules and making decisions without the other delegates, and we’re prepared to deal with that, to an extent. But, the violence? I really don’t think it’s something we CAN ready ourselves for!

  20. Ron Paul, A messenger with an importent message of Freedom, Liberty and restoration of the Constitution so powerful for We The People ,that it strikes Fear in the hearts of those of washington and their elites status quos corruption and greed of politics as usual.

  21. This is all the doing of one SCUMBAG BOBBY JINDAL – the traitor to the US Constitution – (just like all his other buddies Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush, Hillary Clinton…entire freaking mafia Bilderberg gang enslaved to Federal Reserve).

    Last high profile assassinations in this country were 2 Kennedy brothers. Bobby Kennedy by AIPAC lobby equivalent of the time, & JFK before him by Bilderberg-Federal Reserve nexus. Not saying the Kennedys were any saints in their own rights. But JFK was the last known executive to challenge Federal Reserve AND refused to commit American kid to die in unconstitutional wars in Vietnam. It was very easy and convenient to take him out, replacing with another criminal Lyndon Johnson.

    Bilderbergers are murderous snakes, political assassinations are like routine stuff for them. They wouldn’t blink an eyelash for authorization of military tanks rolling American streets – just as they engineered in Soviet Union and many other nations.

    Times are very turbulent, I would say similar to the way they were around time of Kennedy assassination[s]. Greece is being artificially held together. Like the Austrian Franz Ferdinand getting assassinated in Sarajevo, all it would take is 1 small “engineered” event for an active volcano to erupt. It is impossible to gaze into a crystal ball & predict “exact” turn of events as it’s going to turn out. But all I know are the immortal words of Scarecrow : “I haven’t got any brain, but I think it’s going to get darker before it gets lighter”.

  22. We RP folks in Washington State just got our you-know-whats handed to us by the GOP establishment and the Romney forces at our state convention. Ouch! The rule violations that brought so many Romney delegates to the convention were ignored by Kirby Wilbur the state GOP chair and the credentials committee. We must take over the state GOP and oust the miscreants.

    1. And the way we take over is starting at the bottom (or higher up, for those who’ve been in this for a while and well-known to the others in GOP).
      This is why the Austin faction of Paul supporters have been calling for many of us to run for and obtain the precinct-chair positions. Not only do we assist others in the precinct, but we ARE committee-members, and we get to vote on anything the local (and even state) GOP does, henceforth. All that’s required are an investment of a few hours a month (most party meetings are held once a month and go for about an hour or two). We have to get in and we must show up for these meetings, especially as those who’ve been part of this for too long are not showing. A quorum must be met, and if it’s met by supporters of liberty, we have a better chance of getting our way.
      Sign on to your local (county or district) GOP, and check to see if your chair is vacant. That’s the easiest way to get it. See about filing at your county or district office. Ultimately, when the state committee meets, they are most likely to choose local committee-members (to go to state) who HAVE invested the time.
      This is what Dr Paul meant by us getting involved and changing the party– from within. I hope everyone will look into this!
      My chair was vacant because the past chair moved to the next county. I filed, not expecting to get it, but as I was the ONLY person to apply, the seat is MINE, as of the 1st at 6pm.
      Even if we do not get Dr Paul nominated, changing the party should still be on the top of all of our to-do lists!

  23. Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012 If the Gop Screws Dr Paul like they are currently doing (poor sports) And Their LOSS!!!!

    1. Now, I could probably get behind that. I just won’t vote for Johnson, alone, nor would I advertise it, here (as some have done).
      I still say we HAVE to get our delegates and alternates (especially alternates) to EACH state’s convention, if we are going to have a CHANCE at winning this. People need to see, no matter how far-down the alternate list they are, they will probably be seated. Problem has been that the old-guard IS cancelling out the Paul delegates, and when they need to be replaced, it’s ONLY old-guard left in the cheap-seats to do that.
      This is what happened in Wa State AND in Missouri- after ALL of what Missouri folk for Paul went through, the party screwed them and US, by extension.

  24. The third party talk and endorsing the libertarian party is what the GOP establishment wants. We are gaining so much ground, that I think the party will be cleansed from the progresives in a few more years. Why surrender know and give a slap on the face to all of the heroes of the revolutuon? They sacrifice so much.

  25. One of the cops actually by falsehood, took away a citizen’s phone as “evidence”…!

    (I spent about 3 hours trying to remove the background noise to isolate this — PAY ATTENTION TO THIS EXCHANGE!)

    Listen to the cop’s misinformation (an abuse of his limited powers) at the near end of this video (minute 5:50 till end at 6:15).

    Cop: “I need your phone as evidence…can I get your driver’s license for me, please…” — (unless a Court Ordered Subpoena is served, no officer of law is allowed to divest a person (that has not been arrested) from his property under the guise of “evidence required by the police”. Also, no cop can demand of a bystander to disclose his Identification (driver’s license in this case) FOR HIS OWN CURIOSITY (“for me”) or for any other purported reasons!)

    US Citizen replies: “My driver’s license…?”

    Cop: “Yeah…”

    US Citizen: “You’ll take my phone…?”

    Cop: “It’s evidence…correct… you were recording….”

    US Citizen: noise that sounds like(“what (or nah)…”)

    Cop: “You weren’t recording…? I still need your driver’s license”. (THE CITIZEN WAS NOT DRIVING A CAR — therefore, this Cop cannot demand his driver’s license (unbelievable abuse of power)! Also, IF-or-NOT the citizen was recording IS COMPLETELY OUT of the domain of any police force to dictate either way!)

    US Citizen: “Why…you are taking my phone away from me…”

    Cop: “It’s evidence… noise (sounds like ‘correct’)…you were recording….”

    My 2 cents:

    There is a special hell for the 5 pigs that took down an old and handicapped man — BUT this PIG, that went beyond the take-down and tried to erase the evidence by confiscating the camera phone, deserves an even worse end!

  26. The delegates were impeccable.
    IF this happens again, the New Chair needs to IMMEDIATELY select a new Sergeant-at-Arms to direct the LEOs… IMO…
    I could be wrong,
    But it seems that doing so would immediately force the police into a position where their actions become OBVIOUSLY seen as either peacekeepers or coup d’état militants.

    1. I hope that would help and think it could not hurt to try this,
      BUT, remember this: These Police/peace-officers are OFF-DUTY and privately hired by the party faithful. They have their orders and those orders have not come from US.
      I don’t know how much any run of the mill person knows of our constitution and defense of such, and with this in mind, perhaps we should get to know the uniformed-men, and explain to them how it MAY transpire and, if so (changing of the guard), they MUST get behind those with the RIGHTS to hold the floor.

      1. annebeck58 —

        How about calling the FBI —and demand they have agents present?!

        Since it is a National concern (wherein their powers lay) to attend and observe if the proceedings are contrary to the well-being of our country…(it is within their jurisdiction).

  27. In case anybody has not yet seen this, the LaGOP has been working to un-seat the Paul delegates AND has basically undone the convention in Louisiana:

    LaGOP.com released the following statement Saturday afternoon following the Louisiana Republican state presidential convention. LaGOP.com is controlled by the state party chariman, who attempted to chair the state convention Saturday. After the majority on the floor voted to unseat Villere as convention chair, he continued proceedings with a small minority of delegates. This release reflects the results of those proceedings:

    Louisiana Republicans Elect National Convention Delegates

    The 2012 Louisiana Republican State Convention met on Saturday in Shreveport and elected 30 delegates to represent the state in Tampa, Florida at the Republican National Convention.

    Under party rules, ten supporters of Rick Santorum were chosen. Five delegates are official Mitt Romney delegates and one is for Ron Paul. The other fourteen are technically unbound to any candidate and are expected to support Governor Romney.

    Louisiana receives 46 votes at the national convention. Thirty were elected on Saturday. Three are automatic delegates. No one was nominated for the final thirteen positions, which were left vacant and may now be filled by the state party’s Executive Committee. The positions were left open by a majority of the delegates participating in the convention in order to facilitate talks with Ron Paul supporters who refused to participate in the convention in order to protest state party rules requiring presidential candidates to approve delegates allocated to them.

    Earlier this week, Rick Santorum sent a letter to state GOP Chairman Roger Villere asking, in essence, that the party prevent “delegate stealing,” an informal term that describes the maneuver used by some presidential campaigns to put their supporters in spots won by opposing campaigns. The Romney campaign also sent a list of five official delegates and alternate delegates to Chairman Villere. The Party Executive Committee passed supplemental rules requiring that positions won by Santorum and Romney be filled with individuals approved by those campaigns.

    (NOW, what do we do with THIS?)
    I find this abhorrent; they will take ROMNEY’S PICKS? IS this legitimate? I think NOT. AS I read on another forum (for usual GOP), how can ANY delegate even vote for Romney, now?

    1. Annebeck,

      So we meet again. I agree with you. You see, this article that I am all for since it is about time someone from the campaign openly expresses the corruption that has been going on, also puts in a good word for Romney or his campaign. That is a factoid. Why? Because the entire truth was not mentioned, that being that all this corruption was only for the benefit of Romney. Santorum and all others are out of the race. So who has been considered to be the “presumptive” nominee and how ironic that it was his campaign people who were primarily there on the opposite of our side?

      There is still too much poo-pooing going on. This is a start what this article is saying, but it cannot end there. Actions must be taken, not just words! That is where the saying about walking the walk versus talking the talk comes from. There are big differences. You mentioned to me and others before about lawsuits being filed locally. In this case, there better be lawsuits especially since physical damage was done. Funny how nothing was mentioned about that beyond that everything seems to be working out for the better after all this to go on to Tampa.

      Who said it? Thomas Jefferson? Daniel Webster? “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. I need not say more at this time.

      Good day,
      June 3, 2012/Sunday

      1. Yes, Ronda.
        I agree; the entire truth has not been reported in this article, but it’s actually the only article to call out half of the truth. I scoured the news, national and local (and different local papers, including in LA) to find this. Where IS the msm? Oh, i am sure nobody sent them the “press release”, so this is just another episode of Republicans-Behaving-Badly that will not go down in the annals of history.
        Yes, we must fight this. It is why i say all delegates and all alternates with conventions (state level) yet to happen MUST show-up and must bring a few liberty-loving guest with them. Fact is that some (many) chosen delegates will NOT show, for varied reasons (Santorum delegates? he’s out; same for Gingrich, will not show) and the list of alternates will be gotten through very quickly. At that point, people (guests) from the floor- the back of the room, the cheap-seats, will be invited to serve as same. I don’t know how much input one delegate or even the majority of seated delegates will have. This is because the choice(s) of slate(s) have already been chosen in a backroom by the so-called party-faithful and will generally include one to three Paul delegates (like that will appease us, the MAJORITY?). But, we must try.

        Besides this nastiness and physical violence, inspired and ordered by the party-faithful, the nastier work was done by committees, prior to meeting on the floor. It’s done to ensure their guy (ROMNEY? Are you KIDDING ME?) gets the nod.

        I hope everyone who goes to Tampa will consider these acts, regardless of their “choice” of nominees, and turn their backs to Mitt Romney AND the Party-Elite.
        After all,I am sure Romney is a shill and is being propped-up only to ensure Obama another four years. Why else would the party run with the ONE guy who’s probably more liberal, depending on the day, than Obama, himself?


      1. Yes, I actually sent Ben direcct messages (email and youtube, too). If i don’t hear back sometime this evening, I will send him an
        direct message in twitter.
        But, I would say Ben is on this. There is not a lot he misses and, if I think he may, I tend to fill him in with my notes. we just need to give him time to produce this and post it.
        No worries, though!

  28. It is about time that Dr. Paul’s supporters start complaining more about the lackadaisical attitude coming mainly from the central office of the main campaign. Obviously with the poo-pooing that has been constantly demonstrated to be almost “mole-like” coming from Jesse Benton, this is out from John Tate, a dedicated liberty master from Campaign For Liberty from the beginning four years ago is posted here demonstrating a 180 degree turn from that……

    There are thousands of people who come here, look at the postings here and of course the comments. Therefore there will now be thousands of us who can maybe start to see some justice appearing from the campaign for justice at last.

    Personally I feel that there has to be a central organization to receive contributions to bring these atrocities to court and openly out in other ways to the public especially since the court system is part of the corrupt system in these type of cases for if they were not, this consistency of corruption would have been stopped a long time ago. A place like this might be willing to make videos bringing out the corruption if enough finances were available and enough of us asked them to do it. Doing so would not tie the campaign to it and they could still proceed on with their original purpose.

    June 3, 2012/Sunday

    PS: My koodoos also to Doug Wead for not only posting this from John Tate, but doing it so quickly.

  29. I will happily write Ron Paul in with my head held high! It is time to get back to the constitution and certainly carefully reevaluate any changes or possible changes. 🙂 A Full Audit

  30. I am downloading the videos as requested and they will be re-posted on our vShare video sharing web site at http://vshare.mywebteks.net I guarantee that they will not be removed from our site. We don’t remove ANY videos no matter who tells us to get rid of them and that includes the federal government.

      1. Doug — will you respond to this: Have we locked up 5 state plurality as of now, or not?

        LA’s GOP is trying to place their own Mittney Chosen, so is MA, and WA was lost and so forth….

        The crucial point is — that Ron Paul MUST win the 5 states needed plurality to be seated in Tampa! And then — “Bringing Down The House” won’t be just a song!

        That FEAR is what has made the GOP not just hysterical, but blatantly crooked — an animalistic response to self-preservation (disregarding all future consequences)!

        Hope it will soon be posted — that Ron Paul LOCKED UP the needed 5 states plurality! Until then, nothing so far is assured. So we MUST fight them on all fronts!

      2. No problem. If you have other videos that are being pulled or might get pulled, let me know and I will grab them and re-post them at MyWebTeks Vshare.

      3. As usual, Doug, will not respond to let us know how close we are.

        Nice strategy — to keep the enemy guessing. But poor tactics, to let us feel abandoned!

    1. Unfortunately, the GOP Establishment has went berserk in trying to save their money-ticket (Mittney) — so are acting like Cornered Animals fighting for this bone!

      I dare anyone to Honestly state they still support Rmoney — after seeing all that has transpired so far!

  31. Why is the GOP Establishment willingly and publicly committing such atrocities, that are recorded and eventually will be used as proof against them in a Court of Law?

    For a long time I couldn’t figure out their reasoning for such self-destructive acts — until it just crystallized out of the blue this morning.

    They are NO LONGER RATIONAL — but, as a wounded and cornered Beast, they are lashing out; clawing, biting, spitting and fighting to survive.

    In this mode of self-preservation, no thought of consequences is used, only the instinct for survival has kicked in!

    Should Ron Paul win, their rug will be pulled! So what difference if they also get sued eventually. (Lose-lose)

    Should they succeed in their desperate fight for survival, than all their atrocious actions will be taken care of by their own. (Win-win)

    Therefore, expect ever increasing atrocities during the upcoming Conventions — the more desperate this Animal becomes, the more vicious its attacks will be!

    What has set them off in this frenzy of rabid behavior is their FEAR that Ron Paul will get confirmed plurality in 5 states — thus guaranteeing his being seated at the Tampa Convention (and thereby sealing their end)!

    We need to fight them off on all fronts — stand our ground and call them out when caught in attempting to cheat! Don’t let them intimidate you with their lies, but instead unseat them and get all proceeding recorded (live stream is Best)!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options)

  32. Why has the Paul campaign been so quite? We all are really in need of encouragement. It seems like we are in this fight alone.

    1. Dr Paul has put out a statement (yesterday) in regard to this as well as to what’s happening in Texas and other states. He is taking the high-road, of course, but that is HIS job.
      Our job is to convince the old-party folks that, when voting for MItt, they are going with the LEAST Republican of all of the ten who were in it this year. Heck, Mitt may be less republican in his doings and in his thoughts than his counterpart, Obama!
      We should ask the old-guard WHY they are voting for Mitt. We must always be calm and “curious”, and not too much at the ready to jump on them with the “that’s wrong” statements. Rather than correct them on anything, we need to allow them to correct themselves– by asking appropriate questions.

      Always bear in mind the adage regarding more flies with honey and all– of course, these flies may be more of the manure-seeking kind, but we have to not give them $h*+!

  33. The RNC/GOP, and Romney campaign needs to be disqualified for Election Fraud. What is the status of the LawyersforRonPaul and their lawsuits?


    Folks, we were forewarned by cyber specialists (e.g. Stephen Spoonamore) that Electronic Voting was(is) no good.

    Sadly, we did not heed the warnings (perhaps because the NWO is in charge).

    Below is a reminder that explains the odd results for RP (e.g. TX).

    Like the Hulk Hogan says: “What are you going to do about it?!”

    God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!

      1. Thanks… Please, check the post I uploaded a minute ago… We are holding a Pure Blood Stallion and by the time we let it run it will be too late in the race… I suggest showing to the Whole Nation and The World what the Rulers (Puppet Masters) are doing with RP, RP Soldiers for Liberty, etc… God Bless!

  35. Ron Paul MUST win a 5 state delegate plurality to be seated at Tampa! This is the ONLY GOAL all of us need to concentrate at this time! (Why do you think the GOP is pulling all stops to prevent this — because, once at the RNC Convention, Ron Paul will neuter this scum! And his supporters — the Real Americans — will surround the convention in the hundreds of thousands)!

    No electronic voting at the Conventions — Delegates are elected on written ballots — this is our last chance to stop the Electronic Fraud…until the General Election…(then the BO will have the Fix…unless we do something about it)!

    This has to be IMBEDDED IN ALL OUR MINDS — Get Ron Paul seated in Tampa! Nothing else is as important as this!

    After Tampa…depending on what transpires — other options for Ron Paul may be discussed (BUT NOT NOW)!

    1. THANK YOU, Surfisher. This is also in the back of my mind. It’s on the minds of ALL delegates leaving, tomorrow, for Ft Worth.
      Yes, they will do and have done all they can to remove OUR people from “their” roster, without taking into account that it is OUR roster, too!
      I wish the infighting witnessed in these past blogs would end. After all, we all have the same desired outcome in mind, and we need to work toward that rather than ANY name-calling or blame.

      Truly excellent response.

  36. No action should be taken that goes contrary to normal procedures. However, no action (available) should be turned down that goes in favor and strengthens the power of the cause… Multi-prong lawful attacks are the best weapon to fight a bigger enemy.

    Reference: Sun Tzu: The Art of War

    1. The ONLY Fight right now to be fought is for Tampa (Ron Paul must be seated there)!

      Try, all of you, to comprehend this SIGNIFICANCE!

      Unless we assure a Ron Paul seating at Tampa — in order to expose nationwide and worldwide, the SCUM that has occupied our government — we’ll have a one-man-puppet-show (Rmoney “debating” himself, and winning)!

      Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options)

  37. Hey, Doug, and ALL:
    Here’s Ben Swann (@Fox19BenSwann, Youtube/user/BenSwannRealitycheck) and his take on it all:

    It is a video worth watching, not just to hear more on LaGOP, but to understand more about what WE are doing in the GOP, and how the GOP is responding so poorly to being taken down (figuratively, not physically, as they’ve done)
    I knew Ben would get on it, but I also knew he’d want to talk with Henry Hereford. Read the email from RON PAUL, yesterday, and tell Rand Paul whatever you like as he tries to get ten dollars, per head, for ROMNEY. Screw RAND.

      1. he was thinking he will be veep. However, he’s not thinking about the fact that, 1., Romney is not going to win so that won’t happen, and, 2., going against his dad (again) is a very bad move, politically (and I say, morally). What a usual tool Rand IS.

      2. I think men have an inherent program – DON’T BE A CARBON COPY OF DADDY!!. Even, as it turns out, when Daddy is rignt, apparently.

        It seems like everybody but The Good Doctor is in favor of infinite war forever or some insane crap like that. I wonder how the Mexifornia primaries turned out!

  38. That’s why I decided not to go into politics and chose a career of a self-employed lawyer. And the amount of BS in many states like Louisiana have grown so high now

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