Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana

On Saturday I promised an update into the complex world of Louisiana intraparty politics.  You will remember that the national press proclaimed an upset win by Ron Paul in the first round of caucuses.  But the GOP has worked to take that away.

Here is how events are unfolding.

The Republican Party of Louisiana has a history of protecting the establishment. They have placed a number of landmines throughout their caucus and convention processes to make it extremely difficult for Ron Paul supporters to make it all of the way to the floor of the Republican National Convention.

One simple example is a cleverly written rule, which allowed the LAGOP to abruptly change the date of the caucus. As soon as the state party realized how organized we were, the date of the election was changed from early February to late April. The date change created the unprecedented scenario of putting the Louisiana primary BEFORE the caucus. Something that has never happened before in this state and is unlikely to ever happen again.

Another example is the scheduling of the Republican State Central Committee meeting immediately after the state convention in Shreveport. The Louisiana Republican Party is hoping that the Ron Paul supporters will do something controversial at the state convention so that they’ll have an excuse to unseat some or all of the Ron Paul supporters at their RSCC meeting.

The Louisiana Republican Party is organized differently from many other states. Often, like in Michigan or Nevada, the state convention is the top governing authority of the state republican party. Unfortunately for our freedom fighters in the bayou state, this is not the case. The RSCC is the final authority and it is their bylaws that created the caucus and the convention.

The two examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t reveal our entire strategy because the establishment operatives obviously read this blog as well.

But I can tell you that we have great leaders across Louisiana who have navigated these paths before. They are working overtime to ensure that the Louisiana delegation gets all the way to the Republican National Convention!

It can be tempting to thumb your nose at the establishment whenever you get the opportunity. And they definitely deserve it!

But in this situation, getting the Ron Paul delegates all the way to Tampa and encouraging our activists to become part of the party structure should be our top priority.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. This was SOOO hard to do in 2008 I almost gave up. I would go to a Ron Paul meetup and try to tell them they MUST get involved with the local GOP, help me table at fairs, and their eyes would glaze over. They preferred sign making parties and discussing among themselves. But I think this time around they have learned their lessons well and I am so proud of what they are doing and of what I started with Kent Snyder in 2007.

      1. Thanks Doug.. I got a smooth $20 riding on this whole thing, and if you call in sick before Tampa, I’m collecting it from you! 🙂

        btw: Good read..

    1. Gadsden Gurl,

      Good work , it’s the foot soldiers who keep the movement moving forward. Thank You!

    2. Even if it feels too late, it is very good to have one’s face known in the state and local levels. And, it’s always good to be looked at as reasonable, for sure.
      Everyone should check his or her meet-up group, sign on with their area’s GOP (and at state level), show up and be pleasant, yet firm.

      1. Keep it up everyone…in Michigan we just got rid of the old status quo establishment Committee Man and Committee Woman at our State Convention. The result: they are whining and we are all winning….meaning America will be winning and Liberty will win.

      2. See? I think that is great!
        Getting yourself known and in a positive manner is always a good thing. I think, also, it’s wonderful (and surprising) how well you Paul supporters did in Michigan! Excellent work!!–and yes, for ALL of us/US.

  2. Yeah, I remember the LA GOP and their shenanigans from ’08. Ron Paul (and maybe one other candidate) had enough signatures for their name on the ballot. The GOP goons, like Roger Villere, changed the deadline and called the other candidates and told them they had more time. This wasn’t reported other than in a LSU newspaper. I think RP still came in second. I’m sure the RP campaign is aware of what happened last time, and is expecting more of the same.

  3. you go Gadsden Gurl!!! I know how I have carred the tourch of LIBERTY on my own too since 2007. I’ve had many failures and lots of “hurry up and wait” moments. Sometimes it doesn’t even register that we’ve been at it for 5 years! And for others ahead of us in this struggle it has been 20 plus years! We’re in it to win it! And winning means LIBERTY! It is not defined by Ron Paul in the white house, although that would be great, that’s not the end game!

  4. When is the establishment going to learn, that playing dirty will only make Paul supporters more determined not to vote for Romney if he gets the nomination? I am already determined to vote for Ron even if Romney gets the nomination!


    Wasn’t Louisiana where the JFK “neutralization” was planned ?

    Reinforce The Troops ( just in case ).

    God Bless America, Ron Paul, and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!

  6. This is a very well-guarded commentary which should serve to comfort our less experienced delegates. Yes; there is a plan that will work within the rules and will overcome established corruption within the Louisiana state central committee.

  7. All right! Glad to hear people are being smart about it and trying to work around the chaos the establishment GOP is trying to create. Keep at it!

  8. I completely agree with your last statement; Ron Paul delegates need to know the rules, play by the rules (as we do), and not be general pains (in anywhere).
    The Romney delegates, along with other candidates’ supporters, have been quite ugly and even violent, while the Paul group has maintained decorum throughout what has been a very trying time, and we need to continue this. , as It’s the only smart way to behave.

    I hope LA has been holding delegate meet-ups and even mock conventions like have been going on in Austin (Travis County), so everyone can test their skills!

    1. Sometimes knowing the rules does not help. In Vermont, the party Chair simply changed the rules. On the morning of the State Convention, just prior to the convention, Robert’s Rules of Order were superseded by Chairman Lindley’s Rules of Order. This even though the party rules specify that Robert’s Rules of Order are to be used.

      Chairman Lindley’s Rules of Order included appointed of the convention chair by the party chair, no voting on the agenda, 2/3 vote to amend the dictated agenda, no “points” of any kind, no debates on amending the agenda, absolute of Romney operatives to be anywhere on the convention floor, chair can block any other volunteers/guests at his discretion, no calls for division or roll call on majority votes, automatic adjournment and simple majority adjournment.

      The agenda called for:

      A speech by Tagg Romney just before the voting and no speeches from any national delegate candidates. Tagg promoted a “Conservative Unity Slate” which included a Democratic Party contributor (Rick Cochran).

      Rick Cochran had sent out emails and organized calling centers to scare people into voting for the “Conservative Unity Slate” saying that the Ron Paul people are trying to nullify the results of the primary, and you had better vote for a the “Conservative Unity Slate” or Vermont will be embarrassed and funding will dry up.

      1. I still think knowing the rules is worth it. Yes, they are breaking them, but when we know that it’s happening, we have the sense to get assistance in handling it.
        And, yes; most of us knew it would be done. We expected it, which is why I say nobody is playing catch-up. Paul delegates and other supporters are simply responding, which could not be done before they did what they’ve done.

      2. Vermonter –

        The Vermont GOP has different rules than what I’m used to dealing with here in Texas, but in general the problem in most of the other states where there have been unsolved problems has been that the supporters of Ron Paul were poorly trained going into the convention. This was an almost-across-the-board problem in 2008 and it still a problem in quite a few states in 2012. I sincerely hope that full video documentation of the convention exists, including where it was explained that the rules had been changed, and that a protest was lodged at the time. It is not at all unheard of for delegations to be challenged at the next-level convention, and we already know that is happening with a couple of states this year.

      3. Video of the Vermont State Convention

        You will notice that there is no vote to accept the agenda.
        No vote for chair or other officers.

        The rules were changed by the party chair/executive director the morning of the convention on his own authority. Robert’s Rules of Order were replaced with Chairman Lindley’s Rules of Order. Which prior to that morning no outside Chairman Lindley and his two lawyers had ever seen before.

        In other state conventions Robert’s Rules of Order were violated. In Vermont the chair claimed the authority to replace Robert’s Rules of Order.

      4. Well… All is going as planned (by The Puppet Masters that is)…

        The Sheeple (as in “We, The People”) are taking it well… Perfectly mind-conditioned to confront The Beast with Civility… No Public Outrage because The Sheeple have no idea of what Fascism is… Why? Because our the Media (working for the NeoFascists) does what it does best: tell the mind-conditioned Sheeple how to think.

        Oh, I miss the good old days of Civil Rights Marches!
        Too bad I am too old for them.

        Bring back The Smedley Butler Spirit to End Fascism!

        God Bless American, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty !

      5. Hey!
        Thanks, Vermonter, for posting the live-stream (U-Stream) of the VT GOP Convention. Disregard my question, below, re: same. But, do not disregard my offer for help.
        IF the VT Patriots need any assistance in attaining legal counsel, let me know. If not, go forth and creak havoc– in the LEGAL realm!

  9. I phone banked in LA. I drove 5 hours to Volunteer phone bank. Now tell me what F&$#@ Romney supporter would willfully volunteer that kind of effort?

    1. Romney has 100,000,000 supporters. They’re all portraits of George Washington printed in green ink on little worthless pieces of paper.

    2. Romney support is $10 million dollars wide and 3 people deep.
      Paul support is $3 million dollars wide and 1000 people deep.

      Al we can do is soldier on and endeavor to persevere.

  10. After having lived in Louisiana for 20 long years and dealing with politicos, corporations and other entities of self proclaimed importance, I can assure you that nothing that happens in Louisiana regarding the judicial system, politics or religion is honest or above board. I understand the same is true in most places, however in Louisiana they don’t even have the decency to try and hide the corruption or cover the stench. Moreover they are complacent, proud and boastful of their crooked parish governments and king like sheriffs who use the crimes of the rich as excuses to punish the poor.
    The people of Louisiana will never stand behind anything forthright or anything that resembles fair and honest. The population as a whole is brainwashed into thinking they are being taken care of by their kings.

  11. Just a reminder to everyone, become a precinct chair if your local precinct chair position is vacant. Half of them are. This won’t help 2012 but will help 2013/2014. Most states if there is vacancy you can fill it after the deadline.

  12. I have lived in Louisiana all my life. I come from a long line of politicians and lawyers on my father’s side. My grand father was a member of the Louisiana legislature for more than 20 years. He was recalled to form a small, select committee to rewrite the Constitution of Louisiana. He served for many years on the Police Jury, quite and odd group, in Shreveport until his retirement.

    I remember one day asking my grandfather, when I was about 10 years old, that I had heard Louisiana was the most politically corrupt State in the United States of America. He looked at me over the lunch table, and looked at me for longer than he normally did … and grunted, it was a short grunt.

    1. Indeed… Let Oliver Stone (+ his friend Castro) tell the rest of the story… I heard from a good source (in my family) what was up there (I was a little kid and had little notion of things – but the memory retained the info)… At the time I thought it was all fantasy… Sadly, as people start preparing to meet their maker, they are coming “out of the closet” (so to speak)… In recent years (thanks to the Internet), I have confirmed all the stories I heard when I was a kid. These were the stories about “The Big Event”. This is why I can’t stop my reminding people to take good care for the security of RP. This could come in the form of a sharp shooter. However, I am inclined for more sophisticated tools as I know the Shadow Government has optimized their “neutralization” tools. RP could have a sudden heart attack (like Andrew Breitbart), etc.

      Think of it, they made a big investment for their New Pearl Harbor. They got an excellent return on their investment. They surely will not let a puny organization (i.e. RP and his followers) to spoil their Grand Chessboard Game.

      God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty !

      1. smedleybutlerbrigade

        It’s really NOT “Smoke and Mirrors” which are being showcased by the GOP Establishment at all these “FIXED” Primaries and Caucuses which, somehow, always favor Mitt Romney. It’s really a “Smoke Screen” for Government Control by the Elite “behind” the Throne. See for yourself and think for yourself – but DON’T keep it to yourself. Tell the World about it!

      2. Thanks. The YouTube link you sent me asks to make viral the video. I have experience with computers and internet. However, I have no idea how to “make a video viral”. Viral to me sounds like contagious. Can you explain briefly how is the process. This perhaps is useful to others. Thanks for the help.

      3. smedleybutlerbrigade

        I already told you. See for yourself and think for yourself – but DON’T keep it to yourself. The “it” being the Truth! Tell the World the Truth! Truth is Viral – Truth is Contagious. The “Establishment” Political Parties (Republicans and Democrats), in cahoots with a Complaint “Monopolized” Media (Liberal and Conservative), always want us “fighting” amongst ourselves. They “create” the Right/Left Paradigm to keep us divided. However, it is THEY who are our Enemy! THEY need to “Fear” US – and NOT the other way around.

        As the Video says – and I paraphrase – we, as a “diversified and differing” people, need to UNITE against a Government who STRIVES to “take away” our Freedoms and Liberties – and wants to CONTROL everything aspect of our Lives – only to “satisfy” the Lust-for-Power of the Uber-Rich! They have ALL the Money they could ever want. NOW, they seek to quench their unending Thirst for Power! And they’ll do whatever it takes to get it!

      4. smedleybutlerbrigade

        The Video also states that we need to “Research the Past so that we can Understand the Present”. And toward the end of the Video it also states “The US Government was taken over in 1913 by an ultra-wealthy Banking Cartel, that has deceived this Nation on a Grand Scale (The FED).

        With that in mind – and what you said about “Protecting Ron Paul” – Read what happened to “little-known” Congressman Louis McFadden when he “took on” the FED in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. He was ASSASSINATED!

        You can watch the Video titled “Zeitgeist – The Federal Reserve” which lead up to McFadden’s Assassination – or you can Read what he brought to the Floor of Congress on May 23, 1933 – The Impeachment of the Federal Reserve. Comparing Louis McFadden’s comments to Ron Paul’s comments on the FED are eerily similar.

        “Research the Past so that we can Understand the Present”.

      1. Sounds good when you do not feel badly because you knew something you thought was a fairy tale (all your life), only to discover it was not (thanks to the Internet).

        We grew up in a society that is highly manipulated by The Puppet Masters (courtesy of Edward Bernays contribution to the Propaganda-Industrial Complex).

        Most of us are virtual Zombies.

        For more info, please do check this website (and Table of Contents) built by a group of friends of mine.

        God Bless!

  13. It is just so disheartening to see the games they play. But God is watching and He will take care of them in His own way. In the meantime, perseverance is the key. The more obstacles, the more determined we become. The finish line is in sight. ONWARD!

      1. I think that’s the same article or press-announcement, that I got from Daily Paul, which is what had the link to the release.
        I am thrilled that OK is on this.
        And, I know Nevada is also on this.
        It had/has to be done (everywhere).

      2. This is same as what I posted. I replied with the link to press-release, and I guess this is what they used? At least they have published it?
        Funny, i have not seen anything (yet) in MSM (nat’l). How ridiculous are these national (s)newzz peeps?

      3. Anne, you said: “I know Nevada is also on this”.

        Curious to know:

        Legal process kicked off officially in Nevada already?

        Were they able to find out exact identity of that fraudster at Nevada convention AND ALSO link him to Romney’s campaign?

        [Similar to how all the detail work that Ginger Taylor person in Maine did on Charlie Nejedly.]

      4. I’ve matched up attorneys with specific delegates and it’s in the works. They expect this to be filed by end of week.
        There’s LOADS of proof from Nevada and much of it is on my computer, even.. I think a lot of people have most or all of it and I think it’s great that so many did video or save the fraudulent docs.

        In case nobody saw livestreams from different states, go to Ustream and look up GOP conventions 2012. If I can get there, I will be doing same in Ft Worth, in June (as a guest of the delegation). All of this proof is what is going to take-down the old-party.

      5. annebeck58 says:
        May 23, 2012 at 6:49 pm

        “I’ve matched up attorneys with specific delegates and it’s in the works. They expect this to be filed by end of week….”

        Excellent work — keep us posted!

      6. You know, some are pushing for re-do’s, again, if different state’s conventions. I don’t know if there will be time or if these states’ GOP should simply be sanctioned in the way of changing votes back to what they initially were (and anyone who was a delegate knows which slate won in his or her state, so would not be difficult to do).
        I think sanctioning them would be best way for any judge to handle it. and,of course, Rmoney should be slapped with a few fines, if it’s proven he was part of this mess. Yes, it’s proven many times, yet not in any court- thus-far. That needs to happen quickly.

  14. Massachusetts delegates have been mailed a GARBAGE affidavit asking their pledge signature to vote for RMoney on first ballot.

    Very fact they are sending such rubbish document shows there are NO bindings on first ballot & they are spooked like chicken-fascists they are.

    Time for the delegates to go to this group:

    1. That can always be used as proof against them.
      Funny, to me, what these GOP idiots will put out there, when all can (and may) be used against them.. It’s like they believe they are doing a positive thing.

      One more time: And in Massachusetts, the GOP old-party peeps are working endlessly and tirelessly toward their own (and our) demise.
      We simply cannot allow it.
      But, let them keep sending out proof of their attempts to defraud all of us, as it only helps us.

    2. At this stage, we’re examining MA election law. It would seem that all that is required of Ron Paul delegates to submit an authentic affidavit of registration is that they are qualified through the process.

      This may mean that they would have to type up their own affidavit and state their affirmation for Ron Paul instead of romney. In other words a signed affidavit by a qualified delegate with the name “Ron Paul” in place of Romney. This should constitute an authentic affidavit of registration.

      The other part of the letter about “penalty of perjury” is to affirm that you are a qualified delegate that that you are not making a false affidavit to which their would be a penalty for falsifying delegate status. It is important to include that entire piece just as the RNC did to authenticate the affirmation in the affidavit.

      In the case of “Independents” They would have to state their position as “unconfirmed” in their affidavit if they do not wish to vote for Romney.

      We will hopefully have a definite answer soon as it would seem that both federal and state laws are on our side!

      I am personally looking into this option of basically creating a clone of the RNC’s affidavit, but with the necessary changes that agree with my affirmation. whether for Paul or if unassigned or uncommitted.

      1. In Mass, do they not have to officially affiliate themselves with the state’s GOP or with the Dems? In Texas, we must sign and state the “Oath of Affiliation”, or we must have voted in (any, even state and local) Rep party primaries, to be a part of the process– more than just voting. I did not vote in the Rep primary in ’10, so i did have to do the oath, which was part of my application for precinct chair. Also, in Texas, we only officially sign up as voters and not affiliates, unless we specifically want seats within the Republican party (meaning we do not have to be affiliated with any party in order to vote, as is the case in 26 states.)
        If the people who are delegates or alternates in Mass voted in their convention or caucuses (or both), they surely would have been credentialed before that vote. If not, their Rep party committee is not doing their job.
        You know, the only way I have found that the GOP can legitimately dismiss delegates would be if same people also signed on what that farce of a site, “AmericanSelect”; they call it, Americans Elect, but I like to use American Select.., as they would have also stated, there, that they would want to be Independent delegates for Paul. It was the whole point of that site (made up by the same people that pay for Rom and Obot to run). I have a post up on my site, in wordpress, regarding americanSelect and how people needed to stay away from them, just so this would never happen!

        Anyone at the convention, upon walking in, would have been asked if they were affiliates of the Republican party. Hopefully, none who’ve been chosen as delegates lied about same. if so, that’s on US. But, I think most Paul supporters and delegates are well aware of this.

  15. I am sorry but the main point in this article seems like you as paranoid as MO outlawing filming the convention. This is the establishments equivalent of us videotapeing the events. And if we do anything controversial while “controlling” ~75% of the voting memebers well that would just be stupid on our part. Just follow the rules like we always do and there will be nothing to worry about period.

    1. Here is the fact on them “allowing” or not the video-taking of their convention(s): It is NOT in the rules that it cannot be done. I checked just about every state for this particular rule, to outlaw any video or photographic evidence gathering, and posted everywhere, after Iowa’s insanity of vote(s) that it needed doing. I am talking about their Iowa’s initial caucuses. Since I found nothing in the rules, either way on this, I began to ask people to get the proof in this manner.
      When the delegates convene, in any state, there is certain order to follow. IF any state does not want to allow cameras (and all have in the past by allowing for press), they have to first vote on it. (I do not mean only certain people can vote on it; it has to be done by all delegates.) And, before stopping photos or video happens, credentialing of delegates and voting on a chairperson has to occur. We have seen so much bad will and terrible behavior from the Old-Party, which has made it necessary (and legal and legitimate) to get this proof.
      IF the GOP wants to change or add a rule to prevent this, in the future, they have to make that rule for upcoming conventions. Same goes for any of their “new rules”. They cannot add this or change it unless this year’s delegates vote for this specific change.
      Or, they can wait for more years to pass and bring this up, sometime in the future. It’s how we use their rules to prove they don’t follow them.
      It is how it goes,

      1. From what I have seen to this point on filming the vote count is that it is expressly allowed unless it is disrupting the count. There was language that addressed “disrupting” which amounted to the filming either stopping the count or causing count errors. They were pretty specific about being very sure before any filming was stopped. There is no way it could be NOT ALLOWED because first there had to be a provable “disruption”.

      2. Yes, this is why it is generally guests of the convention, from the back, making the videos or live-streaming. And it’s completely legitimate. It’s been great proof.

      3. You can send one to me in youtube: (user/annebeck58) or in twitter (DM: @annebeck58). If you want to send me more than they will allow, include your address and I’ll send you a note that you can respond to.

    1. Chiefe – I was looking to see if anyone else has mentioned it and yours is the only comment I see. It doesn’t show up on anywhere on my radar.

      1. @Surfisher;
        No, was the Doug Wead blog on Arizona. it’s disappeared?
        Maybe has to do with certain cats being let out of the bag(s)?

    1. Don Howard —

      Did you notice the strategic move of the one delegate giving up the seat for a Bachman delegate…beautifully played (wonder if anyone else sees the eventual result of this brilliant move — Rachel Maddow didn’t catch it….)!

      1. Haha.
        Maddow sees some certain things, but she either misses a lot, or she’s too scared to tell the whole truth. I definitely go with the latter and maybe the other too.

      2. Unless my reading comprehension has gone to zero, that seat was not given up to “a Bachmann delegate”. It was given up to Michelle Bachmann herself. She was tied for the last seat, the RP delegates on the convention floor had between 50% and 60% voting strength (and so could have defeated her in a runoff), and the RP delegate took to the mic to cede the seat to Michelle. He reportedly got quite an ovation as a result.

  16. Arizona — Filing a Grand Jury complaint!

    BEST NEWS of the Day — contact and do your part to punish Rmoney’s Fraudsters!!!

    LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL — contact them about Fraud!

    There is a FaceBook group called Watch the Vote 2012. It was created by a member of the Lawyers for Ron Paul so there is a lot of relevant information and connections to the legal help that is available. The group, Lawyers for Ron Paul, is putting together an offense to take the guilty parties down.
    Lawyers for Ron Paul on FaceBook

    IL Bonnie Davis Ross
    IL Nancy Liberty
    AZ Nicky Nelson
    ?? Edward True
    ?? Jeff Lehman
    ?? Dan Asmussen
    ?? John Jackson
    RI Roger Landry
    ALBC Lynn Nichols
    CA? Kelly Z. Mordecai
    CA? Randall White
    AZ Jerry Davis
    ?? David Callihan works for Ron Paul 2012
    CA Elias Garcia works for Ron Paul 2012

    (thanks to all that made this info possible!)

  17. Something we’ve all overlooked — Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates for Rmoney must be removed from the count (and banned from attending Tampa)! Legal actions should be filed NOW!

    Since Puerto Ricans CANNOT vote in the General Election for President — they MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY if the 20 delegates of a NON-State are the deciding factor in favor of the Mitt!

    Any suggestions how to stop this?

    1. Wow, really? I had no idea that Puerto Rico doesn’t “count”. I thought they did, as they are part of US, though a weird red-headed step-child sort of part of our family.
      Yes, though; 20 delegates can have some influence, but if they have been allowed in the convention in the past, I don’t think we should shut them down. I wonder what election laws or even GOP/RNC rules states in regard to PR. Is it the same for Guam?
      I thought they did vote in national or general election.

      1. annebeck58 —
        Fraud also perpetrated in PR — see below, but that’s not the crucial point.

        The CORE remains that NONE of Puerto Rico’s delegates CAN BE ADMITTED — since this could influence WHO goes to the General Election!


      2. Yes, I know. I am only saying this:
        THEY, as in GOP, have done all they could to disenfranchise us, and for that, I don’t know that we should play that same sort of thing. We need to be above that. If PR has generally been invited and accepted in, we’d do better to turn them to our side, than to lock them out.

        Besides, I don’t think we can change rules allowing them in, at least not this season. That sort of rule-changing and rule-breaking is what we’re on the old-party about. I don’t think we should be like them, at all.

      3. Don and Surfisher!
        HOLEE COW! WE WIN!
        In Las Vegas, Clark County, WE WIN:

        From the Daily Paul; They RESIGNED!!
        (I should not laugh, but I have to.)
        All of this work gathering evidence and putting attorneys together with delegates IS working.

        As I said,these establishment folk are NOT the sort who are used to committing crimes, so being sued is not something they’d be expected to handle well, and they have folded.
        I thought so.

        Now, continue on in all other states where this has happened.
        And, if ANYONE needs any info, on any state, please join Daily Paul (preferable you are a member, at five dollars a month, as you can post anything and the owner of the site is great at putting things together), okay?


      4. And, I would hope that any person who cares about liberty and real change has gotten proof of all of this fraud and rule-breaking, there.
        We saw the same thing in LA, similar in many other states, and we don’t want or call to keep them out (at least I don’t think so) until or unless they allow the Paul delegation at Nationals.

        I don’t really know if Puerto Rico should be treated differently, due to their non-state status, but if you can prove it should go that way, contact people there and ask them to take it on.

      5. I don’t know if you’re saying we cannot allow them to vote or if they are normally not allowed in, when you say, “CANNOT”. I would say this is where I am confused.
        Is it that it should not be done (them allowed in) or is it that they generally can not be allowed to have influence?

      6. annebeck58 & Don Howard — I understand your positions (placating the Latino voters is better than antagonizing them) and see the short term benefit of this.

        However, I come from the generation that will never accept a compromise as substitute for principle!

        It is not Changing the Rules (since they’ve falsely been admitted to the Conventions before) but, CORRECTING this FALLACY — since Puerto Rico CANNOT vote in the General Election, they cannot cast their vote for who goes to it!

        It’s called — LOGIC.

        It is good that ideas here are freely contested — what makes for a good exchange of thoughtful thinking.

      7. Hang on– what?
        No, I did not mean anything like that (placating the Latino voter?). That was not in my mind, at all. My only question had to do with what you meant by, “CANNOT”.
        I had never heard that Puerto-Ricans could not or can-not vote in the national election. I don’t know a lot about laws, regarding us, as far as territories are concerned. Also, I am SURE I have listened to vote-watchers (newzzz folk) talking about the votes that came in from our territories, PR included.

        I do not think we should ever work toward disenfranchising ANYONE, no matter who they vote for or against. IF, however, they also break the rules, via fraud, they should suffer the same fate as states’ GOP. We should never play their game, yet should hold them all accountable.
        I do not separate the Latino-Vote from any other vote. I don’t separate any other group, and i am sure Ron Paul would agree on that point, or he is not as liberty-minded as I believe he is.

      8. How very strange that they don’t have EC representation or representation in Congress. But, the RNC/ GOP is not the same as the Electoral College, and so, they can make up rules to allow them or not. If they have decided that they would be allowed these 20 votes, in the past, it is something all delegates would vote on, for the next season.
        Again, I do not believe they can be locked-out, legitimately. I could be wrong, but based on the wiki link you posted, I don’t think so.

      9. Surfisher – How you jumped into “placating” the Latino vote I don’t know but it’s not accurate and not appreciated. Coming in and changing rules in the middle of the game is something I would leave for the RNC and the Romney campaign to do. If they have been included in the past they should be included now, and until the rules have been changed with proper procedure and notice. In truth they should be properly included in the voting process or made wholly independent.

      10. annebeck58 says:
        May 23, 2012 at 9:11 pm

        We are not disfranchising them — they are disfranchising US!

        See the post below.

    1. Also, add to the above —

      “….the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, are not allowed to choose electors in U.S. presidential elections or elect voting members of the U.S. Congress.”

      Take some more of Rmoney’s Shills off the Tampa convention!

      Any Lawyers interested in Justice — post here your contact info!

      1. I read it and I read the other link and even another link within Wiki, though it’s not the bible of laws and rules.

        And, they are delegates, as much as delegates for our side. so I can’t go along with them being just looked at as shills. Yes, they are behaving badly and yes, could be things will change and/or they will be held accountable. But, just as we are fighting for people who are delegates for Ron Paul (and not just Ron-Paul delegates), any other delegate has the right to go with whomever– even RMoney- he or she wishes.
        My point, all along, is that it is our voices and votes that belong to us which have been silenced or disposed of. Using that same rationale, it is voters for Mitt or against Mitt that should not be silenced by US.
        If they are committing fraud, as has been done here, then they need to be handled by other delegates or voters in Puerto Rico.and It’s the same strategy as here.

      2. annebeck58 says:
        May 23, 2012 at 9:38 pm

        I admire your commitment to defend the votes of ALL, regardless for who they vote!

        However, this is NOT the point. THE CORE is that those INELIGIBLE TO VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENCY — MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to INFLUENCE who gets elected to go for the Presidency (since THEY are PROHIBITED TO VOTE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION).

        WHAT LOGIC would give them THE RIGHT to HAVE A SAY in this election process?!

        None — we might as well invite non-American-States such as Greece, Mexico, Canada…and have them HAVE THEIR SAY as to who should be nominated…!

      3. Oh, I hear you and I get it, but it is not a fact that they are not allowed some representation in the realm of caucuses or conventions or even in the national vote. As the rule has been to always allow them in, that would need to change, and can’t happen this year. It can be discussed this year, for the future, but we cannot unilaterally lock them out.
        Just as in other conventions, people need to get proof in PR and everywhere else, to end the vote-fraud.

        The “LOGIC” you are talking about is the rules of this process. The Island nations belong to US, and generally, this is their only say (once every four years). IF the country or the delegates want to challenge that, we have to work to do it, or Puerto Rico needs to remove themselves from US, in toto.

        And, in our territories, they have no real reason to remove themselves. We are talking about some non-states who are very poor. They need us, for subsistence, and surely more than we need them for anything. And, they would (of course) vote against Paul, as they believe Ron Paul would cut them off, so they have cause to not want him elected. Even if they wanted Paul, both we and the RNC can only go by what has been the case in the past. They are represented by 20 delegates. IF we want to remove them from the RNC, we have to do this. It simply cannot be done, legally or legitimately, this year.

        WE don’t need to behave as badly as them.

  18. “Mitt Romney moved closer to capturing the number of delegates required to win the Republican presidential nomination with victories in yesterday’s Arkansas and Kentucky primaries.
    After capturing the 75 delegates at stake in those two states, Romney has 1,067 of the 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination, according to an Associated Press tally.”

    Worth noting is that Rmoney is NOWHERE NEAR to 450 Confirmed Delegates (of the needed 1144)!

    2012 Delegate Tracker by what is optimistic for the Mitt:

    Romney: 453
    Ron Paul: 168

    This optimism is based on the fraudulent wins by the Mitt’s in-pocket-GOP — which are now challenged in Grand Jury!

    Arizona, Oklahoma, and other States — expect the end result to be a big loss for Perfidy Mitt and a BIG GAIN for Honest Paul!

    Also, according the the GOP’s/RNC’s interpretation, being cast in PUBLISHED writing by their OWN LEGAL staff, Rule #38 DECLARES (in short): “NO delegates are bound…but can vote their Conscience”!

    Meaning — Rmoney may just have ZERO confirmed delegates!

    No wonder His Presumptiveness is cheating Left-and-Right-and-Up-and-Down all over the United States!

  19. Doug Wead:
    Las Vegas, Clark County chair AND co-chair have now resigned, obviously very embarrassed, and with lawsuits aimed at them. Good..

    Now, everyone; this WAS the thought behind taking video and photos and making notes and sharing all of the fraud, all over the country. It is working.
    Mitt should be feeling very sick right about now.

  20. Ron Paul supporters,

    So to summarize, we should be going after state GOP establishment and/or Romney campaign “bifecta” for fraud (still being) done to us in:


    Virginia clarification: I heard rumblings of some fraud in Virginia (locked out church door). But somehow, outcry about this issue hasn’t been very big like in other states.

    Not terribly sure we’ve got strong cases about Vermont, North Dakota, Georgia. We were just out-maneuvered there, as our planning & numbers weren’t as big as they should’ve been. [Technically, about Georgia: Establishment scum did big fraud in Athens-Clarke county. But it got rectified. Their fraudulent delegate slate didn’t get seated at Georgia state convention. So it’s water under the bridge now.]

    In Alaska, the scum did try to mess with us & campaign dealt with it. But still our Alaska delegate numbers not so good, as we didn’t bring big majority to convention.

    Hearing from the rumblings, it appears next big conflict to spill over is going to be in Washington(the state, not DC). Establishment scum is very sleazy in various counties there – King, Cowlitz, Pierce, and at state level too. Prepare for more war against these socialist scum infestation OR our lawyers are going to stay busy for quite a while.

    1. Yesss! Exactly!

      “So to summarize, we should be going after state GOP establishment and/or Romney campaign “bifecta” for fraud (still being) done to us–”

      That is what I’ve been saying since Iowa. The sham of a caucus (well, caucuses) there, in January, really put me off, when MittSantorum supposedly won. That was what was behind my inspiration (actually a dream later that night) to go to Paul supporters and say, “Get the Evidence!!”

      On Stupid Tuesday evening, I was on- live- with Rev Pac, and surrounded by delegates, including MANY who’d been disenfranchised in Alaska, who’d signed in as they returned from not voting. (Did you know that the GOP of Alaska was charging people to vote, at ALL, in their state? It was terrible- from $250 to $500[!!] to walk in the door? They also changed election times and polling sites, in order to trick the Paul contingency.) Once others, with caucuses and primaries and conventions (of course) to come saw that, we knew for sure how ugly this was going to be and it’s what finally got people hearing my pleas.
      Of course, I was not the only person who had this idea. And it took all of us complaining and cajoling and feeling like we were being ignored, to convince folk this is what it would take and that it would be the main thing to WORK.
      The rest is (almost) history. Now that suits are being filed, and have been filed, the State GOP chairs are dropping like flies. It needed to happen and getting them out was based on the premise that they would continue these frauds through their highest levels of meetings. All of this evidence gathering, though, was done toward one attainable goal. Make them be honest, or make them quit. I would have preferred that they GET IT and behave as decent human beings, but it’s not something we could force. Oh well.

      On Nevada; Work has been done to amass the great amount of evidence in Vegas. The specific case(s) I had posted about are being worked out, and I am waiting to hear from my delegates-contacts, there, in re: what their feeling are on how fast it’s going and how well it’s going. When I have more, I’ll post it, but always look to the Daily Paul site, as it IS a great place to add info, as well as find info on almost anything that’s happening. Pay the five bucks a month to join so you can also post information regarding what’s happening in your area.

      Now, everyone have a great day!
      Keep up the great work in turning voters toward liberty, as happened in Vegas this week. More than a few Romney delegates have crumpled up their Mitt signs and have vowed to vote for Ron Paul, and all it took was not wanting to be affiliated with people whose actions were so disgusting– and exposing those acts to the light. I believe most people are good and will follow up with corrective actions when they see such criminal acts put before them.

      (happy dance)

    2. There was definitely fraud in Vermont, I was there. What would have happened if there was no fraud, I do not know. The Party Chair/Acting Executive Director replaced Roberts Rules with his own rules of order that among other things:

      Banned “points” of any kind
      Banned calls for division
      Dictated an agenda (no vote)
      Gave himself the authority to appoint a chair (no vote)
      Restricted debate on motions
      Automatic adjournment
      Simple majority adjournment at any time (probably in case things did not go their way)

      The Vermont GOP by-laws specify that Robert’s Rules of Order are to be used at the convention.

      1. Vermonter, what was done or is being done about this? It would have to be an action taken by the Vermont delegates directly affected.

      2. This is to you, Neville, as well as to Vermonter:
        At the convention of delegates in Vermont, did ANYONE live-stream or U-stream? If so, I would love to take a look and see if a case can be made for fraud or not. Hopefully, there is (at least) enough of this on VIDEO to make it “easy”. If not, i don’t even know what to say.., considering how much fraud has been brought forward by the old-party mainstays.., and how everyone should have known they’d do it again.
        So, I am counting on SOMEONE in or from Vermont to have gotten proof of said fraud, in order that it CAN be used against these people. IF you will send me to wherever the proof would be, I will see what contacts I can find in Vermont to take this on, legally.
        When it comes to New England, my family was born and raised in Connecticut, and have moved about (mainly) in that area, so I do have siblings in just about every N.E. state, who have contacts, and that part of this country should be easy enough to maneuver.
        *** Yes, my mom and dad produced 17 children and saw to it that we were all well-educated and interested in politics. Though there are “only 12” of us (kids) left, I think I can help Vermont’s patriots find legal counsel, should you need it!
        Thanks for posting about this, Vermonter; let’s now see the proof, okay? IF you do not have video and they have (again, and by ‘they’, I mean the VT_GOP and/or Mitt Romney, in collusion, one with the other) put out these fraudulent slates, to split the Ron Paul Liberty vote, that can be used as evidence against them.

        OH, and regarding ALL conventions to come, if each delegation (of Paul Patriots) would, in the near future, assist a “guest” in setting up Usteam accounts and equipment to ensure each convention is broadcast, LIVE, that would be great, Post links to such, before-hand, here or in Daily Paul or in twitter (or everywhere) so we know where and when and who. Thank you!

      3. Vermonter, obviously since you guys in Vermont have details on exact nature of fraud, you need to get together & pursue legal option – similar to what people in Oklahoma did. I think you should have access to same common lawyers – the once who sent letter to Oklahoma GOP, which has become famous by now.

      4. I am going to post response to you, directly, though I have posted a long reply below. Did anyone in Vermont get all or any (most important parts- though it is important to get ALL of these delegations video’d for posterity, if not to prove the fraud(s)) recorded?
        Please read my response to Neville (and to you), below.
        If you’d like to contact me, directly, either do so via direct message, in twitter: @annebeck58 or in youtube/user/annebeck58 and I’ll be happy to help as I can!

    1. Well, you surely have a great Louisiana name, and if you want to contact them, please do. However, be sure you have complainants and evidence to go.
      In general, the way I’ve seen these cases start is:
      1. Evidence is obtained.
      2. Paul supporters are disenfranchised.
      3. Attorneys, who are proponents of LIBERTY via their support of Paul, come forward and take on the case(s).

      I am guessing this “ij” stands for Internet-Justice? I could not get the link to open right away, and decided against it.. usually, when opening takes so long, it’s because viruses are being packed into your sign on (even in the way of cookies), so I didn’t want to push it. If you know who they are, go with it. But, if you know of any attorneys in LA, for Paul, go to them first.

    1. *Updated* Massachusetts GOP Denies The Will Of The People; Rules Provisional Ballots Won’t Be Counted


      The Massachusetts GOP has indicated that they intend to throw out provisional ballots cast by legally registered Republicans during the April 28th state wide caucus.…

      The party printed these ballots, gave very precise and lengthy instructions on how they would be handled, and now they are throwing these votes away. Most likely these votes would have a positive effect on the Liberty candidates, so it is in their best interest to throw out these ballots. Some of the voters effected by this spent over 5 hours to cast their votes, only to see them thrown away.

      1. So, this means? It is time for MASS to be looked at, legally; delegates and other affiliates of the GOP (for Ron Paul) to provide the proof, find attorneys (there are MANY multiples of attys in MA that are true patriots) and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

        2012- the year the GOP was forced to give up. What idiots.

        (I DO hope that the PROOF is there. Otherwise, we are going to not have the chance to challenge these jerks.)

      2. Btw; we need to find out if the party (ahem, as much as they believe only THEY are the party) has colluded with Romney’s camp, for sure. If so, it will remove any hint of Mitt from their voting in Tampa. Any votes for him, foisted upon the people of MASS, will be nullified if we can find that any agent (this would mean, employee, only) from the Mitt Campaign has had any part of this. I hope it is factual and provable that he has had some part in it. We know he did in Maine and Nevada, and the evidence IS there that Romney campaign reimbursed same people– for something (it came out of HIS campaign funds, the fool!)
        Mitt may be a pretty good liar and flip-flopper, but he stinks when it comes to this sort of thing. It’s like he believed the country would simply accept it? INSANITY/ much like Obama in that regard.

      3. One final thing; either this link was mis-posted or it’s been removed. No such page or item, according to the site admins.
        Do you have a different link?

      4. Multiple sources, with direct knowledge of the proceedings of the Massachusetts Republican Party allocation committee, have confirmed that General Counsel Vincent DeVito has ruled that provisional ballots will not be counted when determining caucus results.

        The situation arose, according to the sources, when provisional ballots were made available at caucuses without being called for in the rules. The rules for delegate selection can be viewed here (PDF). Since there is no call for the provisional ballots in the rules, it is left up to the General Counsel per rule 4.16 to determine if they should be allowed.

        4.16 In the event of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or unforeseen circumstances, this Plan shall be interpreted and construed by the State Committee General Counsel, whose interpretation and construction shall be final and binding when made in accordance with applicable legal rules, laws, and regulations.

        He has ruled, according to these sources, that the ballots will not be opened nor counted. In addition he has ruled that since they cannot be counted, any challenge based upon them are not germane, and will not be heard by the allocation committee at their meeting scheduled for next week.

        Letters have been drafted and will be sent to those making challenges based on provisional ballots to that effect. They should be arriving in mail boxes over the next few days.

      5. Sorry to bump in with a question that may be silly (only because Civility has been called for).

        Is there such thing as Outrage allowed?

        Since we talk about Civility it reminds me of the good old days when there were Civil Rights Marches (in the streets).

        Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the obvious:
        The Puppet Masters (what the politically-correct people call TPTB) have enough money to buy many times over the people in charge of the Elections (and they are showing it repeatedly).

        Therefore, I suggest that people with experience in the
        Civil Rights Movement should put their fighting boots and start doing what they know best:
        Organize Marches to Protest in The Streets.

        I am pretty sure that the peoples in other countries will take notice and lend us a hand to set the record straight on what Corrupted Democracy is in reality: Fascism.

        Smedley Butler warned us in the 1930s when The Puppet Masters tried their Coup d’Etat against FDR.

        Perhaps The Smedley Butler Brigade will lend us a hand.

        God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty !

      6. Time and space for outrage? heck yeah. I think we’ve all felt that to varying degrees and at different times. These Neo-CONS are disgusting.
        My only point is this: We have to have accurate proof of what they have done, need to know the rules in each state (or election LAWS, too, in states where fraud is suspected), and then need to present to attorneys. We also need to have complainants, or may as well drop the ball.
        IF we go off half-cocked without absolutely correct information, and if we fly off of the handle at every loss, it does us no good. We end up looking like the boy(s) who cried, “wolf”. What good does that do anyone?

        But, yes, get ANGRY, and then channel that anger into something productive.
        We don’t have a lot of time before Tampa, and getting attorneys to pay attention, then file reasonable suits, will be our path forward, but only when we’ve met the three requirements to proceed. Wasting time on each and every state, especially when nothing untoward has happened (or cannot be proven) is not the way to take them down.

        And, I want to take them down just as much as anyone else. I detest all and any people who would do this sort of thing, yet, I will also stand up for their right to cast their own votes, so long as they are each only casting ONE. And, if they commit crimes or torts, go at them.
        Make them cry~

      1. I watched both videos. Where do you think cheating came into play?
        I have not yet seen anything wrong, per-se, and do believe their adding of “provisional delegates” or “provisional ballots” is a good thing. IF people were not found (before that date) to have been registered voters, say, if they did not have the list of these provisional delegates and Republican affiliates (i don’t know the requirements in Mass, if they have to actually state party affiliation), yet plan on going to these ballots, and verifying the voters against their list of voters, I don’t see any specific fraud there.
        Now, if they later did not follow the rules as spoken in these videos, yes; have a go at them. But, we cannot cry foul in all instances, unless we can prove it. Sometimes, we were outnumbered. though I do not exactly believe that is the case of massachussets.

        I would like to know where the fraud or other torts or criminal acts entered into it. I’ll see what I can find.

    1. Massachusetts GOP PERFIDY ON RECORD!

      Here is the original text!

      Multiple sources, with direct knowledge of the proceedings of the Massachusetts Republican Party allocation committee, have confirmed that General Counsel Vincent DeVito has ruled that provisional ballots will not be counted when determining caucus results.

      The situation arose, according to the sources, when provisional ballots were made available at caucuses without being called for in the rules. The rules for delegate selection can be viewed here (PDF). Since there is no call for the provisional ballots in the rules, it is left up to the General Counsel per rule 4.16 to determine if they should be allowed.

      4.16 In the event of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or unforeseen circumstances, this Plan shall be interpreted and construed by the State Committee General Counsel, whose interpretation and construction shall be final and binding when made in accordance with applicable legal rules, laws, and regulations.

      He has ruled, according to these sources, that the ballots will not be opened nor counted. In addition he has ruled that since they cannot be counted, any challenge based upon them are not germane, and will not be heard by the allocation committee at their meeting scheduled for next week.

      Letters have been drafted and will be sent to those making challenges based on provisional ballots to that effect. They should be arriving in mail boxes over the next few days.

      this link may be working for the time being….

      1. Pay attention to this:

        “He (Vincent DeVito) has ruled, according to these sources, that the ballots will not be opened nor counted. In addition he has ruled that since they cannot be counted, any challenge based upon them are not germane, and will not be heard by the allocation committee at their meeting scheduled for next week.”

        (this not a sophism, but iditiotism)!

        Massachusetts a Banana Republic…anyone?

    2. Okay– regarding rule-changes or adding provisional voters or provisional ballots, I would say this: It would depend on when the decision was made to add these voters (or not).
      One thing I am finding in common with all of the problems we’re coming across is this: the GOP holds MANY meetings throughout the year. Some are committee ONLY meetings, and some are open to ALL affiliates of the GOP, even when it’s mainly or only committee persons having a say. We have not, generally, been going to these meetings, and this may be partly on us.
      Still, I would have to know all of what was said and probably have it pointed out to me, where the fraud or whatever came in.
      SO far, I don’t know.
      Can you copy a source’s testimony regarding what happened and past it here? I would say, post the link, but we know what’s happening with certain links, these days.

      1. annebeck58 — Why you are looking for a needle in a haystack?!

        Ron Paul’s supporters do not commit fraud (nothing in evidence can be shown)!

        Mitt’s Muttons commit FRAUD EVERYWHERE (in ALL states, on ALL levels, with ALL THE GOP Leaders ACQUIESCENCE, etc, etc, etc.)!

        Concentrate on EXPOSING this NATIONWIDE Pillage done on behalf of The Mitt , and leave the nitpicking to Ron Paul’s detractors (there are enough of them already…)!

  21. Off Topic

    With the Holiday Weekend approaching, please pass this video along to those you think may drink and drive.

      1. Surfisher

        Just don’t drive! (I don’t think Billy Malone participates in this Blog)

  22. Ron Paul to WIN — if All national Delegates comprehend the below!

    No States’ Laws CAN Force ANY delegate/s to vote AGAINST THEIR CONSCIENCE at the National Convention Election!

    Meaning — ALL delegates are NOT Bound by any RNC dictates or State laws pertaining to the contrary!

    Therefore, ALL National Delegates from ALL States CAN abstain from voting in round one — meaning, The Mitt will not get an automatic win! Then, the REAL PEOPLE can decide in round two, or three, or four — who is Best for our Country!

    Here is WHY:

    1) National Elections are subject to Federal Election Laws (which usually supersede ANY-and-ALL State Election laws). The GOP’s states’ rules END the MOMENT the elected national delegates enter the National Convention — at this point only US Election Laws become VALID.

    2) RNC Rule #38 interpretation precludes ANY State from FORCING any delegate AT THE NATIONAL CONVENTION to vote according to the majority’s choice — but clearly identifies that each-and-all delegates are FREE AGENTS, allowed to vote their Conscience!

    3) No State can pass a legitimate law that Obfuscates a Citizen’s (delegate’s in this case) Right to vote his/her Conscience, that COULD WITHSTAND a Grand Jury Challenge!

    In Conclusion:

    To ALL National Delegates: Do not pay the SLIGHTEST attention to the perfidious RNC propaganda (“vote like we tell you or else!”)— since these are just empty threats — but instead, VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!

    If the above is not conclusive evidence — it most certainly casts REASONABLE DOUBT (which is all one needs to win innocence in a Court of Law)!

    Why do you think Massachusetts GOP asked for all delegates to sign an affidavit they’ll commit to vote for Mitt in the first round (in a State That has a “Law” giving all to the winner)…unless they KNEW it could not be enforced?!

  23. The Puppet Masters must be having a Big Celebration.

    The Sheeple (as in “We, The People”) are taking it well… Perfectly mind-conditioned to confront The Beast with Civility… No Public Outrage because The Sheeple have no idea of what Fascism is… Why? Because our the Media (working for the NeoFascists) does what it does best: tell the mind-conditioned Sheeple how to think.

    Oh, I miss the good old days of Civil Rights Marches!
    Too bad I am too old for them.

    Bring back The Smedley Butler Spirit to End Fascism!

    God Bless American, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty !

  24. Ron Paul “Festival” 3 Days BEFORE the Convention in Tampa

    Ron Paul 2012 supporters are looking to create a three-day festival of “music, entertainment and activism” at the Florida State Fairgrounds known as Paul Festival 2012, which would end the day before the Tampa convention gets underway, the Tampa Bay Times reported. 20,000 people a Day!


  25. If Ron Paul or his staff read this, please know that a large group of supporters, located at the Facebook Group called ” Making Friends Through Ron Paul ” with a membership of just over 6000 people have been in contact with CNN in order to get a final debate between Dr. Paul and Mitt Romney on air before the convention. CNN got so many requests from us that they finally replied that if Ron Paul and Mitt Romney wanted to do a televised debate, they would host it so we should now ask you. Dr. Paul…..are you up to it? Are you up to showing America exactly what kind of flip-flopper Romney really is and why you are the better man for the job? Any suggestions on how we can get Romney to stop hiding and get involved in this?

  26. The Main Stream Media (MSM) has been salivating at the bit to announce that the Mitt has finally “won” 1144 delegates, and will soon burst with these “news” (disregarding the fact that their numbers are far, far from being true).

    In anticipating such perfidious headlines, how do we counter?

    Also, what would be the aftermath after the MSM shortly declares the Mitt a “winner” — would this affect Mitt’s Muttons sufficiently, so they stay at home and not bother to vote for him?

    To the meritorious posters here, please, post your take.

    1. I think they will say something like, “Well, though the states have voted and Mitt won so MANY, the RNC or GOP has requested we don’t call him the “winner” until they hold their national convention because Ron Paul (who really is not running) is still on the ballots in the states who have yet to hold their primaries and caucuses, but we ALL know Mitt Romney IS the ‘choice’ of Republicans, everywhere”
      And it will be followed with , wink wink nod nod…as these (jo)urinalists will never learn to RESEARCH a thing. THEY simply are NOT Investigative journalists (as we used to have), other than my pal, Ben Swann.

      So the (s)newzzzzz will say something, and they are chomping at the bit to do so, but they don’t care about being “first” anymore, because they all read the exact-same words, one to the other, and that ALL is spoon-fed to them via AP Wire.
      What a FARCE!

    1. CNN, FOX and MSNBC: Invite Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to a GOP Debate!

      Sign this petition NOW (just a few more signatures to reach the needed 2500)!

      (There are only two candidates left and we haven’t heard any new policy positions since the last debate. Mitt Romney cannot be given a free ride to the convention. Lets make sure all the candidates’ positions are heard loud and clear.)

      1. Texas has invited both (well, all four, when it was still four of them) to debate. Ron Paul accepted, as had the other two (Grinch and Santorum), but we never could get MItt to accept.
        Now, with our state primary on Tuesday, nothing further has been said on that subject.
        It leaves me to believe Mitt is terrified of debating Paul, alone (no other buffers there). I think he should be, as he knows nothing of government, except how to lie and cheat it and the people.
        But, I would have loved to see THAT.

        (what a wuss Mitt IS)

  27. As a result of RNC actions to setup shadow “Team Nevada” (or “Team Romney” …whatever it’s called) SEPARATE & totally distinct from the real Nevada GOP, it should DISQUALIFY Romney from thinking about winning any GOP nomination.

    Forget about the nomination. Financial violations regarding this are so egregious, it’s almost as if he’s being funded by a 3rd party in 1 state. He should not even qualify to be on the ballot in Tampa, let alone think of being nominated.

    Legal implications of this need to be pursued hard. Also such info needs to be conveyed to Ben Swann & publicized very quickly.

    1. Hey, Chiefe- that is EXACTLY my point in regard to Rule-11. He has (or they have) worked, or colluded; the Rep Party (either RNC or GOP_Nevada) WITH the ROMNEY campaign. It’s been proved that it’s employees OF ROMNEY (which would, by extension, be him– because they are acting as his agents) worked with them to FALSIFY or pass out FRAUDULENT “Ron Paul ballots”, and in my opinion, that is enough to prevent ANY Romney delegates in Nevada from voting for him at the national convention. As they have had their state-convention, it would negate any and all votes cast for him. And, the same goes for Maine, where the Romney EMPLOYEE, there, was caught on camera, handing out said ballots. Again, it should negate any and all votes for Romney.
      AS I understand the rules and the punishment from breaking said rules (working with the presumptive nominee– who is NOT the actual nominee, as of yet), would be no Romney votes coming out from either state, as well as (possibly) other states that it can be proven he and they (state GOP or RNC) have done the exact same thing.
      I think he just needs to GO. If nothing else, this collusion to commit fraud would be something O-bot could surely use against HIM. IS that the sort of nominee/ POTUS Candidate the Republican party wants, at ALL?
      I just don’t know. Seems the Neo-Cons are quite happy to defraud the voters, including the “super-voters”/ delegates, this season; probably more-so than any other year. It’s one reason, too, that we need Ron Paul in, as he is as honest as the day is LONG!

      I have brought rule-11 and this part of it up to Ben, and I do believe he included some of it in at least one of his broadcasts.

      1. Outrage Tsunami coming… At long last!

        Let this Outrage Tsunami be known in All Corners of The World where we drop from our B-2 our “Democracy” bombs!

        2 New Videos 4 Ron Paul (more are coming):

        We cannot let this Warmongering Race to take over the World with their Psychopathic New World Order (at the expense of “We, The People”).

        The Smedley Butler Brigade

      2. Thanks, Surfisher.
        I appreciate that. Yes, I sent it to Ben, and yes, I believe he talked about it (a bit) in one of last week’s broadcasts.
        Ben is such a refreshingly honest guy and real journalist!

      1. Thanks, Surfisher!
        Love this video and only wish more would pay attention (or not vote). I know it’s not very libertarian of me, but I think there should be a current-events test people should have to pass in order to vote.
        Sad, the level of incompetence in this country.

  28. *Mitt Romney, American Parasite*

    It explains how Bain Capital worked. They would buy SUCCESSFUL companies, with little down, borrowed huge amounts, saddling them with crushing debt, refused to continue equipment purchases or maintenance. Then they would pay themselves huge “management” fees.

    Some notable excerpts:

    “Romney is not a vulture capitalist, as Rick Perry says, since vultures eat dead carcasses,” notes Josh Kosman, who has written about the private equity business for 15 years. He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist, since he destroys profitable businesses.” (The host must be healthy enough to be force-fed all that debt, then slowly bled to death…until the parasites drain all the wealth for themselves).

    “When Bain was about to buy a company, its partners would hold a meeting. “He said that about half the time [they] would talk about cutting workers,” Kosman says. “They would never talk about adding workers. He said that job growth was never part of the plan.” That claim was buttressed by the Associated Press, which studied 45 companies bought by Bain during Romney’s first decade. It found that 4,000 workers lost their jobs. The real figure is likely thousands higher, since the analysis didn’t account for bankruptcies and factory and store closings.

    “The Armco plant closing involved more than the torching of 750 jobs, Morrow says. Contractors and suppliers collapsed. Workers’ children and widows lost health care and pension benefits. And while Bain received millions in tax breaks—paid for by the very people left holding the bag—Romney walked away millions richer.”

    A must read (long) article recommended to all!

    Share it!

  29. Mitt Romney Resigns!

    “Mitt Romney announced today (place date) he will no longer seek the Republican nomination. Instead, he pledged his full support to Dr. Ron Paul, who he trusts implicitly to be the only viable candidate to defeat Barrack Obama,” said a Romney spokesperson.

    Mr. Romney’s spokesperson continued saying, ” Mr. Romney is making the ultimate sacrifice, for the good of the Nation, so wants to be remembered as the one that helped America be rid of Obama…as such Mr. Romney is a true patriot…”.

    Questioned as to the real reasons Mitt Romney quit — the spokesperson said, “He only wants to be remembered as the Patriot that Saved America… that is his only reason”….and “…none of the below were a factor in his decision”…as claimed:

    “That so many videos have been taped showing fraud on his behalf that TV mini-series could be made running for weeks,
    Or, that he can’t get 100 people to attend his meetings, while Ron Paul gathers in the several thousands,
    Or, that he has broken rule #11 in collusion with the GOP, so he is about to be removed from many states ballots,
    Or, that his shadowy party in Nevada, is further grounds for his removal as a GOP candidate,
    Or, that he cannot garner enough delegates with all the cheating don on his behalf so far,
    Or, that All National Delegates are NOT bound according to rule #38, and US election law, in Tampa,
    Or, that his eventual loss to Ron Paul in Tampa will make him a national joke,
    Or, that even if manages to CHEAT his way out of Tampa, his guaranteed loss to Obama will make him an even Bigger Joke…”.

    No, none of these are factors, according to Mitt Romney’s spokesperson — “Mr. Romney quit the race today because he is a Patriot!”

    And I agree, Mitt did the right thing — and we shall build monuments and name schools after him!

    Pass it on! Hopefully someone with brains in Mitt’s camp will see this syllogism and force it upon him (for his own good)!

    1. Would that this were so!
      But, I think you’re assuming Romney has a heart or conscience, and I would argue, he does not. He proved his lack of caring for others with his (terribly destructive) businesses, Baine (and the other== whose name I cannot recall, but which business destroyed small-embroidery in Austin, Texas-). My business, back in the nineties, which is when he tried (repeatedly) to purchase, was going very well. Mitt put quite a dent in that, by buying out other strong small embroidery businesses, keeping the owners on for a while, getting schools (or entire school districts) to sign on the dotted line(s) they would ONLY use these companies for their business orders, and any orders coming-in were sent overseas. Ultimately, the business offices, in town, were also closed. In the end, I am one of the very few small embroidery companies left open in Austin. It’s ultimately been good for me (as Austin is very buy-local oriented), but it is not the way I wanted to “win”. I would have preferred to continue with the friendly rivalry we all had one with the other. It’s not (still or yet) possible to rebuild that rivalry, as equipment has been sent overseas.
      I find his practices abhorrent and if Mitt is what some think a good president of this country would be, they are blinded by the RNC. or, they are blinded by Mitt’s flashing white-smile. I don’t know how so many people are willing to work so hard against their self-interests, but it’s the way the RNC and each state’s GOP has been going at it for too long, now.
      Neocons have destroyed this country, and we surely do not need another Neocon to “FIX” it. Mitt is a Neocon. So is Obama. That is why and how they are so like one another. Yet, so many will not see it., which I find ridiculous.

  30. DAMMIT!!!

    How the HELL did Texas vote for ROMNEY??? HOW???!!!

    This is as bad as Romney ultimately losing Mass to Dr. Paul. STUPID Texans – S-T-U-P-I-D!!!

    1. Well, Fyre, sadly? A LOT of Texas is NOT Austin or San Antonio, and a lot (a LOT) of fraud goes on in vote-counting. Do not worry, our convention is NEXT WEEK, and this b/s today does not count.
      Yes, MANY Texans (Tea Party Texans, Blue Reps, Indies who voted Rep today) HATE Romney, so believe me; they did not vote for him.
      If I look at how many people voted in our primary, I’d say there is about zero way Rom could have won. People would (still) vote Santorum before ROM. And many many dems (they say the funniest things, like, “first and only time voting Rep”, “My dad would slap me”, etc..) did sign on as Reps, JUST TODAY, to vote PAUL and nobody else. Romney did not win Texas, but the powers that be will sell you that line, for sure.

    2. Saying things like STUPID Texans or whatever isn’t very constructive. I had an illusion when supposedly Newt won South Carolina & President Paul was booed in South Carolina debate after mentioning “Golden Rule”. I incorrectly termed all South Carolinans as evil warmongers at the time.

      But scratching the surface, I realized these thoughts were not constructive & the hypothesis was WRONG in the first place. Do you actually think things are as media is making it appear to be? Don’t you know that evil Fox channel bought bunch of paid stooges, making them sit in the front & instructed them to loudly boo Dr. Paul during foreign policy discussion? Don’t you know all these Primary polling numbers from Texas, Florida, South Carolina…are bunch of Diebold voting manufactured rubbish? Don’t you know that corrupt media cited polling numbers and delegate counts are all hoax? You do realize these people have been shoving Romney & Obama garbage down the throats of sheep as free wall-to-wall informacials? Isn’t it crystal clear that at majority of conventions, only candidate drawing solid support & focused on real issues is Ron Paul?

      How could it possibly be that Ron Paul supporters are always in full force at so many conventions, but at polling booth media reports ridiculous numbers?

      Epithets like STUPID Texans aren’t going to achieve anything. What is needed is legal challenges to delegate assignments pretty much in LARGE portions of the country. Oklahoma, Arizona, Massachusetts, Louisiana and on and on and on. I’m expecting more fights along the way in places like Pennsylavania, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina… name it. WE’RE NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN IN THIS FIGHT. This fight until Tampa is going to be an epic one. Pls stay focused on this critical issue, instead of attacking individual voters of specific states.

      1. I appreciate your response however did you support Dr. Paul when he called Gingrich a “chickenhawk”?

        I DID.

        Did you support his calling Santorum “corrupt”, etc.?

        I DID.

        Did you support his calling Romney a “flip-flopper”?

        I DID.

        Call a spade a spade DAMMIT! Support the TRUTH.

        Texans are STUPID!!! For that matter so are Ohioans (where I live).

        Stop blaming the media! The fact is that Romney won the beauty contest AGAIN.

        On the day that Dr. Paul “dropped out” I happened to ask a business associate who lives in Texas if he was going to vote for Paul. He informed me that Paul had dropped out. I had NOT heard this “news” and challenged him. He promptly directed me to an online UK article. Of course, I read it and quickly pointed out how it was not true. He wasn’t convinced and I had to highlight the FACTS a couple more times.

        How could a Texan be so CLUELESS?

        Shall I go on?

        How about 2008?,_2008

        How did Ron Paul not even win ONE county in 2008 when he’s a BELOVED multi-term congressman? HOW? You know how?

        STUPID. That’s how.

        So here we are in 2012 and Texas is making the SAME mistake AGAIN.

        There’s an old saying: Stupid is forever – ignorance can be fixed.

        Texas was ignorant in 2008. Now they’re just plain STUPID.

        Just look at the record.

        Is this “constructive”? YES. And if I made the same mistake over and over again I would EXPECT someone to call me the same.

      2. Oh, Fyre.
        Comparing millions or thousands of Texans to one or two men (solely) is like millions of apples to one or two oranges.
        There are thousands of Texans who have worked for Ron Paul. There were, I am sure, millions who voted for him. But, these machines (which I ran yesterday) were programed to give the votes to Romney. If you never saw, “Hacking Democracy”, I suggest you watch it and spread it around. IT is why many people did not even show up to the primaries, in many states;
        And the delegates cannot have their words changed, in person, which MANY (ALL?) Delegates for Paul KNOW.

        Do not classify millions of people as stupid when it is not a valid point. Okay? AND, it is not over.

    3. @ FyreWyngz —

      re: “DAMMIT!!! How the HELL did Texas vote for ROMNEY???”

      The Electronic Machine Count voted for Rmoney…that is the only thing you can be sure of at this point.

      1. Completely, Surfisher.
        Would I still be working on people FOR Paul if the whole state were simply, “stupid”? Yesterday, I even opened the eyes of one person who has always gone the Republican party way. She came in saying, “well, it’s probably already over”, and ended being happy IF Paul could take it at the convention, as it would be the vote of the PEOPLE.
        That is exactly the hurdle we must overcome. And I know one person who jumped it, yesterday.

  31. To: FyreWyngz and All Who Think People Are Stupid

    Dear FyreWyngz et al,

    My colleagues and I sympathize with your pain.

    Like that saying goes: “I’ve been there… I’ve done that”…

    Like Judge Napolitano said in his last show on Fox:

    “Maybe there are more sides to a story”…

    Indeed, I would make it more direct:

    There are always more sides to a story…

    We have been programmed to think that all is Black or White… (e.g. that famous GWB threat:
    “You are with us or with the terrorists.”)

    We have been programmed to think that those who cannot grasp the Reality (as we perceive it) are Stupid…

    I am old, very old…
    I write to you wearing not a Tin Foil Hat but a Teacher’s Hat.
    (I have been one for decades).

    Because of my age, after assuming that posture that you have (a general one I am afraid), I have had the opportunity to come to question myself:

    “What if I am the one who is Stupid?”

    Then, I started doing some Scientific research in an area I am qualified: The workings of The Mind.
    Along with colleagues, we came across some amazing findings of The Truth Hidden in Plain Sight.

    Our team of old academic folks have tried to explain the situation in the following webpage (a perpetual work-in-progress):

    In that page we give the basic sciences explanation: from Pavlov’s principles of “Conditioned-Reflex” and “Mind-Conditioning” to Bernay’s “Social Engineering” with “Social-Conditioning”.

    We also give some vivid examples of Mind-Conditioning.

    Thus, what I am not talking Conspiracy Theory stuff but proven Scientific facts.

    These scientific facts are so well established that The Puppet Masters use them to manipulate us (some use the term “control us”).

    “We, The People” are defeated over and over again by being ignorant and/or choosing to ignore those Natural Laws of Humans and their Societies.

    Indeed, the reason why we started a page about Mind-Conditioning was because of the frequent misuse of the word Stupid.

    Each time one uses the word Stupid, one falls for The Puppet Masters’ word-game trap (click Derren Brown’s pictures in the above webpage). Of course, once you understand the meaning of these words you will take the blinds from your eyes and discover The World of Word Games used to confuse and manipulate us.

    Message to take home
    Learn The Basics of Mind-Conditioning and know that this is The Enemy’s strongest weapon. Check the History Channel documentary on the most famous book on fighting your enemy: Art of War (The Puppet Masters use it). Then, check YouTube for a Slide show consisting of the Audiobook of The Art of War and the text written very elegantly.

    God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!

    The Smedley Butler Brigade
    Forever Fighting Tyrants’ Takeovers

    1. Have the original translation (very old book) and it is “The Art Of Warfare’ (warfare is an action, therefore, it may be artful …don’t know if the new translations are as accurate — since the title ‘The Art Of War’ is incorrect (war is a state of condition, therefore, logically cannot have an activity qualifier)).

      Here is something to consider (the brilliance of Logic) — based on Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ — “All individuals may not be stupid, but all mobs are.”

      1. Thanks! I knew the title was screwy but I used the title that people use in the US. You will have lots of fun if you compare how French translate English titles (and even names for products). The same happens when translating from English to French. Many translations are made to comply with some cultural guidelines or with some other Word-Related Game (e.g. subconscious stuff).

    2. Wonderful, Smedley!
      Yes, people are not, in general, “Stupid”, and classifying any group of people in wrong, but is also (dare I say?) stupid.
      My friend and I just had a discussion over ignorance vs. stupidity.An ignorant person is simply unaware of the facts or truth(s). “Stupid is comprehending the facts while being to lazy to implement such truth, or too stubborn to go with the truths.”
      SO, we do see some stupid-people but each case of stupidity must be taken on its (his or her) own merit. Sure, some decide to remain stupid (out of touch) but most people are not stupid.

      And, in regard to “Stupid Texans”, nobody can ever convince ME that Romney was elected in Texas. It just did not go that way, and from my experience running one precinct in Austin, it was PAUL who took that seventy-two percent. I do believe the Paul votes were given to Romney and the Romney votes to Paul, to ensure Paul would come off as the “loser”.
      What TRIPE that is!

    3. There’s validity in much of the arguments against my “stupid” remarks however it’s all in vain.

      I’m not going to argue ANY of this. My point was short and clear: Texas BLEW it. Plain and simple.

      They blew it in 2008 and despite having LOTS of time to PREPARE and get it RIGHT in 2012 they just blew it again.

      Now we all want to point fingers and blame everything including the flouride in the water.

      In 2008 in Texas Dr. Paul came in third and Romney was fourth. In 2012 Romney SPANKS Dr. Paul.

      Look – I GET IT. the litany of problems with the duopoly is practically impossible to comprehend. Our campaign is relying on the securing of delegates in order to bust it up. At the same time it is absolutely inexcusable for Dr. Paul’s HOME STATE to not have been BETTER PREPARED.

      You all supported Dr. Paul’s calling Gingrich, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, and Romney what they are but you won’t acknowledge that what Texas did was stupid.

      This is the definition of fanatacism. You need to dial it back a notch and come home to reality.

      I mean what are you calling what Texas did? SUPPORTIVE???

      Texas had a GOLDEN opportunity and they blew it.

      1. Fyre;
        I have been working with Texans for Paul for a while. We have held MANY meetings and training sessions, but mostly for the CONVENTION, because?? The primary does NOT COUNT. That is where I see your disconnect.
        Yes, people did show up and vote Republican for the first time (again, I am sure it was at least 66 percent of voters, from the precinct I worked), and I am SURE Paul took exactly the number the PTB have relegated to MITT. It makes me VERY angry, but it is also something we did expect. WHY would I work the primary if not to see, for myself, what they would do? I learned a lot that day and the main thing I learned was this: The votes were FLIPPED, absolutely and completely.
        Many of us are working to replace the old-guard with ourselves, as we know we’re more honest and more willing to work toward restoring this nation. However, when it comes to who runs and rigs the voting-machines, there is no specific job-title (or office we can run or campaign for). It’s not exactly common knowledge that governor or senator or other representative IS the person who does this vote-switching. I feel that comes from much higher up (like from D.C.)
        You need to remember; the Texas Convention, in Ft. Worth, is NEXT WEEK, and though they have obviously turned-around our votes for Paul to for that jerk, Romney, they will not have such an easy time doing same to the bodies and voices of the delegates. Training sessions are going on still, just about every day, for this convention. So, i wish you would stop saying that Texans were not prepared or are STUPID. It’s not factual and it is getting you nothing but negative attention.
        Stop and think about ALL of the states where Ron Paul DELEGATES did great, while their (farces) primaries or initial caucuses were a disaster. WE expected this in Texas, though people DID SHOW UP and vote for Paul. I am glad these folk showed up,and spoke their (collective) mind, as I then knew that what would be later reported was a complete LIE.
        I don’t know what else you think can be done or should have been done, but your insistence that we, in Texas, did not know what to do and did not do all we could is coming off as very naive.
        WE will get this handled in Texas, and we will NOT back down. They have stolen (hopefully– as much as we can make it so) their LAST election in Texas, as well as in many other states. I would ask that you simply let the process (the REAL process of the delegate convention) go forth and, please, quit with the name-calling of millions of people you obviously know nothing about.
        Your ONE Texas friend who thought Paul had dropped out was probably like you; watching and believing the media, while we have ALL been saying they are full of garbage, for quite some time. IF you are going to believe the media, and regurgitate their trash, why are you here?

  32. *NBC: Romney Secures GOP Delegates to Win*

    “By winning the Texas primary on Tuesday, NBC News is reporting Mitt Romney has gained the required number of delegates (1,144) needed for the GOP nomination….”

    To all Romney supporters — the dependable media has just informed you that Mitt won the GOP nomination! No need to go out and waste your time voting — instead, stay at home, cut the lawn, do a BBQ!

      1. ItalianRPSupporter —

        The cute Electronic Voting Machines gave Rmoney the win in Texas … (as it’s being done in all other states).

        Now, let’s wait and see if he can even get 30 delegates out of the 155 total (extrapolating the results when Real People show up)!

    1. Well, let’s just see how many of these supposed Rom voters show up at next week’s convention, in Ft. Worth.
      I still say, as in many states, the Paul delegation will be giving the Romney (and the Santorum Tea-Party delegation) a run for their money. On top of it, add the FACT that Santorum folk HATE (abhor, detest, will never support) Romney. The people from that movement (which was originally a PAUL movement) will happily slide over to the side of Paul before they will ever cast vote-one for ROMNEY.
      It is the Ron Paul brand of HONESTY that will bring them our way, especially after Dr Paul speaks to the convention, rather than the way of plastic-man, Romney. I have not heard one person who wanted Santorum, in Texas, say they would ever go with Mitt, but they still love PAUL.

  33. Come on US people [of the RPMovement], how can u believe for a sec that RMNY was able to honestly get 70+ % of the vote in Texas and Ron Paul just 12%? It’s totally IMPOSSIBLE [and ridicolous as well], this primary thing is total crap [it smells of fraud till here in Italy], so pleeeease don’t waste time getting pissed off and keep up fighting to win as many delegates as possible [and fighting back any rule violations going on at the state convention’s level too], nothing else matters!!!! Many around the planet are following ur great doing with lots of hope, LOTS!!

    1. Here’s how it went in our precinct, which I believe is a good guage of the Texas vote:
      about 1/4 voters went Democrat– so they could NOT vote for Paul, as he was not on their ballot (I know, but it was a combo-ballot primary, or two primaries in one). I believe some people were not aware that when they chose to vote in the Dem party, it would prevent them from voting, PAUL, and the women working our precinct did not want to let on that they could, once they saw the ballots, step back out of the poll and request to switch (we did not let anyone know they could do that, because these women did NOT want to actually work!) For them to switch would have required paperwork, and the usual judges (I was not a usual judge) simply didn’t want to make any paperwork for themselves!
      With the rest of the votes (Republican):
      Of the other 3/4, I would say at least 66 percent went for Paul. It was obvious in their speech and demeanor. Statements such as, “For this primary, I am a Republican”, or, “Today and only today, I am a Republican”, and, “Well, I never voted in a Republican primary, but I am today– and only today”. So, that 66 (or so) percent that was for Paul was, most likely, turned around in the (mi-fi or wi-fi) vote as for Romney, leaving Paul the (smaller amount) of votes that were really for Rom. It was far too obvious that the count was switched, completely around, one to the other. It’s what we have seen from Iowa to Maine and now to Texas. I expect the MEDIA will say same happened for Paul or against Paul in Cali (and you KNOW Paul takes Cali more than anyone). The media reports the lies set-up by the party faithful.
      OH, by the way; the county guys, who were to come by and check in a couple of times a day, did show up at about 4:30 or so, in the afternoon, after we’d been “recording votes from 7am, on”, to say our votes from our precinct had NOT been recorded, that our wireless system had been off ALL DAY LONG. Does that sound a bit worrisome? It was to me, but everyone else LAUGHED at the fact. I did not laugh and the young tech guys were not laughing. Believe me, it felt set-up!!
      AND, this is why Dr Paul has asked us to BECOME the party faithful. Don’t just knock them down and take them out; REPLACE THEM with US. In one way, that is how it’s far from over, but the other way is what happens in the delegate convention. I am sure it will not go the way of ROMNEY; not in Texas, y’all!


    All, I’m getting concerned since Doug has STOPPED making any further updates. And the war from Oklahoma to Arizona to Louisiana is now spreading like wildfire – now in Massachusetts. Specifically, it’s not clear to me about the status of legal challenges to the Communist infiltrators of GOP establishment.

    Posting more than 1 link in single comment isn’t allowed here, so I’ll post subsequent links as replies to my own comment. Communist agent for UN named Vincent DeVito is on a general council of Massachusetts GOP as lawyer, he LOST in the district caucus preventing from going to Tampa. But shamelessly, him and his Communist Politburo buddies met in a Holiday Inn last night to decide “legality” of caucus which he lost. How much dirty and disgusting does the conflict of interest need to get here?

    1. WAR IN MASSACHUSETTS…update 4

      Can you believe that our corrupt media are complicit & letting corrupt crooks like this Vinny DeVito decide the fate of our Constitutional Republic? Read more on background of this Commie, with headlines such as “B&D Partner Vincent DeVito assists startup “fracking” company”

      No, this shall never be. We don’t give lie down & give up easily like SHEEP. This WAR has only one way to go from here, this is our time & we are bound to come out victorious!

      1. I have to say I am shocked that Mass, of all states, is willing to allow this to happen. Where’s the spirit of liberty (spirit of ’76) now? Who IS this guy, DeVito? (yes, I understand from your posts who he is, but who is HE to make these decisions??)
        I hope it can be straightened out long before Tampa!

        Is the voice of the people no longer important in Mass?

    2. WAR IN MASSACHUSETTS…update 4

      Can you believe that our corrupt media are complicit & letting corrupt crooks like this Vinny DeVito decide the fate of our Constitutional Republic? Read more on background of this Commie, with headlines such as “B&D Partner Vincent DeVito assists startup “fracking” company”…What more explanations do you need that these GOP establishment are really one & the same as Communist Democratic Party establishment?

      No, this shall never be. We don’t give lie down & give up easily like SHEEP. This WAR has only one way to go from here, this is our time & we are bound to come out victorious!

    3. WAR IN MASSACHUSETTS…update 6

      News about what exactly is going on are relegated to smaller, local rags OR Ben Swann local TV in Cincinnati, Ohio. While the SHEEP nationwide drugged out on steady diet of CNN, Fox, MSNBC are told that Romney has surely acquired more than ALL the delegates he needs and he’s surely going to be “CORONATED” as the prince in Tampa.

      1. That is GREAT. Chiefe!
        Funny, I have said, many times: Conventions are/were NOT meant to be coronations, as recent as about 50 years ago. They were knock-down, drag-out, battles of the MIND. People discuss why their guy is better than the next, and they do attempt to bring others to the side of their candidate(s)/
        The primaries MAY be easily compared to beauty-pageants, but we do NOT crown the pre-selected/ pre-elected or even, “presumptive” nominee, KING.
        I think, if you can find it (and this is to EVERYONE), check out footage from both 1964 and 1968, to see how these events should go or have gone.
        This will t each you a LOT.
        In fact it was the sixty-eight convention that finally got ME interested in politics (and I was ten years old, at the time.)

  35. WAR IN MASSACHUSETTS contd…update 2

    splitting post due to posting link limitation:

    Vincent “Vinny” DeVito is a corrupt lobbyist & lawyer, and has his hands deep in matters involving contracts regarding “Green Energy initiatives”. This Commie thug highhandedly gets to decide that the ballots of other Republican voters who participated in caucuses don’t count? If this doesn’t involve legal challenge, what else does?

    What are you up to Doug? I now have to say, after the Oklahoma/Arizona debacle the status of this campaign has gone frustratingly off the rails. I do understand grassroots in each individual state needs to become strong & launch individual legal challenges. But for Doug to have gone totally silent is beyond frustrating.

    1. Again; thank you! It’s a lot to consider.

      I am SURE Doug is very busy.. so much so that he really does not have the time to check in here, but as you’re on facebok, check him out, there.

      1. Yeah, unfortunately Doug hasn’t made any update on Facebook since May 22 as well – which is an even a day older than this blog.

        It’s getting concerning that people like Doug have suddenly gone silent/gone underground?!?

        What about Ron Paul, is he going to show up at Washington convention? He came to Minnesota convention & rocked it. In fact, that was the last we heard from him publicly. Why wouldn’t he possibly not come to Washington convention which we should be winning – racking up delegates!

      2. I can only imagine what is being said within the campaign, and it still bothers me that nobody (on the snewzz) will even request interviews with Paul. I mean, how ridiculous are they?
        I KNOW Paul will be at the Texas convention, next week, and if he’s scheduled to be at ANY convention, he will be there. Washington State will be a GREAT place for Paul to go, especially when you look at how many were disenfranchised there– and SAME is true of Dr Paul’s HOME STATE of Texas.
        (I have a feeling that the brouhaha in Mass is what caused them to flip the votes in Texas for Rom…. I think Mitt could not HANDLE THE TRUTH; his own state does NOT want him as POTUS, so they just stole all of the Texas votes as pay-back. What twits.)

  36. Breaking: RMNY DID NOT win nomination“…Even though it is likely Romney will gain many more delegates in the run up to the RNC, Ron Paul will also continue to rack up delegates as well, leaving it extremely unlikely Romney will amass the total needed to win the nomination.” – keep up the fight dear RPMovement people!!!

      1. I strongly believe the most important thing for the RPMovement at the moment is to ‘conquer’ a huge number of delegates from both Texas and California [without being troubled by the fake and artificially distorted primary results as perfectly shown by miss AnneBeck through her personal misadventure], something like 100 delegates for each state: that would be such a powerful and revolutionary statement, go for it please, you can do it!!!!!

      2. Italian —

        *President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama.*

        Just got this in my e-mail — seems BO is quite the little racist….

        (over 2.3 million viewed, with about 95% negs!)

        Watch it and post your reactions!

    1. In this statement, truer words were never written. Paul has not lost and Mitt sure as heck has not won– anything, at least not yet!
      I cannot wait for the Texas convention; 7, 8, 9 June. It’s almost here, so everyone can forget about the vote-flipping for Mr Flip, himself. Oh, but believe me; Texans are NOT going to get past this crap for a LONG time to come!

  37. Ron Paul to WIN (or America to END 2012)!

    Mitt’s muttons will stop at nothing — fraud, rigged elections, false electronic vote counts, shadow parties to counter the people’s choice, locking RP supporters out and holding secret delegate elections, turning off the AC in Arizona and ballot stuffing, turning off the lights and cordoning off the people in Oklahoma, having the controlled media do a black out on Ron Paul while also covering up their nefarious and fraudulent actions! And on blogs trolling for dollars (paid by and for perfidy Mitt)!

    Here is the difference:

    On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all of the above crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

    On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

    Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

    Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign!

    1. Hey, Surfisher;
      I think you should write your own blog (if you have not already). In wordpress, it is FREE (so long as you don’t buy into all of their extras) and you can hook up to blogs you follow. You can trackback to others’ posts, and I’d be happy for you to follow mine and basically attach your blog to mine, too.

      Yes, the FIASCO of a primary (beauty pageant, which is in NO WAY binding, for all and any delegates in TX) was too much to take. I knew that there was chicanery and lying and switching of votes, based on the many posts and movies proving samel BEFORE I worked this precinct as a judge. Yet, when it came to our own precinct-primary, I was blown away at the amount of rule-breaking by the other judges AND clerk(s). To hear, after I had WITNESSED at least sixty-six of usual Indy and.or Democratic voters choosing the Republican slate, that Romney had supposedly taken Texas,, blew my mind. In fact, as i had guesstimated that the Paul vote was (at least) 66 percent, when they said Mitt had taken 72 percent, I was SURE that votes for Paul had gone to Romney and those for Romney had gone to Paul, thus accounting for the 12 percent of “Paul votes”/ Nothing else made sense.

      I will be posting, as soon as I can get my head together, all about the irregularities and malfeasance that transpired in the precinct I worked. And, I will post a link to same, here. I will never forget and will have it forever burned into my memory what these people did. Almost everything had been TOLD was against the STATE ELECTION RULES was done, and not by me, but by the rest of the folk.
      I was and am, still, disgusted. Rather than get into all of it, here, I will simply post a write-up on my blog, but have to decide how much info I need to put out there.

      I hope Dr Paul will take heart and understand that there is absolutely ZERO WAY Romney could have taken Texas. Far too many people were “Republican for the day and for the first time”, for that count to be right. Again; I estimated a MINIMUM of 66 percent for Paul. And, I live in a highly establishment or neo-con (Dem and Rep) area, so for them to add another six-percent would not be a bit surprising, though some of these folk were also Tea-Party folk. Rather than “waste a vote on Santorum”, I can six-percent went with and for RON PAUL

      And, I will write more later on, but please do write-up a blog. I’d be be interested to read your take on different issues. even if we don’t always agree on everything!

      1. Oh, and yes; bad form to respond to myself, but I did want to say, “PLEASE ignore the typos”, as I am still exhausted from (s)election/ beauty-pageant-day in Austin. Thanks, for sure, all of of you.
        When it comes to OUR upcoming CONVENTION, THE first and most likely to be targeted to GO would be the Paul faction, so????

        DELEGATES: do NOT be pushed around at the convention, next week. Absolutely do not allow them to get your goat. DO the RIGHT thing and cast your vote(s) for LIBERTY, regardless of the pressure you are forced to endure/
        Do not yell, meaninglessly, or other than “OUT OF ORDER”, or “Point of..(whatever)”, to have your voiced heard. And, while you are at it, be “nice”, and bear in mind that you DO catch more files with honey than you do vinegar. WE need these pro-Santorum delegates, as well as the pro-Gingrich delegates (they dropped out AFTER the delegates were voted-in or chosen at the local conventions/ meetings!!) to switch their votes for Ron Paul, and being ugly toward them, especially, or anyone; even the ROM “team”, will get us nowhere in the end/
        Thanks to ALL of the liberty-lovers HERE, in the great state of Texas and ALL OVER the United STATES of America; y’all are simply wonderful! Keep up this important fight for US ALL!
        *I had wanted to be a delegate, but due to different problems that arose, it was not to be. I hope ALL delegates (at least from Austin) will bring it home for Ron Paul, in my stead, okay?

        Again? THANK YOU ALL!

      2. annebeck58 — your blog is excellent!
        So no need to start my own.

        You have my total respect and admiration — as I posted to others, you are an army by yourself (doing the job of ten of us)!

        Many seem not to understand that we, Ron Paul supporters, are not fighting to create a “new” nation, but to restore ours back to what it used to be and what was guaranteed since Day One by our Constitution (free and prosperous Sovereign Individuals, whereby the Government is subjected to Our Will, not the other way around which is now the Case-in-Fact)!

    1. Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants

      Could it be true that such key figures in the USA Government are party to this globalist gang?

      I can’t believe it — this list has to be false….

      Director of the NSA & US Cyber Command
      Governor of Indiana
      The National Security Advisor Of The White House
      Senator for Massachusetts John Kerry
      Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury Rubin, Robert E.

      It is understandable the rest from USA — CEOs of Banks, Foundations, Finance Groups, Google, sciolistic Professors, and other such private persona — to attend this meeting whose goal is an eventual One World Government.
      As a private organization, Bilderberg may not disclose the Minutes of their meeting.

      But if it is true, that our Government Officials and Holders of Office, are in attendance — isn’t there a constitutional law requiring them to give full disclosure by providing all transcripts, so the people they serve, The Citizens of the United States, are aware of exactly what was said and done?

    1. I read this same thing, via one of Alex Jones’ faithful, in twitter.
      If they do want Dr Paul dead. it would only be because he’s gotten to them, as have we.
      Whatever is to come (and I do not think Dr Paul’s death is soon), stay at it, work hard; never give up. When all seems hopeless may be the best time for a positive turn. “They” are feeling pretty good about their (nefarious) actions, and we need to ensure nothing they have done, like flipping votes, etc.., is binding. From Maine to Texas to Cali and Alaska; Ron Paul and Ron Paul delegates stand STRONG!

    2. Btw (forgot to say), this is not just a MAN whose time has come; it’s an idea whose time has come (back around). The Neo-Cons, from both sides, are pretty full of themselves. Now is the time to strike back. I am very enthusiastic about the Texas Republican Convention.
      Tonight, I am joining many delegates, alternates, and others who should be delegates, at a bar-b-que, in West-Austin, and will report back!

  38. This is an appendix to my previous post. I am glad that the Einsteins of the world are waking up. BTW, the word their operative use(d) is not killing but “neutralizing”. Check the parody-video I made before this piece of news came up:


    As mentioned, this is an appendix to my previous posting. Therefore, please check that posting for background…

    Please, let’s try not to dance the NWO Masters tune. We have to be ready and take preventive actions to protect RP, the only one who can heal The Constitution and thus, our only hope for Liberty.

    For months I have been posting in blogs about the risk of RP being harmed (the more so as we get closer to the GOP convention). I have also described some of the “neutralization” approaches available to The Shadow Government.

    It does not take a genius to figure it. We know what they are up to. We know how much time and effort (never mind our grand-grandchildren tax dollars) they have put into their Global Agenda.

    We have been forewarned since our Founding Fathers (the ones who wrote for us The Constitution. Therefore, we should not wait for the AJs of The World to tell us what is coming and what to do (let’s snap out of this mind-conditioning). We have known it for decades folks. We just got to get out of that Mental Couch and stop eating Mental Potato Chips. Perhaps it is timely to use that term the NWO invented: Be Pro-Active. We know what to do to Restore The Constitution (watch the video cited above).

    God Bless America, Ron Paul and Ron Paul Soldiers for Liberty!

  39. Anne & everyone else here: Not sure if you’ve caught up on details yet…but both Washington & Missouri state conventions over weekend have been DISASTERS!

    [Louisiana has been its own separate case like Oklahoma/Arizona, or even worse. Not caught up on all details except media stories of physical violence. I’ll let someone else do narration.]

    Not sure what’s going on, but…Washington & Missouri caucuses were crucial for our success. We had swept St. Charles county, Jackson county, St. Louis city & bunch of other smaller counties. Despite sweeping such high population areas, how our delegate numbers won’t add up at state conventions, I have no idea?!?! Same issues in Washington. We had ruled King County, the most populous county in the state. We were very strong in Clark County too, basically completing Seattle-Vancouver population areas. But not enough delegate numbers at state convention to snatch at-large delegates?!?!

    I’m having serious case of depression. I had heard both Washington & Missouri were really our STRONG areas, and again…critical for our success. Has there been an internal sabotage, or a letdown from inside campaign ranks….I have no idea what the heck is going on?

    Grassroots keeps pushing on all fronts as hard as possible, but doesn’t seem like grassroots alone is carrying this as far on their own as they need to. Official campaign seems to have shut down the shop & gone underground. Something to do with Bilderberg assassination rumors or that disgusting breakfast meeting Ron Paul had with Bernanke?!?!

    We may need to start thinking going third party very soon, it’s very hard to digest failure in Missouri. Bilderberg are pushing this country on path of a civil war very fast.

  40. I’ve had it!!! In St. Charles County, Missouri (Ron Paul clean sweep county for first choice & alternate delegates), there were 294 total delegates – first choice + alternate. Only 140 showed up for State Convention. Where the *^$! were rest of 154 of them?!?! Watching Cartoon Network channel?!?!? I’m so furious, my blood is boiling.

    Is this what Brent Stafford went to jail for in the first St. Charles county caucus? Is this what all patriots donated to moneybombs for, so our delegates would stay home? Don’t they know about the sacrifices of all those patriot delegates in Maine, how much they achieved? Couldn’t they appreciate Brent Stafford’s sacrifices?!?!

    Final Missouri convention numbers were: 1025 voted on a slate of FASCISM supporting delegates vs. 781 for US Constitution. Remember, the fascists had multiple candidate allegiances with them – Romney + Santorum + Gingrich, all going against supporters of 1 single patriot candidate.

    This is making ABSLOUTELY NO SENSE! Is it likely there were some no-shows from Kansas City and St. Louis either? Considering the margin of votes above, our no-shows showing up HAD to have bridged the gap. How can this happen?!?! People supporting Ron Paul cause simply NOT fail to show up. It just ISN’T supposed to happen. Especially for someone to have motivation to become a delegate, but not showing up at the most critical time? To me, this amounts to nothing short of treason. There is too much at stake here, the Republic is on the verge of a collapse.

    Has this campaign been sabotaged from the inside – with Benton & Tate issuing absurd press releases? Doug himself has gone TOTALLY SILENT both on this blog as well as Facebook.

    You know, after the euphoria of Nevada + Maine + Minnesota, things have suddenly stopped making any sense whatsoever. It’s almost like the wheels have come off the rails at the most glorious point of our campaign.

    1. Here;s the thing. The old-party “committees” (which DOES include each and every precinct-chair, and is why MANY of us have taken these chairs away from them!) have worked to de-credential delegates, in ALL states. They have especially gone after Ron Paul supporters (which may be the reason so many have said, “GO STEALTH”, so they don’t know who we are!).

      Here’s a video from a friend of mine, in Hawaii, who’s great at presenting the math and at getting people MOTIVATED to continue:

    2. BUT; take heart in this,
      The GOP mainstays have been filling delegate lists with neighbors (mainly elderly voters), in order to say the delegate slots are filled. Yet, when you phone these “delegates”, they are responding with, “I told that so-and-so I did NOT want this position and I will NOT be showing up at your g-d convention!!”, which is generally followed by: “Do NOT call me again” (phone slams down).
      SO, in each and EVERY convention to come, it is EXTREMELY important that EVERY Alternate-Delegate SHOW UP, as they will probably BE SEATED. This, as most alternates are Ron Paul supporters, will mean LIBERTY SHALL PREVAIL.
      If you know anyone who’s on that alternate-list, PLEASE tell them, no matter how far down the list they are, their voice and their votes will BE included. Texas is playing their usual smarmy sort of game and, as we KNOW the game, there’s no reason we should not play along– to OUR advantage.
      Do not trust anything the mainstays tell you and do not expect them to ever vote FOR you or in your stead. Replace THEM; BE them, but be a better “THEM”!

    3. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) —

      I think from now on we should only depend on ourselves!

      If we get some help, great — if we don’t, we’ll just have to tough it out on our own!

  41. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    Ron Paul MUST win the 5 states needed plurality to be seated in Tampa! And then — “Bringing Down The House” won’t be just a song!

    That FEAR is what has made the GOP Establishment not just hysterical, but blatantly crooked — an animalistic response to self-preservation (disregarding all future consequences)!

    Unfortunately, the GOP Establishment has went berserk in trying to save their money-ticket (Mittney) — so are acting like Cornered Animals fighting for this bone!

    I dare anyone to Honestly state they still support Rmoney — after seeing all that has transpired so far!

    (here is just one example of hundreds recorded):

  42. The ONLY Fight right now to be fought is for Tampa (Ron Paul must be seated there)!

    Try, all of you, to comprehend this SIGNIFICANCE!

    Unless we assure a Ron Paul seating at Tampa — in order to expose nationwide and worldwide, the SCUM that has occupied our government — we’ll have a one-man-puppet-show (Rmoney “debating” himself, and winning)!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options)

  43. ALERT


    Hello Folks,

    Yesterday I came across a video where the author starts by alleging that Ron Paul (Campaign) sent him an e-mail (message) where Ron Paul indicates that he lost. Later in the video, the author switches the narrative from a message from RP Campaign to a message of RP himself (i.e. e-mail sent to him by RP).

    The same happened in Canada during the elections last year. Many voters were approached (in different ways) with false news. The travesty was termed Robocall because many voters received calls at home indicating the candidate had quit. Due to the apathy of the mind-conditioned Sheeple, nobody gave it a thought to questioned the caller (i.e. calls characteristics of Scam artists).

    So, again, be watchful as the NWO will do its best (which in this case means the worst against and “We, The People”) to prevent that RP becomes our President.

    Since I know some think that “we should stay the course” (with which I agree), I asked myself what can I do to add a “force/power multiplier”. I came with my lone-wolf answer: For each fraud detected, counteract it – one fraud at a time. As a result, I asked a friend to prepare the video below to let people know what is going on and to be alert, very alert, the party who did the same in Canada won the elections and is still in power. This is because once in power, the Powerful lobbyists will buy any legislator left untouched (after all, they own the money printing machines… “that who owns the money…” Amstel Bauer)


    Go to the Animal Planet website and check the show Meerkat Manor. See what the troop does to keep safe. Learn that we have been mind-conditioned to behave like Sheeple. Don’t let the ball drop because once we do, it may be too late. Never forget that these people we are dealing with are ruthless people of The Shadow Government (i.e. The Puppet Masters). They will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to “shoot down RP airplane” (metaphorically speaking).

    Good Bless America, Ron Paul, and Ron Paul Soldiers for Freedom!

    “Are you starting to get the message” as the late Patriot Bill Cooper would say.

    The Smedley Butler Brigade

    1. No surprise Team Romney would get on the robo-calls, as they have been his trademark, From Alaska, where robo-calls were made to give certain “changes to.” polling sites and times (which were not valid), to my own phone ringing all day, from unkonwn-name, unknown-number (and I am talking about a BUSINESS phone, which Team Romney seems to disregard).
      These people are trying their best to do their worst. As long as WE keep the word out that RON PAUL is IN IT to WIN IT, and spread that word everywhere, we’ll be okay.

      In fact, when the Santorun and Gingrich delegates hear about this, I bet it will bring more around to Paul and absolutely away from the man in the magic undies.
      Will the Romney camp do any worse? Can they?

    2. Btw? I LOVED the comparison to the meerkats. Made complete sense to me.
      Have you ever watched the baboons in Bombay? Don’t know if the videos are still out, but was on animal-planet. I LOVE that show and hope they will have another season.
      YES, what we;ve seen in this year’s GOP, as we attempt a take over and back to SANITY, it is very akin to these animals. We are taking the GOP over and it’s like the ousted baboons– coming back to TRY and take back the temple. Great analogy.

      1. Hello Again!

        Yes, I have watched baboons in India and monkeys and marmosets in Brazil.

        Here is the video I mentioned.

        I made this video in honor of those US Navy men who were massacred in June 8th of 1967 (link at the end of this comment).

        This is a story that has been kept secret as many other stories (e.g. the untold parts of the story of Pearl Harbor – only known to a relatively few such as the PNAC gang).

        This is a tricky video because we most of us have been mind-conditioned (as in Pavlov conditioned-reflex) to react in a non-rational behavior when the subject comes up. Fortunately, inside the video (at the end of the 1st minute) there is reference to a very important lady who clarifies what she calls: “Trick”.

        This story is important to understand the Foreign Policy of Ron Paul. I am not sure how the video will do. However, in consideration of Bill HR 4133 (which goes against RP position), I think the video is worth watching. As always, some will like it and some won’t.

        This video is a Public Service Work. I do hope that the video helps Humanity to understand the evil that surrounds us (The Shadow Government that does everything but having “We, The People” as a priority).


        The Smedley Butler Brigade


    3. THANK YOU for your posting in regard to the men of the Liberty. Funny, today; the 45th anniversary of same, most people in America still do not KNOW it even HAPPENED, and those who know the name, “U.S.S. Liberty” have zero idea that it was our, “best friend” who did this to US.
      Yes, boys and girls, it WAS Israel who attacked the Liberty and MURDERED and maimed their men (OUR men), yet we are still pals with them and not one thing has ever done in regard to this other than completely sweeping it under the rug.
      I was in third-grade when this terrible offensive (by IZ) action took place, and I was N E V E R told a thing about it in school. How wrong is that??

      My kids know only because I have taught them.

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