Michigan Shocker! Ron Paul picks up more delegates

There is good news and bad news.  The good news comes out of Michigan.  But first, the bad news, let’s get that out of the way and then have some fun.

Remember my warning that there were votes in a locked box taken from the state convention in Arizona?  And that the Ron Paul victory there could be reversed if someone wanted to cheat?  Well they did, and we lost it.  I am gathering the facts and it is stunning, with 100 new ballots appearing out of the Romney ether.

Worse, there is evidence that the Ron Paul victory in Louisiana, a victory that even the media acknowledged and proclaimed to the world, may be reversed as well.  I will give you the details Monday.

Meanwhile, there is evidence of a full scale purge of any Ron Paul delegate, from any state, to the RNC.  If you are a delegate, keep your head down.  They are looking for you.  More on all of that this Monday.

Meanwhile, I like to mix my bad news with a touch of positive, and when you are riding the wave of a popular counter revolution, there are so many committed believers in so many places, doing so many wonderful things, that there is always good news to report.  And the good news is this: Adam de Angeli and the Ron Paul team in Michigan, against all odds, have secured some delegates there.  It is one of Romney’s three proclaimed “home states.”  (Remember, we also picked up some in Massachusetts.)

Here is Adam de Angeli’s report:

As you may have heard, Ron Paul won delegates from Michigan last night.


-We won both delegates, alternates, and one “in-waiting” delegate in the first district.  Due to the RNC penalty for having an early primary, each district elected an “in-waiting” delegate and alternate in case the RNC reverses its penalty on Michigan for its early primary.

-We won both delegates and the “in-waiting” delegate in the 2nd district.

-We won both delegates and an alternate in the 9th district.

-We won one delegate and one alternate in the 4th district.

-We won an alternate and one in-waiting alternate in the 12th district.

-We won in-waiting alternates in the 3rd, 8th, and 13th districts.

-In the sixth district our slate was defeated, the party officials admitted to running an illegal caucus where rules were broken, but on the establishment’s slate we had a Ron Paul supporter (still waiting verification whether delegate or alternate.)

-We won in-waiting alternates in the 3rd and 13th districts.

But here is the most amazing thing.  DO NOT MISS THIS:

Michigan, unlike any other states I know of, had a special party rule forbidding any precinct delegate vacancies from being filled at county conventions until after the state delegates and alternates were chosen.

In other words, countless  Ron Paul supporters attending county convention were forcibly blocked from  being able to vote or make motions, because they weren’t elected precinct delegates in 2010–long before the Ron Paul 2012 campaign began.

We faced a disadvantage no other state faced.  All the state delegates were elected NOT by Ron Paul supporters flooding into county conventions, but by Republican Party regulars.

And STILL we won 3 of 14 districts, plus a delegate in the 4th.

There’s also a fairly huge body of evidence of party tricks to disenfranchise us, including documented instances in multiple counties where county party officials “edited” the state delegation lists after the county conventions adjourned.  Egregious violations of rules (and possibly statute).

The point is: if Ron Paul can win 3 of 14 districts in Michigan:  Michigan, Romney’s home state; Michigan, where rules literally shut us out from having a voice at county conventions, then he can delegates anywhere else.

The rules were rigged against us in Michigan.  But still we won national delegates.

If we could win anything here, we can win everything everywhere else.

Update:  This from Adam just mintues ago:

The e-mail I sent last night was accurate about the delegate counts, but the most important point that must be made is that Michigan has a party rule unique to us that prevented us from having a majority of state delegates.

Rule 5b, passed in 1988 in response to Pat Robertson’s campaign running a similar convention strategy as ours, states that “no precinct delegate vacancies may be filled in county conventions until all the state delegates have been chosen.”

What this means is that the state delegates were all elected by the precinct delegates elected in 2010–nearly a full year before Ron Paul announced his candidacy.  There was no way for Ron Paul supporters to take over their county conventions by filling precinct delegate vacancies.

Not to mention, in many counties the party used shenanigans to deny our delegates.  In Genesee County, for example, 42 precinct delegates and 100 Ron Paul supporters attended county convention to elect 66 delegates and 66 alternates–but rather than let the Ron Paul supporters in convention have the available seats, they filled them with their friends and family who weren’t even at the convention.  In other counties, state delegate lists were modified after the county convention was adjourned–a major violation of party rules.

So the state delegates, by and large, were NOT Ron Paul supporters.  They were ordinary Republicans.

And still, we won numerous national delegates.  In Romney’s home state.

The critical message, then, is that if Ron Paul could win this many national delegates in Michigan, with its unique party rule that kept us out of the convention, then he can win national delegates everywhere.

This report from Matt Collins:

We just elected 11 more delegates from MNGOP Convention to RNC who are Ron Paul supporters. That gives us 32 out of 37 delegates from Minnesota who are Ron Paul supporters!Or you could say that Ron Paul won Minnesota at 86%!!!!


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

270 thoughts on “Michigan Shocker! Ron Paul picks up more delegates

    1. I’m most certainly with Bob on this Doug. If we don’t get some legal elbows in there now this whole situation is going to be out of our control. The criminal attacks on the election process and the americans right to vote needs to stop now.

      1. Sheesh! The RNC is a private party, and is free to do to its members whatever it wants. I agree, have the lawyers keep up on the facts, but until it gets to the real election, we don’t have a _legal_ leg to stand on. About all we can do is shame them and expose their antics to the electorate. And keep winning delegates.

      2. The RNC might be a private party but they DO NOT have the legal right to commit voter fraud during a the presidential election to alter the outcome of the election.

      3. Right, the operative phrase being “during the election.” We’re only in the primaries now, so let’s focus on getting The Good Doctor nominated, OK?

      4. Uhm, Richgrise – the RNC is a private organization run by its members. Just like a church can file a civil or criminal fraud charge against its pastor who abscounds with the church funds, the RNC isn’t above legality.

      5. Even though the Republican Party is a private organization and therefore breaking their rules and bylaws are not criminal offenses, there is more than reasonable case for civil suit. A private entity is expected to uphold the rules they put out and if they bend or break their rules they have deceived their donating members. There is most definitely a case here.

      6. When you sign the pledge to the Republican Party you agree to be bound by its rules, and the party agrees to the same. that’s a legal contract, presented by one party (The GOP) to another (you), freely signed, and binding both parties under law.

        When the GOP breaks those rules and disenfranchises you, it is violating that contract and is subject to legal action.

        That being said, a class action suit by the Paul campaign + the sizeable group of Ron Paul Republicans would devistate the “party” in court.

        We hold a majority in the GOP right now. A majority of the party filing suit against the party leadership is a good idea for us. It will reveal our numbers to them, as well as shine a light on their illegal actions. It will end the old guard GOP, clean out the corrupt leadership, and leave the levers of power intact for us to assume.

    2. I completely agree. The RNC MUST be held responsible for all of their nasty, illegal, dealings, including this funneling money to Romney and for creating (at least one- Nevada) SHADOW PARTY, which has to be against all each State GOP stands for, and probably is against Election Funds. I think, since the RNC has jumped in on each state, like this, the RNC must be taken down.
      This includes Reince Priebus (SP? DO I care?). This guy is playing fast and loose with STATE rules in such a way that it surely feels ILLEGAL and FRAUDULENT, regarding RNC rules and national ELECTION LAWS.

      I don’t even know how to respond to their lunacy, other than to say; TAKE THEM TO COURT- Federal Court, and before they get any further in this little game.
      Truly; Are these people just nuts? They accepted each and every one of US as affiliates of “their party”; now OUR party. They accepted MONIES from us. Now, they are using these monies against US? It’s not legal. Surely, it is NOT legitimate. It must be handled, now, and I am SURE Ron Paul has a great legal team; please do present this to THEM before we continue.
      The RNC is looking like the real American MAFIA, and we must not allow this to continue!

      1. The worst laws the mafia break (other than the turf wars, which are caused by government thuggery) is to provide products that people want but TPTB don’t want you to have, like gambling, drugs, prostitutes, and other fun stuff. 🙂

      1. You know, I watched this (again), not long ago.
        I took my cues from it, too; it is quite relevant, and everyone should watch and see what we can do and where we can go to bring 2012 to victory– for liberty.
        I am pretty angry (and almost sad) over what the RNC has chosen to do, but I also feel these people in RNC and state GOP will not stand up for their actions which they know are illegal. *What the RNC is doing is not simply fraudulent (as in civil fraud) but actually criminal. However, they are expecting to bowl us over, as they think we do not understand what’s really going on.
        The RNC is committing election fraud. We cannot and should not stand for it.

    3. Doug, please fill us in on any legal processes the campaign is taking against the RNC.

      If we broke the rules, no doubt they would reverse the decisions made at the conventions, the media would be all over it, and the liberty movement would most definitely be cast in a bad light.

      The RNC needs to be held accountable. If people are being mis-represented at the conventions and rules are being violated it needs to be stopped.

      1. Obama can tell people how bad republicans were and about their frauds as soon as he has to deal with Romney only.
        The most dangerous thing is to lose the trust of the supporters. If they feel disappointing and betrayed they will feel politics is not worthy to spend time, money, and emotions. And than the government can can do anything – just like in Russia were people know they can not change anything.

      2. Big media reports about this victory in Minnesota. That is good, isn’t it? At least now it will be more difficult to announce any change and steal the victory.

    4. ► It’s simple.

      We need to identify those in the party who will stand up for the rules, and put them front and center.

      Legit leaders do exist in the GOP. We the people, need those men and women to be strong leaders now.

      No lawsuits need to be filed. We simply need people in the system to go on record exposing the corruption.

      ► The threat:

      There will come a time very shortly where all people who are involved in the lying, cheating, and stealing of votes by defrauding the will of the people, will pay the price by having their careers ended in politics. These guys don’t get it. They will not get voted in again. Even if the GOP succeeds in getting Romney the nomination, they will lose in the next election cycle.

      ► Men and Women of the GOP – Those of you with integrity, please step forward. Those of you who refuse to allow the RNC to bully you and your states, please step forward. Are you with the people of the United States? Or are you with your club?

      ► If you step forward now, we’ll allow you keep your seat in politics. This will be the reward for heeding your constituents.

    5. I see alot of descention in the comments here and we don’t want that. As far as I’m concerned Ron Paul is the only choice we have right now and we need to stay focused on that. I do trust Ron Paul. Doug indicated that on Monday there will be information forthcoming, let’s hear what the man has to say. We can however initiate civil claims ourselves because ultimately it is We the People that the RNC/GOP, and the rombama campaign is frauding out of a legal and honest election process. In fact, that is probably a good idea to get started anyway. Monday, I am going to seek legal advice. It sure can’t hurt.

  1. Someone PLEASE tell me why oh why do we have to accept cheating? Can’t we complain, or do something legal, to force Arizona , and other states, nto a fair and honest campaign where we obtain the true delegate count? Or do we just take the fraudulent losses laying down? Are we really going to play fair at the National Convention after all the cheating? After all of this, it is not possible in my mind to ever get behind Romney or the GOP. This is about principles, not standing with their Satanic cult party.

    1. David, I was there and was elected as the “B” delegate in AZ CD1.

      We stop them by occupying the PC (Precinct Committeeman/women) seats in the party. We can spend a lot of blood and treasure litigating, but ultimately this will continue to happen unless we take the gavel away from them. Do you live in AZ?

      1. What you espouse is obviously incorrect. All they did was set u a ‘shadow’ state party in NV right? So what good is the gavel? The GOP must be held accountable or all the RP effort has been for naught. It’s about money and power and they don’t give a flying rip about Paul or fairness – period.

      2. From what I understand, and I am discussing (only) Nevada as I spoke with one of their state’s delegates yesterday; they have not ONLY set-up a shadow-party, into which they are funneling OUR monies (RNC/GOP monies are funds and dues paid for by any and all delegates, including those for Paul), for ROMNEY. They are also working furiously to negate ALL delegates for Paul, based on whatever form of credentials they can come up with. They are changing the ruled, mid-game, if you will, and it’s not a legitimate thing to do.
        They are posting information on donation sites, stating, “If you have already maxed out on your donations to Romney, donate to US”. (NO mention of Paul being in the running, still).., and we’ll be sure these monies are given to his race. They are out-and-out lying, stating that Jesse Benton and Ron Paul have okay’d dispersment of these monies TO Romney, and have hidden that lie within some words Benton DID write.
        Setting-up these shadow-offices is a lot worse than that which you’re giving them credit. You have to consider from whom and whence the monies came. They came from US, and not one of us wanted the funds to go to Romney. They are playing fast-and-loose with election laws, in my opinion, and have defrauded each and every Paul supporter and Paul delegate.
        To say the least, they and It need to be handled, immediately, and by the Paul campaign/team.

    2. David, I agree with everything you said, but I hope you’re not implying that the “Satanic cult” party refers to Romney’s religion. Because I am part of that religion. I think Dr. Paul disagrees with Romney and the way his campaign and GOP have handled this. But I am certain Ron Paul does not consider The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints a cult.

      1. I found this very entertaining – but to me, all the religions are cults, with denial of Free Will at their core.


        Freedom is the only Worship Word I need, thank you very much.

        I met a couple of Mormons once, and they were annoyingly, cloyingly nice. One day, the husband of the couple was swapping out his VW engine, and pinched his hand between the engine block and bell housing. He exclaimed, “Oh, Crud!”

        I found it rather creepy. But hey, it’s all about Liberty – embrace whatever religion turns your crank!

      2. No. He would be referring to a popular cultural meme that the elitist architects of the new world order who have taken over are a “Satanic cult.”

      3. Romney is NEW World Order!!!..We don’t care what religion he is..We aren’t voting for him!!!

    3. Look at what lengths they have gone to in Nevada! It’s not simply CHEATING, which is bad enough. When they lost Nevada, they actually created a “SHADOW PARTY” for Romney– WITH the monies collected from ALL Ron Paul/ Liberty supporters.
      How is that legal?

  2. This could have been a lot shorter. It could have read: Good news, Paul supporters are gathering tons of delegates. Bad news: The GOP is removing them systematically as they go and the campaign is doing nothing about it.

      1. The end result IS the same. TPTB will do this for every states until they eliminate all RP delegates. They truly consider themselves above the law.
        We’ll need to do a moneybomb JUST for a giant lawsuit against the GOP. Hopefully the Campaign won’t lay down like they did in NH 2008.

        Really people, at some point somebody need to get spanked.

      2. Have you ever actually sued anybody? If we filed a lawsuit today, it’d probably be heard in court about mid-2013, which will be way too late. Take action on the ground; pass out brochures, talk to people. Just the other day on the city bus, some young fellow asked me about my Ron Paul t-shirt. I almost wept.

        Of course, I told him about ronpaul2012.com. So we’re getting through, slowly but surely!

    1. Thank you Kathy for the “No BS” summation. Paul wasn’t ready to actuallu carry out the delegate strategy. Thanks Mr. Benton – you are tops man! Good luck when Rand makes a try – he won’t get my support though.

      1. Really? I am guessing you read the (misinformed) statement that included some lies by the RNC, purported (falsely) to be Benton’s and Paul’s words.. Paul WAS and IS ready to carry-out the delegate strategy. We simply need and want to know to what lengths the Paul team is ready to go for this White-house seat.
        Last I heard from Dr Paul, he was and IS ready to lead his delegates to Tampa. The RNC is trying to change that, with words, and with their Shadow-Party (or parties) and by getting rid of the Paul delegates. But, I honestly do not know how THEY can effect such a change, legally.

      1. Become a Precinct Committeeman! There are not enough lawyers in the world to stop them from cheating everywhere. The only solution is to remove them.

      2. Believe it or not, the GOP of each state we’ve won is US. These orders and actions have come from “on high” (as in the RNC must be high), at the RNC, and Reince Priebus.
        THAT guy must step down and allow anyone not as disgusting and willing to cheat, as him, to run the PARTY.

        Something very dirty has been in the works since Paul began to win. And they will continue all of this cheating and craziness until and unless a suit is FILED. Believe me, these people do not want to be sued, and don’t want to stand up for their (unlawful) actions.
        Sometimes, filing suit is enough. But, it will have to be done RIGHT away and long before August.

    1. No, No, NO! He needs to get the nomination, because a whole bunch of republicrats will vote a straight republican ticket, regardless of the name on the ballot. It’s not time for a “third party” yet, unless the republicrats get totally shredded.

      1. The thing is, RIch; because the state’s GOP are being taken by US, the RNC has resorted to many terrible tricks and scams. THEY (and I mean them, run by Priebus) will NOT allow US to take Paul to the national stage. They don’t care, so far, if they have to break every rule and every LAW pertaining to Election Funds.
        THEY will only care when and IF they receive lawsuits or, at least, cease-and-desist letters alluding to same.
        WE have to send these letters out, NOW, and then we need to be prepared to follow up with lawsuits. Believe me, these people consider themselves, “pillars of their communities”, and none of them want to be exposed for their filthy law-breaking.

        As I said, sometimes, filing suit is ALL it takes.

      2. Have you ever actually sued anybody? We could “file suit” today, and it’d be heard by a judge about mid-2013. Let the lawyers do discovery, so we have some ammunition for the actual election, which _are_ covered by laws and regulations. Meanwhile, let the two obamas have their dog and pony shows, while we quietly accumulate delegates. Try not to make waves too badly, because they’ll accuse us of doing what they’ve been doing all along – that’s the way of the evil one.

      3. Yes, Rich; I have filed suit, and have seen it go both ways. Either they stand up for their actions (and I really don’t see these “pillars” standing up for their illicit actions) and fight it all the way, OR, they take a hint and step back and/or down. Either way, they are on-notice that we will not simply do the same.
        I actually think a cease-and-desist letter would be sufficient to get them to stop with their (illegal) insanity. If they don’t, I am not sure what the next tactic should be (IF the Paul camp does not want to sue), but I do know we have to not be so mamby-pamby as to allow them to get away with what they have done or attempted to do, thusfar.
        I would hope Nevada’s addendum to Rule-11 would be sufficient, but it already appears that Priebus, as well as the RNC, is scoffing at it and us. It seems they believe they are above the law and the only way to bring people like that down IS legally.

    2. This has really been an education for me and one I am not proud to conclude on the lessons I have learned, How Naive I was all this time thinking our election process was so legitimate. I mean I knew of fraud here and there but as someone else mentioned, this is more than merely just fraud.

      There is a conspiracy to take over this country in a coup via our election process. It sickens me to have seen what has happened to Ron Paul, from the media black out to the various dirty tricks and rules changes ballot stuffing, you name it, it is disgusting to say the least.

      They have done everything to demoralize our movement and the dirty scum have the unmitigated audacity to call Ron Paul “un-electable”? MY God Man, if someone as principled and as Honorable as Ron Paul, is not electable,, what the hell do they think those other schmucks are?

      the alternative??

      Good Grief

  3. Seriously Doug, what is the RP campaign going to do about the cheating? This needs to be fought and won. This cannot stand and it must be stopped. You have soldiers on the ground get it going already!! Put an end to the fraud!

  4. what i would like to know is what is being done about this? at what point is something done? do we just bend over and accept this? are we going to just let them steal states? it’s ridiculous.

    1. John, the only way to stop it once and for all is to become a Precinct Committeeman in you local party so that we can vote them out at a local level and use that to leverage ourselves into the next rungs on the party ladder.

  5. Keep building momentum… Regardless of the cheating. It is because of the cheating the RNC is seriously exposing themselves. They are setting the stage for a serious challenge by a third party. As the evidence is built throughout this campaign and the entire nation sees the dirty politics they will lose even more support. There are plenty of Dems looking for an honest alternative as well, but Romney would never be it. Maybe O will get a good look at that bipartisanship he wanted so badly, just from a very different perspective…

    1. Don, I think you’re absolutely right.

      They are trying to cheat us out of our delegates in Arizona, but we overhead a lot of conversations at the convention where non-Paul supporters were appalled at the level of corruption and incompetence displayed by the establishment.

    2. The only problem, as I see that tactic, is that MANY people will only vote within their party. Ron Paul was very smart to use the Rep Party as HIS vehicle, to win the seat of POTUS. I know he will take a LOT of votes as an Indy, but, I do not think it will take enough from the USUAL GOP and even the Dems to take it.
      Yes, he will have all of US, but I simply do not think we are enough– YET.
      Besides, he and we have won these seats, legitimately and rightfully. What RIGHT does the RNC have to step in to each state’s GOP and simply negate the votes? In my opinion, they have NO right, legally or otherwise.

      1. Anne: have you NOT heard Doug’s comments regarding Dr. Paul being too old? Have you not considered that Dr. Paul never intended to accept the nomination even if he wins it?

        I’ve been looking for your responses regarding Doug’s radio interview but haven’t seen any.

        I feel like we’re being bamboozled. The delegate strategy has been dangled in front of us like a carrot and we’re told that we’re “doing well” despite MSM reports. Then we’re told that we’ve won some states that we previously lost. Now we’re being told that we may lose those states due to dirty tricks.

        Meanwhile, our campaign advisor states that it isn’t possible for Dr. Paul to win because of his age. Jesse Benton is also making lots of bizarre comments. Some folks are dismissing all of this as subterfuge.

        Jack Hunter rambles on about this being “just the beginning”. That the “real goal” was to seize control of party apparatuses in states that rely on caucuses. BLAH, BLAh, BLAH….

        I thought that the REAL GOAL was to get Dr. Paul friggni’ ELECTED!!!

        This campaign used to have CLARITY but now that the race is on the last leg all I seem to hear is Jedi mind-trick BULLSH*T.

        My support is dwindling.


      2. @FyreWyngz – So what are you going to support, someone promising to wave their magic wand? Turning more than six decades of socialist doctrine around isn’t going to happen overnight…

      3. Regarding the radio show? I was busy doing other things– meeting up with other folks in Central Texas. I do find it kind of funny that you go after one person for your thought that he must ONLY speak with people, here, and then me, for not only being here.
        It sounds as if you do not know what Jack Hunter (and Dr Paul) have talked about all along, but I got it and I have been acting on it. It’s about US taking the party back to what it was always meant to be. I am actually running for precinct chair, as are many other liberty-minded folk. Pro-Paul people (well, more like pro-;liberty people) are running for and taking offices at every level because, it IS just the beginning. And even if Dr Paul does not take the nod, we are in it.
        Of course, we all want him in as nominee and, no, I have never heard one person on his team say he would not accept such. I don’t know where you heard that and even Benton’s convoluted emails did not contain such a statement. Those emails also never said that Dr Paul supports Mitt Romney, yet the “news” ran with it, too.

        Unlike some, I am in many places, locally as well as nationally on the net. I have been talking with others and convincing them to be delegates in all different states, for over a year. It’s happened and I know quite a few people going to Tampa to vote for Dr Paul. Now, what have you done other than go after others who may be doing a lot more than YOU?
        Please; do enlighten us with your activities and your spirit.

      4. @Anne: Damn. I asked you a direct, respectful question and you turned it into a personal attack.

        I was asking about the comments that Doug Wead made regarding Ron Paul’s age. If you don’t want to take the time to respond then that’s your choice.

      5. Here’s the thing; and I do realize that intonation cannot be read in black and white- I was not trying to attack you or anyone. I read what you said, to me and then to Don (I believe it was to Don), and merely wanted you to know what I have been doing. I’ve spent a lot of hours, daily, for the past year or more, in getting others to be delegates for Paul. And, yes, i am a bit frustrated that they Romney folk have messed with us and continue to attempt to disenfranchise the Paul delegates (absolutely credentialed).
        I did not mean for it to sound like a personal attack. I will admit it was forceful while stating my stance and what I’ve done, but I had no desire to have a go at you.

        Parts of my responses are not always directed toward the person I am responding to. In part of that message, I WAS asking everyone what they have done and are willing to do for liberty. I should have made it more clear, and i did not.
        For that, I will take responsibility for what came off, to you, as an attack.
        And, no; I have not heard Doug’s words in regard to Dr Paul’s age, other than if he does not take it, this time, he would be too old the next time. That is all I meant by that, and in that, I thought I was clear?

      6. Rich;
        Have you ever heard Doug Wead say that Dr Paul is “too old” to take office? It seems to me I have heard the question posed TO Doug in at least one interview and Doug’s response was similar to what you said.
        It also seems to me that Ron Paul is intellectually sharp as a tack and is surely in better physical shape than all of those who’ve dropped out. And who knows what’s going on in either Mitt’s body (eww.. just got a visual I need to erase from my mind) or Obama’s insides?
        76 is not now, what 76 used to be, after all!

      7. Anne: no, the only one I’ve heard whining about Dr. Paul’s age has been Wyngz – Wasn’t it you who first wonderd if Wyngz is simply a new nym for the #2?

      8. Oh, no; we’re gonna get in trouble again for this questioning of that. I expect the cussing, aimed at me (mainly) and then you, though I think little John, who flitted by last night, would be number-teww/
        And again, I say this: we never do know who we’re conversing with, online. This statement will be found offensive, and considering all else that’s going on, I’m okay with that.
        *Is like having a rock in your shoe. You can keep running or stop to remove the offending object/

      9. Not to worry too much – I’ve been ignoring trolls for going on a decade now; every now and then I can’t resist throwing what I consider a zinger, even though I know it does no good.

      10. I actually don’t think Fyre is a troll, as (s)he does not post often enough or have a go at everyone (like eww).. I do think Fyre sometimes takes what is said in a negative light, even when not intended in that manner.. and it is sometimes difficult to deal with this, considering what all (else) has been posted on this thread. I want to yell (as much as one can yell, online), “READ ALL OF THE RESPONSES”,
        I also think Fyre is taking the words of the MSM, rather than that of Paul OR (even) Benton. Seems to me that crazy statement put-out by MSM does contai some of what Benton said, but they ADDED a lot of b/s. that others (Fyre?) took as his word.
        My problem with Benton is this: HE has always counted delegates in the same manner that the MSM has counted them, and he should not be doing so. I think we ALL (or most) know to not believe them,, at ALL. Some just need to get this figured out… the MEDIA LIES, and they are working very hard to direct this “win” for the RomBot.

      11. @Don Howard: See – that’s what irks me. This campaign was about ELECTING RON PAUL AS PRESIDENT.

        NO??? What does “IN IT TO WIN IT” mean then?

        I’m not looking for someone to wave any magic wand. I’ve simply been supporting a candidate who I thought WANTED to be president.

        It’s clear to me now that that was NEVER the intention.

      12. @FyreWyngz – It’s far from over, and I have no idea how you can say that he does not want to be president and never had any intention to be president. The reality is that this campaign has been a rousing success if it went no further than it is right now. But, I repeat, it is far from over and it needs our positive input to take it further. I do understand your frustration, we are all feeling it. We need to provide the campaign with that toughness you are talking about…

      13. Okay- here’s where it went wrong. You see, it appeared as if you were asking Don why he was not here to discuss this with other people, and then asked me why I was not here.
        Here’s the response to both (wdpress says both were replies to me):
        Those of us who read the emails from Benton were a bit more than perturbed, for different reasons. he did say, in one of them, that Dr Paul is probably not going to win, yet he never did say that Romney WOULD surely win. And, he never did say that Paul would support Romney (how could he when Rom is all he does not stand for?) So, we were already on edge, to put it mildly. Benton was on a radio-show, and tool callers from different (mainly online) callers, and he did say some things about how we must be decent and honest and not resort to physical violence,and that most of us took that well. Most of us did not take it well, because we know what he was referring to (Oklahoma) and it was the Romney delegates (x 2) who punched Paul delegates (x 2) and Benton never acknowledged that fact. So, I wonder what Benton has said to Paul about all of that. Did he gloss over the facts, as he did in his emails, or did he tell Dr Paul the absolute truth?
        WHY is Jesse Benton making sour-lemons out of berries? This nobody seems to have the answer to.

        Anyway, the truth between what’s going on in delegate choosing is mid-way between what Benton said and what Paul said. Paul IS in it to win it, and even Benton has always said that. he just found some off way of telling us to not be so upset over what happens if he does not win it/

        NOW, onto other things: I HAVE found three attorneys in Nevada (Clark County, or Las Vegas) and they have AGREED to take on the case of any and all delegates who’ve been unseated. NOW, we need COMPLAINANTS (delegates) so this can go forward; IMMEDIATELY, okay?

      14. @richgrise: what’s your problem? Do you even bother READING what others post? If you do then your ability to comprehend is sorely lacking.

        Please knock off trying to label me as a troll and take a moment or two to friggin’ COMPREHEND what I’m posting.


      15. Fyre:
        I know you did not address that to me, but I think I can explain what Ron Paul and the RP Team, as well as others here, have been saying.
        It being far from over means two things.
        First, Ron Paul IS running to be POTUS. He has not quit anything. THe media said that, and they even added a line or two to the Benton email, to make it seem that Benton said he had dropped out and was supporting Romney. Neither point was valid, but they ran with it.
        As far as this being far from over, even if Paul does not win, it has more to do with US taking over the party or taking the party back. It has to do with liberty-minded people, who also support Paul, running for and taking seats at varied levels within our own local and state government.

        So, the line, “Far from over”, pertains both to Ron Paul and US. You should think about running for a seat in your area govt, even in the GOP of your county or state. I’m running for precinct-chair, which may sound like the most unimportant position of all, but is the person who ensures ALL votes are taken and supported by the GOP. At least it’s something, and really; I think you can do same and would be welcome. The GOP, everywhere, is dwindling down to nothing, so they need people to represent them, in all states and levels. It really ought to be US, as it is US who can fix this.

    3. @ Don Howard: maybe I’m missing something. What you say makes sense to those of us close to the bone BUT do you ever talk to anyone outside the circles? I mean, EVERYBODY that I know who isn’t “one of us” is COMPLETELY oblivious to ALL of this. They also have NO CLUE who Dr. Paul REALLY is let alone the fact that he’s still in it. Clearly, the MSM has blacked out Dr. Paul from the beginning which doesn’t help.

      So who exactly is this “entire nation” and who exactly will be revealing the dirty politics to them?

      You make it sound like the MSM is going to wake up one morning and say, “Wow! Look at all of this dirty stuff going on. Look how Dr. Paul has been cheated. HURRY! We MUST report this to the entire nation! When they hear the news then they’ll turn to the good guys!”

      If so, this is bordering on delusional. The ONLY people who care about fraud are US. The rest of the 90% couldn’t care less – CLEARLY!

      Tell me – what are people saying to you when you tell them about fraud? Do they presently snap out of it and decorate their yards with Ron Paul signs? My experience is that their apathy is hardly tested. It’s more like, “Meh. Sore loser.”

      I’d really like to hear about the folks that you’re talking to. Does any of this really matter to them?

      1. @FyreWyngz – I talk to many outside of a core circle of RP supporters. You are right, they are oblivious to all that is going on… until someone talks to them about it. Then, you are right again… their response is “meh…”.

        And then something happens, like the announcement that there will be no more dollars spent on campaigning. The MSM runs with that one and tells the nation that RP has dropped out of the race. What a perfect opportunity to expose the MSM! One example: A friend (one that likes RP but tends to believe what the MSM tells her to believe) texts me to share the “news” with me. Over a period of time I have been sharing what’s been going on, and her response is ALWAYS something like “but Fox News…”. This has been the first time she can really see that the MSM is not trustworthy. Suddenly all of these things she has been hearing from me start to take on a whole new sense of credibility. It’s a small step, but that is what it is going to take. She will be on board with the r3VOLution before August. That is just one of many.

        The sharing of an idea that is a r3VOLution and counter to what people have been hearing and living for decades is not like a light switch that can be turned on and off at a flick. One of the key ingredients in this is the 3VOL. That would be where we come in. We need to include all we talk to rather than follow the policy of Romney and the RNC of excluding. We do not want to alienate, we want to embrace. The disgraceful way the RNC has handled this will alienate almost all that are able to see it, unless we alienate them first. The RNC is giving us plenty of opportunity to show that we are the better choice, unless we give them the opportunity to appear to have righteously protected the GOP.

        To expect to sway someone without giving them time to reason it out and think for themselves is to have the expectations of a tyrant. The RNC has the advantage of holding the reigns, which gives them the appearance of credibility to those that do not have the time to dig deeper. That deception is what we need to expose, and they are giving us a lot of ammunition. With the MSM in collusion it is very much a formidable task, but it is happening.

        To believe that we are the only ones that care about the mess this country is in is delusional. There is a reality that is created from socialism and it is one of the arguments that has always been presented against it. That is the argument that people will look to the government to solve their problems rather than solving them themselves (the very ironic thing about that is that I see evidence of it here). That argument has been used to explain the rise of Adolf Hitler. This country has had a socialist doctrine force fed to them for decades. It’s not realistic to believe it can all be turned around at the flick of a switch. For the most part the people of this country care a great deal about what is happening they just don’t know how to correct it…

  6. Any time you guys decide to go third party let me know, because I am so in. 🙂 Also have you guys ever decided to go even more stealth? Like maybe meet with delegates and have them put up as Romney supporters. Then we they get to the convention they can all vote for Paul. I know it seems kind of hard, but Romney people are not dominating these conventions. If they want Romney delegates, then give them Romney delegates…that will vote for Paul. 🙂

      1. Well, the Libertarians have a candidate (Johnson), but that does not mean all Indies agree with him or will vote for him. In fact, if Paul were to get the GOP nod, I know a lot of Indies, including–especially- Libertarians, who would vote for Ron Paul. And when people say, “third party”, they are lumping all voters independent of Reps and Dems into ONE pot. It’s not a valid assessment of Indies.

        Yet the GOP cannot seem to figure this out. They want to push their choice, with complete and utter disregard of what the party-affiliates say they want. It was obvious, starting with the SHAM that was the Iowa Caucus, on to the disgusting mess on what will forever be known as, “Stupid Tuesday”, and it’s just as obvious, today– as they are working so hard to disenfranchise ALL Paul delegates.
        And, they will lose this election, as well as (probably) their second-party status, for this action. Yet they cannot see it because they will not see it. The GOP, in Austin, is DESPERATE to find people to work elections and to get Republican voters out for primaries. Yet, they are just as happy to treat Paul and US so poorly; for what? What will they gain? Absolutely– nada

        I think we have more to gain, with a Paul win, as do they; and they have more to lose by these actions. What they are doing, in the RNC and in certain State’s GOP, is absolutely going to work against them and you will never convince them of it. This cutting-down of the Paul supporters is probably the worst act of ANY national party, since we had Whigs and Tories. Again, the GOP won’t figure this out until it’s too late.

        I have thought this and said this for at least a year: The Grande Old Party IS suicidal. And we cannot prevent their suicidal act unless they allow our help. They don’t get our help unless they allow Ron Paul as nominee OR leave it up to Romney to win FAIRLY.

      2. I think what we all need to understand is that the GOP is not making a “mistake”. they are not making the “wrong choice” for themselves by picking Romney over Paul. They are well aware of Dr. Paul’s ability to woo the American public out of its slumber, and it scares the s*%t out of them.
        Romney is their choice as much as Obama is their choice. They represent the same things because, the Republicans and Democrats are one in the same, claiming only to represent different ideas to appeal to different audiences and giving those audiences a false sense of belonging to a group that neither cares for them or will offer them anything with regard to traditional American values.
        Our political system has been hijacked people and no amount of lawyers or courts will bring it back to us. We have to take it back, just the way we have been. Yes they will have their dirty tricks, they call our delegates “insurgents” and say that we “take over” conventions and they are right. We need to keep doing just that.
        We have them scrambling around breaking their own rules, forming “shadow parties” and embarrassing themselves. They are wrong and we are right, the founders called this “The animating contest of freedom”. Freedom belonged to them because they fought for it and won it, they earned it. Our fight is a little different, it is a non-violent political slugfest and we are knee deep in the middle of it, we are getting punched and we need to punch back by taking more delegates to the convention in Tampa.
        Now is not the time to tuck tail and run to our lawyers crying foul play. Now is the time to double our efforts and finish the job we started, that Dr. Paul started….for freedom!

  7. Sounds like they are assuring paul has only a limited voice at convention and hoping that the cheating doesnt ruin Mitt’s chance of beating Obama I think they will be wrong! I look forward to where this all goes after the convention because I cant help but wonder why Paul keeps addressing the 3rd party question the way he does. I guess with the shadow party there are really two gop parties anyway, I love watching and participating in the making of history!

    1. There (kind of) Are two parties within the Republican party.. There’s the STATE GOP,and then there’s the RNC. We are now hearing from the RNC and Reince Priebus. Problem, as I see it, is that RNC, via Priebus, is using monies from ALL Reps (including those delegates who have PAID to be part of this– all of GOP delegates, including RON PAUL DELEGATES), and i am sure this is ILLEGITIMATE and ILLEGAL, too.

  8. I think the the Ron Paul supporters are doing everything and Wead, Ron Paul are doing nothing to save the work the delegates have fought so hard for. I don’t believe Ron Paul really wants this, only to be heard. If you can’t fight the hard fight to get elected you won’t be tough enough once you are in office…this is a sad thing.

    1. I am really starting to believe this as well. Pardon my language, but I believe the RP campaign needs to grow some balls like the rest of the RP supporters! We are willing to go to jail to restore Liberty in this country. Put and end to the corruption! RP should be addressing this on interviews on t.v.

    2. You guys are unbelievable… Dr. Paul has been fighting this for over 30 years with very little support. He stood his ground and kept this little piece of ground for us so there is a platform to fight from today. Now you come along and make statements like this… get tough, grow some balls, and grow up.

      1. In other words, Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!

        Actually, I’m not content to sit and wait for somebody to “give me” Liberty – our job is to TAKE it! The best way to be free, of course, is to Be Free. I fear that the responsibilities of Liberty are too frightening to the students that have been stuck in the propaganda mills for the last two generations; this is why I find Dr. Paul’s youth following so heartening!

      2. In other words, be smart about it. The RNC is seriously exposing themselves. Be tough enough to stay the course and in the process the RNC will continue to expose themselves to even more, and Romney and O will kick the crap out of each other. This campaign needs to be smarter than the others, and tough enough to stay the course.

      3. @ Don Howard: WHAT???

        Ron Paul may have been fighting for LIBERTY for 30 years but the problems RIGHT NOW are fraud!!!

        Dr. Paul was a HERO when he called Gingrich and Santorum “Chickenhawk” and “Corrupted”. He OWNED them all during the debates!!!

        What’s happened to all of the tough talk?

        We could use some NOW!!!

      4. @FyreWyngz – It would be a mistake to confuse “tough” with blindly attacking. There is fraud, and it does need to be dealt with. To file lawsuits where appropriate would be a good move, but to think that will save anything during this election cycle is unrealistic. While we are focused on the foul we are not doing what needs to be done to win, quite the opposite. This has become all out war and if you think we are not going to take some blows you are wrong. If you think the other side is going to play by the rules you are wrong again. If our focus is on whining about the fouls we are going to look like sore losers to the rest of the world. That is a reality, get tough and deal with it…

  9. We won’t win anything with this pushover mentality. If you aren’t going to try, if you aren’t going to fight the cheating and take this thing by force, then why bother at all? We will get steam rolled later if we don’t get the nomination and more positions of power.

      1. Well, I AM running for precinct chair, in Austin…
        The chairs are being decided, according to Travis County Rep Party, next week, though I understand people have until the 1st of June to get their applications IN.
        It’s very confusing what the Rep Party is doing. Of course, WE selected our delegates LONG before our own primary, which should tell the world that the primary votes do NOT COUNT.

      1. How do you know that the current Money Bomb might not actually pay some on legal actions? It’s for the delegates they said. Keep the fundraising going.

        This is the one thing that every constitutionally-minded American can do, right now.

    1. Throwing money at this distracts from the campaign and derails the focus. To top it off there is no way it would be won before the election. It’s also unsure how much jurisdiction the law has over this. I believe it may have to be a civil lawsuit, but then I am not a lawyer.

    1. That is what I have been begging people to do since the first sham in Iowa. It took til Stupid-Tuesday for Paul’s supporters to realize it had to be done and to do it.
      And though we have plenty of proof, now, it is as if the RNC doesn’t care. It feels like they are daring us, by forcing our collective hand, legally, to stop them. Other than using the court-system, I really don’t know of any option that might stop them. Can you think of any other way to make this insanity end?
      *Ron Paul dropping out is definitely not an option. Same goes for third-party run; not a viable option.

    1. re: Third Party

      Absolutely NOT! Dr. Paul needs to get the nomination, because the majority of republicans will vote R, regardless of the name on the ballot.

      Yes, they’re really that stupid; we need to exploit that stupidity, legally and in a moral fashion, of course.

      But please shut up about that third party crap. There will be plenty of time for that after Dr. Paul gets to the White House!

      1. I think it’s clear they will do whatever it takes to not allow him the nomination. No election laws can be used against this election fraud.

      2. Maybe you think so, but you’re evidently not very experienced. A third party is a non-starter, almost by definition! Dr. Paul ran Libertarian in ’04, and got about three votes.

        NO THIRD PARTY! Now please shut up about it and do something useful!

      3. Well, if you think telling people to shut up is the solution there is obviously no reason to have a discussion. The future will tell anyway.

      4. @richgrise
        The temptation to feel like a third party run is hopeless is very strong because it’s never succeeded before.
        But there’s a lot of people who would say that obtaining the republican nomination is hopeless (and certain events like the ones mentioned in this update are pointing to that hopelessness). But you don’t see anyone here cowering because of them.
        Don’t cower at the thought of a successful third party run. There’s a first time for everything and its odds of success are better than ever in our case.
        Ron Paul would have several distinct advantages, the first being that Romney would be in “general election-mode” where he’s trying to look more centrist. With this, and the fact that he and Obama will be tearing each other apart, Paul could emerge as the one sensible choice to the masses.
        Long shot? Sure
        But everybody here has faith in the face of seriously daunting odds as it is.

      5. The Masses simply don’t vote third party. They vote “D” or “R”, regardless. And at this point, with six months left until the actual election? That’s just ridiculous.

    2. NO; it would not work. And besides, WHY did WE all work so hard to be affiliated with and accepted by and get the votes FOR Liberty if we were simply going to roll over for the RNC??
      WE ARE the GOP. We need to BE the RNC, too. That is the correct course of action, and if it takes filing suit to make it stick, that is what we need to do!
      3rd party should be relegated to what is LEFT of the RNC after they are taken down.

      1. The hard work built momentum, gathered support, and has made the people in this country much more aware of what is going on. Without the support of the citizens of this country it won’t work as a Republican either. Stay the course… the RNC is exposing itself and people will see it. A third party run may not be necessary, but if it is the more this campaign stays true the more support it will have from current members of both major parties.

      2. Yes, I see what you’re saying. I simply feel we have to have the vote(s) of ALL of the GOP in order to garner a win over Obama. And, boy, do we need a win over that guy!
        Surely, a win by Romney (and an illegitimate win, at that) will not mean anything different. Romney doesn’t comprehend the constitution, nevermind LAWS, well enough to implement any change. In fact, I don’t think he campaigns on change, at ALL. I still say; send cease-and-desist letters to all in the RNC, and be prepared to follow-up with suits. I do believe it is the only way we can reason with these people, especially Preibus and HIS lot.

      3. Believe me, a “third party run” is a guaranteed loss. We need to win the nomination, because of the vast number of “R” people who will vote “R”, regardless of the man’s name. That’s why it’s so important to block a RMoney nomination.

        Let’s focus on what’s important RIGHT NOW, OK?

      4. @richgrise,
        None of us here are making REAL decisions on how this campaign is going to be run, we are having discussions. None of us here have enough REAL information to make those decisions, we can only discuss theory. We are, for the vast majority, supporters of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement. Alienating others that want the same outcome because they do not see the same path is not going to make this movement stronger anymore than a single minded single focused strategy will.

        I happen to agree that the best path to the presidency for RP is through the Republican Party. But we do not, and can not, control everything that happens. To have a contingency plan is the best strategy, and to have faith in RP supporters is the best policy. The only strength we really have is in the momentum as we GAIN numbers. That is not going to happen by alienating fellow supporters, leave that to Romney and O…

      5. Yes; I know what you’re saying, but I also agree with Rich and know the irritation over certain ideas none of us want to hear.
        I do agree that a 3rd party run is really not the way to win it. Far too many people simply vote the party, regardless of who “wins”, because they do not invest the time to know who IS running. And this year, it seems that the RNC does not want to allow for the real winner to be on the ballot; it’s frustrating!! Sometimes, we are not as “careful” as some might like, with our words.
        It is the shear frustration over what’s being done that has some of us (myself included) not being as “nice” as we can be and usually are..
        I find what the RNC has come up with as not only illegal, but completely disgusting. And, emotions are running high. I’d love to hear Dr Paul (and his team, for sure) on all of this, as the Benton emails, coupled with the RNC garbage, is enough to make anyone fly offa the handle..

      6. We are all frustrated, that is something we share. We have been frustrated for years. Trying to control what everyone else here says and thinks is no better than Romney and O tactics.

        If each of us wants to control what is said and shared on the forum then we should open our own forum and kick everyone that doesn’t agree with us out. But then that would kill all REAL discussion and CREATIVE ideas. We are in this together…

      7. Either .se is very young and has never seen an election, or he’s a RMoney agent provocateur with intent to torpedo The Good Doctor.
        Or both.

      8. Truly.
        One never does know who he or she is talking to, online. Heck, it could be the “usual one–or t-eww”, who’s suddenly interested in this fight.
        Or, could simply be a guy that does not (yet) understand politics.

      9. It’s truly sad to see the kind of replies annebeck58 and richgrise gives but it’s a joy to see comments from Don Howard and Michael Bruce. Acting like the establishment and MSM will not solve anything.

        Too many seems to be paranoid. Afraid of real freedom and discussion.

      10. ha. Really? And, why make that a respone to me when you only wanted to talk about me and around me? Silly.
        What do you consider paranoid? That is kooky.

      11. Btw; I gave you a full response why your idea and same idea from others would surely be a worthless money-pit idea.
        Now, respond and help us to see it your way.
        It is not Dr Paul’s first rodeo. Nor is it ours.

      12. What some people are doing is no better then the neocons and MSM. Instead of using arguments and a healthy discussion they call people names and are paranoic. Sad. Not worthy the Ron Paul movement in my opinion.

      13. Well, darlin’, if the shoe fits…
        Consider your place in all of this. Were you actually for what Dr Paul espouses, the “go Indy and then I’ll vote for him”, wouldn’t have come out.
        Do you not comprehend what a rough row ANY Independent candidate has to hoe? The race of a Dem or Rep is difficult. at best, but a person taking the Indy slate (any Indy slate, if you did not comprehend that there are many Indy parties) does not have the option of being in on debates (with the POTUS) and does not share the national stage in any other way(s). That the media is so willing to ignore Dr Paul as a REP Candidate should tell the whole nations; IF he were an independent candidate, that would be even worse. Now, to appease some of us, they have to talk with Paul about once a week. Were he an INDY, that would end.
        You really need to know a bit more about politics. It was not a criticism, as i also said (as did others) that you must be young. Sometimes it takes years of watching and participating to see how rigged it is, and a lot more years to figure out what you can really do to change it.
        The Indy idea has been bantered about for ever. It’s a lousy idea and terrible use of funds at all. Until any Indy party becomes a part of this so-called 2-party system (which would mean it’s not an Indy party at all), the funds and the votes and the media will never be there.
        If I burst your bubble, be happy. Maybe it will save you some tens of years of hope ending into hopelessness. It is the way the parties want it. It generally ends badly. Though, I DO also feel it’s up to all of US to do as Paul has led us to do; get involved in your local Rep Party; take it over and change it— from the INSIDE., as that is where changes comes from. Okay?

  10. Hey Doug, Thank you so much. We have had quite the rollercoaster week! Can you please address the article in the Daily Paul on GOP shutting out our Iowa delegates and the Shadow Party Romney has created with the GOP to steal the delegates won. GAve to the moneybomb again. Felt good!

    1. Are you saying the RNC has also made an “alternate” or Shadow-Party in Iowa, too? I knew they had done this in Nevada, but had not heard about Iowa (what IS up with Iowa, anyway? Why can’t they just get it right, ever??). If it is the case, the Paul team needs to get on this right away, before this out of control RNC destroys all recourse by the rightfully and duly elected delegates of each state.

  11. All this talk about legal action is not going to work. Election law does not apply to primary elections. That was even reported by Ben Swann in one of his reports. The RNC and DNC are “private clubs”. Nothing will come out of litigation. Besides, even if you litigate they will make sure it is stuck in the judicial system until after the election.

    The only way now is Third Party Run where election law would apply. But that idea gets shot down and voted down everytime for some reason.

    And then if there is a third party run there might be collusion between the DNC and RNC and MSW wll shut him out. Sorry if Im being way too negative but these are facts and it’s reflected even in the campaign strategy to some extent.

    1. Just wanted to add that IMO RNC will make sure Ron Paul is not on the ballot and he does not win a pluarity of 5 states. You know we can continue “being positive” or face the facts and think about what we must do next.

    2. Stan,
      A third party run is strong option only if it is supported by the majority of the people. in the process of these primaries the RNC is exposing themselves, as is O. Those two are going to be kicking the crap out of each other. If this campaign steers a steady course and keeps moving forward with honesty, integrity, and the strength to stick to it’s course it will win over the rest of the country that is fed up with the bs, as well as those that are truly seeing the bs for the first time. The more people that are looking for a place to run to the more feasible a win by a third party will be. This is the time, let the RNC and the Dems hang themselves, let this campaign be a refuge for freedom, honesty, and character.

    3. When it comes to MONEY being funneled into the Romney campaign via RNC (it is OUR money), I do believe election LAWS do apply. Besides, even if we do not file in CRIMINAL court (which I do think is the correct course of action), there is always CIVIL court to consider. These pillars of the RNC do not want their names associated with lawsuits, of ANY kind, and they are counting on us to roll-over, when we are bigger than them. I do think filing suit is it. Reince Priebus will not ever do the right thing for us, as GOP affiliates, as evidenced by these shadow-parties, and this means we need to fight back– legally.

      Or, what other course of action would you employ?

    4. Actually, each state’s GOP is a private club, but that does not mean they cannot be sued, civilly. The RNC may be a different matter, mainly due to monies taken in and distributed. And, I believe the RNC and said monies WOULD fall under the purview of the criminal courts. I could be wrong, and both would be under CIVIL laws, but I think when money is involved, criminal laws (and Election law regarding fund-raising and distribution of funds) would be applicable.
      Perhaps we should ask Tom DeLay about monies and elections?

  12. If the campaign had supported its NV delegation this could have been prevented. WTF am I donating for?

    1. What’s happening in NV right now has nothing to do with support from the campaign. The victory was a couple weeks ago and Ron Paul was there speaking at the convention. Last Wednesday, the RNC announced it has created a “shadow gop party” in NV to pose as and co-opt the REAL GOP.

    2. I am almost with you… Yes, I donated again to the most recent moneybomb, and I am not sure how hard the Paul team wants to forge ahead. I think Dr Paul sounds as positive as ever, but how can he be, if his team is not (really) supporting him?
      I’d really like to know what the “team” thinks of all of this b/s perpetrated by the RNC. Are they going to just try and remain, “positive”, and press-on, while delegates and states are stolen from him, as well as US? If so, what on earth are we fighting for?
      I realize it’s not only for Paul, but to change the party and the system, but I really don’t think we can do that when we have people within the system too happy to disregard ALL wins we create. We are already bigger than them, in numbers, and they are running roughshod over us?
      How is this happening?

      1. Yes; time and pressure.
        I think we all have it in ourselves to keep the pressure on. My only concern is time. IS there time to get this done? What would make for the most positive use of our time? How do we get these rule-breakers out in time for the national convention?

  13. Now is the time to Lawyer Up on this Doug. This whole situation will be out of our control soon if we don’t act now to stop this criminal attack on the election process and disenfranchizing the americans vote.

  14. The campaign needs to get tougher and get attorneys and lawsuits to correct this. Many people will donate money to this.

  15. Great Post Doug! I think we are gonna see some surprises from GA too!

    On a different note – Everyone is invited to “like” Black and White (aka ★ BW ☆) over on FB – ★ BW ☆ is a liberty movement backed protest site – Current project: July 4th 2012, Nationwide MSM protest. https://www.facebook.com/blackandwhitecampaign

  16. All of the elected delegates should show up in Tampa regardless of what the RNC does and vote for Ron Paul. If they try to put an illegal delegate in your place, find a way to report the problem and have the impostor removed. Just make sure you have some type of verification that you were elected as a delegate. Same as always, use the rule against them.

  17. I don’t care if I have to take the flag of liberty and impale tyrants until their blood fills the floor red.

    If no one here is willing to sacrifice their lives for what they believe in, then we have already lost! Freedom and Liberty are more precious than life itself!

    I say to those Arizona Delegates and Louisiana Delegates who followed every rule, take your bags to Tampa and keep your delegates organized for you must be represented! NEVER forsake the battle no matter how dire it may be!

    We will fight, we will sacrifice and let not these improbable odds bar our way to the front for we will win through, no matter the cost!

  18. A Ron Paul Revolution by peace or a revolution by force because the voice of the people have not been heard. The establishment knows this; I almost feel the Ron Paul Revolution is the event they are looking for and will use to trigger a full blown clasp in orderly law which will lead to their global agenda.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” -JKF

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” – Abraham Lincoln

    DHS isn’t ordering 500 millions rounds of hollow point ammunition for nothing, they are preparing for something we don’t know. Something on a grand scale inside the United States.

    I caught some intel that Chicago nation guard and many police precincts are collaborating together and conducting mass HAZMAT training in preparation for a nuclear event. The weird thing is there are no nuclear reactors in close proximity to Chicago. I believe the closet is west of Chicago near Rockford.

    Stay vigilant, stay safe and carry on the fight!

    As RP says “An idea whose time has come can’t be stopped by any government or any army” -Gahndi

    1. A Ron Paul Revolution by peace or a revolution by force because the voice of the people have not been heard. The establishment knows this; I almost feel the Ron Paul Revolution is the event they are looking for and will use to trigger a full blown clasp in orderly law which will lead to their global agenda.

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” -JKF

      “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” – Abraham Lincoln

      DHS isn’t ordering 500 millions rounds of hollow point ammunition for nothing, they are preparing for something we don’t know. Something on a grand scale inside the United States.

      I caught some intel that Chicago nation guard and many police precincts are collaborating together and conducting mass HAZMAT training in preparation for a nuclear event. The weird thing is there are no nuclear reactors in close proximity to Chicago. I believe the closet is west of Chicago near Rockford.

      Stay vigilant, stay safe and carry on the fight!

      As RP says “An idea whose time has come can’t be stopped by any government or any army”

  19. Does the Campaign actually do anything with all this money. You just leave the delegates out to dry.

    So the RNC can just to whatever they want.

    Win all these states then just let them take them all back?

    This is the campaigns responsibility,

  20. Is the campaign going to stand up to any of this, or are we going to act like whipped dogs? What the campaign does right now is going to impact the trust the grassroots has in these same people in future elections.

  21. Doug: Strategy suggestion (you may already be doing this, of course):

    1. Get the lawyers in; keep them back-room for now but working full-time;

    2. Speak to the Romney campaign and the RNC, and make it clear: they play fair, or it’s war (legal, political, media, public) and then no way Romney will win in November, or the GOP be in power for a decade or more;

    3. Start behind the scenes planning for an alternative “Liberty” convention in Tampa;

    3. Start black ops planning for a run as an independent;

    Doug – seems to me the movement will not stand for this much longer. The RNC needs to understand how serious this is.

  22. So, here is the RNC insane logic: THEY made the rules FOR the State’s GOP’s. WE played by these rules in each and every state (and Michigan? WHATT?), and we won a lot of delegates,per state GOP, everywhere. SO, now they change the rules or the State GOP simply CHEAT, which we expected (and if the RNC is not going to each or any state GOP to task for CHEATING, who WILL??)
    Evidence of cheating and shenanigans? Everywhere! Look at Nevada, where the RNC has stepped in and on top of the heads of (new) Nevada GOP, to create “Team Nevada FOR Romney”, and plan on funneling MONIES into this Team NEV/ROM” to go against ALL of the people in Nevada, who worked very hard to get themselves elected as delegates FOR LIBERTY and for Ron Paul. ARE THEY CRAZY? Yes. And, not exactly crazy like fox(es) either. These people should probably be taken to court for election fraud, for the MONEY part, as I understand it’s not legal or legitimate for them to give monies to ANY candidate, unless said candidate IS the actual nominee (and presumptive nominee does surely NOT count). Nevada went so far as to make an addendum to RULE-11, in order to STOP the RNC, and remove Priebus, and this is the response they got? Really??
    Doug; I have a post up about these dirty-dealings. I actually have TWO posts up; the first is in regard to the State GOP’s breaking RULE-11, via fraudulent ballots to split the Ron Paul vote; the second is in regard to this ugliness created by Team Nevada/ Team Romney. HOW DARE the RNC suddenly get involved in STATE affairs?
    Even people who’ve long been a big part of their own state’s GOP are now supporting PAUL. And the RNC doesn’t like it, so they change rules against their OWN folk? I think, if the RNC wants to run shadow party (or parties), they had better come up with a different name, as RNC has been taken by freedom lovers and liberty-minded PAUL SUPPORTERS.

    I don’t think this shadow party thing should be allowed to take hold. I don’t think it CAN without some sort of lawsuit and I DO think we NEED to get on this IMMEDIATELY, and well before the Tampa Convention!

  23. Wow. So the Romney strategy is to get their people cheat and our strategy is to…follow the rules and get bullies like pansies?

    Seriously? That is what we’re going to do, just sit there and let them cheat!?

    What is the ENFORCEMENT and PENALTIES to violating these rules? If they have no teeth then they have NO POINT!

    You guys over there at the head of the campaign need to figure out a way to counter these cheat strategies and FAST because i’ve worked too hard and sacrificed too much just to get cheated! >:/

  24. So, if you know, like we all know, that there is blatant cheating going on, why the hell hasn’t the campaign gotten together a team of lawyers and busted their asses?!?! No, all you hear is Jesse freaking Benton telling us supporters to be “respectful” to the GOP. BULLSHIT. They want war? Then, the damn well got it.

  25. If Ron Paul loses the nomination, he needs to give a speech outlining all of the malicious treatment that both he and his delegates have received, and then endorse Gary Johnson (despite what that bungler Jesse Benton said about that possibility). Let Romney and the GOP come in 3rd place to Obama and Johnson; that will teach them.

    1. Who the hell is Gary Johnson? My gawd, if The Good Doctor can’t pull the nomination out of his hat after all this overwhelming grass roots support, then who’s going to vote for somebody nobody’s even heard of?

      Did I mention that one of my coworkers, Joe the Machinist, said that he’s going to write in Ron Paul if he’s not nominated? When he said that, I almost wept.

      Ron Paul 2012 or Bust! Literally!

      1. I know. I was wondering who’d be first to say something to this “vote Libertarian, Vote-Johnson” post.
        This is not the place, in my opinion, as it usually is not the place (on ANY Pro-PAUL site) to say, “go Gary Johnson”. For one thing, Johnson is NOT as much like Paul as they would like to make us believe. Johnson seems to have little to no desire to end these wars and bring OUR troops home, and well; WE DO.
        These other “Libertarians” need to stay on their own sites, is what I think of them; they’ve been jumping on any and all sites or blogs where the woes of the RNC and GOP are discussed to say, “well, Johnson is a great alternative to Dr Paul”, when he is surely not!

      2. In ’04, I was registered Libertarian, and I was shocked!, SHOCKED, I tell you, that I wasn’t able to vote for The Good Doctor because of Mexifornia’s closed primaries. The least worst option I had was to write-in Ron Paul on the Libertarian ballot. I wanted to cry. So, I held my nose and registered (gag, barf) Republican (spit) for the express purpose of voting Ron Paul this election. I wonder how many of the thousands who show up at his rallies are aware of this little booby-trap?

      3. You and me, both, Rich. In Texas, though, we do not have to register as party affiliates, UNLESS we want to have some say-so within the party. It’s created a lot of Indy-Reps in Texas, for sure. Funny, in a way; we were all taught that it was our vote that mattered., when in actuality, it is the party-affiliation that creates any power to have some say-so in politics. Someone said to me yesterday, “I was an Indy til I figured out that I was not just not affiliating myself with them, but I was cheating myself from the process”. I had not really thought of it, that way, before she said so. I get it now.

  26. I went to quickly look at the results of the 14th district vote on the national delegates. The results supported what the Party leadership said were the results, but I had the results in my hands less than ten seconds when Rocky Rockowski (spelling?) took it from me and said that the results had to be given to the party and I should not look at it any longer. Really unusual behavior, I thought. I wonder if this had been planned in advance.

  27. You know, Doug; the more I consider this, the more I am thinking the RNC has played this dirty game in order to get us to just drop out. But, I don’t think any true liberty-supporters will do that. We’ve all worked too hard to be a part of this and to get the word out that I cannot consider myself or the great majority of delegates (and others) doing same.
    I am sure that most of Paul voters would not just stop working for US. I have seen a few lukewarm supporters say they’re done, but most would never quit.
    So, what do we do? They (the RNC, via certain GOP -state– folk) are trying to de-credential US, but, can they do so honestly or legally? IS there a legitimate reason for removing any or all Paul delegates from the Tampa Convention? I do not think so. But, will they forge ahead with this? Yes, they will. They will try, as long as WE do nothing. And, because, as I believe, they have stepped over the line from civil fraud to criminal Election Fraud (money IS involved here, and that may be the game-changer for Priebus and the RNC), which would mean our next move would have to be LEGAL.
    Please do present this to Ron Paul’s legal team, before the RNC and some states’ GOP continue on with this ploy.
    They have to be stopped and they won’t stop themselves!

    1. I know; I am replying to myself, but think these resolutions, by Nevada GOP are very important.
      Please read this and let the RNC know you back the State’s GOP:


      1. The Clark County Republican Party hereby condemns the actions of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee, and demands that Mr. Priebus resign as Chairman immediately for his rolein these egregious violations of RNC Rules,

      2. The Clark County Republican Party hereby declares that so long as more than one candidate is actively campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States, the Clark County Republican Party will reject any and all attempts by the RNC or any other organization to pressure or coerce the Clark County Republican Party into supporting or coordinating with any one specific candidate,

      3. The Communications Director of the CCRP shall issue the attached national press release pertaining to this matter within 24 hours, and the Secretary of the CCRP shall transmit electronic or written copies of both this resolution and the above referenced press release to the RNC Executive Committee, The Nevada Republican Party Executive Committee, the executive body of each county Republican Party within the State of Nevada, and the entire membership of the Clark County Republican Central Committee within 5 days of acceptance. Additionally, a copy of this resolution and the attached press release shall be displayed prominently on the home page of the ClarkGOP.org website for a minimum of 30 days.

  28. private party still means they are held by contract law or as a private club they have to follow their own rules as anyone in this private club enters into it based on the rules and any violation of these rules can and should be legaly challenged just as you would challenge your local gym if they suddenly made the pool for vip members only even though a vip class didn’t exist on signing up for the gym.

    1. This is the way I see it, too.
      There is civil fraud and then there’s criminal fraud. Thusfar, it seems that certain GOP members have committed civil-fraud. I also believe the RNC is working itself into committing criminal fraud, and it’s based on election monies and distribution of such.
      If a club makes up rules, leaders of said club MUST follow those rules or reap the rewards for not. The only recourse (aside from taking them, “out back”) would be legal.

    2. Dues and fees are paid to the majority of republican party organizations in order to participate. These dues and fees are solicited based upon the promises and agreements made by these organizations and “clubs” as they solicit funds, agreements and promises made to those paying the dues and fees. When these promises and agreements are broken, it is cause of action for a lawsuit claiming damages. The loss of a voice in the electoral processes that reach to the highest and lowest levels, I’d say that’s a civil damage beyond calculation.

      To be “civil” is to strive to meet any promises or agreements one has made, especially those made in remuneration for a fee or a due paid. To say that the GOP has been “civil” and acted in “good faith” in meeting their obligations outlined by agreements and promises made, would be … crazy.

      1. Completely!
        They have been neither civil nor honest. I know i have never hidden my desire to have Paul elected by the party. I believe most who’ve been for Paul have done same. So, for them to take our monies while not planning on hearing us or accepting our votes, is not what should have happened.
        IF they did not want us and our ideas/ ideals in “their” party, they should have never accepted our payment of dues. And, as they did accept the dues, they accepted us and our desires/votes. It’s as simple as that.

      2. Btw; I also believe it opens the door for any member of this party to have standing in a suit against them.
        However, I also feel that the RNC/ GOP is counting on none of us considering a lawsuit. I think they believe they can play fast and loose with our moneys, paying no attention to our desires, because they *always* (since about 60 years ago) have. I would say it’s given them more confidence than smarts. If the Romney attorneys are on-board with this, they are not all that great as attorneys, and their advice has been over-paid.

  29. Doug, the powers that be fear the liberty movement much more than Ron Paul. So,
    now that they’re blatently stealing delagates
    and making it almost impossible for
    Dr. Paul to win, please consider planning
    for a post-RNC Convention activity. For
    example, wouldn’t a “Promote Liberty
    Candidates Speaking Tour” by Dr. Paul
    be a great idea. He could speak at many
    college campuses and convention centers
    around the country through the November
    election to both support existing liberty
    candidates and encourage new candidates.
    All he has to do is avoid speaking in the
    same locations ad Romney. Just think
    of how many more tens or hundreds of
    thousands Dr. Paul can influence this
    Fall while Romney, Obama and the
    out-of-touch-stream media occupy
    empty stadiums!

  30. I wanna hear Ron Paul complaining about the fraud committed in Arizona. Come on Paul, you have to do something about it. What about Louisiana??? are you gonna let these fool to get your delegates!!!!! IT IS TIME TO EXPOSE THESE PIG AND CORRUPT REPUBLICANS.

    1. You know what, though; it’s OUR VOTES that are being defrauded. It’s us they are up against. Yes, I would like to see the Paul TEAM response to this, but I also believe it is up to delegates, for Paul, to go up against the RNC.

  31. Well there is some really good news in there… But Doug? I still wanna puke.

    Nothing will ever change, Its Ron Paul or Bust.

    I feel ill to have participated in this so called “republican” party’s process. Its like I’m spending the night at a strangers house, on a floor that has been used to defecate on for years, so that I can vote for Ron Paul.

    The republicans could have come out in 2012 with a real party. Well I guess that’s not what they want. They want a Pig-Stye.

    I’m sorry to be so glum, but their action truly sicken and nauseate, I hope they relish the rancidness they are permeating the air with. I guess they are happy to turn stomachs.

    Thank you Paul, for making them clearly illustrate how sick America really is. Doug, have you ever seen so much in the way of shenanigans through an election year? Does this year take the cake for you?

    All this already, and we still have Spain to look forward to, when they count Americas ballots for her, come election day. (shaking my throbbing head)

    By the way, I would drink a bucket of old horse urine to cast my ballot for Dr. Paul on my very worst of days.

    Thank you Doug, for highlighting the good news within the bad news. My chin is up, you are the best. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. Ron Paul or Bust!

  32. Regarding the argument over whether or not the Republican Party has to follow government laws: I found out today that Republican rules in the state of Arizona are mandated by statute. Rather, there is a statute saying that the party has to follow its own rules. So they are not as “private” as one might think. I’m sure they’re getting something in exchange for submitting to these laws. An agreement must have been made at some point.

    1. THANK YOU.
      This is my understanding, too. It’s “Statute”, or put another way; Election Laws.
      It is a legal issue. It has to be addressed in legal terms. And, I am sure the RNC/Priebus is completely convinced WE or Dr Paul would never have a go at him and/or them by fling suit (or even delivering a cease-and-desist letter in order to stop their actions). We must burst that bubble.
      How I would love to be the process server!

      1. I think you should post a craigslist ad in your area explaining what happened and asking if there are any lawyers who want to help. If so, introduce them to Paul-supporting higher-ups in your district. Be honest in the ad. Tell them you don’t know how much money there is to spend. Don’t wait for one guy named Ron Paul to take charge of EVERYTHING.

      2. I am not asking for Ron Paul to do everything! Were that my take on it, I would not have worked so hard to get people all over the country to be delegates FOR Paul. I’d also not be trying to get Nevada worked-out, as well as other states who’re being messed with by Priebus and the RNC, as I am in Texas, were I waiting on Dr Paul.
        I would, however, like to know what Dr Paul’s TEAM is considering doing. I feel ALL delegates, from every “level”; primary to state-going national, have standing to end this play of Priebus. I’d love to see many join forces (at least in states where Paul so obviously has won) to file suit. Texas hasn’t even held our primary (like it matters?) anyway and our convention will be a few days after that. Though I am not a delegate, I have been working on Texans, in “our” party, to do the right thing.
        I simply would like to know that Ron Paul’s team is ready for this (scamming act by the RNC) with attorneys of their own. Surely, they have a legal team and can assemble a letter in no time. I’d like to know if this is in the works, as unless it happens, the RNC will continue in this illegal vein. And, I hate to even think of them getting away with this!

      3. I am just becoming more irritated, daily, with the RNC and (general) GOP. I am also irritated with what I see as “Vote 3rd Party vultures”.. It is not over until and unless we allow it to be over.
        And, if I came off as angry toward you, mea culpa. Just a lot of frustration by going from one site to another, watching this nastiness and craziness, while nothing is really being done!

      4. OK, here’s a video that might help to lift a few spirits in here. Listening to you people name calling each other, telling each other off, calling RP a coward, and on and on… none of that is going to win anything, so listen to this guy, YOU WILL LIKE IT:

      5. I wasn’t aware there was a statute – in that case, throw the book at them!

  33. For the record, it was 12/13 today in Minnesota, not 11/12. The total of 32 for the state is correct, however.

  34. The bad news is disheartening to say the least…I was actually present in the room in the first congressional district in Louisiana when they counted the votes…an overwhelming majority for Dr. Paul..I took a pic w my phone of the final slate counts to keep as evidence…one Paul supporter kept saying, “y’all just remember what háppened here today, Bc I guarantee this will be challenged later.” I never thought they cld undo what had been done, I am so fed up with this system! R3VOLUTION live on!!

  35. Ron Paul is WINNING! – GOP Election Fraud EXPOSED! An Interview with an Arizona Congressional District Delegate

    1. Okay– this is kind of funny; I was watching this video (while responding here) and turned it off to see what this video was.
      So much for multi-tasking?

  36. OK, here’s a video that might help to lift a few spirits in here. Listening to you people name calling each other, telling each other off, calling RP a coward, and on and on… none of that is going to win anything, so listen to this guy, YOU WILL LIKE IT:

    1. Yes; Tmot is a friend of mine, and I worked to get people out (in “Hot-lanta”, Georgia) to a couple of events he set-up! If you go to almost any video by TmotofGa, you can read my comments there.
      In fact, I was just on his “lessons learned” video, which had to do with the Georgia Convention, and how he and many Paul delegates were tunred-down. In fact, that was the video where one Johnson supporter started in with, “Don’t waste your vote on a write-in for Paul, vote 3rd Party”.. and I let him have it. Tmot ended up blocking that poster, after he was childish enough to call me, “annie”. So he then sent me a note (whatever), which I did not exactly bother to read.
      I was in the middle of those responses when I responded here.
      Again; multi-tasking- probably for the birds!

    1. Okay– thank YOU~!
      I thought I had watched every Paul or LIBERTY video out there, but guess not?
      It reminds me of a note I received yesterday, from some O-bot, who told ME that O has “fixed the economy”. I did not even have it in me to answer back. Like, how stupid IS America? Yes, sadly,,,

  37. Okay, so we know that the RNC has been cheating and has stepped up this crap even more recently. Romney is outright engaged in criminal and treasonous behavior. So, what are we going to do about it?

    We can’t just sit her ranting about their underhanded behavior and complaining about their crimes while taking solace in small wins here and there. What makes us think things will be better in Tampa, even if we get a lot more delegates?

    No, the only way forward is to take them to court. Now that we are not spending our funds campaigning in the primaries, we should be using those funds to hire lawyers and nailing every one of these SOBs. It is the only patriotic thing to do.

    We will donate our hard-earned cash to the campaign, but the campaign has to lead the legal charge. How about it Doug?

  38. Many Ron Paul supporters are wondering what is being done about the rules infractions and vote-tampering. Is there legal recourse? What is being done? If you cannot answer that for fear of tipping our hand, can you please assure us that SOMETHING IS being done?

  39. I’am ashamed to call myself a Republican after what the GOP and RNC has done To Congressman Ron Paul…If they want to cheat he should go Independent i will change to Independent..Or We should and I will right him in on the Ballot !!! It’s Ron Paul or bust..send him money now, Keep it coming in!!! He definitely needs to sue these people!

    1. Actually, from where i sit, Ron Paul and the Paul delegates are the only people acting like Real Republicans. I think the RNC tools should be forced to go INDEPENDENT.
      They seem to comprehend Republican Rules less than us and they are less willing to work within the rules..
      So, let them switch. We already did! We feel at home, now.

  40. Hahaha it’s fine.. I have realized that a peacefull and intellectual revolution is not going to happen and I will assert my second ammendment right.. We tryed to keep calm

  41. Yea..what the F*** good is it if Ron Paul gets delegates and wins states if the Ron Paul campaign just lets them get STOLEN!!!!???? This WILL go on until it is more PAINFUL for them to cheat than it is for them to tell the truth. So please tell us what you are going to do about it Mr Wead?

  42. Doug, will you PLEASE respond to all the comments here, asking what the Paul Campaign is doing about all this clear cheating? The evidence is there! If the campaign needs funds to hire a friggin lawyer, you will get the money immediately! I can’t believe the campaign is letting the GOP cheat like this. I realize you may be playing this close to the chest at the moment, but could you at least give us a yes or no answer? Are you and the campaign going to do SOMETHING about all this, or are you going to let the GOP pull obviously illegal stunts and treat our delegates this way? GIVE US AN ANSWER! WE DEMAND IT! It’s simple… yes, you are doing something about it, or no you are not. Easy. One word. We are waiting for the response. Give us the respect we deserve, since we delegates (me included) have spent vast amounts of money, time and energy for Dr. Paul and our liberty. We want an answer right now.

    1. “Doug… I realize you may be playing this close to the chest at the moment, but could you at least give us a yes or no answer? GIVE US AN ANSWER! WE DEMAND IT! It’s simple… YES, you are doing something about it, or NO you are not. Easy. One word.”

      I second that!

  43. I am so proud of what we did accomplish. (I’m in the 1st). Michigan should be proud of what we did get done in spite of how hard they tried to silence and shut us out .

    1. I am a Ron Paul delegate Bill and I so agree with you. I have been with ron paul since 2007 and all of this hard work I and all of my brothers and sister out there do for Ron Paul is no easy feat. But having to represent all of you and all that your voices carry has indeed made me proud as well? The message is liberty and that is something they will never take from us. God bless Dr. Ron Paul for bringing that fire of liberty from a small flame to a roaring fire! Our slate for ron paul was defeated in my district, however I had the chance to put the commiteeman in his place. I do not think he will get re-elected and yes to get the corruption out speak out ! It’s your right and this our fight. Say it loud, say it clear and never ever fear the government. They cannot shut you up, and they cannot steal your liberty, UNLESS, YOU LET THEM DO IT. Votes have always been bought since the beginning. All the way back to George Washington. Now it’s money but in the past it has been with booze and other things and promises on which they cannot deliver. Concentrate wholeheartedly on getting control of the senate and keeping the house. The good Dr. Paul may not win but its not like we haven’t worked our hearts out for him.

  44. This legal path is absolutely fraught. EACH and every incident has to be dealt with as a seperate piece of “cheating”. A culprit has to be identified and the case bought by a “wounded party” – in civil law (ie probably NOT Ron Paul in most cases). People who feel cheated could I suppose bring their own cases – but ……! Courts will NOT look at ALL of the cheating together and make an overall decision. It has to be a case by case.

    Upon that outcome there may arise an opportunity for a legal case for RP to challenge the final nomination – but far too late!! And it will all take time, effort and money. I have to say I believe RP’s team is playing it more or less correctly. Even to the point of not saying what they intend to do about it (why should they disclose a strategy up front to their opponents?). It may be confusing but Ron Paul’s not done too bad over the years – I think we should have a little faith,

  45. I assume these parties have a judicial committee. The good news about judicial committees is that they are usually chosen for their level-headed fairness and are populated by rules-geeks. File for redress!

  46. Turn it around. The campaign need to use it to their advantage. The Dem’s will certainly use it after Tampa. “The GOP cannot be trusted to run their own election fair and square – how can you trust them to run the Government.”
    Get that message out to GOP establishment, delegates and voters now.
    Get that message out to propective candidates in senate/house races at National and State level.
    If Romney is nominated, GOP will be made a laughing stock by Obama.
    Independents will turn away from GOP in DROVES.
    Romney will be SLAUGHTERED if he is the GOP nominee.
    And GOP will lose seats all over the country.

    The current Electoral College map on current polls has Obama 341 Romney 191.
    This is Karl Rove’s OWN map plus a small adjustment for G Johnson (3 pts to Obama) which means Florida and Colorado going to Obama.

  47. ► It’s simple.

    We need to identify those in the party who will stand up for the rules, and put them front and center.

    Legit leaders do exist in the GOP. We the people, need those men and women to be strong leaders now.

    No lawsuits need to be filed. We simply need people in the system to go on record exposing the corruption.

    ► The threat:

    There will come a time very shortly where all people who are involved in the lying, cheating, and stealing of votes by defrauding the will of the people, will pay the price by having their careers ended in politics. These guys don’t get it. They will not get voted in again. Even if the GOP succeeds in getting Romney the nomination, they will lose in the next election cycle.

    ► Men and Women of the GOP – Those of you with integrity, please step forward. Those of you who refuse to allow the RNC to bully you and your states, please step forward. Are you with the people of the United States? Or are you with your club?

    1. Oh, and those of you who do step forward, we’ll make sure you get to keep your seat in politics. This will be the reward of heading your constituents.

      We’re going to start separating the wheat from the chaff. Which will you be?

  48. Turn it around. The campaign need to use it to their advantage. The Dem’s will certainly use it after Tampa. “The GOP cannot be trusted to run their own election fair and square – how can you trust them to run the Government.”
    Independents will turn away from GOP in DROVES.
    Romney will be SLAUGHTERED if he is the GOP nominee.
    And GOP will lose seats all over the country.

    Get that message out to GOP establishment, delegates and voters now.
    Get that message out to propective candidates in senate/house races at National and State level.
    If Romney is nominated, GOP will be made a laughing stock by Obama.

    The current Electoral College map on current polls has Obama 341 Romney 191.
    This is Karl Rove’s OWN map plus a small adjustment for G Johnson (3 pts to Obama) which means Florida and Colorado going to Obama.

    Ordinary GOP and voters don’t know what a weak candidate Romney is. Fox News certainly hasn’t told them.
    And Obama is hardly going to show his hand yet..
    Obama WANTS Romney as the nominee. He has been expecting him for over a year.

    DEAL wih it Doug. DEAL with it.
    It is hardly a surprise that the GOP Est is getting up to these antics. They were always going to pull stunts like these.


  49. Okay, if the RP campaign isn’t going to initiate lawsuits in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisiana to fight GOP-establishment fraud, what if someone from each of those states were to set up a grass-roots-type PAC to fund some sort of legal action?

    1. Here it is:
      WE are the ONES we have been waiting for.
      WE have been defrauded, as delegates, and voters, in many states.
      So, it is up to US to file these suits..

      I Would like to hear the word from inside the Paul campaign, but I think WE have already gotten our answer.
      WE must do this and WE must do it- NOW.

      1. annebeck58 —

        Read all your posts (spot on as expected!), also, read each one here so far —188; and will comment below after about an hour. Hope you read it and post your take.


      2. Anne, I agree with you completely, and that’s really the gist of what I was trying to say. But, these legal actions will have to be initiated from within the states where the frauds were perpetrated, or else judges will rule that the plaintiffs have no legal standing. Also, these actions would have to be financed, since lawyers don’t like to work for free. Thus, the need for some sort of PAC, which could raise funds from RP supporters throughout the country.

      3. Yes, and no. I do believe there are plenty of attorneys, in each state where this fraud has taken place, who’d be happy to work on this, for free-dom and liberty.
        I am actually working on one attorney, right now, in Nevada, and i hope he will go for it. However, he does have a government job, so it may not be in the realm of possibility for him to do so. Yet, he may have connections (should, for sure) with other Pro-Paul attorneys in the state who’d also be happy to take this in.
        Yes, to a degree, none of us should expect “free” legal advice and work. I was thinking of setting up funds, per state, to help defray costs. Any funds would have to be separate from any Paul monies. But, yes; I do believe it’s incumbent on us to now find others to take up this cause, in whatever way they can.
        As someone said, yesterday; we cannot leave this up to Ron Paul. For varied reasons, this is a completely accurate statement. I only wonder, right now; should funds be established per-state or on a national basis? I think attorneys will have to be hired, now, and per-state. And don’t know if that means money should be divided in the same manner.
        Anyone have an idea?

    1. I think it lies in the thought process of most Paul supporters. Most believe it’s Ron Paul who’s been defrauded, and I really don’t see it this way. It is us who’ve been silenced. It’s our votes that have been disregarded and.or tossed out. And, it’s our delegates (again, US) who’ve been stepped on.
      For that reason, it’s OUR fight.. we have to do this, and we really cannot leave it up to Ron Paul or even the Paul team to fight this battle. It’s our battle, for him, but ours none-the-less. I would like to hear from his team, but in lieu of that, we have to forge ahead for ourselves.
      IF you live in a state whose delegates have been disregarded, in any manner, go to them and tell them they must not just sit around and complain about how they were screwed. Explain to them that it’s their own votes they have to fight for.
      Until and unless WE get it, they will continue to do this, in all states where Dr Paul has received the majority of votes. And, that means they are silencing US. Dr Paul won’t be silenced, regardless; but we will, if we accept it.

      1. At the RNC Ron Paul supporters should show up with signs for the national delegates that read, “Our votes were stolen from us at the primaries! We’re here to take them back!” The delegates would understand what you mean.

  50. I can’t take it any more. I keep reading the same stories over and over about corruption at the conventions. TPTB got us good in the primaries, and now we continuously “complain” about corruption at the conventions: counterfeiting ballots, hitting RP supporters, impersonating RP supporter and stealing tickets to dispose of them, turning off lights and mics, Romites stuffing ballot boxes, constant breaking rules and bullying tactics from the Chair itself and a general bias toward Romney from “impartial” officials.

    If we outnumber the Romites at a convention, then they can be stopped in their tracks. The corruption and rule breaking at conventions are physical acts of the moment, so why do victims seek a third party to hear the story at a later date? If someone breaks the law and is witnessed and confirmed by a number of people at that time, then why oh why must it be put on a shelf to deal with months into the future? That is not physically healthy for one thing. We are emotional beings who need satisfaction at that moment, not later.

    I say stop the convention if that’s what the outcome will be. If a chairperson breaks the rules and demands to proceed from that point, he should be stopped without any other consideration, and no other business should be allowed to occur until the problem is solved fairly. If someone tries to eject you, THEY should be ejected. Play like kind, if they want to bully, give it back to them. Bullies never learn to see a victim as strong when that victim needs a third party to intercede on his behalf. A bully only learns when the victim turns and overpowers the bully.

    People have been programmed to believe that fighting is uncivilized. I say civilization is uncivilized, it’s out of touch with its humanity. Hurling bombs at one another is uncivilized, but if there is no low level physical fighting at the conventions when these corruptions take place, you risk getting sick from swallowing your anger, you become as we already have, conditioned to being bullied and losing and crying and being overtaken by a bully – a Dictator, and then the worst: an all out Revolution will be inevitable.

  51. My 2 cents:

    1) Donate to Ron Paul as much Money (Federal Reserve NOTES) as you can, to keep the fight for Liberty going (this is a no-brainer: when Ron Paul wins, your donations will be justified — if he gets cheated and loses, your money will shortly become Worthless…so you’ve lost Nothing of Value).

    2) Ron Paul Campaign to set up IMMEDIATELY a Law Team to BLOCK any, and all attempts, to have currently won delegates from being hijacked by shadowy, nefarious means by the Rmoney owned GOP/RNC.

    3) RP Law Team to be present at ALL future State Conventions (it is UNFORGIVABLE to allow Fraud ON THE SPOT unchallenged ).

    4) All Individuals that feel they have been harmed by what they CONSIDER Unjust and Corrupt Procedures, MUST file Lawsuits INDIVIDUALLY (unless a Team has be SET) against the perceived perpetrators (in our ridiculously litigious society, ANYONE can sue ANYONE over THE LOSS of a ham-sandwich…). If you have funds, get a Lawyer, if not, CONTACT the ACLU — they’ll love to take down THE ROTTEN BODY that’s the current GOP (here is what they claim …to do for FREE… “National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom…”).

    5) Ron Paul’s Campaign MUST stay on track — electing as many delegates as possible (while the RP higher-ups inform The Mitt that any further frauds will backfire in the end-game…Behave NOW Dear Mitt…meaning Rmoney will get crushed by the BO if he chooses to keep alienating via obvious fraud the Republicans that are voting for Ron Paul ).

    6) Expose the BLATANT FRAUD being perpetrated by the Republican Party in collusion with the Mitt’s acquiescence! Share ALL videos showing this PERFIDY. Hammer on the BREAKING of rule #11. Take them to court ASAP (the EFFECT of this is MOST POWERFUL NOW, than the eventual court ruling later).

    7) DO NOT acknowledge the possibility of Ron Paul to run 3rd Party NOW — ONLY after Tampa, is this to be discussed.

    8) Fight with All your Might to do what’s Right — assure Ron Paul goes to Tampa (with 5+ States plurality) so he Rocks the House (and the delegates abiding by RNC rule #38 will do their honest best)!

    It is simple if you are a REAL AMERICAN —

    Ron Paul to WIN, or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    1. Btw; Just responded to your post, but think I missed hitting., “reply”, to do so directly. I posted immediately below your response, and took it point by point.

  52. Okay, here’s my take:
    1, donating to liberty campaign; of course. Yes, I just received a very positive note from John Tate, requesting more campaign funds. Just because there’s no “moneybomb” going on, per-se, now, does not mean we should stop assisting Ron Paul in doing what he does best; campaigning for US.
    2. Paul legal team? Regarding money, my understanding is this: Campaign funds can not and should not ((legally)) be used for any or all of us, per state and as affiliates of each state’s GOP, to file suit (jointly or severally) as injured parties. We ARE the injured parties, even if the plan was to injure Ron Paul in the long-run. These folk at head(s) of GOP have inadvertently injured US, and it’s up to us to take up that mantel.
    3. Again, it is not Ron Paul who’s been silenced. It is US. It is our votes and voices, as affiliates of our state’s GOP, who’ve been silenced. Thus, we are the injured parties, and as such, the suits are OURS.
    4. Yes. Each of us must get together to file against each and every GOP party member who’ve worked to shut us down. Monies can be amassed, by us, for this, but it has to be a separate issue and deposited into separate accounts, from the Paul campaign.
    5. YES; Ron Paul workers must stay on-track and vote-in as many Paul delegates in the future races. Yes, each person who may in the future suffer the (illegal) wrath of the party will simply be added, per state, to each suit. I do believe this should be a suit, per state, rather than per-person, though it could certainly go both ways.
    6. I actually do not believe we could prove that it was Mitt Romney, as an individual, who’s done this defrauding of Ron Paul DELEGATES and affiliates who’ve voted for Ron Paul. Therefore, and unless it is otherwise proven, there would be no point in naming Romney as a respondent to ANY suit. It would simply derail the actual suit(s) and could work against any of us by getting said suits immediately thrown out of court. Again, unless evidence IS brought to the fore that Mitt Romney, individually, has worked to perpetrate this group of frauds, I think he’s kind of untouchable. (I know, sad, but there may be something in the future for him. We must believe in karma, if nothing else).
    7. Third party. I completely agree. A third-party run would not be good for any of us. We’ve worked too hard to work within the GOP in order to fix it, to consider letting that all fall by the wayside.
    8; yes, we have to continue fighting this battle. It is a battle of minds and ideas, and not one of violence, so bringing up how we, “Fight back”, should only be done in a peaceful way. Threatening to burn down or fight back against the GOP is really doing nobody any good.

    NOW, get together with people in your state who have suffered from the illegal acts of the GOP and, in future, the RNC, to ensure they are aware of their rights. Look up attorneys and feel them out; are they for Paul and/or liberty? Are they willing to work for RIGHT vs all of these wrongs? Ask them to take this on. And, please do report back!
    As I have said, there are meet-up groups, for Ron Paul and for liberty, all over and online. Make up meet-ups in your area to fight this legal battle.

    Please do remember this; RON PAUL has done and is continuing to do HIS job. It is not his job to fight for OUR voting rights, to see that our votes are all and each counted. That is our job. Ron Paul is doing what he needs to do. Are WE?

    1. This is to everyone in this thread,

      Everyone has good points, but I have to agree with the main issue statement being made about the main campaign taking action against the fraud. The statement(s) about doing our own part as individuals has merit, but has anyone ever heard the statement about divide and conquer? Where do our donations go to? Does any of it go to DRE or FYRE or any others of us? It goes to the main campaign, the same campaign that seems to have one Jesse Benton periodically putting a twist of the knife into Dr. Paul and all of us supporters. It was done since the New Hampshire election back in 2008 and it still is being done.

      No, it has been known. It is a necessary function of the head honchos, just like the reason for attempting to elect a president, as an example. There must be a head master and where the funds go tends to put certain responsibilities upon such a person or organization, in this case, the main campaign.

      As far as Jesse Benton is concerned, I must ask a question first off. Are you, anyone, familiar with the network called R.T.? It stands for Russia Today and is an international network just like the BBC is, but also has an American section of it throughout the United States. Now I ask if you are familair with Adam Kokesh? If not, I have to say that you really must get onto as many Ron Paul e-mails as you can. What about the two I just mentioned? They are the both working together and have been Dr. Paul’s biggest media promoter, as a medium, that is R.T.. Now to my point about Jesse Benton and these two.

      R.T. is the biggest press/television backer of Dr. Paul in the world being that R.T. is in something like 122 countries. R.T. has attemped numerous times to interview Dr. Paul, yet except for the start of his campaigning back in the beginning of 2011, they have never been successful getting him back on, Well, some months ago Adam Kokesh (the details are slightly foggy at the moment, but can be checked out) asked Jesse Benton (a major player within the main campaign, by the way) while on camera why Dr. Paul was being refused to go onto R.T. and especially Adam Kokesh’s show and Jesse said because R.T. is not worth it, that it is too puny to be taking up Dr. Paul’s time. Need anymore need to be said?

      As I said, the details are foggy, but who put the knife in and twisted it? Who has the biggest influence and therefore responsibility? Have our donations not been used wisely, knowingly? Cannot an official/central statement and maybe slighly separate place from the campaign yet with the blessings of the campaign be made to request legal funding to do something about the fraud beyond just saying in small words to not rebel, but just take it since the main campaign (There is that central place again) does not want to be seen as being part of a “stand up for our rights” group of people using the Ron Paul name within the standing?

      May 23, 2012/Wednesday

      1. In regard to campaign funds, as this is exactly what was alluded to in the statement about not campaigning in primary-states, I think the campaign is being more careful than most. I don’t see a problem in how monies are spent (or not) and I completely get not spending cash on primary-states, as primaries really are not what matter. The conventions (usually after the primaries) is where we get delegates, or not. Dr Paul has always considered our donations (money his campaign has to spend) as OUR money and he’s quite careful with it.
        I think Benton put together these emails, which had many supporters of Paul in an uproar, but if you really paid attention to what he said, and then read the follow-up emails from Dr Paul and others in the campaign, Benton basically (well, badly, via poor choice of wording) and simply confused more than a few people. He caused the (s)newz media to pick up on that statement to say that the Paul campaign had ended. Of course, we are quite aware that it’s untrue. And, though Benton’s emails were quite “po’- mouth”, he also never said Dr Paul had quit.

        And, in these primary states (Texas, included, where we hold primaries tomorrow), not spending on advertising coupled with the MSM idiots (never taking back that stupid statement) letting people who are not very aware believe a vote for him is a vote for nobody. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to answer people in the past week or so that, NO, Dr Paul is not out, and he’s doing better than Romney in the way of delegates. Even during election-judge training (and one would think these people know what’s up as far as who’s left running), a good percentage of the people I talked with thought Paul was out.
        Still and in the end, it is not the primary vote that counts; it’s the convention, next week in Ft Worth, where decisions will be made (or it will be finished after the indoor-convention, where Paul delegates may be forced to extend the Texas convention, if the mainstays of the old-party screw with them/us). We won’t cross that bridge til we come to it
        In my opinion, the quicker option for lawsuit(s) is that each and every delegate who’s been silenced or forced., coerced, to vote Romney (or vote nobody; not at all) should file against either their state’s GOP or against the RNC, or both, depending on whom it can be found has been responsible for the torts or criminal fraud. It only takes one person, per state, to file, in order to awaken the Grande Old Party. Sure, a national case can be run, but even getting the states together — and remember, it is the united STATES of America- will be a long process and one I think will take a lot longer than we have. The RNC convention is in August, and August will be here before we know it. IF we do not get on this per state (or per injured party) and, immediately, I worry that “the party” will continue their conspiracy and Ron Paul will never have the chance to be our president. If that’s the case; what are we even doing?

      2. Last time I saw or heard of Ron Paul being in Austin was the 6th, for the Tea-Party Express Rally, at the capitol. Is this what you mean? if so, I thought he looked and surely sounded as good as ever. And he stood out in the sun, for almost an hour, talking. I know I was beat after filming for that time.
        I hadn’t heard that he was in Austin any time since (did I miss something?). He will be in Ft Worth at the Texas convention (yay), though. We were to have Santorum and some other Romney supporter *whose name escapes me right now, and I gave the RPT a hard time about that (choosing favorites). They responded that they had tried to get Rand Paul for the convention, and he was busy, then this past week we heard it will be Ron Paul, himself.
        I don’t know why I haven’t heard anything about Dr Paul in Austin, unless it was an unscheduled event, because I belong to a lot of the meet-up groups. Maybe you know more on this?

      3. Whenever you saw him, that must have been what was on my mind. Glad to hear he looks good, thanks! The thing I read was probably some leftover item from that appearance – you know how timely internet news items generally are. 😉

      4. Annebeck,

        First, let me straighten a thing out for you. My comment here that you are responding to was actually written in another thread that you were answering people at. Upon my submitting my comment, the entire article disappeared. I was able to get to any other article here, but that one just disappeared. Good thing I copy what I write because of having similar situations in the past and re-writing things can be horrible. So when I found you here, I figured I would just put the comment up not really expecting you to answer. As you can see, since I date when I write my comments, it took 4 days to appear and I therefore thought the comment was lost altogether in limbo. So in a sense, my comment under yours most likely did not fully make sense to you and I apologize for that.

        Next, I can see you are quite a thorough responder, but I can also see that you are getting burnt out answering the same basic questions/comments from others. I say that because you are not fully answering my concern but rather answering somewhat in a more general nature in the hopes that others will read your comment also since you are covering several bases here.

        Still, Jesse Benton has been acting as a naysayer and he is well groomed enough to know what he is doing. He is like a politician as to where he says what you want to hear and then at the last minute throws in just the correct amount of negativism as to cast a change to the direction that we all were going in. He is no idiot and he proved it the day he said on camera that Adam Kokesh and R.T. were too much of a waste of time for him to allow Dr. Paul to be interviewed by either him or anyone else on R.T., Dr. Paul’s biggest television and internet supporters for the last year now. He acted that way 4 years also and our “clan” of supporters has been in disarray ever since. Those who were around back then know what I am talking about.

        Next, although you make sense in saying what could or should be done from a state level involving the corruption, you tend to defend the lack of apparent concern from the main area that we all are trying to get into the big office. If they do not seem to care, why should anyone else push. We are nobodies in this respect unless the campaign and even Dr. Paul somewhere along the line talks outright about the corruption. Heck, as long as they keep on talking like there is nothing wrong, then what do we really have to complain about? The delegate corruption has to do with the presidential campaign, not other offices as the main happenings. Therefore it it up to the campaign to not let the people down and to acknowledge the corruption for obvious reasons.

        With that being said, do not burn yourself out attempting to answer everyone in such a long winded way. At least back off enough to enjoy this Memorial Day.

        May 28, 2012/Monday/Memorial Day

      5. No, first of all, I am not tired of responding to the same points. I did, though, mainly respond to the point about lawsuit(s) and how I think they (it) should be handled.
        My main point on that is this: Who is or are the injured party? In my opinion, it is anyone who’s had his or her voice silenced or vote discounted by fraudulent behavior of their state’s GOP. Of course, it is different in different states and who would sue or have cause to sue would be different, in theory, also. Like in Maine and Nevada; the Romney campaign (for sure, employees of his campaign) worked in collusion with the GOP of each state, to coerce Paul delegates to split their votes with a false-slate of “Paul delegates”. I have copies of the real slate and the false slate and have passed them on, and Rule-11 actually has a remedy for that behaviour; Remove Romney from the ballot(s) of past votes and at the national convention. I don’t know that it will happen, as it stands, so I think that individuals would be better off suing.
        Now, some states, Texas included, have not yet held either primaries, caucuses, or conventions. So, as I think time is of the essence, those who’ve already been injured (and it is us, not really Ron Paul, in my way of thinking) should be filing, now, rather than waiting for it to all be over and then filing just prior to the August convention in Tampa. If a few states want to get together and file, it would be their choice, but I do not think it’s the most expedient way to go forth.

        Re: Benton? Yes, I find the guy just as frustrating as everyone or anyone. I don’t know, though, how much of what he’s said has been said directly to Dr Paul. Something tells me that Jesse is looking to continue his career as political insider, as future campaign-manager, etc…, but if he thinks this is the way to get there, I think he is sorely mistaken. Perhaps he is taking advice from the “powers -that-be”/ I don’t have proof of that, so can’t say that’s it, for sure. Still, something is up with him and I am happy I have not received another email from him (wish he was out of the campaign, entirely.) I don’t know if, as has been suggested, he is trying to “prepare us” for the inevitable loss by Paul, but I do know I have always wondered why he’s accepted and repeated the MSM Delegate-Count garbage. Seems to me that’s not the way to keep us interested or to influence others to join in (from other camps, like past Santorum or Gingrich supporters). He’s not doing a great job as far as that’s concerned. And, yes; he should talk with others, and even arrange face-time on the teevee, for Dr Paul. But, I don’t know how much time is available, considering his very hectic schedule (Paul’s, not Benton’s). If I had more insight into the campaign, or if any of us did, perhaps we’d know what the heck Benton was saying…
        I took him to be saying this: The campaign will not be spending money they don’t have to place expensive ads on television. Problem with that is that, in states yet to vote, when people do not hear his name on the tv, they believe what the news said 2 weeks ago, a’la Jesse Benton; that Paul has dropped out. Like I said, when i was in election-judge training with people from every side of this, on Saturday, I was shocked at how many did think Paul was out. It made me sick.

        Still, we will see how Dr Paul does in Ft Worth, next week. He WILL be speaking at the convention, so I am hoping that will do a lot of good for us.
        And Benton should stay home.

      6. Annebeck,

        Quick question. You are all over the place here responding to as many comments as you can. Therefore the question is…What function do you serve here? Tnx.

        May 28, 2012/Monday/Memorial Day

      7. Well, I am not sure what you mean by that..
        Do you mean, what “function” do I serve on this thread, or online, or what?
        I have convinced people all over the country to be delegates for Paul. I have also helped put people together with attorneys in their states to fight this season’s farce. In general, though, on this thread? I find it interesting and appreciate being able to make my points while also learning what others think should happen or how they feel about what has happened in this election season. I don’t only pay attention to this thread, but put together with what comes from Doug Wead and from other sources, I am able to see and help expose the bigger picture.
        Now, if you want to know what i am doing in the GOP, I am an election judge (tomorrow) and I am also running for precinct chair, which I know is a very low-end position, but is a position after all.
        I am not trying to take offense to either of your earlier statements. I’m just not sure what you meant by the last.

        Is conversation enough as a “purpose”?

      8. Rhonda says:
        What function do you serve here?”

        Just guessing here, but I’d have thought pretty much the same “function” we’re all (or at least most) “serving” here. Of course, whoever can define that will win this weeks booby prize. 😉

      9. I know, Rich-
        I was, like, What? Seems someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, and it wasn’t me…?

        (btw; new pic? I like it!)

      10. Actually, it’s rather an old pic – it’s my 1967 graduation pic, blacked out. You’ve just seen it now because today I clicked “f” instead of “w”.

      11. Yes, on the pic; I guessed it was your h/s pic (mine is in color, but I’d say was close to same time– or same decade?) and just meant, “new here”. Like that you blacked-out you eyes, as the snewz used to do with people who were (maybe) accused of crimes or behaving badly.
        Yes, the last time Ron Paul was in Austin was the 6th. I was surprised he lasted so long in speaking, on the concrete steps of the capitol, temps at least in the 90’s, no shade, and no dais to lean on. He did better than me and I was seriously sunburned and blistered after that day! But, it was a thrill to see him back in Austin, and I am pleased as punch that he WILL be speaking at the Texas Convention, in Ft Worth. Maybe he had some free time because the Mitt/Paul debate never happened? OR, maybe this is what he meant by, “working the conventions” rather than primaries (which count for exactly nothing)? I think the latter is valid– and SMART, too!

      12. Rich/Anne,

        I see that my reply did not post from two hours ago. So you are responding after the fact not being known. It probably will take another four or five days before it arrives as my first comment did, as this might also. All I did was ask if you Anne, were an official spokesperson here for Doug.

        Now I must say to you what you said to me and that is that I meant no offense by the question…just what I added in my post that is not showing. Of course I can see that you said that you apparently come here just to converse. Therefore I will let time go by to see if my full response comes up to clarify it for me.

        May 28, 2012/Monday/Memorial Day

      13. Hmm.
        No, I do not know why your posts are not showing up. I don’t have any say over what is there and what is not.
        For a while, there was a troll meandering about on all of Doug Wead’s blogs, so that could be why your posts are needing approval. I would imagine it’s Doug approving (or not) the posts, though he could have someone else manning the blog, also.

        I do trackback to this blog, from my own, and have been posting on same, for a while. There are a handful of us who tend to post news here, in the way of responses (to the blog and to one-another, too), so that’s why you see me here. I also subscribe to Doug’s blogs so I get all of the responses (and the first one did post as a reply to me, which is why I responded.)

        I hope Doug will approve your reply or replies, so I can read what you had to say, if that is what needs to happen. Were you posting directly here or did you respond via another site?
        Will look for your next (earlier) response after I get some work done!

      14. Annebeck,

        Nice of you once again to reply to me. Now I understand that you are not a moderator of this place. Thank you.

        My first comment I left here on the 23rd which came up today or late yesterday that you replied to today did say it was being moderated. Then of course it took all this time to get posted. Each time I have come here, though, I have had some website problems as though the place is just about ready to crash from too many visitors. Each one of my comments today to you involved re-posting, but the once they took, the page just refreshed on its own and put me back onto it. The missing post put me back onto the page but did not say it was being moderated, so who knows in what limboland it is presently in. It does not matter. As I said, I was just asking you in a more defined way as to what I meant by “function”.

        In addition to that I suggested that you do not burn yourself out since I, of all people, quite well know what it is like to reply to so many commenters and doing it in such detail. I built a reputation on doing that, but it is not the easiest. Many people do think you (in general) are some sort of “troll” or whatever because you (in general) might give long answers.

        I do not get out here too much anymore and therefore for you to see me again, I would have to have a good half a day to spend. Good luck in giving your all and I did include wishing you the best on your journey tomorrow. Now, to end, I will give out my secret code to those who feel they might know me and that is……When you go for your judgeship or whatever that is, make sure you take care of your hair, your crown. 😉

        May 28, 2012/Monday/Memorial Day

      15. No worries, Rhonda. Yes, the question completely threw me!
        If I were a moderator, I would have approved your questions more quickly, but I only moderate my own blog.
        Long day in Austin, today, working our primary. I have no idea how the vote went, but did see quite a few blue-republicans. That was very refreshing, and half-expected. I was an election judge and have been asked to run as precinct chair, so will be taking that on, too. At least I got to meet more people, in my precinct, to put names with faces.

        Though the primary vote does not really matter, in the way of presidential preference, I’ll be interested to see how the scores are reported tonight.
        Take care.

        Oh, and all; the first person to voted this morning was a bit elderly. When I asked her which party she wished to affiliate herself with for this vote (it was a joint-primary), she said, “Ron PAUL!”.
        That was a great way to start off the day!

      16. Annebeck,

        Once again nice of you to respond. Sounds like you had an interesting time. Since you probably received like many of us a week or so ago about the endorsements by both Ron and Rand Paul of Ted Cruz of Texas along with the moneybomb created because of that for him, I now suggest you go to the YouTube clip below and see what a cutthroat conman in this political world is like.

        Sadly once again the main campaign is indirectly saying it is all right to be spit on. What is on the main campaign’s front page today about Ted Cruz is true, but once again they are “not seeing” the corruption or the back stabbling. You get around, I ask that you spread this out especially in the hopes that those who gave donations to Cruz get to see what their money got for all of us.

        May 30, 2012/Wednesday

        Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Ron Paul When Asked Directly

      17. Yes, that Cruz mess bothered me. I voted for him and I donated, based on the Dr.s Paul and their say-so. I had asked others working for Cruz (at the Tea-Party rally on the 6th of May) for the truth about Cruz and the nasty ads by Dewhurst. I was satisfied with the answers, but I am not thrilled with what Cruz did, last week, and wish I had known about it before I voted.
        I did note that other Liberty-minded folk did NOT support Cruz, when I received their lists. Still, I gave him my vote. At least it wasn’t the final say-so.

        Still, I hope the delegates for Paul work VERY hard and are very polite but insistant, that RON PAUL IS the ONLY Choice for any and all real Republicans, at our convention next week. I cannot imagine ANYONE going with Romney. So far, I have never met a Romney supporter (or they are too embarrassed to say). I’ve talked with Texans for Santorum, Grinch, and even Obama, but most Texans I know still say they love Dr Paul, because he is SO HONEST. And, i could not agree more.

        We shall see..

  53. The Status Quo Republicans ARE getting Desperate.

    On Friday, I went to the MI State Republican Convention as a State Delegate, and as the votes were being counted, after a totally un-organized paper ballot system which looked like something you’d see in a corrupt 3rd World Country, I saw 4 bleach blonde ladies in their sixties, who had been pre-selected by the RNC local party structure to count the votes. These same ladies were seen to show obvious favor for Mitt Romney and for 2 of the lady Delegates who gave speeches in hopes of being elected by all of us State Delegates gathered there from each respective County to see who we would vote for as our State Delegates to go to the National Republican Convention in Tampa, FL where the actual election of the Republican Nominee will take place by the State Delegates who yesterday we were voting for to see who would go to the National Convention in Tampa.

    After noting the complete disorganization in carrying out the penned in vote on little pieces of paper of the names of the Delegate Candidates for who was going to go to the National Convention, As no one seemed to be watching the vote counters, I went up on the stage after the paper ballots had all been turned in, and while looking over the shoulders of these 4 Bleach Blond Ladies in their sixties, as they ‘counted’ the votes and jotted them down on a piece of paper, I personally saw one of these lady ‘vote counters’ writing in on blank pieces of paper the name of their favorite Candidate for State Delegate to the National Convention who was obviously for Mitt Romney. When I confronted her about what she was doing, she nervously replied that that piece of paper I had just seen her write the same name down twice on, was her vote, and that she had forgotten to write down her alternate delegate on her vote. But it was the same name written twice. Then they proceeded to tally up these fraudulent votes as counting for the Lady who ended up supposedly with the most votes and ‘elected’ to go to the National Convention to vote for her Republican Nominee of choice – Mitt Romney – I have not doubt the same was done for the other lady (the other obvious Mitt Romney supporter and friend of those who where set up by the RNC to count the votes for Oakland County) who also ended up ‘voted in’ as the 2nd National Delegate. This is a case a voter fraud for Mitt Romney seen first hand by yours truly. Very Eye Opening to see how fragile Our Democracy really is and how easily it is being stolen.

  54. Let’s keep in mind that Ron Paul does have an ace up his sleeve. He can call a press conference to itemize all this RNC instigated fraud going on behind the scenes. He can pitch this message to Republican and independent voters and whatever people of conscience remain in the RNC. He can announce that unless all of his stolen delegates are promptly restored, he will recommend that his supporters sit out the election thus assuring Obama a second term. He can remind rank and file Republicans what another Obama term will mean for America and urge them to press the leadership to remove the dishonest officials.

    It will be up to the party. Will it want a Republican president or will it pull the trigger and commit suicide?

    1. Yes, I do believe Ron Paul can bring this up to the press. I do believe, however, and have this affirmed via legal counsel, that this is our fight, jointly and severally, to take up against each State GOP.
      We DO have three attorneys in Nevada, willing and waiting to tackle this, and at this point, are working to find a single delegate (or delegates, preferably) from the state level to join in. Nobody is asking ONE DIME from these injured parties, and I am hearing crickets?
      I have to say I am already frustrated, after all of the grumbling and complaining emails, texts, tweets, responses, I have received; people are not lining up to do this? And again, I ask; at what price, liberty?
      IF you would like for me to take on what surely does seem like voter fraud, and it would be fraud against you and any possible state-delegate, before I forge ahead in my attempt to find an attorney (or attorneys) in your state, I need to know you will be in.

      I spent a good part of last week, talking with a delegate from Nevada who definitely knows about certain fraudulent acts in her area. She asked me to find her an attorney; I found three, and now she’s gone off of the grid? I can’t look for legal assistance, for US, if WE are not going to take advantage of same.
      So, people, i am asking; ARE YOU IN THIS?

    1. Many seem not to understand that we, Ron Paul supporters, are not fighting to create a “new” nation, but to restore ours back to what it used to be and what was guaranteed since Day One by our Constitution (free and prosperous Sovereign Individuals, whereby the Government is subjected to Our Will, not the other way around which is now the Case-in-Fact)!

      1. Exactly- working to restore this nation back to what it was meant to be, not a superpower among others, but standing on her own, while working with (trading with, talking with) others.
        Every once in a while, some hapless follower of the neocons shows up to say something ridiculous; thanks for handling it, Surfisher.

      2. About Restoring the Republic – I agree. We don’t need a “revolution,” we need something like an “UNvolution” or “NONvolution” – essentially, put the Constitution back in power, and put NO trust in self-appointed authoritarians. Even government itself is supposed to arise from a need for something that’s larger than one person to do, like schlep our sewage, or build roads. I can see something like a map room, and that’s about it.

        Oh, and libraries are a good idea, but even those are local entities.

    1. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

      Here is the difference btwn Perfidy Mitt and Honest Ron Paul:

      On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all frauds and crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

      On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization: The Feds) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

      Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

      Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign of tyranny and corruption!

      Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

    2. Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants


      Could it be true that such key figures in the USA Government are party to this globalist gang?

      I can’t believe it — this list has to be false….

      Director of the NSA & US Cyber Command
      Governor of Indiana
      The National Security Advisor Of The White House
      Senator for Massachusetts John Kerry
      Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury Rubin, Robert E.

      It is understandable the rest from USA — CEOs of Banks, Foundations, Finance Groups, Google, sciolistic Professors, and other such private persona — to attend this meeting whose goal is an eventual One World Government.
      As a private organization, Bilderberg may not disclose the Minutes of their meeting.

      But if it is true, that our Government Officials and Holders of Office, are in attendance — isn’t there a constitutional law requiring them to give full disclosure by providing all transcripts, so the people they serve, The Citizens of the United States, are aware of exactly what was said and done?

  55. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    Ron Paul MUST win the 5 states needed plurality to be seated in Tampa! And then — “Bringing Down The House” won’t be just a song!

    That FEAR is what has made the GOP Establishment not just hysterical, but blatantly crooked — an animalistic response to self-preservation (disregarding all future consequences)!

    Unfortunately, the GOP Establishment has went berserk in trying to save their money-ticket (Mittney) — so are acting like Cornered Animals fighting for this bone!

    I dare anyone to Honestly state they still support Rmoney — after seeing all that has transpired so far!

    (here is just one example of hundreds recorded):

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