Ron Paul stuns in Arizona, upset win is game changer!

In a repeat of Iowa, where a Mitt Romney State Chairman held up accurate results of the vote for weeks, the  Arizona State Convention has gone into overtime.  Ballots are supposedly locked up, waiting to be counted “tomorrow.”  But citizens and journalists on the floor had no trouble discerning that Ron Paul forces had seized the day and if the vote is fair, he will likely win the majority of delegates from Arizona to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

If the victory in Arizona proves true, and remember, there is a tantalizing and suspicious delay, will it mean that Ron Paul has won the right to be nominated on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa?  There is some controversy on that.  The Arizona delegates are supposed to be bound on the first ballot, although that didn’t stop some of them from voting for Pat Buchanan in 1992.   It isn’t over yet, there are some Ron Paul states that have been won at the County or District level, that still need the formality of winning the state convention, but barring parliamentary jujitsu, it could very well happen.  It is big news.


The past weekend began with infuriating news for the Ronulans, from Norman, Oklahoma, where Santorum and Romney forces united to shut out the Ron Paul people at the Oklahoma State GOP Convention.  By some estimates Ron Paul supporters were a majority on the floor of the convention and thus should have walked away with another win.  Others, basing the vote on an attempt to elect Ron Paul supporter, Richard Engle as national committeeman, suggested that they actually accounted for 48.2% of the state convention vote.
Said Engle, “Under a one man, one vote scenario, I  had a majority.  This was acknowledged as the roll call came in from each county.  When the program to apportion the votes was done 48.2% was reported.  I am challenging the results and calling for a recount as the difference between victory and defeat is less than 2% as we have proof of prior mis-reporting of county numbers as well as a history of making rounding errors.  Regardless, the actual majority of Delegates did support me.  There is no way of knowing if that directly represents a majority for Dr. Paul.”
And we may never know.  Frightened that the Ron Paul delegates had become the majority in the convention, the establishment GOP, running the event, used its own errors in the Credentials Report to stall the convention for several hours.  On the premise that the time for the convention hall rental was coming to an end they refused to hold a final vote on credentials or to acknowledge the calls for a roll call vote on the Delegates and Alternates as required under the rules.
Said Engle, “They played fast and loose with the rules.  If they had not used a roll call vote on my race I would have won and then they used a voice vote on 50 members of the Delegation and refused a roll call vote at that point.  The chair ruled that a roll call was not required when the party rule was shown him in plain English.  When the ruling of the chair was challenged he called for a voice vote and proceeded to rule that his decision was upheld despite the overwhelming sound of Delegates against him.”

The final slate was 62% Romney, 22% Santorum, 4% Gingrich and 4% Ron Paul.  A devastating defeat for the majority.


Paul delegates who had give up weeks and months of their lives to get elected as delegates at the precinct and county levels were scandalized.  Taking a chapter from Missouri, they tried to convene outside the venue in the parking lot, claiming a plurality and calling to do things in order.  But was it too late?   Challenges will surely follow.


Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Arizona, cocky Romney forces led by Nathan Sproul saw defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  Ironically, the Ron Paul forces came to the state GOP convention to play nice.  They offered a deal.  “You know our knack for organizing?” They said, ” You know we have the numbers? Why don’t we make sure there are no surprises and nothing embarrassing.  Your candidate has the nomination, we will give you 50% plus one of the delegation to Tampa, that gives you the majority, and let us have a nice delegation of the leftovers for our man too.”

But no.  The Mitt Romney forces insisted on scorched earth.  “You can have one,” they said.

The Romney team then proceeded to fall apart.  It was so bad that Ron Paul operative Shawn Dow couldn’t have given them a victory if he had wanted it.  Said a Ron Paul staffer, “No matter how we tried, the Romney people wouldn’t move off their one delegate offer.  We had no choice.  We had to win.”

Sydney Hay, a Ron Paul spokesman who is sometimes seen on the Bill Mahr Show and once won a congressional nomination in Arizona , gave a positive, conciliatory speech to the convention.  And Josh Romney was well received by all.  And then, in a moment poorly handled, he returned to the microphone to pitch his daddy’s green ballot, with the Romney slate.

Yes, indeed, at that point there were boos but they came from the whole floor, even from Romney supporters who had worked hard to get their names considered as delegates.  No one was in the mood to let outsiders dictate a list of his friends who should go to Tampa.  It was yet another example of a poorly run machine.  The Romney kid should never have been given such an assignment.

“Why make Josh Romney get involved in a precinct level fight for delegates?” asked Sydney Hay. “Here was a presidential candidate’s son down in the gutter in a  fight.  They never should have put him in this place.”

Ron Paul took 11 of 18 delegates decided in the district caucuses.  It was the “at large” delegates that were left in the air.  The Romney forces stalled for hours, hoping to outlast the Ronulans who stayed put as Romney delegates, disgusted with their own organization, finally began to drift away.

In a last ditch effort the Romney forces tried to declare that there was now no quorum and other motions were offered.  When the vote for the “at large” delegates was finally taken it was sealed, under lock and key, with the promise that “tomorrow we will count those and sort things out.”

Uh huh.

Finally, the lights were turned out and the Ronulans were sent home, exhausted and weary, unaware that they had probably just made history and put their man into nomination at Tampa.  For the Romneyites, the unthinkable had happened.  It is not done yet, but Ron Paul may very well see his name entered into nomination in Tampa.

This last weekend was perhaps the most mean spirited of all.  One has to wonder, if Mitt Romney has won the nomination, why can’t they communicate that message to the state conventions?  The fact is that something bigger is happening than the nomination of a candidate.  The Republican Party is being remade in the image of Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson of our generation.  The Ronulan invasion continues.  It is not a conspiracy. It is organic.  It is natural.  And it cannot be stopped.


Update:  Friends in Oklahoma insist that the convention which continued on the parking lot outside was indeed legal, had the quorum needed,  and resulted in another win for Ron Paul.  I hope they are right and we need to support that process legally and follow the challenges involved.

Romney delegates on the attack.

Josh Romney’s green slate.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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    1. If the OK convention was never legally adjourned but moved to the parking lot and continued there, are not the final results of the vote in the parking lot binding? Please watch this live stream video of the illegal adjournment of the convention which starts around min. 24

    2. Why the hell are you guys referring to yourselves as Ronulans. Are you idiots? And now I’m suspecting that Doug Wead is a plant and worried about his next job.

      1. Lighten up Harv, Doug Wead refers to Romney supporters as Romneyites.

        I know this has been a long hard fight with all odds stacked against us but look how far we have come. Either the RNC accepts this movement that is forcing them back to its roots or it will go down in flames. It’s their choice.

      2. The same reason blacks sometimes greet each other with Hey Ni99er – they are showing they are not afraid of an insulting word, they are taking control by re-defining it, by taking it over. How can anyone call you an insulting name if you adopt and lampoon each one?

    3. Why the hell are you guys referring to yourselves as Ronulans. Are you idiots? And now I’m suspecting that Doug Wead is worried about his next job.

      1. I have no idea why they anyone would refer to themselves by that name or any other name, but if you actually think Doug Wead could be a plant, you are in no position to call anyone an idiot. Sorry, but if you’ve been paying attention to this campaign, you could never say something like that, regardless of what name he feels like calling Ron Paul supporters.

      2. Why the hell are you replying to my reblog, that’s the real question

  1. Thanks for the very positive news about Arizona but your description of the results in Oklahoma leaves me scratching my head. From virtually every report I’ve read at the Daily Paul we had a landslide delegate victory for Ron Paul once the delegates moved outside to the adjacent parking lot.

  2. I’m sorry but I’ve long been a supporter, donated as much as I can possibly afford, so please explain to me WHY a Ron Paul campaign person was not at both of these? We throw in tons of money and you guys can’t even show up to these events. Although romney is to blame, you can’t forget to take the blame, Doug, for not being more aware of these things and take steps to solve it. Where is Ron? Why is he not standing up and saying something. Why aren’t you for that matter. We’ve worked to dang hard for you guys not to spend a couple thousand in airplane tickets to make sure SOMEONE was there. You expected people to know what to do, when I bet romney was telling people what to do. See the difference? If you want to win, get your act together, make sure people from the campaign are at EVERY SINGLE STATE CONVENTION, instead of making us figure it out on our own and getting screwed.

      1. Agreed. Sidney Hay may have well have been working for the Romney campaign. I think all of us at the convention were floored by her. She sure got applause from the Romney people.

      1. Why burden Doug with a task like that? Why not simply do it yourself? That’s what “grassroots” means, after all.

      2. Doug has taken it on himself to be the spokesperson, I didn’t like him the last time. Get rid of Doug.

    1. Exactly. Great feedback and I totally agree. It’s possible the campaign is supporting these conventions but in a more covert manner. Just guessing though.

      But there is so much experience gained from these conventions in different states on how the Ronulans are dealing with the various establishment tactics. Is someone from the campaign accumulating/analysing the information coming out of these conventions so the Ronulans at the forthcoming conventions get that information and are trained to handle the tricks and cheating by the establishment?

    2. The campaign WAS present in Arizona, and did an AMAZING job ensuring things were corrected. The problem was, there were SO MANY rules violations, irregularities, ballot problems, machine problems, delays, etc., that there was no way anybody could keep up. I think the campaign did an OUTSTANDING job on the critical matters, and they are working hard to ensure we have justice in the end.

    3. Correct. I’ve been saying the same for months. I heard some of these campaign guys make 10 grand a month. Where the f-ck is our money going? I’m sick of this. So nice of Doug to weigh in now, and still the information he’s imparting is not clear. The delegates know MUCH more about what happened this weekend. This is so disappointing. They are letting you the courageous delegates bleed without much aid.

    4. Same here. I just donated again my hard earned money and was planing on donating again at the money bomb but after this fiasco, I don’t think so.
      These supporters have work so hard and spent their own money and they get no respect. The establishement GOP has found a way to nullify the delegate process and challenges will be dragged out till it’s too late. This is NH 2008 all over again. Locked up votes, missing or erronus counts, dragged out court challenge and nothing resolved.
      There’s gotta be a better way to prevail.

      1. Video from start to finish. Make sure the trouble makers know they are being recorded, It works on cops who would like to violate your rights…

      2. Lynda, I suggest critics like you and others (who see only part of what happens on the ground) revisit books of Ludwig von Mises – where he rightfully pointed out how employees always think that their bosses or team leaders are not doing their best and they themselves would do a better job.
        RE: “There’s gotta be a better way to prevail.” Sure, if white women, who are the majority among affirmative action recipients, spoke out against this racist laws, it would end AA in no time. That would be a first step.

    5. Amen. I’ve supported Dr. Paul since 07, and have yet seen a one commercial in MO. 4 days notice and we give you 2000 people in Kansas City at Union Station. Millions upon millions being donated. For what? just to fly Dr. Paul and his entourage across the country? Where is the leadership here? Why aren’t the Ron Paul managers screaming about the blackout to the press? No money left over to do something on PBS? Why is it ALL up to us? Wheres the guidance? I get more from than anywhere else. It’s time Ron Pauls handlers cried foul to the GOP.

      1. I suspect it’s money, or lack there of on our side. RP is up against a real juggernaut in the Romney/GOP treasure chest.

        We need to keep pushing and be smart. We can win this.

      2. I thought the whole point of this movement was that we should be doing things on our own instead of hoping the government or someone from the government will take care of us.

    6. We had the same problem in West Virginia. We had a full slate of Paul delegates and worked so hard, contacted everyone we could to get someone from national to come, and were left out to dry. We had some that were only a few thousand votes away from becoming delegates and a visit to the state could’ve made that happen.

    7. Ron Paul is back in Congress holding hearings on whether the Fed should be eliminated and/or amended and on issues of monetary matter also related to the Fed. There are several bills waiting to be passed, IMPORTANT ones that can reshape the Fed and that is why he’s not around–AND most candidates do not show up at caucuses or state conventions anyway. The Ron Paul camp campaign money is not a lot of money despite what you think. He has the smallest campaign sum, at the bottom of the list as far as campaign money goes, because most are from private citizens like you and me who cannot give millions at a time, so the money has to be used wisely.

      Why does he need to be there anyway? I know it’s disappointing but it would not be productive. You’re the one fighting for this country; it is for you first before Paul. He is leading the charge but the fight is equally for you as it is for everyone else. He’s doing his share as an individual and you’re doing yours; every individual is on the same page doing it for this country. The power is the individual’s liberty fighting the same fight in our own way for one country, the United States. I’m doing my share and Paul’s doing his, if he and I are in the same place then one of us is not doing the other thing that needs to be done. We don’t need to be led my our hands every step of the way.

      1. Great points Tobe. Mitt doesn’t show up at state conventions either, he sends Josh to face the crowds (and gets booed when he marginalizes Paul, who would have thought?). Paul did make a speech at one, but indeed has a job in DC.

        Mitt has no job in politics right now, he is politically “unemployed” but still doesn’t show up.

      2. It’s inaccurate to say Ron Paul doesn’t have the money to attend caucuses – he collected the 2nd most of any candidate behind Romney. He got $14M more than Gingrich and $16M more than Santorum.
        I understand that this is grass roots and needs to work from the ground up, but the national campaign should be giving FAR more guidance to the local and state campaign managers, and helping different state organizations communicate and benefit from each other’s experience. The national campaign KNOWS that most of the Revolution’s people are less experienced politically and should be helping but they are not. It’s frustrating because we got SO far this campaign despite the media and GOP leadership being completely against us at every turn. I have to think with a little better guidance we could have reached a tipping point.

    8. Please vent your frustrations through a different medium, perhaps email would be most appropriate. We are all doing our best and to expect perfection is simply not reasonable. This is great news, an unexpected victory. Cheer up.

      1. Hey Jacob….Please!! tell me why YOU,or,anyone else on the Ron Paul campaign have not confronted Mitt about all of Fraud.You people complain about how the “MSM” is treating Ron,yet each time I see Ron on the “MSM” TV he acts like he as been told how to act,and he does.If Ya`ll don`t have the guts to call them,Mitt,and the “MSM” to the carpet when you have the chance…when will you? Time is running out,and everyone knows how time flies.

      2. Reply to Jerry Alexander. Why? Very simple. If one has solid facts of the fraud, you delegate this job to lawyers, if not you one not sound like a a bitter loser. MSM (as a private entity) has the right to lie. Party (also a private entity) actions also have no supervision by the national election laws.

      3. The “MSM” has no power other than what we allow them.
        My “Meetup Group” attended the “Blimp Launch.I`ve been around for a long time.I have seen things change for sure but!! I will never understand why the Fraud is such a hard thing to call especially when it is soooo obvious.If there is Fraud,and nothing is done about it how do you think that will make Ron Paul look…NOT GOOD!

      4. Unfortunately (as I understand it), the RNC is a private organization, and there is no actual criminal law against the Romneyists defrauding the RNC’s own members.

        Hopefully, the Nationals will be a different story, but we’d better get our act together in time to actually win this thing!

    9. Wrong, Ron Paul is a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT. All that money you donate goes towards ads, phone-from-home efforts, organizing, training, mailing, etc. Ron Paul’s camp took phone numbers and email at the AZ event, text & email alerts were sent to help delegates in real time. Romney’s people just handed out a slate. Trust me, the money you donate to the campaign helps. We are taking back this country one State convention at a time, and weather Ron Paul is nominated outright, brokered convention, or Romney becomes the nominee, Liberty minded candidates have unseated and took over local & state party positions across this country. It is not about the man, it’s about the message! Of course ALL OF US WANT A PRESIDENT PAUL, but regardless of weather or not that happens, this IS a revolution, we would rather have any one of US in office then the establishment’s choice!

    10. Doesn’t that make it more genuine Chris? If no one is telling us to do something, and we do it anyways, because we know its right!

      1. Agreed! Paul is our coach. Liberty is the message. Delegate accumulation is the game. We are the team and it’s the 3rd quarter. Dr. Paul has and is playing his part. Now it’s our turn. Take the initiative. Learn Robert’s rules of order and the RNC rules. They are posted all over the internet for all to see. Be the quarterback and direct your team!

    11. I agree! How Mitt can just go around having his people ,including his Son(s) committing fraud,after Fraud,and NOBODY!! Including Ron,or,any of his Campaign Staff have found the nerve to confront Mitt to his face,live! In person,on TV,or,anywhere else for that matter.If this crap continues Ron Paul,and his supporters may as well cash in their tickets to Tampa.I know I won`t be there if the Paul Campaign dosn`t grow a pair..Soon!!

    12. Chris – I’m all for campaign support but we must remember that this is the will of the people. News reports already are skewed to make Ron Paul supporters look bad by “taking over” these conventions. Imagine if the campaign itself were there and how much worse the picture could be painted. That we’re taking on an establishment campaign and winning on our own is BIG news (which of course won’t be reported by MSM). We won’t win every battle, but fellow supporters are doing pretty damn good.

    13. There are only a few people at the campaign office, right? I thought they worked with the leader in the state regarding what needs to be done. ???

    14. ► I’ve read all the replies to this, and empathize with the frustration. I have also supported Dr. Paul with money, blood, sweat and tears. But there is a strategy here.

      ► In reply to some people saying that the Paul campaign should call the GOP and Romney to the carpet on fraud, etc…

      Dr. Paul cannot come off as a man who buys into conspiracies or guesses. The MSM already says RP supporters are crazy, and they are waiting for Dr. Paul to slip up with a single phrase to verify. He has to maintain his integrity.

      ► Never give away the farm. This is rule #1. You save up the best attacks for when they matter. Dr. Paul could call out Romney and his campaign now, sure. And watch as the media makes both of them look like kids throwing sand in a sandbox. Dr. Paul is above complaining about anything. He will not look down for a second to acknowledge any “reason” of defeat to make himself feel better. He won’t blame Romney.

      Dr. Paul will wait until Mitt Romney strikes first. Currently, it’s only the establishment doing the striking. Everyone can say it’s on behalf of Mitt Romney, but it isn’t. It’s on behalf of itself. It doesn’t care for Mitt any more than anyone else. It cares for its own survival and position.

      If Mitt strikes out at Dr. Paul’s campaign or character first, then it’s game on. Mitt is only striking out at Obama currently. The blatant ignoring of Dr. Paul is meant to portray Paul’s impotency in the election. What Romney is doing is sublime but also damaging to himself. The Paul supporters are enraged now because of the media blackout. This is fuel to the fire. “We’ll SHOW THEM!”… the Paul people are saying… and they are.

      Romney is caught between an army of young Americans who are taking over the GOP is revolt against him, and a “welfare” America who will fight to keep its status-quo. Romney can’t disenfranchise the Paul people, and the Paul people are having a hard time winning without the support of the establishment.

      ► The worst thing that could happen: Is for Dr. Paul to win, and Americans lament in the street with tears. We don’t want this. We want our country to love Dr. Paul as we do. We can only do this is we fight a good fight. It doesn’t matter what the GOP is doing to thwart the whole process, and it doesn’t matter what the media portrays. “IT MATTERS!” No, it doesn’t.

      1. Remember when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off? It didn’t stop Evander from fighting and winning. Evander was a bigtime underdog during the first fight also. The establishment wanted Tyson to win, because he was a huge money-maker. Holyfield won anyway. People “saw” the cheating going on by Tyson, and when they saw it with their own eyes, it shocked and disgusted them.

      2. Cyring at the media won’t win a fight. One has to stand toe to toe and deliver the blows. We have to get our man to Tampa so he can stand toe to toe with Romney.

      ► We can get him there, and then it’s up to Dr. Paul to become the President in his delivery, tone, and ideas. He will shock the nation as he takes the stage and delivers the speech of his life. He will be polished, collected, and unwavering. The world will watch as our beloved Ron Paul becomes the new leader of the free world right before our eyes.

      But before that happens, we must convince every single person we can that Ron Paul is the only choice going forward. We don’t do that by fighting or being mean. We do it through acts of kindness and generosity in the name of Dr. Paul.

      We can change this country, but we must “become” Dr. Paul to the people first. If we don’t have their support, it will be a victory by technicality… and I don’t want that. We need a revolution of conscience.

      1. Too bad you RIPtilians can’t act like that on your own blog when somebody asks some simple questions. LOL

    15. Actually RP announced to day that he will switch from spending time and money on campaigning and focus directly on the upcoming conventions, so have no fear. But of course the MS media tried to make it look like RP was dropping out of the race….ugh lol it never ends with those guys.

      1. I still maintain that this could be a good thing. When the muttons (Mitt’s sheeple) are convinced that he’s already won, that would mean they don’t have to get up off their fat duffs and bother to go and vote, but can sit and watch “Glee” or whatever the sheeple are watching these days.

  3. Doug you have been misinformed on Oklahoma. Ron Paul took all 25 delegates. They also took the chairman, committeewoman, and committeeman. The slate was never roll called. They went outside and finished the business. You need to find out what happened.

    1. Ironically, 1500+ (and sometimes upwards 2000) people were watching the entire convention. We watched as the adjournment was totally fouled up, rendering it inapplicable. Since the convention was not adjourned, the proceedings outside continued on, following the rules to a T.

      Those who left while the convention was still underway forfeited their positions. They should have remained if they cared. Also, there were some Romney delegates who remained, and their votes were counted properly as well.

      Oh, it was also adjourned properly as well. 😉

      If there is any challenge, it’s all on video with 1500+ witnesses along with those in attendance. It was a historical event in grassroots politics and the fine folks of Oklahoma should not be denied their due.

      1. Could not have said it any better! When they thanked us for the pizza bomb a tear came to my eyes!

      2. I was there – and thank you to any and all who donated online toward the food. We were very hungry!

        I can confirm that there were some Romney delegates who stayed, and also one former Santorum-supporting delegate. Not everyone united against Mr. Paul! 😉

      3. I believe the same applies to the votes that were held in Arizona on the floor after the GOPers aqbonded post. The meeting was improperly adjourned by that Morrisey guy. A second quorum call was never done, so I think the first quorum still applied at that point, according to the rules.

      4. I watched the entire thing too on suriyahfish’s ustream video…absolutely amazing! I felt like I was part of history! And the pizza was a great too…ha ha

      5. You know, we are all getting used to having video as our weapon-just think of those ‘closed door’ meetings where they were caught trying to plan a way to keep the Paul delegates out, but there is just nothing like these live streams. As you said, 1500+ witnesses at any one time, watching the proceedings. It must be daunting, to be anti-Ron Paul

  4. The GOP has crucified Paul. This, more than anything, will destroy any chance the GOP has to be a unifying, youth-drawing party.

    So they get behind the Kerry equivalent who not only has no new ideas, doesn’t even articulate the fodder he thinks his party backs well.

    1. I’m starting to hear this from some people. I don’t know where it started, as I haven’t seen him do anything to warrant the distrust. Nevertheless, trust is something earned, not assumed. Wead has earned a position in the Paul campaign. I trust Paul, and Paul picked people he trusts.

      Honestly, when you look at everything that has happened in just the last few years, it shows a remarkable leadership throughout all of us in the Paul campaign. This kind of explosive growth of a grassroots movement, on a REAL scale with no astroturf whatsoever, can only happen when the cause is just, the leader is true, and the support is tireless.

      I say that if you don’t trust Doug Wead, then look to those in the campaign you do trust. How about Jack Hunter, Michael Nystrom, and Carol Paul? I think we would all generally trust those three people more than we trust even Rand Paul.

  5. For some reason…I think the Romp or Rump convention in the parking lot in OK was actually a valid process since the adjournment was not voted on and the convention did not actually end. The process of delegate selection during the day was hijacked by the establishment as a voice vote since they new the Ron Paul people were going to win from what I understand.

    The parking lot convention actually finished business with a parliamentarian at hand and Ron Paul got all of the delegates. I think there were about 700 people.

    I think we need to see what REALLY happens in the wake of OK and hope that this never happens again!

  6. Doug? Where in the hell did you get your info from OK? You really should watch the streamed video.

  7. Ok guys, everyone just relax. Doug and Jesse have done an excellent job fighting against overwhelming adversity in this campaign. Now is not the time for infighting.

    We are winning more and more delegates every day, so let’s keep our eyes in the prize and keep moving forward.

    One take away from this weekend though is that our delegates must become masters of RROO. This does not mean reviewing it online the night before. This means every delegate should purchase a copy, read it thoroughly, practice the procedures and keep a copy on them at all times during the conventions.

    Also, based on our success in St. Charles and elsewhere, I think it might be a very good investment to hire a parliamentarian to oversee order at each convention. This might even be welcomed by the establishment guys as a safeguard against future conventions descending into chaos.

    We’ve got much work to do, so let’s remind ourselves what is at stake here, and redouble our focus to make sure we prevail.

  8. Great news!! Now, the bad comment. I’m in Collin county Texas and I want to know why the campaign is dropping the ball in Texas? Sure, college campus speeches are great, but why not have small town hall events where older people can show up and ask Dr. Paul questions?? That’s the base you need to go after here in Texas. Also, there is not enough emphasis on Romneys anti-gun record. The 2nd amendment is HUGE in Texas. Attack!!

    1. It’s a good question. All the chips are down in Texas. We are all in. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a huge anti-Romney vote in Texas. The only thing preventing it from consolidating around Ron Paul is – people think he’s dropped out!! Folks are still making meaningless protest votes for Santorum in Gingrich in IN, NC, and WV!!

      This is the misconception that must be combatted, and it must be fought on a massive scale, and it must be fought now, and by whatever means possible. If that’s fringe MSM appearances out the wazoo for Doug Wead, or if it’s every penny of the campaign’s coffers spent of TV ads, or if it’s carpet bombing the state in super brochures and grassroots advertising – the national campaign needs to figure it out and do it ASAP.

      1. The Paul campaign doesn’t plan on winning in Texas or California, they’re focusing on smaller states. Go figure.

    2. Why not organize and throw one on your own? That’s the kind of initiative we really need – grass roots!

  9. Doug if an outsider came to your blog, they would think we got killed in Oklahoma, don’t you even know what happened there?? Haven’t you seen the video of the convention? Don’t you know they reconvened in the parking lot and Ron walked away with a sweep of Oklahoma ??? I’m very suprised how you have downplayed OK!!! We have poured hundreds and thousands of dollars to Ron’s campaign and we all want him to succeed very badly and when one of our very own downplays Oklahoma like you have just done, I’m starting to wonder who’s side your on? Please show us, and readdress the Oaklahoma state convention!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s clear who Doug Wead and Jesse Benton represent and it is not Ron Paul. I am suprised and disgusted by the cowardice and back stabbing of the campaing HQ agaist his own supporters today. Why release a statement about your strategy that could be misinterpreted to tell ppl you’re going to clarify it later. Ron Paul you didn;t speak when their were clear violations of law not counting your votes, changing rules on tape, counts not possibly matching the amount of your audience. Now, you;re giving up because you dont have any money so you are giving all the primary delegates to Romney but still want the caucus delegates to support you. Great statement Jesse and Doug way to kill the campaign from within traitors. Ron Paul you have traitors amongst you. You’re not out

  10. According to this poster from Daily Paul, the “parking lot convention” was the real, legitimate convention, since the establishment pretenders never properly convened it in the first place:

    “Since the first problem with the convention was with credentialling of the delegates, quorum was never established. The first action we took in the parking lot was to meticulously go through every 77 county present and establish the delegate count. The truth of the matter is, that according to the law and the rules, the convention did not officially come to order until we established quorum in the parking lot, passed the rules, and elected a permanent chair.

    “Now I know it will probably be ignored because the Repbulican party establishment has no interest in following the rules. But the Oklahoma GOP State Convention was not properly credentialed until we moved to the parking lot. An announcement was made in the hall and we had people at both doors of the convention center telling delegates that the convention had not been properly adjorned and that it was reconvening. ALL supporters of any candidate were free to participate.”

    “The parkinglot convention took almost 5 hours, as we painstakingly went through every effort we could to ensure that our actions were by the book, inspite of the fact that we recognized that we had an almost unanimous Ron Paul presence. As TRUE REPUBLICANS, we demand that the decisions we make as a body be born out of the rule of LAW and not of any other motivation.”

  11. Of significance in Oklahoma, the continual insistence by the Chairperson, (woman), for the credentialing committee of “doing business from the floor”, impeaches her position as chair of that committee. The chair of the credentialing committee is specifically prohibited from doing ANY business from the floor of the convention. For the entity that credentials delegates to “conduct business on the floor” of the convention is a sophomoric conflict of interest visible to any discerning parliamentarian.

    As there was constant disagreement and conflict in every aspect and every effect of the continual question and resultant over-voting recorded as a result of the flawed credentialing of delegates as a result there was NO CREDENTIALED BODY OF DELEGATES standing on the floor.

    Twisted and flawed mathematical constructs offered as “apportionment equations” tacked into the voting and ballot counting process were absurd and simply followed the logic of politically putrid math that any homeschooling 8 year old could see through in an instant.

    For the chair of the credentialing committee to both forumulate and apply the math for proportion to a ballot is simply an absurdly OUT of ORDER procedure that completely impeaches that chair and all functions carried out by that chair.

    To say that every vote, and the convention itself when evidenced in the interior of the building was SPOILED is an understatement.

    Inside the building there was at no time an honorable chair of the credentialing committee and there was no proven credentialed body of delegates “standing on the floor” to proceed with the business of the caucus. There was no caucus in the interior of the building there was only a slap so mighty to our democratic process in this great republic that it can only be seen in the light of the communist sun shining from their flags.

  12. Some above make a good point. After all the work we do on the ground, where is Doug Wead and the Paul attorneys to bring order and make sure this kind of shit doesn’t happen? How much longer can you expect us to give our time, money and souls and we watch you let our efforts go down the drain at the hands of thugs. It’s demoralizing.

  13. I watched the whole convention via ustream. My read on the events (could not hear everything) was that the GOP did not certify the roll call, improperly adjourned the convention when the vote clearly indicated otherwise, and the Paul campaign leggaly continued the convention outside. They adhered to the rules exactly, certified and counted the attendees, took the delegate counts, and although I was not fast enough to count all of the delegates that were orally announced, it was exptremely obvious that Ron Paul took the vast majority of the delegates. however, there was a problem with one ditrict (district 1) and they will re-convene before the national convention to certify and tally the delegates. My question is, in light of all of the corruption in the GOP, how difficult it will be for these frauds to admit we won. I expect more fighting and fraud from the GOP (sorry Romney supporters).

  14. Mr. Wead, Mr. Wead, Mr. Wead,
    I was one of the fortunate people to have spent my Saturday watching history unfold. I gather from your blog you did not have that opportunity. Ron Paul won in a landslide. Although the media has not reported it that way, I was a witness to history. Two Romney people assaulted our people and all I’ve seen written is that Ron Paul people boo’d. Clearly the directive for a narrative is to seize upon anything to make the Ron Paul people look like unruly trouble makers. Our only pulpit is the campaign itself and I don’t see anyone in the campaign doing much to change the narrative. There is a revolution going on and my sense is that the process is beginning to try to get us into Romney’s fold … it’s just not going to happen. That is not within anyones control.

  15. Oklahoma will present two slates to the RNC, who will evaluate which one will take the delegate seats at the national convention.

    The ‘suggested’ slate put forth by the Oklahoma GOP will be challenged on the basis that the party broke the rules and did not properly run the state convention.

    The ‘conservative value’ slate will be challenged by the GOP party on the basis that the Ron Paul supporters had no right to run their own convention in the parking lot because the meeting was ‘adjourned.’

    We learned that the meeting was never adjourned properly and without a vote. This allowed delegates to continue to run the convention under a new chair. Mitt Romney’s delegates had the opportunity to stick it out in the parking lot but decided not to.

    Credentials were never accepted inside the building, thus the Ron Paul delegates never broke quorum. Everything done outside was done fairly.

    Oklahoma has not been called yet. We have not lost and we have not won. A net gain of 25 delegates is at stake, and I’m optimistic that this is a legal issue we will win.

    1. “The ‘conservative value’ slate will be challenged by the GOP party on the basis that the Ron Paul supporters had no right to run their own convention in the parking lot because the meeting was ‘adjourned.”

      If we replace “Ron Paul supporters had no right” with “many Republicans wishing to follow the rules” and replace “run their own convention” with “continue the convention within proper rules” and “because the meeting was ‘adjourned” with “because the meeting was never ‘adjourned” then we plainly see the truth.

      It looks like this:
      “The ‘conservative value’ slate will be challenged by the GOP party on the basis that many Republicans wishing to follow the rules had no right to continue the convention within proper rules in the parking lot because the meeting was never ‘adjourned.”

  16. The GOP is so corrupt in every state, even here which will have it’s Romney love fest in June, and I hope that the Ron Pauler’s will stand up nonetheless for the constitution and to stop the NWO takeover of America.

  17. What does he mean by put his name into nomination?
    Win the nomination? Or get on the ballot? He already gotten in the ballot.

  18. Doug, what is going on here? I devout all of my free time to do work in California. I am in school, have no job, and yet still find a way to donate.

    What is going on with the campaign? Ron Paul better not dropout, or our morale will be destroyed.

    Ron Paul started the brushfires of liberty. The problem is that in California, wild fires are bad. This liberty fire has been started and now has a mind of its own. Please do not give up on us!

    Why are we not attacking Romney? Why are there no more campaign events? Why do you want every delegates name? Why do you not report on one of the greatest moments of the campaign where there was a parking lot convention and a chip in pizza money bomb? Why when the supporters send around videos of fraud, do you guys not do anything?

    Please don’t flip on us Wead!

    1. Hey – don’t be too hard on Doug – can you imagine the amount of digging he must have to do in the face of the Lamestream Media, just to get to the actual facts? Personally, I think Doug is doing an admirable job, even maybe going “above and beyond the call of duty” to report Dr. Paul’s progress to us.

  19. And dumb idiot Doug Wead embarrasses himself again.

    There will be lots of suicides in August when you all realize that Ben Swann is not a political expert in ANY way and that Rule 38 does not unbind all delegates.

    Hopefully Doug Wead is the first to drink the Kool Aid.

    1. Hey jkfan, explain to me how you can say that, when the RNC legal counsel already determined that any and all delegates are free to vote based on their own judgment and conscience back in 2008? If you can explain that away, that would be pretty impressive.

    2. Hey jkfan, Ben Swann doesn’t have to be a political expert (whatever that means), all he had to do was show everyone what the RNC’s own legal council already determined in 2008. Any and all delegates can vote, based on their own judgment and conscience.

      If they deny that, they deny their own authority and either way, we win.

  20. The campaign must put lawyers on this, save the live video before it mysteriously disappears from the ustream channel it’s on, & present it as irrefutable evidence that the convention was not adjourned properly, and if GOP National does not honor the correct delegates, the Paul campaign should go public and condemn that action or it can say goodbye to all its’ efforts.

    How will grassroots in any state have confidence in the future, even for candidates other than Paul, if this campaign, the standard for all future liberty candidates, does not back-up its’ supporters on the ground.


  21. jkfan, it’s called legal precedent, but I like your sound, rational thinking. Very impressive. I suspect all the supporters here will have their knees knocking at your incredibly eloquent expose, since none of us have spent hours reading the rules, knowing all the relevant details, and forming our opinions on sound evidence and reason.

    But thank you for the enlightenment

  22. Doug don’t take mind to the Romney dis-info legions leaving negative comments. Your doing an amazing job !!! We are all thankful for all you do !!!!!

  23. Mr. Wead is Pro-Paul, wrote his understanding of the happening in each state and people want to attack him?! I think relaying frustration about campaign involvement at these conventions is legit, but should be done so in a respectful manner.

    1. @tex2: You’re b-a-a-a-a-a-ck. How you’ve been missed.

      You said: “Pro-Paul people respectful? LOL”

      There are no “Pro-Paul people”. There are only two kinds of people. There are those who believe in individual liberty and those who don’t.

      It doesn’t take much to see what kind of person you are.

      1. I know, the “freedom at any cost” attitude was seen in full view with the Austin guy who dug a 3-story hole under his house and then the RIPtilians piled on with their “personal liberty” mantra and exposed their idiotic thinking. LOL

  24. Please site & source your numbers of ’11 of 18′ delegates in AZ going to Paul’s camp. From what I’ve heard they send 27 from the CDs level not 18. Plus source the At-Large ones too.

    Something seems a bit off there. I’d love it to be True but something tells me it’s not. As Reagan said, ‘Trust but verify’.

  25. This clearly indicates that the lawlessness was planned. The same exact violations did not “accidentally” occur in multiple states. The GOP is a mafia, and they must be fixed.

  26. If they want to see a Republican in the White House, they need to nominate Ron Paul. The Paul supporters will NOT vote for Romney. They see him as no different from Obama – except for the fact that he flip-flops more.

    In addition, Democrats fed up with Obama, and many independents will vote for Paul. They won’t vote for Romney.

    If Romney is nominated, Obama wins. If Paul is nominated, America wins.

    1. Yeah – we’re actually following the rules and the GOP are livid about getting caught cheating.

  27. i heard paul supporters had a meeting in the rest rooms too.. my god people who’s side are you on obama’s !!! a legal meeting in the parking lot..lmao ! talk about professional. you people are running this thing like they would have in the cave man days.. are you people in your own little worlds or what ? do you realize we are losing a country to the socialist democratic party while you guys are whining and crying about getting delegates than mean nothing about winning a nomination ? if obama wins re election by a small majority you people will be to blame thats all i can say.

    1. “do you realize we are losing a country to the socialist democratic party while you guys are whining and crying about getting delegates than mean nothing about winning a nomination ? if obama wins re election by a small majority you people will be to blame thats all i can say.”

      Yes we do. We also realize that electing Romney is the same as electing Obama. That’s the part you don’t realize. If our choice is Romney vs Obama it really doesn’t matter which socialist wins. We are trying to effect a real choice before that has a chance to happen…AGAIN!

      1. Every body knows Mitt and Obama’s issues go hand and glove. It doesn’t matter which of them would win, their both going for the same agenda (21). Sam talks like he doesn’t know this, but he does.

    2. @sam and Dr. Moke,
      If O wins another term the blame for that will fall squarely on the shoulders of the GOP. The only platform that is fighting the “socialist democratic party” is Ron Paul’s. Pull your heads out of the sand and take a look around. It is a very sad statement if the GOP believes that Romney is going to save this country.

      1. Easy Don. reread my post. My head is not in the sand. I’m on your side. I was replying to Sam.

  28. Um, I think all the negativity on Rand and Doug and others is getting kind of ridiculous. Especially in light of how well we’ve been doing. It’s pretty surprising. Unless you’re all Romney trolls.

  29. Um. Did Doug not watch any of the footage from Oklahoma? There is no possible way he got the report he told on without the knowledge of the quorum called in the parking lot. Either someone is feeding him misinformation or Doug has been gotten to as well…or he simply doesn’t care enough to look into the documented footage and reports. The latter I really wish isn’t true.

    1. I didn’t watch all of it either but I’m totally grateful for you guys that did. You’re awesome. I did take part in elected RP delegates to my state though. Everyone can’t be everywhere. I appreciate everyone who’s done anything to help the campaign.

  30. Everyone needs to calm down, get some rest and regain perspective… Some of these comments here insulting Wead, Benton or the campaign are so uncharacteristic of the revolution that I can’t help but wonder if they’re not instigators from the opposition. We’ve all invested blood sweat tears time and money for this cause but we mustn’t fall for the temptation to point fingers when the pressure intensifies for it is certain to get more intense! Let the pizzas serve as a vivid picture of the massive support all around us. Imagine the potential sense of isolation that Dr Paul, Wead and Benton have no doubt been enduring on the front lines on a daily basis? At first I too wondered ‘where’ the campaign was as these events unfolded, but it occurs to me that there may be several reasons for them to lay low. We’re running a marathon here people… There is wisdom in preserving our candidate for the big show. No sense in publicly dragging him into the local and state level minutia… ie Romney boy and his slate endorsement. We need to advance the line when we each find ourselves in position and take the darts as needed. By now Paul has surrounded himself with a group of people he trusts immensely. Dr Paul has never given us reason to not trust him. If we whine and sit back forcing the campaign to take a strong stance or comment we needlessly risk arming the opposition both within the GOP and beyond. This is a movement that is much bigger than this campaign. Own it people. Paul is here for us God bless him. Not the other way around. This type of thinking is indicative of a short lived fad, not an ideological revolution that spans many candidates, many campaigns and many years.

    1. Very well said jonathan! Imagine how Dr. Paul has felt for the 30 years he has been holding a piece of this ground for us to stand on. He was often standing by himself, or with one other.

  31. Doug, what the hell is the campaign doing? You guys are not even providing help and leaving it all up to the grassroots to win the conventions where for some reason the campaign has decided not to participate (where the hell is all the money that we are donating going?). What would it have cost to spend a couple thousand dollars for air tickets and hotel rooms so that knowledgeable people from the campaign could have helped with organizing and training the grassroots delegates at the conventions?

    Thank goodness the grassroots managed to pull it off at both OK and AZ. During the upcoming conventions, please do something. The campaign needs to sort its organizational skills ASAP.

    Also, be aware that the grassroots who have fought relentlessly having suffered from both fatigue and humiliation in order to become national delegates hunger for concrete things to happen at the national convention. Ron and the campaign cannot let them down at Tampa.

    And also please tell Rand to be careful about what he says in public (and in private) – what he implied at Iowa is not representative of his father’s (and Rand’s previously, judging by interviews) position at all with regards to the government’s intervention in personal affairs, however much we would dislike it.

  32. What you all need to understand about Mr. Wead is that he is an adviser to the campaign and not a part of the campaign himself.

    Thank you Doug for getting us this information.

    I do understand that there was quite a confusion from any news reports coming from OK and AZ.

    Do we have any news on the happenings from WI or HI? They had their State Conventions this weekend as well.

    1. This is what I heard from Hawaii yesterday.
      Liu (a Lingle fan, (the ex-governor that is responsible for Obama’s vetting) is committeeman & no one runs against Miriam; she’s been committeewoman forever.
      I haven’t heard of any rules changes, but from what I heard new platform changes created chaos

  33. That woman in the second video might claim that she is speaking on behalf of Dr. Paul, but she does not represent our views, that is for sure. Talking up all the other candidates and reaffirming Romney’s anti-gay stance, that is not a valid representation of Dr. Paul’s views. We do not agree with any of the other candidates and we will not support anyone but Dr. Paul.

  34. @The two Ron Paul supporters who are angry, Doug Wead is a respected voice even in the MSM, one of our only. We did very well in these two states the dels know what to do at this point (state). To say Romney tells his guys and we don’t tell ours is insane the RP camp hands out instructional DVDs on how to do this and win. Your money is going to good use, trust me, I’ve prob made 10000 phone calls so far thanks to your contributions. Ya see Romney sends thugs abd lawyers to these convconvdntioms whereas we send real people, somehow we prevail, and that is the point. We don’t need a threatening or big presence at these things because we have the numbers.

    1. I am a delegate to go to the Indiana state convention and I want instruction! We got blitzed in 2008!!!
      I want to know what the strategy is.
      Where are these instructional DVDs the RP camp is handing out?

  35. Yeah. Fantastic comments.

    To me, Doug’s only saying it as he saw it come to play. You can’t fault that. It’s not how I saw it. I watched the OK stream from going out side to the end. However, he’ll make up for it, or correct it, later on. Of that I don’t doubt. Tell him like it though folks. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. OK’s going to be a great result, when it’s confirmed. What a joust!

  36. Notice that all of the physical altercations were perpetrated by septuagenarian Romney supporters. Watch out for the ancients… they can get feisty. LOL

    The fact is that these people need to understand that the party is headed in another direction, with or without them. The time of the old guard is over. They need to step aside, graciously. The future of the GOP has stepped up to take our rightful place.

    1. There is truth spoken Ernest…
      We do seem a little unruly at these caucuses, and it is certainly an understandable outcome from people who have not been heard, but rather ignored. I would encourage all to not fall into the trap. Be outwardly respectful and do not give them a target to point the finger of blame at for their disgraceful actions.

  37. Hasn’t someone come up with a hollow or framed out plastic nasal insert to open up the passageway for air to flow freely? It seems a simple mechanical solution might work.

  38. On insomniac TeeVee last night, the least worst thing I could find was “Leave it to Beaver,” and I realized that Rombomney is the spittin’ image of Eddie Haskell!

  39. I’ve heard a lot about Oklahoma and Arizona, what about Wisconsin and Hawaii? I’ve not heard word one about those and they had state conventions yesterday as well as when OK and AZ were going on. Can anyone give us any info on those?

  40. why am I hearing about god in this ron paul speech? this is bullshit! Ron Paul doesn’t get involved in a person’s beliefs but to uphold anyone’s beliefs in as much as they don’t harm others.

    they’re starting to sound like religious nut jobs!

    1. Just because he speaks about his own personal beliefs doesn’t mean he is shoving them on you, you dumb numbskull. Like it or not, this nation was founded on the principles of Christianity. I say this and I’m agnostic and leaning more towards Science every year.

  41. to the spoilt brats demanding more from the “leaders”
    lets get one thing straight.
    the time,effort and money that is being given to this cause is NOT for the benefit of ron paul.
    its an investment in YOUR future and the future of YOUR CHILDREN.
    these “leaders” got the ball rolling, now its up to all the rest of us to make sure the movement keeps growing.
    the honorable Dr is in his mid 70’s and has been fighting this war for decades.
    it really sh#ts me when people complain that he’s not doing enough. he had already done enough before most of us were born.
    you be the next ron paul and inspire others to do the same.

    1. We just want more instruction, so we know we are not screwing up the strategy. It is possible to mean well, but do the wrong thing.

  42. I thought Ron Paul had won two hour of 10 CD delegates in Arizona. When were the other results released that put him in the majority? I watched the live feed when those 10 were announced. The guy doing the stream said we had two of 10. How did we move up to 11 out of 18?! Did the livestream guy have the wrong delegate list? I heard two A’s and six B’s (alternates).

  43. I hope there is a live stream video on these sealed Arizona boxes from the TIME THEY WERE LOCKED till the time they are opened and COUNTED…!

  44. Doug Wead, please register to be an At Large delegate in Virginia! We need you on the slate! Deadline today 5 pm. Please!!

  45. What are you guys talking about here, you are winning. After everything this campaign has gone through look where you are! It is amazing, you are beating the establishment in their own game, a fire of liberty has been ignited that can not be put out.
    This is a revolution so up with your heads, it’s bigger than the GOP nomination, bigger than the presidential election. It is for liberty.

    Recently there has been amazing wins in several states yet some commenters here are hanging their heads.


  46. Does the official campaign communicate with the peons at all except when they want more money? I’ve been leery of the official campaign since I heard they did not have a single paid staff person in Virginia, the only early state where it was straight up RP v. Mittens.

    Doug W. was saying a while back that the campaign was going to be making media buys for Texas, but I have yet to hear from anyone in Texas or California about any advertising happening there. Is there any advertising happening anywhere? Anyone
    who’s actually heard/seen any please speak up. I haven’t heard of
    any big media buys since Florida (which we were guaranteed to lose) – anyone know of others/more recent?

    I’ve donated a couple hundred bucks to the OC, but every time
    I think about donating more I can’t quite bring myself to do it and
    have been donating to local chipins (MO and SD, so far) and RevPAC. I think WinLiberty is up next. OTOH, if someone wants to try and convince me my contributions should go to the OC well,
    I’m listening…

    1. What’s “the OC?” I wish that when people use an acronym, they’d at least define them!

    2. I agree. In 2008 we were flailing at the state convention, did not know what to do, unsure, hesitating. We got creamed.
      Ron Paul needs a campaign staffer assigned to each campaign to at least brief every delegate, and if possible ATTEND!

  47. Doug Wead is an Adviser to the Ron Paul campaign (as such he can only advise— not make internal decisions)! Any blame for lack of Campaign REPRESENTATION in Oklahoma is to be levied directly at the RP Campaign, not at Doug.

    He has asked many times for our input — so let’s give it to him (with the demand he’ll pass it on ASAP to Ron Paul, since time is of the essence)!

    After reading a120+ comments here, I’d like to propose a list of points (please, add or amend any or all points until we agree on the final draft, at which time we’ll post it and ask for the good people here to vote on it). Here it goes (first draft):

    Dear Doug Wead,

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

  48. Let’s fast forward to November..
    Picture a huge chain saw. Picture Mitt walking into it in November.

    If they think the current turmoil and vetting process against Mitt is callous or harsh, wait until Obama’s thugs really go after him. Mitt’s closet is full of skeletons, which will all be explored. They are just waiting like ‘ol Brer fox, for August to pass. They won’t do it before then, or they will have to face Dr Paul. They have no plan to deal with Dr Paul.

    Mitt Romney is even the Democrats’ preference.

    The Democrats chose Obama because his past is so secretive. He has some major skeletons himself, but so hard to pin down. All of this talk about Mitt & Son’s Ponzi scheme? Upwards a billion dollars in offshore accounts, unreported to the IRS and campaign disclosure? The 10 million bailout (in FDIC forgiveness) he took with Bain, and then closed the company, walking away with $4 million? I could go on and on. Yes, Obama’s machine will throw all of this up and more, between Aug and Nov, like a media tsunami.

    What will they have on Paul? Six newsletters with 9 racial slurs, that he didn’t even write? What else? Paul needs only to discuss Obama’s record to beat him. Add to that, our economy by November (I predict much worse,, not better) and we will have a Constitutional Republican in the Whitehouse.

    We need to secure every single delegate we can though. Expect more chaos in upcoming states’ delegate selection.

    1. Howcome nobody will show me any of those alleged “racist newsletters?” If you’re old enough to remember, you could say stuff that was totally innocuous back then, that has suddenly been declared “racist” because, of course, the Dems have learned to play the race card.

      Is there anyplace online I can find those alleged newsletters?

      1. richgrise — because they do not exist!

        However, anyone can claim as PROPAGANDA that a ham-sandwich is guilty of lacking mustard…this is the silliness our judicial system has sunk to — thereby allowing persecutors to go after a Ham Sandwich!

  49. For all the remaining GOP state conventions, have someone stand behind the chairperson with a cattle prod or a tazer, your choice, and zap them every time they break the rules and ignore calls from the floor. Nothing changes a corrupt attitude like a little electricity. LOL

  50. I watched both conventions on the livestream. The Oklahoma convention was fully completed in the parking lot. The Arizona convention was forced into the parking lot but the new chairman talked everyone out of holding a rump convention. The way I see it we lose Arizona and win Oklahoma.

  51. Why the hell are you guys referring to yourselves as Ronulans. Are you idiots? And now I’m suspecting that Doug Wead is a plant and worried about his next job.

    1. Actually, I refer to myself as a “Patriot.” “Paulbot, Paultard, Paulinista,” etc I take with a sense of humor. I had the impression that Doug originated the expression “Ronulan” – I kind of like it, because on “Star Trek” the Romulans were pretty much uniformly hated, and always portrayed as incorrigible bad guys, which the LSM (lamestream media) seem to be doing to us Paul followers.

      Of course, I’m probably wrong, so welcome any corrections.

      Doug, did you originate the term “Ronulans?” If so, why?

  52. Again — could we vote on the below (to send to the Ron Paul campaign via this forum)?

    Doug Wead is an Adviser to the Ron Paul campaign (as such he can only advise— not make internal decisions)! Any blame for lack of Campaign REPRESENTATION in Oklahoma is to be levied directly at the RP Campaign, not at Doug.

    He has asked many times for our input — so let’s give it to him (with the demand he’ll pass it on ASAP to Ron Paul, since time is of the essence)!

    After reading all comments here, I’d like to propose a list of points (please, add or amend any or all points until we agree on the final draft, at which time we’ll post it and ask for the good people here to vote on it). Here it goes (first draft):

    Dear Doug Wead,

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

    1. Does Doug actually “advise,” or is he merely reporting it to us (which is, admittedly, a very important job!)?

      1. richgrise —

        Doug is Senior Adviser to the Ron PAUL Campaign — and also, posts here some data (without revealing too much of the Strategy).

        It is important that our voices are heard — so he can pass it on!

        Please, observe the above (make changes if needed) so we can present a final draft to be voted on by US — THE PEOPLE — and let Doug take the ball from there on!

    2. The #2 is polluting this forum again.

      Do I need to repost all 73 people that voted to have it banned, again!

      Or will the moderator remove it now?!

      1. I’d be interested in finding out which country’s flag the #2 is using for its logo, or if it was just made up.

      2. s,

        Did you remove the people who withdrew their vote? LOL


        Ever hear of the country of Texas? LOL

    3. 3) However, we ask that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

      That sounds like common sense to me.

  53. “And we may never know. Frightened that the Ron Paul delegates had become the majority in the convention, the establishment GOP, running the event, used its own errors in the Credentials Report to stall the convention for several hours. On the premise that the time for the convention hall rental was coming to an end they refused to hold a final vote on credentials or to acknowledge the calls for a roll call vote on the Delegates and Alternates as required under the rules.”

    they used the same tactics at the district conventions in missouri. It was almost two hours before we started and we had to be out of the room in a half an hour. What a joke. And after the delay they still screwed up seating of the delegates. The wife of the man who was on the GOP committee got seated because she was down as being from another district when she was from my district and there was a lady from the district that was there and wasn’t going to be seated.

    The GOP is a joke IMO. They say they have rules but just use them to their advantage and then change them or twist them so they are to their advantage.

    1. Mitt should be removed NOW, from any States left to Vote, as an Ineligible Candidate (and also, from the ones that had already held their Conventions AFTER Reince Priebus announced his BREAKING of Rule #11 in order to COLLUDE with Mitt)!

      In simple terms — Mitt Rmoney, by the rules of the RNC, HAS to be removed as a LEGITIMATE Republican Candidate, TODAY!

  54. People Please…We have no idea how many people on here are rabble rousers for the other side. So before you start believing that the Ron Paul campaign is blowing your dough think about that. I would not be surprised if they are trying to drive a wedge in our ranks. Their money is far greater than ours and they will stop at nothing to stop our R3VOLUTION. We must relax, regroup and get this done. I say trust but verify BEFORE you stop supporting the campaign. This is the point when all of the bag of tricks will be opened. It plays like a bad script. Just keep your head down, ass up and keep working for Dr. Paul. If this was not having an effect Romney and the rest would already be ignoring us so I guarantee they are pissing their pants thinking about Tampa. That crunching sound you hear is the Tums that Romney is having flown in to ease his heartburn and indigestion…

    1. Roger Ervine — LOL…on the Tums.

      Good one!

      Now, how about getting a vote on this?

      Again — could we vote on the below (to send to the Ron Paul campaign via this forum)?

      Doug Wead is an Adviser to the Ron Paul campaign (as such he can only advise— not make internal decisions)! Any blame for lack of Campaign REPRESENTATION in Oklahoma is to be levied directly at the RP Campaign, not at Doug.

      He has asked many times for our input — so let’s give it to him (with the demand he’ll pass it on ASAP to Ron Paul, since time is of the essence)!

      After reading all comments here, I’d like to propose a list of points (please, add or amend any or all points until we agree on the final draft, at which time we’ll post it and ask for the good people here to vote on it). Here it goes (first draft):

      Dear Doug Wead,

      Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

      1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

      2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

      3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

      4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

      Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

    2. He is definitely NOT blowing our dough.
      In fact, the letter from Dr Paul, today, proved the opposite.
      It seems to me that he does not want to waste OUR cash (and he does consider it our cash) on campaign ads in states where the voting-machines (hack-a-vote 2000, after GWBush’s so-called win) will decide who won or not, when the money would be put to much better use in states where people (caucus goers with flesh and blood bodies) are much more difficult to defraud or even change.
      I completely agree with this tact.
      And, it could also be, with the National election looming, and Dr Paul having a great shot, as of this past weekend, monies will have to be stashed to beat Obama’s WALL-STREET commissions (or whatever you want to call his donations). WE need to not wait for money bombs or letters from the campaign OR from Dr Paul to give what WE can give.
      Check your recycling. GO out and sell some pop (or beer) cans. Send that money to RON PAUL. Get your kids involved. Send them around the neighborhood to collect this “free-money” for RON PAUL. Heck, get the neighborhood involved.
      WE need to work harder and tighten our own belts a bit more to get the monies where they need to be. I am sure there’s something ALL of us can give up, for a few months, in order to have a bit more to donate, eh?
      Honestly, just what IS LIBERTY WORTH TO all of US?

      Please do consider all of this and do all you can do, not just what you feel like doing; and this is addressed to ALL Ameircans. Bite the bullet. DO the hard thing and do the best thing for our country!

      (okay- offa my soapbox for a moment- your turn!)

  55. Please forgive a newbie to this post and others like it. I am (and have always been) a big fan of Ron Paul. He simply stands up for everything I believe in. Of course, I will vote for him and go so afr as to write him in if I have to. What I don’t understand is why I can’t find mention of him in the mainstream news channels. It’s like he only exists in this fanatic fan base. Can someone please help me with links to mainstream media mentioning him? That failing, can anyone explain to me why there is so little coverage? Thanks in advance.

    Yours truly,
    Staunch Paul Supporter
    Nickie Gower

    1. I googled, “Why Ron Paul gets no coverage” (without the quotes) and it gave me this page:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=64ca53ca10d28ad0&biw=1014&bih=614
      That’s a lot of stuff – I hope it’s clickable!

      Personally, I’d say it’s simply because he supports Liberty, the Constitution, and the Free Market, all of which are anathema to the statist establishment.

  56. The GOP have already selected their candidate, and that’s Mitt Romney. It doesn’t matter what happens at the state conventions, what you’ll see in Tampa is a carefully scripted informercial about Mitt Romney, who will be chosen on the first ballot. Ron Paul delegates will be challenged by the credentials committee and they will NOT be seated or admitted. If they want to contest this, they’ll find out in short order that there will be no way to contest it. If they want to press the matter, they’ll be turned away by riot cops – and they’ll get the tear gas, taser, and rubber bullet treatment if they resist. Ron Paul will not speak at the convention, and Mitt Romney will shut him out from the platform committee. Paul might try to make a deal to put his son in the VP spot, but that won’t fly, either.

    Look, this thing has been fixed from the beginning. If you’re looking for change through electoral politics, you’re just wasting your time. Go ahead and do your best at the state conventions, and go down to Tampa and see what you can do. Good luck.

  57. Folks, in case you haven’t seen it. . .

    Ron Paul has just announced that he will no longer be campaigning in states that have not yet held their presidential primaries. However, he also very plainly stated that he would continue the delegate strategy which has been successful so far.

    But, leave it to our news media to get things wrong. This time, though, I’m not even talking the traditional “mainstream” media, but rather the so-called “conservative” news media.

    In both the Washington Times and, the report of Ron Paul’s announcement is worded to make it appear that he’s dropped out of the race, and has conceded the nomination to Romney. That’s not the case, and we need to get the word out that it isn’t.

    I do believe that Texas is winnable, if the word gets out that Paul is still in the race. The Ron Paul super-brochure strategy is an inexpensive way to get that done. Since this morning, since I first posted about this on this blog, the number of precincts covered by the super-brochure mailing have shot up tremendously. You can buy a precinct for as little as $2.75, and in some cases you can buy entire counties for crazy cheap. It’s an ingenious, free-market way to do grass-roots campaigning for our favorite presidential candidate. I’d encourage everyone to take part, even if it’s just for a $2.75 precinct.

    (Note that I am in no way affiliated with the Ron Paul super-brochure organization.)

  58. “Mitt Romney comes from a faith tradition that holds our Constitution sacred,” says Ms. Sydney Hay.

    However, Mr. Romney cares little to nothing about our Constitution, and do not you be fooled by this woman’s false implications of whom Mitt Romney is.

    Mitt Romney: “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts. I support them.” Video at:

    Massachusetts under Mitt Romney and Massachusetts now:
    • Ownership: restricted
    • Self-defense: no Castle Doctrine
    • Open carry: prohibited
    • Concealed carry: prohibited
    • Vehicle carry handguns: prohibited
    • Vehicle carry long guns: unloaded, cased and stored away

    Who deserves the right to protect him or herself from predators? Under Mitt Romney, not you!

    Dr. Paul is representative of a perfect opportunity to get behind a candidate who would change this country, moving it back on course, setting sail with freedom and justice windward.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 14 May 2012

    ★”˜¨¯¯¨˜”ª¤(¯`*•.¸(¯`*•.. The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012 ..•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¤ª”˜¨¯¯¨˜”★

    Dear Mr. weed, thank you. JCCIII

  59. I’ve heard a lot about Oklahoma and Arizona, what about Wisconsin and Hawaii? I’ve not heard word one about those and they had state conventions yesterday as well as when OK and AZ were going on. Can anyone give us any info on those?

    Lousy waving, blurry, noisy video is just about worthless, is obnoxious, and looks unprofessional.

    Get the best you can afford, with a microphone jack, manual and auto focus, a smooth manual zoom, but not too complicated. Consider the power of the zoom, the size of the camera, the picture under low light, and what media it records on. Get enough rechargeable batteries.

    Get a quality lightweight but sturdy tripod designed for video, not for still photography. Test it in the store with camera attached for smooth movement and being able to let go without tightening it all the way.

    If you will be moving around, a MONOPOD (one legged tripod) is easier than a tripod. You and the camera become ONE. For long shots of a speaker, extend it to the floor and hold it upright. When following action, I like to shorten it and rest it in my front pants pocket with the eyepiece up to my face — then you move your body to smoothly direct it — it is a smooth way to hand-hold a camera. And it’s good for self defense.

    Get a monopod or tripod that releases the camera easily and quickly.

    Invest in a shotgun microphone with a 4-6 foot cable so you can hand it to people you interview in noisy situations. A shotgun mic will reduce noisy room noise if you are pointed at the speaker.

    Listen to what you are recording. Select comfortable headphones that stay on your head.

    Try to hold it steady. Pay attention to what is in the frame. Imagine you are looking at a painting on a wall so you see the whole picture. Don’t put heads in the center with half the picture empty sky. Tilt down, move closer or zoom in to fill the frame. Getting closer is better than zooming in for sound and steadiness.

    Either set your FOCUS on manual setting and pay attention to it, adjusting focus when your distance from subject changes or it looks blurry, or put it on autofocus and keep your subject in the center. With autofocus, sometimes the camera focuses on the background, or on closer people, or people walking in front of you.

    Don’t forget about the rest of the room when looking thru your camera. Zoom in on the subject but BE AWARE of what else is going on and pan over or zoom out to include it if needed.

    Label your videotapes or whatever you record on so you don’t misplace or re-record over them accidentally. Write date, event and tape #1, #2, #3 or time of day on labels, so carry a pen.
    Get a good camera case, or disguise it in a well packed diaper bag to discourage theft. Small cameras can go in a jacket pocket.
    Buy plenty of videotapes. Political stuff always runs long. You’ll use them eventually.
    Watch to see when the event or action is about to start. Don’t miss the beginning. And don’t turn off your brain and miss recording something that is unexpected.

    Plan to change tapes during non-important moments.
    Pre-numbering your tapes can make it easier to pop one out and the next one in and not mix them up.

    Download your footage ASAP and don’t re-record on your tapes until you’ve finished using them, if ever.

    You can check out decent camcorders and get trained at your local public access station if you play the show on their channel.

    1. As I’m reading your post I’m think “that’s public acces” sure enough, it was. They train the best!

      1. On videos: I’m a little shaky on the monopod-in-the-pants-pocket trick (my pants pockets generally point the wrong direction). I’d think something more like a special “fanny pack” like those flag carriers they use in parades.
        Just did a quick google on ‘cost of a steadicam’, and “they” say a professional steadicam runs about 1500 bucks, but the top three hits are “Zero-cost steadicam.” Probably home handicraft-type projects, but hey, it couldn’t do any harm to check it out!

      2. A cheap “steadicam” is pretty much nothing more than a counterweight on a stick.

    2. I agree, a steadycam is heavy and hard to aim, though does stay upright when jostled. It is meant to smooth wide shots while walking. The convention video problem is on hand-held telephoto shots. Tripod is best solution.

      1. That was great richgrise! You are the pro. That was a great tip with the balance point on the tripod. More than just Great, it was the best.

      2. Just so you know, that wasn’t me in the vid – it was just one of the things that showed up when I googled steadicam. 🙂

  61. Now is the time to listen to some words from the past:
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

    1. First, ask what you can do for your own well-being. In a true Free Market, the country will automatically, naturally, organically, become healed, as long as we can get the Communists and Nazis out of the position of power.

      But asking me to subsume myself to the state does a disservice to us all. We’re _already_ doing so much “for [our] country” that people on limited or fixed incomes can barely afford to feed ourselves.

      1. It’s still “our” State. We control it. Obama wants to make it subservient to the Federal Government but he will never get his way.

        In a later post you said your pockets were tilted the wrong way. You have never used a mono-pod that is obvious. the end fits into any pocket, it’s the bottom of the pocket that counts, that’s where you get the steadiness from. Don’t try it down your belt.

    2. To; donjusko: I don’t mean “state” vs. “fed,” I mean “state” vs. “individual.” IOW, any governed entity with boundaries and its own name, etc. is a “state;” that’s where the term “statist” comes from. To clarify, feel free to replace “state” with “government” in my post. And even at the “state” level, Taxifornia being the most shining example, it’s still a disservice to people for them to submit to its government’s power.

      As far as the cheap steadicam, I just imagine what it would feel like to stick a broomstick in my pocket and try to sight across it – it would be terriblly, terribly uncomfortable, and my right-hand front pocket usually has pocket change in it, and my left-hand front pocket usually has my keys in it. I’d rather a holster a la open-carry. but that’d still be unbalanced. And I have enough trouble keeping the bottoms of my pockets from tearing out from the stress and strain and wear and tear of keys and/or change, let alone the weight of a videocam on a stick.
      (End Snivel)

      But, hey, the goal here is Individual Liberty, so please go ahead and do whatever works for you!

  62. There is an overall strategy here. We must not fall for the moves made that make Dr. Paul seem less of a threat. HE REPRESENTS A HUGE THREAT TO THE POWERS THAT WERE. And I say “represents” because the threat is not so much HIM (although as it is pointed out, he leads the charge) but THOSE OF US WHO ARE WILLING TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT against special interests, etc. This is not about a cult of personality. It is about the values that we all stand for who are open to positive changes despite the OLD WORLD ORDER THAT IS GOING DOWN. I was also a state delegate in ’08, and you would not believe the dirty tricks; the momentum for change has only picked up since then. Keep a positive attitude! It is a MOVEMENT!

  63. Mitt Romney is not a moral man.

    I find little dignity in a man who destroys the lives of others for financial gain, which is the history of Mr. Romney’s wealth; among men whom scheme for ways to undermine the spirit of a law, to say, “I did it legally,” he destroyed for gain.

    “How Mitt Romney Got Obscenely Rich” 720p; less than 3 min.

    “When Romney Came to Town” 480p; do not miss this.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 15 May 2012

    ★”˜¨¯¯¨˜”ª¤(¯`*•.¸(¯`*•.. The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012 ..•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¤ª”˜¨¯¯¨˜”★

  64. That a “delegation” would promulgate a nomination from the floor of a candidate … is a completely separate issue from “voting” on a candidate once a motion to vote on a nominee candidate has been called, seconded, discussed and debated, and voted upon.

    The motion to nominate is a SEPARATE procedure and the binding of a delegate or delegation in any capacity does not affect the delegation’s right to “nominate”.

    The procedural of nomination is note a “vote”, is not a vote from a binding. They really are separate parliamentary events, as is the goal of parliamentary events, separation of procedures.

    1. Roberts’ Rules are exactly what was agreed upon before this voting was to take place. Everyone follows the rules without exceptions. Thanks for bringing that important point up. It’s like “Friend at Court” in tennis. You have to know the rules.

      1. At Tampa — would this be the best Sign to carry?
        Please, submit yours.

        Stop the Fraud–
        Vote your Conscience!
        Ron Paul 2012

      2. I’d say do whatever feels right in your heart. It doesn’t really matter what other people think – we’re all about Individual Liberty, after all!

  65. Having been at the AZ convention, I am still awaiting someone in a back room to announce whether or not I should pack my ditty bag and head off to Tampa. Frustrated? Yeah, but I’m 63 and I have learned a few lessons about such conflicts in life. Today would be a great time for those who have never studied the Art of War to engage in something besides U-tube videos and blogs. I sense a lot of frustration among you…. Please, pull the nose up on your plane and don’t quit climbing until you reach 35,000 feet…. Now look down and what do you see? That small county doctor has just transformed the Grand Old Party! President Paul? We would all love it, but if the plank of the next four years includes fiscal and monetary reform (killing the FED), as indicated by the letter, and several other Paulian reforms through the coming years, then we have already won a big victory in this revolution. In effect, Dr. Paul has set the stage for thousands of “Ron Pauls” to emerge and manage our new country. Please, colleagues, for the sake of the seniors, do not get so entrenched and frustrated that you distrust each other. I may not see this dream come true, but many of you kids will. Keep the spirit alive, and do not forsake us. And as far as I can see across this great land, Dr. Paul has already won. Who needs an oval office when you have an army of the brightest in the nation? I am honored to be among you. Be pleased with yourself.

  66. My thoughts:

    1) Ron Paul HAS to become our next President! The mantle of delivering us from this evil government is being thrust upon him — and he, being the brave Patriot, WILL accept it…we just need to do our part to assure his win in Tampa (make sure all National Delegates are aware of RNC rule #38)!

    2) Seems his team though, is pulling back the reins:

    a) Benton SEEMS to be conceding to Mitt (perhaps a ploy to have his hawks relax)?
    b) What is worrisome is the transparent attempt to conciliate with Rmoney (the bartering of principles is the downfall of liberty).
    c) The plea to have Ron Paul supporters respect the BLATANT Frauds perpetrated in front of their own eyes (that one is a shocker — rather than expose the GOP’s PERFIDY, the people are asked to close their eyes, be mute and accept their disenfranchisement for the sake of DECORUM)!?

    3) Benton further astounds us with the comment that Ron Paul may, or may NOT, speak at the Tampa Convention (ploy, subterfuge or just plain betrayal)? Ron Paul HAS to make his speech in Tampa (which will finally give his message a national exposure)!

    4) Benton seems to indicate that the goal is no longer to win the presidency, but rather to eventually change the Republican Party by the election of a few Ron Paul supporters in key positions (long term wishing, rather than a spot on solution — the nomination of Ron Paul)?

    My apodictic statements — and you can bet the farm they’ll transpire (unless Ron Paul wins)!

    A) Mitt Rmoney will NEVER become President (his “followers” are apathetic, and Ron Paul’s true supporters will NEVER vote for him, but will write him in instead — meaning Mitt will lose about 10% of the Republican vote and possibly 5% from the Libertarian one).

    B) Therefore, the BO will be reelected by a landslide.

    C) All of the myopic visions of Jesse Benton’s goal to have some Ron Paul supporters get elected in order to give the Republican Party “new vision”, will come to naught — since the BO will have 4 more years to finish the destruction of our nation he started (and by the time he’s done, the BO will also be successful in destroying ALL opposition…such as a “NEW” Republican Party ).

    D) Under the BO’s second term: Expect the disappearance of ALL individual Freedom, a total collapse of our economy, loss of right to private property, a police state that tells us what to do…or else…! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    The ONLY Logical Conclusion that follows to prevent the above is:

    Mitt Romney HAS to withdraw from the race now IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, and pledge his total support of Ron Paul! (Failure to do so, will result in Mitt becoming an UGLY footnote in US History — as the one that ASSURED the BO’s DESTRUCTION of the USA, because he, Mitt, was too selfish to assume he may win — when faced with the FACTS he NEVER could)!

    Send this to the Mitt — Resign NOW in Favor of Ron Paul, or be cursed LATER as the one that Destroyed The USA!

    Below is Jesse Benton’s message:


  67. Ron Paul to WIN in Tampa — see HOW below!

    Superb article — must read!

    Some key points:

    “Romney’s Achilles’ heel is a moral one. It is the sum of all of the cheating that has been done in his favor by the party. For example…
    In Oklahoma, party officials pulled out a ballroom divider to cordon off Ron Paul supporters and shut them out of participation. Later they turned out the lights. Voice votes that were clearly lost were declared won….In Virginia, at a district convention, officials coaxed the Ron Paul delegation outside and then locked the door. The pastor of the church that was hosting the event was, himself, locked outside.”

    (And the parade of GOP frauds in favor of Mitt goes on: nearly in every State!)

    Add to this breaking rule #11 —“…the GOP wasn’t bound by its own rules when it chose to provide material support to Romney while the race was still ongoing.”

    It is the American Way to support an underdog — Ron Paul in this case — “People get very excited about an underdog who can win — especially if he is an underdog that was kept down by nefarious means.”

    Read this superb article — and pass it on!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    (there are no other options!)

  68. News you can use!!
    Hooray! Go Alex and Ron. Ha, I called my Senator Akaka just now, HCR 107 is the bomb!

    Miles Archibald Romney (1806 – 1877) Born in Dalton-in-Furness, England. he immigrated from England in the 1840’s to become a citizen architect-builder in Utah. Miles Archibald Romney had a son Miles Park Romney while in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1943.

    Miles Park Romney (1843 – 1904) was a Natural Born Citizen from Nauvoo, Illinois, the son of Miles Archibald Romney. He married in two wives Utah in 1862 (had 5 wives). He served as a chief of police, attorney-at-law, newspaper editor, and architect. Miles Park Romney left Arizona in 1885 for Chihuahua, Mexico, died in Colonia Dublan, Mexico (1904).

    Gaskell Samuel Romney (1871 – 1955, age 83) the son of Miles Park Romney, a natural born citizen from St. George, Utah. His father helped to start the Mormon colony in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico (1885 to 1912), Mexico’s law was that you had to be a citizen to own land so they lost their home and possessions in Chihuahua during the Mexican Revolution and returned to the U.S. with their son, George Wilcken Romney in 1912.

    George Wilcken Romney (1907 – 1995) the son of Gaskell Samuel Romney who was born in Utah as a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America. He was an American businessman and Republican Party politician, the 43rd Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.
    The community (Colonia Dublan, Mexico) was also the birth place of Michigan Governor George Wilcken Romney –

    His son Mitt Romney (1947 -) was born in the Mormon colonies in Mexico as a Foreign National, he returned to the United States when he was a child as a returning Foreign National from Mexico.
    Mitt Romney, was born in 1947

  69. Okay, ALL! Good news and ONLY Good News (yay)!!
    I have now located ONE delegate, in Nevada, who is WILLING to be the FACE of the Ron Paul Delegate Army, to take this TO COURT, and i have just NOW hooked-up this delegate with one of the three attorneys! I’d call that success, and it was done before i even had my second cup of coffee!
    ***IF you know of ANY delegates in ANY states who’ve been disenfranchised in his or her state, let us know,and we WILL get the ball rolling.***

    The sooner we commence suits (or as I said, even letters advising, “Cease and Desist”), I do believe other State’s GOP will not be quite to WILLING to cheat! So please, do get on this NOW. Gather the masses and amass the defrauded. Look for attorneys in your area, and hook them UP. Or send the info to me and I will work to hook them up, okay?

    (yay, again; I am So very happy to get to be a part of this!!)

  70. Hi annebeck58, Keep us up on what happens, I’m on your side girl.

    Say, does any thing like qualify? I was at a Republican Board Meeting as a guest, I’m a PC here on Maui. I filled out a form to be a delegate and just because I didn’t want our ex-governor Lingle (she was the one responsible for obama being vetted) to be invited as a speaker, I never heard from them about being a delegate again. Ron Paul needs me here on Maui, the didn’t give Maui as Ron Paul. I know we won because I was there for the counting of votes. Instead of a location by location they made a county vote total. A small part of Maui is on the controlling island of Oahu. I contacted the Maui county chair and he said he would give us the location by location count but he never did. I have the original email that he said he would give it to us. Contact me directly by email with Don in the Subject line if you can help.

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