Oklahoma GOP Convention Revisited

The news from Arizona and Oklahoma is still unraveling, with conflicting reports.  My previous report came from our own Ron Paul people on the scene, including state coordinators, but even then the information was incomplete.
Here is a citizen update on Oklahoma from the peerless Jennifer Gibbons-Nie.
Hi Doug, me again.  Sorry to bug, I sent you the live link yesterday as Oklahoma was in session, I don’t know if you knew the link now has the complete footage.  
THIS LINK, is from 7:30 AM to 7:40 PM. You can see the cheating  going on.  After the lights were turned off, Ron Paul supporters continued outside.  Suri lost connection for a short moment, but here is the rest of it. 
Everyone from Oklahoma says they won, some saying they got 25 delegates. Can you set the record straight or give us an update when you get a chance?  I realize this may not be settled until early this week.  Just wanted to make sure you had full video.
The following video by the famous Suriyahfish of online renown.
And then there is  this late report from a weary victor in Arizona.
Mr. Wead:

Just wanted to pass this along as it sums up the spirit from yesterday in Phoenix at the convention. I was there representing AZ LD25/11 (where I was the LD Organizer), and was chosen to be the “B” delegate in CD1. I’m honored to have been chosen, and I will not let those who voted for me and the congressman down.
The man in the picture is Ken Rineer, our fearless leader of the Pima County group. We went all day without much in the way of food, water, or an opportunity for bathroom breaks. They even shut off the A/C on us at one point, which isn’t fun in Phoenix.
Despite all that, everyone kept laughing and smiling. Winning is fun.
Onward to Tampa,
–John Lesko
Ken Rineer, surviving the marathon in Arizona.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

40 thoughts on “Oklahoma GOP Convention Revisited

  1. Maybe Ron Paul’s team is remaining deliberately mum on the details of these events, or the events are still so murky that nobody really knows what happened. Either way, I can’t stand the tension. Does this make 6 wins in a row?

    I love Ron Paul telling his supporters to not take over Idaho’s process… wink, wink, nod, nod.

    1. “I love Ron Paul telling his supporters to not take over Idaho’s process… wink, wink, nod, nod.”

      Ron Paul came out against the Idaho strategy of getting 2/3rds of the delegates and then suspending the rules to elect all Ron Paul delegates.

      It is a safe thing to come out against because it is very unlikely that they could get 2/3rds of the delegates and then get them to suspend the rules so blatantly.

      It is much easier to get 50%+1 and just elect Ron Paul delegates to go to Tampa. Even though the states says that they are “bound”, the RNC does not recognize state binding rules.

  2. This is yet again a beautiful example of dedicated people accross the nation coming together to stand up for the cause of Liberty in a respectful, civil and organized manner. I am so proud of everyone and so proud to be a supporter of Ron Paul for President. I would like to say hats off to those shared their information and special thanks to Doug Wead for keeping us up to date by bringing us story and accounts like these. Jennifer Gibbons-Nie.

  3. Dear Doug Wead,

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

    1. I whole-hearted agree on number 3, but would add, an attorney and someone who knows the elections procedures. If we would have had all of these individuals, I do not believe the AZ GOP would have been able to get away with what is currently happening.

    1. That same security guard, during the CD breakouts took down a small sign in the gallery and would not give it back. When a couple of people around me asked why the banner up on the wall by one of the balcony’s was allowed up, he said, “The Romney Campaign paid for that balcony” So if you pay money for a balcony, you are allowed to put up a banner flying high in Convention! Yep, money talks

  4. YES I agree. Do Not let us down on this. Being a Ron Paul backer in all things MONEY BOMBS on a fixed income is hard but I sent to ever one and proud to do it. I will stand for Ron Paul today by voting early in TX. but please keep the conventions safe by having staff members, PARLIAMENTARY , there

  5. Again — could we vote on the below (to send to the Ron Paul campaign via this forum)?

    Doug Wead is an Adviser to the Ron Paul campaign (as such he can only advise— not make internal decisions)! Any blame for lack of Campaign REPRESENTATION in Oklahoma is to be levied directly at the RP Campaign, not at Doug.

    He has asked many times for our input — so let’s give it to him (with the demand he’ll pass it on ASAP to Ron Paul, since time is of the essence)!

    After reading all comments here, I’d like to propose a list of points (please, add or amend any or all points until we agree on the final draft, at which time we’ll post it and ask for the good people here to vote on it). Here it goes (first draft):

    Dear Doug Wead,

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

  6. There should be a state coordinator (in Maine, it was Eric Brakey), our pick for Convention Chair (in Maine, Brent Tweed). The Brakey and Tweed of the state can find the other people. It seems that no one really knows what went on, and no one has jumped out and said that someone who was in charge certainly knows what happened..

  7. To the Ron Paul campaign, this is to let you know that WE WILL DRAG RON PAUL by the collar if we have to onto the stage at Tampa and make him leader of this country… WITH OR WITHOUT THE CAMPAIGN. I understand that you guys are probably doing a good job, and can’t let us in on tactics & we understand this, but my message is a friendly reminder that NO BACK ROOM DEALS WILL BE TOLERATED, Rand Paul is 4 years away, thats 400 in sheeple years, and the press will etch a sketch those 4years and we might all be chipped and in FEMA camps within 4 years.

  8. Folks, in case you haven’t seen it. . .

    Ron Paul has just announced that he will no longer be campaigning in states that have not yet held their presidential primaries. However, he also very plainly stated that he would continue the delegate strategy which has been successful so far.

    But, leave it to our news media to get things wrong. This time, though, I’m not even talking the traditional “mainstream” media, but rather the so-called “conservative” news media.

    In both the Washington Times and Newsmax.com, the report of Ron Paul’s announcement is worded to make it appear that he’s dropped out of the race, and has conceded the nomination to Romney. That’s not the case, and we need to get the word out that it isn’t.

    I do believe that Texas is winnable, if the word gets out that Paul is still in the race. The Ron Paul super-brochure strategy is an inexpensive way to get that done. Since this morning, since I first posted about this on this blog, the number of precincts covered by the super-brochure mailing have shot up tremendously. You can buy a precinct for as little as $2.75, and in some cases you can buy entire counties for crazy cheap. It’s an ingenious, free-market way to do grass-roots campaigning for our favorite presidential candidate. I’d encourage everyone to take part, even if it’s just for a $2.75 precinct.


    (Note that I am in no way affiliated with the Ron Paul super-brochure organization.)

  9. I was with you guys and gals the whole time; thank you. Please note comments from Arizona:

    “Mitt Romney comes from a faith tradition that holds our Constitution sacred,” says Ms. Sydney Hay.

    However, Mr. Romney cares little to nothing about our Constitution, and do not you be fooled by this woman’s false implications of whom Mitt Romney is.

    Mitt Romney: “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts. I support them.” Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzYTdM9b5F4

    Massachusetts under Mitt Romney and Massachusetts now:
    • Ownership: restricted
    • Self-defense: no Castle Doctrine
    • Open carry: prohibited
    • Concealed carry: prohibited
    • Vehicle carry handguns: prohibited
    • Vehicle carry long guns: unloaded, cased and stored away

    Who deserves the right to protect him or herself from predators? Under Mitt Romney, not you!

    Dr. Paul is representative of a perfect opportunity to get behind a candidate who would change this country, moving it back on course, setting sail with freedom and justice windward.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 14 May 2012

    ★”˜¨¯¯¨˜”ª¤(¯`*•.¸(¯`*•.. The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012 ..•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¤ª”˜¨¯¯¨˜”★

    Dear Mr. Wead, thank you for keep the information together; you give me hope.

  10. The event in Oklahoma and elsewhere is an example of what we will take to Tampa. The grass roots has made it passed the gates and this is the time for Paul start being aggressive.

    IMHO, if Ron Paul would get aggressive and start calling the fraudsters out in no uncertain terms, it would be a steam valve for his supporters and would lead to two things:

    1. His supporters would heed the call more then ever for total respect (even though we are being respectful consider we’re smacked around and blamed for our own beating)

    2. The establishment would be shaking in their boots because Paul and his supporters have made it inside the gates and and is now calling it like it is, a fraud in broad daylight.

    I will not live under another illegal murderous war. I will not live under domestic and foreign drone assassinations and surveillance. I will not live under the threat of indefinite detention. My morality will not allow it. 2016 is too late and we risk another couple of hundred thousand brothers and sister dead in Iran if we do not finish what we started.

    2012 – Take Tampa – There is no other choice.

    1. @Jay, I do agree with you you that it is time for Ron Paul to be strong unless there is someithing better in his Canpaign that we just don’t know about because they can not tell us. If there is nothing else, I think we should fight right now because many Americans including Mitt Romney and even Santorum supporters a while back recongnized this wrong doing and were appauled by it. Many regular citizens at caucuses came forward for the cameras expressing their displeasure, Ron Paul supporter or not, they were not happy at the thought that thier vote regardless of who it might be for did not matter because the GOP had made up thier mind who would be our niminee. I think if they were attacked on this and it was brought to the forefront, even more people would walk on over to Paul Camp for the priniciple of the matter. I do not believe Paul supporters are hated by the masses, I believe they are hated by only a few due to the misconception of MSM and GOP establishment that had previously convinced them they had no choice and this Revolution was just a bunch of rile up supporters for Ron Paul. I believe Americans know better now. I think if Ron Paul made a commercial explaining this and also what is at stake here and run, run, run that add with video of proof, it would make an impact. Americans are being cheated and Ron Paul or not, THEY do not like it. Ron Paul needs to be sure and articulate his message so that it is clear, something that has been needed for those who have not studied hime like his current supporters. When misconceptions are created through poor headlines, media blunders and even at times some campaign releases that tend to convey a mixed message, it makes it all the more difficult to keep or own team confident as well as convinving our undecideds to jump on board with us. It sometimes undoes all the work we have done speaking with undecideds and also hurts our fund raising. This was evident a while back when Jesse Benton made remarks to suggest that Ron Paul was not really interested in being president. Ron Paul did not snap back with Damage control for Jess’es statment. We had a lot of disgruntled supporters and the doubt showed in the past two money bombs. Now I believe that it was not intentional, but WORDS must be bused with care. I do not think that any words suggesting weakness should be used or words that can be misconstured as weakness should be used, it needs to be well thought out. I don;t know how, but the campaign needs to tell us in ordder for us to develope the tools we need for fund raising etc., not undermind our efforts. I mean this with all the respect in the world but also as a plea to be as tough as we are and also give us celebs that have endorsed Ron Paul and get a coalition going there and get donations and coverage. If the campaign can not do it, give the information to us so that some of us my try. Thanks Jen.

  11. Now is the time to listen to some words from the past:
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

  12. @Doug Wead, Dear Doug, I am sharing a post that Israel Anderson of Ron Paul Flix posted today so you can read it and see some of the comments. Many of these people I dod know, and I happen to know that they have fought hard and also that they are MAX contributers or close to it. I think it is important that you know how they feel and most of all the campaign knows how people feel. It is more than a fan club. We appreciate all that you do Doug; yu have been terrific. We hope you will forward this info to the campaign and I hate to say it but many of us have not felt good about Jesse Benton in the process this time around for many of the reasons mentioned in the blog and this chain posted her now. forgive us if we are wrong, but help us fight because I don’t think we need to give up and Romney is having a hard time getting those 200 delegates left. He won’t win CA and Texas. He sticks his foot in his mouth constantly, using other people words and poor words of his own, he is becomming more transparrent everyday. The fight is with Obama, not Romney, I think the GOP knows it, but that is just my opinion. We have it us to keep fighting, so let us know if that is what Ron Paul wants, we want him in the Whtite House. Here is that chain. Log into face book and paste link in y9ur browser, you may be able to just paste in your browser. If you have trouble let me know. jennifer Gibbons-Nie. https://www.facebook.com/#!/RonPaulFlix/posts/458917364123515
    paste it to browser. Thanks Jen.

  13. Mitt Romney is not a moral man.

    I find little dignity in a man who destroys the lives of others for financial gain, which is the history of Mr. Romney’s wealth; among men whom scheme for ways to undermine the spirit of a law, to say, “I did it legally,” he destroyed for gain.

    “How Mitt Romney Got Obscenely Rich” 720p; less than 3 min.

    “When Romney Came to Town” 480p; do not miss this.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 15 May 2012

    ★”˜¨¯¯¨˜”ª¤(¯`*•.¸(¯`*•.. The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012 ..•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¤ª”˜¨¯¯¨˜”★

  14. Doug,

    I expressed my opinion and suggestion to you and the Ron Paul campaign several weeks back, when you asked on your Facebook page for suggestions – 6 options for the Paul campaign going forward, I believe.

    At that time, I suggested that Ron Paul milk the Republican Party for all its worth, but be prepared to switch to 3rd party, and get it done before June 15, so he is on the ballots of all 50 states. Since that time, however, liberty supporters have been winning state conventions. This trend will doubtless continue, and even snowball.

    It will take quite a LOT of work, but I believe Ron Paul will in fact get the GOP nomination. The foremost question in my mind now is: does Ron Paul have a better chance of beating Obama as an Independent, or as a Republican?

    Independent argument: there are a LOT of Democrats that will NEVER vote Republican, because they mistakenly lump all Republicans together and the Republican party has become the root of all evil – they have unfortunately become fixed in their viewpoints, and have bought into the Us vs. Them model = “Democrats are for the people, Republicans are for crony capitalism” type thinking. Those that see Obama as having broken his promises but will never vote Republican would have an option in Dr. Paul if he ran Independent.

    On the other hand, there are probably a lot of Republicans that will only vote Republican – they just go in there and pull the Republican lever, no matter who it is. Also, there are a lot of Republicans with money that will dump money into the Republican nominee’s campaign and give volumes of support to defeat Obama.

    The question in my mind is – are the American people awake enough to demand change and vote for an Independent? Or as the people and system stand today, is Ron Paul better off staying the course and running on the Republican ticket?

    I’m going to switch course now and say: stay on the Republican ticket. There are just too many powerful Republicans that will back him, if he gets the nomination, in order to defeat Obama. The Republican Party WILL rally behind him. That support can definitely help propel victory.

    Think about the Independent route, at this point: having seen the effort and lengths to which the Republican Party and media have gone in attempt to prevent Paul from getting the nomination – they would do the same thing in the General Election. The establishment will unite in agreement that ANYONE is better than Ron Paul. People who don’t like Obama nor Ron Paul will have a 3rd choice – Romney.

    As the Republican nominee, it’s either one or the other – Paul will get earn the vote of everyone who hates Obama, plus all the Republicans. I think he would do very well in a 1-on-1 against Obama.

    Thanks for all you do, Doug!

    Please make sure that senior leadership at the Paul campaign is strong and intact. If you have the thought or intuition that there is a bad apple, there probably is. The dark side has been succeeding in the last 100 years more by infiltration than by direct confront and opposition. Hoping that what we’re seeing here is brilliant and clever strategy, not stutter-stepping.

    Best Regards

  15. My thoughts:

    1) Ron Paul HAS to become our next President! The mantle of delivering us from this evil government is being thrust upon him — and he, being the brave Patriot, WILL accept it…we just need to do our part to assure his win in Tampa (make sure all National Delegates are aware of RNC rule #38)!

    2) Seems his team though, is pulling back the reins:

    a) Benton SEEMS to be conceding to Mitt (perhaps a ploy to have his hawks relax)?
    b) What is worrisome is the transparent attempt to conciliate with Rmoney (the bartering of principles is the downfall of liberty).
    c) The plea to have Ron Paul supporters respect the BLATANT Frauds perpetrated in front of their own eyes (that one is a shocker — rather than expose the GOP’s PERFIDY, the people are asked to close their eyes, be mute and accept their disenfranchisement for the sake of DECORUM)!?

    3) Benton further astounds us with the comment that Ron Paul may, or may NOT, speak at the Tampa Convention (ploy, subterfuge or just plain betrayal)? Ron Paul HAS to make his speech in Tampa (which will finally give his message a national exposure)!

    4) Benton seems to indicate that the goal is no longer to win the presidency, but rather to eventually change the Republican Party by the election of a few Ron Paul supporters in key positions (long term wishing, rather than a spot on solution — the nomination of Ron Paul)?

    My apodictic statements — and you can bet the farm they’ll transpire (unless Ron Paul wins)!

    A) Mitt Rmoney will NEVER become President (his “followers” are apathetic, and Ron Paul’s true supporters will NEVER vote for him, but will write him in instead — meaning Mitt will lose about 10% of the Republican vote and possibly 5% from the Libertarian one).

    B) Therefore, the BO will be reelected by a landslide.

    C) All of the myopic visions of Jesse Benton’s goal to have some Ron Paul supporters get elected in order to give the Republican Party “new vision”, will come to naught — since the BO will have 4 more years to finish the destruction of our nation he started (and by the time he’s done, the BO will also be successful in destroying ALL opposition…such as a “NEW” Republican Party ).

    D) Under the BO’s second term: Expect the disappearance of ALL individual Freedom, a total collapse of our economy, loss of right to private property, a police state that tells us what to do…or else…! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    The ONLY Logical Conclusion that follows to prevent the above is:

    Mitt Romney HAS to withdraw from the race now IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, and pledge his total support of Ron Paul! (Failure to do so, will result in Mitt becoming an UGLY footnote in US History — as the one that ASSURED the BO’s DESTRUCTION of the USA, because he, Mitt, was too selfish to assume he may win — when faced with the FACTS he NEVER could)!

    Send this to the Mitt — Resign NOW in Favor of Ron Paul, or be cursed LATER as the one that Destroyed The USA!

    Below is Jesse Benton’s message:


    1. At Tampa — would this be the best Sign to carry?
      Please, submit yours.

      Stop the Fraud–
      Vote your Conscience!
      Ron Paul 2012

  16. Ron Paul to WIN in Tampa — see HOW below!

    Superb article — must read!


    Some key points:

    “Romney’s Achilles’ heel is a moral one. It is the sum of all of the cheating that has been done in his favor by the party. For example…
    In Oklahoma, party officials pulled out a ballroom divider to cordon off Ron Paul supporters and shut them out of participation. Later they turned out the lights. Voice votes that were clearly lost were declared won….In Virginia, at a district convention, officials coaxed the Ron Paul delegation outside and then locked the door. The pastor of the church that was hosting the event was, himself, locked outside.”

    (And the parade of GOP frauds in favor of Mitt goes on: nearly in every State!)

    Add to this breaking rule #11 —“…the GOP wasn’t bound by its own rules when it chose to provide material support to Romney while the race was still ongoing.”

    It is the American Way to support an underdog — Ron Paul in this case — “People get very excited about an underdog who can win — especially if he is an underdog that was kept down by nefarious means.”

    Read this superb article — and pass it on!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    (there are no other options!)

  17. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    Here is the difference btwn Perfidy Mitt and Honest Ron Paul:

    On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all frauds and crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

    On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization: The Feds) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

    Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

    Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign of tyranny and corruption!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

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