City finds way to tax churches and non profits

While the Federal government and the Catholic Church wrestle over healthcare provided contraception and abortions, City and County governments may have found a rather unique method of backdoor taxation on non profits.  They simply double the water bill for all churches and schools.  In a court case that is being carefully watched by churches and non profits across the nation, an Oregon judge will soon decide if the practice is valid.

One of the 600 plus ordinances for the city of Canyonville, Oregon states that “churches, schools, and non-profits like our local YMCA and a non-profit senior residence will be charged double the normal water rates and substantially elevated sewage fees.”  One of the current ordinances explains that the surcharges are to be paid “in lieu of taxes.”   Non-profits and churches do not pay property taxes.

Meanwhile, a sign, proudly posted in the city building tells Canyonville residents that they pay less on their water bills than neighboring towns.  The non-profits, who are paying double, say that their surcharge is the reason.

Canyonville Christian Academy, founded in 1924, stumbled onto the double billing, finding that the extra surcharges date back three decades and may total close to $200,000.  Said the school headmaster, Cathy Lovato, “We offered to settle this for a very modest amount last  Christmas but the city said no.”  The school, which operates on a modest budget, once voted to shut its doors in 1995.  Alumni and friends donated money to help the school rebound.

Although the ordinances are written to broadly cover all non-profit water users, CCA believes that the city regulations have principally targeted ten churches and four Christian schools with the biggest bill going to the Canyonville Christian Academy.

Last June CCA notified the city government that it had discovered the improper billing but according to the Academy nothing has been done to fix the problem.  According to CCA, the city has held four executive/closed council meetings with their legal counsel present.

School officials say that the school has consulted with the Oregon Attorney General, a state legislator, multiple mayors of other cities, and multiple law firms.  According to Ms. Lovato, “To my knowledge, no one has advised CCA that the double charges on churches and church schools is legal.  Many seem to believe that this is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.”

On October 19, 2011 CCA offered to resolve the issue by taking a small fraction of the amount of overcharges of the last six years in the form of credits on future bills.  Of course, the school also asked that the city desist in the double charges.  According to Ms. Lovato, the city notified the school on December 13, 2011 that their offer was rejected.  Meanwhile, the surcharges on nonprofits by the city continues and is reflected in the most recent water bill mailed to CCA this month.

According to Ms. Lovato, “One of our school staff asked a senior city official a year ago about the rationale and legality of the surcharges, and why they were doing this and he replied, ‘We do it because we can.’”  Canyonville is a small town in Southern Oregon with a population of 1,700.  CCA has appealed to the Douglas County Circuit Court in Roseburg, Oregon to give a ruling on the issue.  If the Court upholds the City Government, it may provide other city and county governments with a backdoor method of taxation on churches and non-profits.  The case is likely to be carefully monitored by churches and non-profit lawyers nationwide.

Note: The Canyonville City Ordinances which declare the double rate are published and available publicly.  Ordinance number 593, Section 1. “Inside the City.”  In paragraph G and H. It states that Schools / Churches shall pay $57.10 per month for the first 1,200. cubic feet, plus $.03214 per cubic foot over the base of 1,200 cubic feet. In addition, schools / churches shall pay $11.04 per month in lieu of taxes.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

30 thoughts on “City finds way to tax churches and non profits

  1. This is just like the states which can’t legally charge sales tax on out-of-state purchases, and instead charge a “use tax” which doesn’t apply to in-state purchases. It’s a sales tax, but they avoid legal complications by calling it something else.

    I’m not surprised to see skirting around the law by the “progressive” politicians of Oregon.

  2. This is just another way for the left to try to eradicate religion and private charities that do a better job of taking care of the less fortunate than the government.

  3. Calvin,

    The use tax looks like another illegal tax, but it doesn’t target religious institutions, it apparently applies to every for profit and individual entity, with certain exemptions. For example, in Arizona: “Generally, sales made to churches, schools and other non-profit organizations are subject to Transaction Privilege and Use Tax.” Quote comes from Try using a reliable reference before you make a blanket statement.

    It probably hasn’t been challenged yet, because it is so small and not widely enforced.

    1. I didn’t say the use tax was an anti-religious tax.

      I said it’s AKIN to that “let’s charge schools and churches double for water” fee – a way to enact an illegal tax by calling it something else.

      There are no “use taxes” on items bought in-state. Why? Stuff that’s bought in state is “used”, too. It’s a tax which is levied SOLELY on items bought from out of state, and that makes it a tax on interstate commerce, which is illegal.

      But the courts have long held that favorable (to the judges’ worldview) policies can be enacted by double-talking around the law (Superfund applies in spite of the ban on “ex post facto” law, and “civil rights violation” prosecution effectively tries people twice for the same crime).

      It’s the same thing here – schools and churches are being taxed in spite of the law. Given the courts’ general attitude of “it’s OK to violate the law if WE like the result”, I wouldn’t expect a legal challenge to be successful.

  4. I say stop ALL nonprofit taxation. There would be NO need to do something clearly underhanded as raising water prices. ALL corporations NEED to (and yes I see churches as a corporation) pay fairly in to a ‘common’ fair tax system. We need to ditch the IRS and the Federal reserve.

    1. So which is it, churches pay taxes because you think they are corporations, or they don’t pay taxes because they are nonprofits? You’re as confused as Ron Paul! LOL

      1. I’m not confused at all. Churches should pay taxes just like everyone else. Housing a deity does not make you exempt from your shared community responsibilities.

      2. If you tax churches, there will be no reason why churches would be prohibited from supporting individual candidates, as they are currently prohibited from doing, or they risk their tax exempt status. Even the IRS recognizes churches are unique in their contributions and from a First Amendment perspective:

        As a Paulite, you should know your Constitution better! LOL

  5. No, but I say it is.

    You said, “This is just like…” and did NOT use the word “AKIN.” It may be similar, but it isn’t “just like.”

    I know how use taxes work, and others can find some details here:

    I stand by my earlier statement, “It probably hasn’t been challenged yet, because it is so small and not widely enforced.”

  6. “just like” and “akin” are fairly synonymous.

    Your point was that the use tax doesn’t target religious institutions. I never said that it did.

    A “use tax” is simply a sales tax by another term, intended to circumvent the restriction on taxation of interstate commerce. It’s applied in exactly the same way that a sales tax is, and it’s not applied to items which are legally subject to a sales tax.

    My point – which I apparently have to repeat here – is that BOTH of those are simply intellectually dishonest efforts to skirt around the laws banning such taxes.

    I never contradicted your statement about it having not been challenged – I simply said that IF it was challenged, I expected the courts would deny the challenge, since most justices seem to look favorably on any excuse to raise taxes (Colorado’s Supreme Court is notorious for that).

    1. Yes, fairly.

      My point is that use tax DOES target religious institutions and other non-profits.

      I agree the use tax is another form of a sales tax.

      And I agree the use tax is a sales tax with another name.

      And my point is it will probably not get to a court.

  7. And I was referring to “use taxes” which are charged to EVERYONE who makes out-of-state purchases, not taxes by the same name which apply to schools and churches (I actually wasn’t aware that they were subject to that sort of use tax).

    Try to truly understand someone’s argument before making a blanket statement.

    1. Use tax rules vary from state to state. To make a blanket statement without research is stupid. Try to do some research before you make a blanket statement.

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