How the media lies about Ron Paul

The distorted media coverage or lack of coverage of presidential candidate Ron Paul can sometimes reach comic proportions.

Yesterday the New York Daily News solemnly told its readers that Herman Cain, having just raised $8 million, was third in fundraising in the Republican field, right behind Romney and Perry. Don’t they wish. The truth is that Ron Paul is third and he is the candidate that raised the $8 million, not Herman Cain.

Here is the Daily News story.

That’s all right, Ron Paul supporters say. Keep it up. Nothing angers the Paulistas more than the flagrant favoritism and the manipulation of the media. On October 19 the Ron Paul campaign is calling its next fundraiser, “BLACK THIS OUT” a sarcastic response to debate hosts who purposely exclude him and blatantly promote their own favorites, regardless of the polls.

While he was the only presidential candidate in the last GOP debate to effectively use his question and while that question provoked a misstatement from the current front-runner, Herman Cain, only a columnist for the Huffington Post seemed to notice.

Ron Paul had asked Cain why, in the past, he had opposed an audit of the Federal Reserve and why he had belittled those who were calling for it. Cain flatly denied he had ever said such a thing. But here it is for the whole world to see.

Listen to what Herman Cain really said. Herman Cain’s false statement.

Television coverage no longer follows their televised debates with online surveys of a winner. They rely on “Focus Groups” (wink, wink,) where they control the questions and the reporting of the results of those questions that they decide are “newsworthy.” After one recent debate the focus group of 30 people clearly picked Herman Cain as the winner of the debate while the network ignored its own, open, online poll showing Ron Paul the winner. Why have online surveys at all? Ron Paul will win again and there will be nasty online correspondents ridiculing them for not mentioning it.

One lonely media outlet, The Bedford Patch, a New Hampshire online news service, was brave enough to allow an open poll after Tuesday’s Dartmouth Debate. When I voted this morning it showed Ron Paul winning at 73%.

Meanwhile, the little engine that could just keeps chugging away. Last night he won the Los Angeles County straw poll with more votes than Mitt Romney and Herman Cain combined, a showing that demonstrated last month’s Ron Paul victory in the California Straw Poll was no fluke. The media ignores it all, clinging to Herman Cain’s showing in Florida, where the Straw Poll delegates where chosen last June.

That’s okay, die hard Ron Paul supporters say, looking forward to October 19 and the next moneybomb fundraiser, “Report this!”


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

17 thoughts on “How the media lies about Ron Paul

  1. Herman Cain has a love affair with the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank. It scares the crap out of me. How could he suck up to the Wall Street and the FED so blatantly.

    His 999 plan looks a lot like 666 to me.

  2. Would it be possible for Dr. Paul, or someone in his stead, to buy some TV time and refute Cain’s claim (maybe Jon Stewart would be eager to have Dr Paul back). Voters could be reminded that the greatest form of flattery is to be copied.
    If enough of Cain’s copy-catting was shown in one fell-swoop, he would begin to look like what he is–the man without any original ideas. Well, there is the tax, tax, tax. Oh yeah, raising taxes is not original either.

  3. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who would actually change the country, so naturally the owners of the mainstream press is afraid of him and will do anything to make him seem inconsequential, from ( and I am in social research), disappearing polls that show him to be in the lead, by using inappropriate statistics, biased questions, and when even THAT doesn’t work focus groups, and as many as they need to to get the answer they are looking for.

    BUT this is a tremendous problem. Most people get their information from mainstream media and believe what they are told by CNN etc., and as their election of the current president appears to indicate, favor charisma over substance and glowing promises over a track record in keeping them. Dr. Paul could easily lose the election for reasons and by far , he is the best hope out there for this country.

    There is only one things that can turn this around — “We the people” acting with power together, putting ourselves out there (as in the days of Vietnam protests) in a way that simply cannot be ignored.

  4. And if a candidate is controllable, the lies are favorable. If the candidate is not controllable, the lies are not so nice.

  5. I wish there was something we could do to stop the media from doing this especially when the sheeple choose their candidates based on the media. When will ppl wake up? We need Ron Paul in office!

  6. I have a question of Dr Paul. As president, you are going to face unending problems, some of them irritating and some of them difficult and some of them both difficult and irritating. Noone can read your platform without walking away knowing that you are more than capable of seeing a problem and developing a plan to solve that problem.
    Ok, you have a problem with the media. Solve it. And don’t forget that you can get outside of the box. You wouldn’t forget if you were solving our nation’s problems. And you certainly wouldn’t depend on what the media did or did not do. What you could depend on is that the media wouldn’t be on your side. You can’t tell me that you would let that interfer with where you were going to take our country.
    Sir, we need you

    1. Ron Paul hasn’t been able to solve his “media” problem since he started his serial running for president. What makes you think calling him “Dr” and “sir” is going to suddenly provide the answer? LOL

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