Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Poll

Filed 10-8-11

Romney, Perry and Bachman were there. So was Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. But Ron Paul stole the show at today’s Value Voters Summit. He quoted from the Bible effortlessly moving in and out of scriptural texts to make his points. The speech was constantly interrupted by standing ovations.

Paul’s victory underscores his near statistical tie with Michelle Bachman in the Iowa Straw Poll last August in Ames. 60% of the caucus goers in Iowa are born again Christians. If Paul can win with this crowd he can win in Iowa.

This author is a born again Christian. Many of us are moving to Ron Paul because we realize that the best way to protect our religious liberties is to get back to the Constitution and protect everybody else’s liberties as well.

While Herman Cain’s much ballyhooed Florida victory won him headlines and major media attention last week it is not likely that this event will get much media play. Ron Paul’s first place victory only days before in California, a much bigger state than Florida, was virtually ignored. Paul’s exposure of the Federal Reserve and its interest free loans to elitist companies and insider billionaires has not won him any friends among the executives of the television networks. But you can be sure that they are deeply worried by the events of this day.

If Ron Paul has resonance among born again Christians, who make up 48% of the nation’s population, then the GOP nomination is finally a possibility and the recent Rasmussen poll showing him beating Barack Obama in a head to head contest is suddenly relevant.

Here are the final results as reported only minutes ago.

Ron Paul 37%
Cain 23%
Santorum 16%
Perry 8%
Bachmann 8%
Romney 4%
Gingrich 3%
Huntsman 0%
Undecided 1%

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

33 thoughts on “Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Poll

    1. Their excuse for ‘ballot stuffing’ was registering for a single day (which they offered at a discount). If Paul supporters didn’t want to hear all the other crap, why pay for multiple days? This is just sour grapes. Nobody said it was ballot stuffing when Bachman gave away 6,000 tickets at a price of $180,000 at Ames. Quit your whining people.

  1. Ron Paul has over 100,000 unique donors – REAL PEOPLE – five times that of the southern governor, and possibly more than the entire GOP field put together. The desperate Establishment are the ones resorting to manipulation. Dr. Paul doesn’t need to! Restore for America Now!

  2. Taika,

    How many pennies on average did each of Ron Paul’s contributors give?

    Let’s see, Ron is running a distant 4th in the polls, and the candidates in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position are desperate? LOL

    1. Well technically the average was actually $80, so if you if multiply that out in pennies it’s about 8,000 pennies. Distant 4th? What crack are you smoking? He’ polling 2nd in NH and 3rd Nationally in most polls. Slow and steady wins the race. Go back to your Perryfest now, show’s over.

      1. 8,000 wasted pennies. Wanna join Amway? LOL

        Third in New Hampshire. You really shouldn’t make claims that can easily be proven wrong by a simple google search:

        Now dropped to 5th nationally. You really shouldn’t make claims that can easily be proven wrong by a simple google search:

  3. I think Ron Paul has won more straw poles than any other Republican candidate. Ron Paul has the most energized support that exists on the right and with independants.

    1. Ron’s organization tries to make themselves look more important than they are at straw polls by buying votes, which is not against the rules, but it DOES skew the results showing more support for him than really exists. That’s why he has always done better at straw polls than real elections.

      1. Or because the corporatist media skews public opinion? How many front runners have they gone through now? All except Barney Rubble? They’re grasping at straws at this point. Cain is just another flash in the pan.

      2. No, it’s Ron Paul’s wimpy, whiny personality. Most presidential elections go through leader changes. And Ron has NEVER been in the lead! You’re grasping at straw (polls) at this point. Ron Paul can’t be seen in the pan. LOL

  4. tex2 is suffering from PDS.

    Paul Derangement Syndrome

    Paul Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is a mental condition that, though it was first detected during the 2008 Republican Presidential primaries, has only now been identified for the dangerous disorder that it is. Also known as “Paulophobia,” those suffering from it find themselves tortured by their fear of Texas congressman and three time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

    While this disorder indeed promises to reduce its victims’ thoughts on Congressman Paul to textbook cases of illogic, it would be a mistake to infer from this that every Paulophobe was a clear thinker prior to falling prey to PDS: in a not inconsiderable number of instances, Paulophobia hasn’t so much as caused the wild irrationality that is the most salient characteristic of all PDS victims as exacerbated the general unreasonableness with which they already lived.

    Unlike many other illnesses, PDS isn’t at all difficult to identify. The Paulophobe’s discourse on all matters pertaining to Ron Paul, or at least to Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy, is replete with, not just inconsistencies, but glaring inconsistencies, contradictions that are so profound that even a college freshman enrolled in an introductory logic course couldn’t help but to be pained by them. To anyone remotely attuned to reality or possessed of a modicum of reason, the Paulophobe’s utterances can’t but sound like the babblings of a baby: indecipherable noises intending to signify we know not what.

    The Paulophobe’s inability to follow the simplest of arguments that Ron Paul has articulated to substantiate his positions is rivaled only by his inability to resist casting one unfounded aspersion after the other against the twelve term Texas congressman. Within no time, at the mere mention of Ron Paul’s name, the Paulophobe’s last vestiges of reason become forever lost in a mountainous pile of straw man fallacies, non sequiturs, and ad hominem attacks.

    The Paul Derangement Syndrome is a serious condition. Once it is identified, clear thinking should be sought immediately.

    1. (Ron) Paulphilia is a degenerative disease of the mind that shuts out any facts inconsistent with supporting the perennially losing presidential candidate Ron Paul. For example, when it is determined Ron Paul has won a straw poll by stuffing the ballot box, which happens often, those with Paulphilia ignore the basic facts and bask in the “victorious” afterglow. They remain blissfully ignorant Ron Paul only wins straw polls and never wins elections outside his small, south Texas area where straw is grown for cows to consume and give off methane gas from their rear ends and eventually become hamburgers, just as Ron Paul gives off hot air from his mouth at debates that makes people cringe until he is turned into hamburger meat at the election polls. LOL

      1. Tex, you have pointed out one of the big (maybe the only) reasons that Ron Paul is not reaching the people: His “whiny wimpy” personality. I realize that almost all of the whining is done by others on his behalf, but it has the same effect.
        Here’s the thing: Misery loves company, but company doesn’t love misery.

        Dr Paul could hire a writer to come up with an array of humorous remarks that could fit several different topics. Quoting someone else’s quips is good also.

        Here is one of Reagan’s that particularly suits Dr. Paul’s platform of small government:
        Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

        The thing is that times are scary, and people are looking for a strong leader to make things right and bring peace into their lives. This is the one and ONLY reason that Perry and Cain have received as much attention as they have.
        Perry showed himself to be, uh…. not the one Ah, but then Cain came to the rescue, and tells the frightened masses that he will add another 27 dollars to every 100 they spend, and then everything will be all right. He was believed and hearled as the great rescuer.

        Dr. Paul has to learn to seperate himself from the tender, gentle physician, and he has to attend to reassuring and comforting his flock. He can do this by delivering them the message that his strength and his determination and his knowledge will put America back in the place of honor that she deserves. And her citizens can return to a solid economy and a peaceful existance.

      2. Ron’s “whiny wimpy” personality is all him. Just look at any video of him on Youtube. Ron doesn’t need a writer, he needs to quit running for president and contribute in some other, behind the scenes manner.

  5. Mr. Wead – glad to know you are a fellow believer.

    Thanks for your support.

    As far a ballot stuffing – I would say that is spinning the truth – the media lies Mr. tex2 – may I ask why you bother posting here?

    Why cause trouble? Wouldn’t it be better to promote peace – which would mean not posting vitriolic platitudes?

    Say something edifying or don’t say anything at all. It’s so tiring.

      1. Very impressive, Tex. You do realize that Reagan’s description of peace espouses the same “isolationism” that Ron Paul wants for America? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have sent us there.

      2. Get a clue. I doubt I would have been assigned to a nuclear powered warship that literally went around the world visiting numerous countries during Reagan’s term if he believed in isolationism. Get a clue. LOL

  6. Texas man, you have proven yourself capable in the art of seeking out and finding information. I challenge you to invstigate wars with which the US has been involved this last– at least 20 years. Find out how many of them didn’t concern the US in any way. How many of them were we just butting our nose in–or worse, after something another country had and US big business (of some sort) wanted.

  7. I assumed that Cain didn’t know that much about individual issues facing America, but I figured he would have boned up on the essentials before boasting that he would make a good president. Nope. This “flash in the pan” is too uninformed to realize that there’s anything more complicated facing America than making sure there are enough sliced onions for the lunch run. Check out his foreign policy:

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