The Conspiracy Against Ron Paul

The Conspiracy Against Ron Paul

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist. My experience in the White House leads me to believe that a secret is currency that is quickly spent. Some conspiracy theories have thousands of people in large organizations, operating with extraordinary discipline, keeping secrets for hundreds of years, a mathematical impossibility in my opinion.

Having said that, my lifetime of studying history informs me that conspiracies do happen and usually when a group of people feel threatened. And in case you were wondering, Ron Paul, the presidential candidate, is very likely the subject of a conspiracy. He is the man who has opened that door on the Federal Reserve. The partial audit he prompted revealed that close to $16 trillion was doled out to Euro-American insiders and their corporations in 2008 alone. That is more than the entire national debt. It is a tax on every American and unless you are getting billions of that money yourself, you ought to be outraged and grateful to Ron Paul for figuring this all out.

It is no accident that the media ignored Ron Paul’s upset showing at the Ames Straw Poll. It was so obvious to the whole nation that we laughed when Jon Stewart joked about it. It is no accident that in one of the early debates a director at MSNBC was picked up screaming into Chris Matthews earpiece, “Don’t go to Ron Paul, don’t go to Ron Paul,” even though it was a health related question and Ron Paul was a medical doctor. On Monday night, in the CNN debate, Wolf Blitzer asked numerous candidates about the idea of auditing the Federal Reserve but not Ron Paul who wrote the New York Times bestseller on the subject and introduced the bill in Congress that sparked the recent partial audit. Nor is it accidental that it was called a Tea Party event and the “father of the Tea Party” wasn’t acknowledged as such.

Blitzer raised expectations at the beginning of the debate saying that “I will try my best to make sure that each candidate is getting his or her fair share of the questions and answering time.” He then proceeded to give Rick Perry 21 opportunities, Mitt Romney 13, Michelle Bachman 11. Ron Paul was given nine. (In the CNN presidential poll released the day before, Ron Paul was shown third in the presidential race, behind Perry and Romney, beating Bachman who was down six points.)

To give you an idea of how this sort of thing works, let me offer an historical example from the other side of the ideological spectrum, from the left. In 1934 Upton Sinclair ran for governor of California. Most students had read his novel, The Jungle, which exposed the corruption and health hazards of the American meat processing industry. Sinclair was a popular and compelling figure. The nation was in the throes of the Great Depression and the people of California liked his ideas. He stunned the Democrat Party establishment by winning the nomination and it was likely that he would be elected governor in the general election.

The conspiracy to stop Mr. Sinclair was organized by a California oligarchy, a small group of wealthy businessmen who feared losing control of the California governor’s mansion and all the money it represented. Besides, Sinclair was a socialist and had once run for congress on the Socialist Party ticket. The conspirators arranged for a “Progressive” to run as a third party candidate to split Sinclair’s vote. They helped fund the campaign and poured money into the rival Republican but it didn’t stop there. They launched a full court press. The famous preacher Aimee Semple McPherson, unused to attention from such prominent Californians, was enlisted and persuaded to use her pulpit to preach to thousands about the dangers of Upton Sinclair and his crazy Socialist ideas.

This secret conspiracy only became known because it involved President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his records survived. Candidate Sinclair made the long journey across the country to Hyde Park where he met with FDR, the chief Democrat, and often the target of accusations of socialism himself. Sinclair explained his situation and asked the leader of his Party for help. He left Hyde Park convinced that Roosevelt would soon publicly endorse him. But we now know that the California oligarchy had already covered that base. Roosevelt was offered a proposal from the California Cabal. They promised that the Republican candidate, if elected governor, would not oppose FDR’s New Deal in their State. In return, FDR would withhold any endorsement of the Democrat ticket. Unknown to Sinclair, the deal was struck. Upton Sinclair went down to defeat. A Republican was elected. The oligarchy ruled.

Now, this story is instructive on two counts. It shows that conspiracies do indeed take place, they can involve the highest elected officials in the land, and they almost always involve money and private corporations. In this case, with Ron Paul, we are talking about sums of money that stagger the imagination. Wonder why your house isn’t worth as much? Wonder why your IRA and retirement accounts are diminished? Wonder why milk cost more and bread cost more? And wonder where all that money has gone?

It is in the pockets of people and corporations who run this country and their business partners and friends in Europe. They don’t care about left or right, Democrat or Republican, they prosper under both. They don’t care about creationism or evolution. They care about money. Remember, this is, and this has always been, a game of Monopoly. And they have been cheating. And Ron Paul has caught them.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

18 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Against Ron Paul

  1. Ron Paul is the man for 2012! He CAN fix America’s problems because he understands them better than any politician running. He also has the track record to prove he will do as he says.

    Ron Paul 2012

    1. All his references are there to people with open minds. He brought you the story, now check to see if is true.Thats how you will be swayed into not only accepting this but sayed into fighting against it.

  2. Fair is fair. And so far, it hasn’t been. As I said before, I’m not even a Republican. But change is coming and we just need to be informed citizens…

  3. People all over this country are finally waking up to the truth. Ron Paul is the man to lead us out of the wilderness and back into some sanity, for everyone’s sake.

  4. Here we have CNN admitting that Ron Paul is being deliberately ignored and Stephanie Miller saying the rule is that RP is to treated as though he’s invisible:

  5. Further slighting of Ron Paul in the Google-Fox debate last night. Romney and Perry were again standing in the middle, next to each other, and often shown in the same shot. I didn’t count the minutes each had, or the number of speaking opportunities, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they got half of each.

    On a big foreign policy question custom-made for Ron Paul, they stopped asking the debaters just before it was Paul’s turn.

    Yahoo published a poll where Ron Paul finished second, but his name was left out of the headline while the other top four finishers were listed. <>

  6. Doug, 

    Wake up! We’re only aloud to talk about who we’re told — we’re only aloud to vote for who we’re told — get with it Man, that means Ron Paul,not included!
    Actually, only being facetious, I love your work, and I love Ron Paul! I  read this article earlier in the week its Great, and I meant to comment then, but only getting to it now. 

    I hope you read this because Seriously, the promise of this country is lost if this kind of behavior is aloud to continue much longer. whats worse; is it breeds resentment in the process and less faith in the process, and when faith in the process is lost, we’re all in big trouble in more ways than one. 
    let me be candid with you, it pains me when I think about the blatant Main stream media blackout — it’s bad, it cracks of fascism. 

    And to be able to say that with plausibility means its a sad state of affairs today in America – 

    following Ron Paul’s campaign for one week wakes people up to the overt media biase. The difficulty is getting busy people to tune into that when they’re normal means of receiving media have them inundated, day after day with spin, rhetoric, false fallacy devises, perception management and manufactured consent. 

    That said, when the tough gets tough, you have to get tougher.

    I don’t know how well Paul’s campaign gets along with Johnsons, but either way, next time he debates perhaps challenge him or the other more Rino- like candidates more. It would steer the direction of the debates conversation. 

    Granted and Typically, they’re already watered down, but at least 30 seconds to redirect could focus and pivot the more important issues ie, the economy. 

     – just a thought, spurred by what appeared to be a scripted routine dialogue between Perry and Romney about nothing. At least if it was between Paul and Johnson, it would be going in the right direction. Although, there could be a danger in looking back dividing the libertarian minded republic base — 
    Idk just a thought great article, even though it’s alarming at the same time. 
    Final thoughts We really are at some cross roads.
    I’ll leave you with my faviorte quote nowadays — 
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” ~ Edmund Burke 

    Keep up the great work! 

    Finnbar McCallion

    1. VERY TRUE Finbarr.!!! Bravo Bravo !!! THis country does have hope if we can continue to push for the man who can change our present condition.Continue to post info regarding the media blackout and you will be giving Ron a solid chance at winning.Media vs. media.WHO will win? The people.


  7. Why does everybody that’s starts off something conttroversial start off by saying something like ”
    Well I’m not one for conspiracy theories but…” it implies that what you are about to say is a conspiracy theory and shouldn’t be believed enough wiry that label

    1. A conspiracy theory is an idea about a situation that seems radical to some.In essence you are not giving credence to this story because it seems to far feteched and comes with the label “maybe a conspiracy theory”.This is ignorance.If someone were to say to you “look, I just heard that someone broke into your house and stole you money”, would you say “wow, sounds like a conspiracy”.No, you would check your house and find out all the details, so open your eyes and check the facts, they speak for themselves.

  8. So Herman Cain is now given much more media time, somehow he miraculously won the Florida debate poll…..hmmm…was he throw in the race to take away votes from Paul? Me thinks the answer may be YES.

  9. The Media at first was focusing on Giuliani and Romney, then it started focusing on McCain and Thompson…then at last Huckabee became the “leading” Republican according to their claims.

    You know what? I’m 120% sure that Ron Paul has much more popularity than any of those…and most of the people know it. Yet the Media tries to give us the notion that the Iowa caucuses will actually determine who’ll win the Republican nomination!!!! Who said so!!!

    What about the Straw Polls, the fundraising records, the internet polls,…etc?

    Actually, I genuinely believe that there’s a great conspiracy against Ron Paul who stands for America and her people, and therefore a conspiracy against the American people…and I think it’s about time that we (the people) stood firm against those un-noble members of this corrupt establishment; otherwise our democracy will be fake and we’ll be doomed.

    1. I agree, Dean. Ron needs to get aggressive and call the media on this game. Simple statistics analyzing the bias in the debates and news coverage will tell the tale. When the American people find this out, they’ll lose respect for the media and have sympathy for Ron, the one who represents the ideals for our future.

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