How will they get rid of Ron Paul?

What to do about Ron Paul?

Rick Perry in Ron Paul's face.

Congressman Ron Paul, now third in national polls, passing Michelle Bachman, is throwing a wrench into the whole presidential contest. The insider establishment is divided over just how to respond. At stake are the unlimited treasures of the Federal Reserve. This private piggy bank of the American-Elite has been exposed by Dr. Paul’s relentless decade long campaign and its days of operating secretly may be numbered.

It is a stunning turnaround for a political figure who only four years ago was regularly referred to as “loony.” In 2008, 74% of the American people did not know what the Federal Reserve was. A poll last year showed that 74% now agreed with Dr. Paul that this institution should be accountable and it should be audited.

A few months ago a partial audit was indeed conducted and its results were mind boggling. In the national debate on Wednesday, Ron Paul referred to the numbers. The Federal Reserve loaned out over $15 trillion in 2008. And while the government and the public weren’t given all of the details of this audit, we did learn that $3 trillion went to other countries.

These are staggering sums. Remember Glenn Beck’s towering charts inside his Fox News studio, where he showed us just how the Bush and Obama national debt compared in history? Well, keep this in mind. The entire national debt has just topped $14 trillion. And the Federal Reserve doled out more than that in one year, 2008, most of it to large corporations and leaders of the American-Euro elite. No wonder they don’t want Ron Paul talking.

But the public, having lost the value of their homes and their retirement funds, are now beginning to awaken to how these huge sums enter the monetary bloodstream and dilute the efficacy of the currency making everyone’s dollars and food stamps less valuable. It is an insidious tax on the masses and, as Ron Paul has pointed out, it hurts the poor and the retired the most.

New candidate, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, entered the presidential race last month with both guns blazing, warning that if Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke adopted another round of “quantitative easing,” insider language for “printing money,” he would be committing a “treasonous” act. Perry, like Michelle Bachman, sometimes shamelessly uses Ron Paul’s exact language. At the Reagan Library GOP Debate, Perry echoed Ron Paul’s call from the previous debate, “Bring our troops home.”

The division and bitterness within the establishment is intense. A lot of money is at stake. Goldman Sachs and the unions prefer Barack Obama, of course, while Halliburton-Bush-Rove prefer Mitt Romney. (Romney made headlines last week by pointing out that corporations are people too. It elicited more laughs than tears. ) But Rick Perry’s bravado and Paulista language notwithstanding, no one in the establishment really fears him either. Rick Perry would do fine, in a pinch.

It is Ron Paul that scares the willies out of them all and it is why the television networks pan him as much as they can get away with. The corporate bosses at those networks know all about the piggy bank.

But while it is perfectly acceptable for the other candidates to steal Ron Paul’s lines and shamelessly profess agreement with many of his now popular ideas, and while they can still call him “looney” on national television or, as the governor of Connecticut recently said, “an idiot,” they will not allow Ron Paul a single thrust back of his own.

Wednesday night, when he pointed out that Rick Perry had supported Jimmy Carter for president and then Al Gore and had endorsed Hillary-care, something that no other candidate dared mention, Rick Perry was livid. Meanwhile, the off camera moment of Governor Perry grabbing Ron Paul’s arm and shaking his finger in his face, was apparently benign. My original take on that in this column was wrong. The picture is nonetheless an excellent metaphor for the relationship between the two Texans.

Ron Paul has nothing to lose and so he tells the truth. He has had 22 years to prove that he will not be corrupted by the flow of billions of dollars. He still gives back some of his modest expense allowance as a congressman. In 22 years he has never gone on a congressional junket. But Perry has that little piggy bank to think about. Which in one year has the power to replicate the entire national debt, a sum that took 200 years to accumulate. Just imagine what Glenn Beck missed in those shows a couple of years ago? He was getting too close for comfort. Well, Ron Paul is there.

The most significant happening at the Wednesday night debate occurred just before and after. And that was a national television buy of Ron Paul commercials. This is what angers Rick Perry and this is what strikes fear into the hearts of the establishment. What if Ron Paul pulls a Reagan and goes directly to the people? That is why the next Ron Paul moneybomb will be watched with rapt attention. It will tell more about the future of this campaign than any of the debates.

Photo Credit: Reuters, Mario Anzuon


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

194 thoughts on “How will they get rid of Ron Paul?

  1. Dr. Paul bravely speaks for my family, many friends, and millions of other Americans who are having their wealth stolen and dollar destroyed. The message will continue to spread. This is our chance to Restore America!

  2. I can’t imagine why Perry still thinks he has a chance of becoming president. Guess he doesn’t realiize that neither his flim-flam nor his copy-catting is working.

  3. That shill, Rick Perry, wasn’t the only one that was shaking with anger last night. I also found myself absolutely enraged, but for a totally different reason. To call that fiasco we watched last night a ‘debate’ is an insult to a moron! Not only did they avoid questioning Dr. Paul as best they could, but each question that they DID ask was a blatant attack.

    The fact that they avoided questioning Dr. Paul on health care should make it obvious to everyone that this debate was a sham. They shamelessly played up the Perry vs Romney ‘rivalry’ only to have Romney come to Perry’s rescue over the fact that Perry tried to slip a law mandating the Gardasil shot for all 12 year old girls! I guess these sickos have to stick together on the mandates!

    They tried hard to spin Dr. Paul’s positions every time they asked him a question, emphasizing what they consider his weak points, but where was the mention of Rick Perry trying to steal 580,000+ acres of land in Texas [from private citizens] to build a highway from Mexico to Canada? Why didn’t they ask him about the fact that he tried to sell the contract to this monstrosity to Cintra, a Spanish company? Why didn’t they ask Romney about being a flip flopping charlatan? Why didn’t they ask Michele Bachmann why she pretends to support The Constitution while at the same time voting to approve the ‘PATRIOT’ Act. She even admitted that her constituents and fans sent emails, tweets, facebook messages, and phone calls, all pleading with her to OPPOSE THE PATRIOT ACT?! Why didn’t they ask Herman Cain about the federal reserve, or about his 2008 claims that there was no housing bubbel, and we weren’t in a recession?! Or ask Newt where his ‘END THE FED’ rhetoric came from.

    This performance was offensive. In fact, I’m STILL pretty angry about it.

    Please visit the following link for the contact information on Politico & NBC + a sample letter that you can use as a guide. Let them know how YOU feel about this latest nonsense trying to pass itself off as a presidential debate!

    1. I felt the exact same way as you did. I was so angry. In my opinion, they should have called it the Romney/Perry show because they seem to be the ones that the media wants in office. If the liberal media promotes them, I know that I sure don’t want them in office. What is sad is that the media can make or break a candidate. That is why we (the people) need to be outraged and let the media know how we feel. We need to do everything we can to let people know about Ron Paul and what he believes.

      1. Go around the main stream media. get the word out on facebook, you reach 42% of the population on facebook!
        Turn off the propaganda and vote your heart.

    2. Me as well, I am still livid. Fox and CNN stopped including him on online polls. This is 1984 folks Some scary stuff is happening right in front of our faces. Wake up America. PLEASE!

    3. I got so upset I actually stopped watching it. I believe on some level that’s what they (media) want, for us to give up. It is not in my nature to give up, but I just couldn’t stomach watching how badly they were mistreating Dr. Paul. I don’t know how he keeps his composure on stage. You have to be pretty tough and have some serious self control to deal with that kind of garbage.

      The good news is, I believe that there is a silver lining to this whole ordeal. This “debate” demonstrated, in plain view, just how morally bankrupt our media, and the other candidates are. This may end up working against them both.

      On the debate prior, when Santorum made that comment to Paul about “not telling the truth” when his mic acted up (which I believe was done on purpose), my feelings about Santorum quickly turned very negative. His behavior was mean spirited and in my eyes made him look very ugly. I find it hard to believe that for someone who calls himself a Christian, could act like that towards another person especially in front of room full of people on national television.

    1. Good point… we need to make a concerted effort to reach people that only listen to the alphabet news channels and believe all the crap put out by the media….and they believe it like it’s Gospel or something…and as hard as it is to believe, many people especially older people are just not internet savvy….these are the kinds of people we need to make aware of the RON PAUL MESSAGE..
      RON PAUL 2012

      1. I would really like to see Dr Paul on more talk shows. He’s supposed to be on the Jon Steward Show on Sept. 26. and low and behold, Fox mews on the 22. He will get some great time with Steward. I would also like to see him buy some TV time and tell just one or two of his main ideas and plans. If he had enough money to put the talk time on all the major stations, that would be supurb—I’m not talking just sound bites. I’m talking about him actually letting the people know who he is, what he stands for and how he plans to turn America around and put her on more steady ground. Even a 1 or 2 minute “chat” would let a lot of people learn a lot of info. And they would get used to seeing his face.
        I’m not a television person, so I don’t know what and how the time frames and formats work, but if something along this order is feasable, it would give tv viewing folks a comfortable way to become acquainted with Ron Paul

  4. Could the reason be:
    The US media is a joke. 40 yrs ago there was over 50 owners of the media channels in the US, now All radio and television in the US is owned by 4 people.

    1. I know Tom and I believe the rules about media ownership changed to the point of no return with Bush. I am sure they were moved forward by the CIA as well. I have read reports that state in the 70’s the CIA put 40% of its budget towards paying their agents in the media under a program called Operation Mockingbird. Anderson Cooper trained at their facility and his mother is blue blood Gloria Vanderbilt. I have also heard the CFR runs the media, regardless, anyway you slice it, they are now so powerful, in my opinion, they are public enemy number one and could virtually take down our Nation with their disinformation. Where did all the journalists go? And what do you do? Report it to the media?

    2. Tom. The major media is going the way of buggywhips.
      I don’t have a TV, or a radio anymore. When the TV conked, I just didn’t buy another. I watch Hulu and IMDB movies and Netflicks downloads, streaming debates and clips. Thousands of things to watch, when I want to watch them. The Banksters and the Politicians can’t control what I watch anymore.
      As soon as more news wire services appear to replace AP, it will be tough for the central planner types to spin a large percent of the population on anything. RT is a good example of a different angle. Al Jazeera is another. gives an English language perspective from the Sub-continent.
      Excellent blogs like this one from Doug Weed are chipping away at the MSM market share. The newspapers are going down and TEE VEE is right behind them.

      1. I broke my television and cancelled my cable after FOX blatantly censored Ron Paul in rebroadcast. To me, his statement was a the best moment of the entire last campaign:

        The fact that Ron keeps placing high in the polls and is still dissed during the debates makes me furious. It is so blatant and frankly disgusting. Its un-American.

        Thomas Jefferson was correct. ‘Advertisements are the only truths to relied upon in newspapers.’

  5. These 2 Graphs show that NBC is skewing the bar line:

    Same numbers for both. NBC’s poll is showing that Ron Paul has a marginal lead over Mitt Romney, as the bar lines indicate.

    1. Thanks for the post Dan! Who won the presidential debate? I guess it depends on what poll you look at, but this one has the most voters by far and Ron Paul is at over 50%. Go Ron Paul 2012!

  6. I was pretty unhappy last night, too, and I’m not even a Republican. It is patently obvious that our country must, must, must make some radical changes, and I want to hear EVERYONE’S ideas. If it were to be a true debate, why not ask equal number of questions? I think it put Dr. Paul in a bad light because he had to get angry and interrupt, and then he was rudely rushed by the moderators. Good grief. Level the playing field.

    I have always been sad for Dwight Eisenhower’s brilliant brother, Milton Eisenhower. He had been charged with gathering the best minds of the era to talk and listen–and come up with new ideas to solve terrible problems of every era. When the report was complete, the sages were politely thanked. The report was filed somewhere, no doubt deep in the bowels of some government office, like Indiana Jones’ ark. Milton Eisenhower grieved that no one ever read it.

    Let’s listen to all the best minds, for the good of our beloved country.

  7. I watched the news trying to catch a glimpse of Ron Paul or the polls and they completely ignored him, I mean didn’t even mention him or show him. The new and inventive ways they report their polls is comical. Unfortunately, a great deal of people do NOT watch the debates and depend on the post debate discussions, interviews and “news” the next day for their information. And they know it. If I didn’t know better, I would NOT even know Ron Paul was running for president.

    I could not believe how one elite’s puppet, Romney, came to the defense of their other puppet Perry to defend him signing an executive order to vaccinate little girls with a sexually transmitted disease vaccine, and a deadly one at that! How obvious can you get? Thanks for this fine article Doug! I trust people will get your articles out to help even things out. Ron Paul 2012 For Liberty!

  8. Doug,

    You lie. Perry did NOT say, “New candidate, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, entered the presidential race last month with both guns blazing, warning that if Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke adopted another round of “quantitative easing,” insider language for “printing money,” he would be committing a “treasonous”.” Perry used the plain language of printing money, not “quantitative easing” and said ALMOST treasonous: act.

    But to answer your headline question, here’s the answer: Just let Ron Paul talk, he will get rid of himself: LOL

    1. That wouldn’t stop me from voting for him. I’m a Democrat and I voted for Obama and “change we can believe in.” I sure don’t see the change. He hasn’t even prosecuted Bush and Cheney for war crimes, for Christ’s sake.

    2. Oh wow. Are you really going to get on here and start a pissing match over stupid little technicalities? The meaning behind the message is what counts. Sorry for the bluntness of my response here, but I just cant stand it when people engage in semantics.

  9. Doug,

    You lie. Perry did NOT say, “New candidate, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, entered the presidential race last month with both guns blazing, warning that if Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke adopted another round of “quantitative easing,” insider language for “printing money,” he would be committing a “treasonous”.” Perry used the plain language of printing money, not “quantitative easing” and said ALMOST treasonous.

    But to answer your headline question, here’s the answer: Just let Ron Paul talk, he will get rid of himself: LOL

    1. Really…comments like that prove this man knows what he’s talking about! You think your gov’t won’t turn on you? Did you study World History in school? All the signs are in place…we are headed for a police state…have fun in your FEMA death camp!

    1. Tex is trying to do the exact same thing that the Lame Stream Media is trying to do – minimize the votes of hundreds of thousands of people in a transparent attempt at downplaying Ron Paul’s surging popularity.

      Message to Tex, the propagandists in the Media and the other Trolls: People are quickly catching on to your games, dishonesty and deceit. Don’t think for a moment that you will be able to get away with your crap forever. Eventually, there will be a day of reckoning when those responsible for the lies and subjugation will be held accountable.

  10. Ron Paul’s biggest handicap is two-fold. 1) He is, by nature of being a physician whose job it is to care for people, he is both gentle and undemanding with whomever he comes in contact. That kind of personality doesn’t do well when dealing with someone who is not only a bully, but also of a moral character that verges on “evil.” If any of you folks are not familiar with Perry’s dealing with the STD Gardisol and the and, consequently cause the death of, 28+ childrens and do permantely physical damage to countless others. I can’t figure our he escaped having manslaughter charges against him.
    All the suffering he caused for the children and their parents, and other members of their families.
    All of ths carnage was caused by a man whose greed, a man who, for a bribe from Merck drugs to issue a gubernatorial mandate that all girls over the age of 10 receive an STD vaccine (Gardish). Here is a write-up of the event if you would like to read it.
    How could that man be trusted to sit in the most powerful country in the world, to sit in the Oval Office?

      1. TexTex you are what some call on the internet a “troll”. You troll places like this saying stuff that is not important and just to try and make others mad. Please troll somewhere else.

      2. Hey Troll, A lot of your ilk make statements like “Ron Paul is a nut job” but never back it up with anything. Put up or shut up.

      3. Tell to the victims. Sorry just mistake. People made mistake 3 years ago with Obama. we can’t afford another one with perry or Romney.

      4. Not a nut job ? well surly is a money monger ! I can only imagine how much money that “mistake” lined old Perry’s pocket…… As president I imagine he would choose even more ” I’m sorry for that mistake cash ins”. He is typical of the ” For sale to the highest bidder”, pocket puppet. Endorsed by the pharmaceutical companies. a Pill pet if you please ! Dr. RON PAUL 2012 ! What can we say ” FREEDOMS POPULAR”

      5. Any candidate that makes such a huge “Mistake” like Perry did when he went to bat for BIG PHARMA and mandated Gardasil injections, quite simply doesn’t deserve to be in political office.

        From a freedom perspective, it’s an abomination that he deliberately circumvented the normal, legislative process to issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER that FORCED our children to take a controversial vaccination. His executive order conveniently swept aside the rights of the children’s parent’s while simultaneously putting their children at risk (a very unnecessary risk).

        Rick Perry is a complete IDIOT !! He deserves to go down in flames on that one vote alone!

      6. Ron Paul isn’t a nut job. He’s the only candidate for the Presidency that has consistently adhered to the Constitution and the principle of Liberty.

      7. Tex, I thought you might be particulary interested in this write-up. Enjoy.

        All homicides are defined as either first degree murder or second degree murder. If you cause somebody’s death, and you do it intentionally, in the sense that you meant to cause somebody’s death or you meant to cause him serious bodily injury, then you’re guilty of murder. The murder then is characterized as either first degree or second degree.

        First degree murder is typically defined in one of two ways. The first is if you plan and deliberate about your actions, which means that you have some degree of prior design and prior intention to do what you’re doing. And the other way of being charged with first degree murder is if you commit murder in the course of committing a crime of domination. If you are in the process of a sexual assault or committing a forcible confinement, or if you’ve taken hostages, even if you perhaps did not mean to cause death when you began the process, but death occurs while you’re committing one of those offenses, then you’re guilty of first degree murder. Anything that is not first degree murder then becomes second degree murder. But you still need intention for second degree. Without intention, there is no crime.
        Manslaughter defines a death that occurs unintentionally, but through an intentional act, not including situations of self defense or other specific situations. If you’ve done something which has caused another person’s death, and you’ve done whatever you’ve done intentionally, you’re guilty of manslaughter. So, for example, if you push somebody down the stairs, and the person dies, even if you didn’t mean to kill the person, you didn’t take steps to prevent injury or death so you are guilty of manslaughter.

        Incidentally, there is no statute of limitations on any degree of muder or of manslaughter.

      8. LOL. Perry isn’t sorry, he is only sorry he got caught. Sorry Tex, but you cant fool this former Texan who lived under Perry governance.

  11. Not only do the American people agree we should audit the fed, now the whole republican party does. What’s with politico asking every other candidate about Bernenke and not Ron Paul?

  12. I forgot to give you this link: The Gardasil Vaccine: Bad businss
    I also forgot to mention that Merck drugs has, or is going to, offer the same deal with the governor of California. Wonder if he will bite the bait.
    Looks like the governor of California liked the offer too.
    And an update on the number of “adverse reactions” suffered by children already are pitiful. You will have extreme compassion for the families when you read this article of those cases from both Texas and California. In an action alert, the bishops’ group warns parents that “minors do not have adequate judgment to make a decision about a vaccine that as of January 15, 2011, had 21,171 adverse reactions and 91 deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

    1. “California just passed a bill into law, AB499, which permits minor children as young as 12 years old, to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines without parental knowledge or parental consent.”

      Call: (916) 445-2841
      Fax: (916) 558-3160
      Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Contact

  13. If anyone wants to find out what kind of president Dr. Paul would be, all they have to do is look up his voting record. There are several sites of this google page of which you might find one that is quickly and easily digested.

    You can also type in “Ron Paul voting record on _________(whatever you would like to investigate such as “gun control” or the FDA or whatever. Incidentally, you will always find that Congressman Paul votes according to the constitution. (I think most of the rest of Washington feels the same way Bush feels. I know you must remember his infamus remark. “The constitution is just a blank blank piece of paper.

      1. I just read the wikipedia link you posted. Had a good overview of Ron’s consistent Constitutional record. Thanks Tex for linking to a site that proves Ron is right.

  14. Trembling and shaking with anger? That’s an ASSumption. In the South, people Are more touchy. FYI, it was a cordial conversation on immigration they were having, Get your facts straight, homes.

      1. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul receives more military donations than Obama
        – Rep. Michelle Bachmann: $2,550
        – Herman Cain: $6,223
        – Rep. Newt Gingrich: $1,025
        – Gov. Gary Johnson: $0
        – Rep. Ron Paul: $36,739.79
        – Gov. Tim Pawlenty (dropped out of race): $250
        – Gov. Mitt Romney: $5,000
        – Sen. Rick Santorum: $250
        *Texas Governor Rick Perry was not included in the tallying.
        Total GOP Military Donations without Paul: $15,298.00
        President Barack Obama has been able to garner $28,833.99 from U.S. military personnel.
        COMMON KNOWLEDGE, IT IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET, AND NEWS……… Well, that is if you bother to read !

      2. Ron Paul has the more donations from military personnel than all the other Republican candidates combined. That says something.

      3. It is resonable to assume that if these military folks support a candidate financially, they will support that same candidate at the voting booth,
        Go Ron Paul. Looks like those who are doing the fighting would appreciate a little “isolationism.”

    1. Not just veterans, but Ron Paul’s financial contributions from the active military dwarfs their donations to all other candidates combined !

      Wonder what those military guys know that so many other Americans do not yet know ?

      What do you make of that, Tex ??

      1. Have your papers ready,learn Chinese, and be prepared to stand in soup lines with your ” Will work for food” sign flying if Dr. Ron paul is NOT elected !!!

      2. Guys like Tex think and speak only in the most hawkish terms (“You’re either with us, or you’re against us” GW Bush). No solutions offered, just a bunch of tough talk that solves nothing.

        Rick Perry (and his boyTex) can only think in the most basic, black/white , highly simplistic, polarized thinking that has NO PLACE in the modern era. We simply cannot afford to have another knuckle dragger in the White House.

        Hell, we’re already technically bankrupt and any suggested roll back from our monstrous, TRILLION+ Dollar a Year military adventurism is automatically viewed as a “white flag”.

        Utterly amazing!

      1. Tex is a paid troll. Notice how many times he has commented in opposition to Ron Paul. He sure seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands.

        IGNORE Trolls like Tex !!

  15. The establishment get its way and destroy our economy, taking our retirement savings with it, but they can’t erase the knowledge of what they are doing from the minds of now millions of people. When the devastating consequences finally manifest themselves in likely less than a decade, the powerful Republican and Democrat establishment plans to divert attention from the fact that they negligently/intentionally caused it. No, they will blame it on some irrelevant world event and/or each other. What is happening is truly sickening, and what makes it worse is for the millions who, thanks to Ron Paul, already see the danger, it is frustrating to swim against the tide of the politically powerful and an irresponsible, unprofessional media that are locked into the mindset of the past.

      1. I think Boemer may be a better candidate than Ron Paul. If neither of them gets the nomination, it looks like I’ll be forced to vote for Obama again. I would like to see a split party ticket, say Dennis Kucinich with Ron Paul as vice president and, then, say Boemer as Secretary of State. That would tend to protect the president from being assassinated.

      2. Tex has no answers.

        Instead, he spends his time knocking Ron Paul, the only candidate in the race with any real, proven and demonstrated integrity (as measured by his 3 decade, consistent voting record).

        What does that tell you about Tex??

        Don’t feed the troll !

      3. Dear TexTex(@TexTex): Please post your real name and home address. A picture would help as well. “Inquiring minds want to know.” (Trivia question: what show is that quotation taken from?)

      1. You are quite welcome, Doug. I tried to add you as a friend on Facebook, but you are already maxed out. BTW, the link you have on FB to your blog site ( goes to Shunem Connection Church Websites. What works is

        My FB profile is under Tony M. Isaacs

  16. I don’t know about the “benign” gesture of Perry’s. Did you see the other pics of Huntsman coming in between them? Or notice how Perry backed Paul up from his own podium. Didn’t look too benign to me.

  17. How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria

    wrenches in the gears
    lives not lived In vain

  18. Excellent article! Happy to read other bloggers put such informative, persuasive entries to hp push the idea of liberty! Rick perry and Romney are the establishment, and I think perry will throw bernanke under the bus just because the message is popular now, not because he has an intention of doing so. I will be reading in the future. I am always looking for more blogs to follow, if you know of any.

  19. Can TexTex not be banned? One of the values of comments is that you get to read arguments for and against the article, but TexTex flooded the comment thread with completely unsubstantial and pejorative comments; it was tiresome for the thread of intelligence to be so frequently interrupted.

    1. No. That is what freedom is all about. You don’t ban people with a different opinion or if they are making your life difficult. He isn’t hurting anyone here, just being a pest. Learn to cope, to take the good with the bad. Cheers! (:

  20. It appears obvious to me that both the “liberal” and the “conservative” media are being controlled by the “power elite”. Yes, the “conservative” media (CM) does tell us a very little more of the truth but that is just to set us, the people, up for classic misdirection. Read past the “commissions” the CM makes to their “omissions”, what they do not say.

    It looks as if the “power elite” have “tapped” Rick “Bilderberger” Perry (2007 Bilderberger meeting) to be the conservative presidential choice but maybe he is just a “place holder” for the “power elites” other choice or choices. Perry is certainly not the only runner who has sold out to the “power elite”. For those who don’t know the Bilderberger group IS a part of the “power elite” and attendance to their meetings is strictly limited!.

    Look at who the CM (and LM, of course) tries to ignore, marginalize, defame and make irrelevant and you will see the man that the “power elite” fears above all others. The actions of the CM in this regard underscore the control of the CM by the “power elite”. Alex Jones may be being ignored by the “power elite” as being to “fringe” to worry about but that may change.

    For the most part, the media, neither the “liberal” nor the “conservative” are be trusted sources of information; their agenda is not in the best interests of neither the people nor our Country.

    That being said, I am a “friend” to Ron Paul and an “enemy” to ALL who seek to damage or destroy my Country and her people whether those enemies be foreign or domestic.

  21. Ron Paul 2012.

    Oh, and TexTex – don’t you have anything better to do than troll this thread with over 14 posts? You should call yourself Cali-Cali cause you sure ain’t from Texas.

    I’ve been here in Texas long enough to know there ain’t no way in hell I’d vote for Perry, or any of the other jokers, either Dem or Repub.

  22. Let’s be careful not to jump to conclusions. Although the photo ot Rick Perry appeared to be a great opportunity to promote Dr. Paul, the fact that there was nothing to it will probably become more negative than positive. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt until facts are certain, as Dr. Paul does. Let’s not “shoot from the hip” even at a Texan. Dr. Paul’s supporters can give him a negative image if their zeal is not tempered with fairness and civility.

    Did Governor Perry say to bring the troops home? Perhaps he did, but the one I distinctly remember saying that was Governor Huntsman.

    1. You are so owned! Are you blind to what is happening to our country and world?? Please take a gander at my message below where i am saying “You are welcome” to Sue. People need to take the blind off their sheepish heads and see how we will end up if Dr.Ron Paul is not elected to the Presidency.

  23. Anyone notice that Rand Paul has done maybe 2-3 times as many interviews as his Pres. candidate dad this week? Granted, Rand has been on summer recess, but there’s no doubt we’re seeing a Ron Paul blackout- particularly from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Ron used to appear on Morning Joe and the Dylan Ratigan show regularly. Not anymore. Where are all those brave allies who praised Dr. Paul when he was not campaigning for high office?

    Particularly in light of the pathetic NBC debate on Wednesday, it’s not going to be easy to get the message out. Sadly, many local ‘conservative’ talk show hosts around the country are Limbaugh/Hannity clones. They don’t want to see US foreign policy as the rest of the world does, so the truth that RP speaks offends them

    1. Jt, sometimes less formal shows are better. I’m thinking that Paul’s appearance on Jon Steward Daily on the 26th will do a lot for him–especially as a person. And sometimes that’s more important. People like to think they know the candidates, and the only way to do that is by getting to know a little of their peronalities. These blogs keep us in tune with the “man” Ron Paul as well as his platform, but we are definately not a majority of the voters.

  24. The founding of this country depended on pamphlets that were circulated. It was the purest act of free speech. At no other time in our history has there been a great sharing of ideas by the people until the age of social media. Today 42% of the population is on Facebook, there are numerous outlets on the web where one may share ideas. It is entirely possible to get the Ron Paul message out without the main stream media. Who cares what they say, it is up to us to get the vote out and we have the outlets to do it. The biggest problem is education, if more people took the time to read Mr. Paul’s Books and understand his positions I don’t think anyone could find fault.

  25. I am very much in agreement with what you point out here. I posed two question to myself after seeing this fiasco.

    First, what will the Republican Party do if their attempt with the media to defame Paul doesn’t work and the people offer the votes to nominate him?

    Based on the over rehearsed and avoiding answers that the supposed “front-running” candidates give, the party would be at a loss for what to do next. Being 3rd in the national polls should send up a serious flair. Hey guys we need to pay attention and start preparing another plan, just in case this “looney’s” tune gets stuck in the people’s heads. By all indication it already is! But the ostrich-like Republicans either don’t seem to notice or are in some serious denial.

    Second, how does this “Paulwalling” happen across the board in the media and no one does anything about it?

    This shows that the media is clearly in the pockets of either a particular political machine or those who influence that machine. That, in my opinion, is unfortunate for the Republicans because it only feeds what the people are finally opening their eyes to see, which is that they have been denied the voices of many that they should have heard years ago and their own voices are being stifled because they don’t have the information they would have had they heard those voices.

    As the host of a blog dedicated to voices of the people, I can tell you that the people are not ignorant about what they are being denied. So if the Republicans are really interested in winning this upcoming election, perhaps they should start doing a lot less talking and a lot more listening to “We the People.”

  26. Ron Paul should absolutely take his message directly to the people. His isolationist stance is becoming more appealing. His honesty is refreshing. He needs to assure voters that the wacky things said about him are exaggerations. Many people worry that their livelihoods (esp. those on disability and retirement) would be in jeopardy under a Paul presidency. If he could assuage those fears, he could be taken more seriously by more people. I am a conservative, but agree wholeheartedly it’s time to bring our soldiers home. They are needed here. Yes, Ron Paul is looking better every day. Government is too big, too costly, too corrupt, and too much into our private business. It seems that Paul or Cain would be the answer we’re looking for, but the big dogs are going to try to eat them up, and cover up the scraps so no one sees them.

    1. Karen definitely think RP would be taken more seriously if he channeled his passion when he spoke and if he address issues to the people that would ease their fears about what they think they will lose based on his platform. He needs to lay out a plan that says something to the effect “if we got rid of certain bureaucracies we would replace them this way.” That is what I think Cain does. He offers tangible alternatives. The rest of the field doesn’t do that well and unfortunately RP doesn’t always either.

  27. To William O West.
    Speaking of Mr Chaney, have you read about his obvious jab at Ron Paul?
    Dr. Paul must, somehow or another, get through to the public his reasoning when it comes to allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon.
    Its beyond beiief that Chaney would have the bravado to think his views should be respected. Could be that because he was used to handling business in the Hallibuton fashion, any other way was wrong, and of course one must also keep in mind that Ron Paul isn’t a drunk, Chaney probably figures that he can’t possibly serve in the responsibility-laden position of president of the US stone cold sober

  28. Hey guys, let’s make it a point to watch the Jon Steuart Daily on the the 26th (that would be tomorrow). If you have friends or family who would also enjoy Jon Sturart let them know. The more extra (as in more than is usual) TVs tuned in to Sturart’s show, the better ratings Ron Paul gets.

  29. Dr. Paul Is not an isolationist by any means, he is not an empire builder either, he is for trade and friendly relations with other nations, In his book “Revolution” he states that people on SSA would still be paid. That no programs would end abruptly. He would be the first to say we didn’t get in this mess over night and we won’t get out of overnight either. He is not for corporate welfare or foreign aid. He is for restoring your natural rights and liberties and for returning America to a democratic republic under the Constitution.

    1. Sorry to break the news, but the Constitution is a representative republic, not a democratic republic.

      Ron Paul has an 18th century understanding of how wars are fought. Too bad it’s the 21st century. THAT is what makes him an isolationist.

      1. Tex, what makes Ron Paul an “isolationist” is not that his perception of “how wars are fought” is outdated. His so-called isolationism comes from his conviction that the US should not be responsible for policing the world. He points out the battles we have fought in the last 10 years and their cost, battles that weren’t ours, but non-the-less cost us.
        I may have posted this before, but apparently, it bears repeating.
        Those who want to cast doubt on his mental capacity call him an isolationist (as if that was something terrible. We could have used a little of that isolationism the past 10 years

        Get this:
        We have spent:
        Gulf War 3.6 billion
        Libian War 600 million
        Iraq war 805,880,015,283
        Alfghanistan 430, 068, 135, 769

        Total cost of other countries’ wars during last ten years:
        Remember that’s just in 10 years.

        And now if you would, please consider how many of our children husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts……..who lost their lives fighting other countries wars. You might also take a moment to consider all of the boys and girls, men and women who came home injured, maimed for life, most of whom cannot receive free medical help from a veterans’ facility..
        No, Tex, Ron Paul is not ignorant of war.

        This might give you a better idea of the rediculous role the US plays in batles that belong to other countries and why Ron Paul is such a bad ol’ “isolationist.”

        The United States military is helping fund both sides of the war in Afghanistan, knowingly financing a mafia-like collection of warlords and some of the very insurgents American troops are battling, according to Afghan and American officials and a new Congressional study released today.

  30. If the amount of knowledge AND understanding about Ron Paul’s views is not a good bit less than the average voter, he (we) are in deep trouble.
    I’m not one of those folks who think that the environment is in the top three issues facing America, but I do figure it’s pretty doggone inmprtant.
    This evening, I finally got around to checking into Paul’s views on protecting the environment. I was aghast. I read the piece he had written and after the second reading, I finally began to realize how that might work–maybe with just a little governmental oversight. But Dr Paul didn’t say, “just a little.” He said, “None.” It wasn’t until the third reading that I began to understant the logic of his propositions. It made sense. It made a lot of sense.
    It’s going to take a while of getting used to the idea of not having a “big boss daddy” government, but I’m looking forward to the experience.
    Dr. Paul has a really big handicap in that his intellect is so much more advanced than the average politician in today’s world, and we citizens are used to interpretating according to the average politician HIs idea of freedom brings with it a loosening of the apron strings. It involves personal ownership and the responsibility that comes with that ownership.

    Gees, how can I ever get my best friend to read and ty to understand this, He’s still stuck on Iran having a bomb.

  31. Sue, there is a lot of Ron Paul pages in Facebook. Just type his name in the search box,then hit the search button. You will find that there is over 200 pages that people have set up for Ron Paul. All ya have to do is like each page, then watch your news reel light up! I liked over 200 RP pages. Now i get info from all around the USA about what everyone is doing! Its very exciting!!

    1. You are very welcome!! BTW I agree with you on all your posts! Good for you for taking a stand for liberty!!! Something that is virtually gone in America! I’m tired of being over taxed, being regulated by the Lame Stream Media, and being told that Dr.Ron Paul would be able to do nothing about the horrible state America is in!!! 1st) He issues a Presidential Order stating to bring all our troops home to their families.That would bring a lot of money back here to boost the economy! 2nd) phase out the FED. This would release trillions of dollars effectively ended our debt issues! 3rd) End the Fed. By releasing the trillions of dollars into our economy. it would give an incredible boost to the dollar’s value, which would create a more stable stock market, which would give Employers confidence to hire, which would create jobs! Americans could actually invest and save without as much uncertainty and fear. These 3 things could accomplish a lot in 10 short months. Our economy would do a complete turn around by the end of next spring!! I am SOOO tired of having to educate people that have such short foresight!!!! Does ANYONE remember anything about math and economics that were taught to everyone that ever graduated High School???? Has the American people removed the blind off their sheepish heads to actually see where we are heading if Dr. Ron Paul isn’t elected to the office of the President of The United States Of America????? IF WE DON’T, THEN WE WILL BE IN A LOT WORSE SHAPE THAN WE ARE CURRENTLY IN!!!

      1. Scott, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking on the questions you ask, and I have come up with two answers that, on second thought, are quite similar and thereby be closely related. One is “apathy,” and the other is, “entertain me.” If memory serves me correctly fluoride was first witnessed by the US being used by Germany as a military “weapon” used to keep prisioners quiet–easy to handle. Would be interesting to have a poll as to the number of activiists who filter their water, or buy water that has the fluoride removed.

      1. Perry has more sense in his pinky than Barry does in his entire body. He is much more experienced and much more astute. I think he will constantly improve his debating skills. Remember, he won’t govern by attending debates, he will govern by studying the issues with lots of expert input.

    1. Sue,

      I never said he was my buddy. I don’t agree with tuition for illegal immigrants at ANY price. If they are here illegally, they should be removed, and how could they go to college if they aren’t here? I think this issue will damage Perry. Whether it’s lethal or not is yet to be seen. Actually, the middle class wage earner would pay LESS income tax if the 50% or so who pay nothing have to pay at least some income tax. LOL

      1. Tex, on the middle class tax increase, it would be nice that if there was no need, taxes would automatically be reduced, but we both know that ain’t likely to happen on anyone’s watch.
        At least with a leader in charge who could fix America’s financial woes, our economy would be such that working folks could earn a livable wage–maybe even prosper.

  32. Doug: What can you do to suggest that the next debate focus on one topic and have each candidate speak directly to that topic and what he would do to fix it? No new info last debate; just more of “this country is going to hell.” We know that. We just want to know how they plan to fix it. Thanks.

      1. Well, Tex…who are you for? What ideas do you have? (I’m not being snotty. I just am trying to become an educated voter.) What ideas does your candidate have?

  33. How come you can’t suggest to someone? When people got ticked off by the inane questioning on the first debate they changed it around to ostensibly ask the same number of questions of each candidate. Didn’t really work,but it was better than the first one. However…it was nothing new under the sun. We heard same old rhetoric about how bad off we are. Get tired of hearing that; need to hear plans and ideas…

  34. I meant whole hearted “YES” as an agreement to your remarks concerning “plans and ideas” at the debates. I watched better organized debates in High School than these mismanaged pitiful examples offered throughout these presidential campaigns.

  35. Ok folks, this was sent to me today, and since I didn’t watch the debate, I have no idea if it’s true or not. Will you please let me know? Ron Paul is a doctor, who has donated his service many times over. He believes in the sancticy of life. Will one of you who watched the debate let me know?

    The email:
    Did you not watch the Tea Party Republican Debate two nights ago? Paul was asked by the commentator if an “individual was at the ER in a coma, had no insurance, what would he do” Paul said it was his own fault that he had no insurance and should be left to die. No other delegate said one word to deny this statement. All Paul can do is rant about bringing the troops home (which I agree with in part)……..

  36. Yes, I did. Did you? If you did, either you missed something, or you are fnally realizing that Ron Paul is the man Doug Wead wanted everyone to get to know.

    1. Tex, I first noticed this message earlier today, started to answer it and lost my connection to the site. As far as the debate is concerned, I have a very old Mac that hates complicated sites–of which youtube is one. occasionaly, I can view a clip in its entirity, but not often. Most of the time, one particular patch of the film (usually at or near the end) just won’t come through. Ergo, the discrepancy.
      And now, I will share my favorite clip at youtube.

      I can’t get it in, but my daughter assures me that it is still there. Enyoy

  37. Check out the time stamp on textex he is not in Texas LOL.
    All hat and no cattle, just hot air not worth getting worked up over.

  38. What does a time stamp have to do with where somebody lives? Another typical Ron Paul supporter’s “logic.” LOL

    By the way, my time stamp indicates 3:22 pm, but that was NOT the time the comment was made.

    Sounds like hugh is a huge example of “All hat and no cattle, just hot air not worth getting worked up over.” LOL

    But it IS noticed you haven’t responded to my points, just a lame attempt of personal attack. LOL

  39. No I don’t get worked up by people like you and no one else should either! I’ve been around a long time I’ve learned how “post turtles”
    come to be.

  40. I don’t worked up about ANY Ron Paul supporter. LOL

    I’ll assume you accept the fact you were wrong about:
    1. When I posted,
    2. Whether I live in Texas


    For not “getting worked up” over me, you sure seem interested in me! LOL

    You’ve been around long enough you wouldn’t even make good turtle stew, you are so old and grisly. LOL

  41. No I don’t, what you say doesn’t matter, and no I don’t believe you’er in Texas, the way you keep blowing you must be from New York city. You don’t even know what a “post turtle” is.

  42. Then you’re an idiot. I looked up post turtle on the internet before the last post, and it doesn’t make any sense, just like Ron Paul doesn’t make any sense. You’re so stupid you don’t realize I know how to do that, given I gave Sue a link on Youtube for the information she was looking for earlier. That makes you a perfect Ron Paul supporter. Idiotic, senseless, AND stupid!!! LOL

  43. You have to resort to Wikipedia to find out what a post turtle is? Oh that proves my point you’re not a Texan! I think you’re a wet behind the ears twenty year old still living at home with your mother in New York.
    I guess you missed the lesson on how to behave in public and like most young people from the city never learned to respect your elders. By the way Wikipedia left out the best part “who is the dumb shit who put him there in the first place?” I know you have a high regard for yourself so with that in mind I propose to buy you for what your worth and sell you for what you think you’re worth.

  44. I don’t recall a post turtle question on the Texas citizenship test. LOL

    At least I have the sense to look up a term I’m not familiar with, and don’t start a conversation by making numerous false claims, and then continue with other accusations of a raving lunatic, like some idiotic, senseless, and stupid Ron Paul supporter who goes by the name “hugh.” LOL

    I think you’re idiotic, senseless, and stupid, just like Ron Paul. No doubt that’s why you like him. LOL

    And who is the dumbshit who put Paul in office in the first place? LOL

  45. @tex tex: The people in his congressional district put him in office and for many consecutive terms.
    If you want to know who the idiotic, senseless and stupid one is, I suggest you look in the mirror. Like they say “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and you are the shining proof!!

  46. Tex I don’t expect you to understand the adult mind, or to be able to hold an adult conversation. Perhaps when you’re more mature. So Tex we are done! To the rest of the people on this blog I apologize for drifting from the message of supporting Dr. Paul for president. Please forgive me. In these times there is nothing more important than staying positive and educating people about liberty. Thank you

  47. Rio Sam (Is that how you got here, crossing the Rio Grande?),

    That’s one of the best arguments I’ve ever heard for term limits! Thanks.

    Funny mirror story, first time I’ve heard that one! LOL By the way, I’m not a liberal, nor am I a kooky libertarian.

    Ron Paul couldn’t get much of his agenda through Congress, he’s worse at human relations than Barry! And that’s not easy to do. LOL


    You’re still an idiot. If it’s an adult conversation you want, give me a couple of times you want to talk on the phone. I have a conference number and if you dial *67 first, I don’t have to know your phone number. You can even ask me some additional Texas questions. LOL


    I respect others IF they respect me. Go back and look at how hugh got this conversation started, by accusing me of 2 false thoughts.

  48. Your stupidity is only surpassed by your blind egotism! I thought the mirrow story was funny too..LOL But the Rio Grande…that was funny..LOL
    Actually, I was born in Chicago, ILL quite a long time ago. No thanks to the telee converssation invite, you are way to far out on the left for my liking…But hey, to each their own. Just remember, you will regret your decision if RON PAUL doesn’t win the nomination…he is the one person he does not want to have to run against because he knows he will loose….He’s fairly confident he can beat Perry or Romney or Bachmann….so you might want to think about that, unless, you plan on voting for Obama because you seem to be leaning in that direction….Just exactly who do you favor??

    RON PAUL 2012

  49. Dorotheus of Gaza taught that to live in peace in community we must first own our own sin in a disagreement. This can be in word, attitude or countenance present or past, or in harming someone else at another time. Whoa! St. Francis says that in ministry we must never judge or look down on other ministers, but pay close attention to our faults and failings. Only when the ego driven modes are removed from life and ministry can we correct others in real love.

    –John Michael Talbot

  50. RS,

    You don’t have a CLUE regarding my political views. Just to set the record straight (as I have done on other threads on this blog), I am a Reagan conservative and think Rush Limbaugh has it right as well. Where you got the impression I support Barry is not only puzzling, I suspect you are smoking or snorting something illegal. Ron Paul has already been written off by Rush, and he may be the only Republican in the race Barry can beat. I haven’t made up my mind yet who to support, the campaign season is long and there are many twists and turns.


    George Patton said, “May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won’t.” I never heard of 2 of the 3 people you quoted, have you ever heard of George Patton? LOL

  51. Well tex, you might be able to relate to this, Confucious Say:
    By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

    So when you’ve made up your mind who you will be supporting, by all means let me know… I, on the other hand, know exactly the person I am supporting simply because of the consistency of his beliefs…
    RON PAUL 2012

    But I will enjoy watching the other candidates fly which ever way the wind happens to be blowing at the time…simply because they just want the “job”
    RON PAUL wants to help our country and therein lies the difference between HIM and the others..


  52. I hope you take the time read and comprehend this exerpt from an interview with Bob Chapman…

    These people are playing for everything. They want to win, and enslave you… those of you who are young and not ill. Just like in ancient Egypt, and in Rome where they did the same thing. So that’s where we’re headed. I hope… that a year from November Ron Paul can get elected with people like him… in office. And then, maybe we can make some changes. But in lieu of that, and if that doesn’t exist, cause he doesn’t win, your goose is cooked. And you either stay, and live like an animal, or get out of the country, cause that’s how bad it’s gonna get. – Bob Chapman radio interview

    Continue reading on Bob Chapman: If Ron Paul does not win the election, then America is done – National Finance Examiner |

  53. You can quote Confucious or anyone else all you want. Bottom line: Ron Paul would retreat from Afghanistan, allow the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and who know what other terrorist groups to build back up, come back here and make 9/11 look like a block party. He’s a dangerous man who understands neither history, human nature, simple logic, or our enemies. His opinions would NEVER make it through Congress.

    I’ve never heard of Bob, but since he’s a fellow economist to Ron, it makes sense Bob supports Ron. Ron also predicted the world would essentially end in the 1980s as well, that’s his modus operandi.

    1. Well, if his opinions wouldn’t make it through congress, although, I believe some would, what in the world are you worried about?

      Never heard of Bob Chapman? Ever hear of Alex Jones? Steve Quayle? Hawk , Gerald Celente? I thought you had savvy about alternative news sites… and just because they are alternative DOES NOT make them wrong…they will reveal things 2 or 3 weeks before the Lame Stream Media finally picks it up..

      As for Afghanistan! You do know we are only there for 2 reasons..the pipeline and to protect the poppy fields. Our government had to step in because the Taliban were setting all the poppy fields on fire…Where do you think all the funding for all of the black ops comes from? The taxpayer? NOT HARDLY!! Not nearly enough to fund the billions they need…

      Oh….you know that homo, rughead loving Perry is already insinuating how the wars are just going to keep right on a goin….Yep..he’ll make an obedient PUPPET alright!!! Excellent choice for President….yes siree…

      RON PAUL 2012

    2. Every single time I start thinking that you are a pretty smart fellow after all, you come out with some naive remark, and I have to chuck that notion. Surely you don’t believe that the 9/11 attack was a surprise to the US.

      Here’s a little psychology lesson: If you want to lead a group of people around by the nose, give them something to fear and something to hate. The results will be quadrupled if both the fear and the hate is directed towards one entity.

      You’ve probably seen this practiced in churches and thought nothing of it. I’m sure you’ve heard one or more versions of: There’s ol’ Satan just ready to devour you. He’s big, bad and mean, so you had better give us all your money and we’ll cast that devil right out of you.

      Back to the message.
      Have any of you guys heard of the “Patroit Act?” That one’s a goody. If’s been awhile, you might want to refresh your memory as to what it encompassed.

      Pretty wild, right? How many freedoms did Americans lose with that one?
      Do you think that the citiizens of the United States would have been so willing to give up their rights and freedoms if the US Government hadn’t given them something meant to instill pure terror? The hate was just icing on the mud pie.

  54. You can’t be serious! I am one of 350 million people in this country and I’m supposed to worry about ending up like fuzzy….I ask you again…SERIOUSLY??
    However, I will answer your dumb question anyway: NO NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NOOOOOOOOOO

  55. Now here’s a piece of news I found quite interesting: As Ron Paul comes off of his landslide victory this weekend in the California State Straw Poll (Paul 44.9%, Perry 29.3%), all signs pointed to a Paul victory in the Texas State Straw Poll. Unfortunately for Paul, his a thirty year history of bucking the GOP establishment means that the establishment is no fan of the Congressman. When faced with the likely upset an embarrassing defeat for Perry in his home state, does it seem more likely that the Texas GOP pulled the plug on its straw poll because of “lack or interest,” or because of an increasingly likely Ron Paul victory?

    Well, that’s not hard to figure
    RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012

  56. Well it’s not that many less than when Rassmussen does their polls….but it you want more confirmation go to and they have about 10 or so different polls you can check out..scroll down and you will see them listed..
    and of course: RON PAUL 2012

  57. @TEX: Frankly, I don’t scare that easily. No I’m not worried about the Taliban terrorizing me… and of course: RON PAUL 2012

  58. I have an open request for advice.
    Situation: Both a close friend and my sister are Ron Paul fans, yet neither of them will vote in the primary. One is an Independent and the other is a Democrat, and both say that they will wait to vote for Paul in the main election because they don’t want to change their voter registration.
    I have tried to convince them that getting past the primaries is the main part, that Ron Paul is presently not being heard by a huge portion of the population, and those folks will only begin to listen when the election becomes totally a one-on-one deal. Any suggestions?

  59. Tell them after they extract their head from their ass, that they can change their voter registration back to ? after the primary. What part of RON PAUL won’t be in the general election if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination and in order to do that he has to win a majority of the PRIMARY’S..
    It’s because of people like them that a lot of people would like to see a mandatory IQ test given to potential voters…..Now of course, that’s strictly a rhetorical idea….but it accentuates the frustration of people that actually use their heads for something other than hat racks! I digres; either way GOOD LUCK
    RON PAUL 2012

  60. Just in case some of you folks missed it: Fox News Pulls its own poll Showing Ron Paul Debate Victory. Fox now claims that Mitt Romney Won.

    What’s with this Mitt Romney business anyway? Has Perry shown too many of his true colors, and now the media has to find someone else to take his place? Won’t do them any good. Actually, I’m hoping the contenders list gets longer and longer. It will only do Ron Paul good. His supporters are here to stay. The added Republican contenders will wind up dividing the rest of the Republican votes. Where’s Sarah?

  61. What do LBJ, GWB, RIck Perry and Ron Paul have in common? Texas, an oversized state with extreme, unstable weather and extreme, unstable people, with the highest violent crime rate. Both LBJ and GWB wrecked the economy seeking both guns and butter. And Clinton is one of their neighbors, too. We were told in 2000 we had to take GWB because southerners were more conservative. He wasn’t. They are just louder and unreliable bulls in the china shop.

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