It’s official, Jon Stewart Wins the Iowa Straw Poll

Jon Stewart’s now viral analysis of the media exclusion of Ron Paul is an example of how comic’s make us laugh by stating the truth.  This was definitely a “look mom, the Emperor has no clothes” moment for America.   The emperor in this case being the national media in general and “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel specifically.  Look at the numbers and see how Jon Stewart’s views jumped on the day he stated the obvious to the delight of the nation.

During the week leading up to his Ron Paul piece Jon Stewart’s page averaged 43,000 hits a day.  On August 16, 2011, the day he posted his Straw Poll analysis he had 223,247 hits.  There are two things the American people despise.  Presidents who lie.  And media talking heads who insult their intelligence by what they say or don’t say.

Years ago, in television, it was a rule of thumb that when you received a letter it represented a thousand people who felt the same way.   Today, the national media has decided that it is all reversed for Ron Paul supporters on the internet.  They believe that 1,000 Ron Paul emails really only represent one.  That  it just so happens that all the Ron Paul people are techno savvy and supporters of the other candidates struggle in that area.  And so the growing numbers of people who vote or express their support for Dr. Paul in emails must be much less than they appear.

And for those handful of Americans who missed Jon Stewart’s analysis of the Iowa Straw Poll, here you go.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

22 thoughts on “It’s official, Jon Stewart Wins the Iowa Straw Poll

  1. Seriously, they’re only lying to themselves, and in a funny way kind of admitting that they’re dinosaurs. “tech savvy” my 80 year old grandmother goes online and skypes with family by herself! Same with my 4 and 6 year old cousins.The more they try to tighten their grip on this the more people slip through the cracks. The media doesn’t know the kind of force they are playing with. They are living in an alternate reality. We’ll see what happens when more people especially independents and democrats start paying attention, and hear the Anti-war messege! I used to a be a democrat, befor Dr. Paul showed me that there is such a thing as social liberal/Fiscal conservative, and life was not as simple as (blue) economic fascist, (Red) economic/social/military fascist.

  2. Major media loses all credibility when they choose to ignore Ron Paul who has tremendous grassroots support in all 50 states and appeals to a broad spectrum of voters. Momentum is building for Ron Paul who not only predicted years ago the financial problems we are now facing…he also has a solution to those problems.

  3. Ron Paul better get elected or the entire world is screwed. The Fed will continue to plunder everyone on earth. I hope more Americans wake up in time. You’d think the Savers and Seniors would realize a 0% interest rate policy is screwing them. Seniors should be in the streets right now rioting. WAKE UP!

    1. So true. If Ron Paul is elected, it is the end of the free money banker system and they know it. They’re pulling out all the stops on the news media, particularly Fox promoting the mythical Perry candidacy while the others pick up the act by bashing the mythical Perry candidacy. Pure fiction.

    1. the only one that sounds remotely crazy and whiny is you tex any logical being can see that Paul is the only man up there with any IDEA of whats going on in this country

      1. Well said Herman! And Tex, please educate yourself before opening your mouth. And I don’t mean education via the spin doctors riding on the merry-go-round over at the “no-spin” zone. O’Reilly actually said what is all this stuff about Keynesian ecomonics, I don’t get it, who cares. LOL

      2. Sure, Ron is the ONLY person in the country who knows what’s going on. Take another toke of that Ron Paul weed, Herman Munster! LOL

        Nicky, educate myself about WHAT? Ron’s libertarian agenda hasn’t caught on in the past, isn’t catching on now, and won’t in the future. I don’t move to the beat of O’Reilly’s drum. He’s right on some things, and wrong on others, just like Ron Paul! LOL

  4. Can you please use the correct method to display whatever (no doubt interesting) image you tried to include in the post above? The URL indicates you just copied the link from an email without properly copying the image itself.

  5. Back in the day when people relied on newspapers, radio and tv news shows for their news they were more willing to believe what they read and what they heard. Now that we have internet, computers, smart phones, etc. people can do the research themselves in a matter of minutes. The news community needs to catch up and remember that we often know the details before they can report it.

    Thanks Dough for keeping us up-to-date on this little news “gliches”.

  6. Great article as usual Doug – I love it! It really is absurd that people think Ron Paul supporters have this magical ability to multiply themselves. Truly rediculous! Ron Paul is leading in the Fox and Friends’ poll with over 60% and another Fox poll with nearly 70%, unfortunately they reported Perry winning in the polls on the news. I don’t know how they can get away with such nonsense. Some are saying they release the poll to Perry groups and then report the poll numbers from early on. When he gets to 100% maybe they will report. LOL Thanks again for the article!

      1. Well Tex, like I said Fox and Friends took it off the first page of their website and as far as I know, the results were NOT reported. Here are postings from that date showing where the results were before they took it down:
        Nicky Nelson Ron Paul is over 58% so this poll will be coming down soon, I think 60% is the tipping point, although CNN’s is still up with over 80% LOL Who will be the GOP presidential nominee?
        Michele Bachmann 3.93% (214 votes)

        Ron Paul 58.89% (3,209 votes)

        Rick Perry 24.67% (1,344 votes)

        Mitt Romney 5.43% (296 votes)

        Someone yet to enter race 5.49% (299 votes)
        August 18 at 2:38pm · Like · 1 person

        Nicky Nelson GO RON PAUL!!! Maybe when he gets to 100% the media will report it. LOL
        August 18 at 2:39pm · Like · 2 people

        Christine Hanlon I just voted and Ron Paul is winning by a long shot!! He’s almost at 70%!!
        August 18 at 9:42pm · Unlike · 1 person

        Nicky Nelson They won’t report it. That is what sucks!
        August 18 at 9:44pm · Like

        And here are some other polls:

        Admitting that Ron Paul’s votes on their poll were so high, they thought something was wrong and pulled it down, to their peril.

      2. The Rasmussen link says, “But Paul still has a long haul among voters in his own party. He ran fourth last week in Rasmussen Reports’ most recent survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters with nine percent (9%) support. Texas Governor Rick Perry, the new face in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, has jumped to a double-digit lead over Mitt Romney and Bachmann with the other announced candidates trailing even further behind.” You must be more stupid than I could even imagine, and I have a VERY good imagination! LOL

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