Why Mike Huckabee Will Be President?

        Next week Mike Huckabee visits Capitol Hill, ostensibly to promote his new book.  But also to test the mood of potential congressional allies.
        The questions are coming fast and furious.  Will Mike Huckabee run for president?  Could he possibly win?  And even if he won, would he have a significant presidency, one that matters?
         No one really knows, not even Mike Huckabee, so my answers are as good as any.  And my answers are “yes, yes and yes.”
         Make no mistake, Mike Huckabee will run, whether he has finally figured that out yet or not.
         Oh, I know.  He has never had money before and he is pulling in $100,000 a week on the Fox News Channel.  Yes, he is building a mansion on the Florida panhandle.  He is on 600 radios stations three times a day.  If he gives it up to run for president would he get it all back?
         Sure he will.  It is an easy choice. There are 10 million millionaires in the world and 99% of them will be forgotten.  There is only one U.S. president and he is immortal.  Besides, Huckabee has all of this opportunity for wealth only because he ran for president last time.   The radio stations may come back, a chance to win the White House will not.
         But can Mike Huckabee win the nomination and the presidency?  Yes, absolutely.  He is getting stronger by the day.   And making friends and allies across the country by offering them priceless slots on his television show.  He is in debate prep weekly by bringing on guests to argue and spar with him.  He is learning how to look good and project good on the screen.
         Huckabee has already built some of the serious relationships that Trump and Pawlenty have yet to do.  And Palin has strangely avoided.
         While Palin and Pawlenty have published books about themselves, Mike Huckabee  has written a book about simpler government.  He takes the basic issues of the day, moral issues, family and foreign policy, offering easy to read solutions.  It is Reaganesque, clean and simple.
         By waiting to Labor Day to announce, Huckabee risks losing some of the key political activists, people who need jobs.  But none of them could do more for him that his weekly television show and endless radio commercials.  His greatest risk would be in skipping the Iowa Cavalcade this summer.  It could be the launching pad for a new star that will eclipse him and give such a star a head start from which he can never recover.  More about that later.
         For the moment, Mike Huckabee has the best chance of beating Barack Obama.  He is likeable.  He is vetted.  No new skeletons are likely to come out of the closet.   He has problems but they are manageable.  He is the frontrunner.  He is a born again Christian who will own the delegate rich Southern states.  And Obama now owns the second worst depression in American history.
         Which brings me to the last point.  Almost any president following Barack Obama will be seen by history as a good one.  America needs a correction.  Economically and in foreign policy.  What the world needs now is America light. Menthol.  Less tar and nicotine.  Mike Huckabee was born for this moment.
Mike Huckabee and Doug Wead

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

18 thoughts on “Why Mike Huckabee Will Be President?

  1. Doug – you wrote a very nice piece on mike here – and by the way mike seems like such a very nice guy, that’s why Americans love him — but it’s a post that seems a lol out of left feild? Espeacially on the day Ron Paul annouces his exploritory committee — I followed your series on ‘could he win,’ last year, and so, I visited today to see some more stratgic follow ups? Anyway,just curious, keep up the great work, you’ve got a great sense of defining that sense f nostagla that America needs right now, cheers, fb

  2. Thanks for another thought provoking blog, Doug. I like Huckabee; wished he’s been our candidate last time around. With Donald Trump and Herman Cain in the mix, the Republicans can certainly have an impressive line up of hopefuls and plenty of good options for the presidency to consider.

    Do have a question…what are your thoughts on Herman Cain?


  3. I voted for Huck last time, and probably will again, assuming he runs. Does this mean you think Ron Paul doesn’t have much of a chance, Doug?

  4. I agree with Glenn Beck that Mike Huckabee has many progressive positions. Ron Paul is a much better conservative.

  5. I am not southern, uneducated, or evangelical, but I believe Huckabee is a spectacular candidate – he is bright, principled, experienced, and has great oratorical skills. If elected, he will go over the heads of the Congress directly to the people, and the reforms this country desperately needs to survive and prosper will begin to take place.

  6. I usually like the things you write, but Huckabee is a big government conservative who as governor increased the size of government and raised taxes. As the ’08 pres. candidate, he was bin Laden’s best ally – someone who would drive America bankrupt through endless foreign militarism. Maybe he’s nice as a person, I don’t know, but as a politician he’s poor and gives limited government conservatives a bad reputation

  7. I’m not quite convinced that Huck has the fortitude to make good on the bold reform that is necessary for a true recovery. He seems extremely vulnerable to political pressures, at a time when we need a man like Ron Paul in office who we can be sure will never waver.

    Also, I think you’d be pleased to know that the “Ron Paul Army” is already rounding troops and setting up bases in Iowa to prepare for the Cavalcade. If it wasn’t for your inspiration through this blog, I doubt things would be shaping up this early. One can only hope that the Ron Paul campaign would take you in and benefit from your depth of knowledge and expertise.

    Keep up the great work, as your articles always make for a great read.

    1. I respectfully disagree with you about Ron Paul. He will be a ‘unseat Obama spoiler.’ He will do nothing but draw voters away from the front running candidate who will have a real chance to unseat Obama. Just my opinion and I do not think that Ron Paul is the person who can get the deed done.

      1. Your point would be taken if there are any polls which show Ron Paul polling less than others against Obama. I believe the last one I saw had him polling behind just Huck and Romney against Obama. An April ’10 poll had him polling 42-41 against Barry. I think it is a fallacy to think that other Republican candidates somehow have a significantly better chance against Obama.

  8. Comments that Huckabee might be a “big government conservative” or “vulnerable to political pressure” are simply reflections of lies told in 2008 by Mitt Romney’s staff. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Huckabee’s book A Simple Government shows that he believes as much government as possible should be local, not Federal. He points out that new Federal initiatives should be avoided because they never seem to end. Moreover, Huckabee is the one potential candidate who owes NOTHING to the special interests. He identifies neither with big business nor with big unions, and has taken none of their money. He has the courage of a tiger, and has demonstrated it time again. If there is any doubt about this, watch the Republican primary debates. He won’t need consultants to know what to say.

    1. I’m sure you are right about the consultants; he does think for himself and does a very very good job at it. Now if we could get Huck for President and either Trump or Bachman as a running mate that would be a dynamite ticket. One with good solid government experience and the other with the financial experience. Although Trump would be a ‘tiger’ to work with.

      1. Moey–are you SERIOUS about Trump as a running mate???? Trump has absolutely no business as president, v.p., senator, congressman or anything else. He is a “carnival barker” and his goal is to get as much publicity for himself as possible–and that is all.

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