A Report From Inside Egypt

A Report From Inside Egypt

There seems to be uniformity from many inside Egypt, at least from Cairo.  My information comes from a pharmacist, a doctor, an Egyptologist, shopkeepers and a gentleman who does the internet and bookkeeping for many businesses.  All are saying the same thing, “Mubarak needs to leave now”.

They all feel the violence has been caused by the Security Police attacking the protesters and have said “the army is on the side of the protesters”.

Yes, they all seem concerned about the future of a post Mubarak government  But they say that the Muslim Brotherhood is on the sidelines.  And this from sources who are Islamic, and some Coptic Christian, but almost all of them believe that if there were free elections the Muslim Brotherhood would not come to power.

It is widely believed that the conflict last Thursday, the beatings, killings and attacks on the press came from security police in plain clothes; some of them riding in on horses and camels.  When they were knocked down from their animals, the protesters found security police ID’s.

I am told that there are 24 hour neighborhood watches where everyone is participating to protect each other and that means Egyptians protecting Americans and vice versa.  The shop owners and pharmacist say that the businesses have not been broken into, however they understand the police stations have been burned out.

Most of the Americans in the Cairo area live In Maadi, a wealthier section of town, and I understand they are not ready to leave yet.  We can only pray for a peaceful outcome in the best interest of the Egyptian people and the world.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

6 thoughts on “A Report From Inside Egypt

  1. Thank you, Doug, for being balanced on this issue. I appreciate your willingness to post a change of position on this.

  2. Carter dumped the Shah of Persia and Iran has become what it is today. Brotherhood want Egypt to attack Israel again. It is not democracy in action it is violence in action. This is the story of Egypt today, Egyptians fighting Egyptians and in the future years it will get worse. Iran will make certain of this.

    1. This is not Iran, this is Egypt. The Egyptians are not fighting each other. All we can do is hold a positive thought for Egypt and the Egyptian people. Doug has heard the same comments that I have heard coming from my friends inside of Egypt.

      1. Nancy, Lara Logan was attacked in Egypt reporting on the situation in Egypt. She was raped by democracy in action Egyptians who called her a Jew. On Women’s International Day women were attacked, Egyptians against Egyptians. Egypt will never know lasting real PEACE.

  3. Some of the more moving pictures were those of Coptic Christians hand in hand lined up to protect Muslims at prayer on Friday and then the Muslims returning the same favor on Sunday as the Copts held mass.
    It doesn’t mean there aren’t religious extremists on all sides who would like to turn this into a religious conflict, but it does go to show that the desire for freedom and democracy can be a very strong uniting force as well.

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