When Will The End Come?

Here is a list of facts and a timeline that every American should have nearby. It may help you plan.  Although, it is a little late to be planning.

2001 Projected US budget for 2009-2012 :  Plus $850 billion a year

Projections now:  Minus $1.2 trillion a year

US National Debt:  $14 trillion

US Gross Domestic Product: $14.9 trillion

World GDP:  61.9 trillion

National Debt as a percent of GDP in 1980:  26.1%

National Debt as a percent of GDP last year:  62.2%

US deficit 2009:   $1.75 trillion

US deficit to GDP ratio: 11.8%

Greece deficit to GDP ratio: 12.7%

Ratio required to join European Union: Less than 3%

All 2009 US tax revenues:  $2.1 trillion

Net worth of the US and all its citizens in 2009: $54.2 trillion

To give you a point of reference, as stated above, theoretically, a nation must have a deficit to GDP ratio of less than 3% to join the European Union.  For example, Hungary is receiving great criticism for failing to raise taxes and is finding it difficult to meet a 3.8% target imposed by the Union.  Greece is out of control, its economy on the brink, hitting 12.7% deficit to GDP ratio.  And the USA?  By current standards we couldn’t even get into the Union.  We are not far behind Greece, posting an 11.8% ratio of deficit to GDP.  If Greece is going into the abyss, we may follow.

Now keep in the mind the following.  The USA has unfunded liabilities of $107 billion for Medicare and Social Security.  Liabilities for Medicaid are unknown.  Liabilities for federal pensions are not fully known.  In 2013 more than 78 million Baby Boomers will be able to collect Social Security without income limitation.  The first year that they are eligible for Medicare is upon us now, 2011.  They are signing up at the rate of 10,000 a day.

The Democrats and Republicans have been playing a game of musical chairs right up to the end.  Each is betting or hoping that they will be seated when the music stops playing and the other will be left standing and blamed by the public for the disaster.  The fact is that they are both to blame.  The end game is not far off now.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

10 thoughts on “When Will The End Come?

  1. The end will come after the seven years of tribulation, and we are at the doorstep of that time now! The country will never pay off it’s debts now, we will just keep shoving more and more things around until total kayos comes upon the country. Check what happened in Germany in the 1910’s to 1930’s (and all over Europe)!

    1. Yes, sobering. However, we must remember the resilence of the American Spirit. Many governments have reinvented themselves. This is the first time the USA must look at itself and the founding principles. We must remake America as a true democracy, devoid of the electoral college.

      Then perhaps, the voice of those governed will be more accurately represented. Apathy cannot be tolerated. Peoples’ passions need to be stirred for justice, equality and liberty, our guiding ideals.

  2. Doug,

    Thank you for the wake up call. As I see it…until society recognizes the unity of humankind, and recognizes that we enlarge the problem(s) by complaining, arguing and blaming, especially in light of current events, we avoid two root causes for global chaos:

    #1. We are way to violent a species.
    #2. We are poor stewards of natural resources.

  3. Wow! 2001 Projected US budget for 2009-2012 = Plus $850 billion a year. Projections now = Minus $1.2 trillion a year. A $2 Trillion swing. Sobering. Maybe we should have started listening to the good Dr. Paul a decade ago?

  4. When I spend $100, I usually get to see what I bought. We have spent a Trillion (PLUS) and I haven’t seen a thing! I think we bought a bunch of B.S.!

  5. There is only one criterion for the world to end. “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the whole world … and then the end come. (Matt. 24:24)

    1. @ John W. Buckley.

      Yes but the thing is NO ONE is going out like Jesus did and actively searching out people to tell them what is to come and tell the gospel.

      Jesus told you to actively go out and tell the people but the churches certainly don’t do this.

      Besides I think the churches and Christendom (read Babylon the great) is hand in hand with the governments of this system of things. I think this false religion will also be wiped out. The church hardly have a good track record!

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