Ron Paul or Rand Paul? That is the question.

Ron Paul or Rand Paul?  Who do we help first?

Paulistania is in a flux.  The little Paulistas are running here and there in a panic. Where do we go? Where do we put our money?  For which Paul do we work first?  If we help Ron will we hurt Rand?  Which is more important?  The long shot, Quixotic Ron Paul presidential possibility?  Or the more likely win and the future of the movement, the Rand Paul senate race in Kentucky?

The Ron Paul presidential possibility is igniting a national movement.  One could say that there never would have been a Rand Paul opportunity if the father’s campaign had not struck a chord.  Things are only getting better, or I should say worse.  The economy is in the tank and we are sliding into a permanent dependency on the Chinese, the only communist super power left on earth.  The Obama administration has not even touched the mortgage crisis, not even made the most obvious, easiest fixes.  Unemployment is widespread and the only jobs being created are from the government itself. Understandably, taxes are soaring.  A citizen in these United States pays at a rate of three times that of his Russia counterpart.

Our wars are unrelenting.  We are building new nations in Iraq and Afghanistan, with that borrowed money, of course, careful not to touch any Iraqi oil money lest we appear exploitive to French and Germans, who were cheating the UN boycott of Saddam Hussein by their own deals. Our boys are dying in Afghanistan in our newly defined effort to supplant their 2,000 year old culture with our own, more reasonable, up to date version of women’s rights.  State Department officials now actually accompany military officers on the battlefield, as communist party officials were once assigned to look over the shoulders of their Soviet officers on the German front in World War Two.

We now have 700 military bases and soldiers on the ground in 140 nations. American foreign policy could not be more screwed up.  And only Ron Paul is demanding a change.  Obama, Clinton, Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich are only arguing about how to fight our unlimited wars.  Only Ron Paul is calling for an end to the American Global Empire, warning that we are bankrupting the country, and that it isn’t working anyway.  For every terrorist we manage to kill, we create ten more.

Politically, Ron Paul is winning everything within sight.  The CPAC straw poll, online, spur of the moment, contests.  He is in double digits in the national polls. Everything his activists have ever dreamed of is happening before their eyes.  He is within reach of an Aymes, Iowa Cavalcade surprise showing, which could be the door to the GOP nomination.  And who would have dreamed that the party’s last nominee, John McCain, would be fighting for his political life in a primary battle against a Tea Party challenger?

If anyone, ever has a chance to break the cycle of corruption, break the power of the establishment, then who?  And if ever there was a chance for it to happen, then when?  The answers to those two questions are “Ron Paul” and “now.” So no, we cannot afford to withhold our support of Ron Paul, not now, when the impossible can happen.

But wait a minute.  Isn’t Rand Paul a more highly evolved version of his father? Isn’t Rand free from the more controversial baggage, issues like the legalization of Marijuana?  Whatever its merits, it is an issue that will almost assuredly be seized upon by the power establishment to sew fear in the heartland and doom a Ron Paul presidential run.   And since Rand Paul is younger doesn’t he give the movement more time?  And won’t his election now give the movement six years to build and grow? And wasn’t that Ron Paul’s goal in the first place, to get others to run for offices?  And won’t all the establishment enemies rise up to try stop Rand Paul?  Won’t television news demonize him?  Shouldn’t we all band together and support him now, as our best hope?  Won’t support for Ron’s longshot presidential run, drain away precious dollars and hours for Rand’s very imminent, real possibility?

If anyone, ever has a chance to break the cycle of corruption in Washington, if anyone was ever close to getting inside “the club” to expose all the secret deals, then who?  And if ever there was a chance for it to happen, then when?  The answers to those two questions are “Rand Paul” and “now.”  So no, no, we cannot withhold our support of Rand Paul now, when a breakthrough is possible.

So to whom do we send our dollars? And to which campaign deserves our activism?

The very clear answer is both.  We support Ron and we support Rand and we do not slack for either one.  If one falters hopelessly it can feed the other.  And if they both succeed?  All the better.

For years the incestuous business lobbies have donated to both Republican and Democrat campaigns, with the reasoning that one of them is bound to win.  True libertarians should not bemoan the fact that we have two superstars shining in the firmament.  We should support them both and enjoy the exploding fireworks as they light up the sky and send the evil barons into exile, the men and women of power who have stolen from the retirement funds of the elderly and the future earnings of the young to fatten their own, selfish, exorbitant salaries.

Here’s to Ron and here’s to Rand.  May Paulistania be at peace.  And may we put our money where our mouths are.


3 Responses to Ron Paul or Rand Paul? That is the question.

  1. brentburk says:

    You should join Rand Paul’s campaign and help him win the fight against the liberal media and DNC who are trying to use everything in their arsenal to destroy Rand Paul and the tea party movement.

  2. bugsiesteel says:

    You rock Mr. Wead. Ive been supporting both Paul’s and will continue to until we win! There are a handful of candidates winning from our movement too. The biggest deal to me is BJ Lawson out of 4th District of NC. He is Ron personified. BJ ran in 08 and got clobbered. This time he kicked some A in his primary.

    Change is coming to DC whether the cozy little elite choose to believe it or not. Paul supporters didnt go away.. we started taking over. I pray Ron announces his bid for POTUS. All the work we have put in for him on the ground to set the stage will take off like those fireworks you just described.

    I believe Paul is so popular with people that something big will happen even if he doesnt get the nod. He is absolutely the most popular congressman in America. Ron has sharpened his message and Rand has too. Just watch this stellar performance against a hostile tone from Cavuto:

    Something big is happening. I believe that if Rand wins and Ron announces his bid for POTUS he will break all fund raising records in the first 30 days.

    All Ron’s supporters are chomping at the bit. We are more experienced, well placed and the hardest working group for a politician out there.

    Just my .02 cents.

    Love your blog. Thanks for remaining conservative and telling it like it is. Having your support toward this Liberty movement makes my day! I enjoy your perspective and it gives me just a little more hope that change, real change.. can happen.

  3. zakerycarter72 says:

    Why only support the Pauls? We’ll need more than the two of them in ofice to take back the Republic! (and we need a bunch of Paulites in State Governments too!)

    Find great liberty candidates at - – – and –

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