Senator Al Franken: Champion of victims right?

Senator Al Franken: Champion of victims rights?

So guess which Senator has made a stand for the rights of victims of crime?  And not just the victims of crime but women or men who have been sexually assaulted?  The sort of crimes that hypocritical liberal Democrats have tended to overlook in recent years.  The sort of crimes that make Gay Activist groups nervous.  Or seldom prompt a word of interest from the National Organization of Women, who during the Clinton years, were so nervous that anything they said or did would be a standard that would apply to their own president that they would not protest a workplace rape.  I guess a rape here and there served those trailer-park-trash-women just right.

So who is this new knight in shining armor?  John Kyl of Arizona perhaps?

Nope.  Try Minnesota Senator Al Franken.  The much maligned, liberal comedian turned politician who was awarded his seat in one of the closest and most bitterly contested Senate battles in years.  Franken helped write into Obama’s 2011 defense budget proposals that would prevent the government from working with contractors who deny victims of sexual assault the right to their day in court.  It is more than platitudes.  At last, a concession to crime victims that has some teeth.

What does this mean?  Will true liberalism, a principled philosophy that fights for the people, make a comeback?  Is this the harbinger of a new type of politician?

Not likely.  The raiding of the US Treasury by the party in power continues unabated while the unemployed look on, hoping that their needs will soon advance in the queue.  And even the most simple of measures for relieving the long, enduring housing mortgage crisis remain undone.

Still it’s nice to see moments of goodness, be they liberal or conservative.  Franken’s effort came in response to the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones by fellow employees at a government defense contractor.  It’s nice to know that someone sees an injustice and corrects it.


2 Responses to Senator Al Franken: Champion of victims right?

  1. tex2 says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. Reading your article would make one think Al got this done all by himself! Way to go, King Franken!

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