Ron Paul is back!

By Doug Wead

Once more, after being written out of the script by the newspapers and television producers, the scrappy congressman from Texas, Ron Paul is back in the mix. And big time.  Sarah Palin, of all people, put him there.

After turning down thousands of speaking invitations over a six month period Sarah Palin finally accepted a gig for the National Tea Party, a grass roots phenomenon that owes its life to that unstoppable old man from Texas.  And then the news that she is endorsing Rand Paul, the congressman’s son, and an emerging star in the Kentucky Senate race.  Who says Sarah Palin is dumb?  She is tapping into the hottest political movement going.

This is no accident for it is Ron Paul, the old congressman, not Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, or Newt Gingrich that now stands between her and a shoe-in for the GOP nomination.

Palin is a fighter.  She will quickly approve TV ads blasting away on Romney’s flip flops from his Massachusetts gubernatorial days.  He is already reportedly moving more to the center, writing off some southern states.  Using that momentum she will likely push him all the way off the leftist edge.  Her commercials will make Huckabee’s 2008 Iowa Romney attack ads look puny by comparison.  And as for Huck?  After the Arkansas parole board scandals he will see those revolving door – Willie Horton ads resurrected and showing ad nauseum on untraceable You Tubes.  Newt Gingrich can go on James Dobson’s radio show and repent as much as he wants, he can even publicly cry like Jimmy Swaggart, but Palin’s people will anonymously spoon feed Dateline and 20/20 every tiny morsel of his private life.  Palin is no softy.

The fact is, Sarah Palin can only be stopped on her way to her GOP coronation by a Ron Paul ambush in Iowa.  Only Paul has activists who will fall on their swords for him and will go to work early enough to make a difference.

Yes, I know.  Ron Paul is too old.   And he did not poll well last time.  But his base only really discovered him late in the process and they have been very busy since.  He has grown on a lot of people.  What looked nutty in 2008, like actually auditing the Federal Reserve, is now widely accepted as common sense.  The national Tea Party sprang from his loins.

But the biggest and most powerful issue that separates Ron Paul from the pack is the ongoing War on Terror.  Every major candidate in both parties buys into the idea of a “just war.”  Palin praised Obama’s speech to the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo, actually claiming that the President had picked up on themes she, herself, had written in her memoir Going Rogue.

“Wow, that really sounded familiar,” Palin said to USA Today.  Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying President Obama gave a “very historic speech.”

Ron Paul would say, “Hogwash.”

He believes that by waging wars in distant lands we create ten new terrorists for every one we kill.  And only Ron Paul, among all public figures, states this clearly and has held this position consistently.  While former vice president Dick Cheney and current vice president Joe Biden argue over degrees and who supported the surge when, only Ron Paul says that “no war” is better than any new and improved version.

Now this is significant for a very important reason.  For the first time last summer national polls showed that a majority of Americans, 51% agreed that the war is not working.  Less than half, 47% thought it was worth the price we were paying in dead Americans.

Can Ron Paul, the fringe candidate of 2008 actually emerge in the upcoming presidential election?  Well, here is some simple arithmetic for you to ponder.

Obama, Palin, Clinton, Biden, Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich, Cheney and all the rest can split the 47% of the American public who think that it is economical sound and morally effective to spend $500 million and 50 young lives to re-conquer for the third time a windswept city of 100,000, where the Taliban once lived but have now mostly abandoned.  And they will not even notice when we give the city back again next year.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul, alone will speak for the 51% who would bring back our boys.  Does he have a chance?  If the war becomes the issue, Ron Paul, who appeals to right and left, young and old, Democrat and Republican, gay and straight can pull an upset.

When Palin appeared at the Tea Party event last week all the television networks and major newspapers covered the moment.  But not a single journalist even mentioned that this grass roots phenomenon was inspired by the Ron Paul movement.  No one dared suggest that Sarah Palin was trying to co-opt the incorruptible old, iconoclastic congressman from Texas.  The media remains fiercely disciplined in excluding Ron Paul from any exposure, even when his absence is itself newsworthy.  The people paying those media salaries apparently don’t want to see an audit of the Federal Reserve or an end to government subsidized banks or an end to profits from foreign wars.

But nothing they write or say or fail to write or fail to say can hide the truth from the millions of Americans who have heard the clarion call.  In 2008 Ron Paul slipped through their nets and onto television in the Republican Debates.  And America will never be the same.

Sarah Palin has the right idea, and give her credit for trying.  But I know Ron Paul.  He is a friend of mine.  And Sarah Palin, you are no Ron Paul.

Presidential Historian Doug Wead on FOX last Sunday.

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

31 thoughts on “Ron Paul is back!

  1. Just when I was beginning to feel something for Gov. Huckabee the murder of the policemen hit. And when I was ready to fully support Mitt Romney as a clear choice as an economic leader he decides to flip one more time, this time flip back. I will surely vote for Sarah Palin if the media keeps up its hysterical bias. But oh how I would like to bust up the nest of bankers and wall street wheeler dealers who have made billions by slowly stealing from all of our shrinking IRA’s and retirement funds, year by year by year. Yes, it is time for Ron Paul. No one else will do.

  2. Ron Paul is real. The the thing that will really hurt his movement is many of their supporters use un-tasteful tactics on the street and radio. Ron is willing to respond sticky issues and then give his real opinion, instead of playing politics. I think America is finally ready for a politician without all the political BS.

  3. The first “Tea Party” event was indeed a Ron Paul event.
    And Doug, correct me if I am wrong, you were at the Ron Paul convention which had twice the people and four times the energy of this Paid for Profit event that Sarah Palin spoke at.
    The Ron Paul faithful, those who listened to Dr Paul predict the current economic fiasco and the quagmire that the wars are in are no fans of Sarah Palin. in fact they pretty much see her as someone having put lipstick on McCain.
    The wars are not just costing us in American lives, they are costing us in Government spend at levels that are mind boggling.

    Dr Paul may be past his prime, but no one pout there has his message and his history for saying what he beleives in and believing what he says.

    Maybe we’ll be hearing the old Freda Paine song make a comeback:

  4. Thank you so much for this article, Doug. However, I believe you give too much credence to Palin. Ron Paul has more brins in his toenail than Palin has in her head. We DESPERATELY need an intelligent president who upholds our Constitution. It was so refreshing to read someone’s opinions for a change, who feels the same way. I hope you will do your best to help us elect Ron Paul in 2012, or someone he personally endorses.

  5. I just spoke with a friend who is an Army drill Sargent. He said due to the economic climate the Army has already met its recruiting goals into 2012! A far cry from what you would hear 3-4 years ago that every branch of the service could not recruit enough new people.

    When the Army starts turning people away, during war time, with a war no one likes, it is a good sign we are living in a time when Americans are unhappy. I see Obama doing nothing but making the problems worse, and people like Palin are a laughable consideration for president.

    I hope Americans get wise to taking action and standing up for their freedoms, if we are lucky we can elect a president with half the brains, and half the balls of Ron Paul. Provided we are still living in a democratic republic in 2012, it would be a much needed step in the right direction. Although without state and local level reform, it will not make much of a difference.

  6. Doug,

    You are right on with the Ron Paul movement. Common Sense should and will beat out illogical thought. Blowback which is a word people are starting to understand plays a huge role in War and Terror. Fiscal Responsibility as our govt spends us into massive debt. Limited Govt which gives us more freedom. All reason to vote for Ron Paul. He is the current Thomas Jefferson of our time.

  7. Almost every economics story oday talks about how China owns the US debt. It seems to be common knowledge. Yet in the 2008 campaign the only person to mention this global economic reality was Ron Paul. People are fed up with Dems and GOP – Ron Paul transcends both.

  8. I like Sarah Palin, she’s attractive and smiles when she’s sticking the knife in, but I’m not sure she’s ready to be President and I don’t know if she ever will be. Sure, she’d be better than the current occupant, but that’s not saying much. And I’m afraid that Ron Paul can’t win, for all the reasons that good men can’t win the Presidency today, so if he does in fact ambush her in Iowa, that will leave Romney, in all likelihood, with the resources and perseverance to hang in there. Still better than what we have today. But don’t despair, don’t you know democracy is the new tyranny?

  9. Eva Pretty Palin? Remind me. Where was she in Minneapolis in 2008? Sorry, no disrespect, but she’s just a beautiful loser. She struck out by campaigning for Juan Sydney McMussolini not once, but twice, and then stiffed Medina, in Texas and campaigned for “Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine” Perry.

    What we are watching, media frenzy aside, is only the ascent of the neo-conservative Aff. Action feminist/narcissist candidate for the More Big Govt. Party as opposed to the current progressive Aff. Actiion minority/narcissist puppet for the More Big Govt. Party now occupying the White House.

    IOW The more things change, the more they remain the same. Blackface, paleface or prettyface, it makes no difference. They’re all fronting for the More Big Govt. Party. Great.

  10. I cannot believe our country is better off with politicians of far leaning stripes–on both ends of the political spectrum. it does not help us when we ignore the centrists that make up the biggest part of our country. And, quit looking at Palin, unprepared and undisciplined. I won’t vote for a quitter.

  11. Ron Paul has very little chance of being elected. He’s too “mousey” and shrill, and he doesn’t recognize the modern, interdependent world we live in.

    1. Are you trying to imply that Ron Paul doesn’t understand the world of international relations because of his non-interventionism and would “isolate” us from the rest of the world? News flash: he’s by far the most popular American politician in other countries – just look at his support base abroad.

  12. Great article Doug! Keep pushing Ron Paul like this so more Americans can learn about him and more importantly the policies he advocates. This is crucial because one day Paul will die and when he’s gone it’s our responsibility to be informed and bring up a new generation of Constitutionally minded citizens who can govern in the same fashion as Ron Paul.

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  13. Most of Doug Wead’s recent essays have been brilliant. But I think he missed the mark on this one. First, 70% of the American public think Sarah Palin is unqualified to be President, and the 30% who think she is should have their heads examined. The future of America is not about celebrity and glamour. Second, Ron Paul may be correct about the fundamentals, including that the troops should be brought home, but that makes him a wise man, not a good Presidential candidate. He is a legislator and negotiator, not a governor or a leader. I think that Huckabee is still the man, because most American people know the pardons were the right thing to do and the attack ads will be seen through.

  14. Sarah is more qualified than Barry, although that’s not saying much. Go tell Barry that “the future of America is not about celebrity and glamour”, that’s all he is!

  15. Doug Wead, I think you could be on to something.
    Ron Paul coming on stronger because his message now is meeting with more approval because of the state of the union and it could cause Palin some loss of support. I do see him as a spoiler that could tilt the election one way or another. Unfortunately, Ron Paul’s age will go against him from being completely victorious. Your insight however, resonates with me concerning Paul possibly pulling off an upset with the “war issue” depending on the status of our country.

    I do believe that Huckabee also will lose some support because of the Arkansas Parole Board scandals. I don’t believe that it will be the only reason though. I see support waning as he tries to please both sides of the aisle and in the process he will alienate more far right conservative Christians. For instance, he has received many negative comments on the Fox feedback of his show and according to many of them, he went over the line in defending Amber Ettinger (the Obama girl) video which was too sensual and sexy for a supposedly family viewing show. This is seen as poor judgment on his part and still no apologies from him. Some have likened him to a Ronald Reagan but in my mind there is only “ONE” Ronald Reagan.
    Huckabee has many good qualities but I think I am seeing some weaknesses here that will continue to haunt him. We all can make errors in judgment but it takes a big man or woman to admit to it. We already have a president who will not admit to any of his mistakes.

    I would leap for joy if Rep. Michele Bachmann would run for President but don’t think she will according to what she has said thus far. She is one bright, articulate and a solid Christian Conservative that many would be proud to call her “our president”

  16. Dear Doug,

    I’ll be thrilled if this mail captures your attention enough to have you read through my book… not only for the pleasure of it ( I hope !! ) but for a consent as I have briefly written of you, something that has been an inspiration for many, myself included.

    Receiving a review comment from you will be extraordinarily wonderful! Where may I mail it to you? 🙂

    Please let me know at

    Warmly, Sandeep

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