Rand Paul Shakes Down the Thunder


Just when the national media and the elitist doorkeepers of the G.O.P. thought they had the wiry, incorruptible, troublemaking congressman Ron Paul of Texas locked tightly in their dungeon, never to see the light of day, excluded by their establishment magazines and television networks, well almost, and counting the hours until the old man kicks the bucket and lets them fight wars and spend money in peace, lo and behold, the congressman has a son.

 Rand Paul.  He is the third son to congressman Ron Paul, that troublemaker from Texas.  And believe me, the son is trouble too.  And that starts with “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool, as in Pool Hall.  I mean, Rand Paul.

 Rand is a 46 year old eye surgeon from Bowling Green, Kentucky and he is in the race for the Senate in Kentucky and yes, I mean “in the race.”  Not just running for money or a bestseller or the lecture circuit.  I mean running as in very possibly winning.  As in, look out establishment, here comes the real thing. 

 Rand Paul has all of the most popular positions of the libertarian-Republican movement and none of the baggage and he is a power house of a fundraiser.  The last bomb has grossed over $700,000 and is climbing as I clack at the key board.  (Want to contribute? Goto  http://www.randpaul2010.com/ )

This news must make the establishment desperate.  And terribly frustrated. There will be summits at Camp David, the Greenbrier, the Cheney Ranch in Wyoming and Kennebunkport.  The Skull and Bones will retreat to their island for a barbecue and some serious discussion.  The network chiefs will dine together in white pants and blue blazers with golden buttons at a nice fish restaurant on Nantucket and brainstorm on how to get Roger Ailes back in the stable and cooperating in keeping the Pauls’ out of the green room at FOX.  While their sun blackened, anorexic wives will talk about how to benefit the poor, which will seem to them to be just about everybody else who is not at their table.

It must be tough to be in the conspiracy these days. No one reads your newspapers or listens to your high paid correspondents.   All of your secrets are published online.  Is there no end to the mischief that freedom of speech can do in this country?  What is the establishment to think? With the multiple television networks making it nigh but impossible to keep the ornery truth from occasionally rearing its head and with the Glenn Beck cannon rolling like thunder from one end of the ship to the other, breaking the furniture as it goes.  And then there is that darn internet, Al Gore, a traitor to his class, providing facts at the most inappropriate times.  And people asking common sense, irritating questions about stupid government decisions, and comments popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

Questions like, “Well, okay, why DON’T we audit the Federal Reserve?  What is so onerous and evil about that?  Would the Soviets launch missiles if we did?  Would it cost too much?”  And comments like, “The government has spent more money this year than it has in the first 100 years of the Republic.”  Ugh, I hate it when my side gets their history wrong.

And now here comes Rand Paul, sounding reasonable and looking like a movie star.  Oh groan.  But asking the same reasonable questions that his father asked.  Where’s the change?  We still have the war bigger than ever, we still have lobbyists bigger than ever, we still have the debt bigger than ever, we still have political favoritism and cronyism bigger than ever. New president, new lies. But same direction.  Down.  Is this change you can believe in?  Yes, sadly, it surely is.  This is the kind of change some of us feared.

And Rand Paul, the son, has captured the angst of the electorate.  He is right on the issues, right on the solutions, and he has even more of something that Ron Paul, the father, doesn’t have.  Time.  At least one hopes so. 

So what will the establishment do with Rand Paul if he gets into the U. S. Senate?  Six years?  Can you imagine?  Believe me, they will do everything, EVERYTHING, in their power to keep him out.

Wanta have some fun?  Wanta protest the insanity in government?  Wanta let the world know that you are alive and kickin?  Wanta let those powerful journalists who think you can be manipulated know that you are no longer limited to their spoon fed half truths?  Then punch that button one more time.  Here it is.  http://www.randpaul2010.com/  And add your dollars to the most exciting political game in town. Protest this change in government.

And in the meantime, a memo to Dr. Rand Paul?  Don’t you be flying in private planes, ya hear?



Is Ron Paul too old to run for president?

Obama Stimulus Bill, Doug Wead on Fox.

Doug Wead on CBS last week. Talking about Presidents and families traveling together.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

13 thoughts on “Rand Paul Shakes Down the Thunder

  1. Give me Mitt Romney, and give me a U.S. led war in the Middle East. But a REAL war. One that we fight – HARD – to WIN.

    Win what? Win an end to terrorism against Western Christian civiliation. W was right to finish the the necessary-but-unfinished war that Bush ’41 joined ( that Saddam Hussein started ) in 1990-91, but I was disappointed that the U.S. didn’t have an ALL-OUT, WITH US OR AGAINST US, SHOOT ANYTHING THAT MOVES WAR. Like Sam Kinneson (sp) used to say, “If they want war LET’S GIVE’EM WAR !!”

    Why do Ron Paul and Doug Wead oppose a U.S. war? I’m guessing that Doug Wead breaks more in the way of Bush ’41 than W.

  2. That’s right, Doug! Rand Paul is the real deal, just like his father. I gave to the money bomb.

    The people that really care about this country are tired of the endless wars and empire-building and government intervention. We all know that War is just a racket, designed to instill fear in the people so they are more easily controlled and make piles of money for the private contractors while claiming foreign resources.

    Meanwhile, the soldiers are targeted as “domestic terrorists” when they return home (if they are not stop lossed and forced to return, that is). After all, they are just “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy,” as Henry Kissinger once said.

    Yes, we are seeing through all the lies now and there’s very few truth-tellers we can trust. Rand Paul is one of them.

  3. blakmira, does September 11, 2001 mean anything to you? How do YOU suggest we stop these radicals from crashing into tall buildings, blowing up mass transit and deep water ports, poisoning the water and air, etc?

  4. Rand Paul is on a roll! He’s raised about 3/4 of a million dollars for his Senate run so far. If he gets elected to the Senate along with Schiff and Toomey, I predict we will all see some massive overhaul in Washington.

    tex2 – We do not prevent radicals from blowing up buildings by massive interventionism and policing the world. We prevent radical attacks by maintaining a humble foreign policy of peace and commerce with all combined with strong national security on the home front.

  5. It depends how you define “massive interventionism” and “policing the world.” What we’re doing now is much more targeted and with much more cooperation (although we could use a LOT more) than the actions taken after WWII.

    That’s what most people thought prior to WWII. Today’s travel and technology have made the world MUCH smaller in the past half century, making this isolationist advice even more wrong. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  6. “We prevent radical attacks by maintaining a humble foreign policy of peace and commerce with all combined with strong national security on the home front.”

    Well, purenonsense, you again exhibit, in the most clearest of terms, how much you don’t understand the mentality of thse islamofascist savages that want nothing more than to rid the world of Jews and all those who back them, which would include Americans.

    You don’t stick your hand out in friendship to a snarling dog. You kill it.

  7. Doug Wead, how did you get this devoted following of people who want to blow up Iraqi’s and Iranian’s for doing nothing to us? I’m amazed still to this day at people who call themselves “fiscal conservatives” yet want to spend billions on telling every country what to do all the time. Bin Laden attacked us, we can go after him otherwise stay out of the other countries affairs. The military industrial complex will bring our economy to it’s knees.

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