A Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

Can a child of the White House be married in peace?

The fox and the hounds are at it again.

Rumors are flying that Chelsea Clinton will be marrying her beau, Marc Mezvinsky, the last week of August on Martha’s Vineyard.  The Clintons deny any such plans.  But the National Enquirer insists that all the signs are there—including President Barack Obama’s scheduled vacation, also on Martha’s Vineyard.

If the rumors are true, Chelsea and Marc are doing their best to have a private wedding—in the fine tradition of many other White House brides throughout history—with media hounds pursuing in full cry.

When future ambassador Frank Sayre was courting Jessie Woodrow Wilson, they would “escape the eagle eyes of reporters,” by meeting at a canal’s bank and paddling away in a canoe.  Reporters clustered around the White House for Jessie and Frank’s wedding, awaiting the new married couple’s exit, but the newlyweds sneaked out the south entrance and escaped.

Six months later, sister Eleanor married Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo, and the press was determined not to be fooled.  But Mac, as he was called, parked four cars in various places around the White House with the shades drawn.  At the appropriate moment, Jessie and Frank jumped into one car, with three other conspiratorial couples diving into the others.  In a whirl, all four cars sped away, “pursued,” Eleanor said, “by wild-eyed reporters.”  When all was quiet at last, Mac and Eleanor calmly got into the “real” car and motored serenely away.

But can a child of the White House be married in peace if they get married after their father has left office?  For example, Ms. Clinton?

Margaret Truman said, in 1956, “I feel that marriage vows are sacred, and I hope that mine will be spared the hurly-burly attending a news event.”  She and her husband, Clifton Daniel, managed it, allowing only ten invited reporters into the church in Independence, Missouri.

Julie Nixon was married just before her parents moved into the house on Pennsylvania Avenue, insisting on a private ceremony closed to the press, and officiated by her favorite minister, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

In a secret ceremony that defied all odds, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his bride, Carolyn Bissette, pulled an impossible coup on the media and wed on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, in a church that didn’t even have electric lights.

But these are exceptions to the rule.  Ten-year-old Fanny Hayes was the same age as Malia when she entered the White House, but her wedding, which came long after the family had moved out of Washington—even after her father had died—still commanded stellar attention.  The sitting President and his Cabinet took trains to Ohio to be present as Fanny Hayes, daughter of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president, was wed.

And the wedding of Esther Cleveland to minor English gentry at Westminster Abbey in London was a huge international event, even though her father, President Grover Cleveland, had long ago passed from the public stage.

So the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, whenever it comes, will be a biggy.  The nation still sees her walking across the White House lawn, flanked by her mother and father, quietly taking each of their hands in her own, a teenager, holding things together.  And the nation loves her for it.  When the daughter of any former President and sitting Secretary of State gets married it is a big deal around the world. But a wedding for Chelsea?  It will be a moment for history.

Chelsea Clinton Coming out. CBS interviews Doug Wead.

And Chelsea Clinton for president? Wead on Fox.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

14 thoughts on “A Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

  1. I just watched less than 20 seconds of the ridiculous and self serving talking head blurb from FNC speculating over a political run for Chelsea Clinton in 2016. I mean, really, don’t you people have anything better to discuss? What could she possibly bring to the table as a political candidate except for name recognition? This is the same garbage as a few months ago when Caroline Kennedy was being touted for office.

    Is it any wonder anyone with brains avoids watching the 24/7 nets?

    “Following in her parent’s tradition”? What tradition would that be, exactly? A tradition of lies, cheating, fraud, and deception, for the sake of political expediency and a thirst for power?

    I didn’t bother to listen to Doug’s response to ED Hill’s set-up, as I am sure it was dripping with his usual fawning and star struck sycophancy he can’t seem to avoid.

    America doesn’t need any more leaders in the “tradition” of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    If you are much of a conservative as you claim to be, Doug, you would have said that.

  2. Chelsea should not have held hands between her parents during the blue dress affair, she should have stopped, bitch slapped him, and walked off with her mom, who obviously doesn’t have the guts to do it herself.

  3. Hi Doug
    Thanks for accepting me as a friend on Facebook. I saw you back in September after the Towers came down at a Network 21 meeting in Nashville. You spoke on ‘Why is their evil in the world’. Your spoke in such a manner that I really got a lot out of your speech. I have read your books, listened to your CDs and played your DVDs – – THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR VOICING YOUR OPINIONS FOR YOUR OPINIONS ARE THE OPINIONS OF MANY! I look forward to reading your blogs – Thanks again.
    Jerry King
    Retired Army Aviator

  4. “Bitch slap”? What’s a white guy doing imitating the terminology of urban black America?

    Netspeak and urban black patois , the sure sign of a poor education, especially if you’re white.

  5. Don’t talk about my neighbors like that!


    I don’t see any urban blacks, do you? LOL

    You need to lighten up. On the other hand, keep that cortisol pumping, it will shorten your miserable life. LOL


    Tell me you wouldn’t like to see Bill’s face and Chelsea’s hand! LOL

    For you “connoisseurs”, here’s the “official” definitions! LOL


  6. Talking like uneducated schwartzes has become too acceptable among the white middle class culture in America. Why, I have no idea, except that too many think it’s acceptable to imitate the bottom feeding criminal culture in society.

    Funny, then you have a white adult males like you talking like a schwartze, too. How sad.

    I don’t bother with crap like youboob.

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