Eunice Kennedy Shriver: American loses a hero

By Doug Wead and Mary Achor

America lost a hero today. 

Throughout her life Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister to President John F. Kennedy, brought her unrelenting energy and tenacity to bear on the problems of the mentally handicapped.  She is best known for the founding and continual support of the Special Olympics. The passion she brought to that cause was forged early in her life.

Eunice’s older sister, Rosemary, who was born moderately retarded, was never able to keep up with the frenetic Kennedy siblings.  She was “slow and plodding,” historian Laurence Leamer commented, “living among the swift and nimble.”  Leamer, who wrote the excellent book, The Kennedy Women, said, “Rosemary had a protector in Eunice, who cared for her more deeply than any other member of the family.”  According to the surviving brother, Senator Edward Kennedy, Eunice made certain Rosemary had “her fair share of successes.” 

 Even after Rosemary’s tragic frontal lobotomy surgery, when she would pour out her frustration in fury, Eunice was the family member the caretakers called to soothe her moods.  That infamous operation, insisted on by father Joe Kennedy when Rosemary grew unmanageable for the nuns caring for her, was against everything Eunice held sacred.  The surgery was a defining moment in Eunice’s life.

 In his early political career, future president John Kennedy, was close to his sister Eunice.  They shared a house in Georgetown when he was elected to the congress.  During this time, father Joe Kennedy pulled strings to get her a job as an executive secretary in a new juvenile delinquency program.  Eunice thrived at the work and would bring fifteen or twenty girls home on Sunday evenings for a delicious dinner prepared by her cook.  John found other things to do on those nights.

 Fascinated by women criminals, Eunice went to a federal penitentiary.  Living on the grounds, she met with prisoners for two months, listening to their life stories.  The feisty, no-holds-barred Kennedy matched the inmates “vulgarity for vulgarity,” and got along famously.  “It’s the same old story you get always in life,” she said.  “I see that people are so much smarter than people think they are.”

 Politically astute, Eunice was a born politician.  She traveled extensively stumping for her brother during his campaigns.  After John was elected president, Eunice took her energy and her outrage over the plight of the mentally disadvantaged to her brother.  She had seen a newspaper article on mental health that never once mentioned retardation.  John put her to work, and Eunice was merciless in her efforts to champion the cause of mental health.  The president’s staffers made themselves scarce when she rushed in, ruthlessly arguing for the programs.  Wilbur Cohen, who was Assistant Secretary for Legislation at the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and who had often borne the brunt of her forceful personality, said, “If she hadn’t nagged the hell out of Sarge Shriver and her brother, there wouldn’t be a mental retardation program.”

 She married Sarge Shriver, who became the Vice Presidential running mate for George McGovern’s ill fated campaign of 1972. 

 Eunice Kennedy Shriver was a woman of great power, determination, and single-mindedness.  Her own father said of her, “If that girl had been born with balls she would have made a hell of a politician.”  But Eunice herself once said that she would not have accomplished more had she been a man.  Godspeed, Eunice.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

127 thoughts on “Eunice Kennedy Shriver: American loses a hero

  1. Thanks for an inside peak at another side of the Kennedy family. I love the personal perspective and the reminder that every family member has choices and opportunities to shine a light in a dark place if we will but choose to do so . . .


  2. Of course, when it comes to the Kennedy clan, the fawning nostalgia put forth by sycophantic historians has to be tempered with sobering facts … that Big Daddy Joe ordered the lobotomy of his own daughter Rosemary, which actually worstened her condition and subjugated her to a lifetime of dismal institutionalization.

    Hmmm, you would think such allegedly “compassionate” people would have not dehumanized their own family member but would have instead allowed to her try and lead a more dignified life among her own siblings instead of being shunted into the shadows like apariah.

    But no, when you’re a Kennedy, only grand public gestures on behalf of strangers and trading favors with political constituents is what matters.

    To quote Big Daddy Joe, who taught this lesson to his children … “it’s not what you are that’s important, it’s what people THINK you are that’s important.”

    Sorry, just because the dearly departed Eunice spent her papa’s bootlegging and stock shorting money on behalf of the disadvantaged should not elevate her to virtual sainthood.

    Poor Rosemary didn’t project that “perfect” Kennedy image, so she paid the price by being removed from the family’s public profile.. Like most rich bleeding heart libs, the Kennedys assauged their private guilt by spending millions to make their problem go away..

  3. Do you know who is a hero?

    The person who risks their life in the course of discharging their job responsibilities, such as a police officer, a fireman, or a soldier in the arena of battle.

    Some well-heeled debutante spending daddy’s money is no hero.

    Some of you have really skewed ideas of what constitutes heroism.

  4. Heros take many forms.

    She could have lived in the lap of luxury her whole life, such as someone who merely “manages” the wealth their daddy EARNED, like YOU Dave.

    Some of you (Dave Black) have really skewed ideas of what constitutes heroism.

  5. I maintain bottom line black and white definitions because that’s how a real conservative thinks.

    I’ve risked my life for my own people amid bullets and bombs on the ground, instead of safely sitting on a ship miles away from the action. Like you.

    I risked my life because I had no other choice. My survival depended on it. Besides, I believed it was justified for a Jew to defend innocent Israelis from the arab scum that targeted them for death.

    I guess since you don’t have any real money, tex, you wouldn’t have a clue what work (as well as risk) goes into managing a large estate along with other family members.

    You’re jealous have-not, tex, and always will be. The sign of a have-not is one who complains that others have figured out how to earn more money than they have. If you weren’t so goddamned stupid you’d profit from selling tools as well. But no, you still believe in outdated business “principles” maintained by Amway losers selling cheesy and overpriced products.

    No Kennedy ever worked a day in their lives at a real profession where you build up equity by your own effort.

    Eunice Kennedy DID live in the lap of luxury. If you can tell me where she had a real job in commercial business, instead of some symbolic nonsense job in non-profit where the salary earned had no real bearing on her personal prosperity, then I will be impressed.

  6. Real conservatives may have black/white stances, but they are different than yours.

    Save me another “my people” speech, please. Also, I’ve told you a ship at sea is very vulnerable, just ask the USS Stark:

    Arab scum? Not to mention white scum, black scum, yellow scum, red scum….

    What a hero, managing an estate!

    I’m not jealous of the LCKs, I’m disgusted by them AND Amway’s handling of the situation.

    So JFK’s WWII PT-109 incident doesn’t count? Or his brother dying in the same war, while fighting against Hitler, who was exterminating “your people”? What a joke.

    She didn’t have to do the things mentioned in Doug’s story, she could have eaten bon-bons and sat on the sofa, managing her daddy’s estate, and make absurd racist claims on various blogs. Sound familiar? LOL

  7. I’ve talked to enough WW2 Navy vets over the years who all agreed that Kennedy’s PT-109 service was greatly exaggerated and exploited for his political run following the war.

    Since I’ve actually worked all my life, I can retire and live comfortably. That is, working in a legit business that didn’t involve kicking up profits to complete strangers.

    Why anyone would do that is just indicative of the subintelligent middle class mindset, instead of starting a business from the ground up without help from strangers.

    Also, my family actually manufactured quality items, not overpriced crap that no one really wants.

    People that do business with pyramids are schmucks and idiots. It’s that simple.

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  9. All those WW2 vets were there? LOL

    You didn’t pay any taxes or business license fees to complete strangers, or you knew all of them? LOL

    So if you start on your own and refuse any help you are smart? LOL

    I’ve done the price comparisons and they were good for many items. That was BEFORE the recent price reductions. LOL

    Quality? The water filter was recently rated a “best buy”.

    What’s a pyramid? One with a CEO, a handful of VPs, a few dozen managers, and hundreds of workers? LOL

    It’s that simple. LOL

  10. Enough Navy vets who served in the Pacific theater know the real story about PT 109. Kennedy’s alleged “heroics” were embellished and overstated. The crew that was saved was paid off by the Kennedy family to present the “official” story. This was well known from the time Kennedy ran for President. I was around then. You weren’t, kid.

    We pay taxes to the government by Constitutional law, which is a hell of a lot more reliable than a bunch of yokels acting like wannabe businessmen who kick up profits to people who do nothing.

    Rated a “best buy” by whom? Some consumer group Amway traded favors with?

    None of you Amway schmucks could ever cut it in real business on your own and by your own wits. Americans proved that individualism is the best way to prosper, NOT collectivism.

    Amway pyramids are collectives, there’s no doubt about that.

    Anyone who shares business profits with strangers with no connection to your effort is an idiot.

  11. When I want to rely on you for factual information, I’ll let you know. Don’t hold your breath. The original point is still true, both Joe and John were heros, the complete opposite of YOUR point.
    The taxes are often not well spent, and the upline does not “do nothing.”

    No, a national and respected organization, google it.

    Many “Amway schmucks” already were successful in “real business” prior to joining Amway, and many “Amway schmucks” have successfully diversified in “real business” after they were successful with Amway. You’re clueless.

    It’s not collectivism, it’s teamwork. Similar to the Allies bailing out the jews during WWII.

    When you work WITH others, they are no longer strangers, and when they help you succeed, there is a connection. Clueless.

  12. By the way, that’s now the second time you’ve made an error in the plural form of HERO.

    It’s HEROES, not HEROS, schmuck. Well, you are a Confederate, after all.

    Teamwork? In private business, it should be every man for himself. You want nothing more than to see the competition fail. As someone once said, you want a friend, get a dog.

    A real business person should be able to choose whom he or she associates with. It’s not dictated by a corporate entity like Amway. Doing the Amway pyramid is like working for a company. It’s not about individualism and keeping all that you’ve earned for yourself.

    But again, people like you need to be sheep-like followers of strangers.

  13. Either spelling is acceptable, dipstick:

    I’m not a “Confederate”, I’m an American. You, on the other hand, loathe anyone not a member of your “tribe”, although you don’t even have the beliefs to be a member of that tribe. LOL

    You need to get a clue and understand who is on your team. Did your daddy and the people he was in business with consider each other with the attitude of “every man for himself?” I doubt it. You are clueless. LOL

    I’m quite happy you want to be by yourself, because I certainly wouldn’t want to be around YOU. LOL

    People like you need to be slaughtered like sheep.

  14. No, I just loathe people of the Confederacy who are still fighting the Civil War in their minds and who hate anyone who isn’t lily white Christian like they are.

    The real America, the ORIGINAL America, is the northeast corridor from approximately Washington DC up to Boston, MA.

    The rest is some quasi Third World mishmosh with their own strange cultures, people, beliefs, attitudes, etc.

    My father and his brothers worked exactly as I described. That’s the way New York operates. If you weren’t ready to be cut-throat you lost.

  15. By the way, I don’t except post-modern redefinitions of the spellings of English words. HEROES was how every properly educated child in the US was previously taught and therefore should remain so.

  16. The fact is, tex, unless you can cite a reference from at least an authoritative source recognized by scholars (so that would count you out) like the Oxford English dictionary, instead of some random website like, then perhaps I’ll take your assertion seriously about the accurate plural form of HERO.

  17. I’ll stick with Merriam-Webster, I’m not interested in paying money to see words.

    Who cares what you don’t accept? You don’t accept any human that isn’t a member of your “tribe”, which you don’t even share beliefs with. In fact, you have stated you are willing to risk your life because THEIR beliefs put them in a place where they are in harm’s way. LOL

  18. I accept any human who is 100% behind the Jewish race, who’s for the preservation of the State of Israel at most any cost, and who’s for the annihilation of Muslim terrorists and all who support them. I’ll also accept anyone who unconditionally supports our superior American sovereignty and hegemony abroad.

    If all those conditions aren’t met then I have no use for you. I’ve lived too long and have experienced too much to accept anything less.

    So that would exclude you paleo-con/LOSERtarian creeps.

  19. I’m 100% behind any race that wants to get along with others, and 100% against any race that doesn’t.

    Are you for the State of Israel staying where it’s at, or could you support another, less disruptive location?

    Which definition of hegemony are you useing, 1, 2, 3, or another? (had to put that extra “e” in there)

    I’m okay with sovereignty, but some of the hegemony definitions leave something to be desired.

    You have little use for MANY more people than you’ve described. Besides, you HAVE lived too long, and you’ll soon be dead and we won’t have to read your dribble much longer. LOL

  20. I’ll outlive any Texas loser raised on poor eating and other lifestyle habits.

    Dribble? You mean DRIVEL. Again, your poor command of the English language reveals itself.

    That’s what happens when you choose to communicate in netspeak, which is about as low rent as suburban white kids imitating the guttural urban gang-banging and dope smoking thugs.

  21. Haven’t you learned yet? I don’t answer questions on demand.

    No, you didn’t mean DRIBBLE. The appropriate word there would have been DRIVEL. Stop lying, you inarticulate boob.

    You are an intellectual inferior, which is why you use netspeak and choose to talk like a schwartze.

  22. Okay, then I’ll answer your question for you. You were in Israel because of raging hormones, in order to mate with a member of your tribe. It had NOTHING to do with caring for others or for defending the land God promised the Israelites, because you don’t even believe in God, even though that is what DEFINES your tribe. LOL

    Look it up, dribble fits quite well. LOL

    You are a human inferior, which is why you THINK you are superior. LOL

  23. I already explained months ago why I lived in Israel for three years in the 1970s. If you haven’t the memory to recall why, then that’s your problem, you stupid troll loser.

  24. Looks like I hit a nerve of being correct, and I’m neither stupid, a troll, or a loser. LOL

    Why do have to call me such names, does it have to do with being an “uneducated schwartz”? LOL

  25. “and I’m neither stupid, a troll, or a loser.”

    Funny, all those people who threw you off their blogs wouldn’t agree with that.

    As for hormones, at least I’m attracted to women, not other men, barnyard animals, or other family members like you and all other inbred redneck males from Texas.

  26. All those people who threw me off their blogs are IDIOTS. I have completed destroyed their poor analyses with FACTS and LOGIC.

    So you admit it was hormones. Thought so. LOL

    I’m not even from Texas, but can assure you if you visited we would be glad to demonstrate how wrong you are, cloistered in your NE hovel. LOL

    You made a comment a while back the NE coast is the REAL U.S., but the out of control liberalism is present FAR more in your area than mine. LOL

    You are an angry old man, and just as clueless. LOL

  27. Here’s a great example of hillbilly logic… a guy calls himself “tex,” uses a Texas flag as an avatar, but isn’t even from Texas!

    Here’s another great example of hillbilly logic ….

    One day, Jimmy Joe Bob was walking down Main Street when he saw his buddy Bubba Ray driving a brand new pickup truck.

    Bubba Ray pulled up to him with a wide grin. “Bubba Ray, where’d y’all git dat truck?”

    “Bobby Sue give it to me,” Bubba Ray replied.

    “She give it to you? I knew she’s kinda sweet on ya, but a new pick up truck?”

    “Well, Jimmy Joe Bob, let me tell ya what happen’d. We was drivin’ out on Innastate 44, inna middle a nowheres. Bobby Sue pulled off the road, parked the truck, got out, took offer clothes and said, ‘Bubba Ray, y’all take whatever y’all want.’ So I took ‘er truck!”

    “Bubba Ray, y’all a smart man!. Dem clothes woulda never fit ya!”

  28. Look who’s talking about “angry.” You’ve built a whole internet crusade on the fact that you were too stupid not to get cheated on a pyramid scheme. Tough luck, buddy, you lost, now go in the corner and suck your thumb or pull your pud, because that’s about all you are capable of doing successfully. When you get tired of that, you can go out to the barnyard and have it off with some sows just like you Texas boys like to do.

  29. You fail to recognize many folks currently living in Texas are not originally from Texas, but why am I not surprised? LOL

    At least I’m angry about a scam, rather than being angry at those I decide aren’t in my tribe are trash. LOL

  30. Where I live, people don’t eat snakes, squirrels, possum, raccoons, and other animals unfit for human consumption. Plus, we don’t deep fry everything, either.

  31. You’re right, perhaps The Dukes of Hazzard would be a more apt depiction of the Southern lifestyle, or perhaps the film Deliverance? The latter is likely more accurate.

  32. Just because you can dredge up recipes from the internet doesn’t mean they are consumed by any more than a miniscule percentage of the population, but thanks for entertaining us again. LOL

  33. How do you know WHERE those 48,000 hits came from….that’s why the bums in Central Park are so well nourished!

  34. The number 48,000 translates to the number of different citations for the search term found by the search engine Google.

    The search engine Google doesn’t count actual “hits,” or number of instances users access the websites containing the search terms.

    If you had actually clicked the hyperlink I provided, you would have known that, but perhaps such skill is above your knuckle dragging white cracker mentality.

  35. Wow, those are busy bums making all kinds of squirrel recipes in Central Park! LOL

    It’s not nice to call me names. LOL

  36. By the way, Doug, if you want to publish a profitable book on anything with a conservative POV, you should write one with me. I can write like Ann Coulter as well as Ann Coulter can!

    Controversy sells, dear boy. Retail bookstore shelves do not need another boring textbook-like historical tome.

    You say you are a “troublemaker,” but I’m not seeing it here on this blog you’re hosting.

  37. I’m sure Doug is interested in associating with you, given your posts on this and other blog….NOT!

    I doubt very much Doug wants to associated with an atheist, hate-filled nutcase! LOL

  38. Everyone is “hate-filled” to a degree, it’s just that some of us don’t deem it vital to hide how we think.

    Look at you, you hate anyone who outsmarted you in the Amway pyramid scheme.

    Wealthy and highly educated Jews always seem to rise to the top of whatever profession they set their sights on, unlike knuckle dragging and relatively inarticulate inbred rednecks from down south who barely communicate on a level above black ebonics.

    Reading Mary Achor’s blog is like watching paint dry, so writing a book with her is a sure fire ticket to the discount bin.

  39. Everyone is “Hate-filled” —- to a degree? Do you see the obvious inconsistency?

    I don’t hate them at all, I hate the actions they took.

    Thanks for reminding us of your obvious racist superiority complex. With that attitude, it’s no wonder Hitler could froth up the Germans before and during WWII.

    Reading your posts is like watching dry paint, and expecting it to become wet again.

    I didn’t use the term “vicious” to describe you. The words I used are far more appropriate.

  40. Right, “hateful” would have probably been better than “hate-filled,” but having to making the effort to correct myself for you dumb hillbilly rubes amounts casting pearls before swine.

    You know, Dave, should concentrate more on your “Super High Intensity Talks” That’s about all that your inbred mentality can handle.

  41. EDIT: “Right, “hateful” would have probably been better than “hate-filled,” but having to make the effort to correct myself for you dumb hillbilly rubes amounts casting pearls before swine.”

    Someone *has* to model good writing for you idiots. No one else will here, apparently.

  42. Your hate is so deep and wide you can’t imagine anyone who isn’t like you. Guess what, I know a LOT of people who don’t have even a little bit of hate towards others in them, including me.

    Like I said before, you should get on a conference call with me and Dave, then ask us questions only someone who is very familiar with our respective sites would know the answers to, so you can LEARN we are 2 different people, you flaming idiot! But you’re too stupid and scared, aren’t you, Dave?

    Thanks for the Biblical analogy, little piggy! LOL

  43. And what would that prove, Dave? You set up a couple of your hillbilly buddies on the phone and they can say anything you tell them to say. Who would know differently?

    Why not devote your excess time being a better stand-up comic? I’ve heard your act stinks.

  44. Another reason why you, Dave, as well as your alter ego, tex, are as dumb as a bag of rocks. From your twitter account

    “# @a_copywriter “media” is singular, therefore social media is singular
    1:04 AM Sep 3rd from web”

    MEDIA is plural, dumb ass, MEDIUM is singular.

    I guess the bar is set rather low down there in Alabama.

    Don’t embarrass yourself further by citing bogus on-line dictionaries as your source, either.

  45. Yeah, I guess it would be pretty easy for a couple of “hillbillies” to fool you real-time on the telephone. LOL

    I wouldn’t know about the stand-up act, I’m not Dave, Dave. LOL

    Thanks for the twitter correction, I didn’t realize short messaging is supposed to use the Queen’s english, but I’ll be sure to tell Dave, Dave. LOL

    I don’t know where the bar is set in Alabama, I don’t live there, Dave. LOL

    The dictionaries I used are main-stream, not “bogus.” LOL

  46. It’s inexcusable that you didn’t know that MEDIA is the plural form of MEDIUM. That’s taught in middle school, but down South, that level is about as far as most hillbillies go.

    Next you are going to tell me you are really Scott Johnson of Plano, TX?

  47. Sure I do, Dave, but I’m not Dave, I’m Tex. We are 2 different people, living in different states. LOL

    Why should I tell you who I am, Dave? You’re too scared to make a simple phone call to prove you are wrong about me and Dave being the same person. LOL

  48. A phone call to whom? Some hillbilly cohort you’ve put up to recite a script that supports another aspect of your on-going trolling and performance art scam? That would prove nothing. Why would I waste my time indulging you?

    That kind of ploy might work on those dumb asses who post to these blogs, but it won’t work on me, Dave.

    I know you already have your angles worked out to avoid detection via conventional means. You’re probably at least a slight degree more clever than your average southern white cracker hayseed.

  49. A phone call with Tex and Dave. How could a “hillbilly cohort” possibly recite a script in real time to respond to questions YOU ask to verify me and Dave are 2 different people? LOL

    I know why you wouldn’t “waste” your time, because you are really scared. I’m glad you’re not a typical “vicious” person claiming to be a jew, or they would have lost against the arab radicals a LONG time ago. LOL

    That means this “slight degree more clever than your average southern white cracker hayseed” is smarter than your self-described brilliance (by the way, I already knew that, but I promise I won’t tell anyone else!) LOL

  50. Yeah, RIGHT! Let all the nuts and whackos have that information, with you at the head of the line!!! LOL

    You can call into the free conference number (pay for whatever long distance your plan requires, no extra cost for the conference feature) anonymously, just like me and Dave. LOL

  51. Sorry, Dave, no information, no call. I can’t verify your identity otherwise.

    What good is two guys on the other end of a conference call calling themselves “Dave” and “tex” mean? No good at all.

  52. The idea is for you to ask each of us questions, while we are both on the phone at the same time, in real time, that only one of us could answer. Find something obscure on our sites and ask us. Didn’t that ever occur to you, moron? LOL

    Of course, if you lack the intelligence to tell the difference between 2 different voices and come up with appropriate questions, I wouldn’t be surprised! LOL

  53. YOU’RE not the worth the time if you can’t supply your full name, current address, and home phone numbers first so I can verify your identities with a criminal background and work history check. That would also verify that you were indeed associated with Amway or Quixtar or whatever pyramid scheme you claim. Then I would phone you separately without prior warning and ask you to verify the information found on the background check.

    Your blog content is pure fantasy and I won’t deal with anything but cold hard facts and information found through legal channels.

    You either play by my rules or not at all. If you can’t, then f— off and stop bothering me with your nonsense.

  54. What a joke! I’m not going to work for you, and as I said above, I’m certainly NOT going to provide a certified nutcase my personal information.

    It’s NOT that I’m not worth your time, it’s that you’re scared, despite your laughable “vicious” claims. LOL

    There is nothing that my personal criminal background (or lack thereof) or work history has to do with the tool scam. LOL

    I could provide you my IBO number, but that wouldn’t prove much, would it? LOL

    You’re not going to phone me, that would mean you would know my phone number, and I’m not giving that out to a nutcase. LOL

    However, if you want to give me YOUR phone number, I’ll be glad to call you. LOL

    My blog is full of facts, which of those facts does your feeble mind consider “pure fantasy?” LOL

    There are plenty of court documents referenced on my site, ALL of which are consistent with other sources of information found on my site. LOL

    You’re a joke, just not a funny one! LOL

    If you can’t remain neutral in your information gathering, then f— off and die, and stop using up MY perfectly good oxygen. LOL

    Like I said above, I didn’t think you had the intelligence, even when I served up how to determine the “Tex and Dave” issue on a silver platter. LOL

    Don’t be surprised if “your people” disown you, to take you out of the jewish gene pool. LOL

  55. Your “method” to prove identity is not sufficient for my purpose and subject to fraud. My way guarantees against fraud.

    Actually, it’s you that is showing fear because you won’t provide the information I’ve asked for. Remember, the burden to prove your identity is on YOU. YOU are the one who is so desperate to prove you aren’t Dave Robison.

    All you have to do is meet my conditions and the background checks and the phone calls will be made at my expense. It won’t cost you a thing, which should please a cheap hillbilly like you.

  56. I’m not trying to prove anything about my identity to you. LOL

    There is no “fraud” in not knowing exactly who I am. LOL

    You seem to “forget” the idea is to find a solution to the tool scam, not release my personal information to a nut! LOL

    I didn’t make the initial claim I’m not Dave Robison, I am merely denying the fantasy idea you came up with. LOL

    Whatever “proof” is required is YOUR problem, not mine! LOL

    You’re in no position to demand “conditions” or “backgroud checks.” LOL

    Is there a number I can call to ensure “your people” kick you out of their tribe? LOL

    By the way, there are 2 people you could contact to verify me and Dave Robison are 2 different people, and both of them (ibofb and “Bridgett”) have no reason to lie, as I don’t see eye to eye with either of them, which has been well documented on several blogs. We were all in Prague, Czech Republic last year. Just go here and ask the question: LOL

  57. “I didn’t make the initial claim I’m not Dave Robison, I am merely denying the fantasy idea you came up with.”

    Is anyone else but me laughing at the redundancy within that sentence?

  58. There’s no redundancy at all. YOU made the initial claim me and Dave R. are the same person, and I’m saying you’re wrong. Idiot. LOL

    Not to mention all the questions above you have left unanswered! LOL

    Let’s use your logic: I think you’re an alien from outer space. Now you need to provide me your address and phone number! LOL

  59. The only difference is that I could care less who you may think I am.

    This is like trying to converse with a mental patient. No wonder you don’t have a wife and kids. Who could stand living with you?

  60. Great, then post your phone number and I’ll call you. LOL

    You’ve done a GREAT job of demonstrating you’re the retard. All someone has to do is read this or other threads and count the number of questions you don’t answer. You would have to take your socks and shoes off, that’s for sure! LOL

  61. I am the mental patient? YOU are the one accusing me of being the same person as Dave R. without any proof, then refuse to make a simple phone call to prove it! LOL

    Plus, YOU are the one claiming to be jewish, yet you are an atheist! LOL

  62. Looks like you’re in great company! From YOUR link:

    Karl Marx was a famous Jewish atheist

    Woody Allen has made a career out of the tension between his Jewishness and religious doubt (“How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?”).


    Frankly, I don’t care what wiki says, as far as I’m concerned, you’re an atheist. Peiod. You may or may not have had jewish parentage, but YOU are an atheist. LOL

    Still can’t figure out how those “hillbillies” are going to fool you on the phone, can you? LOL

  63. I have no problem being a Jewish atheist, as anyone who believes in some fantasy world deity they can’t prove by science that actually exists is a moron, an idiot, or any other foul name you want to call them.

    As for fantasy worlds, Dave, this crusade you’ve invented against Amway isn’t getting much traction, is it? You’re not getting very far with it, are you? It seems like no one gives a shit about the fact that you were too stupid to lose money.

    Moron with religion, moron with money. You people and your “faith” deserve whatever bad luck you get.

    You weak and pathetic humans!

  64. I don’t care if you have no problem being called a jewish atheist, I think it’s a nonsense term. Jews have intermarried for thousands of years, people from any ethnic background can join the jewish religion, making the term meaningless with respect to ethnic origin. THAT is my point. YOU are an atheist. Period.

    Of course, you should realize if your father, mother, grandparents, etc., were REAL jews (religion) you are calling THEM a moron, idiot, or any other foul name you want to think up.

    I’m getting plenty of “traction”, just sit there spewing your hatred of most of mankind, and let the adults do the work.

  65. I look in the mirror constantly. There’s no red neck, and I spew hatred towards the tool scammer actions, and admire anyone who makes a little or a lot of Amway money. You’re clueless, but at least you’re consistent, kike.

  66. And you prove yet again to be another racist anti-Semitic scumbag from down South, where you can shake a tree and they fall out in droves.

    Anyone who makes more money that you is a scammer or cheat. That’s how no-count white trash thinks.

  67. Like I said on the previous thread, I use the word “kike” to describe YOU, not jewish people (as you wrongly claim to be). It’s actually kind of ironic you take offense at the word “kike”, but I don’t even consider you jewish. LOL

    Anyone who cheats others out of money is a scammer or cheat. It has NOTHING to do with the amount, kike. That’s how a kike thinks.

  68. I have Jewish friends. REAL Jews, not atheists who claim to be Jewish because their momma or pappa was jewish. LOL

    You’re as jewish as this guy:

    Of course, he’s a REAL jew, because he joined the religion, not just a product of who made who pregnant!

    It’s even funnier with the English subtitles, I think the language is German! How ironic!

  69. This proves, yet again, that you are as stupid as most people from down South

    Being Jewish has little to do with belief in mythical supernatural beings that ignorant weaklings like you lead your lives by. Some would like to think so, but they’re just as stupid as you are.

    Christian dolts as yourself don’t get to set definitions, either. Stick to your fears and your superstitions, that’s what you were made for and nothing else.

    Except to be taken advantage of, either by religious hucksters or Amway hucksters, it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same to me.

    Jesus thinks you’re a jerk, by the way.

  70. Being Jewish has little to do with bloodlines. The Jews have intermarried with others over the years, so if they don’t have religion to tie themselves together, they have nothing.

    I’ll use the definition that makes sense, and it doesn’t include calling you a Jew. LOL

    Jesus loves you, by the way (kike). LOL

  71. They say the COMPLETE OPPOSITE! To them, it’s all about being white and preferably blue eyed! My point is the Jewish “race” is so intermarried, it doesn’t make any sense to use the word “Jewish” unless it is within the context of the Jewish religion.

    Take that you racist kike!

  72. “They say the COMPLETE OPPOSITE! To them, it’s all about being white and preferably blue eyed!”

    They actually say being Jewish is about being white and preferably blue eyed?

    The real point, you aren’t Jewish, you’ve never lived among Jews, and there are probably only 100 of them living in your whole redneck state. So you don’t know anything about our race. Let me tell you, Jews from the old country did not marry goyim. Again, you are repeating myths that Jew haters love to spread.

    It’s kind of like the stupidity of yours that caused you to lose money on a pyramid scheme.

    And if you really aren’t Dave Robison, how is it that you can’t set up and run your own blog?

    Too stupid for that, too eh?

  73. A disgrace is a kike who can’t admit someone warning others about a scam so they can turn their own useless life into a crusade about nothing to compensate for a worthless existance. LOL

  74. So much useless “dribble” (sic) you write! Your sentence is a complete grammatical train wreck more indicative of someone with an eighth grade education, as I’m sure that’s all you have. The southern US states have among the lowest education standards in the whole country.

    It’s spelled EXISTENCE, by the way

  75. And please, if you are going to serve nothing more than a lame and unoriginal copy cat response, just forget it. Getting the last word on your part just makes you look more stupid.

    Just remember, I don’t have a history of being banned from blogs. YOU do.

  76. See #2, kike.

    My sentence was, as you later stated, based on yours, so if there are indications of a “complete grammatical train wreck”, take a look in the mirror, kike.

    Thanks for the spelling lesson, I’ll use it in a sentence: Dave The Kike would have contributed more to this planet if he had never come into existence.

    How come you talk about being banned on another blog on your site, Dave The Lying Kike?

  77. You may have based it on mine, but your version made no grammatical sense. But of course, being a product of an inferior educational system, you wouldn’t know the difference.

    Just accept the fact that you’re illiterate and uneducated hick. And really, why not spend your time trying to get a REAL job, instead of bitching about a pyramid scheme that cheated you?

    But then, that may be the best place for illiterate and educated hicks who can’t get a real job.

  78. EDIT: Just accept the fact that you’re an illiterate and uneducated hick.

    If you want to read proper writing, read my blog instead, not those illiterate blogs about Amway. I notice you have never posted to mine, you coward. You only go to blogs where you’ll receive a warm welcome. What a big pussy you are.

  79. Yours didn’t make any logical or grammatical sense. I don’t post to your lame blog because I don’t generally post on kike blogs. If you want to talk on the phone, I would be glad to do that. However, you are probably too scared, what a big pussy you are. LOL

    Right…I only post where I receive a warm welcome, yet I get banned. Makes a lot of sense, but what should one expect from a lying kike. LOL

  80. Of course it did, but because you possess an inferior intelligence, you wouldn’t know. You don’t earn three college degrees from major east coast universities without learning to write, redneck.

    You don’t post to my blog because it isn’t dumbed down to meet the subliterate level of inbred hillbillies like you.

  81. I copied your sentence structure, yet yours was brilliant and mine didn’t make sense. Sounds like a lying kike to me. You wasted your money on those colleges, you lying kike. LOL

    I already said why I don’t post to your blog, you lying kike. LOL

  82. “I copied your sentence structure”

    Now you’re lying. If you had, yours would have made sense.

    I guess I’d have to drink enough of that shitty beer you hicks like to drink to make yours look like it made sense. But since I don’t drink, I’ll have to pass on that.

  83. Look at it. I copied it and channged out some words. You keep arguing sentence structure and your multiple degrees from east coast colleges. You’re still a worthless human being and a lying kike who is too scared to make a simple phone call.

  84. “I copied it and channged (sic) out some words.”

    Yes, you “channged (sic) out” (changed out? what kind of ignoramus says that?) some words and wrote an incomprehensible sentence. How do you justify your “existance” (sic)? ‘

    You can’t spell and you can’t write. You’re an ignorant southern hick who makes the case for mandatory sterilization for people below a certain IQ level.

    I’d make a phone call but no one is sending me names, addresses, and phones numbers. YOU are the one who is too scared.

  85. I’m not going to send personal information to a known lying kike, just like I don’t generally proof read my messages sent, because you’re not worth the time or effort, you pathetic lying kike.

  86. Right, I’m not worth the effort, as you say, but like the subhuman lemming you are, you can’t keep yourself from answering my posts. Do you note the irony there?

  87. No irony at all. I always enjoy reminding any new reader who may come along that you are a lying kike. LOL

    It works even better when you totally ignore the idea and pooint out an obvious typo. LOL

  88. New readers? Who wants to read this blog since you came along?

    That’s also assuming that everyone that could possibly come here is a anti-Semitic thug like you, which I doubt.

  89. Who wants to read this blog since I came along? You for one. LOL

    However, a new reader, by definition, wouldn’t be familiar with you, and the lying kike that you are, which is where I come in and educate them. LOL

    As explained multiple times, I’m not anti-Semitic, I am anti-LIAR (YOU) and anti-kike (YOU, again). Notice the pattern? LOL

    It has NOTHING to do with the Jewish religion, let alone the race of which you claim to be a tribal member. LOL

    I’m sure there are both anti and pro-Semitics who read this blog, and it doesn’t require “that everyone that could possibly come here is a [sic] anti-Semitic thug….” So much for your 3 degrees from east coast universities, looks like you need to go back to class, you lying kike. LOL

  90. Jesus f-ing Christ, Tex, will you ever just shut the hell up? Don’t you have a job or something? You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to spend on the internet.

  91. misterwarmth,

    Wow, a post the complete opposite of your name! LOL

    And no, I won’t ever shut the hell up, at least until the Amway tool scam is cleaned up:

    I have a job, but it’s my “entertainment” to take a break for a few minutes every couple of hours or so and beat back ignorance. Consider yourself pummeled. LOL

    Next time, why don’t you add something meaningful to the discussion? LOL

    P.S., Jesus f-ing Christ is not meaningful. LOL

  92. Dave,

    We can now add “stupid” to your title, as you obviously either DON’T have the 3 major east coast college degrees you claim, or you only paying for the tuition, and not paying attention, making you a stupid lying kike! LOL

  93. Oops! Should have said, “…, or you only paid for the tuition, and weren’t paying attention, making you a stupid lying kike! LOL”

  94. You really are a freak, Scott. What the f- is your problem? We know you hate Jews, why not just admit it?

  95. You really are a freak, misterwarmth. LOL

    What the f- is your probem? LOL

    We know I have Jewish friends, I just hate the actions of like KIKES like Dave. LOL

  96. Hey Dave, lookie at who else is apparently “Jewish”:



    Maybe there’s hope for you yet! LOL

  97. Scott, you wouldn’t have any Jewish friends if they knew you used foul labels like “kike.” It’s offensive to all Jews, don’t you know that?

  98. You need to grow up. Obviously, you’ve received far too much PC “diversity” training. Blacks call each other niggers all the time. I’m part Jewish, so I can call other Jews “kikes” if they act like a kike. Dave does. Oh yeah, I’m part Black too, so watch out! LOL

    Actually, Dave said calling him a kike doesn’t offend him, so does this mean he’s not Jewish? LOL

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