Ron Paul Shall Rise Again

Yesterday on Meet the Press they reviewed the declining prospects for the Republican Party.  And the yawning conclusion was that no one can really challenge Barack Obama in 2012 and no one can revive the G.O.P.  They assessed the prospects of all the possible candidates but there was one glaring omission.  Guess who?

Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham were the Republican guest commentators.  Romney has already made it clear that only an Obama owned recession will allow him back in.  And if Obama can’t get a temporary bump in the stock market, after trebling the money supply, well, we might as all start selling apples right now.  And one by one, on the Russertless Meet the Press, they ticked off all of the reasons why Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee won’t be returning after all.

Of course, the weekly news dominated and they bemoaned the loss of yet another possible G.O.P. standard bearer for 2012.  Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, is now out.  His dalliance in Argentina means he is damaged goods.  Can’t you just see the governor sitting at a side walk café in Buenos Aires, with this nagging worry in the back of his head, “What if they are looking for me right now?  What if I am on CNN? Naaa.”  Indeed, the Sanford episode brings back all the painful narrative surrounding the infidelities of Newt Gingrich and Rudolph Giuliani. Is there no one left to lead the G.O.P.?

Meet the Press cannot be blamed for omitting the one man who is still on everyone’s lips, as in “you know, I think he may have been right, after all.”  The one man who predicted the economic collapse, who suggested that the Federal Reserve needed an audit itself, who warned that electing a Democrat or Republican was pretty much the same thing; there would still be a war where we don’t need one.  The lobbyists would still rule.  The government would still intrude.

On May 18, 2009 Time magazine ran a cover story on the Republican Party, entitled “Endangered Species.”  They had a Michael Grunwald article on “How the Republicans Lost Their Way.”  And an article by Joe Scarborough on “How They Can Come Back.”  Not once did the magazine even mention the name of the man who raised $32 million with a single call.  The man who was first to recognize and announce that Republicans had lost their way, their heart, their soul.

What made the Mark Sanford loss so regrettable to many in the press was the fact that he was emerging as a bit of a populist figure.  He had been able to articulate some of the views and the ideas of the one man whom Meet the Press and Time Magazine and the rest of the establishment so studiously ignore.  And Sanford had been able to pick up the mantle without all the odious, dangerous extra baggage that makes the people at the television networks recoil in horror.  Like actually auditing the Federal Reserve.

The fact is that Mark Sanford was never really a true clone to that man, who like Lord Voldemort, cannot be named.  The man who would shake Wall Street and Capitol Hill to their foundations.  I am speaking, of course, of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas

No, he is not dead, much as Meet the Press and Time would have you believe.  Tim Russert is dead. Michael Jackson is dead.  Farrah Fawcett is dead.  And now even, Billy May is dead.

Ron Paul lives.

And as long as Ron Paul lives, the heart of the Republican Party beats strong and an alternative to the new Socialist Republic of America still exists.

Make sure you read…. Is Ron Paul too old?

And see Reagan and the age issue.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

54 thoughts on “Ron Paul Shall Rise Again

  1. They can’t talk about Ron Paul now. Because Ron Paul was right about what happened. If they give him credence now, they’ll be allowing that he’s right about what’s going to happen. And that scares them pantsless.

    He’s the Congressman America deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll ignore him, because he can take it.

    When we’re ready, he’ll be here.

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  3. Yes, that big 14 GOP delegate count was quite a rise, wasn’t it?

    I won’t regard that assembly of potheads and other freaks in Minneapolis last summer very seriously.

  4. “Ron Paul’s movement to audit the fed starting to make mainstream headway.”

    Hate to tell you, pal, but incendiary blather from the Paulist fringe websites does not represent “mainstream headway.”

    The “mainstream” of America is the other 99% of the population.

    Always keep in mind that the Paulists represent the FREAK FRINGE of America.

  5. Well here are the facts.

    The link I posted was found on the main page of Yahoo Finance (which I have previously stated)..not a Ron Paul website.

    The bill to audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207) has 275 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.

    The bill to audit the Fed in the Senate (S-604) has 17 co-sponsors including the candidate you supported for president John McCain.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

  6. What you cite as the source of your article does not in any way exonerate the farce that is this silly populist crusade.

    It’s just more partisan posturing that won’t go anywhere. You are too easily impressed and you fail to see the big picture. You, like a lot of people, find value in small increments of achievement that when added up, do not amount to anything significant.

  7. Debating you is like teaching a blind man to drive. No matter how good the lesson taught, no matter how effective the teacher, the end result is an exercise in futility.

    The longest journey starts with but a single step. Each individual step along the journey is a “small increment of achievement”. “When added up” they equal the totality, the big picture of achievment.

    Don’t let logic get in the way of your opinion.

  8. You can’t even see the “lesson,” so don’t pretend you are a teacher, because that requires an intellect, of which you do not possess.

    “Intellect” and “Ron Paul” is a contradiction.

    You think Paul and those clowns jumping on his bandwagon are working in your best interest. That’s the saddest joke of all, but you fall for the premise like the gullible sap you are. Why? because they are saying what you want to hear and that’s it.

    No GOP legislators will succeed at discrediting Barry O., his policies, or his tenure as POTUS. What’s going to discredit Barry O. is barry O. himself. He will have to self-destruct on his own for any hope to be alive for people like you.

    So go back to clipping your coupons and buying the store brand foods, you cheap bastard.

    Why not devote your energy toward how you can get in on all that relatively free money flowing out of Washington instead of complaining about it?

  9. More baseless insults, generalizations, and lack of focus on the topic at hand. Nice try DB.

    Seeing as how nothing I say to you will matter in any way, and observing the same crass behavior towards just about every post here that poses dissent from your world view, can I ask….Why do you even follow this blog if every topic and commentator falls well below your standard of conversation? Seems like a monumental waste of time for someone of your self portrayed intellectual and social superiority. You could be off raking in millions or inventing the next breakthrough medication… instead, you feed your seemingly fragile ego blasting away at all the “little people” that follow Doug’s various commentaries.


  10. What’s truly sad is that dolts as yourself don’t know their place or their limitations. You’ll indulge armchair level psychobabble to explain the motivations of your intellectual superiors. You are too stupid to see life for what it is. I know what life is all about because I’ve seen it at its very worst with constant death and destruction. If you weren’t so stupid you’d wake up and listen.

    I despise the “little people” for their piddling dreams, their meager aspirations, their shabby, middle class attitudes, their limited cognitive skill, and their HUGE need to be led and guided by others, especially politicians and mythical supernatural beings.

    You all deserve to be ground under the boot heel of existence because you offer nothing but decrepitude, failure, and despair, the very fodder that exploitative politicians like Ron Paulnuts and his evil twin Barry O. feed on.

    Try for a change living entirely by your own wits without help from anyone or anything outside your immediate sphere of influence. Try staring into the pit of hell and surviving the experience.

  11. I am well aware of your despise of the little people, that has been previously well documented and you continue to show inability to focus. I asked, “Why do you waste your time with us?” Your nonsensical ramblings and torrential insults are meaningless.

    About the whole atheist thing. Atheists choose to ignore that by their own definition, all of life is meaningless. Despite all worldly accomplishments of your favorite historically significant atheist, his end was the same as all the “dolts”. Despite his “courage”, he is now nothing.

    Atheism is the ultimate in ignorance. It is a gamble fully favoring the house. There is no reward for being short sighted by focusing on this life of 100 years at best. Mathematically speaking, when you divide years lived by eternity (mathematical infinitum, age of the cosmos, or whatever you want to call it) it equals (infinately approaches) zero. Simple calculus shouldn’t be beyond the reach of someone as intelligent as youself. Therefore by definition, this life is worthless. It makes no sense to be fully invested in anything worthless. Atheists begin their “logical” deductive process with a flawed premise, regarding worthlessness as having value.

  12. “I am well aware of your despise (sic) of the little people …”

    People like you wonder why you invite ridicule.

    “There is no reward for being short sighted by focusing on this life of 100 years at best.”

    Really? My bank account would indicate otherwise. When I’ve become worm food, my children and their children can have it.

    That’s why morons like you cower in fear before your god. You can’t fathom the idea of becoming worm food. You need to achieve some kind of immortality and control, so you create these phony constructs called heaven and hell to shape the minds of actions of drones like yourself while you are living. meanwhile, you operate on another phony construct called “faith,’ which is the biggest scam of all.

    People like you have fallen for one of the biggest scams in human history, a scam that’s based on a premise you can’t even prove exists in the form that you claim.

    Politics or religion … it’s all the same garbage.

    You also fall back on another ridiculous canard that an atheist automatically believes life is meaningless.

    I do not believe life is meaningless, as I created my own purpose for living that had nothing to do with ideals drafted by politicians or religious nutjobs.

    In 63 years, I’ve done quite well not following everyone else, especially middle class drones who are so needy and dependent on the aforementioned.

  13. Oh, by the way, you religious nutjobs … why aren’t there any mentions of dinosaurs in the book of genesis?

    I’ll tell you why … because the book of genesis is pure bullshit. Yet, nutjobs like you want to teach this garbage as fact to schoolkids in America because you can’t look objectively at scientific evidence that supports evolution.

    I know, it blows your mind to consider we evolved from lower order mammals.

  14. I must have hit a nerve with exposing atheism as a sham, but I’ll let that go for the moment. You still haven’t addressed the question of why you bother continuing to follow and post here.

    I believe in a creative design evolution. Sorry to throw all your rantings out the window.

  15. The thing is … it’s not your blog so you shouldn’t be concerned with my motivations. Doug Wead can ask me that and no one else.

    Why not try posting to a blog where you won’t find any agreement with your views? That would show some balls on your part.

    You also overestimate your ability to influence behavior. You’re not intelligent enough to accomplish that, sparky.

    “Creative design evolution” is bullshit. People like you want it both ways. You can’t marry traditional religious beliefs and science.

    You are more of a clueless idiot than I thought. But then again, you’re a Ron Paul supporter, so it shouldn’t surprise me.

  16. “Doug Wead can ask me that and no one else”. That is about the weakest response I have ever heard. Very cowardly.

    “Why not try posting where you won’t find agreement”… Yeah, it really shows a lot of courage typing words in cyberspace with no repercussions.

    “You can’t marry traditional religious beliefs and science”…funny thing is, I’m the one backing up arguments with facts, logic, and mathematics, you only push your unintelligent rants and opinions without any substance.

    You are completely closed minded. If you were open minded, you would look into the unexplainable. Bodies of saints uncorrupted for a thousand years, miraculous healings with no medical options, demonic activity with physical manifestations… literally thousands of occurances offering no scientific explainations. Where is your science when the miraculous occurs? It’s easy to have your opinion as long as you choose to ignore everything that doesn’t support your established opinion.

    You attack a religious book because it omits. Yeah, good logic, I don’t remember turkeys being mentioned in the book of Genesis but I’m pretty sure they still exist.

    You claim to follow your “own sphere” but are a product of your very own personal history. You claim that this life has value (after I proved mathematically that it does not) despite the fact that all things will eventually pass away and you will not be in any kind of existance in about 30 years or less to have any first hand knowledge of events. You claim to live for yourself but part of your “defined meaning” is to pass along money to your offspring….just so you know, even if you live for your offspring, you are not living for yourself.

    You attack the religious as cowering before their God, but ignore that an atheist chooses to live his life that way because they don’t want to be accountable for their life. It is a very ignorant choice. The idea that you will be accountable for your life terrifies you, as well it should. You have substituted arrogance for wisdom.

    You continuousely contradict yourself, use opinion instead of facts or logic. You want to lecture me about intelligence but ignore intelligent arguments. You substitute rantings and insults for facts and opinion. You sir, are the definition of a weak opposing viewpoint and it has been an enjoyable experience exposing you as such.

  17. Really, how can I take seriously someone who is such a poor speller and who makes NO attempt to self-correct?

    As I’ve stated elsewhere, there’s my flesh and blood and my own people and everyone else can just f- off. You included, schmuck.

    So I am accountable to whom I choose, on my terms only.

    That bullshit you’re selling might pass for “intelligent argument” in that red state backwater ‘burg you hail from but it doesn’t cut it with me. I’m not married to my first or second cousin and I didn’t attend a public school and I certainly would never in a million years shop at a Wal-Mart.

    yes, there are miracles. It’s been amiracle

  18. EDIT: Yes, there are miracles. It’s been a miracle this past week that you’ve been able to compose several posts while keeping your knuckles from dragging on the ground.

  19. “And as long as Ron Paul lives, the heart of the Republican Party beats strong and an alternative to the new Socialist Republic of America still exists.”

    And like those shameless political/religious hucksters who claim they are always working in your “best interest,”, Doug knows exactly what to say to rouse the weak and gullible.

    That you be YOU people.

  20. Barney Fag? I don’t think so. I am a conservative Republican that regards that large middle class bohunk constituency within my party with willing contempt. Why? It’s because of their cloying, short sighted, not-thinking-outside-the-box pedestrian mindsets that compels them to become blind followers of idiotic religious tracts or poltical leaders like Ron Paulnuts.

  21. Sorry, dr. jones, to the inbred hillbilly paleo-con and losertarian contingent that infects this blog, any view that doesn’t comport their subintelligent view is automatically “illogical.”

    1. Hillbilly? I actually live in Brooklyn, NY. I wish I was a hillbilly. There’s more people with sense out of the city. Read Human Action by Ludwig von Mises and then get back to me on my “subintelligent” views.

  22. Just as I thought, another LOSERtarian (or a sock puppet) infecting Wead’s blog. I know this anytime frauds like von Mises or his equally inept minions Robert Shiller and Larry Summers are mentioned as “saviors.”

    Investing is a crap shoot. You win some and you lose some. There is no perfect system. The rational market can work and it can’t work. You can trot out as many Paul Samuelsons as you want as well. They don’t know any more than the next guy. I don’t care if they have PhD behind their name, either. It takes luck and cunning to win at investing. My family has earned millions and have lost millions. Do we worry about it? No. It’s just money.

    Try going to a legit blog discussing free market econ and see how quickly you are laughed off the board the moment you mention von Mises.

    1. Sounds like you need to do a little more research on credit and money- and when you have actually read a Mises work then you get back to me. In the mean time we’re all be laughing as every Austrian prediction of the market continue to come true.

  23. Predictions? Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus made predictions, too. So does a bookie. Everyone that makes a prediction has at least a 50% chance of being right. Yet, so many dumb bastards in America are always searching for something or someone to show them “the way.” What a joke. The answer is within you if you are smart enough to see it.

    But really, a majority of Americans are as dumb as a bag of rocks, firmly ensconced at the top of the bell curve and perhaps just smart enough to get out of their own way on their best day.

    Sorry, I’m not about to invest absolute faith in someone that lucked out on some economic predictions.

    You have-not LOSERtarians are like all these other yahoos I enjoy ripping apart. If it’s not Ron Paulnuts it’s some other clown singing a tune you want to hear.

    If you can’t follow someone or something you’re lost. You are all pathetic and weak.

  24. I need to research money and credit? Let me tell you something, bubbie, I could probably buy and sell your sorry hide over and over. If you are from Brooklyn, I’d wager that someone you know from the older generations have suits manufactured in factories owned by my family in Manhattan’s garment district.

    As for credit, I learned a long time ago never to borrow without collateral.

    But then again, most Americans are too stupid to remember that. Just because some schmuck from Amex is willing to give you a $30K line of credit when you only make $40K a year doesn’t mean you should accept.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Von Mises doesn’t have the corner on common sense.

  25. “The answer is within you if you are smart enough to see it.”

    Is this some Zen state I need to be at before I can communicate with you?

    “Sorry, I’m not about to invest absolute faith in someone that lucked out on some economic predictions.”

    Yeah, luck, you’re right. Better just follow the free flowing money out of Washington and brownnose praise to Ben Bernanke in hopes of getting some of it. And when the party’s over we’ll exalt Newt Gingrich (or any other neocon of your choosing) to be supreme ruler and all will be well. After all, the fundamentals of our economy are sound!

  26. If it had been up to you paleo-cons and/or LOSERtarians, Israel would have been wiped off the map by now.

    Neocons are the only political powers that know Israel’s value as a strategic military adjunct to American foreign policy and the fact that the State of Israel harbors many of the most brilliant people in the world, most of whom descended from the Ashkenazim branch of our race.

    But that would be OK with you, because people like you are anti-Semitic creeps to begin with. You’ve never supported Israel even sixty years ago when the UN announced that nation’s formation. Isolationist losers like you existed during WW2 and complained about our being in Europe fighting for nothing.

    Face it, we spend big bucks on military materiel and it must be either sold to friendly powers or used against this nation’s enemies.

  27. +Our country entering WWI was the cause to Hitler’s rise.

    +Israel’s existence has cost many many lives. Just because we advocate to only use our military when defending our country doesn’t make us an isolationist. You should look up in the dictionary what an isolationist truly is.

    +Recommended Reading: Ivan Eland’s ‘The Empire Has No Clothes’

  28. “+Our country entering WWI was the cause to Hitler’s rise.”

    Sure, and I suppose next you are going to tell me that powerful Americans purposely goaded Japan into attacking the USA in 1941 so we could bolster the fortunes of the world bank powers, or some such conspiratorial nonsense, right?

    I’m sure at some point, you’ve inveighed against the Bilderbergs, the Carlyle group, the Skull and Bonesman, or any other covert power brokerage group who typically exclude nameless ciphers like you from their agenda to promote global domination?

    After all, all this “little guy” whining from people like you is based on that, right?

    They have what you want and you can’t get any of it.

    Too bad for you, sparky. Life has no guarantees nor is it supposed to he fair or just.

  29. I don’t know much about Bilderberg or whatever else you mentioned I educate myself on other more important things. I know of those things but are of little importance to the practical world. The main thing I focus on is educating people on our history and economics and asking of them what kind of government do we want.

    However, what I said about WWI is true- not conspiracy. If we hadn’t entered the war Germany would have likely won. The allied countries wouldn’t have been able to impose harsh reforms to the German economy and Hitler wouldn’t have had an audience.

    It’s not conspiracy, it’s just common sense. Our foreign policy is worth reconsideration. Do you not question it at all?

  30. Ivan Eland is obviously too much of an losertarian idiot to understand that democracy is too important not to impose on other nations who can’t figure out that totalitarianism, socialism, or any other ideology that inhibits freedom and liberty is inferior.

  31. It’s a question of- have the examples throughout history where coercion, and intervention being economically or with force, was used to change the mindset of a particular society- been shown to work?

    I’d say if you examine history that answer is no. I’d say it stalls freedom and liberty and causes more disruption.

    Read his book ‘Recarving Rushmore’ and his analysis of the American Civil War. Obviously coercion caused negative retaliation against blacks until the 1960’s a hundred years after the war it took until blacks received what the war was “quote” about. Obviously there was more to do with the civil war than just slavery but it did play a large role in the dividing faction of our then young nation. The north could not bring about overnight forced change in the south just as we can’t bring overnight forced change in other places in the world.

    We are blessed with large bodies of water separating us from other countries in the world not to mention the largest nuclear arsenal. I think protecting the liberties we’re already supposed to have under the Constitution should be priority- and hopefully by our example others will follow as long as we talk and trade with those nations.

  32. Also, I’m saddened that you have to automatically revert to calling people losertarians. Just for your information I’ve never been affiliated with the Libertarian party.

  33. Then you are a paleo-con, which is about as bad, which means you are many light years behind the times, still yearning for the days of Robert Taft and/or the John Birch Society.

    Face it, times change. The best and most enduring among us know how to make the changes work for us and to our advantage. I haven’t sacrificed one of my conservative principles in the process. I still despise liberals, no matter what. yet, I’ve learned to work the system as it stands. Being able to adapt is how my people have survived for 5000 years.

    It sounds as if you have no idea how to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

  34. Oh, they think they are, and are trying to use him. I think Newt is FAR too intelligent compared to the Dems. I don’t even know whether he’s going to run for office, but his wisdom is considerable and should be considered. Unlike others, I think older folks with the right experiences are an extremely valuable resource we are too quick to jetison. LOL

  35. Ron established his credibility with the ‘traditions’ of that spawned the Tea-Party during his last presidential campaign. As FA Hayek stated, tradition in the absence of Rule of Law can substituted as a framework to bind people together. It prevents supporters from thinking their time could be co-opted by an agenda they don’t agree with. Newt should take note, this is why he will fail to co-opt the Tea Party vote or make any serious contribution.

    The traditions that are articulated by Ron but not even well understood well by the Tea Party are the opposite of arbitrary. Arbitrary is disregard for the rule of law and contracts that are the embodiment the Obama administration and our missing constitution. Arbitrary is frustration. Anyone following a republican candidate this election cycle that does not articulate the Jeffersonian traditions as well or better than Ron Paul will have lost the race before they were in it.

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