Mark Sanford: It was a woman

It was a woman.

GOP, South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford was on the brink of greatness.  As one of the nation’s emerging political stars he was so principled that he turned down federal money for his state, saying it was wrong.  Some said he was in the process of inheriting Ron Paul’s massive insurgent army and taking it all the way.  And then?

He disappeared last Thursday.  When someone asked his wife she answered, “I have no idea where he is.”  Some staffers covered for him saying he was alone, writing.  A former press aide says he often disappears.  Others in his office said he was hiking in the wild.  By June 24, Wednesday afternoon, the governor was spotted disembarking from a plane in Atlanta.  It had flown in from Buenos Aires.

I disappeared once.  I was on staff as special assistant to the president at the White House and decided that the pace was driving me crazy. Without telling a soul I walked out of the White House and slipped into a cinema in downtown Washington.  I was gone from the office for exactly two hours.  And you would have thought that all hell had broken loose.  The world can change in two hours, especially at that level.

So what has the governor been up to?  Was he only looking for a moment on Walden’s Pond?  Don’t count on it.  Was he stealing money?  Settling his offshore accounts?  No, not the man who turned down billions from the government.  We all know what it is, or think we do.  We have all known what it had to be all along… a woman.

He must have recoiled in horror as the John and Elizabeth Edwards saga unfolded, with Elizabeth painfully  parading her feelings on the national stage while the rest of us squirmed uncomfortably on our couches.  He must have thought he could steal away a few minutes of peace.

And the women?  Likely a staffer.  Why?  Because some in his office were covering for him and obviously others not.

So, we are now only minutes away… we will see.

Postscript:  Yes, it was a woman.  But not a staffer.  And, in fact, an e-mail partner from Argentina.  And it appears he is still in love because he could not stop himself from talking about her.  Those last days and hours in Argentina must have been bittersweet.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

42 thoughts on “Mark Sanford: It was a woman

  1. The palmetto trees are fighting back – releasing a toxin that makes people commit political suicide.

    Nobody of sound mind thinks with their tallywhacker to that extent. I mean, under the desk in your office is one thing, but flying a quarter way around the world in secret for a tryst when you’re a governor? Either there’s much more to the story, or his judgement is impaired to the point of being unfit to lead a state.

  2. Why is it that these governors, senators and even some presidents are willing to risk their careers for a little nookie?

    Are they simply not different from the rest of us but under more scrutiny 9held to some sort of public moral expectation)? And even so, do they see themselves so easily above the that scrutiny, or are able to lie to themselves enough to believe no one on their staff will ever tell.

    Or perhaps, it is just a sign that honest, moral people are generally not attracted by politics.

  3. It would be interesting to see how personality type plays into all this. Seems like many of similar personality traits tend to gravitate towards politics. If this is the case, it would seem that many of these people (particularly men) are more prone to this type of activity where they crave power and adoration in all of its forms.

  4. The same could be said for so-called “men of god” who fancy themselves as its representatives.

    It just proves one thing: you have to lead your life by your own mind and wits. You can’t depend on strangers to provide anything you need except on very strict conditions where there’s a a specified quid pro quo arrangement covered by a legal contract.

    Faith is for fools.

  5. DB,

    I think that was Mark’s problem: He broke his marraige vow. He went with his own mind and wits, and not the will of God.

  6. Here is another case of a over worked man with no family times.but spending all his time taking care of our demanding country, we have it all backwards,it should be family,country/work,money.
    but we the people thrive on this kind of stuff, but perhaps we should take a step back and lend a helping hand to a man, that was having troubles, and not shoot him down at first site. not all,marriages can hold up with out equal parts working together. but with hard work they can be repaired….water your grass

  7. Will of what, tex2? Aren’t you too old to believe in fairy tales?

    Sanford was a dumb ass who was not in control himself. Why can’t these hillbilly politicians keep themselves in line? I, for one, never thought of him as a leading light for the GOP. I didn’t want to hear one more hick or hayseed speaking for my party. Underneath that expensive suit is another white trash loser not too far removed from the inbred subhumans depicted in that film Deliverance.

  8. By the way, tex2, Bernie Madoff’s prosecution was just, but really, anyone who couldn’t tell that he was a fraud beforehand deserved to lose their money.

    My family had many opportunities to invest with his securities firm but we refused.

  9. DB,

    God. Will of God. Is there anyone else on this site who is offended by this atheist? If you are, speak up. I don’t drone on and on about your Godless direction, what’s YOUR problem?

    There’s no monopoly of the region of the country. Eliot Spitzer is virtually your neighbor. At least Mark’s wife had the right approach Bill Clinton, Spitzer and John Edwards’ wives DIDN’T have, let Mark twist in the wind by himself. Good for her.

    If Bernie’s misdeeds were so obvious, why did it take so long to prosecute him? You’ll never know how sad I am you had opportunities to “invest” with Bernie and didn’t.

  10. No, tex2, you just drone on an on about other things that no one really cares about but you.

    I’m not an atheist. I don’t buy into the traditional judeo-christian dogma. I also don’t think this universe was created randomly. There is likely some intelligent force behind it all, I’m just not going to humble myself and tremble before it like you stupid evangelical whack jobs who can’t think or act for yourselves.

    Why should I? Why should anyone?

  11. You can’t be as old as you claim, tex, because only kids use netspeak like “LOL”

    I NEVER use netspeak, as it’s subliterate and juvenile, as bad as “wigger” kids trying to talk like those losers they hear in rap videos.

  12. Just like ONLY those with prior records are wrongly convicted and sentenced to death? Prove it. Someone at any age can type capital l-o-l. LOL

    You not only don’t use netspeak, you don’t use logic-speak or reality-speak. LOL

  13. “Just like ONLY those with prior records are wrongly convicted and sentenced to death? Prove it.”

    I just asked a former criminal prosecutor that question and she said that she never heard of such a circumstance in all her 30 years of practicing law.

  14. Adding to the last post, only repeat offenders who show no effort to rehabilitate are recommended for the death penalty.

    Unless you can find an attorney to back your own claim, then it is without merit.

  15. Nice strawman, since the discussion was about common street criminals, not treasonous Commie bastards cooperating with the Soviets during the cold war

    I guess you failed to read the postscript to the article:

    “New information that has emerged since the end of the Cold War confirms the Rosenbergs’ role in helping the Russians to develop the A-bomb.”

    When you are on trial for treason against your country, death is an appropriate punishment.

    Nice try, Dave.

  16. Nice try, Dave. You cite a website that offers a pansy assed, weak willed, and cowardly anti-death penalty bias. Where are the links to the court dockets of those trials? I want to know what kind of people these criminals were before they were allegedly “railroaded” toward a conviction. I note that the website content doesn’t mention anything about their priors. Why is that? If they had a rap sheet, then their death was no loss. F- them.

    I’m on the side of the victims of criminal scum. Someone had to answer for those crimes. If it was some dumb schmuck already with a record, the so be it. Who really cares? F- them.

    I also have no problem with vigilante justice in certain instances, especially in areas suffering from high crime rates. The police can’t be depended upon to do everything. Sometimes citizens have to pick up the slack, like a guy in New York who had the shit beaten out of him by his neighbors before he was arrested as a suspect in a string of rape cases. By the way, the cops had the right guy, so the beating was justified.

    Like I said, people with clean criminal records are not recommended for the death penalty on the first felony offense.

  17. By the way, those dumb asses that were allegedly “wrongly” convicted, perhaps if they had better legal representation, perhaps they wouldn’t have fried.

    Did you ever think of that?

  18. Here’s another example, there are probably lots more. I don’t see any evidence of prior felony crimes.

    It’s true many of the onees wrongly convicted didn’t have good legal representation, because they lacked the money. Is that another good reason to fry someone?

    You STILL haven’t answered the original question, how many innocents are you willing to kill to have your jollies with the guilty? How much money are you willing to spend with appeals?

  19. I’ve heard of Cheech and Chong, two stoner losers who thought they were funny.

    When websites like “truthinjustice” set aside their agenda and publicly present the ENTIRE criminal record of the convicted then I’ll regard them as credible.

    If you commit a felony, automatic 10 year minimum, limited number of appeals, no parole eligibility, plus hard labor. Second felony, one appeal, automatic death penalty. None of this three strikes nonsense. Two strikes is plenty.

    This country belongs to those who obey and respect laws. When innocent people lose their lives those lives deserve to be avenged at most any cost. If some dumb schmuck too poor to afford expert legal representation has to take the fall then so be it.

  20. The point wasn’t whether you’ve heard of Cheech and Chong, or whether you thought they are funny. The point is their “Dave’s not here, man” routine, which fits your current insistence that I am Dave, when in fact YOU are Dave, although a Black one rather than a Robison one. LOL

    The source wasn’t intended to be the last word on what your position should be, the source was intended to illustrate innocent people have been put to death and you STILL can’t answer the question how many innocent people are you willing to kill to execute 100 guilty people. If the above 2 strike law is what you favor, then support and get elected politicians who will pass such laws. In the meantime, it is YOU who do not “obey and respect laws.” I agree with the felony 10 year minimum, limited appeals and no parole idea. However, you have to accept the bloodbath for the 2 strikes for ANY felony concept. I don’t. 20 year mandatory for the 2nd one, no problem.

  21. Please, provide any evidence where I do not “obey or respect laws,” since you made that claim in the last post.

    by the way, I’ve never been “Dave,” always David.

    “how many innocent people are you willing to kill to execute 100 guilty people.”

    How many people criminal prosecutors think it takes, I’m OK with, because I fully support criminal prosecutors, not defense attorneys. Defense attorneys are mostly scumbags. The prosecutors of maricopa County AZ did a better job adjudicating their case against Krone than the defense. Too bad for Krone. Had he hired better legal representation, he might have saved himself ten years.

    You get what you pay for in life.

  22. You don’t respect the current laws that usually require solid evidence to put someone to death. If it was up to you, anyone who commits 2 felonies would become fried bacon, even if the evidence was flimsy.

    That must be why “Dave’s not here, man.” LOL Thanks for the tip, Dave.

    Still can’t answer the question, can you?

    I support both sides, they are both trying to do their jobs, and most of them are very good. There are scumbags on both sides.

    Krone is a good lesson in NOT cooperating with the authorities, even if you’re innocent.

  23. “If it was up to you, anyone who commits 2 felonies would become fried bacon, even if the evidence was flimsy.”

    This is why it’s impossible to reason with people with inadequate educations who get most of what they know from the internet.

    “Flimsy evidence” is your term, not mine. It’s also a term that’s used by whining plaintiff’s attorneys who failed to do their jobs. It’s also a term used by those who are more concerned about protecting the “rights” of criminal scum than avenging the truly innocent and maintaining order in society.

    Like those liberals that I despise.

    If a few poor and unlucky losers like Krone had to be sacrificed to preserve a more orderly society then so be it. Someone had to answer for that poor girl’s heinous death.

  24. The term “flimsy evidence” was my term, but you didn’t disagree with the specifics or generality either.

    The bottom line is you don’t care if an innocent man was punished, as long as somebody was punished.

    If your last paragraph was stated “If a few million poor and unlucky losers like the WWII jews had to be sacrificed to preserve a more orderly German Nazi society then so be it. Someone had to answer for that poor country’s heinous WWI reparations.”, we would all see the world through Dave Black’s eyes.

  25. There is no moral equivalence between the attempted annihilation a race of brilliant and accomplished people and some non-descript barfly from Arizona who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The fate of nations is the same as the fate of one man?

    Can anyone be that stupid? Really, how far did you get in that substandard Texas public school system? Third grade?

    You anti-Semitic creeps are always looking for a way to denigrate Jews. Whenever your limited educated intellect can’t think of anything else to contribute, it’s always an attack on Jews, right, tex? Just all those good ol’ boys down in Texas chewing the “tobacky” and swilling beer, bitching about the government and anyone who isn’t white like them?

    Plus, your knowledge of history is also wrong, but why should I be surprised? It was no nation’s fault but Germany’s that the Treaty of Versailles cut them off at the knees. Germany was NOT a victim of an injustice. Kimberely Ancona WAS a victim of an injustice and a judge and jury found Krone guilty. He got lucky and was exonerated. So what?

  26. It starts out as one person and grows from there. Hitler thought Jews were trash and didn’t share your “brilliant and accomplished” opinion. LOL

    I didn’t attend the Texas public school system. Really, how far did you get in that New York public school system? First grade? LOL

    I’m not anti-Semitic, but I knew you would accuse me of that, you’re so predictable! LOL

    I was using the Nazis as an example that I knew would get under your skin, and it worked! LOL

    Germany was a MUCH worse player before and during WWII, but the world learned their lesson from WWI and rebuilt Germany and Japan. It is YOU who have your history wrong, but at least you’re consistent. LOL

    That’s my point – if Krone had been put to death, there could be no exoneration, at least for him. Most cases aren’t even reviewed after the person is put to death, yet some of them would yield a not guilty verdict. That’s what.

    I realize you have very little value for human life, and think jews are superior to all others, and that’s why your “logic” is so misguided.

  27. “I was using the Nazis as an example that I knew would get under your skin, and it worked! LOL”

    Another implicit admission that you are a troll loser. You’ll write anything to provoke people, that’s what a troll does.

  28. No, it’s an admission how easy it is to play with your mind! LOL

    If that’s what trolling does, you took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. LOL

  29. Tex is a 51 year old failed Amway distributor from Plano Texas. He is aka Scott Johnson. Amway cut off his nuts or something recently because he hasn’t been trolling much in the Amway blogs.

  30. Who cares what you think? I’m not 51, I am NOT an Amway distributor (I am an Amway IBO), and Amway hasn’t responded to my second response to their alleged violation letter in over a month. I’ve been “banned” from most of the Amway blogs for months or years.

  31. You’ve been banned from so many blogs because your a troll. You have used racist comment and a host of insults on others. Ok, your a failed Amway IBO, not a failed distributor. LOL. Doing better than most IBO’s? You mean your not losing as much money as some others?

  32. I’ve been “banned” (I love that term, as it has almost no meaning when it comes to the internet) from many sites because, similar to Harry Markopolos’ reception, others wouldn’t pay attention to the simple facts. Others have used racist comments and a host of other insults to describe me. It’s “you’re” in the context you used, not “your”. LOL I mean you don’t have a clue, dipstick.

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