Obama scores big in the first 100 days


Well, my dear consevative, Republican friends. I hate to tell you because you aren’t going to like it but history is going to applaud Barack Obama’s first 100 days. Neither you, nor I, nor the Fox News Channel can do one thing about it.

Of course, the main reason is that most historians are leftists, who are deeply suspicious about Democrats, let alone Republicans. But even beyond that, history rewards “doers” and punishes those who sit. Even when “doing” is disastrous and “sitting” is the epitome of wisdom. It doesn’t matter folks. And you add to that some fancy footwork, brilliant, in the recent foreign trips, like Turkey, were he punched all the right buttons and rang all the right bells and you have yourself a nice start.

“Well,” you say, wringing your hands and spitting all over your monitor in anger at your fellow conservative blogger, who has afterall warned you that he is also a contrarian, “How can you say that? He is cutting the net worth of the rich in half.” (Which is really okay,since they long ago abondoned the GOP and are now mostly Democrats anyway, using liberal causes to pass new social regs to handvcuff their small business competitors.) “And he is going to wipe out the middle class with inflation.” Which is surely coming down the track. Toot! Toot! Chug, chug, chug. With no promise that all the extra monopoly money, taken from the box and put into play will really make a difference for the poor.

Okay, all you say may be true. It may also be true, as the new UCLA study shows, that FDR’s policies extended rather than shortened The Great Depression. But try telling that to history. The historians rank FDR among the greatest of presidents because history likes action. And if after all these years they still can’t agree on whether FDR’s policies worked they will never agree in our lifetime about the policies of Barack Obama. So don’t count on closure.

Now, the last time they had a great depression there was the communist revolution in Russia and the rise of the Fascists in Italy and Germany. Maybe something like that will happend and Obama will get blamed.

Don’t count on it. I am in Kazan, Russia as I write this and I have been all over the country and every city has a Lenin statue and a Lenin street. Now it is true that history doesn’t like Hitler or Stalin, who did a little too much, but here in Russia they still revere Lenin who, when you think about it, did quite a bit of damage himself. Oh well, like I say, history rewards doers

So if you are a conservative Republican you are out of luck. Sorry. Unless Obama carts off several hundred thousands of people to concentration camps you will have to bite you lip and lock yourself in the closet and scream. Like it or not, historians are going to give Barack Obama a “win” for his first 100 Days. Doesn’t mean he is right, Doesn’t mean the American people will not react to the most liberal administration in history and say “enough,” it just means that history likes a doer and this president has already done a lot.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

5 thoughts on “Obama scores big in the first 100 days

  1. There are books, and then there are writers. I don’t know anything about the historiography of Russia, but I am not so pessimistic about the American life to suppose that Obama’s escapades will dazzle future audiences as he has fooled our contemporaries. His pop-star status will evaporate. Even Elvis gets old after a little time passes.

    Obama owns plenty of ways to screw up, and lots of rope to hang himself — notwithstanding the intellectual “incandescence” that David Brooks hallucinated recently. What is there that inspires? His droning college lecture talk?

    He is black (sort of), and he is well trained in lefty university uber-hipness. His anonymous financial backers have deep pockets and recognized a marketing op too good to miss. This was the GOP’s election to lose. Let’s not kid ourselves. Meanwhile the average American is asleep.

    All that can really be said is that the Dem establishment that had favored Hillary ditched her at the last minute to crown the new boy in town. For reasons best known to themselves, they thought they’d profit better with him.

    So, Obama’s robbing the store. Not a racial metaphor, either, merely an ironic observation. But let these Americans wake up …. Black Americans may feel especially cheated at some juncture, until they find consolation from the steady realism of genuine black leadership to come.

    Back to books and writers: a great writer can write a transformative book, and a great writer can find inspiration in surprising places. Don’t be so sure which way inspiration wends. Obama provides material, of course. Ooh la la. But I don’t see the Obama book being “history.”

    Comedy. Tragedy, perhaps. Not history. Maybe some science fiction, too.

    I recall well all the talk about Clinton and his “legacy.” That was during his lame duck period. A friendly Press assured us there was “legacy.” But we all know what Clinton’s real legacy was. (Monica Lewinsky, wink, wink.)

    It may be that all anyone remembers about Obama someday will be the vastness of the false advertising, and how it once seemed it might cost us everything.

  2. Doug, if you had any courage as a self-admitted conservative, you’d report from this historical perspective, which won’t be the standard line that other historians (most of which are liberals) will repeat in the future:

    In 2008, many Americans for the first time voted for a President motivated by lingering collective guilt over American slavery and Jim Crow. Ever concerned with purging their guilty consciences over events they had no direct involvement in, Americans elevated an underqualified non-threatening biracial man brandishing a glib, gladhanding manner and a gleaming smile. He was being packaged as a hybrid of two nostalgic icons from the 60s into one “Martin Luther Kennedy” or even, “John F. King.” Either way, the initials are still the same.

    I’ve learned in my 62 years that if one looks good and speaks well, one can get away with most anything.

  3. And Barry O. can speak well, as long as his teleprompters are working, as he repeatedly turns 45 degrees to his left, then 45 degrees back to his right, reading/speaking/performing us into a socialist country.

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