Screwed Again: How the national media ignored Ron Paul and why it will be their undoing

Once again, Ron Paul deserved to be in the headlines and once again the national media totally ignored him. Wednesday, the nationwide “Tea Party” protests of big taxes and big spending was the number two story in the nation on most television networks and number one on some. And how could they avoid it? Thousands showed up from coast to coast to express their dismay. What is Obama doing? How can we keep printing paper money? Doesn’t he know that a wave of inflation will hit the shore?

The fact is that the first, notable, Tea Party since Boston was launched at a Ron Paul campaign rally in Austin, Texas in December of 2007. The second was the famous “money bomb” fundraiser for Ron Paul on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in the middle of the 2008 presidential run. And most of the crowd and organizers of yesterday’s event were Ron Paul supporters. But congressman Ron Paul, the Nostradamus from Texas, who predicted the crisis we now face, was not mentioned once by the national media.

Credit (or blame) for the event was given to former Texas congressman, Dick Armey, a nice guy but not THE guy or to Newt Gingrich, or to Washington conservative think tanks that mine for Ron Paul money but never give him any respect or credit, or FOX television who actually blocked him from an early debate in 2008, or from sinister “corporate interests.” Huh? Gee… I wonder what corporation could possibly be interested in lower taxes and less government spending? General Motors? AIG?

The fact is that many in big business switched to the Democrats in 1964 when they learned how Lyndon Johnson’s new regulations could wipe out their small business competitors and gain them monopolies. And it gained momentum, even in Republican administrations where powerful corporate lobbies ponied up for their share of government largesse. McDonalds, for example, wanted and received government subsidies to compete with French hamburger joints. Chuckle, chuckle. Now you try that. Go ahead. Open a hamburger stand and ask the government for money. Good luck.

Wall Street and big business have been in bed with the Democrats for years. Republican corporate greed is not just a myth, it is true too, but most corporate leaders give to both parties. Silicon Valley is solid Democrat. In 1992 the CEO’s of Apple, HP, Xerox all opposed the Republican incumbent administration.

With this coming Obama inflation the rich will lose half of their wealth but they don’t seem to care. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet keep asking for more taxes. What is the difference for them between $300 billion and $200 billion when they can’t spend or give away fast enough the wealth they have accumulated? And anyway, they will get a big chunk of that paper play money since it will cause an inflationary spiral on the stock market. (That will be nice. It will give the illusion of prosperity. The stock market is finally up. Yay.) But keep in mind, that while you own thousand of shares in your 401 k, the rich own gazillions of shares and can legally print more and give them to themselves as “compensation.”

The poor would love to see the system shaken up. We will be giving them as much of the Obama paper money as we can. In some cases we will be paying them to rebuild the infrastructure, and they will deserve the money, but in other cases we will be paying them to watch television and snort coke because they are “disadvantaged.” But their play paper money will be as good as anyone else’s and it will compete with the paper money of producing, working people for goods and services and food.

The price of everything will rocket up except for houses, which will also increase but not even enough to keep up with inflation. They are still overbuilt and they hold the life savings of the middle class. And in spite of all the campaign rhetoric about helping the middle class, it is the middle class that Obama is wiping out.

Oh my, doesn’t he realize? What will happen to us? Somebody tell that nice man. Yep. He knows what he is doing. And he doesn’t care. We had generations to change things for the poor people in the inner cities who endured gun battles every night, when no one should have to experience that once, let along every night. He knows what he is doing. He is shaking things up. American will never be the same again.

The problem is that the middle class is what has made America different from other countries, wealthier than other countries. China and India are about half the world’s population and neither one has ever, ever, ever had a middle class. There is only rich or poor and you know which is the most likely. That’s where we are headed. I’m not saying we will get there, I hope we won’t. But that is surely where we are headed.

So the Tea Party was a protest by some of our more informed citizens who think that the biggest budget in history is a little too big. And Ron Paul, who was virtually ignored, except when the networks interviewed ordinary citizens and found that they all couldn’t stop talking about him, is the man who started this protest.

ABC’s charming, but condescending, Charles Gibson, the one who sternly rebuked Sarah Palin when during one perilous week he thought that St. Obama might possibly be in jeopardy, opened his second segment with this amazing paragraph…

“And across the country today thousands of people protested over the tax system, demonstrating against what they called big government spending.”

Oh, really? They were calling the government “big spenders”? Who are these people, this fringe, this freaky group who think that there is “big government spending”? Where would they get that idea? What right do they have to draw that conclusion?

Obviously, it will take much more spending than this for ABC to state as “a fact” that the government is spending big. Now, what would that amount be? I wonder? How many trillion before a network news writer will allow that there is big spending? Remember, this is not about whether the spending has efficacy or not, ABC will not even admit that the amount is “big.” Kinda lets you know what we are up against – don’t it?

ABC blamed the tax revolt on Fox television and talk radio and said that Democrats blamed corporate interests, none of the corporate interests were named but ABC reported it anyway, gotta be fair and give the other side. But I was watching ABC, not Fox and I never listen to the radio and I, too, think that we are spending big. Gee, how did I get that idea? Come to think of it, it must have been ABC. Maybe they are part of the very fringe they fear and don’t yet know it.

Ron Paul’s name was not mentioned. Well, I am told that it was mentioned once on Fox by the good Judge Andrew Napolitano.

That’s okay. Keep it up. Makes us mad. Real mad. And we will take over the GOP and we will give the American people a choice, and when the economy is good and shaken, and the middle class has lost 70% of its wealth, and is no longer middle class, then there just might be enough new poor people out there to elect Ron Paul.

Go on, no really, keep it up, keep it up. Give us another news story that ignores the only person in America who saw this coming and the only one who is talking sense and the only one who has the answers. Go on.

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

13 thoughts on “Screwed Again: How the national media ignored Ron Paul and why it will be their undoing

    1. Very well said Doug! I am a staunch Ron Paul supporter, and a recently naturalized citizen of the US. I hate what is being done to this country on purpose! And I hate how the media has completely and blatantly ignored Ron Paul’s near victory in Iowa. I guess the only thing to do is continue to scream loud enough that even the media can’t ignore us!

  1. With that kind of enthusiasm, I think Doug should throw the hat back into the ring somewhere.

    This media propaganda is starting to make me angry again. The spin is at it’s highest and the tolerance police are everywhere.

    The good news is that this tide of liberty sweeping the country is waiting to be pushed just a little too far. Our government and the mainstream media are like a bully who unknowingly picked on a kid with lots of stored up aggression. The bully picks his last fight.

  2. Great post. One note: Gates and Buffet are smart guys. They know how much money the government needs to come up with over the next decades, and that it can either come from taxation or inflation. So, to the extent they can effect higher taxes they reduce their downside risk by that amount.

  3. I view Ron Paul similar to John McCain: I agree with some of their ideas (different ones), and strongly disagree with others. Bottom line, both are too old AND not inspiring enough to get elected. Ron comes across as a whiner by his mannerisms and voice, and John looks wimpy because he has to control his temper, and overdoes it. The conservatives need new leadership. It will either rise up in the GOP or a new party will replace the GOP.

  4. Wow, leave for a few weeks and come back and find the same old nonsense …
    raleyb is still wearing his skirt and pom poms for TeamWead, tex2 is still whining about “tools, and candles are still being lit for an old fart from Texas to lead the GOP outof the “darkness.”


  5. My good man David Black, I didn’t notice you were back. How have you been? Is everything okay?

  6. It’s amazing but not surprising that Doug Wead has surrendered his blog to yet another relatively insignificant part of the American subculture.

    First the Ron Paulnuts, now the little Willy Lomans who could never cut it starting their own business from the ground up using 100% of their own resources and by their own wits and toil, without help from outside control.

    You know that type of business, the kind of business America was built upon, not the kind of business based on networks of strangers sharing strategies and profits. MLM is a soft shoe collective approach to business that’s anti-individualist and anti-cut throat. You’re told what to sell and how to sell it.

    I don’t care what any of you Amway/Quixtar knuckleheads contend, kicking up tributes to a higher-up in business for a longer duration than you that had no direct involvement in your work IS a pyramid scheme.

    When my family was in the garment business from the 40s until the 80s we’d do everything short of breaking the law to abet the failure of our competitors. When you strip businessmen of the “robber baron” mentality you strip them of the what makes business not only profitable but invigorating and exciting to take part in.

    The kicker of it all is that the products pushed by the MLM Willy Lomans are nothing special, and worst of all, overpriced.

  7. Mr. David Black,

    Thank you for your input. You are an incredible person and very worthy of listening to, that’s for sure.

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