How I made a citizen arrest of a Ron Paul supporter.

Glen Beck: So what can we do? What do people in Washington fear? Because I don’t think they fear anything. They don’t fear a scandal.

Ron Paul: They fear truth. They can’t handle that.
– March 24, 2009

I was toolin along on I-44 to St. Louis, Missouri from Rolla last weekend when I spotted the Ron Paul bumper sticker. My cousin is a former highway patrolman and I seen the memo put together by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, part of the Missouri Highway patrol, which profiled dangerous Ron Paul supporters as likely terrorists.

I knew that we all, as good citizens, should be on the lookout fer the Ron Paul people and good Lord, there are millions of em. But I made it my own personal commitment, out of a sense of patriotic duty, to take them on one by one when I sees em.

Sure enough, just beyond a big billboard announcing Meramec Caverns I spotted a green Volvo (weird foreign cars that only women and sissy men buy thinkin that they are safer) with that Ron Paul name stuck to its bumper.

You would think that an American terrorist would be smarter than that but hey, if they are going to advertise who they are, we are going to take that information and use it against em until one by one, all 30 million of em are incarcerated. No more 9-11’s, not in Missouri and not if the Highway Patrol and its citizen helpers can stop it.

Anyway, sure enough, the driver appears to be a young-un, not old enough to really understand what he had gotten into and when I passed him he smiled at me (probably hi on weed or wead) – not knowing my true intentions – but I was resolved to be unmoved.

Now, this isn’t personal for me. For me, this is about freedom and liberty and if we are going to keep America free we must be willin to make sacrifices. Freedom isn’t free. And those sacrifices may mean allowing the government to read our mail and listen in on our phone calls. Or print as much money as they want to, hey ifin it were legal, I would print more too. All of which the Ron Paul people would stop.

I ain’t got nuttin to hide and I welcome the government listening in. In fact, I always says, “Hey,” nowadays, when I pick up the phone, just as a courtesy to the men and women who toil away in dark rooms listening in. Don’t mind me one bit. And if me bud and I are talking about Guns and Roses or sometin like that where there could be a misunderstandin, we simply add a little explanation fer the listeners, as a courtesy ya know, so they don’t waste their time on us, when real terrorists abound in Missouri. And sometimes we even offer hints and clues about neighbors who are suspects.

I axe you, what kind of person is afreed of government listening in? Dopers? Homos? Adult, so called, Christians, who violate their marriage and the commandments in Song of Solomon by engaging in unnatural acts. (Those things used to be state crimes before libertarians raised such a ruckus.)

Anyway, I trap this guy at a Burger King and when I enter he is standing casually in a line, preceded and followed by two, young, home grown Burger King, Missouri mama’s who had to weigh a thousand pounds together.

I don’t hesitate. I jumped him and the two of us went sailing clean over the counter, the fat women screamin and jigglin and the Burger King staff scramblin, their little hats flying through the air. I had little Ronny Pauly pinned to the floor. He had a horrified look on his face. Ha. Never experienced law and order. Had either liberal parents who didn’t spank or conservative ones who never let him out of the house. And he had mayonnaise dripping from his nose. (How did that happen?)

I quoted him his Miranda rights by memory. (I’ve seen lots of TV. BTW, that Miranda musta been quite a babe to have a law named after her.) He was shaken like a leaf. Coward. And then he started quoting back the constitution to me, or so he said, I don’t know the constitution. And mouthing other Ron Paulisms, which I liken to communism or fascism. And still that shocked look on his face. As if he thought no one in the world had noticed his bumper sticker.

“Ye not blowin up Missouri bud,” I says. “Not this weekend.”

And he says something back about “earmarks.” And I says, “If ye don’t like earmarks, why ya got an earring in your ear?” And I gave it a little tug.

The Burger King crowd was lookin on in bewilderment. So when I was sure he was pinned tightly to the floor, me sittin atop him, I looked up at the manager and simply says, “Ron Paul supporter.”

And he nods.

And then I says, “This here, is a citizen’s arrest. Call the police.”

The idiot gets on the phone and says “There is a Ron Paul supporter here who has made a citizen’s arrest.”

I says, “No, no, no. You moron. I ain’t no Ron Paul supporter. I am a bonafide, white Republican, who voted for Barack Obama and change. Gonna check the budget line by, fricken, line. I am pro American and not ashamed about it. I am for freedom.

The guy on the floor started squirmin but I held his skinny bod to the floor.

Well, the Highway Patrol arrived, and they remembered me cousin, Jimmy, and they thanks me and hauls this guy off for disturbin the peace.

I had wasted a whole afternoon. Had to fill out paperwork later. But there is one less Ron Paul supporter on the loose. And one happy American, who is proud to live in this great country, and proud to be an American cuz, at least, I knows I’m free.

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Vote for Ron Paul in Time Magazine’s most influential.,28804,1883644_1883653_1884114,00.html

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

102 thoughts on “How I made a citizen arrest of a Ron Paul supporter.

  1. Awesome! You know, on a pre-election drive through the great state of Missouri, as part of a cross-country trip, we saw more RP bumper stickers, billboards and other signs of neo-terrorist activities than anywhere else.

  2. You are a great American, my friend. That was a patriotic deed if I have ever seen one.

    You should inform your readers that if they want to follow your excellent example that they should approach with caution as those Ron Paul freaks are gun nuts and use the internet to find out how to make bombs out of their crap! Don’t worry though, we at the ADL are well on our way to figuring out how to stop them from using the internet; as extensive research has shown that if we simply “unplug” their internet connection they become disoriented, confused and malleable.

  3. You’ve got it all wrong, Doug.

    It’s the inbred hillbilly mentality you are poking fun that is the true mien of Ron Paul supporters.

    Please don’t suggest that the Paulnuts present a serious political alternative, unless you consider the NASCAR/Larry the Cable Guy demographic as “serious.”

    I saw the tape footage of those rubes who convened in Minneapolis-St. Paul last summer. I heard some of them speak on camera. They could make a guy like Fiddy Cent sound like a Rhodes scholar.

  4. Dear Lord Doug, what in heaven’s name have you done? 🙂 Did you just serve up a roast of the old photo albums? I’m startin’ to get worried here…

  5. @David Black

    Somebody needs to get you a fuzzy bunny.

    Just a suggestion, personal attacks on others make you look trivial.

    You may not agree with Ron Paul or his supporters (just for the record, I didn’t support him in the last primary but am starting to lean his way), so how about you post whom you support and why. I’m sure Doug and his readers would love to hear more of your ideas and less of your insults.

  6. Personal attacks? How about all the attacks on John McCain or Mitt Romney during the campaign?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t hear you complain about that.

    I support whomever is in power. I don’t have to like them or approve of them to accomplish that, either. My opinion of Barry O. was made very clear on my blog. However, I stopped posting to my my blog because I didn’t want to be a part of that chorus of conservative and Republican whiners who now sound like the libs and Dems from 2000-2008.

    I never liked LOSERtarians to begin with, so I’ll always bash them at any opportunity.

    The difference between people like me and people like you is that I know how to work the system to my advantage no matter who is running the show.

    My people are survivors. We have 5000 years of history that proves it.

  7. Anna of Veiled Glory is dangerous in that she lives this foolish philistine-like existence that fears modern technology. One only needs to read her blog post on the DTV transition, along with the other comments by the shrill paranoid yentas who wreck the lives of their children through homeschooling.

    If you are homeschooling your children without being certified to teach in your state then you should be brought up on criminal charges for reckless endangerment of children.

  8. Baruch Atah David,
    An evil tongue can never lead to blessing. 🙂

    You mistake our moral outrage over a century of gradual Constitutional violations, for a spat over personal insults for 18 months.

    The fundamental principle of the American Republic was that the citizen is sovereign. We have forgotten that, because we have forgotten the Constitution.

    What the Founders created, was a system of government with the individual American citizen on top, standing on the State Assembly, in turn standing on the Central Assembly.

    By way of incremental power grabs, and slow usurpation of authority from the 9th Amendment, Government has worked a way of “working around” the prohibitions of the Constitution.

    For instance, Congress has given their responsibility to coin money over to a private, non-audited bank. The Federal Reserve Act is a masterpiece of “Violating the Spirit, Without Violating the Letter” of the Law.

    Today, this pyramid has been reversed; and power has been given to the Executive branch, with an all-controlling President standing upon the Governors who stand upon the people.

    The texts and the meanings, and the implications of the Ninth and the Tenth Amendments are clear. They are the foundation of the Constitutional Republic wherein we once subscribed to the meaning of American Liberty.

  9. David:

    LOLS; “I support whomever is in power. ”

    Whomever is in “power” is supposed to support US.
    “I do solemnly swear, to support and defend…”

    …sound vaguely familiar?

    – lolsalot. 😎

  10. David:

    1. Intelligent people use something called reason to judge ideas by their merit, and do not make assumptions about large groups of people by viewing a half a dozen interviews of conference goers.

    2. LOSERtarians? Really? Good luck in sixth grade next year.

    3. Home schooled kids on average score between the 65th and 80th percentile on standardized tests, and have strongly outperformed government schooled kids every year on the SAT and ACT. Here’s a chart comparing recent performance on the ACT: Here’s an interesting article from the NY times you might enjoy:

    Along with most government programs, like the war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror, FEMA, DMV, etc, government education has been disastrous. I truly am sorry for your inferior government education, and that your political positions seem to be entirely devoid of principle.

    It’s never too late for an education, though, and the library’s always available. I suggest you focus on our country’s early history. Thomas Paine might be a good start, along with the federalist and anti-federalist papers. Bastiat’s “The Law” is always a good read.

    As far as a moral spine and a bit of maturity go, I’m afraid you’ll have to develop those on your own.

  11. I was always taught that if you don’t like how America is being run, then leave and live elsewhere.

    If you can name one country where life is superior to that of the USA, please tell me.

    If such a country doesn’t exist, then you should just shut the hell up and be happy with what you have. Somewhere else, someone has it a hell of a lot worse than you.

    You’re all spoiled and you’ve all had it too easy. I’m glad you are suffering. Suffering is good. It builds character and strength. Constant comfort makes people weak and soft.

    Why are Israelis so tough? Because they are constantly under seige.

    Like I’ve said before, you’re mostly have-nots disturbed because you feel powerless to control your destinies, so you attack. institutions and those IN power.

  12. <<>>

    That’s funny, I was always taught that In America, if you didn’t like how things were being run, then you should stand up and run them yourself.

    I guess we were raised differently. 😀


    Mexico City seems to have fewer annual per-capita ransom-kidnappings than Phoenix, AZ now….


    Such a country DOES exist. It’s called “the American Republic.” And we are restoring it. 🙂


    Did you just ask us to suffer, and proceed to tell us that it’s for our own good? 😀


    The American Republic was formed with the People in Power, and not the President. 🙂 We don’t fear the powerful – we are becoming the powerful. We stood down the Governor of the State of Missouri, toe to toe, and we backed down the Department of Homeland Security.

    If anybody is afraid of power, it is apparently you who are afraid of ours. 😀 😀

  13. Sorry, I went to a private school in Manhattan where the teachers were state certified.

    Please cite some legitimate stats published by the US Dept. of Education about homeschooling and then I’ll take it seriously.

    The war on terror has been disastrous?

    Hmm, tell me how many times the US has been attacked on its shores since 9/11?

    Don’t bother. Zero. Sounds like money well spent to me.

    The war on drugs is bad? Hopefully, someone near and dear to you will have their lives ruined by illegal drugs or as a victim of street criminal scum. That will teach you to have such a permissive attitude toward street crime.

    There’s not enough money that can be spent fighting street crime. That’s why I support the death penalty. I want more prisons built so decent and law abiding citizens can live free from street crime vermin who ruin our urban societies.

    Sadly, you can’t even tell good spending from bad spending.

    Defense spending and building strong allied military forces is always good. Investing in national defense boosts MY stock portfolio. How about yours, sparky?

    Spending on the poor isn’t logical. You get nothing in return for your investment. The poor produce nothing but more misery.

  14. By the way, tremendoustie, of course results may be skewed in favor of homeschooling when public school performance data from quasi-third world school districts in the South and most urban centers are factored in.

    Eliminate them and only include stats from white suburban school districts in the Northeast and a drastically different picture is exhibited.

  15. Sorry, Glen, computer obsessed kiddies who use emoticons as substitutes for real words can’t be either articulate OR intelligent.

    “If anybody is afraid of power, it is apparently you who are afraid of ours.”

    What a joke, Ron Paul and that big 14 delegates of his.

    When you storm Washington DC with weapons and artillery and take over the Capitol, then I’ll take you seriously. Until then, your words are meaningless, just like your cause.

  16. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Sorry, I went to a private school in Manhattan where the teachers were state certified.

    Glen: and I can see that you are the perfect product of our Federally-run educational establishment.

    The California Supreme Court ruled:
    “A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare.”

  17. Glen Bradley … you further reinforce the stereotype that most people from the South are knuckle dragging dolts who wrap themselves in the flag and define patriotism based on antiquated 18th century standards.

    Substitute the Constitution for the holy bible and you haven’t missed a step. They are one and the same to people like you. You are slaves to doctrine and dogma too afraid to let your own potentially free minds guide your thinking.

    Someone or something has to tell you how to act or think.

    JC of Nazareth or Ron Paul, is there any difference to you people?

  18. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    When you storm Washington DC with weapons and artillery and take over the Capitol, then I’ll take you seriously. Until then, your words are meaningless, just like your cause.

    Already did that. 🙂 10,000 strong, and carrying the weapon of truth! And I even have the video to prove it:

    Who’s that with the Betsy Ross and the Navy Jack @2:42 😀

  19. I agree with the CA Supreme Ct for ruling against this fraudulent practice.

    A person can’t practice medicine without being licensed. Why should teaching be any different?

  20. “carrying the weapon of truth!”

    Wow, a lot of good that did. I thought only lib pukes believed in symbolic gestures to promote their agenda.

    But like I’ve always said, LOSERtarians aren’t conservatives, but libs hiding under another name.

  21. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 8:41 pm
    A person can’t practice medicine without being licensed. Why should teaching be any different?

    Why don’t you just take ownership over your own body, instead of giving it over to the State, or to the healthcare Insurance Complex?

    All of thse questions boil down to who is sovereign in the life of the American citizen, them selves, or the State.

    We say that the Founders established this nation in order to perpetuate the sovereign citizen into future generations, and to serve as an example of Liberty to the world.

    Today, right here in the Land Of The Free, we have the highest per-capita prison population in the entire industrialized world. We had to do it, of course, for the sake of freedom, and democracy right? lol

    We have become the monster that Patrick Henry stood to fight. We will fight it today on the soapbox, and at the ballot box, and we will win.

    Truth has a way of doing that

  22. “we who live according to principle,”

    You mean you live by doctrine and dogma you swallowed voluntarily because you have no mind of your own?

    I have principles, too, but I decided what they were going to be based on MY OWN experience and inherently conservative beliefs.

    I’m grateful that Americans sacrificed their lives to help save my people in Europe. I am grateful that America spends money supporting the homeland of my people. For that, I unconditionally offer my support.

    And then, there are ingrates like you who whine about having to wait in line for four hours at an airport or some other trivial inconvenience. Or maybe you have a longer wait to get a bank loan because of increased background checks.

    Wow, that some tough life you lead.

  23. Oh please, the so called “founding fathers” were a bunch of patricians who were sick of forking over their wealth to the English crown, so they broke away and formed their own country so they could preserve their wealth.

    I can truly admire that motivation. That part was brilliant.

    So they wisely drew up documents and created an elaborate framework to give the rabble some sense of participation so they wouldn’t have to feel like marginalized drones any more (even though they were still, let’s face it).

    For a while, the pretense was kept up rather well, but then, elected leaders of means abandoned the pretense and just operated like the opportunists they were.

    That should surprise you?

  24. “Today, right here in the Land Of The Free, we have the highest per-capita prison population in the entire industrialized world.”

    And your problem with that is what, exactly?

    So Raheem and Jamal are locked away for 10-15 for dealing crack, so what?

  25. “I have principles, too, but I decided what they were going to be based on MY OWN experience and inherently conservative beliefs.”

    And yet somehow I am supposed to be less of a product of my life, than you are of yours?

    “And then, there are ingrates like you who whine about having to wait in line for four hours at an airport or some other trivial inconvenience.”

    I don’t know, some may consider serving our nation in the US Marine Corps as an inconvenience, however myself, I found it an honor.

  26. The article I referenced was WSJ, not NYT, btw, sorry about that.

    David, I know certified teachers — the teacher certification process is almost 100% B.S. It’s about jumping through hoops, not actual aptitude, and they have told me as much. It’s just another bureaucracy meant to protect the unions.

    Your logic on the war on terror is something like this: My magic rock wards off tigers, and it obviously works, because I have not been attacked by a tiger since I’ve had the rock.

    Thing is, your brilliant foreign policy called “invade everyone who doesn’t do what we say” has been far more damaging to our country than 9/11 itself. 2974 people died on 9/11, while we’ve lost 4,251 troops in Iraq alone, along with 8,887 Iraqi security forces, 1,315 contractors, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

    The war you support has been more devastating than any terrorist attack in history, has created millions more enemies for our country to deal with in the future, and has sent us more than a trillion dollars further into debt.

    Illicit drugs are absolutely damaging, I would never use them. But, by any measure the “war on drugs” has been a complete failure. After decades, drugs are still freely available to anyone anywhere, including in schools and prisons. All the war on drugs does, besides costing us billions of dollars, is make sure that the illegal elements of society get all the profits.

    Remember alcohol prohibition? Al Capone based his empire on it, and the underground alcohol trade caused a great deal of violence and death, just as the drug trade does now. Now that it’s legalized, you can buy it at any corner store, it doesn’t finance violence.

    Prohibition of drugs is the best friend of dealers and cartels, just as alcohol prohibition was Al Capone’s best friend. Drug suppliers actually hire lobbyists to keep it illegal. They’d be out of business otherwise.

    I’m glad your stock portfolio is boosted when people die and our country goes broke. I hope you’ll forgive those of us who do not regularly attend cocktail parties with Dr. Evil for working to save money and lives.

    If you’d read the article, by the way, you’d have seen that the median income of the outperforming home schoolers was $10,000 lower than that of the public school students, and included a significant percentage of minorities. Given this, it’s not surprising that the acceptance rate for home schooled students at Stanford is twice that of other students.

    Oh, and people tend to help the poor not to make money for themselves, but because they care about the well being of others, and of the country as a whole. Perhaps they don’t teach that at trinity anymore.

  27. “David, I know certified teachers — the teacher certification process is almost 100% B.S.”

    Perhaps that’s the case in whatever state you live in. It’s not the case where I live, nor is it the case in the states around me, which have very rigorous testing and academic requirements to acquire certifications.

    I think you’ve proven here, tremendoustie, that you aren’t a conservative, but another LOSERtarian creep.

    The American way is always the superior way and it isn’t preserved without spilling blood. That’s fact.

    I could care less if some low rent Muslim loving countries don’t like us. I would rather have only two loyal friends than a fifty fake ones.

    I could also care less if some homeboys are jailed for street crimes or if some towelheads are wasted trying to fight terrorist scum.

    Whatever it takes to preserve the nation’s safety and law and order, I’m for it, no matter how much the cost.

  28. “Oh, and people tend to help the poor not to make money for themselves, but because they care about the well being of others,”

    Nonsense. Wow, you really are a naive sap, aren’t you?

    The only true altruists in the world are members of religious orders who have taken vows of poverty.

    Everyone else does it for the potential tax write-offs or to draw attention to their deed so they can crow “Look at me! Aren’t I a great person?”

  29. Glen Bradley wrote:

    “Why don’t you just take ownership over your own body, instead of giving it over to the State, or to the healthcare Insurance Complex?”

    Yet, you joined the Marines, which seems like a hypocritical move for someone so preoccupied with “ownership” of their “own body.”

  30. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    By the way, tremendoustie, greatness is truly measured by what one does in private, not what one does in public before an audience of on-lookers.

    Is this supposed to be some kind of threat? It that what you do when you can’t win an argument by reason, resort to threats? 😀

    You are DEFINITELY the product of a government-sponsored education, aren’t you David? lol!

  31. “Is this supposed to be some kind of threat? It that what you do when you can’t win an argument by reason, resort to threats?”

    What the hell are you talking about, you paranoid fool? You seem to define greatness by the fact that you joined the Marines. I’ll tell you, I’ll take an IDF soldier over an American Marine any day. I’ve seen both in action. IDF soldiers are better fighters. Marines are pishers in comparison.

  32. Lol, you are giving me more greatness than I am. I thought I was a “Ron Paul worshiper” a second ago.

    Sorry, David, but I worship God, and the revelation of Him incumbent within His Law. God ordained ‘law’ as a method of making Government work, and He inspired our Founders to create a new law of American liberty, modeled after what they knew to be the truth, and preserving what was self-evident: that all men are created equal, and endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights.

    You can’t pigeonhole me no matter how hard you try, because truth is free, and it cannot be cornered. 🙂

  33. Y’know, Glen, that holy roller schtick might work on those gullible hillbilly crackers in your district but to most anyone else it sounds like the ravings of a looney tune in need of a straitjacket.

    You have been pigeonholed, Glen, whether you know it or not.

  34. “By the way, Glen, the Marines are a GOVERNMENT SPONSORED institution that you gave yourself up to willingly.”

    Yes they are, and I advocate for citizen sovereignty.

    Sovereignty over self includes the right to sell your service by contract, to causes for which you are willing to die; such as volunteer fire departments and the police, and military services.

  35. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 11:13 pm
    You have been pigeonholed, Glen, whether you know it or not.

    ROFL 😀 😀 ! pigeonholed for what, for taking you seriously? 😀 😀

    I will take every opportunity to produce education. Even yours. 😎

  36. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 9:04 pm
    Well, Glen, why not go all the way and just start complaining about the ZOG conspiracy while you are at it?

    SRSLY THO, I want to be educated here myself, too. wtf is a “ZOG” ?

  37. LOL I just looked at your avatar, /zayin-he-gimel/ “ZOG” I guess. Looks like some kind of unit insignia too; are you a lonely little Hebrew extremist militia man? 😀

  38. David Black Says:
    March 28, 2009 at 11:13 pm
    Y’know, Glen, that holy roller schtick might work on those gullible hillbilly crackers in your district but to most anyone else it sounds like the ravings of a looney tune in need of a straitjacket.

    MISSOURI, SEND HELP! I’m bein’ ter’ized by a’streemist militia!

  39. What is the ZOG?

    Surely all you Jew hating rednecks know THAT one. It’s part of your standard playbook when blaming others for your failures in life, kind of like the way many blacks blame “whitey” for their problems?

    And since you live in “Nawth” Carolina, you know exactly what I mean by that.

    “SRSLY THO” (sic)

    “I’m bein’ ter’ized by a’streemist militia” (sic)

    I guess those are examples of the kind of English speech featured in a “quality” homeschool education?

  40. Well David, since you are apparently waving the Zogamite flag in your Avatar, then I presume you will be better equipped to explain the purpose of your little militia program to me than the nearest Redneck I can dig up, who has probably never met you. 😀

  41. When I was a kid in High-School, I think it was 6th or 7th Grade, we had a Chinese Militia, we practiced maneuver (especially at night) and all of our locations were depicted in Chinese ideograms. 😀

    I sorta grew up and joined the Marine Corps though…

  42. I’ve just read an account of what this blog topic is about.

    I admit that I don’t care about what happens in those “heartland” red states inhabited by bohunks and hillbillies.

    I wonder how many people that don’t live there really care, either.

    I’m not like the people who have their ears glued to circus carneys like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc.

    I prefer to guide my conservative values without assistance from talk radio circus acts. I stopped watching any of the 24/7 news nets because they aren’t about simply informing. Who needs them?

  43. Glen Bradley is a fraud and here’s why.

    He claims to be a proud Libertarian but he’ll censor comments on his blog page. I thought Libertarians didn’t want freedoms limited.

    Another clown that used to post here from “Virginny” has a blog called The Oath. He’s the same way … a LOSERtarian who doesn’t truly believe in free speech and censors comments on his blog.

    I guess when it comes to their own back yards, different standards apply.

    I’m not a LOSERtarian and you could say pretty much what you wanted about me or my views on my blog when I posted to it in the past

  44. “LOL, make sure and take the tape out of your VCR before MIAC gets there militia-boy! ”

    By the way, redneck, most of the rest of the world that doesn’t live in the backwoods has progressed to other media like DVDs and TiVOs. VCRs died about ten years ago here in normal civilization.

  45. Glen Bradley: I’ve found another example of hypocrisy on your part:

    You are a graduate of a public school. Does Cedar Creek MS sound familiar?

    Yet, you are on record as bashing government sponsored education, of which you are a product.

    Please explain the reasoning behind that.

  46. ROFLCOPTERS! David Black, you must have an awfully small life — unable to respond to my argument with facts and reason so you attempt threats, and finding nothing to threaten with, you throw yourself into researching me, and you locate a blog. 😀 😀

    A blog, which Constitutionalists like myself consider to be personal property, and therefore if I want to refuse to publish your stream of profanity on my blog, I can. (Actually, I marked it ‘spam.’ It seemed more appropriate.)

    And I have attended both private and public schools, but I have never lived in Cedar Creek, so that bit of “blackmail-hunting” was a dead-end, friend. XD XD

  47. What a dolt! I guess you thought “Cedar Creek MS” meant “Cedar Creek, Mississippi,” not “Cedar Creek Middle School.”

    For the record, I did not use profanity on your blog.

    Oh well, whomever is your opponent in the next election will love to read transcripts of this very exchange. At age 35, it’s very clear that you don’t possess the maturity to be a leader. You’re still a kid trying to play an adult’s game.

    Adults don’t use netspeak, for example.

  48. LOL OK, so what is in Cedar Creek Middle School that I should know about? Is that where they’re keeping a Sasquatch or something? 😀 😀

    And I consider some random person hitting my blog to post “You are an idiot.” to be spam. If you don’t like my first Amendment, then build a coalition of 33 states and repeal it. 🙄

    And as for the rest, you can post the entire stream /intact/, to CNN when I run for Congress, if you like. 🙂 Do you need me to look up the e-mail address for you?

  49. “A blog, which Constitutionalists like myself consider to be personal property,”

    This is where “Constitutionalists” like yourself are wrong.

    My blog, Doug’s blog, your blog, all exist on borrowed space at the sole discretion of blogspot, wordpress, or C4L.

    The latter are the owners of record.

  50. (For the record, in Middle School, I went to Ligon GT Magnet, and then a private school called “The Raleigh Academy,” both out of Raleigh North Carolina.)

  51. Some random person? The post had my name on it.

    I’ve tested your ability to honor the first amendment by posting to your publicly displayed blog owned by blogspot.

    The fact remains that it is hypocritical to bash public school educations when you are the product of a public school, as proven in the link that I provided.

  52. Wow, David, do I really need to explain the difference between hosting rights and copyright? lol no, forget it. You are right though, my time really is too valuable to get wasted on this. you pwn this board, militia-boy. 😀 😀

  53. Sorry, I’m not buying for a second that someone with the your exact name, hometown, and age exists. A thirteen year old in 1987 would be 35 in 2009, exactly the age you list on your blog.

    You’ve been busted and you’re not taking responsibility.

    You’ll make a perfect politician, that is of course, if you are elected.

  54. “Wow, David, do I really need to explain the difference between hosting rights and copyright?”

    I’m using your own words … “personal property”

    Remember writing that?

    If you want to be a politician, you’ve got a lot to learn, kid.

    Being evasive isn’t the only talent you need to acquire.

    To those reading this, I think it’s clear that America needs this kind of leadership like it needs a collective hole in the head!

    Being a flag waver isn’t going to get you too far these days, neither is hanging on to the coattails of a proven loser like Ron Paul.

  55. David “jew-boy” Black (a bit of irony in your name, LOL),

    If Glen wants to remove you from his blog because he has that authority given to him by the blog owners, what’s the problem?

    I agree with you it is inconsistent with an open discussion, but you are more interested in putting the other person down than talking the topics, such as in the previous Amway thread.

  56. I wouldn’t have to resort to insults but certain people leave me with no choice.

    Glen Bradley tried to lie about his background and I nailed him on it. Since he tried to lie, I can’t even now believe his claim that he was a Marine.

    I exposed him for the silly netspeaking kid that he is. What he knows about politics could fit a thimble. He knows even less about people. He’s a blind follower of one politician and that’s all he has to his credit.

    He represents exactly the kind of person America doesn’t need as a leader.

    As for your problem with Amway, I could care less and I don’t feel sorry for you. I would never have been so stupid to get involved with them or any other MLM in the first place. It’s your fault that you were burned by the process. You should have been smart and savvy enough to foresee problems.

  57. I don’t see where you have proven anything about Glen’s background. There are probably a few David (jew-boy) Blacks your age in your city as well….

    What does him being a Marine have to do with whether he has the right to remove your abusive posts from HIS blog? Besides, you said you appreciate the U.S. restarted the country of Israel (and if it weren’t for the U.S. for the past 60+ years, it wouldn’t exist today), yet you accuse someone of being a Marine who would be willing to give his life for you and your people as somehow stupid.

    You also have a VERY inward view of our Founding Fathers. They could have put up with a little higher taxes and kept their wealth, and wouldn’t have risked their fortunes and lives for a few more dollars in their pockets. You are hostile and ignorant of people giving because it is the right thing to do.

    I don’t like Ron Paul, either. I think conservatism is MUCH better than the free-for-all Mr. Paul and the other libertarians support. Plus, he comes across as a wimpy old man, and therefore has close to ZERO chance of being president. Of course, I said the same thing about Barry a year ago….

    As far as not caring about my issues with Amway (and millions of others for several decades), I would expect this reaction from you, as you are a self-centered egotistical moron.

  58. A person like Glen bashes public school educations yet he is the product of a public school. That’s being a hypocrite. He avoided admitting that he attended Cedar Creek Middle School in Youngsville, NC, his hometown, even though his page proved it. The listing there even matches his stated age of 35 perfectly. His blog lists his age, by the way.

    Ask yourself why he slinked away? Because he knew he was busted.

    “What does him being a Marine have to do with whether he has the right to remove your abusive posts from HIS blog?”

    I never said it did. I can’t give him credit for any military service because he couldn’t even admit that he attended a certain school when presented with the evidence.

    Wow, are you redneck hillbillies ALL this stupid? That’s a rhetorical question. The stereotype is certainly true and proven everyday on this blog whenever some red state doofus posts about Ron Paul “saving” the country.

    The fact is, no one who is so wrapped up in freedom and liberty would never try to censor ANYONE.

    If you did not vote for John McCain last November then YOU are the moron, not me.

  59. Did Glen bash public schools? Or a person “like” Glen? And even if he did, what does that have to do with the main topic?

    Who cares where he went to school or where he lives? Do you get some perverse pleasure from “outing” people online?

    I didn’t see him “slink away”, he posted recently. How did you “bust” him, by finding out who he was on another web site? Does your mother approve of your basement personal rantings and ravings?

    Who cares where he went to school, or was in the Marines? He made a simple statement he was in the Marines and now you demand proof, because you were able to find someone with the same name and age who lived in the same city? The MAIN point is he was given the authority to remove you from a blog he uses by the company he uses, and all you can do is be a cry-baby because he doesn’t want you insulting him on his own blog. Get a grip, moron.

    I assure you all “redneck hillbillies” didn’t vote for Ron Paul, you kike.

    Get it through your thick skull, and take off your kippah to give yourself the best chance of absorbing a clue, that you weren’t censored, you were indecent on HIS blog, and he had both the authority and the proper judgment to boot you.

    I voted for Bob Barr, McCain is a liberal in Republican clothing. YOU are a moron if you voted for Johnny “redcoat” McCain. Barry O will be the Jimmy Carter of the current generation.

  60. “Did Glen bash public schools?”

    Yes, but public schools have a right to be bashed, but not by people who are products of them and who willingly list them (along with their name) on websites like If he thought public schools were so bad, then why did he list Cedar Creek Middle School, instead of the other private schools he allegedly attended?

    He doesn’t make logical sense. I guess expecting a hillbilly to make logical sense is like expecting you to be able to conjugate verbs in Latin.

    I take pleasure at exposing frauds, hypocrites, and liars on-line. I also take pleasure in proving that rednecks, hillbillies, red staters, etc truly embody the negative stereotypes created about them.

    How does Glen think he’s ever going to make it as a politician if he can’t handle being insulted and bashed?

    He hasn’t posted since he conceded this:

    “my time really is too valuable to get wasted on this. you pwn this board, militia-boy”

    I think he’s “wasted,” in more ways than one. Just another dumb cracker that bit the dust in the face of someone much more devious and clever than he.

    “The MAIN point is he was given the authority to remove you from a blog he uses by the company he uses,”

    He said his blog space was his “personal property.” That was an incorrect statement as well.

    “I voted for Bob Barr,”

    Which was the same thing as voting for Barry O, but a subintelligent dolt like you wouldn’t understand why that’s so.

  61. Glen Bradley Says:
    March 29, 2009 at 4:56 pm
    (For the record, in Middle School, I went to Ligon GT Magnet, and then a private school called “The Raleigh Academy,” both out of Raleigh North Carolina.)

    Do, please look me up. 🙂
    Sorry, I won’t give out my SSN though.

  62. And I am preparing for a County Convention on Monday night, so I don’t have time to waste on this nut-case.

    I’m willing scan my yearbook for someone rational who actually cares; after the convention is over. Just let me know.

  63. Tex: Of course you didn’t lose the right to criticize a public education. You just sound like a hypocrite if you do and went to a public school. Why would you criticize a system you willingly submitted yourself to?

    You THINK he was using “public property” figuratively?

    Wow, a hillbilly mind reader! Is that some special gift that’s a residual effect of your inbreeding?

    By the way, racist terms used against Jews don’t faze me a bit.

    Unlike your pal Glen, I’ve grown some thicker skin in my years.

    I don’t know what Bob Barr would have done, since he didn’t have the money or the means to mount anything but a laughable low rent campaign supported by freaks and screwballs like you and the other less than 1% of the US voting population that chose him.

  64. I think Ron Paul’s Constitutionalism has been unfairly conflated with Libertarianism and Anarchy. Part of that is that Ron really only articulates on a certain level, I mean, he doesn’t really articulate it well to so many groups.

    Yes, the fundamental principles of Constitutional Originalism appear very libertarian through the lens of perspective; but that is only because we are already so very far off base.

    We have to return to the founding principles of the Republic, and come hell or high water, we have to learn how to make that work. Will we be forever known as the Land of the Free, or as the land that first and truly found Liberty, only to lose her somewhere in complacency?

  65. “Do, please look me up”

    I already have cited some of the public school history you’re so ashamed of, according to you. I guess you forgot that.

    Glen Bradley 9/11/73

    * School: Cedar Creek Middle
    Youngsville, NC
    Class of 1987
    * Interests: Ask me to fill out
    my Q&A

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  66. LOL man, I don’t know what to tell you. I was born on 9/11/1973, my name is Glen Bradley, and I never attended Cedar Creek Middle school. I told you where I did go. If that’s not enough for ya, tuff. I’m busy, got too much to do, and you are a waste. of. time. 🙂

  67. Why would you criticize a system you willingly submitted yourself to? —- Because my parents couldn’t afford a private school. I did attend a private college, under an NROTC scholarship, and paid it back by putting my butt on the line as a Naval Officer to protect the freedoms of ALL Americans, even jerks like you, to have free speech and other rights. I would do it again in a heart-beat, not because I became a multi-millionaire, but because it is the right thing to do. You aren’t expected to understand this concept, by the way.

    You THINK he was using “public property” figuratively?
    Wow, a hillbilly mind reader! Is that some special gift that’s a residual effect of your inbreeding? —- Since he probably doesn’t own the company that runs his blog, and he probably doesn’t pay to use the blog, I DO think he was using “private (not public, as you missated) property” figuratively. Bottom line, he has enough ownership rights to keep your kike butt off of it.

    I voted for the most conservative candidate, not big “L” Barry or little “l” McCain. The Republican machine did their best to ensure he didn’t take many votes away from McCain, and McCain’s own wimpy demeanor virtually guaranteed defeat. The Republicans have been sliding backwards since RR left office.

  68. I voted for Barr, also. Not because I particularly liked him, but because the other two were both mentally and morally insane. Plus it strikes a blow for ballot access, which is always good.

    Even better, the LP in NC took more than the margin between Obama and McCain. So now all the sudden now they ‘want’ to hear us durn pesky Ron Paulers with our durn pesky pocket Constitutions.

    Problem is, now recently a lot of this rhetoric comes out from the very same people, who were establishment heavies yesterday.

    We need to take the Party back to it’s Constitutional Roots. Today, I know of fewer and fewer who disagree that we have come, way too far. All real political power is in the grassroots, and I can assure you that the grassroots is tired of the tyranny.

    Constitutional State Sovereignty movements are actually hitting real traction throughout America, Possibly inspired by the Montana State Assembly threat to secede over DC vs Heller.

    Americans are starting to remember the Constitution, starting to remember what America is supposed to be.

    Last year, they all bought the “change.” maybe next year, they will be ready for the “truth.”

  69. tex2 Says:
    March 30, 2009 at 5:18 am
    You THINK he was using “public property” figuratively?
    Wow, a hillbilly mind reader! Is that some special gift that’s a residual effect of your inbreeding? —- Since he probably doesn’t own the company that runs his blog, and he probably doesn’t pay to use the blog, I DO think he was using “private (not public, as you missated) property” figuratively. Bottom line, he has enough ownership rights to keep your kike butt off of it.

    LOL thanks, I wasn’t concerned. But yes, I was thinking more copyright-IP stuff which I hate to talk about because I haven’t articulated it well yet; and domain usage, like “This apartment is my private property” even though I am only a renter and not the owner; is not a legal construct.

    So yeah, a figurative construction of the domain usage principle. Used to imply granted rights, and to declare ownership of copyright. I’m not very good at precisely turning those concepts into bite-size yet. 😦

  70. I don’t agree with all of Barr’s positions, just a whole lot more of them than the other 2 clowns.

    I don’t think they want to hear from the LP’s because they care, they just want to appease you and get you to vote GOP next time. I told the GOP phone caller to show me some real convervatism FIRST, then I will consider giving them money again.

    Barry O is clipping your grass roots, so we better get moving FAST, or we won’t have much power left. And the GOP isn’t much better.

    I thought Heller won? Also never heard about Montana threatening to secede, so the traction is with very small tires.

    Some Americans are starting to remember the Constitution, far too many don’t have a clue.

    The masses that wanted change (communism/socialism) will be happy for several years. This is not an easy thing to overcome. Why would you vote against your “sugar daddy?”

  71. David is the online kind of guy who likes to twist your words to his own meaning, because he has little else of substance he can communicate.

    A little common sense would easily show you meant the figurative use of the word, apparently he removed his kippah one too many times, and it all leaked out.

  72. “I thought Heller won? Also never heard about Montana threatening to secede, so the traction is with very small tires.”

    Heller won, on a 5-4 vote to declare the 2nd Amendment was an individual right. The State Assembly of Montana sent a lawyer with an amicus brief to the Court stating that the fact that the 2nd Amendment was an individual right was guaranteed in their contract, so if they find against an individual right, then their contract was void and they were cede from the Union. A month later we get a 5-4 vote for an individual right.

    now, what, two years later we have legislation in the Assemblies of 30 states; already passing 4 Houses, and going on on to pass 2 Senate chambers.

    So I may have a different perspective on this traction.

  73. “The masses that wanted change (communism/socialism) will be happy for several years. This is not an easy thing to overcome. Why would you vote against your “sugar daddy?””

    No doubt about it, 2010 will not be early enough. But really the more that we do in 2010, the further that we will go in 2011 and 2012, I think. I’m looking at 2009-2010 season as ‘planting the seed’ that will water and grow later.

    I have a silly name for it, “Constitution Reboot 2020” on another blog that I didn’t really like and will kill off; where I suggest ‘reloading’ the original Constitution like reinstalling the OS when your system goes off.

    Actually, I didn’t figure it for until after the 2012 elections that things will get really dark and ugly, and by 2014 they will start pushing for a Republican, and then the 2016 elections will be a landslide.

    My push at the moment is to fill the Party with Constitutionalists NOW, encouraging them to run for party and public offices every year and keeping them as active as possible, in order to get into place for the 2016 sweep; pushing, “Constitution Reboot 2020 – I can see clearly now the reign is gone.” 4 years of massive Constitutionalist reforms, along with a public mandate for reform.

    But hey, I’m a realist too. I also know that if you aim for the sky you end up a lot higher than if you just aim for the first branch.

  74. “is with very small tires.” caught that ‘started small’ a bit late. sorry

    No, against our set of Republicans, the Montana things was big news. And it’s only been one year. Feels like a decade…

  75. now, what, two years later we have legislation in the Assemblies of 30 states; already passing 4 Houses, and going on on to pass 2 Senate chambers. —- Legislation to do what? Why do you need legislation if you win?

    I’m hoping Barry O keeps up his behavior to date and becomes a one term, modern-day Jimmy Carter. The real question is how much damage can he do over the next 3+ years, as undoing massive debt and moving away from the entitlement mentality he is reinforcing are the challenges. I don’t know who the new “Ronald Reagan” is, I think Huckabee is the one who is reasonably well known and comes closest.

  76. I think Huckabee’s record in Arkansas needs closer scrutiny.

    We need to run someone who has a record, a proven record of actually establishing Conservative principles successfully.

    My short list are Governor Sanford of South Carolina, and former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

    Governor Johnson’s welfare reform programs transformed the state, and are being emulated today around the nation. Not only does he walk the talk, he gets it done, and even succeeds at it.

    I would love to see a Sanford/Johnson or a Johnson/Sanford ticket in 2012.

  77. “Legislation to do what? Why do you need legislation if you win?”

    Legislation passed in the States Assemblies enforcing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, will create a crucial check in the runaway power grabs of a runaway Federal Government.

    Whether we win or not, those checks are required, and even if we do win, we certainly won’t be in charge forever.

  78. I think it got pretty good scrutiny in the last cycle. I don’t think Sanford or Johnson (especially Johnson, I haven’t even heard of him) are well enough known to win in 3 years. Obama is undoing whatever Johnson did as we speak, and then some. I like Sanford, but he will be hard pressed to do much if Barry O is the head banker, auto company owner, etc.

    I thought you were referring to the Second Amendment, I haven’t heard about the actions with the Ninth and Tenth.

  79. “and paid it back by putting my butt on the line as a Naval Officer to protect the freedoms of ALL Americans,”

    I thank you for keeping America free by making sure the officer’s head was always clean as a whistle.

  80. Dave, you’ve been exposed for the fake, phony, and fraud that you are. Why don’t you go back to telling bad jokes to your fellow hillbillies in Mobile?

  81. Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    Big News From Tex’s Amway Global Blog
    As most readers of Tex’s Amway Global Blog already know, the blog was started and written by yours truly, Dave Robison. I take comments made by “Tex” at other blogs related to Amway Global and Quixtar and add them as individual blog entries at “his” blog.

    “Tex” then responds in the comments section and adds his points. In the beginning, I called it, “surrogate blogging”.

    Today, “Tex” has posted his very first official blog entry. He is now a full-fledged contributor to his own blog. While I will still be the blog administrator and will still make blog entries(and edit them); Tex now has the power to write an entry under his own moniker and publish it to his blog.

    Congratulations, Tex, and welcome to blogging from the inside.

    Labels: Amway, Amway Global, Blogs, Quixtar

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    Trying Out eBay
    Real Quick.

    My boss at my “8-5” had me set up an eBay account.

    Here’s our first item.

    The Jackson Pillow

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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    Since We Last Met
    Howdy Folks.

    It’s been over a week since my last blog entry, and that has to stop now.

    A lot has happened. My computer is fixed. It’s down-time was one of the major reasons that blog entries were sparse.

    My boss at my “8-5” job bought me a new cell phone. It’s an LG Shine minus the MediaNet service, but still with a cool camera capable of all those “self portrait through a mirror” shots you see on the social networking sites. I miss my old circa 2003 Nokia that was built to withstand a semi-truck rolling over it, but it finally developed so many problems that it was beyond any practical use.

    I’ve increase my usage at Twitter and have a few followers. The Twitter service and a Twitter user was the first to send photos of the recent US Airways crash on the Hudson River.

    And if you didn’t already know; today The United States inaugurated the 44th President.

    The one thing that amazed me about today’s celebrations, rhetoric, comments, commentary and news was not the history-making event in Washington D.C but the event that happened at my “8-5”.

    Whether my fellow employees voted for Barack Obama or not, at 10:45 CDT, we all gathered around a few computer screens and suspended work for a while and watched the Presidential Inauguration and Speech together.

    As I watched the live streaming video via, I noticed the video stop and stutter or delay several times and could only imagine the number, in the millions, of other viewers logging on and watching and the volume of data being transferred across the Internet at that time.

    While the new President spoke of the future and the challenges ahead for our country, I realized just how far we have already come and how the future is now. We take pictures with our phones, we watch televison on our computers, and citizen journalists inform us of news as it happens through social networking sites and blog entries, even before traditional media outlets.

    And even though, when our computers fail, we tear our hair out in frustration until they are fixed; they serve us well. They inspire creativity and produce just as much as a tractor, a steel mill, or an oil well.

    Change is not coming…change is here.

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    Sunday, January 11, 2009
    “Sunday Thoughts”
    “I regularly read Internet user groups filled with messages from people trying to solve software incompatibility problems that, in terms of complexity, make the U.S. Tax Code look like Dr. Seuss.”

    –Dave Barry

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    Wednesday, January 7, 2009
    Dave95 Blogs From The Past
    Howdy Folks,

    I’m currently trapped in the past.

    I’m on a Windows95 PC with Internet Explorer 5.5.

    I can’t go to YouTube, I can barely surf MySpace without the computer freezing. Any website with a Java app or Flash won’t display properly. The Internet acts as if I were on a dial-up connection in 1989 trying to post a message to a BBS. And to top it all off, forget about opening two windows at once. I’m asking myself, “Did this computer ever really serve a purpose when it came out?”

    But, in its defense, it is at least allowing me to check my email account(Well, one of them, the other one won’t display) and make this blog entry.

    My other computer has crashed or been invaded by a terrible virus and will not allow me to even log in after turning it on. So, I can’t complete my travelogue about New Orleans because I don’t have the photos to access.

    “What about scanning them or taking them off your CD, Dave?”

    Yeah, well this computer won’t run my 21st Century printer/scanner nor will it run my Wal-Mart Photo CD.

    So, I’m stuck in a computing Time Warp for a few days, but I am online; so I haven’t broke out in hives or started hyperventilating…yet.

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    Monday, January 5, 2009
    Friday Night In New Orleans
    I know it’s the new year, but I’m still stuck in the Christmas season of 2008. Specifically, I have more to say about my anniversary trip to New Orleans the weekend before Christmas.

    You’ll have to bear with me until I get it out of my system.

    Our first night in the French Quarter was to be casual and relaxed, but we had specific plans. We made our usual walk around the Quarter, only during this time of the year, we listened to the street performers playing Christmas tunes, instead of jazz and blues. While walking in Jackson Square, the storefronts were decorated with red and green wreaths mixed in with the purple and gold colors of the Mardi Gras and the people walking the streets seemed just a bit more friendly than usual.

    Our dinner plans led us to The Gumbo Shop. I had avoided the Gumbo Shop for many years and I was soon to find out that was a big mistake.

    Why had I avoided it? Illogically, it was the name. In my mind, the name, “Gumbo Shop” seemed too cliche’, too “touristy.” Surely, it was named that just to bring in diners that were only familiar with the name, “gumbo” and its relation to New Orleans. I was stupid.

    And to add insult to stupidity, I had been searching for the “perfect cup of Gumbo” for six years while living on the Gulf Coast. I had tried gumbo in every restaurant I had been in that offered the dish over those years. I was always disappointed. The concoction was always too spicy, too watery, or too tasteless.

    And where did I find that perfect cup of crabmeat, shrimp, okra “stew” seasoned to an orgasmic splendor? At a place called the Gumbo Shop, where else?

    In addition, to the gumbo, my wife and I enjoyed a half-loaf of hot, crispy French bread and butter. But that was just the appetizer.

    “The Gumbo Shop” located at 630 Saint Peter Street offered a combination platter of three of New Orleans traditional dishes as an entree’. A Large platter containing Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya and Red Beans and Rice put my mind at ease that this place was anything but “touristy”. If I had a complaint, it would only be that the Red Beans and Rice had a more pronounced smokey flavor than I was used to. I’m more used to a pol ska kielbasa sausage than the heavy smoked sausage used in the restaurant dish. It was a matter of my taste, and had nothing to do with the execution by the chef on his variation. I had no trouble with finishing my meal.

    We declined the offer of dessert by the very attentive and friendly waiter who served us, merely because we ate our fill of the meal. I would recommend The Gumbo Shop for any tourist, or regular traveler to New Orleans.

    After dinner, we “waddled and rolled” our bodies down the street to Pat O’Brien’s Bar. Pat O’s is another one of those tourist places that I had avoided, but this was a night to experience new things.

    The bar has been a landmark in The Quarter since the 1930s serving up its most famous drink, “The Hurricane”, served in a glass almost as big as the lamp that gives the glass its shape and name.

    We sat in the gas-lamp and torch-lit courtyard as we watch the fountain waters rise from a gas flame. We listened to good music and we sipped our 4 ounces of rum mixed with 4 ounces of the fruity(think Hawaiian Punch)Hurricane mix.

    It’s a dangerous drink. You can down 4 shots of liquor more quickly than sipping sweet tea on a hot day. I noticed several empty glasses on many tables and only could imagine the condition those drinkers would be in later on Bourbon Street.

    But I would not imagine for long, as we left Pat O’Brien’s and headed onto Bourbon Street for a stroll among the good, clean, debauchery.

    Bourbon Street has all the scenes you’ve seen in an episode of COPS:New Orleans or a “Girls Gone Wild” video. As I pointed to some revelers on a second-floor balcony of a club; an attractive lady completed a perfect “ringer” on my arm delivering a string of beads to me. She yelled along with me in mutual admiration of her feat.

    At the end of Bourbon Street bordering Canal Street, we were treated to an impromptu dance party. A Street band was entertaining a small crowd standing in a circle and taking turns at taking the center stage to dance, to writhe, to booty-shake, and to two-step to the lively music. I was going to join the dancers and put them all to shame with my skills, but decided against the action. It would be better if I just took a photo of the moment.

    We ended Friday night back at our starting point, The Hotel Montleone, and its very own Carousel Bar. For those that do not drink enough to make their heads spin, they can sit at the bar as it slowly rotates a full 360 degrees as the hour passes. I’m not sure how the bartender keeps track of his clients, as they slowly trade places along the bar’s carousel track. Luckily for the heavy drinkers, the stools do not rise up and down like a carousel pony.

    We did not end up at the hotel’s bar, by accident or as a last resort. I had one more thing planned.

    I had met The New Orleans Pianoman, John Autin, on MYspace and knew that he was a long-time fixture at The Carousel Bar. John plays a seven-foot Steinway with “sets” filled with Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Standards, and Pop.

    I had asked John via email for a small favor before we left for the weekend. He was only too happy to oblige. As we found a booth to sit in, I waved to John. He smiled.

    Moments later, he announced to the crowd that a “young” couple was celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in New Orleans and that it was his pleasure to sing “Their” song.

    My wife and I danced to “It Had To Be You” as if Harry Connick, Jr. was covering the song in “When Harry Met Sally”. We smiled, we laughed, we danced, we kissed.

    It was the end of a very good first night in New Orleans.

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    Sunday, January 4, 2009
    “Sunday Thoughts”
    “The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.”

    –Ellen Goodman

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    Thursday, January 1, 2009
    HAPPY 2009!!!
    It’s 2009!!!

    Happy New Year From “On The Road With Dave”!

    I know what you are craving. You wanna a Year-In-Review entry whereby you can take a look at some of the “goings-on” of yours truly in 2008. Well, here ya go…


    I started a new blog for “Tex”, a noted commenter at other Quixtar blogs, so he could expound on his opinions about the “tool scam” associated with Amway Global/Quixtar Motivational organizations.

    I became more “comedy” focused.


    I performed in Dallas.


    I traveled to Prague for Alticor Corporation.


    I held a online “press” conference.

    I summarized my trip to Prague.


    I was asked to review a book about Historic Mobile, Alabama; I met some Canadians, and my son got a part in a movie.


    I performed in Anniston, Alabama.


    I said farewell to a great teacher.


    I talked about my “day-job”.


    I “quit” being a Quixtar-affiliated Business owner.


    “On The Road With Dave” participated in the annual “Blog Action Day.”

    I performed in Louisiana.


    In November, I got political and made changes to “On The Road With Dave”. You’ll have to read the whole month.


    I celebrated my 25th Wedding anniversary!

    That’s it! The year in review.

    Coming up, I’ll be finishing my story about my wife’s and I trip to New Orleans for Christmas, with more photos that were recently developed.

    I look forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009 for all my readers, as well as myself.

    Let’s get started.

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  82. Here’s the point … to expose your sham:

    from your website:


    I started a new blog for “Tex”, a noted commenter at other Quixtar blogs, so he could expound on his opinions about the “tool scam” associated with Amway Global/Quixtar Motivational organizations.

    I became more “comedy” focused.”

    The quotes around the word comedy was very apt, Dave.
    You tried to stretch your act to Doug Wead’s blog and it didn’t work, because it was just a stupid and pointless act to begin with. If you want to be an actor, move to Hollyweird, for god’s sake.

  83. You need to find the information on Dave’s and other sites about the group that went to Prague last year, paid for by Amway. We are 2 different people, you little kike.

  84. It’s 2015, and I just discovered this line of comments. Never knew that Mr. Black’s comments about me continued on into other entries by Mr. Wead. Sorry, Doug. Truly, I am.

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