Doug Wead, Amway Adventure

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?”

(Who is watching the watchers?)

My Amway story is a good one so it probably won’t make much news. And my experience with some of the MLM critics quite bad, which will surely stir up a fuss. But hey, adding some truth in the middle of a complicated discussion is only healthy.

First, I was on the Amway speakers’ circuit for several years, invited in by Dexter Yager. They wanted positive speeches, which didn’t raise any alarm bells for me. Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford spoke for them too, as well as all the other corporate speakers from Dennis Waitley to Zig Ziglar.

I got in the Amway business out of courtesy to Mr. Yager and found to my surprise that it could be fun. I was active for four years, going to the diamond level. I am not exactly sure but I think I sponsored my last person in 1985. Afterwards I “managed” my network until political activities took me away.

Since 1986 I have been researching and writing about American history and that is my love and my primary work now. But I still travel the world speaking and occasionally I am featured at these networking conventions, where I share what I have learned from the successful networkers like Jim Dornan, Tim Foley, Mitch Sala, James Vagy and others. In a way, I have been an amateur historian of networking too, watching and enjoying the rise, and sometimes fall, of the colorful people who build these networks. They all have amazing stories. One of them was once homeless and now a millionaire.

Now, let me say this about a couple of the “journalists” who attack MLM’s. Glenn Hauman runs a site with the subtitle, “elevating the discourse.” And Bill Berkowitz writes articles like “ plays lose with the facts in targeting Obama” for Media Transparency. I can’t vouch for what they say about others but years ago they posted articles attacking me with false information. And for years they have maintained these sites and Hauman, at least, was told of the errors and refused to correct the information or take down his site.

Until yesterday I thought their source was Evelyn Pringle, an online neo journalist, famous for her attacks on Barack Obama, who in turn took her information from the book Merchants of Deception written by Eric Scheibeler. She cleverly prefaces her remarks by talking about Scheibeler’s “new book” and then follows her article with a solemn source note saying that “with prior permission, this article contains a large amount of information taken directly from Eric Scheibeler’s website ….. and his book, Merchants of Deception.”

But, as you will see, it is not what it seems.

Here are some of the things the Pringle, Hauman and Berkowitz websites say about me.

That I am a Baptist pastor. (Nope.)

That I co-founded Amway in France. (Nope.)

That I started another business in France with a friend. (Nope. Actually, I did have a friend who started a new company but I argued against it. But his motives were good, he was trying to correct things that he didn’t think were fair in his last MLM and after it was done, I did give motivational speeches at his conventions. He was a friend and he still is.)

That I supplied this new company with Amway products. (Nope.)

That in 1991, arrest warrants were issued for me in France. (Ha. Nope. I have never been arrested anywhere.)

And that after the arrest warrants, I have not been back to France since. (Nope. Actually, I have been going to France uninterrupted all my adult life, my wife’s family live there. Sometimes we spend our holidays there.)

All of these facts could have been easily verified. Criminal background checks are available to anyone, passport stamps show when you go in and out of a country. There are eyewitnesses, credit card receipts. This isn’t rocket science.

Now, in an earlier version of her article, Pringle insisted that this all took place in 1986 and in spite of this criminal behavior I was appointed to the senior staff of the George H. W. Bush White House. Then other writers apparently decided it was too farfetched that I would pass the FBI and CIA background checks so the dates were changed, saying that it happened in 1991. By the way, I was a Republican Party nominee for congress in 1992. I assure you that such information would not have been suppressed in a political campaign.

When most writers make mistakes in writings or blogs, they correct them as soon as possible. In fact, I am even today, correcting this blog from yesterday. But in this case, writers such as Evelyn Pringle and Glenn Hauman, keep their stories going, even after both have been contacted and told of the mistake. Both refuse to add corrections or take down their sites with this false information.

Let me say this, not all MLM’s are good and not all MLM critics are bad. And not all of them are good and bad all the time. In fact, in 2005, when I pointed out this false story to the MLM Watchdog they posted a correction, exposing the false story of Pringle.

See Princess of Deception Pringle?

But now, it seems, even MLM Watchdog got their facts wrong. Like me, they read Pringle’s story and assumed her information came from Scheibeler. One can’t blame them. And – this is too much – she didn’t correct it. It’s been sitting there since 2005. After all, the suggestion that it came from Scheibeler gives her a little journalistic cover.

So now for another dose of truth. Mr. Scheibeler and I finally talked on the telephone last night. He seems to be a man of integrity and scholarship who likes to get his facts right. No, he assured me. He was not the source for Pringle’s article. In fact, Scheibeler said, the name, Doug Wead, does not appear anywhere in his book at all. What? My apologies to Mr. Scheibeler.

So now, it turns out, that not only is this story bogus, but its apparent sourcing is a clever bait and switch. So why? Why would someone persist with a false story for 23 years and not correct it? Could it be the very things that dominate their arguments against Amway and other MLM’s. Could it be money and politics? Well, it kinda makes ya wonder. Who are the real “Merchants of Deception?”

Next post on the subject?  Are MLM”s evil?

Даг Вид


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

133 thoughts on “Doug Wead, Amway Adventure

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  2. Doug,

    You are one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I have the utmost respect for you & the mission you have been on. I think that by addressing this you are removing the arrow from their quivers. I too have been a target of naysayers & people that have posted blatant lies about me on the internet. I have often wondered if it would be worth the time, headache and emotional drain required to really take this on. Thank you for being so honest with the world and showing the vulnerability that comes from being a person at cause for the world. I certainly hope to see you again at a Liberty League International event soon.

    DREAM BIG!!!

    Michael Hamburger
    EMC member
    Liberty League International

  3. Doug:

    I have known you since high school and have tracked your career ever since. Those who strive and seek excellence are always going to be targets. Do not give up, and for Gods sake, do not give in. Our country needs those who are vigilant in defending our freedoms, and who are not afraid express views at odds with the prevailing culture. If anything, attacks against you should only serve as a reminder that you must be doing something right.

  4. Good to hear about your adventure. I’ve been a Amway distributor for 20 years and have received a bonus every month. i have met you back stage at Gooch and Grable functions and have enjoyed hearing you speak several times. You have a way of cutting through the crap as my wife likes to say. Thanks for being a friend and fellow traveler in a world that gets more difficult to navigate all the time.

  5. Doug, as you may have noticed, the article I quoted was originally from a news organization in New Zealand, reviewing a book from Eric Scheibeler.

    You’re welcome to reply to my post on my site. Feel free to present your case there. Alternately, take it up with Scoop or Scheibeler.

    1. Thanks Glenn,

      Well, actually, I wrote you once, years ago, asking you to correct the material and pointing out how it hurt my family. And then I posted a comment on your site recently, I think a year or so ago, when you were in Italy, stating the facts and asking again that you kindly correct your post.

      This past year, at the advise of attorneys, I contacted the legal department of Simon and Schuster to point out that what you had written is false and to warn that if it were transferred to their new blog pages it would void the statue of limitations issue and make both them and you legally liable for the information.

      But today is the first time you have ever responded to me.

      Glenn, you say that your source is from a New Zealand book review of Eric Scheibeler’s book. That’s news to me. As you will note in today’s revised post, Eric Scheibeler says that my name is not even in his book. And anyway, nowhere on your site do you source your information as from either New Zealand or Mr. Scheibeler.

      It is very unfair for you to say I should present my case on your website. This is my life and my family’s lives, not a game to help you get viewers to your blog. You have made serious charges against me. I am saying they are false. You are the one who should present your case and evidence. I cannot prove a negative. Anyone can say you are under arrest in the Netherlands or India or anywhere else but that does not make it so. I can only say that that no criminal background check shows any arrests warrants, the French Embassy will respond to inquiries of this nature and my passport will attest that I come and go to France anytime I wish and always have been able to do so.

      IMHO, a journalist should back up what they say or apologize and retract it. And this should happen in days, not years after the fact.


      1. Dear Doug, many years ago my husband and I were at an Amway Convention and you did a sermon that had forever touched my heart. I believe the name of the sermon was the fine line between hope and fear. The lady in the story was looking for a glimmer between the hope her relative would live aside from the constant fear that they would die you offered the hope she needed and I will never forget your sermon and how much it touched us that day and I still think of it weekly and wish I still had it in that cassette tape bought through Amway. My situation and a friends are quite the same now and I would be so ever grateful to hear that sermon again. Can you please help? I think the sermon was in Charlotte, Nashville or NewOrleans. Please help up us and let me know how to follow you

  6. @davidblack what is a ponzi scheme? Define it. Bet you can’t. Social Security would be a good example.

    Here is a good example of a Pyramid. A real estate brokerage firm. Actually AIG probably resembles a pyramid if you look at the structure of the organization.

    Don’t confuse legitimate MLM and network marketing companies with excellent products and fair pay plans with scams like pyramid and ponzi schemes. Warren Buffet likes to purchase the occasional MLM company. Is he a scammer?

  7. Who cares about Social Security? I don’t and never will. In fact, I send mine to Israel where it’s used to compensate Israeli families whose lives have been decimated by islamofascist savages.

    I’ve lived nearly twice as long as you, raleyb, there’s nothing I don’t know about business and business scams. You don’t grow up in a family of self-made millionaires without learning something about business. By the way, the best way to run a business is run it independently with family members and keeping the profits within the family, not distributing profits to a network of strangers and creeps.

    Why am I not surprised that someone like you who’s been duped by other personality driven cults (JC of Nazareth and Ron Paul) would also be duped by door-to-door hucksters peddling overpriced items you could easily buy more cheaply in stores?

    Who knows? You may even be one of these MLM “franchisees” or “associates,” given the level of indignation you’ve already expressed.

    Tell me, I’ll bet you’ve even been duped by that Three Step Plan, haven’t you?

    So how in the world are you anyway? (hehe)

  8. Doug, the real “clever bait and switch” is the tool scam.

    Also, the real “Merchants of Deception” are the upline LCK’s (Lying Cowardly “Kingpins”).

  9. David,

    Please explain how a legitimate MLM (ignoring the Amway tool scam for the time being, and assuming the products are reasonably priced) is a Ponzi scheme.

  10. Dear Doug: Thank you so much for speaking out, clearly and openly, against all those scurrilous attacks on you. For people who know you, and know your considerable abilities and kindness, reading them has been crazy-making. These attacks hurt your friends and all those who have been inspired by you, as well as your family.

  11. Thank you Doug Wead for your story. Far too many people do not understand the reality of MLM’s. It has been and will be the wave of future independent businesses. Having been exposed to many offers for over 40 years I have been able to “smell” an illegitimate scam when it comes around – and there are still a few that are making it around. The majority are legitimate but there are a few start-ups you must watch out for. For the most part, the legitimate MLM’s have a product and/or a service the people are not embarrassed to talk about, and the ones I’m sure of are traded on the NY Stock Exchange. My particular company is traded on the NYSE and we have former and current Attorney Generals speak on our behalf at our conventions. A good gauge is if the AG walks in the front door – who is walking out the back door. We like to say “if there is anything illegal about us, the Attorney General will be in the next cell with us.” As far as I know there have not been any AG’s incarcerated for their MLM involvement. GO DOUG WEAD!

  12. Hello From Turkiye,
    Whatever people write about you are a very special person for us .
    You came to Turkiye in 1995 and gave a seminar to 8000 people and after your speech 8000 people stood up and clapped you for 30 minutes and that speech is still the top selling cd in our country .Whatever negative things they write about you or Amway you are doing amazing.You changed the lives and perspectives of people
    Even though Amway is an American company, I see that it is still not understood properly in the United States.I believe the cliche reason is because people believe ” if I can’t or won’t do it than others can’t or shouldn’t do it and Amway is not a good business to do.”
    In our country, there are millions of people who question America being in Irak and America being the world’s police. Even so, we love and believe the logic of the Amway business: making money from the products we already consume and buy. I would like to point out the irrelevance of David Black’s comment saying Israeli families whose lives have been decimated by islamofascist savages whould be compensated. There isn’t any relevance to the subject. of all, Israel has no right to enter the lands of that country with his “brother” the United States. Israel is also the killer of children in Gaza. The world has given so much reaction to this dreadful event.

    There is no use in pulling the issue to other irrelevant political subjects. You had better write your political perspectives in other convenient areas.
    Despite all the challenges, Turkey is the 4th fastest growing market in Europe and 15th fastest growing market in the world.
    We mind our own business. I wrote this e-mail because we all love you very much and don’t bother with the comments.
    There is a Turkish idiom saying “The tree who gives fruit is the one that is hit on”.
    With all my respect,
    Ümit Çorapçı

  13. Doug,

    I would agree with you and Umit, but life is not 100% butterflies and roses. Those who refuse to address the Amway tool scam will live to regret their inaction. The point is the vast majority of profit made by the upline is from the tools, yet how often do they mention this fact?

  14. Amway has taken the necessary precautions and has avoided excessive tools on sale. Amway is very sensitive about this issue that’s why I love this company its always solution-oriented

  15. Umit,

    NOT in the U.S. In fact, a high level executive recently told me they don’t care how much money is made via the tools.

  16. Doug I have followed you very closely and you have inspired me very much. You are a dynamic speaker and any undue critiscism is lame. keep up the good work. the left does not get critisized by the right because we all spend our time doing something productive instead of digging up bs about you.

  17. Hey tex2, no, I will not ignore it, I will write about it. Not that I am the final word. You may know more than I. But I am planning a whole series of blogs about MLM’s but I do have to make a living in between having fun. So patience, please, I will, I will. Patience.

  18. Doug,

    Thanks for responding. Understand I have no issue with OUTSIDE speakers getting paid their customary fees, but the upline pretends to make their profit via Amway while making multiple times more via the tools, which include the various meetings (speaking fees), books, CD’s, web sites, voice mail, etc.

    I am also making a living, but hundreds of thousands of IBO’s are getting ripped off by the LCK’s (Lying Cowardly “Kingpins”) as we speak, not to mention the millions of former IBO’s who were ripped off before they quit, because they couldn’t overcome the high overhead costs, so let’s not “play the fiddle while Rome burns,” okay?

    If you want to discuss the issue, visit my site at and propose a day/time to talk. I assure you the facts I have assembled are accurate and substantial.

  19. I’m sure some of your jew-boy friends got ripped off as well, and I’m not a redneck, a hillbilly, or a loser. Other than that, you’re a moron who didn’t answer the question.

    I think it’s hilarious you’re going to rot in hell.

    How’s that?

  20. “and I’m not a redneck, a hillbilly, or a loser”

    Right, with a name like tex, how could you not be?

    “I think it’s hilarious you’re going to rot in hell.”

    Hell is right here on earth, pal, where have you been?

  21. You judge someone as a redneck, hillbilly, AND a loser by their online handle? What an idiot. Let’s hope you haven’t procreated, people like you need to be removed from the gene pool.

    This isn’t hell, just being around people like you makes it feel like it. Too bad you have to be around yourself 24X7.

  22. When you wake up from your nap, feel free to answer the original question:

    Please explain how a legitimate MLM (ignoring the Amway tool scam for the time being, and assuming the products are reasonably priced) is a Ponzi scheme.

  23. “You judge someone as a redneck, hillbilly, AND a loser by their online handle?”

    Plus the fact that they want a fellow hillbilly loser like Mike Huckabee to lead the GOP.

    You must have suckered for the MLM scams, given the zeal in which you are pursuing an answer. I’m not about to supply you with the pretext to launch into some pre-rehearsed spiel why MLMs are among the greatest business systems ever devised, yadda yadda yadda.

    To me, the whole thing is as low rent as NASCAR, bowling, and small game hunting.

    Go start a real career instead of pushing more substandard products or services on unwitting customers.

  24. My mistake, I should leave the pithy discourse to you inbred hillbillies and your MIGHTY (less than 1%) piece of the voter population who didn’t vote for McCain or Barry O last November.

    So are you the product of a father-daughter union or a mother-son union? Or maybe first cousin and first cousin?

  25. “But then again, stupid jew-boys like you have limited intelligence,”

    Just remember, Jethro, that Jews comprise less than 1% of the world’s population yet we lead in all areas of medicine, science, commerce, and the arts.

    And the only thing hillbillies have to their credit is that they can drive cars around a track at high speed.

  26. Speaking of intelligence, the Old Testament is filled with stories of God bailing out the Jews, then they turn on Him, He bails them out again, and the story repeats itself over and over. Finally, God apparently gets upset with his “chosen” people and opens up the field to everyone via Jesus Christ. So much for your intelligence level, but thanks for blowing it so the rest of us could join the “club.”

  27. Texie!

    Good to see that you continue to find new venues to show that you aren’t a racist and a kook!

    50 years old, 16+ years in Amway, over $35K spent on useless ‘tools’ (over 10,000 bought AFTER he ‘discovered’ the tool scam at about year 12) and still thinks he makes a ‘profit’ just from buying Amway products (they send him a check!).

    Why is it you peaked at 10 downline years ago? Oh, right…the ‘tool scam’ keeps you down.

    I’m sure the FTC will be pleased to review your comments here and add even more ‘credibility’ to your claims.

    The Tex Transparency Initiative – works all by itself!

  28. Well, Jethro, I don’t see how my own intelligence is somehow connected to what was written in a book of ancient folk tales. —- That’s because you’re too stupid to understand. LOL

    You didn’t have to say the “hillbilly” quote directly, it oozes out of nearly every post you make. Take, for instance, me being called a “hillbilly” purely because of the handle I use, as if most people in Texas are from Texas, let alone hillbillies. I KNOW you’re not representative of America, and I thank God every day for THAT.

    The real America is mainly sheep, which is part of the problem.

  29. “as if most people in Texas are from Texas, let alone hillbillies.”

    So it begs the question, why would anyone WANT to move to Texas?

    To most of the rest of the country, Texas IS hillbilly land, as is the entire Confederate States of America, who listen to crap music, drive pick up trucks, drink cheap beer, have intimate relations with barnyard animals, and hate anyone who isn’t white.

    It’s all here on your favorite website:

  30. Here’s a better question, why would anyone want YOU to even visit Texas? I think people will continue to flee the high tax rates in New York, and especially New York City. Rush Limbaugh recently announced he is looking for another place, and Texas is on his short list, one reason is there is no state income tax.

    It’s obvious you don’t have a clue what Texas is like, nor do you have a clue what the rest of the country thinks of Texas. Many of those who put their lives on the line and those who died protecting YOUR freedoms were from the southern UNITED States of America, and many of us don’t listen to “crap music, drive pick up trucks, drink cheap beer, have intimate relations with barnyard animals, and hate anyone who isn’t white.”

    If you don’t understand Foxworthy’s act is comedy, and not reality, you’re more stupid than I have imagined. There are as many “hillbillies” in the northeast as there are in other areas of the country.

  31. I believe R. Lee Ermey said it best in Full Metal Jacket, a film where he entirely wrote his own speaking part based on his past experience as a Marine DI.

    “Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don’t look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down. Do you (suggests a sexual act)?

  32. “It’s obvious you don’t have a clue what Texas is like, nor do you have a clue what the rest of the country thinks of Texas.”

    Hey, you aren’t really George Bush incognito, are you?

  33. That “steers and queers” joke is older than Ermey.

    Hey, you aren’t really Bernie Madoff incognito, are you?

  34. The bottom line is, and most anyone in America who isn’t from the Redneck Confederation would agree, that anything is preferable to being any part of the hillbilly culture.

    Society had always characterized that culture as extremely low brow, dim witted, and clueless, as evidenced by such shows as the Dukes of Hazzard, The Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, Gomer Pyle, and in such movies as Deliverance.

    And the thing is, you can’t even define what a “kike” is. It’s simply a meaningless slur against Jews.

    You can call us whatever we want. We control all the money and the banks and you don’t. That’s REAL power. So suck on that, sparky.

  35. You’re the one who brought up hillbilly culture, not me. I view the Jews wandering the desert for 40 years as the ultimate hillbilly lifestyle. Even then, God bailed them out with quail and manna.

    If you think the shows/movies you listed were watched by most people because they identified with the characters rather than as entertainment, you have one sick view of reality.

    Exactly. YOU are a meaningless slur against Jews. LOL

    Again, I am not calling Jews a kike, I’m calling YOU a kike.

    It appears to me the money your buddy Bernie Madoff didn’t steal is now controlled by Barry O. So suck on that, kike.

  36. I thought you were intelligent; why did I have to remind you again I’m not calling all Jews kikes, just YOU?

  37. Why should I care about Bernie Madoff? He was stupid enough to get caught and he wouldn’t have had to if he had been more careful.

    What’s this “God” you keep referring to?

    Lemmings like you need someone or something to follow, whether it’s a mythical being, some silly book of folktales, or a politician, you’re there lapping it up because you are too weak and cowardly to guide your own destiny completely alone and without help from anyone outside your own family.

  38. So it was okay to do what he did, the only thing he did wrong was get caught? That’s why he’s a kike, too. I’ve heard many of his investors knew he was doing something illegal, they thought he had illegal inside information, given his background as head of the NASDAQ. Turns out it was a Ponzi scheme.

    Ask your local Pastor or Rabbi, kike.

    Go ahead and stick with your family, I’ll stick with Joshua 24:15.

  39. Sorry, I don’t associate with those who prey on the weak and gullible with promises of “everlasting life” in exchange for obedience, supplication, and contributions to a church or synagogue’s coffers.

  40. You don’t have to apologize for being a kike, we’ve known it for some time now. You and Bernie Madoff don’t have a clue about what’s most important. But keep it up, there’s a special place being reserved for you in hell.

  41. Sorry, but unless you can prove that such this mythical place as described in your books of Hebrew folk tales truly exists, then your wish is as empty and worthless as your admitted business acumen.

  42. The really bad thing is that your detractors would not correct their mistakes. Then it becomes a lie. That is the danger for Hauman and Pringle and this Berkowitz. A similar thing happened to John Seigenthaler, I think, and it became an online legend. These sites will eventually be exposed. I suppose you sat on it hoping it would go away and I don’t blame you. If they will not vet their own stories, they are capable of just about everything else but you did the right thing by bringing it to the public. There is a limit and the public has a way of finding these things and correcting them and marginalizing the people who do this.

  43. phippscm,

    See my message on the main thread. This thread is about Doug’s “Amway Adventure”, and he’s not answering a simple question. Indeed, who is the true Merchant of Deception, Doug? In the mirror?

  44. tex is not a Christian. He spews hatred and is obviously a racist. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    tex, you made your point about the tools scam. Calling people names on a blog will not solvethe tools scam.

  45. 1formeribo,

    You have no idea whether I’m a Christian or not. What you see is my “righteous indignation”, similar to the anger Christ showed occasionally. You see a small sliver of me, and who I am. Get a clue.

    I don’t “spew hatred”, nor am I a “racist.” You are stupid AND clueless.

    I will have made my point about the tool scam when it goes away. Until then, I obviously haven’t made my point.

    I am calling Mr. Kike a “name” because I have found, through experience, is the ONLY way to deal with cyber-bullies and cyber-thugs.

    You 1formeribo, are a liar and stupid.

  46. Racial slurs have no place in Christianity.

    Jesus was about love and forgiveness. Characteristics that apparently, you sorely lack.

    I am not a liar, buy certainly, you are stupid.

  47. 1formeribo,

    Read the following links, because you have no concept what you’re talking about. Apparently the links are disabling the post, so you’ll have to replace the [dot] with a period: rationalchristianity[dot]net/jesus_angry[dot]html
    and beliefnet[dot]com/Faiths/Christianity/2006/08/Was-Jesus-Mean[dot]aspx

    I already explained why I call David Black a kike. Go back and read it.

    Jesus was also about calling a spade a spade. He was a man’s man. Some current Christians have gone overboard with the only “love and foregiveness” BS, like you did.

    You are probably too stupid to be a liar.

  48. tex, I am quite aware of Jesus and the money changers in the temple. That does not apply to you.

    You are a fake Christian full of hate and false doctrine. You are also a liar.

    To David Black or Mr. Wead, tex is a classic internet troll. He has been banned on dozens of blogs for insulting others and hijacking the threads for his own purpose. He is too stupid to write his own blog, which is why Mr. Robison had to do it for him.

    Allowing his to remain here might drive up traffic, but your blog will be a mess. The choice is yours.

  49. There are several other examples, and all of them have to do with Jesus getting upset over people doing the wrong things, you wimp. Of course the money changers applies to me, via the tool scam. The LCK’s are mere modern-day money changers.

    You are a fake Christian full of hate and false doctrine. You are also a liar.

    I have my own blog that I write, dipshit.

    You are making this blog a mess by your lies and stupidity. Leave, 1formeribo, and stay off my blog as well.

  50. I believe you are a money changer. Nothing more. I don’t recall any Christians making racial slurs in the Bible.

    Don’t you have an original argument in your head? I guess not since you copy my words and paste them. It proves that you lack the mental capacity to write your own original blos posts.

    I do not visit your blog often. I only check in once in a while to see what kind of idiocy you are preaching.

  51. How am I a money changer? I complain about the LCK “money changers”, does that make me a money changer in your retarded mind?

    The Bible doesn’t include every idea ever dreamed up, but when Jesus calls people “vipers” and “hypocrites”, what’s the difference? Certainly the Old Testament contains many descriptions of the Israelites killing off entire areas of foreigners, and being taken into slavery several times. If that isn’t racism, what is genius?

    I have lots of original ideas, just check out my site by googling “Tex” and “Amway”. Dipshit.

    You should visit my blog more often, you would realize how wrong you are, if you can understand words that have more than one syllable. LOL

  52. tex, you are a hypocrite. You talk about serving the Lord yet all you spew is insults and hatred. Your free use of racial slurs is abhorrent. You are a miserable excuse for a human being.

    Are you saying if I google tex and dipshit I will find your blog? Hah! Your blog is just you posting messages and you commenting. That’s no fun.

  53. You can’t answer any questions, can you? You’re clueless. You could post on my blog, but you’re too scared, jackass.

  54. tex, I don’t owe you any answers. I am simply pointing out that you are a hypocrite. You represent hatred and racism.

    You are also a moron.

  55. 1formeribo,

    You’re right, you don’t owe me any answers. You have to HAVE answers to give one. LOL

    You have provided ZERO evidence I am a hypocrite, that I represent hatred and racism, or that I’m a moron. Other than that, I agree with you 100%!!! LOL

  56. tex, evidence that you are a liar, hypocrite and moron are already posted on this blog. You are just too stupid to recognize it.

  57. Here is my Amway story. Everybody has one, huh? It was 1975. We were young, no money. My husband’s co-worker invited us over. We thought, “Yea, a fun evening out!” We paid a baby-sitter, got gussied-up, and off we went. Instead of drinks and dinner, or popcorn and a movie, out came the flipchart! We were young. We didn’t know….much. Now we do! Never do this to anybody. Just be straightforward and honest always!


  58. 1formeribo,

    If you brought any specific ideas to the discussion, we could debate. However, you prefer to launch random accusations, call me a troll, and whack yourself off.

  59. If tex had a brain we could have a discussion. But he’s sorely lacking in that, along with having no class.

  60. I do agree with David Black. tex is a hillbilly queer from Texas. I think he played on a role as a hillbilly in Deliverance. LOL

  61. If 1formeribo had a brain we could have a discussion. But he’s sorely lacking in that, along with having no class.

    I do agree with Tex. 1formeribo is a hillbilly queer from Mars. I think he played on a role as a hillbilly in Deliverance. LOL

  62. tex is a failed IBO. He has been losing money in Amway for many many years but he is too stupid too walk away.

  63. 1formeribo is a failed IBO, just look at his name. He lost money in Amway for many many years but he is too stupid too [sic] help stop the scam, so he walked away. LOL

  64. Actually tex, I am financially independent. I don’t nee Amway. I took advantage of the boom. (Thanks to Microsoft stock purchased in the late 80’s)

    But you are a sorry loser, clinging and hoping that Amway will work for you. 14 years in Amway hasn’t taught you a thing? Sooner or later, you need to cut your losses. Children don’t put their hands on the stove once they get burned.

  65. Actually 1formeribo, I think you are a big fat liar.
    You are also a sorry loser, clinging and hoping that you have a clue. 16 years in Amway taught me a there will always be assholes like you that are inconsequential. Sooner or later, you need to cut your BS. Children don’t put their hands on the stove once they get burned, but other children who have never done it will, unless they are warned. Jerks like you sit back and watch new children get burned, then say, “I guess they won’t do that again”, rather than warning them in the first place.

  66. tex, you are a big fat loser. What exactly do you think you will accomplish by posting your nonsensical views on someone else’s blog? Yes, Amway has problems, but the problems don’t go away because Amway the corporation hasn’t dealth with them.

    You making racial slurs and insults does nothing except to make you look like the scumbag that you are.

  67. tex, you are a big fat loser. What exactly do you think you will accomplish by posting your nonsensical views on someone else’s blog? Yes, Amway has problems, but the problems don’t go away because Amway the corporation hasn’t dealt with them.

    You making racial slurs and insults does nothing except to make you look like the scumbag that you are.

  68. 1formeribo, you are a big fat loser. What exactly do you think you will accomplish by posting your nonsensical views on someone else’s blog? Yes, Amway has problems, but the problems don’t go away because Amway the corporation hasn’t dealt with them.

    You making racial slurs and insults does nothing except to make you look like the scumbag that you are.

  69. 1formeribo has no ability to debate or present facts so he resorts to copying and pasting my posts. Weak.

  70. David Black “So Tex, when you go to a family reunion, do you see these as prime pick up spots”?

    LOL LOL – that was the best comment on this thread!


  71. I think the response was even better: I’m the product of less inbreeding than you, jew-boy. When I go to family reunions, I see them as opportunities to hear the best kike jokes. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  72. tex is a dimwit. He says “I didn’t say you were from Mars”. His next sentence says I’m from Mars. LOL

    What a retarded hillbilly from “tex”-ass. LOL

  73. 1formeribo is a dimwit. He says “I didn’t say you were from Mars”. His next sentence says I’m from Mars. LOL

    What a retarded hillbilly from Mars. LOL

  74. tex, you already made yourself look stupid. I don’t need to do anything. I would have thought a 51 year old hick from texas would have a little more, but I guess you country hillbillies walk around with buckteeth and a limp. LOL

  75. 1formeribo, you already made yourself look stupid. I don’t need to do anything. I would have thought a hick from Mars would have a little more, but I guess you country hillbillies walk around with buckteeth and a limp. LOL

  76. Hall Mr. wead.

    I’m from Indonesia. love to see you here.
    I was excited and love to hear your adventure when you come to Surabaya-Indonesia.

    God bless you and i hope you can come to Indonesia again to give some spirit and new good value for us.

    Thanks a lot.

    best regards,
    kistian (who loved Amway and Network 21 so much.!)

  77. Hi Doug, you have been one of my heroes since i first joined Amway through Network 21 in 2000. I fumbled around for a few years and then quit. However, I used the knowledge i gained from the cd’s to build a successful real estate company and decent sized real estate portfolio. The funny thing is once you’ve been exposed to the Cd’s and seminars… you never forget it. We decided to link in again about 2 years ago and then finally took it seriously in January this year and qualified 8 months later as new platinums. I want to thank you for the role you played in my own personal development, you are a man of real integrity. We plan to build on to Diamond and beyond. Please let me know where i can get a copy of the talk you made “power of Decision” Fondest regards Ryan

  78. Mr Wead, I am Vladimir, a Sapphire Founder form Khabarovsk, Russia where you spoke at a Diamond Alliance rally in 2008. I am grateful for the way you have impacted myself and my business partners. I respect your decision to start a new nwtwork business, understand the why you retired from Amway, but….

    one thing is unclear to me. How and why can one retire from Amway and stop being an IBO? That means loosing all the priveleges and bonuses you’ve earned, doesnt’ it? I am a bit stunned – why would one discontinue to assiciate with Amway even if some IBO-leaders allow the abuse with CDs & stuff? One can start a different business, voice a disagreement with other leaders on issues, but why complete break up?

    (Some of my partners are bewildered – if Doug Wead left Amway, then what are we doing here? AND, we do not have the issue with CD. We handle it, of course, and will survive, but still..)

    Thanks in any case!

  79. I would love to get a hold of Doug Weed”s Amway speeches. I was an inspired fan in the early 80s. Are they going to be made available?

  80. Doug is it possible to get a copy of your Amway tape ‘ It’s Possible ‘
    I need it for inspiration
    Thank you so much for giving me hope and tears of humility to help me through my rough times. Pray for me I’m going through a school at 55 and I’m trying to fail. I could use your tape which I gave to a coworker 16 years ago not to recruit because I’m not in the business but because he needed help but he never returned it. Please let me know Thanks again
    luis r lopez

  81. Doug, your tapes were the best. The one about going to the homes of “rich” folks to show the plan, only to find out that they had no furniture, made me laugh till I cried. I saw you and your wife at a function in DC around ‘98. Hope all is well. Enjoying your comments on FoxNews. All the best.

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