Only Ron Paul can save us now

For the last few weeks Republicans have been ranting about the Democrat raid of the U. S. Treasury. They were using the financial crisis like the Reichstag Fire, we were told, as an excuse to consolidate their power, paying off political constituencies and pushing through spending bills that are loaded with extras totally unrelated to any resolution of the crisis. Even moderates have been alarmed.

To be sure, there is still good will toward our new President Barack Obama. Everyone is too pleased with the idea of an African American president to blame him for anything. The tomatoes are usually tossed at Nancy Pelosi and her partisan gang in the House. Surely the president who firmly promised he would end ear marks and examine each spending bill, line by line, has not lied to us already, this early into his term in office?

But now it turns out that the whiney Republican Party’s own leaders are right in the thick of it all. Six of the top ten pork barrel spenders in the U. S. Senate are in the GOP. Here is that inglorious list.

1. Thad Cochran, R-Miss.: $474 million

2. Roger Wicker, R-Miss.: $391 million

3. Mary Landrieu, D-La.: $332 million

4. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa: $292 million

5. David Vitter, R-La.: $249 million

6. Christopher Bond, R-Mo.: $248 million

7. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.: $235 million

8. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii: $225 million

9. Richard Shelby, R-Ala.: $219 million

10. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa: $199 million


Just making the cut, you’ll notice, is Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa who was upset last summer at Pentecostal-Charismatic television preachers, calling for an investigation, because evangelists like Joyce Meyers, who earns $250,000 a year, are too extravagant with donations. At a time when America is on the verge of the Second Great Depression and unemployment is mounting, he bagged almost $200 million in pork barrel goodies for his buddies back home. At least the people who give to Joyce Meyers’ ministry do so voluntarily.

(By the way, maybe we should have the government run the Churches too, that would make a clean sweep of things. Banks, Insurance, Autos and Churches, as well. Hmmm.)

Is there anyone who can save us from this insanity?

There is really only one option left. Ron Paul. It is a long shot, but if the madness goes far enough and the reaction sets in, the Paulistas just might stage a takeover of the Grand Old Party and Ron Paul would offer America a real choice. It’s a long shot. But four more years of this and America may actually be ready.

Note: Here is the link of Doug Wead appearing on FOX NEWS talking about the Stimulus package.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

11 thoughts on “Only Ron Paul can save us now

  1. Good to have you back!

    And yes I believe we’ve reached that point!

    Liberty is the answer and Ron Paul has been telling the story of Liberty longer than anyone I’ve seen in politics.

  2. “There is really only one option left. Ron Paul.”

    You really can’t stop being the product pitchman, can you, Doug?

    Did it ever occur to you that you are pushing a losing product?

    And I’m the only one here with the foresight to see through this sham. I know you know better. You wouldn’t have made the kind of money you used to by being that clueless.

    Think about that. Not everyone in America is as gullible as they seem, even though salesmen often believe to the contrary.

    If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in sales very long.

  3. Mr. Black seems to make sport of trolling folks who advocate for liberty and principle.

    “Scraggly malcontent[] and misfit[]..losers” as he puts it.

    I’d guess he’s looking to get some blog hits off Doug’s popularity, but he doesn’t seem to update his blog anymore. Perhaps he just needs more to do.

  4. Bill: nonsense netspeak descriptions like “troll” don’t apply here because I’ve backed up ALL my suspicions and attacks on Ron Paul and his Paulnuts.

    I’ve exposed Doug’s skilled manipulation of the gullibile and weak of mind, no matter if they follow mythical supernatural beings or certain politicians.

    It would have been too easy to join the chorus of more rabid anti-Obamaniacs on any blog out there, even mine. I knew even before the election was lost for McCain/Palin that I would not aligning with them in any post-election scenario. They would not be the key to any possible victory in 2012. In fact, they would most certainly ensure another Democrat victory.

    Why? Because they are clueless, ignorant, and relatively inarticulate. They are plain Joe and Jane Sixpack from a take-your-pick-red state and I’m sorry, the face of the party needs to be the urbane, more sophisticated Republican of means who looks good, speaks well, and has an outstanding educational pedigree. If this party thinks it will prosper on the backs of the aw-shucks bohunk crowd then this party will be doomed. An urban profile is “in.” The rural one is “out.” It’s not 1900 anymore, people.

    An urban profile doesn’t have to mean minority or third world, either, foks. White conservatives DO hail from urban areas, folks, let me remind you.

    Rudy Guiliani was perfect for this but the bohunks didn’t want him.

    I have to laugh at the Paulnuts throwing around buzzwords like “liberty” and “principles” like the Obamaniacs throw around “hope” and “change.” They are all essentially meaningless.

    Here’s a phrase I often employ:

    “Self-preservation and survival at any cost.”

    I learned it risking my own life living in Israel in the 1970s

    You people want to save your nation that you claim to love so much? Put your words into real action. Put your lives at risk and mutiny against this perceived cruel and tyrannical government.

    Sending teabags to Washington is lame, lame, lame.

  5. I would like to add Mitt Romney to my list of urban styled sophisticates along with Rudy Giuliani.

    What a shame Romney never clicked with the bohunks that had a problem with what church pew he sat in (“My God is better than YOUR God, nyah nyah!”).

    With his vastly superior business acumen, America would be a lot better off. But no, it was also more important for an opposite group of political wackos to assuage lingering white liberal guilt over slavery.

    Is it any wonder I hold so many people in contempt?

  6. David Black,

    I’ve been watching your posts, and I don’t believe you’ve backed up anything. You have, however, managed to employ every fallacy of argumentation repeatedly. I suggest that you review them again so that your arguments are more coherent in the future. Then if you actually do have some valuable insight, it can be taken more seriously.

  7. Ehollering: Too bad you’ve been only WATCHING them, because if you had actually READ them, you’d know that my on-going citations of the subliterate, ill-bred, and under-educated bozos who post to this blog in support of Ron Paul is all the evidence one needs to indict this farce of a cause.

    I know, people like you come to these blogs to seek solace and support for your whacked out beliefs, because you need to be “saved,” whether it’s by good ol’ buddy JC of Nazareth or Ron Paul.

    So along comes someone like me to figuratively relieve myself on your parade and people like you fall to pieces in despair.

    Remember, REAL conservatives don’t need politicians to ensure their happiness or prosperity. They get by based on whomever is elected and above all, know how to survive at most any cost under most any circumstance.

  8. I’m sorry. I think I missed the point you were making because I couldn’t get past all the ad hominem and the straw man regarding my verb choice.

  9. Your verb choice WAS poor, like your preferences in politicians.

    Just face it, you little guy have-nots squirm mightily when the focus is turned back on YOU. You think because you aren’t among the haves that you are immune from scrutiny or criticism. You exist to be exploited because you are just dumb enough to let it happen to you.

    There’s a whole industry out there now, including blogs like this one, catering to your populist whining about getting screwed by some Big Corporate baddies in league with some Big Government baddies. So politicians like Ron Paul exist to say exactly what you want to hear because he and others can profit from it. Don’t you get that?

    You are all a bunch of manipulated fools and you don’t know it.

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