Ron Paul and the conspiracy of history

Not since 1939, when Winston Churchill’s lonely, defiant voice called the Nazi’s for what they really were, has anybody this old, been this right about something so dangerously missed by the rest of the public. 


For the last decade, Ron Paul, a stubborn, ridiculed, white haired, Texas congressman, has been a persistent, irritating, lonely voice on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives, warning the nation about the imminent collapse of the American economy.  And suddenly, like Churchill’s unheeded prophecies of long ago, the disastrous tide of our own prescient Nostradamus of Lake Jackson, Texas is crashing down upon us.  


Of course, comparing Ron Paul to Winston Churchill is comparing apples with oranges or maybe apples with grapes because Ron Paul hasn’t had his chance to do anything about it all but some comparisons of the two narratives are uncanny.  Churchill was warning that, like it or not, the German’s were rearming, another war was coming and England better get ready. 


Ironically, Ron Paul’s pleas have been the exact opposite. Different times and different circumstances have demanded a different kind of courage.  We spend a trillion dollars a year unnecessarily maintaining our overseas world empire, the Texas congressman intones, and it has not only brought us to the verge of bankruptcy, even worse, it is hurting us more than it is helping us, creating new enemies we don’t need.


The message of both men was, at first, treated unfavorably. Mr. Chamberlain had looked Mr. Hitler in the eye, had seen his soul and had returned from Munich with “peace in our time.”  People wanted to believe Chamberlain and they felt comfortable in their majority. 


Likewise, when a Republican president ordered the invasion of Iraq, connecting it to 9-11, and Ron Paul rose on the floor of the House of Representatives to say we should stick to fighting terrorists and not start another, unprovoked overseas war, colleagues laughed at him.  We were assured that the people of Iraq would be cheering in the streets.  After all, Saddam Hussein was a bad man, another Hitler.


The world is full of bad men, Ron Paul pointed out.  Pol Pot had killed three million of his own people but five American presidents had served out their terms without offering to bring him to justice.  African tyrants rose and fell, without Americans dying by the thousands to police the continent. The cost of endless years of arrogant, international interference, Ron Paul pointed out, would someday reach a breaking point.  The budget couldn’t handle it.  His colleagues laughed.  Iraqi oil, they said, would pay for the whole adventure and even turn a profit.  American private companies rushed to line up for their share of the loot.


When a Republican president seized on the perfect political solution, don’t raise taxes, in fact, lower them, just print more money and in the process dilute the coinage, make everyone’s money worth less, only Ron Paul rose on the floor of the House of Representatives to condemn the hypocrisy. And he was hooted down for his trouble, by Democrats and Republicans alike.  The GOP held him in special contempt.   Democrats had raided the treasury for years, they said, now it was the “conservatives” turn.


“But are we truly conservatives if we too raid the treasury?” He argued. For his trouble, Republican leadership blocked him from early televised debates and rigged state conventions to keep his growing numbers from participating. 


Like Churchill, Ron Paul has found himself estranged from many in his own conservative political Party.  Both men have experienced the wilderness.  Both men have been marginalized and ridiculed by the media for their “alarmist” positions.  And both men have persistently spoken the inconvenient truth, even when theirs was a lonely, isolated voice. 


When a new popular president and a new popular administration, in the name of an economic crisis, extended the corrupt cycle of electing and rewarding, opening the spigots of the U. S. Treasury to preferred voter blocks, this time on the left, while punishing others, Ron Paul once more stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and spoke against the tide of a vast majority.


“We need this new stimulus bill,” they argued, “or things will get worse.”


“But if spending got us into this crisis,” Ron Paul answered, “Why do you think spending will get us out of it? 


Or as Winston Churchill once remarked, “However beautiful the strategy, “you should still occasionally look at the results.”


“What has changed?” Ron Paul asked congress.  And what is the difference between Wall Street greed that uses bailout money to pay big bonuses and cabinet nominees who “forget” to pay thousands of dollars in taxes?  Why should executives from General Motors be shamed into parking their corporate jets while a new president, demanding belt tightening, picks up a new Marine One helicopter, costing more than his 747 Air Force One?


Slowly, inexorably, Ron Paul’s message is beginning to take.  Members of his own party and liberal media personalities, some who would have been the least expected, have begun to sense the danger.  Conservatives are coming home, some ashamed, acknowledging that it was they, not Ron Paul, who had drifted away. Some Governors and senators and televisions pundits are now mimicking Ron Paul’s message, even paraphrasing his exact words.  There are Ron Paul look-alikes, such as Governor Mark Sanford.  “He’s just like Ron Paul,” his supporters assure us, “only better.”   Who would have thunk it?  It is now popular to be like Ron Paul.


But there is one last Churchillian comparison that remains unclaimed, one comparison that cannot yet be made.  When the tide of war raced across Europe and the full danger of what Hitler intended for the world was seen for what it was, the people of Britain, even the political leaders who had once condemned and ridiculed him, soon called on Winston Churchill to rise up and lead them.  He had seen something that they had missed and the people were demanding that he, especially, be called upon to help solve it.


And what about us and our times?  Has fate and history conspired to bring us to this brink and leave us without remedy?


Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans are echoing the questions that the islanders of Great Britain were asking in their time of crisis.  If superfluous spending and overseas arrogance has driven us into this financial crisis, if we are on the verge of The Second Great Depression, then shouldn’t we get help from the one man who saw it coming all along?  The one man who risked exile and ridicule to call a spade a spade? 


“Talent,” Goethe said, “Is hitting a target no one else can hit.  But genius is hitting a target no one else can see.”  America needs Ron Paul.  And they need him soon.  Before it’s too late.  


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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

28 thoughts on “Ron Paul and the conspiracy of history

  1. Keep up the good work. Your series on Ron Paul continues to fascinate me. Not only have politicians started to emulate him, but the mainstream media has suddenly been calling for him to appear in great frequency. Let us hope the people listen, and vote for leaders that will inject some fiscal sanity into the budget!

    1. WHAT!?? The mainstream media has been calling for him to appear? What the heck are you talking about?They have done everything but call for him to appear..Watch the news and the Republican debate on security.Thats just an outright lie.

  2. Awesome! Inspiring!

    Exactly what I’ve been sitting around thinking and hoping someone would put to words. Let’s spread this post via Twitter, Digg, Facebook- everywhere. Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians need to unite under Ron Paul’s leadership. Things are getting out of hand. We need talk radio and conservative writers to start getting this.

    Maybe Mark Sanford and others have adopted Ron Paul’s view on government lately, but if it tastes like chicken- give me chicken. I’ll take Ron Paul who had the courage to stand on principle when it wasn’t popular or convenient.

    What’s the over under on how quickly we see the term Losertarian in the comments?

    I say 1 hour.

  3. Interesting how Barney Frank shut out Dr. Paul today. I believe he’s officially moved into the ‘then they fight you’ stage.

  4. I don’t think that comparing Ron Paul to Winston Churchill does either man justice. Churchill’s public image has been wildly distorted by post-war propaganda and idolization; it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider this alternative point of view on the “Real Churchill”:

  5. Doug,

    The sense of your comparison is correct, and I hope that others come to that conclusion about Ron Paul.

    HOWEVER, and unfortunately, the analysis is based on a comparison with the mythical Churchill, the one of conventional wisdom, whose picture has been painted by mainstream historiography these last 60 years (and not in little part based on Churchill’s own account of his life).

    Unfortunately, just as with Abraham Lincoln, the conventional wisdom of Churchill is wrong, made to suit the needs of many interests, but not the truth.

    And comparing this Churchill to Ron Paul is deeply unfair to Ron Paul.

    Chuchill was a warmonger, who had no affection (o put it mildly) for those he professed to protect (Poles at the outset or European Jewry), and it is prob. due to Churchill, that the war in Europe turned into a World War. (Germany did NOT declare war on Britain or France, it was the other way around).

    It was due to agitations by Churchill and others, that England gave its protection pledge to hold Poland inviolable in spring of 1939, after for so long condemning that same country for an anti-semitism at least as deep as Hitler’s. And it was this pledge, that emboldened Poland into a belligerent, overconfident dealing towards its German minority and Germany, that finally led to the war. Poland’s soldiers routinely incited border skirmishes into German territory before September 1939, and the treatment of the German minority by the Warsaw government was of a piece. Neither issue could remain unresolved indefinitely, and Westerplatte was the inevitable result.

    If that pledge had had any real meaning (beyond a provocation of Germany), why then did England not declare war on the Soviet Union, when “it” invaded Poland only a few weeks into September 1939? This was no less a violation of Poland’s sovereignty and territory. While Chamberlain was PM in March and September, Churchill was haunting around and agitating behind the scenes, and after September, did everything in his power to keep the war alive by undermining any chance of settlement before things got out of hand. And a settlement could have been possible, at least for the first few months, when there was no real war in the west.

    Ultimately, Churchill was in it for himself, as he could only rise to his hights, and was only content in his role of the great war leader.

    Ron Paul is a man of peace, not war, and a decent, humble individual, who wants to help his country back to the roots that made us great. He, unlike Chuchill, wants to serve his country, whereas Churchill only helped his ego, no matter the cost (and great it was).
    Comparing Ron Paul to this real Churchill does Dr. Paul a great disservice.

    (without fleshing out the mythical vs. real Lincoln/ Churchill comparison too much here, it is startling. Both detested those they claimed to protect, both used high rhetoric to great effect to hide their true intent, and both served the interest of the moneyed elite, not of their country as a whole. And most important here, both are today painted in the role of the great savior by all who benefit from that distortion of the facts about these men).

  6. My question, Mr. Wead, is where were you two years ago with this analysis when it might have made some difference? And would you care to answer for your association with the Bush crime family and, according to the recent Russ Baker Bush biography, your crass advice for the Bushes to “get religion” if they were to hornswoggle the dumb Christian vote? Rather than telling us all the wonderful details about these President’s kids, tell us about Prescott Bush, first national treasurer for Planned Parenthood and patron for Richard Nixon. Tell us about G H W Bush, long-time CIA and State Department thug and his furtherance of eugenics policies in China and against the American Indians. Why would you have anything good to say about a world leader advocating the NWO? How about GW’s abortion when he got a girl pregnant during one of Poppy’s early campaigns? What is his “plan of the ages” that will be fulfilled, according to his inaugural speech?

    The Bushes are agents of the globalist cartels which are looting the world, laughing about the coming food riots, and wringing their hands with glee anticipating the day the world will come begging for a currency that will buy something. And they will have their one-world economic model ready for us.

    Maybe sudden poverty will get some people’s attention, but it will take nothing less than a national repentance for a significant number of people to listen to the prophetic voice of Dr. Paul. It is laughable to think that the mafioso media will have anything to do with him. All of us who madly called radio stations and wrote editors were completely ignored. Perhaps if enough people with name recognition would pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, and realize that the globalists are giving no quarter as they accelerate this crisis, we could overwhelm the globalist plan.

    We have a number of movements to establish constitutionalist candidacies in all congressional districts. I would like to see a press conference of 1000s of such citizens running for office, accompanied by 100s of other honest-money financial newsletter types, current state legislators leading 10th amendment movements, and well known pundits who would go all in and pledge to work for free in Iowa and New Hampshire for 2 years. Openly state who would be in the cabinet of the administration and compare their policies to the usual Trilateralist / Fiat Money collectivists who’ve been running things. That might make an impression. The Ron Paul campaign should also immediately hold a money bomb to raise $10 million and put it in gold. When its worth $25 million in a couple of years, that in itself would be an indictment of the fiat money system no one could ignore.

    I was at the Iowa Straw Poll last time. What a joke. Thousands of septuagenarians were dragged from their oxygen tents, put on a bus, and literally golf-carted into the voting area and given their hot-dog tickets. Elderly folk who’ve ridden the wave of generational and financial ponzi schemes for decades and wouldn’t know a CDS from a Lipitor tablet are supposedly giving us our informed political mandate for parasitical financial scumbags like Mitt Romney. Another main political group down there is the Iowa Christian Alliance, a christo-zionist Republicrat front group of war cheerleaders who tried to exclude Dr. Paul from a June 2007 get together. Dr. Paul isn’t going to outmaneuver the typical CFR candidates in the old left-right paradigm. There isn’t even any heart to hear the truth yet. Perhaps an overwhelming show of commitment by thousands to restore honest government coupled with an outcry for the truth by millions could get something done.

  7. Well,hatefalseweight, you are right. I am guilty as charged. I came late to Ron Paul because, like a lot of people, I didn’t know anything about him until I saw him in those debates. But I liked what I saw. Even if it was too late last time.

    Got started with the Bushes through the Reagans. Had written a book for Reagan and they had helped start a charity awards dinner with me. (see so ended up dong a book with Bush, Sr.

    Can’t say what part of GWB’s religion is real or calculated, he probably can’t either, but still, he felt obligated enough to those voters that he gave them some judges they liked. So they were better off than having an avowed enemy in the WH.

    As to a book on the subject? I have tried but the publishing industry won’t touch it. So I have been pursuing my love of history instead, it may not be politically useful but it is my job, my work, my living. Surely, you have a job too? I have to pay the bills in between having fun. And these blogs don’t pay a dime. So researching the history of presidential families is my job.

  8. Good to see your response, Doug. I have a job for now, but we said goodbye to 40 of our colleagues this week, with 10 more going out the door Friday. The 401k match was booted as well.

    I would challenge you to be a part of that needed group of patriotic punditry who come in full force against the criminal elites who are running this country and the world into the ground. Just being a part of the cushy media throwing the patriot movement a bone isn’t going to cut it. Even the financial guys / libertarians who’ve been behind Dr. Paul much of the time are going to have to get much more serious.

    Perhaps you’ve not heard of Pastor Lindsay Williams, either. He’s been trying to expose the contrived NWO energy and financial crises for decades. Unless people are willing to see that the world is run by evildoers and are willing to shake off their apathy, we’re headed for serfdom and persecution.

    Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Tv”Final Stage is Set for Global Control”1/6

  9. I think the point is that both Churchill and Paul were precient in seeing the coming train wreck of their time.

    The scary part: the current so-called stimulus package and the current spending bills are still going to be financed by US Treasuries – which according to Bloomberg TV today around $1 Trillion US are owned by the Chinese and Japanese governments (combined). This does not count individual Chinese and Japanese invetors and non-governmental institutions.

    Dr. Paul has pointed this out. with the massive current spending this will only get worse.

    As the ancient proverb says, the borrower is servant to the lender…

    At least the Russians with Putin are basing their economy on a real commodity – not gold but crude oil.

    We need the truth of Ron Paul to shine forth, just as Churchill’s did in the late 1930’s.

  10. The best and wisest solutions are rarely the popular solutions. It takes a lot of courage to stand firm on what’s right when the majority ridicule you.

    Sounds like the Ron Paul is the contemporary Vox Clamantis in Deserto. I supported him to the end…of the 2008 race. And I’d support him again.

  11. Great post Doug.

    Having grown up in Europe I agree Churchill’s legacy may be subject to some debate, but that’s not the big issue here today.

    I’m disappointed that many of the solutions that are being proposed today only mirror the bad supply-side economics and bad corporate culture of the late 20th century. We definitely need a departure from those ideas, in Washington and corporate America alike.

  12. So if Ron Paul is the Jiminy Cricket of the US House of Representatives, where was he when it came time to challenge Barack Obama’s certification as the President-elect before Congress? From what I know, all that was necessary was for ONE member of the House to bring the challenge, and then Obama would have had to produce his vault certificate.

    So where was Ron Paul then? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. “What’s the over under on how quickly we see the term Losertarian in the comments?”

    Finally, raleyb, you are internalizing the definition of your true ideological orientation.

  14. Elephant; you are 100% CORRECT. He said PLAINLY: “I will not be laughed off the senate floor” re. The Obama B.C.

  15. “Another main political group down there is the Iowa Christian Alliance, a christo-zionist Republicrat front group of war cheerleaders who tried to exclude Dr. Paul from a June 2007 get together.”

    And of course, as expected, at the core of every fervent paleo-con or LOSERtarian like “hatefalseweight” is a latent Israeli hater.

    And then there’s feckless self-hating Jews like Murray Teynnensweig who would have gladly cooperated with the nazis and marched into the boxcars when told to instead of fighting.

    Ron Paulnuts is no savior. When will you people learn that the only way to improve your lives is by your own wits entirely?

  16. “davidbenmoshejtf Says:
    February 27, 2009 at 1:37 am
    Ron Paul is a Palestinian FIRSTER.”

    Thank you for that accurate judgment. It’s a pity that the Israeli-haters in the Ron Paulnuts movement won’t acknowledge that truth about themselves.

  17. David Black, I guess it’s safe to assume you live in Isreal or are an “Isreal-firster”.

    You and davidbenmoshejtf are wrong. Ron Paul is not a “Palestinian-firster”; he IS for “America first, second, and third” He isn’t an Isreali citizen and doesn’t owe any kind of allegiance to Isreal. I, for one, am thankful he, by way of strictly following the Constitution, looks out for America’s interests and not those of other nations.

    Thank you Doug for writing a nice article on Ron Paul.

  18. sorry, sefianix, I can’t respect anyone who can’t be bothered to spell ISRAEL correctly.

    The fact is, I’m an American Jew.

    And Ron Paul is a blithering idiot leading a coalition of redneck losers who are too dumb to figure out how to solve their own problems.

    They are as dumb as those people living in those crime infested urban dung heaps who can’t get anywhere without a Democrat politician giving them money for the last 45 years in order to live.

    This country really embarrasses me and even more so since the economic down turn started last fall.

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