Now drafting Ron Paul for president.

Ron Paul really has a chance.  To be president, I mean.  Really.

Because we are now in uncharted waters and things could go terribly wrong.  All that new money we are printing will eventually hit the shore and inflation will result.  And the tens of thousands of workers, soon to be hired by the government to rebuild the infrastructure and paid with even more new paper money, will spend that money on food and other essentials which will drive up prices.  The productive people will see their income and their profits diluted.  And by then, it is entirely possible, that the country will be ready to listen.

And they will not want to hear a debate about whether the next bailout should be $600 billion or $700 billion.  They will be ready to hear again the arguments in favor of or against a free marketplace.  How it should work?  Why foreign wars should be avoided and how they can bankrupt us? 

There is a growing since of unease, a feeling that we have passed some Rubicon.  That we have launched into unchartered territory, led by politicians and economists and journalists who really don’t know what they are doing, and even openly warn us of this fact. 

President Obama seems to be sincere and a nice fellow and we are still glowing over the idea of having elected an African American as president.  The country that was last to end slavery and grant full civil rights has now leapfrogged societies in Europe and Latin American and Asia, with their class systems and layers of social strata.

But it is becoming clear that the “changes” we wanted are not going to be ushered in by Barrack Obama.  If anything, he is feeling the need to reassure the establishment and the institutions of his political base, the unions and other constituencies and the liberal clique on Capitol Hill, that it is not risky to put an African American at the helm.  What we are getting is old liberalism, a 1960’s, Lyndon Johnson liberalism.  Re-cycled programs that we have already tried and have seen fail.  We are seeing the treasury used to pay off political debts to unions and other constituencies.  There is increased spending, centralization of power in Washington, D.C.  New regulations.   The Swedenization of America.  And it is coming at a breathtaking pace. 

The economic crisis is like the Reichstag fire, which allowed the Nazi’s to change everything in the name of a national emergency.  But instead of using the economic crisis to be better managers, we are told we must spend more money, the very thing that got is in this mess in the first place.

The normal checks and balances are not in place.  The media watchdog is fighting for its life, newspapers and magazines folding as people turn to the internet.  Television news has become entertainment.  And sometimes the audience itself dictates the stories and the journalists obediently respond or else.  It is scary.

And while the conventional wisdom is that Barack Obama is the second coming of FDR and the economy will likely bounce back in time for his re-election, (that it would bounce back even if George W. Bush were in office,) the new open-the-floodgates spending round may not solve the problem, even temporarily.  It may aggravate the crisis.  There is no guarantee that this time the economy will automatically rebound at its appointed, politically demanded time.

Over the years, only one national politician has been warning about this coming crisis, clearly and consistently, while others smirked and laughed at him, secure in their knowledge that “the experts” on Wall Street knew what they were doing.  And that politician was Ron Paul.

So if the Republican Party gets back to its basics and abandons its failed effort to outspend and out-war the Democrats then there is only one choice.  Republicans will either choose among their old, tired politicians, another “Democrat lite,” and call him or her a “conservative,” or they will make a fundamental turn to a free marketer, to a constitutionalist, to someone who sees an America less arrogant in world affairs.  And if they make that turn, they will have only one choice.

Can Ron Paul really be elected president?  Yes.  It can happen.


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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

24 thoughts on “Now drafting Ron Paul for president.

  1. Thanks Doug,

    I needed this before laying my head on the pillow tonight. I found myself listening to President Obama tonight realizing he is in over his head and this economic tidal wave is coming no matter what the government does in 2009. I turned to my wife and said I really believe that President Obama will fall apart in front of our eyes. I’m not sure why I felt that, but I did.

    As I prayed with my wife and children tonight I prayed for our President and our country. To me, the only answer is radical change but the kind of radical change Ron Paul would offer. A return to our constitution and our republic.

    I’m becoming convinced that Republicans aside from a select few are moderates at best.

    Let the grassroot efforts begin.

  2. Mr. Wead, you certainly give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Nice fellow? Sincere?

    After examining the type of past and present corrupt company he’s chosen to surround himself with (Zbrinski, Rezko, Rev. Wright), I would hardly describe him as being nice. After seeing who he selected for his cabinet (NY Federal Reserve Chief Geithner, Daschle, Hillary, etc.), I would hardly call him sincere.

    However, I certainly find *you* Doug Wead to be nice and sincere, and of course, triple ditto for Ron Paul.

    I admit I did briefly entertain the thought that Obama might just be the anti-Christ (political figure suddenly rising to power, worshipped by millions), but now I just believe he’s a patsy.

    When the tide turns against him (and oh, it will), he will be thrown to the wolves when he’s no longer of use.

    I think the biggest obstacle for Ron Paul winning *any* election (other than voting machine/election fraud) is the public’s continuing perception that he “has no chance of winning.” How do we get over this obstacle?

  3. Ron Paul may have the right ideas but he does not have the personality to be President. Mike Huckabee shares his conservatism but in addition is a great communicator. The two should team up for the good of the country.

  4. My first impression, when I first looked at Obama’s website back in March of 2008, was, this guy is as phony as a three-dollar bill. It was a combination of double-talk (“We have to protect our borders from illegal immigration – but we should grant illegal residents US citizenship.”) and platitudes. I watched hour-long speeches where it didn’t appear that he had actually said anything. And, when I saw his heroic-pose picture on the cover of Time Magazine, I thought, OK, the fix is in, and if he was any good he wouldn’t be getting that kind of support.

    So, that’s where I’m coming from. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that we would have gotten anyone who was not part of the global organized crime syndicate in the office of President. That only happens occasionally even in Congress, Ron Paul being the most conspicuous example. Having said all that, the election of Barack Obama is a seismic event in a positive sense, since it gives young people of minority racial status in all countries a different experience of what it possible for their future. I see a huge shift in the future in terms of how people of different races all over the world relate to one another, which will generally move in a direction of greater development, although exactly how that will look is unpredictable.

  5. Doug Weed, compare John Stossel vs Ron Paul
    On February 11th, 2009 Treg says:

    John Stossel — 62, knows the issues & knows how to come across on TV
    Ron Paul — 73, also knows the issues & knows how to come across on TV

    The TWO big difference is LIKABILITY and NORMALCY.

    John Stossel has both. Ron Paul has neither. (and yes it pains me to say that cause I love the Good Doctor so)

    Let me talk about NORMALCY. John, unlike most libertarians and even Ron Paul though he tried, has the GREAT ability to seem like the NORMAL one when presenting the freedom argument and making the other look EXTREME.

    Among Republicans Ron Paul is an extremist and among Democrats he is an ultra extremist…..THAT spells death to getting lots and lots of votes.

    John Stossel, both with lots of Likability and Normalcy, will get lots and lots of votes from the Big Grand Middle CENTRIST VOTERS EVERYWHERE — those with little ideological inclination and just vote PERSONALITY.

    Take a few days to ponder…

    In Peace and Liberty,

  6. NO, NO, NO!
    On February 10th, 2009 Treg says:

    Doug Wead, NO….No, as much as I love the good doctor, NO, he should not run, cannot Win, and will not win.

    Look, before you throw stones, notice I been on DP for a very long time. Notice too that I am still very active, (its an addiction really), and also know that I have been a Ron Paul supporter since I met him in 1985 in Florida and again in 1988 when he ran on the LP ticket and so on.

    Yes I even knocked on 279 doors as a Republican (puke) PC! Most of all in 2007 I LISTENED to my many Republican neighbors talk, reason, and tell me why they would NOT vote for Ron Paul or whoever. For most, Ron Paul was not “Tough enough”. I learned if you are going to push Peace, then you better be off the wall TOUGH in persona so you can pull it off. Perhaps Ronald Reagan knew this and in so doing, had the gravitas and balls to suggest to Gorby to destroy all nukes?

    Anyway, I have an email database of over 800 people. Now, 659 of those are NOT Ron Paul people, voters or supporters. But suffer as they do each week since 2007, they get Cartoons, Ron Paul essays, and videos of all kinds…100% Ron Paul propaganda from me….

    Here is what I wish to share with you DOUG WEED.

    I did an email blast to everyone on my 800 plus email list, full of centrists and liberals and conservatives and independents and Ron Paul faithful. I listed lots of names, Tom Selleck, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Jesse Ventura, Peter Schiff, John Stossel, Gary Hart, Ted Danson, Gary Johnson, John McCain, John Kyle, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckleberry, Romney, Newt, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Mathews, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Damon, Cane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a dozen other republican presidential wannabees …etc…and many many others over 45 names in all.

    I asked two questions.

    1) In a two man “head to head” Presidential debate, who could go up against President Obama in 2012 and actually get YOUR vote and Win the Presidency?

    2) Who can best carry the Ron Paul Revolution message into 2012 and Win the Presidency?

    First answer: John Stossel.
    In a two man debate John Stossel would out “I CARE” Barack Obama.

    Second answer. John Stossel.

    Now stop and think about that one.

    Even the Ron Paul faithful, [but only half dozen votes short], picked John Stossel over Ron Paul. I was also personally surprised at how bad Peter Schiff did because I have sent out dozens and dozens of his videos and essays. Tom Selleck did better that Peter Schiff and I never send out anything by him. Amazing. Seleck did better perhaps because its unclear where he is at on most issues. Is most famous run in being how he handled a liberal female talk show host and a commercial that promotes the importance of men as fathers.

    Now I do not know if John Stossel would even consider running; why should he? He’s got a nice life, why mess it up?

    But one thing is clear to me, he is WELL LIKED and RESPECTED by both liberals and conservatives and of course the Ron Paul Faithful.

    The second thing is clear to me, HE KNOWS TV. He knows the tricks of that world, he knows “Sound Bites”, and he knows “how to come across” to be seen as the “sensible” one rather than the one with “extreme views” that are “out there”.

    Perhaps the most important thing about John Stossel, is he does not have to sell himself. He is not and I repeat, NOT A NEW PRODUCT to be introduced to the public and sold to the public. He is a known personality, a trusted personality that has been inside of everyone’s homes on 20/20 for over 20 years. He is believable, trustworthy, LOOKS THE PART, and when this country is in the depth of pain in 2012, this country will want SOMEONE who is NOT a professional Politician who has a long record of “asking the tough questions” and arguing for the “common sense” policies that could make us Freer, Safer, Richer, and even Happier.

    For all the reasons above, I would strongly suggest we get a DRAFT John Stossel 2012 web site up. I would strongly suggest we get it funded. How hard can that be? He is KNOWN among us, I trust him with my $100 bucks, wouldn’t you? It would be especially trust worthy if the rules of how the money was to be handled and used and given on a PDF we all could read and see and then the fund itself managed by a reputable CPA firm as trustee of the fund. $100 could get us a vote come decision time. Rules of the fund could be written for all to see, transparency everywhere.

    Think about it. We could have John Stossel be the highest funded Republican Candidate NOT EVEN WILLING TO RUN in 2011.

    Talk about MEDIA ATTENTION!!!!!!!!

    Other Republicans would DIE to have the TV exposure that John Stossel has had. Republicans such as Huckabee is doing his best with his Fox TV show. McRomney is still out there and so is Palin and so is Vjay and Cist and dozen other wannabees… but should we, the R3VOLution get behind John Stossel for 2012 NOW… fund it NOW, that would scare the living hell out of most other Republican Wannabees.

    Ok, you ask, “WELL, what if John Stossel says NO?

    Answer: STILL WE DO IT!!!!!

    Here is why we still do it. We create the John Stossel 2012 campaign. As the months and years roll by and John Stossel says no, TV exposure would be priceless for our R3VOLUtionary cause. “John Stossel, the RP R3volution people have held 5 money bombs and are now up to $5 million, do you still say no? And what if they get up $20 million, as some has suggested is their goal, would you run then?”

    Lets say John Stossel says No, No, No all the way up to 2011. What then?

    What then is we have BUILT and FUNDED our R3VOLutionary Presidential Campaign for 2012….


    The MEDIA will than ask us in the Revolution, “Who is your next choice, Ron Paul again? or someone else? Who could it be? Who should it be? Who wants it?”

    The MEDIA will be helping us vet our own RP Revolutionary for us. Our job is to fund the RP R3VOLution GRASSROOTS movement. We must keep it funded and healthy and strong and a ready to be a huge force in 2011. The more we grow ourselves, the more the outside world will take us all seriously. As the economic collapse happens, John Stossel is a trusted political name from which we could build our movement.

    In Peace & Liberty,


    PS. My own parents, two 69 year old retired school teachers, would vote John Stossel. (I AM SIMPLY AMAZED) Now you need to know they are true-blue teacher union loving liberal democrats to the core and frantic ObamaBots… yet listen to how their mind works (crazy I know but hey, they are typical voters)::

    “Honey in a televised debate where John Stossel really has a chance to win against Obama, then yes I would be very hard pressed to vote again for Obama, especially if the economy is worse. I would have to see how the economy looks in 2012 and if Obama brought our troops home and created jobs like he’s promised. You might be right about the economy but I have “hope”. Your dad and I think the economy will be fine come 2012, just like after Bill Clinton, so we will vote again for Obama. But if not, I could see myself voting for John Stossel, he’s not so bad a Republican, but I am sorry, never for your Ron Paul. I know you love him but we could never see ourselves voting for the extreme views of Ron Paul. Beside he was much too old to run this time around and so I would just give Obama another chance. Love Mom”

  7. Doug…look at how I am suggesting we $$$$$ Fund the R3VOLution again and position ourselves in a very VERY powerful way come 2011.

    Read it again. Please.

    Come 2011, we are up against the GOP’s wanabees and Media.

    This is one very good way, I think and hopefully others do too, that we can raise the BIG MONEY early on and CUT the GOP wanabee’s chances at their knees and keep the MEDIA begging John Stossel,

    “Well they have $9,000,000 now, do you still say no John?”

    and the Media’s follow up,

    “If John Stossel does not Run, sources say the R3VOLution will choose another candidate. Will it be Ron Paul again, or will it be his son, Rand Paul? Also this just in, Jesse Ventura has been speaking to a lot of Ron Paul Republicans and they are taking a liking to the former Governor. Perhaps the R3VOLution will be backing Jesse, but many say they are waiting to hear from Ron Paul himself. More on this developing story as the R3VOLution now has more money than the GOP for Presidential Race 2012 — back to you Chris”

    Chris well Obama still has huge democratic support going into 2012, the question is, who has the chops to out speak “The One”. He has been like Teflon even though by his own metric, the nation lost 4 million jobs and he did not get out of Iraq and his “stimulus” package landed on the economy like a rock. What do you say Keith O?”

    “Well Chris Mathews, most Americans can see that Obama has been held up by the Republicans who spent under Bush but suddenly got religion under Obama. This grassroots R3VOLution as they call it is not about love, its about taking away government from helping people. If the GOP does get behind John Stossel the American public may just buy that line of bull because things in the economy are desperate and Stossel is certainly for change, but is it the right change for America? – Chris.”

    Ok, I was just dreaming…In Peace & Liberty, Treg

    In Peace & Liberty,

  8. “Here is what I wish to share with you DOUG WEED.”

    Proof positive that when it comes to “weed,” no doubt you are an expert, since your posts sound as if you were stoned out of your gourd when you wrote them.

    Yea right, America is going to elect some idiot clown journo with zero political experience.

    You certainly put the LOSER in LOSERtarian, tregl.

    I am a Republican and I would only back someone that has a chance of winning, not some freak fringer embraced by the radical elements of the party.

    Davide7: Mike Huckabee? if I hear of another Republican pol with a southern accent I’m going to puke. The GOP needs fewer hillbillies among its ranks and more who don’t appeal to the NASCAR lovin’, pick up truck drivin’, cheap beer swillin’ demographic.

  9. “…., to someone who sees an America less arrogant in world affairs.”

    Well, Doug, I see that George Bush Sr.’s wimpy view foreign policy still infects your thinking.

    Arrogant? You call protecting American interests and the interests of its chief allies at any cost arrogance?

    I call it self-preservation. America does not gain from buddying up to countries that cower before the evil scourge that is islam.

    Self-preservation and survival are among the only aspects of living that are truly important.

  10. The question is not whether Ron Paul should run again, because that is merely a political question. The better question would be, who will stand up and say something that makes sense in 2012, as Congressman Paul did in 2008. It could be Ron Paul himself, or someone else, or several others, or Ron Paul plus other(s), but what is important is the awareness of the electorate. When the electorate is informed and aware then we shall have a chance at surviving and moving forward, because they will make better choices at every level of government. If we have a good Congress, then Fox News and Time Magazine can put Julius Caesar in the President’s office, and the nation can still be turned around.

    Right now Ron Paul is the standard bearer for the freedom movement and the driving force behind it. We should be putting all of our energy into spreading the understanding of the principles of a free society, by every legitimate means and everywhere possible, especially in the 2010 Congressional elections, and then 2012 (if we still have a nation) will see who shows up as the next point man.

  11. Tell us, Cliff, how are you not “free”?

    I assume that we live in the same country. Yet, i am free to do pretty much what I want and need to do within the laws of the land.

    Is there perhaps something you need to do that supercedes normal bounds?

    Perhaps you should think more about utilizing the freedoms you have instead of worrying about what you may not have.

    It seems to boil down to me me me selfish thinking and not being satisfied with all that’s available. I say best because anything we have in America is still better than what’s available in other country.

    Perhaps people like you Cliff should live in another country for a few years to gain appreciation for what you have here.

    It was never my understanding that this nation is supposed to provide you with what you exactly want.

    You and your LOSERtarian friends sound a little to self-entitled and spoiled, not knowing how to be resourceful with what you have.

    Didn’t anyone ever teach you that you can’t always get what you want?

  12. Cliff is a stone cold liar as evidenced by what’s written on his blog, excerpted below. He seems to have co-opted the anti-Israeli pro-Pally line of bullcrap.

    By the way, Cliff the illiterate dolt needs to learn the difference between IT’S and ITS. This can only be yet another coalition of knuckle dragging LOSERtarian or paleo-con rednecks who seem to find their way to Doug Wead’s blog.

    “Zionism is a racist movement that concentrates the interest of it’s (sic) people for (and sometimes against) colonialist expansion. They exclude and ignore the existence of the Palestinian people and its culture. It is not sufficient for Zionism to have Palestine. They also want to possess all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. This movement could not and cannot ever achieve democracy with Zionism at it’s (sic) heart.”

    Hey, Cliff, you Nazi, just check which party runs Israel right now.

  13. Upon further inspection, it seems that Cliff’ blog is supplying the POVs of the various factions involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict. What side he’s taking, I have yet to see. I’ll suss that out later.

  14. Thank you Mr. Black for pointing out the spelling error on the website. By the way, it is neither a blog, nor is it mine, but it is a project that I am involved in and highly value. And your “inspection” is truly astonishing, since you passed by all of the meat of the project and went right to the extreme case of the Arab position, which is supplied, along with the extreme case of the Jewish/Israeli position. By the way, one way to “suss out” what someone thinks is to ask. You may want to try that sometime. In the meantime, here are the first two sentences of the site’s homepage:

    “It is our opinion, and spoken by many leaders in Israel and Palestine, that the source of this 120 year-old conflict lies in the conflicting narratives developed over time, and that inform the actions taken by both sides. These leaders have also expressed that there is a need for a common historical narrative.

    The created common historical narrative, when accepted by the mainstream populations of Israel and Palestine, will transform the very source of the conflict. The Israel Palestine Project is committed to this transformation and the possibility that will be present for an equitable and enduring peace in the Holy Land.”

    And here is one sentence from the representation of the case for the Jewish side:
    “The Holy Land was always the land of the Jewish people. We were forcibly expelled by Roman occupying forces 2000 years ago to the Diaspora. Jewish “immigration” is simply the exercise of the right of the Jews to return to their homeland.”

    And on the basis of this you call me a Nazi? And all of the other infantile name-calling? You seem to rely on such name-calling (repeating the meaningless term “LOSERtarian” with every third sentence as if this were enormously clever.) as a substitute for real thinking and observing. You apparently dug deep into the site to find what you were looking for, including spelling mistakes, and ignored what was most obvious, but wasn’t grist for your mill.

    I invite anyone interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to check out It is one possible contribution to a transformation of the conflict, and to a lasting and satisfying solution to the misery experienced by all concerned, in that region and in the rest of the world.

    And if Mr. Black finds any more spelling/grammatical errors he is free to send them my way, and we shall all be deeply grateful. 🙂

  15. As to the first comment, actually, I do live in another country, but that is not so important. The question of freedom rarely shows up as an on/off switch; there is almost always 1) a question of degree, and 2) a question of trade-offs. I know many people who lived in East Germany before the wall came down who said that life “wasn’t so bad”. You could go to work (chosen by the state, but what the heck, you were free from worry of being unemployed) you could spit in your garden (as long as the Geheimdienst wasn’t watching). You could buy whatever you wanted to in the grocery store (from what limited selection there was).

    Today in Germany you have to spend 2 years and a few thousand euros to get a fishing license. If you fish without a license you go to jail. If you want the freedom to just put a hook on a piece of string, put it in the water and catch whatever you catch, you have to go to Eastern Europe. Ah, irony. Here in my town I am NOT free to cut my grass on Sunday, but I AM free from having my Sunday peace disturbed by lawnmowers. I am relatively free from worry about crime, not free to walk around without id. Degrees and trade-offs will always orbit around the question of freedom.

    There are certain things I am free from here overseas that I would not be free from in the US – a government that claims the right to read any email that I send or receive and to listen to any phone call that I am a party to, for example.

    You might want to compare the way Americans talk about freedom now vs. the way that people talked about freedom in the 1950’s. If you were to even ask whether one should be free to chose whether or not to wear a seat-belt people would look at you as if you had two heads. Today they would look at you the same way, but for the opposite reason.

    I could go on in this vein for a long time, but I think you get the idea. The dollar is worth today about 3 cents to what it was in 1914. And when Mr. Black wakes up one morning to find out that the money in his pocket is worth just half of what it was when he went to bed the night before, he may realize, too late, what we were talking about on this blog.

  16. Cliff: the “meat,” as you refer to it, is basically a cowardly and egalitarian proposal to correct centuries old accounts of muslim terrorism toward Jews. Just let us continue our war because muslims will never leave us alone until we are all dead. We must defend ourselves at all cost. You people just don’t get it.

    I find it sad and funny at the same time when non-Jews think they know what’s best for Jews.

    As for your views on freedom, you nitpick over the most inconsequential circumstances like fishing licenses and mowing grass on Sundays. Your mind is grounded in any bottom line reality, Herr Cliff. You debate degrees of trade-offs, etc. I weigh matters on the basis of “how can this help to ensure my survival and the survival of my own flesh and blood in this godforsaken world one more day?”

    Really, you’ve had it too easy. You should have been a Jew living in a ghetto in the 1940s and then you’d know how good you have it now.

    Your mind exists on a fantasy level, Herr Cliff.

  17. “And on the basis of this you call me a Nazi? And all of the other infantile name-calling? You seem to rely on such name-calling (repeating the meaningless term “LOSERtarian” with every third sentence as if this were enormously clever.) as a substitute for real thinking and observing. ”

    If for a second you blame Israelis for anything that’s happened to them negatively since 1948 then yes, you are no different from a nazi to this observer.

    And yes, Herr Cliff, I observe plentifully and I opine plentifully as well. Excuse me if I don’t buy into your idealistic pie-in-the-sky bullcrap about a situation you can’t possibly understand.

    That’s right, I learned long ago to reserve respect for only those I agree with. The moment you attempt to humanize those bloodthirsty savages that target Jews for death is the moment you also become MY enemy. My list is long and will keep getting longer until my last dying breath. I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about it, quite frankly.

  18. “If for a second you blame…etc.” ? – I rest my case.

    Mr. Black is apparently someone who dives deep into the superficial, and is so infatuated with the sound of his own caterwauling that normal conversation is impossible. That’s quite fine as long as he keeps it on his own rather tinny little website, but if I were Doug Wead I would delete Mr. Black’s comments and my replies, and ban Mr. Black from my blog. This kind of meaningless personal attack degrades the level of the whole conversation.

  19. Herr Cliff: “Normal” conversation is IMPOSSIBLE with people who attempt to assign blame to Israelis for the endless stream of terror and persecution caused by the very islamo-fascist dogs you are attempting to humanize with your pathetic egalitarian cause.

    You and your whole website about so-called “peace” in the Middle East is a farce. “Peace” to people like you means Israelis should cave to pressure from the world community to stop defending itself from attacks from pally dogs.

    Palestinian Arabs living in Israel must comport to Israeli law or get the hell out.

    Capitulation and appeasement for Israelis can only mean continued death and destruction of more Israelis.

    Get that through your thick head, Herr Cliff.

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