Ron Paul and Iowa in 2011

Note to reader:  This is a nice little series with about five thousand followers.  But you have to read them in order to know what we are talking about.  If you are following these posts dig right in.  If not, the chain is listed at the bottom of this post.  Take them on, one by one and then come back to read this one.

The general thesis is that Ron Paul can best change the Republican Party by running for president again, that more people respond to a big vision than to a call to get involved at the precinct level, and that there is a way, however unlikely, that Ron Paul can put his activist army to work and set in motion events that could lead to his nomination.

Here we go….

Ron Paul and Iowa 2011:

If Ron Paul wins the Iowa Straw Poll (ISP) in 2011, and that is a big “IF” which we will address later, he will be in a favorable position to win the Iowa Caucus the following January.  Because, Ron Paul, unlike Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich and others, will be awakening a movement. 

The others will be debating how much the government’s latest bailout should be.  Or whether there should be six more or three more.  They can’t very well say there shouldn’t have been any since they are already on record.  Only Ron Paul can be saying that the nationalization of the insurance industry or the banks or the car industry and all the others that will follow represented an abandonment of the free market system and the Swedenization of America at a time when even Sweden has backed away from socialism as a failed model.

People say, well Ron Paul was an aberration.  He only “took” with an activist’s segment because of the unpopularity of the Iraq War.  But by 2012 the American economy could very well be in chaos over the decisions we are making now.

Take for example the supply of money.  Trillions of new dollars are being printed.  Eventually, as this continues, our own dollars will be watered down and diluted.  It is like a wave out there that is on its way and will someday soon hit the shore.  It has already been set in motion and it will come.  Every time they print more money it is like a tax on the money in your pocket because they are diminishing from its value.  So George W. Bush, the great conservative, who refused to raise taxes, spent so much money that we didn’t have that he was forced to just print more.  Ironically, we all got taxed by default, by losing the value of the money we had.

President Elect Obama has already said that we should use the new money we are printing to hire the unemployed to rebuild our roads and infrastructure.  Sounds like a good idea.  Anyone who had traveled around the world has seen how American highways and bridges and airports and train routes have deteriorated compared to other countries and regions, especially Western Europe, where the strain of distances is not so great.  But the newly printed money that we put in the pockets of these workers will compete for food and fuel, driving up prices and diluting the power of the money being earned by workers in the free marketplace.  Those American workers who are productive and doing business based on natural supply and demand and who are hiring out of need, not out of charity, will see their capital diminished setting in motion a further need for the government to nationalize and hire and tax or print more money to further prop up its artificially created market.

The American middle class, bearing the brunt of all of this, could very well be in an uproar in 2012, ready to listen to someone who saw this coming for decades and warned against it.

And all the other candidates will be arguing over the details of the involvement in our latest war and who supports the troops the most and what strategies should have been employed.  And what we should do now.  Only Ron Paul will have warned against foreign intervention in the first place.

Romney won the 2008 ISP but lost in the Caucus because he failed to secure any understanding with Evangelical leaders.  Like Steve Forbes in 2000, he gobbled up every Movement Conservative for sale in Washington D.C., hiring them or giving them titles and bringing them onboard.  But like Forbes, they dominated the conservative talk radio and television for their candidate but had little or no impact in Iowa.  It is because almost all of these leaders are Catholic and while they have some impact in New Hampshire, and a lot as conservative opinion makers, they have little impact on the Southern Baptist South or the Pentecostal – Charismatic states like Iowa.

The key Iowa evangelical activists and political operatives that Romney brought onboard could deliver very little.  As a Mormon he should have understood that Iowa Evangelical activists and leaders are linked to their national leaders of influence.  If James Dobson would have given his “okay,” for example, it would have been far more powerful than to have some local, Iowa, Family Research Council director weigh in.   And even Dobson wouldn’t have been as important as a Pentecostal or Charismatic leader who could have awakened the locals.

Romney had the talented Mark DeMoss carrying his water as an Evangelical on the national scene but while that might have eventually helped him in some southern states it had little influence with the Pentecostal-Charismatic circles in Iowa.   It may have even hurt.  DeMoss was seen by the leadership as Jerry Falwell’s sidekick, during the Baptist “raid” of PTL.

Ironically, Governor Mike Huckabee, a Baptist, understood this and courted the Pentecostal television preacher Kenneth Copeland, flying to Texas and appearing on his show.  Long before it aired, the news was out in Iowa.

Ron Paul will have the right socio-cultural plan in place because he has friends now who support him and can help him craft it.  And Ron Paul will be right on the issues because his views are immovable, based on principle.  His ship is guided by the stars and so it knows where it is on any issue and any time.

The formula that allows him to win the ISP, which we will visit in an upcoming post, will allow him to win the Caucus too.  Because if he wins the ISP, he will awaken the giant.  A new movement will be born.  A new purpose for the Republican Party will emerge and the political lines will be totally rescrambled.  And the same formula that wins the ISP, will work for the caucus as well.

So what’s the next discussion, New Hampshire?  No. There are two other things we have to talk about first.  The debates, which were the key to his emergence last time and the fundraising power of the ISP win.

The debates will take another post but we can talk about the fundraising right now. Immediately after a win in the ISP, Ron Paul must embark on a national victory fundraising tour.  Remember, the value of winning ISP is the time you have before the next big contest.  He must use that time to raise money.  He must have his picture taken at $1,000 a pop with every supporter in the nation.  He must autograph 20,000 copies of his TIME magazine cover story.  He will need all the money he can get to pour into Iowa for a caucus win the next January.  This will raise the ante ever further.  He must max the limits of advertising in Iowa and neighboring states with TV buys that have big cross boarder viewing audiences and have in place a national fundraising system to milk an Iowa Caucus win for that one precious week of fundraising before New Hampshire.

But again, all of this depends on an Iowa Straw Poll win in the summer of 2011 and that is highly unlikely but possible because it is a small universe where he meets the money threshold and where his activist advantage kicks in.  More in the next post on how he can actually pull that off and thus trigger the explosion of a national movement.

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

52 thoughts on “Ron Paul and Iowa in 2011

  1. Doug Wead: Your analysis of the primary in Iowa makes it sound like the voters were sheep waiting to be told whom to vote for by an authority. I think it is truer to say that Mike Huckabee had a series of excellent ideas and was an authentic communicator of them, whereas Romney had essentially no ideas, only cliches, and was a very poor communicator.

  2. Doug Wead: Thank for your service and continued service to the country. Though, will the two party system still continue to sustain the confidence of the American people? Is RP the one to facilitate the Republican approach to this paradigm is a good question and only future political and economic trends will give us a further understanding whether or not your suggestion will become an eventuality.
    Thank you for your continued thoughtful and intelligent insights. Keep up the great work.

  3. davide7

    I agree with your analysis of Huckabee and Romney but I don’t think Doug was trying to say the voters in Iowa are sheep. I think that pulling the right relationship strings added to Huckabee’s ideas and communication skills.

    Swedenization of America. Great tag line. I love it. Well I hate it but I love the line. I’ve been to Sweden on a Christian mission trip. We taught golf camps, shared the gospel and spent the rest of our time saying: What do you do when? How does it work? What happens if? What do employers do? Who pays the?

    Great overview of the economy as well. I feel like 5% of the country realizes what’s happening before our eyes. Maybe by 2012 30% will realize it. The good thing is Ron Paul can be read or seen on the record for the last 30 years preaching about the coming of this day. No one can take that away from him and no one else has been saying it.

    I think he can win and hope he does win. Everyone else is too establishment, even my man Mike Huckabee.

    I’m not sure that TV commercials or Time magazine will play much of or as much of a factor in 2012. Twitter or Facebook or Ning or blogs or Hulu or Ustream or Youtube may have overtaken TV, major papers and magazines by that point. Which in my mind makes Ron Paul even stronger because he has embraced these mediums far more than mainstream conservatives. Obama dominated these mediums in 2008. I still agree that whatever mediums are the norm, Ron Paul needs his face on those covers.

    Keep up the posts. I would love to read a post about how grassroots efforts could be started to energize the base early and often. .

  4. If Ron Paul wants to run in 2012, I will get behind him 100%. We can start now by enlisting the aid of the Radio talk show hosts and news agencies, across the nation, and around the world, to get behind him and start promoting the idea and his ideals now. Overseas, there are very active Ron Paul supporters in countries like England, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece, etc. Guys like Neil Cavuto on Fox business news, and others, I believe, would get behind him this go round because they have been so actively supporting his sound financial principles and other ideals, and have given him a voice above all the other presidential candidates. Not ONCE have I seen Barak Obama, or any other candidate for that matter, on any of these shows talking about their economic policies. Ron Paul has been made the yardstick from which all these shows are basing their critiques of any policy that goes down in Washington.

    We need a really active campaign drive in the universities and colleges and schools across the nation, to get the youth of America enlisted in his C4L and really charged up about his run. Get them dedicated to his cause of Restoring the Republic and our Constitution. The youth is his conduit to the internet and his popularity on it.

    We also need to enlist the aid of the Veterans of all our past and current wars to get on line to all their military buddies and start spreading Ron’s message of liberty and a non-interventionist foreign policy to every man and woman in the military.

    The older veterans need to go into all the retirement communities across the nation and start educating the elder generations of American citizens about Ron Paul’s economic plans for America. Many of the older generation went through the 1st depression, and remember all too well what drove the depression into a decade long battle of hardship and suffering. They’re prime for his message and run.

    We need to actively start fund raising for Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty, as this can be the base from which all the information is delivered, and the financial support for all the individual groups that do go out to spread the C4L message to educate America about Ron Paul. Let the Campaign For Liberty be the base for Ron’s new campaign for the Presidency 2012.

    Ron Paul for President 2012!

  5. Here’s a tip for you weaklings and sycophantic followers who need messianic figures to ensure your prosperity …

    Drop dead! You are too stupid to live.

    Take “in america since 1700,” the latest knuckledragger to post his subintelligent pipedreams about an America that can never exist.

    I would never vote for a schwartze like Obama, but to his credit, he did actually propose a tax cut for 95% of all Americans. In fact he repeated it several times. It’s as much of a plan that most Americans can handle.

    Whether or not he will make good on his pledge, i don’t know and don’t care. Smart people already know how to avoid paying little or no taxes.

    That’s right, and then there’s people like you who can barely decide between plastic and paper and your local Winn Dixie or Piggly Wiggly.

    You see, most Americans are unaware, unintelligent, and comfortable in their middle class hells. It’s for that reason that you need a Jesus Christ or a Ron Paul or a Barry O or a John McCain to provide you with relief, instead of declaring that you don’t need ANYONE or ANYTHING to lead you or bring you “happiness.”

    If they all dropped over dead tomorrow and the country collpases I wouldn’t care either.

    Why? Because I’m one tough Jew who can survive anything that life dishes out.

    Why? because Jews are tougher as a race than the rest of you. Just look at who is kicking Arab scumbag butt right now in Gaza.

    So suck on that, supplicants. Go pray to your Jesus, or drink your cocktail, or smoke your bong, or snort that powder, or work for Ron Paul … while being so blissfully unaware that it’s weaklings like YOU who bring down this country.

    Honestly, if i ran this country, people would have to pass a battery of intelligence assessments to be able to legally reproduce.

    That would be the only way short of mandatory sterilization to weed out the knuckledraggers who are the parasites and who produce nothing.

  6. Freud was right about so many people going through life looking for daddy figures, whether they be Ron Paul, or Jesus H. Christ, or Barry O,. or any other political or religious huckster.

  7. Dear 7-digit Losertarian (formerly known as DB),

    (I guess Hanukkuh is over.)

    Interesting enough…Freud proposes several ideas…one of which is the ‘Freudian slip’…none, however, include searching for father-figures. So my question to you is this:

    Are you sure you’re not describing yourself, Mr. Pining-for-Machiavelli?

    In the meantime, We should pray for the fate of the Great Bernard Madoff…whose only crime was to prove to us All…no one is safe from a con. Or as they say in the hood:

    It takes a Jew to screw the Jews.

  8. Wow, that substandard public school education of yours just becomes more evident with every post, doesn’t it?

    When do you get to the point where you realize that your life at age 32 is nothing but a failure?

    You have no wealth, no wife, no children, or anything remotely resembling a proper and decent life. You have nothing to show for your life. All you have is your pathetic middle class existence up there in Stamford CT, looking at what other people have and wondering why you don’t have the same thing.

  9. Let me tell you about a real father and not just a “father figure.”

    It’s men with the guts and the means to get the hell out of Europe before the Nazis carted the rest of their family off to death camps. Since they were the youngest with the most to gain from escaping nazi terror, they were sent to America with everyone’s blessing.

    They quickly find work in the NYC garment trade during the WW2 uniform manufacturing boom. Following the war, a patron staked them the seed money to start their own garment factory. Why? Because they were brilliant and hardworking and worth the investment.

    I emphasize BRILLIANT and HARDWORKING, like most Jews who emigrated to America since the 18th century.

    My father and my uncles sold their garment factories to Jones Apparel Group in 1986 for over $50 million. (The factory where I was taught the meaning of work and prosperity ethic now cranks out Tommy Hilfiger crap for gangbangers and suburban white kids trying to look black.)

    Overall, a rather fine showing for 3 nice Jewish boys from Austria.

    With people like them to have looked up to and to have learned from, everyone else just pales in comparison.

    A seven figure loss playing the investment game isn’t going to ruin our lives. We are too brilliant and hardworking to let setbacks like that affect us in the long run.

    Jews ALWAYS know how to survive. We are the toughest sons of bitches on earth, bar none.

    You see, that IS the difference between people like me and insignificant worms like you, cbsure, mtabor1, donnaloo, davide7, raleyb, et al, who will never GET IT.

    People like me do not need mythical supernatural beings or political and religious hacks to ensure our happiness or prosperity.

    We have ourselves for that purpose.

    Now, why can’t you pathetic wretches do the same thing for yourselves? Why are complete strangers placed in charge of ensuring your happiness or prosperity?

    Why do you look to complete strangers for this

  10. kineticreaction: Your posts scream FEAR! Why do you fear me? Is it “silence the blasphemer!”? He speaks HERESY against our blessed St. Ron of Paul! (chuckle, chuckle!)

    I have many virtues, it’s just that I have none in common with middle class flat earthers with IQs on the lower left side slope of the bell curve.

    But then, perhaps, I am Beezlebub incarnate? Hmmm

  11. Dear 7DL (formerly known as DB),


    A moment of silence for the Challenger crew.

    & Kudos to the Mets for winning the ‘World’ Series! Oh what a game!

    & Thanks for reminding us about the achievement of your father & uncles. Still…it would be nice to hear a new one once in a while…you know…so we don’t get the feeling you’re living under the shadow of your elders. Of course…you would be a prisoner of your own creation if you didn’t open your eyes to the ‘heroes’ surrounding us. (3) Jews selling a garment factory for $50 million (1986)…just doesn’t sparkle the same way as…Steven Spielberg’s ‘Back to the Future’ $381 million gross(1985)…or the Met’s in 1986…or Michael Phelp’s (8) gold medals…or Ron Paul’s political courage at the age of 73!

    But don’t worry…between me & you…I understand your pain. If I was beaten up at a tender age…& the best lessons of my life were learned in a factory…& my only heroes were my lame father & uncles…& if I chronically reminded myself of my lineage of historic torture & torment & enslavement…

    I would probably be sitting right where you are…hiding under the accomplishments of someone else…wasting my time away on someone else’s blog…complaining why others don’t understand me…growing up cantankerous…unrelenting…with a dash of black humor…TOO.

    Yup…We Losertarians gotz to stick together!

    Don’t worry 7DL…you’ll always have a friend in me!

    Happy New Year to you & your family!

    & May the ‘Schwartz’ be with us (ALL)…that’s my (1987) ‘Spaceballs’ reference…oh the memories…



  12. Again you can’t read.

    First your false quote that I “appreciate” Ayn Rand. Next, you can’t even get the sales figure correct.

    At least I’m not 32 years old with nothing to show for my life like you. So tell us about your wife and kids. Tell us about the great things your family has done in this world.

    Tell us what you do besides complain about people having more than than you.

    I have no sympathy for society’s bottom feeders like you, so I continue to express my contempt for you and the rest of them. I despise your weakness.

    You come to this board looking for relief from your failure. Wead is your Pied Piper. He’s not a failure, but a born huckster who uses human capital to promote himself, his wares, and his current agenda to support Ron Paul. I’ve seen him on TV enough times to know this. Mindless suckers like you lap it up bcause that’s why people like you exist … to be taken advantage of..

    I know Doug truly likes people. I honestly do not. I am misanthropic and freely admit it. I love my own flesh and blood and that’s it.

    As for Steven Schmuckberg and his crappy popcorn films, he can stuff them somewhere, too.

  13. DB…my suggestion to you for 2009 is ANGER MANAGEMENT. Wow are you filled with hate, and a desperate need of attention!

    It’s one thing to be accomplished, but it’s another to judge and condemn the accomplishments of others, no matter how lame they may seem to you.

    Making gobs of money is not the yardstick by which honor, integrity, work ethic, valor or professionalism has ever been measured. Just ask the founders of this nation, the very nation and society you have benifited from. Or did you sew all those clothes you sold yourself? From your description of your family’s rise here in AMERICA, it would seem you did what a mountain of people did for you, single handedly.

    You’re a corporate neocon. You’re an abuser and user. Your Gods are money and hatred. Both of which come from a base of absolute fear. Sounds a little Hittleresque to me.

    And its your fear of who we are and the nature of what we do that instigates your vile behavior on this site.

    If you’re sucha special Jew (your assumption), why are you here trying to tell us knuckledraggers where to go, if not for the attention and satisfaction it gives you to be the same kind of self centered Nazi your family ran from in Europe.

    Go find someone else to abuse…we’re not playing.

  14. DB…By the way, did you not use “human capital” to get where you are today? O course you did. Oh…so you’re a hypocrite too. No big surprise. All men like you are. You do it all by yourself…and you’re an habitual liar. A lot to be proud of.

  15. DB…Ron Paul is a man of honor who speaks a truth that resonates. He’s no more a messiah than any of the founders of America were. The country you’ve sucked the tit of for many decades now, it seems.

    He’s a man with a great and clear vision, all compelled by a nature that passionately cares for the success of his country. Just like the great passion by which you only care for yourself, Ron Paul too shares a great passion, but for this nation. You wouldn’t be here if not for men like him…and your family running from Hitler, would have had no where to go if not for guys like him and people like us who continue the fight to keep America free so guys like you can abuse it.

    For that alone you should be able to find a common ground for respect of this man and and his passion.

    The way you talk it seems Scrooge and/or Hitler must have been your role models growing up. You need therapy.

  16. DB…also, just so you know, my family came here in the 1600’s, on ships from England, when there was no United States to live off of. They were pioneers. The toughest brand of human on the face of this earth, no matter where they came from or what country they settled.

    My great grand mother, many times over, from the 1700’s, was abandoned by her husband during the Revolutionary war on a large plantation in Virginia with 12 children. She never remarried, and with great integrity, raised all those kids herself. She instilled in them a work and faith ethic that made them strong, and responsible. Every one of them went on to become integral activist contributers of our nation’s growth. They were proud to be American citizens. A U.S. President bears our family name.

    My family is a proud ancestor of the grit and courage it took to make this a great nation, and I gladly carry the banner of that pioneer spirit and cause into the war we’re waging to restore our nation to it’s free Republic roots.

    Towns or companies, or nations do not succeed without people to make them succeed. Not one person, or three, but teams of people dedicated to a common cause for the good of all, all with their own separate responsibilities within the core.

    With your anger management problems, I would suggest Dr. Nancy Kaser-Boyd, a world class forensic psychologist, for your therapy. I suggest a forensic background is necessary to help you keep from killing anyone with that anger you tote around like a pet. Unless you’re willing to use it to help the cause of Freedom on our own shores, you should probably get some help.

  17. “By the way, did you not use “human capital” to get where you are today?”

    Yes, but the difference is that those people were paid a wage. Wead’s not paying wages here that I know of. He’s stoking and manipulating your frustration and failure into fuel for his agenda. He’s not paying a dime for that, either. So to even the score, I beat down his little peasant uprising and keep reminding the proles that they belong mired in the mud.

    “Making gobs of money is not the yardstick by which honor, integrity, work ethic, valor or professionalism has ever been measured.”

    Do you know who says that? Only people with no money!

    ” Just ask the founders of this nation, the very nation and society you have benifited from.”

    The founding fathers were wealthy patricians who were tired of losing money to the British monarchy in tariffs.

    Do you actually think this country was founded upon altruistic principles?

    if you do, I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you.

    The founding fathers would have spit on dregs like you if they didn’t need you to do their heavy revolutionary lifting on the battlefields of Brandywine or Princeton.

    “A U.S. President bears our family name.”

    Buchanan? Carter? Taylor? Johnson? Clinton? I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of.

    Virginia? Yes, just as I though, another redneck cracker.

    Why is it that Ron Paul’s legion of losers attracts all these hillbillies?

  18. DB…You’re sick…get some help…

    I deeply pity you, as you are wrong on all your assumptive accounts. You may twist things in your own mind to make your hating heart feel better, but nothing you can say or do will stop the fight or dissuade those who care about the success of our nation.

    The founders, though some were wealthy, never allowed their wealth to prevent them from doing what was honorable, wise, caring, integral, ethicical, brave, courageous, and right in the eyes of God, for the nation they loved.

    Many died fighting for a free America, many were imprisoned and tortured, many were assassinated, in spite of all their wealth,but all fought together for America and a free United States selflessly. They knew it was the right thing to do. They knew it was the only way to assure their children, and their children’s children would live as free citizens of a nation built from their love.

    The founder’s philosophy of life was to give courage in return for what they had been given in wealth. A philosophy you will never understand because your life has been built on hatred, greed and fear.

    Doug Wead expresses deep seated, heartfelt opinions that resonate like the inner ball striking the bell of liberty.

    Cry yourself a river with the vile tears that flow from your heart, so you can once again enjoy the country we gave YOUR ancestors so they could come here and suck the breast of freedom. You paid a wage to people who made you wealthy. That makes you so special.

    My ancestors paid in blood for the country your family ran to hide in and suck off of. What does it matter where they came from or are you just another racist Jew, or should I say radical Muslim, or Skin Head, or Nazi. You might want to think twice before you let the garbage that comes out of your heart be typed out in word that condemn the truth of who you are.

    A lot for you to be proud of…

    Times have changed, that’s for certain, and corporate neo cons like you are imploding. You’re the proof.

  19. DB The reason the founders started the Revolutionary War was not because of the tariffs that were being imposed on them, that’s only what we’ve been told. The truth was they could no longer stomach the slavery the British were forcing upon the Colonies as a means for them to have the money to pay the imposed tariffs. The tariffs were used as the excuse to end the relationship as the issue of slavery was divisive, even back then, amongst the northern and southern states. The southern states benefiting the most from the presence of salve labor.

    The northern Colonies forced the issue, and through the premise of ending the relationship with England to end the tariffs, the northern Colonies were able to persuade the southern Colonies to join the fight. The fight against slavery continued though, and was battled in Congress and the Senate for the next hundred years until Lincoln said no more.

    It wasn’t their wealth the founder’s were protecting, it was the integrity of their nation, and the backbone of their faith, their profound belief in liberty for all. Africans, were viewed by many of the founders, as equals, and many were given their freedom even before the war was fought.

    It took another war to end slavery, and could possibly take another war, to end the corruption that has poisoned our government.

    With all your puffery and angry words, all you really amount to is nothing but a common coward.

  20. DB “It wasn’t their wealth the founder’s were protecting, it was the integrity of their nation, and the backbone of their faith, their profound belief in liberty for all. Africans, were viewed by many of the founders, as equals, and many were given their freedom even before the war was fought.”

    This was mostly the belief practiced in the northern colonies, as many of the southern colonies did little to help in the war against England. The estimates are that about 13% of the colonists were all that fought against England. We lost almost every battle for the first two years, but still never gave up. The price to pay for giving up was too high, the loss of our freedom.

    Most people were like you, though, afraid to rock the boat for fear of retaliation. Several of the northern founders were assassinated by dissenters within the southern Colonies.

    Most of the southern colonists were protecting their wealth, it’s true, but again, it was a minority of northern Americans and northern states that fought against the southern states in the Civil War, to end slavery, and prevent the succession of the south from the United States.

    Once again, it will be a minority of courageous Americans who band together and unite under a common cause to protect and defend our Constitution and liberty. To restore our Republic to a free and healthy society built on the principles of courage to do the right thing, honor above all, and integrity.

    There’s only one reason your ancestors chose America over all the other nations in the world to send your family members to…and it’s written in the words of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. They knew here their family members would have a chance at a free life.

    Their freedom, and yours, was and is paid for with our love.

  21. Yep, that some “revolution” Ron Paul’s coalition of inbred rednecks has been able to mount. Fourteen delegates and a convention in Minneapolis attended by potheads.

    Where’s Ron Paul been lately? Nowhere, just like his moribund campaign.

    Even with the internet, you crackers still aren’t getting anywhere.

    You’re all failures and jokes without a shred of power.

    If you feel so empowered, then take to the streets with your puny weapons. Go ahead, tough guy, show us how earnest you are about the “next war.”

    If you maintain this romanticism about the 18th century and those darling founding fathers then go ahead, do it instead of talking abut it. You down a six pack of Bud Lite at the breakfast table and then beat your wife and kids before posting to this blog about “revolution.”

    But you won’t, because hillbillies like you are the nation’s joke.

    Just like Ron Paul.

  22. Ron Paul’s freak fringe are exactly the same as the homeschoolers/unschoolers I’ve been debating the last few days.

    You people have one major aspect in common:

    All you want is control and power over your lives. You are power and control have-nots and you want to be haves, but you have no idea how to accomplish that goal.

    So you create targets to attack (the Federal Government, Education) and that makes you feel like something.

    Then, there are people like me who despises populist “little guy” whining over their lowly status with no control power in their lives.

    The country only sucks for people LIKE YOU.

    For the rest of us, the country is fine. So I lost some money this year? So what? Money comes and goes.

    Doug Wead would tell you his life is fine but he’s invested in catering to populist angst, so he won’t.

    So to you populist whiner, shut the hell up and get to work instead of wasting your time on the internet bitching about those in power over you.

  23. DB Ha-ha-ha man…you’re something else! Once again, with all your puffery and angry words, all you really amount to is nothing but a common coward and a racist Jew.

  24. And please, for the benefit of those that can endure your long winded and pedantic posts: tell us what YOU are accomplishing with YOUR words?

    You are NOT a revolutionary. You don’t have the intellect for it. No hillbillies do, on account of all the inbreeding down through the generations.

  25. DB I’d rather be called a hillbilly than a racist Jew and coward.

    I guess you could say that all pioneers to this nation were hillbillies. they fit the criteria according to your idiotic definition.

    I’m actually not a hillbilly, though, not born in the south or any state that could be classed as hillbilly. I was born on an Air Force military base in the Northwest.

    You are DEFINITELY NOT a revolutionary, so why do you care, at all, whether I am or not. What’s it to you other than just more food for your vile verbal vomit?

    You’re actually very funny.

  26. DB My husband’s family, Jewish, started the first blue jean manufacturing industry in America, out of Philly, and later sold their company to Levi Strauss. Then went on to start the designer blue jean craze enlisting Calvin Klein to be the first on the market. We designed and manufactured for all the major couture designers. I personally was a couture designer out of New York for over 30 years. Albert Nipon is a family member, my Uncle.

    On the other hand, I have always been a political activist and staunch Patriot…now Revolutionary. Will I carry a gun when necessary? You bet. I’m an excellent marksman, and athlete. Am I afraid to die for my country? No. I was also in the National Guard as a young woman. A veteran of the Guard.

    Well educated, MBA’s in American History/Literature and Business, minor Poli Sci.

    Born Jewish, raised Christian, strong belief in God and the power of prayer.

    I don’t need to work.

    What do I do for fun…write and produce feature films.

  27. Yea, right, and next you are going to tell me you haven’t posted to this blog before under another user nym.

    Levi Strauss started selling blue jeans out of California, not Philly. No Jew would ever marry a Losertarian, certainly not a Ron Paul supporter, either.

    And a real Jew would be for killing islamo-fascist scum as well, and certainly wouldn’t care how ANY Caucasians are characterized.

    Nice try, sparky. The creative fiction blog is somewhere else.

  28. “MBA’s in American History/Literature and Business”

    What a clown. You can’t even lie effectively.

    No one earns a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in American History/Literature.

    Stating an “MBA in Business” would be redundant.

    American History/Literature isn’t even a major, you dumb stupid hillbilly.

    You are proof that incest does create learning impaired offspring.


    Google the name and you find links to posts at and

    In fact, you’ll find his user name attached to every we-hate-anyone-who’s-not-white wacko freak fringe group.

    Yep, just as I thought. more Jew hating rednecks.

    You have some real winners posting to your blog, Doug.

    These are your supporters of Ron Paul. How can anyone follow a politician that has people like this creep supporting him?

  30. DB It’s two MBA’s idiot, not one. I’ve never posted on Stormfront. What you will see is where I answered an email sent to me, several years ago during the trucker’s boycott. I was receiving over 500 emails a night for over three months. We only communicated once. I told Stormfront I wasn’t interested. Politely.

    DB…you can have your rant, you can own your rage. You can eat your hate every day of your life, but it will never make you worth listening to. You have no idea how ignorant you sound. You live by hatred, you will die by hatred. Fitting and just for you.

    Good night and good luck. You’re gonna need it.

  31. “It’s two MBA’s idiot, not one.”

    It’s doesn’t matter, you are still a liar, redneck. You wrote:

    “MBA’s in American History/Literature and Business.”


    if I am wrong, please post a link to a university catalog that states to the contrary, redneck.

    I’ll wager you didn’t even graduate from high school.

    “I’ve never posted on Stormfront.”

    However, your name is there. You have, for the record, posted to white nationalist websites, which is essentially the same thing, you Jew hating pig.

    I believe your credibility has been shot to hell here, redneck.

  32. Ron Paul’s lack of support for Israel is a weakness as far as I am concerned. But his political rise is very possible, or at least the rise of his movement. Goldwater, who is viewed by many of his own followers as a crackpot, nevertheless saw his movement ascend and dominate for a generation, no one would have believed it in the 1960’s.

    The fact is that only Ron Paul, among presidential pretenders, is offering an alternative to the nationalization trend. And if he owns that view and things don’t work out…. he could be be the beneficiary.

  33. A similar trend is taking over the GOP right now as Ron Paul supporters are moving into key leadership roles within their state Republican parties, all over the nation, and reworking the platform and agenda of the Republican party.

    The difference between then, the Goldwater era, and now, is the organization of the massive grassroots movement behind RP and the Campaign 4 Liberty. It’s a fast moving and powerful movement within a movement of patriotic people who truly agree with RP’s platform and stand for the Constitution.

    Right now, We the People Congress have called into motion a 2009 Continental Congress, enlisting delegates from every state, to participate in a two week meeting in Philly to get our government back under the control of the People and our existing Constitution.

    There was nothing like that even remotely going on in the Goldwater era. My Dad took us to one of Goldwater’s rallies when he was running for president, and I clearly remember how powerful his message was and on point with our founders.

    Ron Paul has kicked that message up a huge notch with the organization of this movement. That’s what Wead is basing his win in Iowa on, and I agree with him.

  34. Hey, inamericasince1700, I’m still waiting for that link to a university catalog that outlines an “MBA program in American History and Literature.”

    So why not elaborate more on why you post to white nationalist websites and hate Jews?

    Keep posting all you want. I will continue to remind the readers what a lying fraud you are as well as a white nationalist Jew hating redneck.

    “Right now, We the People Congress have called into motion a 2009 Continental Congress, enlisting delegates from every state,”

    Right, it will resemble that farce called the Libertarian convention in Minneapolis last summer; a convergence of of pothead freaks with a collective IQ in the double digits playing make believe.

    And let’s see, how effective was Ron Paul’s campaign this year? 14 delegates? Wow! That’s some revolution.

    You people are pathetic.

  35. The win in the Republican Party in Los Angeles County for RP supporters, was huge, and speaks volumes about the quiet change that is taking place all over America. Doug Wead’s prediction of a win in the Iowa Straw Poll for Ron Paul, could be a reality if we keep up the movement.

    In L.A. they’ve already started the restoration of the Republic ideals by restructuring the Republican platform to emulate RP’s campaign platform. This trend is also happening across the nation, and will continue to happen over the next four years of an ill fated Obama presidency and his policies.

    The next steps, in the weeks and months to come, will be the restructured Republican Party’s censure of the current platform of policing the world, unconstitutional wars, giving our money to foreign countries in aid, the illegal IRS, illegal immigration, the Nau and so much more, and any member of Congress or the Senate who does not abide by the Constitution, true Republic platform and rule of law. Also, the assembly of the 2009 Continental Congress in Philly to return our country back to it’s Constitutional principles.

    Both are already in motion.

    Chaos is always followed by it’s own demise. What the one world order group has plotted against the world, will come back to bite them. It’s already begun. When the one world order group calls a secret meeting with a select few members of Congress and the Senate, to talk about how to stop Ron Paul and his movement, you know they’re imploding. Fear is the first sign of weakness.

  36. ” the illegal IRS,” “the Nau”

    This is why you people deserve to be ridiculed. This is why you people aren’t taken seriously by people who know how to use their brain.

    The Constitution clearly states that the government can levy and collect taxes.

    The North American Union? This is no different that believing in the ZOG conspiracies that you Jew hating LOSERtarians base your lives on.

    Next out of your filthy holes is your paranoia over the “New World Order”

    I’m sure you have something to say about “Project Blue Beam,” as well.

    This is what happens when LOSERtarians smoke all that pot they believe they are at liberty to smoke.

    Paranoia is inevitable.

    This is why that Ron Paul’s campaign and his followers aren’t credible. It is for this reason that they will always represent the freak fringe of every misfit and fruitcake in this country.

  37. DB Ben Franklin was right about the healing properties of a good nights sleep. Handling all that goes with a house fire in December, it’s been a pretty exhausting end of the year. For the life of me, I could not understand why you were making such a big fuss over my education. Then it dawned on me this morning, as I woke up out of a good night’s sleep,…you’re right, I don’t have two MBA’s, only one. My other masters is in Am. His/Lit.

    It’s been many years since I set foot in a school, other than my kids. In my family, my education and what I could choose to study was not, for the most part, my choice. If I had been able to do what I wanted, I would have studied art. After graduation, I got a job as a designer, to my father’s great dismay, and I never looked back. I never used my degrees for anything but to take up space in a drawer, until recently.

    Now, I’m enjoying the heck out of both. Education is a good thing, no matter how it comes, whether it’s by life’s knocks or from books. I’m grateful to my father for how hard he pushed me, even though, back then I couldn’t see the value in what he did for me.

  38. It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. Samuel Adams

  39. So how much sleep is required to relieve one’s paranoia over alleged government conspiracies?

    This “tireless minority” is the nation’s laughing stock. How someone with such an allegedly extensive academic pedigree couldn’t already realize that doesn’t add up with me.

    There’s no hard evidence of any of this stuff apart from books, testimony, videos, websites, etc, from other crackpots and wack jobs.

    People like you have been around for years. Every hear of the John Birch Society? They pre-date the Ron Paulists and were just as ridiculed.

    They, too, predicted cataclysms that never materialized.

    Perhaps instead of worrying about your government and conspiracy theories, maybe you should be more concerned with why your house caught fire and how to prevent it from happening again.

  40. It’s always nice to have friends in high places, and mine just happens to be the highest CIA clearance given. Personal CIA operative for two presidents, first responder to the Cole and 9/11, and many other manufactured disasters. Named head of Homeland Security for his state, and ex Seal. Much of my info comes from him, and where he directs me to go to figure it out on my own, what he had to do for our government, for many years, and what he watched, with horror, our govt leaders do, all for the sake of the proliferation of the one world order, CFR, whatever you want to call it.

    It’s an education I honestly never expected to get, believing in our country’s integrity for the majority of my life. A real eye opener.

    “Why, of course, the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    Hermann Goering, Nazi Propaganda Minister

    It was a forest fire started by illegal aliens the burned our home.

  41. Sweetie, you are perfect for L.A., since you seem to live in a fantasy world completely detached from reality.

    Interesting that you are quoting a Nazi, since you seem to prefer scapegoating a race of people on which to blame your personal problems.

    If you don’t like it there, then move. No one is forcing you to live in SoCal.

  42. I simply stated a fact.

    You actually let the word Sweetie hit the page. I’m impressed.

    I think this board has run it’s course and absolutely nothing of interest is happening. You’ve succeeded in your mission to shut down all productive dialogue, so I’m checking out too.

    Good luck, DB.

  43. “I think this board has run it’s course”

    You would think that a person with so many alleged college degrees wouldn’t consistently be confused over the proper usage of ITS and IT’S.

    Sorry, but it’s impossible to have a “productive dialogue” with paranoid lunatics like you.

    I called you on your bullsh– and now you are slinking away in embarrassment. Serves you right.

  44. Just wanted to join up and say what a great series to follow. I’m very excited for a RP 2012 run, even if it’s not a sure thing yet. The country is going to be in bad shape by then and the people will be even more desperate for a true conservative.

    I’m less excited about a certain member whose duty is to smear his ignorance and hate all over the wall. I guess what he lacks in quality he makes up in quantity.

  45. “The country is going to be in bad shape by then…”

    And how exactly do you know this? I thought only lib pukes were this pessimistic.

    Are you sure you are a conservative, head-unwise? And pray, what was your user nym that last time you posted when I likely thoroughly trashed your stupidity and short-sightedness?

    You don’t even know what a real conservative is supposed to be to begin with. To you, it’s some pissed off white cracker redneck from a red state who thinks cheaply and acts cheaply like some dime store dolt and who wants his country to be the same way.

    Repeat after me … “Ron Paul and his Paulnuts are freaks of nature.”

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