Memo to Notre Dame: Hire Skip Holtz

Skip Holtz should be the new Notre Dame Coach.

Charlie, we hardly knew ye, and perhaps we never will.  But the good ye done us, those spectacular recruiting classes, should not be wasted.  Just as Jerry Faust recruited so well and Lou Holtz used those teams to bring us back, now step aside and let his son, Skip Holtz, do the same fer us again.

Skip Holtz has earned this moment.  He knows college coaching from the ground up.  He knows how to train and properly motivate insecure, young men, instead of tear them down – NFL style.  And he has learned how to play the expectations game from the master.  He can win a game he is supposed to lose and win in bowl games too.  He knows the ND tradition well, knows what the pressures will be and he has something personal to prove, that he is much more than the son of Lou Holtz.  He is the skipper.

We owe you much, Charlie.  You are a class act in many respects.  You are not a loser.  You leave with your genius for offensive call playing tarnished but intact.   And your recruiting work ethic will mean that you will share a bit with Skip Holtz and his turn around year.

Okay, ND, go to your alumni, buy this contract.  As Gloria Feldt has famously said, “The worst mistakes I have made in life and leadership have always involved waiting too long to fire someone.”

The Georgia Tech game last year revealed that our mighty coach was really an offensive play calling genius but not much more.  Notre Dame should have been looking hard from that moment on.

Skip, we need ye, son.  Wake up the echoes.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

6 thoughts on “Memo to Notre Dame: Hire Skip Holtz

  1. Very interesting. And he seems to have done wonders with East Carolina. Something has obviously been missing at ND. I agree, they looked like a high school team against Georgia Tech last year.

    This year, they seem to be snake bit. They expect things to go wrong. I disagree with the forums and don’t think they would lose too many of their recruits if there was a change. I think the recruits know that a change is needed and they are there for each other now, not just Charlie.

  2. Notre Dame has been cursed since they unceremoniously ditched O’Leary after the resume indiscretion. If some alumni or university leaders had not been so dead set against O’Leary in the first place, they could have censured him, negotiated better terms for the university, and ended up with a first-class coach and a good man, too. (The resume exaggeration was insignificant in retrospect.) Now, instead of a true football man in the Rockne mold, they have gone through a couple of coaches who were high on hope and low on college coaching ability.
    I agree that Skip would be a good choice next year, if they give Charlie one more year, but I’d like to see if Skip can sustain success. East Carolina is much improved, but struggled a bit after a strong start this year. Notre Dame needs to be able to win when it is supposed to win, as a successful coach there will not find himself an underdog often.
    I would propose Jon Tenuta, who the university should be familiar with now, and who is another prototypical college coach. A tough taskmaster, but who relates well with the young men and whose defenses are absolutely tenacious (when he is allowed to really coach them). I strong OC and a Tenuta disciple as DC would result in a formidable team in a short time. There won’t be many good head coaches on the job market this year, and fewer still who meet ND’s standards of behavior and success.

  3. Wake Up Notre Dame

    Bring back Lou Holtz, and give him a four year contract so that he has time to bring in great recruits. Also bring back Skip Holtz to take over after the four years; which will help entice Lou to come back. As you know, he would bring in a top defensive coordinator to fix the mess. The AD, and the rest should keep their mouth shut and let him run the program.

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