Where will Sasha and Malia Obama go to school?

First big decision?

One of the first big news stories for the First Family on the personal front will be the choice of schools for Malia and Sasha Obama. Will it be private or public? Or will they bring tutors and teachers into the White House and create their own school for the girls, with a mix of neighbors and friends?

Under normal circumstances, any choice would be the source of criticism. Go to a private school and be seen as elitist and hypocritical. Go to a public school and see it turn into a media circus and totally disrupt the lives of all the other kids and parents. A more sophisticate political plan would have the children make a high profile appearance at public school, let the press and public see how unreasonable that is, and then later transfer to a private school when the story has moved to page nine.

But the Obama’s are different. They have lots of popularity and that provides political equity. And they have made it clear that their children are high priorities in their lives. What better use of that equity than investing in the lives of their own daughters?

My guess? The O’s will do what’s best for their children and take the political heat. And that will likely be a combination of private schools, with tutors.

Don’t worry, whatever happens, just living at the White House guarantees that darling Malia and Sasha Obama are in for a stunning education.

You can get more details at my site Upstairs at the White House. www.upstairsatthewhitehouse.com


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

20 thoughts on “Where will Sasha and Malia Obama go to school?

  1. Here’s my reaction to this entry …

    Who the hell cares?

    Why dignify this family of neo-Marxist and whitey-hating creeps?

    You are not a a true conservative Republican, Doug. It’s a costume you don when you need to make an appearance before certain crowds.

    A REAL conservative Republican considers people like the Obamas as the enemy.

    You have to put your political orientation first, otherwise, you look like a phony.

  2. David what are you talking about? Doug never tries to dignify them, he is merely describing the current events in the family of the new president. No matter what his or your perspective is, we should not give in to bias like most democrats do. Consider them as enemies during the election, not after. Keep the work up Mr. Wead.

  3. Uh, vally99, let me apprise you on some reality.

    Republicans exercise their fair share of bias as well. Bias is good and absolutely necessary. You can’t like everything and everyone. It’s impossible to do so.

    I’m sorry, any real conservative thinks of any lib as the enemy anytime, anywhere, ditto for Democrats.

    Libs and Democrats destroy everything they touch. They are scum wrapped in skin.

    I can’t make it any clearer than that.

    There are some families that are rotten at the core. A pair of latent whitey hating Marxists cannot be representative of proper parents, so their kids must be cut from the same soiled cloth. They’ll grow up and speak the same liberal one-world crap as their parents.

  4. I’m sorry. It’s a little hard for me to get serendipity or move-along about externals such as where the kiddies will go to school when Obama is already looking to reverse what few things of value Bush put in motion, such as stem cell research. The fact that Obama is looking to push “fairness” to the limit, attempting to ram it down everyone’s throats and all the host of other things despicable to any civilized society makes the trite and irrelevant subject of this blog particularly irksome. Doug Wead, if you are a for-real Christian, you might want to re-examine your historical based pursuits in favor of taking up the arms necessary for what must be a battle for American civilization and survival. Emily Post, et al are patently out of place on a battlefield. Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titantic comes to mind as an apt comparison. This subject piece strikes me as being of the same ilk. Throw some cold water in your face. Come awake. Realize the SUBSTANCE of what has just occurred. Become engaged. There is plenty of work to do.

  5. I just heard Jay Sekulow of the American Center of Law and Justice (ACLJ) on the radio about the fairness push. For those who don’t know him, he is a lawyer with a strong legal team, who fight the ACLU against incursions of freedoms and WIN in every court level. They are street fighters and come back swinging on any loss. As a result, they win and win again. By now, the ACLU picks their battles more carefully (often backing out when the ACLJ enters a fight) because they have had their nose bloodied so many times. On the fairness issue (missappropriately named), he said today that they will fight this in ways not thought of before. It will be righteous, because he is a righteous man (of courage). It is the hour for such persons. It is not the hour of trivial pursuit.

  6. Dear DB!

    Any REAL American Conservative disdains Liberal ideas…whether they are spewed from the mouths of Liberals or the minds of Conservatives. The problem we have today is that no one can see the difference. People can’t tell whether or not an idea is Liberal or Conservative…so they simply go by the person’s reputation. If Jesus came down today & said, ‘Ok everybody…let’s start praying 5 times a day & start eating kosher meat’…All the Christians will start treking to Mecca & celebrating Hannukah! We got to see the ideas for what they are & get past the person that speaks. We should be able to tap Jesus on the shoulder & say, ‘Excuse me, but…you’re kidding right?’ Likewise, we have every right to say to our Politicians & say, ‘Excuse me, but…that ain’t our platform!’ But how can a Conservative do that when we are surrounded by a bunch of Liberals-in-Disguise!

    Government bailouts for Long-Term Capital Management? Bear Stearns? AIG? & the impending Auto Industries?…are they Liberal or Conservative?

    Department of Homeland Security? Federal Reserve? FEMA? EPA? FDA? IRA?…are they Liberal or Conservative?

    Prohibition? War on Drugs? War on Terrorism? Pre-emptive War?…are they Liberal or Conservative?

    If you thought any of the above are Conservative…you are a Liberal-in-Denial.

    You believe the economy can ONLY function properly when Governemnt shares the gigantic losses with the People. You believe we can ONLY be safe when Government is collecting our money to re-distribute it for the good of the People. You believe our politicians are the LEADERS of our morals instead of our REPRESENTATIVES so therefore it is perfectly fine that politicians hastily pass bills & declares war without checking the opinion of the People of this nation.

    Even today Liberals-in-Disguise loathe the Democratic Party when its the Democrats that have historically championed your ideas! Forcing Democracy down other countries throats is not new! Bailing out banks & other failing American industries during times of Economic duress is not new! Cleverly finding ways to get the American People dependent on the Government to justify the need for our taxes in not new!

    Your champions would be Democratic Presidents Woodrow Wilson & Franklin Roosevelt!

    So…if you ARE a Liberal-in-Denial…you should try a taste of the other Party. You will find that your ideas will go over with a lot of enthusiasm & lauded as genius!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE…Liberal ideas have a chance of succeeding & making this nation great. But here’s the rub: Conservative ideas ALSO have a chance of succeeding & making this nation great! The difference…is FAITH!

    Here’s a litmus test for you: think back when you first heard of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. It was obviously a sign of change considering the precedents lead by Bear Stearns & Fannie & Freddie & Long-Term Capital (way back in the Clinton days). Did you feel like it was a sign of the Apocalypse?…or did you realize that bankruptcies are only opportunities for other companies to get ahead?

    If you were standing there with laundry problems & shaking in your boots…THEN you were never an American Conservative…to begin with.

    But there’s good news for you…the Democratic Party won the Presidency.


  7. Well, here’s the deal folks. In between having fun, I make my living as a presidential historian. I write books about the presidents’ families. My occaisional blogs on the subject provide surfing journalists with the tidbits they need. The one above prompted articles in several papers.

    And as a historian I cannot pick and choose anymore than all the leftist historians could have ignored George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.

    So far, I am one of the few around who happen to also be an economic and social conservative. Gatherings of historians are pretty amazing, with scholars on the left arguing with scholars even more left. Many even see Obama as too reactionary but go along with him just because they are so delighted with the history making election of an African-American.

    So, do I protest his election by forfeiting my niche and my role as the authority on presidential familes? And let some leftist take my place? Maybe conservative postmen should refuse to deliver the mail and quit in protest over the election. That would really show them! How can they live with themselves and serve such a government?

    The fact is that I will keep researching the history of presidents’ families and writing about them, regarless of who they are and what their views may be and at the same time, in my own personal blog, I will keep expressing my own political views.

  8. Anyone who complains that the Food and Drug Administration protecting the American public is an inappropriate use of taxpayer money truly epitomizes the idea of LOSER in LOSERtarian.

  9. Tsk, tsk…you guys mis-understand.

    No one is saying it is ‘Inappropriate’. It is a necessary job indeed. The point is ONLY a true Liberal could not imagine any other way of doing what the FDA does…withOUT collecting tax money.

    Quite frankly, you probably cannot imagine ANY solution withOUT taxes.

    It’s one thing to argue which way would produce better results…capitalism or socialism…it’s another to not know that Government dependency is a step towards socialism.

    Unfortunately, We are in a point in American history where we are so flooded by steps towards socialism…that the American people can’t even Imagine what a free-market system looks like anymore.

    Let me guess…all you know about free-markets is that it is evil, & greedy, & ultimately kill jobs, & leads to monopolies…am I right? Well, then…your hero is Karl Marx!

    HAVE NO DOUBT: There IS a whole other side to the story. Unfortunately, the story of free-markets is absolutely for ADULTS only. If it could be taught in kindergarden we wouldn’t be in this mess we are in today.

    It’s okay…the elections are over…you can come out of the closet now…

    You Liberal Republicans you…

  10. cbsure is the inevitable result of what happens when all you have to show for a your life is a marginal public school education, a marginal eight grade level style of writing, no wealth or power, an average-at-best IQ, associations with antiquated John Birch Society level ideas, and combined with an internet connection.

    kindergarden (sic)? What more proof do I need? Add the gun rack and the pickup truck and it would be complete.

  11. Oy Vay!

    The day I mis-spell kindergarDen is the day I get corrected by a Socialist!

    Oh, give me a home…where the elephants roam…

    Where the True Conservatives play.

    Where seldom is heard…a socialist word…

    & The markets are let free all day.

  12. Perhaps someday, cbsure, when you grow up and lead a meaningful life of your own, you’ll learn that all that pseudo-political nonsense spoonfed to you by society’s have-not bottom feeders is meaningless. You have no ideas except what you glean from reading or what you are told. It’s not your fault really, because you can’t help it that you arrive from a substandard gene pool.

    I’m saying to stop listening to Joe Sixpack with his middle class preoccupations, needs, and wants. He is and always will be stuck in his socio-economic class because he has no guts, no vision, and no real intellect except to perform the most menial of jobs in this society. He is a drone that exists to do the heavy lifting for the rest of us. If industry had built highly functioning worker robots to perform these menial jobs the common man would be obsolete.

  13. And there Mr. David Schwartz goes again!
    But he is right when he says:

    “Republicans exercise their fair share of bias as well. Bias is good and absolutely necessary. You can’t like everything and everyone. It’s impossible to do so.”

    So lets start with some well deserved bias towards, using the well chosen words of the French Ambassador to the UK, “that shitty little country” so dear to Schwartz’s heart.

    It is people like David, and those who share his ideology, such as the future White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Israel Emanuel, who are responsible for the foreign policy mess we are in. And all because the US is used to do their work for them. We keep on being conned.

    And now, Rahm Israel Emanuel will implicate his version of the Hitler Youth in the US, as he CLEARLY outlines in his recent book with this passage:

    “It’s time for a real PATRIOT Act that brings out the patriot in all of us. We propose universal civilian service for every young American. Under this plan, All Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation, and community service.”

    Neat, a fascistic inspired corps for the soon-to-be unemployed youths of America. How slick to channel that future discontent in that direction.

    Which just goes to show that, so long as the neo-con Hertzl-brigade is the one using the fascistic methods, there is nothing wrong with it after all.

    Then again, what can one expect of the son of an IRGUN terrorist, with good Christian and Muslim Arab and Christian White blood on his hands.

    And that folks, is the space David’s psyche lives in.

    Spelling disclaimer: In the format available here, I’m not going to proof read, to inconvenient, thus if typos or off-the-cuff spelling mistakes should be found for David’s little snide AD-HOMINEM comments: I DON’T GIVE A RATS A..!!
    Only weak minds use ad-hominems and only weak minds fall for them.

  14. Oh,

    just saw Doug’s comments within the comment section.

    He is absolutely right. He does what he does, and anyone who is not interested in that, does not have to listen or read.

    Yet, not many do this specific line of work, and it is all for the good that as much information as possible is preserved and organized, for who knows when it might be needed down the line to supply context.

    Do “irrelevant” personal details matter? Sure they do, as our elected officials are human beings that are always influenced by the personal side of their life.

    As to Doug’s comments on historians in general, this seems to be a common thread throughout most of academe.

    One need only look at the dismal science, where Krugman gets the pseudo-Nobel for his musings on discredited Keynesianism.
    Or at the subservience of environmental scientists to the holy doctrine of global-warming-is-real-and-caused-only-by-man.
    “500 experts say it so it must be true”

  15. There’s bias, and there’s some plain old redneck Jew hating from knuckle dragging paleo-con losers with rebel flags and gun racks on their Ford 150s.

    Jews have contributed more to the world than any of you inbred hillbilly freaks, that’s for sure.

  16. [reposted here, initial post was at new article end]

    that’s a riposte? True to form, just another typical ad-hominem attack, oh so full of substance.

    And you didn’t even notice the irony contained in my earlier:
    “Only weak minds use ad-hominems and only weak minds fall for them.”

    As to substance.

    You write:
    “Jews have contributed more to the world than any of you inbred hillbilly freaks, that’s for sure.”

    What an achievement, you chose a most difficult comparison for sure.

    As to substance, let’s give your post some:

    Real inbreeding is the coupling of a too-closely related group / gene-pool, generation after generation. The kind that you love to point out so often, brother and sister, is the most extreme form of that. Thus a difference in degree, not in kind.
    Moderating the degree of inbreeding only reduces the genetic problems in the offspring, but it is still there. Keep people of too many of these occurrences together, and you end up with an inbred group.
    The most famous offspring of inbreeding (and just one degree removed from brother and sister) is Moses. Jochebed, Moses’ mother was the sister of Moses grandfather, Kohat. Thus, Kohat’s son, Amram, the father of Moses, had a chid with his aunt in first degree.
    Did you learn about inbreeding when you read the Pentateuch as a child perhaps?

    Or perhaps you stumbled on the problems caused by group inbreeding not in the Deep South, but while walking around Crown Heights? Because a tightly knit group of people live there, one gets to see physical ramifications of inbreeding up close, such as high degree-myopia in whole families, even in children below age 6, or the typically deep-set eyes.

    On the other hand, David probably tries to avoid Crown Heights, as the inhabitants there do not cater to his favorite ideology.

    Interestingly, David starts out talking about “Jew hating…”, yet that word is not in my post once. I did say Hertz-brigade, which is a critique of Zionism sure. But “Jew” and “Zionist” are not the same, as aforesaid Crown Heights inhabitants will attest
    Even without being orthodox, modern citizens of Israel such as Mordechai Vanunu or Israel Shahak, are also critical of Zionism, or its adherents in their own country, or here in the US, such as you.

    As David has pointed out in the past people like that are traitors to him. One must wonder traitors to what?

    Many times, David has mocked the adherents of “mythical, supernatural beings” such as our Lord, Jesus Christ, or our God.
    I must assume then, that you, Mr Black, do not believe in your god, Yahweh, or in the Shekhina, as they would certainly qualify as mythical, supernatural beings.
    Either that, or you are unbalanced. Thus I will let my assumption prevail, as the latter would be an ad-hominem on my part, to which I would not resort.

    Now, if you do not believe in that, how can you be Jewish? That is like someone saying I am Catholic, but I do not believe in Jesus, or I am Moslem, but I do not believe in Allah or Muhammad, or I am Hindu, but I do not believe in reincarnation.

    Unless of course, to you, being Jewish has nothing to do with having the same religion, but having the same biology (like being Basque, Kurdish, or Uighur)?
    That would be interesting, as some months ago, one could read in tne New York Times that making such a claim is “anit-semitic”.

    Therefore, Mr. Black, if you ascribe to the latter notion, you are an “anti-semite” — something you accuse others of being.
    And only with this latter definition could Dr. Shahak be called a traitor by you, or Vanunu for that matter.
    Neither of them betrayed theif faith, they were grounded in it instead. Perhaps they betrayed Zionism, but that is not for you to decide alone.

    Finally, what’s wrong with the F-150? People should keep buying those, because it helps keep that American icon, Ford, alive. And it would be a shame to lose a company that was the life’s work of that great American inventor, author, and newpaper publisher, Henry Ford.

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