Why Colin Powell Endorsed Obama?

The real reason?

Because he believes that Barack Obama is going to win.  And not just win.  The Obama presidency will be huge, not only history making but earth shattering.  America will be back big time in the world.  And the economy will eventually regain its footing and remember, to get re-elected it doesn’t have to be great, just better than it is now.  Which means that for the next eight years Colin Powell will have a role to play and eight years is a long time.  There will be plenty of opportunities.  He needs just one to erase that ugly moment in the United Nations when he carried the water for the invasion of Iraq.

Powell has known for a long time that he cannot win the Republican presidential nomination, notwithstanding his powerful showings in national polls.  He suffers from the same curse that tainted Rudolph Giuliani’s effort.  He cannot get a big enough chunk of the Evangelical vote.  Remember 42% of the general public claims to be born again Christians and sometimes it seems as if they are all Republicans living in Iowa.  It is why Giuliani skipped Iowa, said he didn’t want to talk about his private life, and hoped on doing something in Florida, even thought he had to know such a strategy was a long shot at best.  But unfortunately for Powell, the road to the GOP nomination still runs through Iowa.

In the 1990’s, Powell gave a now famous interview to Barbara Walters where he dissed the whole evangelical movement.  I spoke with one of his more savvy staffers after it aired, someone well connected to American Catholic leaders.  “There goes the presidency,” he said.  And, indeed, some evangelical leaders of influence have never forgotten it.  You can be sure any opponent would dig it up if Powell were to make a run for it in the Republican Party and show up in Iowa.

So if he cannot be the nominee of the GOP, why stay there?  He has already been everything else there is to be.  Secretary of Defense. Secretary of State. There is only one, albeit, long shot to the White House and that is in a party where an African American can win the nomination.  And even if that is farfetched and unlikely, he will only expand his career by being one of the few major cabinet members to serve in both parties.  He will end up a major figure of history, having played a major role in decades of American foreign policy.  And most of all, he will erase that moment at the United Nations.

Maybe Obama will take him in the cabinet in the first round.  But even if he passes, like he did on Hillary Clinton, eight years is a long time and eventually Obama will need him and Colin Powell’s moment will come.  This decision was a no brainer.  Oh yeah, his endorsement even helped Obama a little bit.

See, historical ranking of GWB and father: https://dougwead.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/george-h-w-bush-historical-ranking/


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

46 thoughts on “Why Colin Powell Endorsed Obama?

  1. Just proves that principles mean nothing in this day and age of politics. Its all about power. This move is very revealing of the system as a whole. Powell is a disgrace.

    I have no other view than to promote the public good, and am unambitious of honors not founded in the approbation of my Country.
    George Washington

    This is a great general and servant. Powell is nothing more than a power hungry politician who cares less about the principles of our founding, and more about his own political career. Men like this are dangerous. The people who blindly follow them off a cliff into the darkness of tyranny surpass any definition of danger.

  2. Unfortunately, I have to agree that I don’t like the way McCain is running his campaign either. He will get my vote – there’s no choice in that – but he has shown misjudgment and that erratic streak that dismays his own party. So many times he had the foreground and could have taken the high ground. He didn’t. He either low balled or mistimed his strategy. There is noticeable disconnect with his campaign at times. There have been ill preparing and mishandling of the Sarah Palin arm, and his attack ads have caused him erosion. He doesn’t seem to know how to press his advantage when he has it. Instead of marshaling his own strengths, he seeks to undermine his opponent. These things have not worked and they do not inspire confidence.

    It looks like evangelicals are going to have to look higher than “their” candidate to their God — even if by some fluke, at this point, he were to win. The evangelical infatuation with a proclaimed Christian or more socially moral candidate reminds me of Israel wanting a king. We don’t need a king. We have a mighty God who is more than enough. We have each other – the body of Christ. We already have a savior. It is in him that we should rely. Right now, that’s much easier to remember. And it’s a good thing.

  3. Thanks for the blog Doug. I like your insight and expertise on the subject. And weadread, I whole heartedly agree with your last paragraph…we do have a mighty God who is more than enough. The political waters may roil, but Christ is our unmovable rock.

  4. If there’s anyone to blame for a GOP loss, it’s the evangelicals. It was their bloc that prevented a more formidable candidate like Mitt Romney to be placed on the TOP of the ticket.

    And why? All for something as silly and inconsequential as the fact that he’s a Mormon. What’s sad about this is that evangelicals don’t have the self-awareness to look to their own peculiar brand of faith to consider snake charming and “speaking in tongues” rather bizarre behavior.

    If every GOP candidate has to cut a wink and a nod deal with this shockingly large group of superstitious and ignorant fools then the GOP will be forever doomed to minority status.

    Forty two per cent of you might be “born again” but it’s a shame that your brains didn’t experience an equal measure of rebirth.

  5. Snake charming is not an orthodox or evangelical practice. The biblical reference to taking up snakes and not being harmed does not enjoin it as a practice. Only errant cults practice snake handling. Speaking in tongues is biblically enjoined and is particularly exercised among charismatics and pentecostal. The early church of new born Jewish believers were first endowed with the gift as they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is a strong prayer language tool as well as a ministry gift for public benefit, followed with an interpretation. I’d rather be considered a fool by the world and be in on God’s plan than be approved by the world.

    Evangelicals are not responsible for the choices of political leaders in their stabs at appealing to their numbers. The superficial nods and winks are transparent to most evangelicals. I vote the closest to biblical values, essentially being the right to life, God’s definition of family, morality and support of Israel. McCain is the only one who genuinely sides with Israel. The others say they do because most Americans are pro-Israel, but they have Palestinian leanings. Most of America support the above perspectives, be they Christian or non. Evangelicals are not responsible for the GOP’s problems. The GOP needs to wake up and sort out its own dysfunctions.

  6. What a shame that you’d place a mythical supernatural entity above the real and viable political party you supposedly belong to.

    As far as snake handling. your fellow Christians most certainly indulge the practice:


    What a shame you don’t have enough of a mind to be able to think for yourself. You’re no better than the liberals you oppose. They, too, look to “higher powers” to guide their destinies and ensure their happiness. In their case, it’s the federal government. In your case, it’s a mythical supernatural being.

    “McCain is the only one who genuinely sides with Israel.”

    Romney does, too, but you people have your knickers in a twist over the doctrine he chooses to follow, as if any of that matters a wit.

  7. One could make attacks on Jews and their traditions as well, every religion has its bizarre elements, but thank God, we will not tolerate attacks on Jews, no doubt because of the horrors of the holocaust. Yet, as a Jew, you attack other faiths with glee. Mixing one group with another in complete ignorance of who they are and what they believe.

    What difference should it make to you what one believes or not and why should any group of people be a target, just because of their religion? And why shouldn’t they vote and think out of their experiences, religious and cultural as well as social?

    You say in earlier comments that you believe in some diety? Why? You are just as irrational and superstitious as the people you torment.

  8. McCain is the only one in the current race that sides with Israel – not Obama, neither did Hilary, despite their general statements. I wish Romney had won the nomination as well. I did not know he was a Mormon. That would not change things for me. It’s the moral stand that concerns me. Like I said, even non-Christians embrace protecting life, the traditional definition of marriage, pro-Israel. It is about those things and other moral position, not about the person.

    I’m familiar with numerous branches of Christendom, having lived in several locations in the country, with friends and ties to other areas. Snake handlers are not mainstream and it is not practiced in any circle I am even remotely aware of. Your site group is the errant group exception. So, you found one. It is an abhorrent misinterpretation of scripture. For someone who whines about anti-Semitism, you certainly do your share of ignorant anti-Christian accusation and blame.

    McCain’s campaign which was running neck and neck with Obama after the Convention, even beginning to gain, took its dive on the Wall Street bailout event and aftermath. It’s not due to Christians or snake handlers. It’s the economy, ___________ … uh, Mr. Black.

  9. That’s right, and I’m still far more articulate and a better writer than 95% of the people that post here.

    If you don’t think so, read any post written by “donnaloo,” that is, if you don’t slice your own throat first in horror after reading the first few paragraphs.

    A superior browser like Safari has a spell checker but doesn’t catch homophones.

  10. Why are your posts always about you and your hate? How many sets of sheets do you keep ready? Do you go out every night?

  11. “Why are your posts always about you and your hate?”

    They become about me because people find themselves obsessed with me and what I write.

    Like you are right now.

    Hate must coexist with love equally.

    I love my own flesh and blood. That’s it. What more is necessary?

  12. jwinthrop – I appreciate your post.

    I wanted to say that I appreciate much about John McCain. There would be weak points in any other candidate. No one is without them. This is where prayer comes in. They are under tremendous pressure and intercession can make up the difference. I am reminding myself that when I become frustrated with the way things are going, it is time to bring the matter before the Lord and be an instrument of change. That is something we can always do, to return the focus where it belongs and operate from there.

  13. Dear Doug,

    The Republican Party should regret the loss of Powell’s vote as well as any vote from our citizens whose only want is to best serve this great nation. We should at least praise Powell for bringing to light that though our enemies of war have a religion, their religion is not our enemy. He is a reminder that our loyalties lie with the United States of America first & such piety is undefinable by political boundaries.

    Though publicly he votes for a Democratic candidate, he did not renounce his Republican affiliation. Which makes him confused at best…& I don’t blame him. Because it has become harder to perceive the difference between the Democratic & Republican platform…especially if he lacks religious profundity.

    This is the same person around the time of the Barbara interview (September 1995) that we learned he is not only Republican…but one that chose to be defined as pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, pro-gun control & anti-school prayer. These (4) combined makes him an unlikely Republican let alone a suicidal candidate for the Republican ticket (much like Ron Paul today with his talk of individual liberty, free markets & following the Constitution).

    But what is behind the mask of Powell: a donkey or an elephant?

    I would propose this cure for his (& our) confusion: a litmus test in the form of…Roe v. Wade.

    A ‘Republican’ with a profound respect for religion & morals would be quick to realize it is NOT enough to equate ‘pro-life’ (…or in Powell’s case, ‘pro-choice’…) to simply mean anti-Roe v. Wade without explaining that such a landmark decision favoring abortion…could just have arbitrarily banned it! The essential problem is that Roe v. Wade infringes on the People’s right to choose their own paths…to Heaven (or Hell). Non-(d)emocratically elected judges siphoning crucial moral authority from our religious leaders (or otherwise) are synonymous to the arrogance of any Socialist government.

    A noble ‘Republican’ should repudiate such arrogance & remind the great People of this nation that, in the best interest of all Religions & of all People, moral solutions must be kept out of the hands of government. Or else we risk turning ourselves into superficial followers of Law chasing after Politicians whenever they call our ‘names’…instead of remaining as moral beings of Reason that embrace the joys of being right & overcome the regrets of being wrong.

    I am convinced that if only Powell was more religiously insightful then he would not only show all Religions (in times of war & especially in Peace) the respect they deserve (& probably retire as President to boot) but also to realize his political prowess is best serve by steering people towards the Republican party & not the other way around.

    Whether or not Colin Powell succeeds to unstitch his UN Scarlet Letters…I hope in the end he finds in his heart…he is more Religious (& therefore Republican) than he lets on. & May we be quick to welcome the future…for him to prove it.

  14. Inserting discredited myths and legends into your anlaysis of government negates your analysis, cbsure.

    Of course islam is our enemy, because the supposedly “peaceful” moderates do nothing to mount a counter jihad and stop the fundamentalists. They are just as guilty in my estimation.

    If you don’t agree, you are a cowardly schmuck. ALL of islam is guilty for what’s going on in the name of their “allah.”

    When Christian fundamentalists murder while blowing up abortion clinics, the American justice system captures and prosecutes them.

    But muslims won’t do that with their own. That’s why I despise them.

  15. Who elected you sheriff?

    “‘Why are your posts always about you and your hate?”
    They become about me because people find themselves obsessed with me and what I write.
    Like you are right now.”

    You flatter yourself.

  16. “Who elected you sheriff?”

    I didn’t know I ever ran for office. Sheriff? I guess in your “neck of the woods” that would be an affable Andy Taylor type with a loyal Barney Fife at his side, right?

    “You flatter yourself.”

    Sorry, one only needs to read the evidence following most every article written by Doug over the past months. Every time I rip holy rollers and holy roller thinking there’s ten posts from the religious zealots with the wrath of god descending from the heavens. Sorry, but “onward christian soldiers” didn’t work to deter me from saying what I think and providing some desperately needed counterpoint. I have invited people to visit my blog and take up their crusade there, but sadly, very few people were brave enough to accept the offer.

    So what does that tell you? It tells me that many of you are cowards who only like to post to blogs where people agree with you. If your faith is so strong then you should be willing to fight any battle on unfamiliar or unsafe territory anytime anywhere.

  17. Very few people visit your blog – period. Fewer bother to comment. They note the level of dementia and leave you to it. It’s your own skewed head that’s the problem.

  18. “Every time I rip holy rollers and holy roller thinking there’s ten posts from the religious zealots with the wrath of god descending from the heavens.”

    EDIT: Every time I rip holy rollers and holy roller thinking there are ten posts from the religious zealots with the “wrath of god descending from the heavens.”

  19. You get the same outrage from political and other blogs without a religious tone. Reasonable people have a problem with the base illogic that makes up your so-called “counterpoints.” Those who attempt to inject lucidity into the mix eventually retire in disgust. You’ve scored no points by being the last post standing. Christians at least pray for you.

    That is likely the case with this valiant and worthy attempt from this particular blog:

    “jwinthrop Says:
    October 22, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    One could make attacks on Jews and their traditions as well, every religion has its bizarre elements, but thank God, we will not tolerate attacks on Jews, no doubt because of the horrors of the holocaust. Yet, as a Jew, you attack other faiths with glee. Mixing one group with another in complete ignorance of who they are and what they believe.

    What difference should it make to you what one believes or not and why should any group of people be a target, just because of their religion? And why shouldn’t they vote and think out of their experiences, religious and cultural as well as social?

    You say in earlier comments that you believe in some diety? Why? You are just as irrational and superstitious as the people you torment.”

  20. I challenge and at times, ridicule, rather than accept or tolerate, people who don’t see the world with the cold and harsh clarity that I see it with.

    Basically, I also attack people who can’t think for thermselves.

    I am a cultural Jew. I do not follow Hebraic religious traditions. Neither did my parents, both of whom lost relatives in the Holocaust. After that experience, worshipping a supernatural beings described in a book of folk tales that obviously had no regard for the lives of innocent Jews seemed to them ridiculous and fruitless.

    You can attack Jews all you want. The world has been attacking Jews for centuries. What do I care? Those of us with any brains know how to fight back. I never back down from a fight. Bring on your worst. I helped to fight syrian vermin in 1974, so don’t tell me what it’s all about, pal.

    I’ll ask your “jwinthrop” what he’s doing to to show his intolerance for the persecution of Jews. Talking about it? Big deal. Is he condemning those islamic medieval savages responsible for the current state of terror in this godforsaken world?

    Where’s your condemnation of islam, jwinthrop? That goes for any of the rest of you. Phonies, all of you.

    Each month, I donate a considerable sum of money to Israeli relief efforts that help victims of islamo-fascism.

    That’s how I join the fight. Instead of giving your money to crooks in expensive suits flying personal jets like Kenneth Copeland, why don’t send it right to Israel where it will do more good?

    I believe there is some intelligent force in the universe. However, I don’t use that force as crutch to get through life. I don’t use that force as a pretext for worship or supplication.

    Unlike blind and ignorant fools like you.

    I am a complete free thinker unafraid of one day ending up worm food.

    Is that clear to you?

  21. By the way, sparky, “illogic” to creeps like you is when someone offers an unpopular view that isn’t cozy and user friendly to the collectivist holy roller mob.

  22. Dear Sunshine!

    You always bring a smile to my face whenever you are around. Because anyone who understands ‘free market’ principles knows exactly why you are here: your blogs have a limited audience. That is why I applaud your strategy of riding on the coat tails of Mr. Wead to increase your reach. So let me ask you: Has your base increased any? I certainly doubt it. Your conclusion that people are cowards is a good one…if you’re demented.

    But that’s okay. I’m sure Doug doesn’t mind. Every good show…should have their own clown. Comic relief is a tried & true formula for success. The best part is…you don’t even know it!

    For example, you are very quick to point out the cowardice in others…while forgetting the man in the mirror. Any person that profoundly cares about Israel…doesn’t send money there…they go LIVE there. Which I believe you did…for (3) years? So why you come back? Balls not big enough?

    Unfortunately, you’re brain is not so bright either. The only solution for Israel is a peaceful one. & We should pray that it be sooner than later. Let’s face it: America is a key contributer to Israel’s military strength. But Israel (& friends) keep taking the American economy for granted. As long as the Federal Reserve continues to print money from thin air & borrow from other countries & artificially keep interest rates low…recessions & depressions are going to be the norm. It’s only a matter of time before America becomes the exact replica of the weakling ‘Great’ Britain. Unless Israel starts making new allies (…China comes to mind…), Israel better be prepared to fend for itself. Which it probably can…especially with your family’s fortune…they can fight forever.

    For some reason, however, I think Theodor Herzi imagined a land withOUT war. But like you said…you would know more than me.

    All I know is that…you’re right! The Jews were tormented for centuries…& they’re still not extinct. Compare that to the Native Americans…Jews kick ass! But for some reason…I don’t think Muslims can be wiped out as easily as the Natives. I think they’re just as resilient as the Jews. (Muslims certainly copulate more than the Jews.) Therefore, the war will never end…unless both sides decide…to shake hands…again.

    I’m sure you didn’t believe anything I’ve said up ’til now because (1) you don’t understand ‘free market’ principles, (2) you underestimate the common resilience of Judaism & Islam, & (3) you’re not a free thinker…you follow the inspiration of the family before you…just like McCain…& Obama…& almost everyone else in the world.

    Let’s put it this way. If the analysis of ‘free market’ economists are right about the Depression starting in 1929, then the only reason it lasted so long is because the Presidents authorized government interventions that made the situation worse…such as bank bailouts & forming new government programs which inevitably ends up increases taxes to pay for it all. Most of the problems, though started with Hoover, were prolonged by Democratic President FDR.

    & Don’t look now…but our choices seem to be…a Democratic President who is not afraid of bailouts…& oh yeah…McCain seems to like them too. & You can bet taxes are on the way…no matter what they say.

    However, if those same economists are wrong…well I guess you can have your cake & eat it too!

    In which case…look at that…I WAS the clown all this time…& I didn’t even know it!

    & What a wonderful world it would be.

  23. (I see…a whole new horizon…)

    There seems to be reports that a Republican civil war is brewing. Though I wish it were not so…I would like to hedge my bets by giving my pre-emptive farewell…since this may be the last time we will see each other amicably.

    Normally when a party is on the verge of losing…there is inevitably some finger-pointing. Instead…I would like to say a few thank you’s.

    First of course, to Doug Wead, the founder of Compassionate Conservatism. If only the Bush Administration could have stayed on this course…oh what a wonderful world it could have been.

    Next to all the loyal commenters…it was a pleasure learning insights from you as it was from Doug.
    My only regret was not finding out about you guys sooner.

    & Last but not least, a big shout out to DB! Who as it turns out…has consistently been the harbinger of the Republican war to come.

    Here is the link that gave me the jeepers:

    Good luck to you all. Good day. & Good night.

  24. For starters, “compassionate conservatism” is an oxymoron.

    “Compassion” is the realm of bleeding heart lib pukes. Conservatism isn’t supposed to be compassionate.

    “Compassionate conservatism” is one of the reasons why the Bush 41 presidency failed.

    You don’t go out of your way to repudiate the tenor and policies of your predecessor by offering a wimpy and watered down version.

    Bush 41 WAS the biggest wimp besides Jimmy Carter to ever occupy the White House in the post-WW2 era. If he had had any balls he would have sent Gen Schwarzkopf in to waste Saddam when he had the chance. It would have avoided this whole Iraq thing since 2003.

  25. Since when was Bush 41 a Compassionate conservative?

    His presidency failed because he promised “No New Taxes” and Ross Perot sucked off massive amounts of votes that would have otherwise gone to Bush.

  26. from the wikipedia entry on “compassionate conservatism”

    “In June, 1986, Wead wrote an article for the Christian Herald, describing then-vice-president George H. W. Bush, to whom he served as an aide, as a “compassionate conservative.”[7]”

    Note that Doug didn’t brand Reagan as such, even though Reagan was the superior leader and person in every respect.

  27. So many forget the careful coalition that had to be crafted for the first Gulf War. The action was unprecedented for the U.S. on that scale. They had to operate within the international climate in place at the time. Like it or not, the Saudis and other neighboring Arab states had to be courted, along with traditional allies. There was the mindset in the Mideast that we (or any other similar power) would come and not leave, because of past experiences of that in the region. The administration and military/foreign affairs personnel had to keep reassuring that they would get in and get out. That largely drove the time frame. There was no existing tolerance in the world or the region especially for taking out a leader of that standing, regardless of his actions. We are not an imperialistic nation. We had to act within the world view that was in place at that juncture, not with the one that exists now. We also don’t want to forget how astonishingly effective was that quick action. It’s easy to look back and say they stopped short, forgetting what agreements and prerequisites had to be put in place.

  28. Good post. The liberal MSM took up that “should have” mantra about taking out Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. Short memory. The mission had to be to liberate Kuwait – period – regardless of what we would have liked to have done. They performed an amazing feat with forming the coalition alone, and then the swift and competent execution of the subject mission. As for the current Iraqi war and aftermath, Charles Krauthammer recently said that despite the criticisms (just and otherwise), he believes history will look with awe at the seven year turnaround in that country.

  29. “The action was unprecedented for the U.S. on that scale. ”

    Hmm, I guess you forgot about WW2. Or Korea.

    “There was no existing tolerance in the world or the region especially for taking out a leader of that standing, regardless of his actions.”

    I don’t believe Israelis would have agreed with that, since they were the ones having Iraqi SCUD missiles fired at them.

    “We are not an imperialistic nation.”

    Really? Couldn’t prove it by me. I guess you have something to fear by being imperialist.

    “We had to act within the world view that was in place at that juncture, not with the one that exists now.”

    America doesn’t have to do anything but follow its own agenda and not the world’s agenda.

    I suppose you have no problem subordinating American hegemony to the U.N.?

  30. One of the few times I agreed with Hillary was when she described Obama’s foreign policy as naive and dangerous. The above absurdities flow in that vein.

  31. (Conservatives & Liberals…Sitting in a tree…)

    Have we ever stopped to wonder why there is so much name calling? There’s neo-cons, & paleo-cons, & compassion-cons…& neo-libs, & paleo-libs & classical-libs? Did you know there is such a thing as Green Conservatism? Or someone could be a German Neo-Liberalist?

    There are all types of people & unfortunately most worry too much about what to call themselves. As if no one wants to waste their time playing for the ‘wrong’ team…only to realize later that its the same Ouija board…all this time.

    Every now & then it’s good to stop…& smell the principles.

    Neo-conservatives is the new black for the Republican party. In theory, their foreign policy is the difference maker. They don’t beat around the Bush when it comes to achieving national interests. Pre-emptive war, With-us-or-against-us attitude, Non-conditional isolationism, Spreading D.I.Y. democracy, While keeping our troops busy with Pandora’s box…all for what? The freedom to feed my Hummer every couple of days?

    Democrats are no better. Blaming de-regulation when there’s too much of it already, blaming free-market capitalism when in fact we have a quasi-socialist economy thanks to the birth of the Fedeal Reserve, Whose purpose was to avoid the incidental bank-runs & instead gave us steady doses of recessions with one really big Depression (…so far…), Not afraid to bailout big companies, Not afraid to use military action (non-chalantly instead of flamboyantly), & They love to use taxes…all for what? To spoil our citizens with ‘free’ welfare & healthcare & education?

    (The saddest part is…many Republicans sound like Democrats these days…)

    I’m not going to pretend that I have the solution to maintain a strong nation. But I will say this: history will show that the current conservatives & liberals are myopic. Too many people worry about ‘social’ order & not enough ‘economic’ order. Too many people think now that we have ‘science’ we, therefore, must be smart enough to create peace…even if it means we have to kill the other before they kill us. Meanwhile…oil & clean water & (even) the global climate turns out to be LIMITED resources.

    & I’m not saying we got to save the whales, or hug our favorite trees, or shoot our kids out into space hoping the cosmic rays will endow them with Superhuman powers to survive the coming alien invasion.

    All I’m saying the sooner we put the guns down (but keep the 2nd amendment) & put our brains together…the sooner we will realize that our worst enemy is not nuclear mass destruction or religious jihads or global warming. Our greatest enemy now more than ever is…a Global Bankruptcy. All our progress that makes us different from the animals & insects mean nothing…if we don’t find a way to ‘afford’ a sustainable economy. Can’t write a Constitution, can’t build any buildings, can’t have a nation under God with Liberty & Justice for all.

    The Roman Empire were over-run by barbarians not because the barbarians became smarter…but because the Roman economy stop working towards the benefit of the Empire. The British Empire expired not because Gandhi decided to starve….but because the Brits couldn’t afford to keep the sun from setting all across the world. The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed not because the United States of America invented Star Wars…but because the fundamentals of their economy were not strong.

    The Project for a New American Future should welcome the word: Economy. It’s time we start thinking in terms of political Economy, social Economy, compassionate Economy…& the day will come when we debate if I’m a neo-economist, or a paleo-economist, or a Kama-sutran economist.

    Bullets may still fly…& people will still die…while an economy that will not collapse on a global scale…is waiting to be discovered.

    (Soo…bye…bye Miss American Pie…)

  32. Aww…Sunshine…

    Unfortunately…no elephant mask is big enough to hide your little donkey-brain.

    Let’s face it: the neo-con movement is the best thing that ever happened for liberals.

    Now we can vote Democrat & get Big government or vote Republican…& get an even Bigger government.

    They succeeded to con the conservatives into voting for liberal ideas & not even realize they’re being (oxy)moronic. So to the founders of Neo-conservatives, I say ‘BRILLIANT!’ with the tip of my hat.

    So good for you, old man! For being a liberal-in-disguise! To be honest (& I’m being VERY serious)…I thought for sure…YOU would help beat the drums AGAINST these massive bank bailouts. I already knew you don’t understand ‘free-markets’ but surely a REAL conservative will say: Bankruptcy is bankruptcy no matter how big the bankruptcy. It’s a dog-eat-dog world! Let them eat donkey manure!

    But I guess Bush & McCain started to put their hands up your ass…& now you talk the talk. Like the good puppet you are.

    Or was it the big hit on your portfolio…that made you start to think…these liberals…they might be onto something…?

    There is one more point I would like to make before the Bush-McCain ventriloquism act: you got your cart in front of your donkey (again).

    You need a strong economy BEFORE you can have a strong national defence/offence policy.

    Asking soldiers to fight for anything only to come home to nothing…is priceless.

  33. “October 27, 2008 at 12:05 am

    You get the same outrage from political and other blogs without a religious tone. Reasonable people have a problem with the base illogic that makes up your so-called “counterpoints.” Those who attempt to inject lucidity into the mix eventually retire in disgust. You’ve scored no points by being the last post standing. Christians at least pray for you. “

  34. Tricky thing about being a ‘conservative’. Every field has its own meaning: Religion, Politics, Economy…the definition even depends on where you are born.

    I was born in the United States of America. No matter my view on Religion or Politics or the Economy…I never take my eyes off the prize: Liberty & Justice for all. Being a ‘conservative’ means we uphold these values no matter the circumstances. To sacrifice them is to admit there are other goals more important: Security, Wealth, Power…Oil? To sacrifice Liberty & Justice in America is to be ‘liberal’.

    Make no mistake about it: Liberty & Justice is not the same as Security…national or otherwise. There is a reason why civil liberties tend to diminish during times of war. Because the people want to feel safe & Alive rather than free & Dead. That is our human/animal instinct. This is why the rest of the world calls American ‘liberalism’ …’Conservatism’. To follow our instincts is the ‘conservative’ thing to do.

    Human morals say otherwise: I rather be Free & dead than to have civil liberties taken away from our fellow citizens & nor from our prisoners of war. This kind of thinking will never feel ‘natural’. But in America…it feel ‘right’. Today very few people even dare to speak like that anymore…in public…let alone online.

    But there was a time when people talk like this…on this very land that we love so much. About 200 years ago. When the tyranny of the British Empire was an ever-present reminder of how Power & Wealth & Security can work against us.

    Now…we are the Empire. Which doesn’t necessarily make us bad. But no one can deny the temptation of Power & Wealth & Security over Liberty & Justice. There is a reason why our military spending is greater than all other nations combined. Why it was so easy to convice our citizens that these ‘terrorists’ hate us for our values when they actually loved us until we started planting our military bases in their faces. Why we have so many government programs & yet no one complains about the involuntary charity we call the income tax. There is even a reason why we go head-over-heels to impeach a President for a blow-job but not for Guantanemo Bay.

    & THAT reason is: We the people forgot the meaning of American ‘conservatism’.

    So I too will pray…for the day we remember…what it means to be an American.

    Because God knows…

    Nothing ever works when the people forget.

  35. You are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, kid.

    To be conservative is to preserve traditions that made America great … a strong military fighting force, a robust climate for Big Business to prosper, intolerance for urban street crime, a social order that doesn’t cater to freak fringe minority groups, an expectation that everyone work and not accept entitlements like welfare, food stamps, and other subsidies that rob individuals of personal responsibility.

    Investing in poor people is investing in losing stock that has no shot of providing a return. Investing in Big Business is risky but carries a greater likelihood of success

    A properly run government has the responsibility to preserve what makes the country most powerful … the ability to earn and invest as much money in goods and services as possible at whatever risk the individual deems necessary. Money buys liberty and freedom. I’m smart enough not to depend on a flimsy contract signed over two hundred years ago to ensure my happiness. I create my own terms and that’s how anyone with a brain operates

    So-called “conservatives” who think the bailout was wrong are just stingy and cheap bastards who likely calculate exact 15% tips where ever they eat.

    You don’t achieve or preserve wealth playing it fiscally conservative. Ask Warren Buffet or George Soros or Richard Scaife.

    Life is about risk and taking gambles. Life you can’t take or accept risk, you might as well crawl in a hole and die.

  36. (…Halloween is over, son….you can put away your elephant mask now…)

    Dear Donkey-Brain,

    I know you’re a ‘conservative’…just not the American brand. You got to burn your copy of ‘Adventures of Karl Marx’ & get with the program! You sound just as confused as Colin Powell…but hey…at least you still remember how to vote Republican…(wink)!

    Let me try to make it crystal for you…& anyone else…who can’t tell the difference between Joe-the-Plumber & Joe-the-CEO: There is none! Both are leading their selfish enterprises to make the ka-ching-ching & the bling-bling! So if their asses (& company) fall down on the ground…you better leave them alone…otherwise…they’re Never going to learn to stand up on their own!

    So you’re right DB! We SHOULD look at Warren Buffet (…not his endorsement…but the methods to his madness…)! It’s time to buy! Real estate going down…AWESOME! Gas prices down…COOL! & There’s a surely bargains on the Dow if you’re willing to sift through the haystack! Hey…I’m sorry if you don’t got the Balls to spend at a time like this…& I don’t blame you. We are facing the Biggest litmus test since the American Revolution! Are we seeing the Apocalypse? Or is it Early Christmas?! (…Hanukkah in your case…or do you prefer Chanukah?…)

    If all you got is chump change…then I could understand why you would want to sit out & save. But if you got mucho dinero…then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let me get this straight…you would rather government pass out a massive bailout…thereby increasing our national debt & future tax burden…& THEN you’ll feel more CoNfidEnT about spending your moola?

    With Republicans like you…who needs Democrats?!

    Listen…you’re right about Life: everday is a risk! But you keep defending the risk from the other side of the table. You are either for private enterprise or public enterprise. & Public…sounds like a great word…but it means government has to do the job by raising & spending taxes. Not good for the private sector. & Private…sounds like a bad word…but it means We the People. Unless you’re making a living at the DMV…You should be on OUR side!

    So are you with us or against us? I’m sorry but there is NO middle ground. That is EXACTLY what the semi-socialists, & the American ‘liberals’, & the neo-cons WANT you to think! They say…it’s okay to be in the middle…you can have it both ways…we do just fine with our quasi-private market system…don’t worry about it…there’s nothing we can’t handle…

    Stop drinking the Tarhun!

    Because you SHOULD listen to yourself… It’s all about the money! Or as I like to say…the Economy! You can’t have Liberty & you can’t have Justice if you don’t have a strong Dollar! So shape up DB! It’s time you fight the Dark-side! The best part is…you don’t even have to go to back school (…private or public…)! Plenty of websites & books to learn about the free-market system. May I suggest ‘Economics for Real People’ by Gene Callahan?

    I’m sorry but free-markets is a lot harder to understand than socialism. Some argue that good old Saint Thomas Aquinas was one of the first to discover free-market principles! You really DO need religious profundity to understand it! Think about the last time you solved a Rubik’s cube…the first time is horror…but after studying some ‘cheats’…now you can solve it in (5) minutes or less!

    It’s hard to understand the Economy & that’s why the Democrats blame ‘de-regulation’ & ‘greed’ & the People just roll over & play dead. I’m sorry but Wall Street was greedy waaaaay before the Federal Reserve was even born! It takes a profoud brain (…sprinkled with time & research…) to realize that government planted ‘ghost-mine’ regulations & incentives that goaded the private sector to invest TOO much in real estate.

    & Finally thanks for standing up against our entitlements. We got to stop weaning Americans with triple-D size taxes. So I’m sorry Joe-the-CEO for forcing you to stand on your own two feet…I’m sorry old people for taking away your Medicare…I’m sorry young people for taking away your retirement plan…I’m sorry to all those unions & religions & God-knows-who-else for taking away your million dollar tax breaks. I sincerely believe it’s all for OUR own good (…including Israel & the rest of the world…)! But that’s easy for ME to say. The day I see a candidate stand up to say THAT…AND become President…

    That will be the day that I Die.

    If we ever find ourselves in the same room…I’m sure we’re going to rip each other to pieces…but hey…this is America…I wouldn’t have it any other way…(wink)!

    (Seriously…what do you look like anyway…Bob Barker? or Hugh Hefner?)

  37. There is nothing more pathetic than a whining have-not populist who never figured out how to dip their bread in all that gravy that’s out there for the taking.

    Let me tell you something, sparky, I don’t care if taxes go up, You know why? Because I can figure out how to use the tax code to my advantage and not have to pay more than what I already am.

    So suck on that, you little guys and your hapless middle class existences.

  38. Dear Yosemite Sam,

    One day you’re running with the crowd by resenting the fringe minority…the next day you’re pointing fingers at the populists.

    You’re straight out of Looney Tunes!

    But good for you Sam!…at least you’re smart enough to sniff out the cheese in the tax maze!

    That’s sticking it to the ‘man’! See! I KNEW you were always on our side!

    Take THAT government!

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