Sarah Palin Soars ! Liberal attacks backfire.

Tonight, Alaska governor Sarah Palin addressed the Republican National Convention and knocked a home run. It wasn’t just her speech, which was good and had memorable lines (but was also, no doubt, written by talented McCain staffers,) it was her grit, her spirit and her gutsy delivery after a week of outrageous attacks on her daughter. This is a woman who has the stuff to be president.

Last week, John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin seemed to panic the national media and in their panic they reacted hysterically. With wringing hands and nervous tics, pundits on the left rushed onto the air to warn us that Palin was inexperienced. She had only been the governor of Alaska for two years, they cried, clearly insufficient. But then, hadn’t Theodore Roosevelt only been the governor of New York for two years before being tapped for Vice President? And hadn’t Woodrow Wilson, only been the governor of New Jersey for two years before winning the presidency itself?

The media seemed to back off when it became apparent that a contest over who is the most experienced was not especially a winning strategy for the Barack Obama campaign.

A few days later, the media hit on Palin’s daughter. We were told that she was seventeen, unmarried and she was pregnant! Good grief. Why were these liberal, sex-and-the-city journalists so outraged over an unwed mother? Were the sex lives of the candidates’ children now a factor for discussion?

And the answer is the media, in their stunning ignorance of Christian evangelicals, an ignorance that they normally wear on their sleeves with pride, had finally caught up with them. They expected the evangelicals to act like they, the media, had been defining them for years. They were bigots, weren’t they? They hated sin, didn’t they? They would abandon this Palin as soon as they learned about the daughter. It was almost funny if it were not so cruel.

Of course, Christian evangelicals don’t hate anywhere near as much as the liberal pundits who malign them, An evangelical’s whole life is about redemption, not condemnation. They never have claimed to be better than anyone else. They have only claimed to be forgiven. And better, many have learned, or are trying to learn, how to forgive themselves. They certainly wouldn’t pile on a young, seventeen year old girl, Republican or Democrat.

So poor Barack Obama. He was trying to be the first real liberal to be elected in modern times, trying not to be a McGovern or a Mondale or a Dukakis and having the benefit of a cooperative, tanking economy to help. Following the Clinton lead, he had wisely invested the last six months reaching out, lovingly and thoughtfully in a sophisticated campaign to appeal to the 42% of Americans who claim to be born again. But now he watched helplessly as a panicked, well intentioned, ignorant national media herded the massive Evangelical Movement neatly back into the camp of John McCain.

Sarah Palin did half of the work. But it could never have happened without the national media too, as Governor Mike Huckabee chortled in his speech.

Palin took shots at Obama, “We prefer candidates who talk the same way in Scranton as they do in San Francisco.”

She said, “There are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are others, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change.”

And she taunted the Democrat nominees, “While Barack Obama and Joe Biden are always talking about fighting for you, there is really only one man in this race who has really fought for you.”

And she did not cower or play the victim over the attacks on her daughter. In addition to the seventeen year old, liberals had attacked Sarah Palin for giving birth to a down syndrome child. This outraged some abortion rights advocates who took to the air. Palin said in her speech, “Children of special needs, inspire special love.”

Meanwhile, the media seemed to be stunned, off balance.  Even my favorite, the bright and always perceptive Andrea Mitchell had a “blond moment” when she asked Mitt Romney, with a straight fact, if Sarah Palin wouldn’t hurt the ticket in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, don’t expect Sarah’s lift to last.  One only need look at the fate of James Watt and John Ashcroft, the last two public figures who shared Sarah Palin’s religious pedigree, to see what is coming.  That champion of objective journalism, Keith Olbermann gave us a preview, wondering aloud to his television audience if Sarah Palin wasn’t a bit like Delores Umbridge of Harry Potter fame.  And this only minutes after Palin gave her acceptance speech. Even the most hated by the media are usually given such a moment.  It allows them room to attack more freely later.

Wow, what a week.

Note: Will Sarah Palin run for president next time?

Note:  The New Kids in the White House:

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

20 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Soars ! Liberal attacks backfire.

  1. The speech was indeed a winner and she seems authentic. Too bad she is stapled to an old DC insider like McCain.

  2. I disagree with a few assertions you’ve made:
    “The media seemed to back off when it became apparent that a contest over who is the most experienced was not especially a winning strategy for the Barack Obama campaign.”

    First off, there is no monolithic “The media”, except in the minds of those who need an enemy and scapegoat. Secondly, Palin doesn’t have Obama or Biden beat in experience, for a few reasons.

    Let’s just count the numbers, without mention of quality:

    McCain – Political Experience:
    Senator, United States Senate, Arizona, 1987-present
    Primary Candidate, United States President, 2000
    National Security Adviser, Dole/Kemp Presidential Campaign, 1996
    Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1982-1986.

    Palin – Political Experience:
    Governor, Alaska, 2006-present
    Former President, Alaska Conference of Mayors
    Former Mayor/Manager, Wasilla City
    Former Council Member, Wasilla City Council.

    Biden – Political Experience:
    Candidate, United States President, 2008
    Senator, United States Senator, 1973-present
    Councilmember, New Castle County Council, 1970-1972.

    Obama – Political Experience:
    Senator, United States Senate, 2005-present
    Keynote Speaker, 2004 Democratic National Convention
    Senator, Illinois State Senate, 1996-2004.

    So Palin has from 1992 to present – 16 years. I don’t know when she joined the PTA, or what she did as a “hockey mom”, but that doesn’t matter to me (and it shouldn’t matter to anyone). Biden has a whooping 38 years. McCain has 26 years. And poor Obama has 12 years (not counting the ambiguous community organizer time).

    If this were merely a numbers game, where all that matters is how long you’ve done something and nothing else does, Palin has more experience. But such an argument is an insult to American intelligence. It also matters what you’re doing, and your performance doing it. So let’s take a closer look at what exactly Palin has been doing. Bear with me this involves more numbers (and facts).

    Sarah Palin was steeped in Wasilla politics for 10 years. Wasilla has a population of less than 10,000 as of 2007 ( During that time Obama is a state senator for Illinois, population over 12 million ( So whose decisions affected more people? Obama.

    Before Palin became governer of the 47th largest state in the US, Obama was already in the US Senate, voting on issues that affect the entire country.

    I don’t even want to bother comparing education. Wait a minute, yes I do. Palin has a BA in journalism and broadcasting. Obama has a law degree, with a specialty on CONSTITUTIONAL law. That seems relevant. I mean, I want someone trained to uphold our most sacred document, not someone trained to read from a telepromter (which we can see Palin rocks at).

    I think you can see where this trend goes. Palin was mayor of a very small town (has nothing to do with it not being cosmopolitan, Gulliani).

    Now I disagree with Palin on her policy positions. I don’t like where she stands on the issues. What little record she has, I don’t like. But let’s not compare a small town mayor educated in talking on TV to a Harvard constitutional law professor senator like to two are one in the same.

    Food for thought. Peace.

  3. One more thing, quick I promise.

    Why didn’t the evangelicals rise up in outrage at this?

    It’s called hypocrisy. Palin is one of their own, and it’s easy to look the other way, especially when she’s promising creationism in schools and banning abortions.

    The issue of a conservative who promotes ab only sex ed having a pregnant underage daughter is very ironic, and relevant.

  4. Well, I don’t think it was anywhere near a “home run.” It was an extremely insulting speech, to say the least. She came off arrogant and demeaning . . . her “half-truths” got applause, yes. But she was playing to the crowd – not to the viewers.

  5. The contrast with the Hilary types is striking. This is an intelligent, successful woman — in a skirt. It’s refreshing and more successfully makes the point of a woman’s equal competence.

  6. Doug,

    As usual, a very nice read.

    I’d argue that Wilson’s 2 years experience was a horrible thing. Wilson’s bandering to the banksters brought about the privatization of our money with the advent of the Federal Reserve. He brought us the, questionably ratified, Income Tax to pay the fees of this new banking industry (the FEDs). Therefore, using him to point out that lack of experience could be a good thing is either your working into your post a bit of irony humor or it’s a bit off imho.

    Yes I have to agree Palin is a good speaker, or reader of speeches written by some of the best paid creators of political spin.

    BTW: Loved your speech at the Rally for the Republic!

    DanielC in SC

  7. One thing is for certain–Palin cements the bat-sh** insane demographic for McCain. It doesn’t matter what she’s done, because evangelicals have perfected the persecution complex–no attack on her can possibly be correct or accurate in their minds, it is just those who are out to get her and destroy the evangelical Christian way of life.

    In a very pragmatic political sense, McCain has found his “soul mate”–McCain deflects criticism based on his POW experience, and any criticism of Palin whatsoever only cements and motivates her base who otherwise would have stayed home for a McCain-Romney/McCain-Lieberman ticket.

  8. Ms. Palin has delivered a turnaround in her state, giving it back to the people. The fact of her short tenure in the governor’s office only reinforces her capabilities. She has accomplished more in a little less than two years than many have in multiple terms. I am most impressed by the grip and performance in the energy area. Getting America out from under its huge dependence on foreign oil is a national issue. It’s major.

  9. Did you see rasmussen reports daily tracking poll? Talk about a backlash–by 51% to 5% the people thought the media was out to hurt her over help her. That was before her speech. The people get it.

    It was the highest rated GOP convention night ever and the highest rated VP nominee address ever. It was some night. Isaiah 54:17

  10. I read some of the comments here and apparently there are some who still think that using the inexperience card can be effective against Sarah Palin. It is only emphasizing the inexperience of Barack Obama.

    Someone said something about hypocrisy, “protecting one of their own”. There is no hypocrisy. She has made a statement not in favor of explicit sex education, not all sex education. Look it up. But this is a ridiculous statement because if sex education and birth control has been so effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, why is there 500 abortions per day in this country?

    But isn’t it ironic that those who have gotten out the torches to burn her at the stake are the people who have for years now said they were for the advancement of women and that it was entirely possible to be a good mother and have a career at the same time. Now they are cutting Palin off at the knees for doing just that. This is the hypocrisy.

    But if anyone thinks it will help Barack Obama by continuing on this path, all I can say is, just keep talking.

  11. Palin is a socialist. Don’t be so naive to think McCain would have chosen an “anti” to his own philosophy.

    A little research and you’ll see that Palin is not only socialist, but a big government “compassionate” conservative that would make the old Doug Wead blush.

    Republicans, WAKE UP! Ya’ll are acting like little whores….don’t fall for it. The RNC is raping you with a dream that’s not even real.

  12. “Palin is a socialist.”

    Then what’s that make Obama? A flaming communist? Please, you redneck paleo-cons from down South are truly a joke. Sometimes, I wish Lincoln hadn’t fought to preserve the Union. What did the Yankee intelligentsia ultimately gain by keeping knuckle dragging rednecks like you in this country?

    Palin’s pro-NRA and pro-life. Plus, she wants to drill in ANWR. She’s tough on crime and best of all, looks great and gets people excited about the campaign.

    What more do we need? You know nothing about marketing and selling. That’s what politics are, sparky, in case you didn’t know, besides being a form of warfare.

    You are acting like a spoiled child not getting exactly what they want. What a pity no one ever taught you the valuable lesson of having to sometimes settle for something less than what you want. You aren’t going to get your fellow kooks Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin elected. No one gives a crap about your principles or theirs. They don’t sell. That’s fact.

    This election isn’t about you personally. it’s about elected someone who isn’t a flaming lib loser like Barry O. who wants to appease and negotiate with foreign terrorists. Barry O. wants other countries to like us. Barry O. wants America to be loved. Liberals want to be loved.

    I could give a damn if other countries love us or not. It’s better to be feared than to be loved.

    That’s called a Machiavellian lesson in survival. Obviously, you’ve never had a truly tough or challenging moment in your life.

    Deciding between paper or plastic in the check out line doesn’t count.


    You see, Brutus, and all you other paleo-con/losertarian dolts, this is how you try to win an election.

    I guess another principle of Presidential elections eludes you. You always campaign from the center but rule from either the right or left.

    Barry O. would rule from the left. McCain would rule from the right.

    I can accept that reality. I am a survivor and a pragmatist, not an idealist. Idealists are fools, from the right or left.

  14. My recent blog entry “Ron(Laughing)Stock08 captures the paleocon/losertarian mentality perfectly.

    Cheap cheap cheap!

    I’ll bet you carry with you tip calculators when you dine at restaurants and you never exceed 15%, even on weekends.

    Speaking of restaurants, you always try to get the early bird special.

    I’ll bet you’ll drive to another town ten miles away trying to save a few bucks on a sale item.

    I’ll bet you’ll go to yard sales and haggle over five dollar items.

    I’ll bet you’ll wait until it’s 90 degrees outside before considering turning on the air conditioner at home.

    I’ll bet you’ll wear clothes purchased at thrift shops. (That’s for all you Clark Howard fans).

    I could add others, but I think you get the point.

    A government can’t run like a penny-wise pound-foolish operation. It’s got to spend when necessary to keep the operation going.

  15. I think Sarah Palin is not only refreshing but real. I for one hope she does not change. This country needs strong leaders with her values. She has experience. Much more experience than Obama. How in the world can they use the inexperience card?

    I would not vote for one based on gender nor color. I vote for the ones who show character and courage and who I believe will put the country first.

    It is also nice to have a team of 2 who are not lawyers. Sometimes I think that is how we got into so much trouble…just sayin…

    Who would you want at the helm if we were attacked on our shores again? One with a proven record of doing or one who talks? Palin and McCain are Mavericks..proven mavericks who have both gone against their own party when they thought it best, McCain to the chagrin of conservatives.

    The latest ad about McCain and the computer is particularly cruel..he does not use a computer very much if at all because he cannot comb his hair..due to his horrific war injuries from the beating he took for this country in a time of war. Would anyone do an ad making fun of the blind mayor of New York can not drive?

    Palin has handled herself well during the interviews with biased smug arrogant Gibson too. ABC edited the version we saw. I want to see the unedited as well.

    As for me, I am sending the DNC my used lipstick, and wearing a tacky lip pin to show that Palin is fine by me for the White House. I think it would be a hoot if many sent lipsticks..think then they would get the message?

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