Why I’m going to Minneapolis?

I’m going to be in Minneapolis for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, August 31-September 2.  You know why?

Because Ron Paul was there for me in the national debates, standing up to the GOP establishment, with their no questions asked – we will define what conservative means – attitude.

I’m going to Minneapolis because Ron Paul spent the last two years for me, enduring the ridicule and astonishment of the national  media when he spoke out against a war that 70% of the American people said they didn’t want but no other Republican politician had the guts to oppose.

I’m going to Minneapolis to cast my vote against an intrusive government that says it needs to read my mail and listen to my phone conversations in order to properly protect me.  BTW, these are the same people who delay little old ladies going through the metal detectors at airports, confiscating their face creams, water bottles and eyelash tweezers, while genially waving through swarthy looking young, single males with nervous, darting eyes.

I’m going to Minneapolis to cheer the United States Constitution, which still matters to millions of us.

I’m going to Minneapolis to puzzle the national media whose ignorance of ordinary Americans, their fears, hopes and faith, is sometimes just breathtaking .  But since the media is so universally ignorant, they get away with sitting on panels and talking to each other about their false perceptions, confident that none of their other colleagues on the panel, nor their executive bosses, know any better.

I’m going to Minneapolis to cast a blow against apathy.  To encourage young people and retirees who want to take back the Republican Party and are willing to learn how to do it.

I’m going to Minneapolis to yell and cheer when speakers offer rock bed, unchanging, hard-won democratic principles and truths as opposed to scripts written up for them by pollsters and handlers who monitor the wind.

I’m going to Minneapolis to help nudge the country in the right direction.

And what is the right direction?

Toward liberty. 

Away from intrusion, regulation and self righteous interference, all for my own good, of course.  Away from excessive taxation and spending.  Away from obnoxious, arrogant people who make me wait for pieces of paper so I can be permitted to do things that God gave me the power to do without them. 

I’m going to Minneapolis to nudge the country toward Monticello, Mt. Vernon and Braintree.   

I’m going to Minneapolis to make history, not to watch it on television, but to be right there inside it, making it move just a little bit.

I’m going to Minneapolis for Ron Paul but I’m going for myself too.  And for my children and their future.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

17 thoughts on “Why I’m going to Minneapolis?

  1. Mr. Wead,
    We thank you for what you do, you are an inspiration to the freedom loving community and quite certain that you can simply and proudly call youself “A Great American”. Help educate us and keep that Liberty Fire burning!!!

    Liberty for Life…

  2. hi,
    the big difference between dr. paul and the rest of congress is that he IS a

    thank you for your excellent article.

    really wish i could be there.

    god bless!

  3. There are Americans in the USA today.

    They just are not in the Democrat or Republican parties anymore.

  4. I am a big Ron Paul supporter but I have one small bone to pick with you. When you talk about the gov’t reading your mail and listening to your phone calls you have gone over the top. The only way the Feds will listen to your calls is if you are talking to al-Qaeda. There are much more egregious violations the gov’t commit on it’s average citizens everyday. Things like excessive taxes, the Ponzi scheme known as Soc. Sec. and letting gas get to $4.00+/gallon.

  5. As a voter who always looks more closely at the person running for office and their own ideas, rather than the platforms of their Party (they never intend to follow it, anyway), over many decades, I have voted Democratic, Republican and Independent.

    In the field this time, I felt there were very few people worthy to be on the podium. Dr. Ron Paul is someone America should thank. Please do so for all of us who cannot be in Minneapolis, and please do wish him well.

  6. Tell me, Doug, what can’t you do today that is so important that you could do before the evil neo-cons allegedly hijacked the Constitution?

    I’ll put the same question out to you paleo-cons and losertarians reading this.

    It’s like how none of you can cite any specific examples of how your religious observation has been abridged.

    What do you people eat, drink, or smoke that makes you do paranoid?

    Do you people forget there’s a war on? Apparently so. I guess you also think that if we’re nice to Islamo-fascist savages and abandon Israel, they’ll be nice to us, right?

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