Why is Obama not giving his speech at the convention site?

Why is Obama not giving his speech at the convention site?

Actually, throughout history, the presidential candidate seldom appeared at his own convention.  The public liked to believe that their presidents were reluctant to assume power.  It was all an elaborate pantomime of George Washington, who preferred Mt. Vernon and retirement.  Franklin Pierce and his wife, Jane, were taking a leisurely carriage ride in New Hampshire when a courier on horseback stopped them with the news that Pierce had won the Democratic nomination on the 49th ballot.  Mrs. Pierce fainted.

But in modern times, the convention acceptance speech has been the climax of convention coverage, a moment of unity for the party to take home.

Senator Barack Obama will give his speech in a 76,000 seat outdoor stadium.  It is all for a reason.  To “shake down the thunder” as the Irish would say, or to “wake up the echoes” of John F. Kennedy, who was the last nominee to give his acceptance speech away from the convention.  Kennedy spoke at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1960.  The Obama team has long been trying to invoke the Kennedy magic for their campaign and with some success.


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    Here is the correct bloq!

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