Ron Paul: The Prophet

One of the great disappointments of my brief governmental experience, which included a stint at the White House, was the strategic vacuum at the top.  No one was planning or even thinking about the decade ahead let alone the next hundred years.  It was all about the next election.  There were no meetings about what the real problems were but rather, what were the perceived problems, the ones that would dominate the evening news that night and therefore needed an immediate fix, or at least the pretense of a fix.

But if someone were to come from another planet and look at us and look at our society, they would not be impressed by our evening news.  The most serious, obvious, societal problems are hardly mentioned.  Take, for example, drunk driving.  We are literally slaughtering thousands, needlessly, every year, a death toll that surpasses any recent war.  It would alarm our imaginary interplanetary observer.  Is it a type of societal suicide?  But the real problems and the perceived problems, dictated by a fickle, easily bored public and placated by an irresponsible, entertainment, money driven, modern news establishment can’t think strategically either.

So it comes as a bit of shock to encounter an honest thinker, and one in government!  And to find one in the United States House of Representatives, where the members are perpetually politicking for re-election, is astounding.

But listen to this. Fully a year before the events of September 11, 2001, Ron Paul expressed his alarm at American foreign policy arrogance, particularly how it was increasingly seen in Islamic countries.

“The cost in terms of liberties lost and the unnecessary exposure to terrorism are difficult to determine, but in time it will become apparent to all of us that foreign interventionism is of no benefit to American citizens, but is instead a threat to our liberties.”  – Ron Paul (spoken in the year 2000.)

This is not a pro Arab or pro Islamic statement.  To anyone who has traveled to Islamic countries, as I have for years, this is only common sense.  It has been no help to us or our important allies, such as Israel, to unnecessarily provoke and ignore the sensibilities of so vast a people.

The idea that someone could see this, before it happened, and had the courage to speak up about it, is encouraging.  The fact that none of us even knew it was said, that it didn’t rate mention on the evening news, and even now, after the fact, is still ignored by politicians and journalists alike, who can’t abide to be wrong about anything, is exasperating.

Read this series and you will want to be in Minneapolis.  But make sure you read the follow up, second blog in the series.

Here is the second one…




18 Responses to Ron Paul: The Prophet

  1. rsbellmedia says:

    Exactly. This is another reason why he is my favorite guest (who also happens to be a medical doctor) on my radio program. He returns today to report on the health of the nation. This is the one doc in Congress who knows the disease, its cause and cure. Go to to hear it live or listen to the podcast later.

  2. David Black says:

    Ron Paul is a crackpot and a fool. When will you allegedly intelligent people wake up and realize it?

  3. David Black says:

    I just noted that there is an allusion to extra terrestrial intelligence in Doug’s blog post on Ron Paul.

    Isn’t is sacrilege to suggest that life exists outside of God’s domain? Would extra terrestrials be automatically Christians? Or would they be Muslims? How about Jews?

    I don’t think extra terrestrials possessing the technolgy to reach this planet would be impressed with anything we humans have accomplished. They would regard us with the same consideration we accord to garden slugs that crawl about anonymously in the dirt.

  4. raleyb says:

    Eric Schansberg, a pro life/conservative Libertarian in Indiana, turned me onto Ron Paul last fall and I wish I had looked at him more closely in the primaries. I almost feel like the poor bumbling guy who couldn’t help it because he just didn’t know the truth. Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus said it not me.

    Ron Paul is sharing the truth to a blindfolded nation. I can’t believe I laughed at him and mocked him during the debates. I respected his position on liberty, small government and fiscal policy, but I turned my nose up at his foreign policy. I’m not saying he has all the answers but he is making us think in a whole new way.

  5. paperlessworld says:

    Posted August 2, 2008

    The millions of abortions in the United States since 1973 certainly affected the election in 2000. The millions of abortions probably explain why we were in Iraq.

    If you are looking for a convention in Minneapolis and not St. Paul, your have traveled to far west. The Republicans are meeting the the capital city.

  6. […] Paul leading up to the rally. All of them are wonderful. The August 10th entry is entitled, “Ron Paul: The Prophet“. In it Wead is astounded that someone in the House Of Representatives was prophetic […]

  7. […] Rally for the Republic speaker and former Bush Sr. special assistant Doug Wead has been doing a series of article in the lead-up to the Rally. Check out the latest here. […]

  8. optionsmonster says:

    Ignored in 2000.

    Ignored in 2002 leading up to the Iraq War con job.

    Ignored for decades.

    He has been, and is, 100% right no matter how hard they try to prevent the elucidation of millions of mass media mesmerized minds.

  9. libertychick says:

    David Black’s ad hominem attacks on Ron Paul (here and on his own blog), his contempt for the Constitution and the ideals upon which our country was founded — indeed his seeming hatred toward humanity in general (we are “savages” and must become like our enemies in order to defeat them) make me ever prouder to be among the “freak fringe” (as he designates Paul supporters and constitutionalists.)

  10. David Black says:

    What I have contempt for is the fundamentalist mindset of certain people regarding the Constitution as if it’s religious doctrine, which isn’t surprising, since most all Constitutionists seem to be aligned with Christian evangelicals.

    ” (we are “savages” and must become like our enemies in order to defeat them)”

    tell me sweetie, how else would you suggest we annihilate our enemies? Give them a kiss and say we love them?

  11. David Black says:

    “He has been, and is, 100% right no matter how hard they try to prevent the elucidation of millions of mass media mesmerized minds.”

    That’s right, it’s always someone else’s fault why a nutjob like Ron Paul isn’t embraced by the masses.

  12. littlepear says:

    Methinks Lady Black doth protest too much.

  13. David Black says:

    well little pear, when people back losers like Ron Paul, that makes them a loser, too, in certain respects.

    You don’t profit when you back losing stock. Ron Paul represents losing stock. Thirty five million dollars spent and 14 measly electoral votes, wow. That’s some showing (sarcasm).

    If Ron Paul were a company, he would be out of business by now.

    Haven’t you figured it out yet? He plays populist whiners like you by telling you what you want to hear. He knows he has the misfit freak fringe market all locked up, so he caters directly to them. Otherwise, no one would be listening to him.

  14. timpj5 says:

    David, your argument is based on anger and misguided suppositions. If you don’t like a persons ideas, go elsewhere and perpetuate your own ideas. Apparently you are threatened by the ideas of Dr. Paul. That liberty should be the highest American value as opposed to dominance.

    In regard to your previous comment, we don’t have to annihilate our enemies. We didn’t fire a shot in the Cold War and yet the Soviet Union disintegrated. Annihilation presupposes that we are the Big Dog and everyone answers to us. We are just one of many nations, currently one with vast liberties. If we extricate ourselves from the affairs of other nations, we would have less unintended consequences and ultimately less enemies.

  15. David Black says:

    “If you don’t like a persons ideas, go elsewhere and perpetuate your own ideas.”

    Why? So you can have your comfortable little coffee klatch and feel all warm and runny inside because people think and behave just like you?

    You seem like 99% of the blogosphere … people looking to join and be accepted by a collective. How middle class and pedestrian.

    My purpose is to ridicule the common man dreams and aspirations that go along with populist causes like the campaign of Ron Paul. I think this cause and its figurehead are a fraud and I’m going to keep saying it as long as the name “Ron Paul” keep being cited.

  16. David Black says:

    ” If we extricate ourselves from the affairs of other nations, we would have less unintended consequences and ultimately less enemies.”

    What a crock. Do you anything about the Islamo-fascist mentality?

    Do you have any idea why we have not been attacked on our shores since 9/11? That’s because we’ve taken the battle to their backyard. if we withdrew they would come here.

    Islamo-fascism isn’t going to stop in this or the next lifetime. These savages won’t stop until they are all killed once and for all.

    You don’t get that, do you? Do you have any warrior spirit in you? You sound like a cowardly appeaser.

  17. David Black says:

    CORRECTION: Do you know anything about the Islamo-fascist mentality?

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