Memo to John McCain: Pick Joe Lieberman for Vice President


So what can John McCain do?  If evangelicals number 42% of the population (according to Barna,) and if their super churches are the Republican equivalent of the unions in the Democrat Party of the 1950s and 60s, the key to increased voter registration, the machine to turn out the vote; and if these evangelical activists are now demoralized, feeling unimportant, and unenthusiastic about John McCain; and it is too late for him to publicly court them without incurring media and public backlash; then what can he do?


Bring Independent Senator, Joe Lieberman, onto his ticket.

It’s farfetched, it will upset the party regulars, but he needs to take some chances to stop the “Obama Phenoma.”  Joe Lieberman, a Jew and a former Democrat, will energize evangelicals in a way that no evangelical on the ticket could.  Evangelicals are divided over doctrine and practice and even styles of worship.  But there is one thing that unites them and that is their support for the State of Israel. 

Of course the media does not understand this and it does not jive with their version of “agents of intolerance” and most Jews don’t want to believe it but that only makes it all the more rich.  McCain will be seen as bold, even risky, when there is in fact no risk at all with the evangelical base of his party.  He would be using the public and media ignorance of evangelicals to his advantage for a change.

There are three other very big bonuses to a Joe Lieberman candidacy. 

First, the appointment would hasten the Jewish switch to the Republican Party.  It is no secret that there is growing nervousness over Barack Obama within the Jewish community.  The Lieberman appointment would add to their comfort level with John McCain. 

Second, the appointment would clearly separate him from the sinking ship of George W. Bush.  After all, Joe Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000.

Third, the media would be absolutely floored.  They would see that this election would guarantee history in the making.  A Black, a Jew, and possibly a woman could be president or vice president.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  What would Rush Limbaugh say?


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

17 thoughts on “Memo to John McCain: Pick Joe Lieberman for Vice President

  1. “But there is one thing that unites them and that is their support for the State of Israel.”

    You say this but you and your evangelical mafia indicate otherwise. You do not make sense.

    John McCain is the ONLY candidate that has pledged to continue the fight against Islamo-fascism. That’s fact.

    And where’s your darling savior Ron “”Non-Interventionist” Paul on this issue? He’s no different than any other redneck anti-Semite … screw Israel and let them defend themselves.

    You people say one thing and do another. Why should anyone court you with such an inconsistent stand on the most important issue of your lifetime, the war against Islamo-fascism??

    Please tell me what could be more important than that?

  2. Why should John McCain pick a guy with a primarily liberal voting record?

    Doug, are you sure you are a conservative?

    Start thinking about what’s best for the whole country instead of of what’s best for your own special interest group.

  3. Why should John McCain pick a guy with a primarily liberal voting record? I don’t know, because McCain is a liberal with some fiscally conservative votes?

    What could be more important than defending Israel?

    1. Preserving adherence to the U.S. Constitution and keeping the oath of office inviolate.

    2. Defending the right of innocent and unborn babies to life.

    3. Defending our borders here at home.

    4. Getting Congress to stop the income tax, a plank on the communist manifesto.

    5. Getting Black David to stop being scared of the dark.

  4. Uh, hate to tell you, but the Constitution allows for the collection of taxes. Read it for yourself.

    You Constitutionalists are as sickening as Christian Evangelicals or Islamo-fascists. You surrender yourselves to scripture and hold it up as an absolute. You have no minds of your own and you follow it and each other like lemmings.

    The beauty of this country is that it allows you to make as much money as you want and keep about as much money as you want. If you are smart, you know how to avoid paying heavy taxes. But not everyone is smart, so they piss and moan about how tough it is. Instead of sitting on their assess watching their big screen TVs and eating junk food, they should have been studying and investing time into something useful.

    That would have taken care of most of their problems … intensive training, self-discipline, denial of gratification, spartan living .. all signs of a proper conservative life.

    True conservatism relates to your attitudes about what constitutes proper personal conduct and lifestyle.

    I don’t personally care for abortion but a woman should have the right to choose. It’s her blob of protoplasm.

    Face it, the USA has interests abroad that must be recognized. Isolationism went out with Woodrow Wilson, sparky.

    You sound like those paleo-con idiots who bitched about US involvement during WW2 and asking why we were fighting for Jews.

  5. “I don’t know, because McCain is a liberal with some fiscally conservative votes?”

    You people are pathetic. No politician is ever 100% conservative on everything! McCain Feingold? Who gives a rap about campaign finance? I certainly don’t. Does it affect my life personally? No. Does it interfere with my prosperity? No. Does it interfere with my pursuit of happiness? No.

    Guess what, it doesn’t affect yours either. You are just fishing for some way to complain about John McCain because your savior Ron “Don’t Call Me an Isolationist” Paul attracted a measly 14 delegates and you can’t accept it.

    Why can’t you accept it? Because you’re spoiled baby boomers or their descendants who want everything their own way or you huff and puff like silly little children who don’t get their candy.
    You are pathetic and weak with no resolve to make the best of the situation. You take what you can get. Learn to settle for less sometimes, just like our ancestors did during the Depression when they couldn’t get everything they wanted. In this prefab instant gratification world you nitwits want your lives and its travails to be summed up neatly before the last commercial break where the hero wins and the villain gets caught.

    Life isn’t like a Tv show or a stupid movie, you dolts. It’s about survival and getting what you can while you can. I’ll take even a 50% conservative over a 100% liberal putz anyday because I understand that you can’t always have it your own way like it says on that package you just popped into your microwave.

    Get over yourselves and your own little wants and needs. McCain isn’t aperfect conservative but he’ll do for now.

    That’s how you have to look at it. You have to ask yourself, “what do I need to do to survive today?”

    You ask yourself that question on November 5, 2008 and pick the person who isn’t America hating black nationalist. You pick the guy that pledges to fight and not cower before Islamo-fascists. That’s the guy you vote for.

    It’s like I’ve been saying all along about you paleo-cons, you evangelicals, and you Constitutionalists. You’re all cowards and should be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Chief Jew Hater, you said, the Constitution allows for the collection of taxes? **With great feigning of surprise** “Wow, that’s a first. I had no idea Congress could lay and collect Taxes . . . .” Thanks to your ilk, we had the passage of the 16th Amendment.

    Chief Jew Hater, you’ve helped me greatly. I shall now vote for Chuck Baldwin because he is the person who will not cower before the transatlantic intercontinental fundmental ballistic Islamo free radical paleo-muhammadists.

    And thanks for your posts on my blog and the admission that you just watched Israeli women and people die while you did nothing. For shame….for shame.

  7. Sorry, redneck, I don’t hate my own people. I recognize that fighting is the only way to achieve peace and ensure self-preservation.

    No peace was ever preserved without first spilling blood.

    People of bona fide Western styled democracies who die during a war die as heroes.

    I guess you missed that part of the lesson during your own military training.

    It’s your right to vote for a nobody loser like Chuck Baldwin. Doing so gives a black radical thug like Slick Barry a better chance of being elected.

    So that’s what you want? I see where your loyalties lie.

    I vote for people that have a chance of winning. I align with winners, not losers. You align with losers, that makes you a loser as well.

    You aren’t interested in winning as I am. You are only interested in your silly principles that mean something only to you and your fellow narcissists. You fail to see a much bigger picture of the future.

  8. “And thanks for your posts on my blog and the admission that you just watched Israeli women and people die while you did nothing.”

    If you could actually read, you’d know that wasn’t true.

    This is proof of the failure of our public school systems to suitably educate children and teach them to read and comprehend.

    You’re just like some of the children I used to work with … over indulged ADD cases consumed by their own narcissism and waiting to be reminded of how special they were and how everything they had to say or think demanded immediate and rapt attention.

  9. His church of 20 odd years bases itself on black liberation theology. It’s all that radical left African nationalist nonsense.

    Surely you knew that already.

  10. Chief Jew Hater,

    You remind of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, and Vladimir Lenin cloaked with the reasoning of Sandra Day O’Connor and William Brennan, and housed in the body of Trotsky.

    So because Hitler had a better chance of winning, you’d vote for him? Your political party has a symbol called the jackass. ***Rolling on floor in sheer pain from so much laughter.*** If voting for Chuck Baldwin gets rid of folks like you, then I’m happy to do so.

    And who gives a care about McCain-Feingold? Are you serious? Bwaha, bwahaaahaaa, haaa, haaaaaaa haaa ahaaa……stop, your juvenile age is coming through. You’re killing me here……1st amendment is no big deal??? The most important law in the Republic???? Ha ha ha ha asssss …… oh dear, this doesn’t even merit a response Chief Jew Hater.

    My military training, unlike anyone else on this post, taught me to make the other person die for his country first. Hero is a meaningless term. Now I know you’re full of bovine scatology.

    Seriously, Chief Jew Hater, go home. Go home and lick the hands which feed you and may G_d forget that ye were our countryman. ‘Cause Israel surely won’t take you.

    Finally, Chief Jew Hater, don’t tell me about winning. Our troops have already won and don’t you ever say otherwise. They won and they won big. Mission Accomplished, remember?

  11. Chief Jew Hater,

    Just when I didn’t think it could get any better, you once again give me more fodder. I know for a fact you’re not a warrior but a scared little french school girl.

    People who go to war for a Republic (we’re not a democracy) don’t go to die. They go to make heros out of the other people they fight. In other words, they make the other poor bastards die for their country.

    If voting for a Chuck Baldwin infuriates you, that’s all the more reason to do it. If it gets rid of your liberal jew hating power, then yet again, another reason.

    In terms of the future and you winning? Are you joking? Are you on crack?DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK MCCAIN HAS A CHANCE AGAINST OBAMA? As things stand now, you’re lucky I continue to respond with such drivel coming from your keyboard. You’re a kook.

    Listen Jew Hater, you truly sound like the Ron Paul types I know who actually thought he had a chance. I’d get some counseling if I were you. I’ll bet you even thought Bob Dole had a chance too? Am I right?

    When it’s all said and done, you are the true LOSER….that’s too bad. I was hoping to save a conservative.

  12. Lieberman would go a long way to bringing Evangelicals towards Mccain, but Hukabee would be an even better choice. He saved a guy from choking the other day!

  13. Huckabee would be the more logical choice because a winning candidate always needs to carry the South.

    I’m leaning toward Bobby Jindal, but my gut is telling me that McCain may need to cast a big name heavy hitter to balance a probable Obama/Clinton dream ticket.

    Too bad there’s Bush fatigue. Jeb Bush would have been perfect.

  14. Bush is in over his head. Everything else is commentary and here’s mine. To whom is this not obvious?

    Bush as a cowboy: the equivalant of Bush riding one of those horsies you put a quarter in outside of a drug store as opposed to a wrangler riding in a legit rodeo.

    BTW. The word is “jibe” not “jive”.

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