Ron Paul’s Best You Tube Moment

Here it is, the one Ron Paul You Tube that captures it all, Mike Huckabee’s innocence, Mitt Romney’s regret and John McCain’s cynicism.  Here are all the dynamics that have made the Republican nomination process for this 2008 cycle a fascinating exercise in futility.

The cast:

Of course there is Ron Paul himself, incredulous at the irrelevant, tactical conversations swirling around him when the grand strategic policies upon which those conversations are built is virtually ignored.  It is as if we are all in Alice and Wonderland.  He is speaking truth and no one else on the panel, including the media hosts – especially the media hosts – seem to get it. 

Thank God for the spontaneous audience outbursts of applause for Ron Paul.  That’s what helps me keep my bearings and realize that I am not losing it in my old age.   Having been a shill in practice debates for George Herbert Walker Bush, I know full well how the tickets are apportioned at these events and I can tell you that a good hunk of those applauding Congressman Paul are actually McCain-Romney supporters.  They just can’t resist applauding arguments that make sense, even if the comments are coming from the opposition.  You can be sure, based on the previous debates, that all of them have been given strict instructions, “Now whatever you do, don’t applaud Ron Paul.”  And still they can’t control it. 

Even beyond the enthusiastic applause of the undisciplined solders, others are sitting glumly, hands on their laps but thinking, “Why doesn’t my guy make sense like that? Oh well, too much for my little, tiny brain to grasp.  Besides, I have a picture shaking hands with my guy and that will sell a lot of insurance policies in Fresno.  Who is  this Ron Paul anyway?  He can’t win.”

But what I like most about this Ron Paul You Tube is the reaction of the other players.

There is Mike Huckabee looking on wistfully, as if to say, “Gee, how does he get this stuff?  This is so good.  Why can’t I think of that?  But it appears to be quite systematic, not just sound bites.  It is all so interconnected. That could take some real study, might have to read the constitution and who has time for that?”

Then there is Mitt Romney.  Silent but clearly disturbed.  “I follow what he is saying.  I could have gone that route too, that would have been so simple, and honest and fun, but that is surely not what politics is all about.  The die was cast when I ran for governor of Massachusetts and had to take positions that now haunt me.  A fella has to do what he has to do and I am such a good person, but I have to get elected to do anything good.  Can’t do anything good without power.  And this guy may be right about everything but this guy is not going to get elected.  I know that.  And I can’t go back and change what happened.  I have to play with the cards I am dealt.  At least I have gone further than my Dad.  Dear Dad, ‘You seein this?  Forgive the boy for all this political stuff but you know very well it is necessary for victory.  Yes, it’s dirty business, but you know very well that this is how it’s done, Dad.’”

But the best part of this You Tube is the cynically amused John McCain, smirking and rolling his eyes as Ron Paul talks, looking very much as if he were in more pain than those heroic years at the Hanoi Hilton.  He seems to be saying, “Mr. Paul, this is not about logic.  If the world were a logical place men would ride side saddle, not women.  Go ahead, keep it up, have your fun now, play to the audience, because when these debates are over you are toast and you are going to be toast during my administration so get on with your book tour and lectures, you are not a serious candidate and we all know that, if the people in this audience don’t, the media does and they will determine who hears what comes out of this debate and it isn’t going to be you my friend.  In fact, this is not a debate, that is your first mistake, this is a campaign commercial for my candidacy. All your ‘truth’ will get you a beer and a bestseller.  You really crack me up.”

And now, without further ado…..  here it is, my favorite You Tube of Ron Paul….

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

65 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Best You Tube Moment

  1. Hear hear, Mr. Wead.

    My favorite parts were the very first and very last lines: bookends for what was indeed one of his finest moments versus the Mainstream Mafia.

    Opening with an economic sledgehammer: “[W]here’s the money gonna come from?”

    Closing with a legal ethics a-bomb: “I think it’s time to debate foreign policy—and why we don’t follow the Constitution and only go to war with a declaration of war!”

    Anderson “we’ll get back to you in a couple of questions” Cooper can jump in the lake.

  2. Youtube can make anything serious funny. But i can’t imagine Ron Paul being a youtube sensation.

  3. Excellent analysis of the other candidates, Mr. Wead! This video is only second to the clip of Dr. Paul stating his name and “….I am the champion of the Constitution.” How do you follow a guy who says that introduction in a political debate?

  4. I wonder if anyone but me sees soemthoing askew with Doug Wead’s political preferences these days.

    His ties to the Bush family are well known. The Bush family cannot accurately be categorized as hard-line conservatives and are certainly nothing like libertarians. Obviously, he had to agree with their politics if he either worked for and with them for as long as he did

    John McCain is more in line with the Bush family politically and stands to further their legacy, yet Wead doesn’t back John McCain, but instead backs the futile campaign Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s campaign was built on one premise … Goerge Bush was wrong

    Hmm, why do you suppose Doug Wead backs a kook like Ron Paul and not a mainstream candidate in the Bush mold?

    John McCain has a record of being critical of evangelical leaders. Ron Paul has no such record.


    I wonder if anyone but me sees something askew with Doug Wead’s political preferences these days.

    His ties to the Bush family are well known. The Bush family cannot accurately be categorized as hard-line conservatives and are certainly nothing like libertarians. Obviously, he had to agree with their politics if he either worked for or with them for as long as he did

    John McCain is more in line with the Bush family politically and stands to further their legacy, yet Wead doesn’t back John McCain, but instead backs the futile campaign of Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s campaign was built on one premise … Goerge Bush was wrong on everything.

    Hmm, why do you suppose Doug Wead backs a kook like Ron Paul and not a mainstream candidate in the Bush mold?

    John McCain has a record of being critical of evangelical leaders. Ron Paul has no such record.

  6. I remember it like yesterday, and your writeup is exactly what was going through my mind that night too. Ron Paul’s opponents have been voting against the Constitution for so long that they’re too ashamed to admit it. It’s obvious by the look on their faces that Ron Paul is right on this point, and that there might just be something horribly wrong about their commitment to continuing a policy of endless, unconstitutional, preemptive war.

  7. Dave newell: I know you are the history buff, so tell me, why are people only now complaining about alleged un-Constitutional interventions?

    Let’s go back to the 19th century, was Manifest Destiny Constitutional? I’m citing this because I’m not like the Constitutionalists who to me act in every way like religious fundamentalists.

    Sorry, Dave, but our strategic military and economic interests are threatened by Islamo-fascism. Why anyone would think that we shouldn’t be taking on these medieval savages who are hell bent on destroying the West and Israel just seems very bizarre to me.

    The America I grew up in didn’t back down from fights. But after a generation of Dr. Benjamin Spock raised cowards told to “go along to get along” and to consider the “feelings” of others, I can see why too many baby boomers and their cretinous spawn are up to the task.

    I get it very well. You don’t want anything to disturb your cozy materialistic middle class lifestyles, so you think if you leave Islamo-fascists alone they’ll leave you alone to your big screen TV, your DVD player with the 5.1 surround sound, your computers, your summer rental at the beach, your 2.3 kids, etc.

    The days of a comfortable living America are over. it’s now time to struggle and suffer and see who can survive and who can’t. There’s a war on, pal, get with the program and support the goal toward victory, whether it takes 10 years or one hundred. You know these Islamo-fascist savages won’t quit before that, so we have to prove that we are tougher and more powerful than they are. It’s the only thing they can understand.

    Don’t you understand what these creeps are all about yet? They are animals and must be regarded as such. All they know is kill, kill, kill, in the name of Allah, while the cowardly moderate factions among them sit on their hands and do nothing to stop them.

    Your precious Constitution won’t mean too much when you are forced into dhimmitude. You should look up that word and study it carefully, because that’s your future if you don’t support the fight to the bitter end against Islamo-fascism.

  8. Still the antagonist eh Mr. Black? Spreading your goodwill of hate and war all over.

    You know what will be undeniably ironic about you Mr. Black?

    You will be the one standing in total disbelief if they decide to deem you a terrorist. You will be screaming out and decrying, “But, but, but….I supported you! I shut up when you destroyed the Constitution. I didn’t make a peep when you eliminated rights to an attorney, freedom from illegal searches and wire taps. I cheered you one when you wanted to torture those terrorists! I beat the war drums with you when you killed millions of innocent, men, women, and children, in countries that did not attack us and had no connections to 9/11, while sacrificing our own men and women in our military for your wars!! I was a good little obedient citizen. I marked it all down to casualties of war. I didn’t care if it was an undeclared, unconstitutional war. I wanted justice! Forget laws, forget rules, and forget checks and balances. There must be bloodshed! I was with you all the way! I ran to all those boards online and slammed all those crazy people who remembered the Constitution, and all those Americans who fought for those stupid rights!

    I am one of you!

    “Wait…what do you mean I can’t call a lawyer? Ouch!!! AUGH! Stop! Oh my God Why are you tazing me??? Why are you taking my clothes off!!! Stop! Get the hell away from me! What are you nuts!! Why are you blindfolding me! Where are you taking me! What did I DO? You have to at least tell me what I am charged with! My family has a right to know where I am! Why are we getting on a Plane! STOP!!! HELP ME!. For the love of God someone please HELP me!!! I didn’t do anything wrooooooooong!!! I am an AMERICAN citizen for God’s sake! This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL…I know my Rights!”

    Unfortunately, that is what it would probably take for someone like you to remember the extreme importance of our Constitution and our rights Mr. Black. Then you will remember all this garbage of division about Republicans and Democrats meant nothing compared to what it meant to defend being an American. Then you will get it that a Government of tyranny who passes unfathomable Constitutional suspending, and rights stripping laws, also applies to YOU. You will get it too late and will have no one but yourself to blame.

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the PEOPLE to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    Your government has stomped all over the truths that hold self evident of a free society that protected you too from tyranny and not just their so-called deemed terrorists as they made you so doggedly believe and fear.

    Right now we have hundreds of people in US government controlled prisons all over who have been denied access to an attorney, denied a right to defense because they cannot defend what they do not know they are being charged with and they are being detained for YEARS without charges. They are enduring US Government sanctioned torture at the hands of our own military and all of those abuses of rights apply to US citizens too. Regardless of your ignorant arrogance to think your loyalty against your country, with those who seek to destroy it, makes you somehow exempt from the same treatment …..that includes you too Mr. Black.

    I can tell you haven’t even bothered to educate yourself and read it so I will share. According to the Patriot Acts they do not need proof to do this to you. They only need “suspicion” that you could be the new terrorist target of the week. But you are too ignorant and naïve to think you were somehow miraculously exempt from these new tyrannical laws that indeed also apply to you, and everyone you love, because you thought they only applied to these terrorists they have made you so afraid of.

    I agree with you on one thing. Now is the time to find the backbone of this country. After reading some of your posts I see your backbone has been long gone for quite some time. It does not take and act of courage to follow tyranny. It takes a real man to stand against it when it is not the popular thing to do but when it is the right thing to do. We do Not need to start MORE wars against countries who have not attacked us at ALL. Nor do we need to conduct strike first attacks against countries who have no real means, or intent, to attack us.

    Can you hear yourself? Your rantings sound like the now not so seemingly fictional movie Minority Report whereas people are criminalized for their thoughts of what they “might” do. Do you give a shred of importance of what it means to be innocent until proven guilty? Tell me just how it this attack first plan going to make OUR country and OUR people safer? Would you be ok with someone storming into your home, killing your wife and kids and then telling you it was to liberate your country? Give me a break. Our men and women in the military become less safe the longer we OCCUPY countries that did not harm us. The longer we keep them prisoner in their own country. The longer their innocents die in their families. They will continue to fight our armies like ANY American would fight to stop the oppression of a foreign Government killing and controlling us. ALL American’s would want them OUT too.

    Anyone who would want more of the same or advocate a nut like McCain needs to enlist and fight these wars for those lunatics because the rest of us are fed up with our loved ones risking their LIVES for a government hell bent on destroying us all while setting our citizens up for real harm and putting our soldiers in more danger.

    It’s time to fight for what is really at stake here all right. But it’s not these Islamic extremists you give so much power to. It’s time to fight for Your rights and your country against a government run out of control with no legislative branches that have a spine to stop them. Or again, get in the service like MY family has and put your OWN neck on the line for these endless wars you want more of. Put up or shut up Mr. Black. Put YOUR efforts were your mouth is.

    Pat yourself on your back for believing all the lies hook and sinker Mr. Black. No matter what you make yourself believe-You are NOT exempt. You are not free from all these atrocities you have supported and backed in your brainwashed hate. You are not exempt from this tyrannical government. You are just as susceptible as the rest of us to the UN-Constitutional acts they have passed and to the total control they know have over us.

    If the attackers of 9/11 were the true targets of our Government then they would have never bothered with Afghanistan or Iraq. They would have went right after Saudi Arabia where a majority of the highjackers from 9/11 (per our governments OWN WORDS) came from. Do share why the US did not go after Saudi Arabia if a majority of the highjackers were from there according to this government you believe so much? If retaliation from those attacks on US Citizens from 9/11were the true goal here then why have we not attacked Saudi Arabia once? Will you get that either? I doubt it.

    Like I told you in my other post…you can either get in line to help those of us who do care about this country to stop the direction it is headed or you can at least step out of the way and stop fighting the same people who will also be saving your sorry self if they succeed.

  9. I’ll leave the paranoid delusions about our government to conspiracy kooks like you.

    You are always free to move to another country if this one doesn’t suit your needs.

    Those people held in gov’t controlled prisons are arab scum. Why should anyone care about them? They could rot for all I care. I say imprison more of them if suspected of treason, just like we did with the Japs in WW2.

    In a time of war, different rules apply.

    Again, I know this is all motivated by latent hatred for Jews and Israel. All you Stormfront rednecks play from the same script, which is why I despise you as much as I do Islamo-fascists. Just because you may be an American doesn’t mean anything to me. An accident of birth doesn’t inspire loyalty within me. It’s who you are for or against is how you are judged by me.

  10. Mr. Black
    Like I said it’s obvious you haven’t even read The Patriot Acts or the Homeland Security Acts. This is no secret to anyone who cares about their country enough to see the actual legislation they HAVE passed. Nor is it denied by those who have not allowed themselves to be in the delusion of serious denial. They are not my words. Nor are they acts I would have ever approved of if given the right to vote on them. But they are easy to find if you get off your butt and look for them.

    You are the only extremist nut I see here Mr. Black. You continue to resort to attacks and try to bait me into your Israel campaign because you have No defense. It’s a shame you cannot show a fraction of the loyalty you give to Israel to your own country.

    Who needs to move away from the US Mr. Black? Where are your allegiances?

    It’s fine to support other countries, but what’s to be said of a man who turns his back on his own?

    Face it you are on the wrong side here. There isn’t a defense against murder and tyranny. You are not man enough to admit you’ve been duped, that you drank the kool-aid and are wrong. You are too ignorant to allow yourself to believe what is real, VERIFIABLE, and documented in congressional records. Deal with it or stay in denial. I could care less. Either way, for others who want to know the information is there.

    By all means keep advocating death and torture. Again, showing more ignorance on how that puts our own men and women of our military to face the same and much worse if they are captured.

    Do your homework Mr. Black. This is an Unconstitutional, undeclared war. Ron Paul brought that to the table to legally declare war and it was shot down. Why? The laws of the Geneva Convention would apply. They can’t have that now can they? Lest they wish to face a de ja Vu of Nuremberg trials eh? The treaties would not be violated with such disdain as they are right now if a true war declaration would have been approved either now would they? Bush received the go ahead to go after Bin Laden and he did not. Oh yea…wasn’t he the target? Instead he waged an illegal war on TWO countries and counting. When you begin to thinks it’s ok to ignore all laws, treaties, and the humane treatments of others you have opened the door to the same barbaric treatment for yourself. What an idiot. But spoken like a true brainwashed war machine.

    Again, get off your butt and fight these wars. Face what you want our soldiers to face or shut up.

    Now go run to your little book of racist diatribe and tell me what label you will give me next to try and stop me from telling you things your little mind filled with hate just cannot handle. Or shock me and educate yourself to see that what I am saying is true. The time you have spent attacking me you could have learned something by now. But it’s your time. Keep throwing out the idiotic BS and I’ll be happy to set the record straight.

    For the record I could care less how I am judged by you. From your hate filled words, that have not one shred of validity to back them up, it appears I would not be in good company at all if

  11. Mr. Wead,
    I really enjoyed this article on Ron Paul. In a time of such seriousness it was nice to have a good laugh. I could see these emotions running through their minds from your words.

    We saw that same “deer in the headlights” look on many of the candidates’ faces at each debate when Ron Paul would go straight to answers for real progress instead of continuing the debate on how to best continue making the same mistakes. Lol

    I love that he made being a proponent of the Constitution “popular” in this campaign. It’s nice to see the other candidates realize how important it still is with a majority of the people enough for them to take it on too. I just wish they had the same convictions as Dr. Paul does with the Constitution to really uphold it -after the campaign is over. Again, I thank you for the astute observations in this article that brought me much laughter. Any favorable press Ron Paul can get these days is most appreciated.

  12. My reaction to Homeland Security is why didn’t it happen sooner?

    Hate? Why shouldn’t I hate Islam? Its very own clerics teach children songs that say that Jews are devils. The same clerics teach their children that Jews are pigs and apes. It preaches to its people on al-jazeera that Western ways are evil. The smelly midget that runs Iran believes that Israel should be destroyed. So I guess you are OK with that?

    Anyone in their right mind would be against this evil excuse for a religion, especially when it targets Americans as well as Jews.

    Based on that Jews have had to endure for thousands of years and its per capita record of achievement in commerce, science, and the arts, it should be every democratic country’s humanitarian duty to ensure Israel’s safety amid such a hostile environment.

    Like Bush once said, you are either with us or against us. And you, redneck, are against your nation’s foreign policy. That makes YOU the outcast and the freak.

    The USA has unilaterally supported Israel for the last 60 years and that will never change, no matter what redneck Stormfront KKK rejects like you think.

    So who’s really the hater here? I think its the Jew hating pro-Muslim sympathizer who isn’t supportive of American foreign policy.

    Ron Paul is a loser with only 14 delegates and that makes anyone that supports him equally so.

  13. It’s all a matter of ideology. Ron Paul may be kooky, but he’s consistent and credible.

    By credible, I don’t mean that everyone should agree with him. I simply mean he hasn’t made any sharp turns to the left or to the right in the last 30 years, he hasn’t lied for political expediency, and he hasn’t asked anyone to define “is.”

    Consistency and credibility are rare in our political climate. Even Obama, Clinton, McCain and sure-as-hell Romney have slipped on both counts as often as not.

  14. Mr, Black,
    You keep digging a deeper and deeper hole. You may need to find your meds very soon.

    If you want a larger Government, when we were already spending billions for so-called security –security that didn’t take heed to warnings to stop the attacks- then let’s let you pay for it all. Ok?

    Leave my taxes alone.

    Let only the idiots who would wish for much larger government foot the bill.

    Leave my rights and my privacy alone too.

    Let’s let you get your papers ready each time you want to leave your house too if you are so dead set on allowing the government to have absolute total control over all your rights kay?

    I prefer to live in a free society.

    Just why are you so terrified to allow your own people, in YOUR country,( hello remember the USA) and those of other countries (other then Israel-we ALL know how you feel about Israel kay) to just live in their OWN ways? Did the Middle East beg the US to spread Democracy and Christianity by the force of a gun on them?

    How would you take someone storming into your church and through the barrel of a gun tell you they are liberating you and you had to convert to the Islamic faith? I do not expect an honest answer because you are a joke. You so-called hard line “conservatives” claim to have religion in your lives and you can’t even follow the simple principal of Christianity…

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Remember that one?

    You bet it saddens and disheartens me when anyone is so bigoted, racist, and so occupied with interfering with the lives of others that they fear because of that ignorance, that they don’t even realize their OWN country is a mess and they have lost their rights. Yea people like that irritate the hell out of me. Look in the mirror now and see what I mean. Then tell me how far you are from the “description” you gave me of these people you hate?

    They did not attack us. Get it? And if we are to believe the government it was not an ENTIRE country that attacked us on 9/11 either, it was a small fanatical group. Not shocking it was the same group our own government armed, and trained, and taught how to become a larger threat to us later. But nooooo, please let them off the hook for that because you are a good little stooge for the establishment right.

    Can we say the same? No we cannot. Our government waged all out war on them. So one could reasonably assume that yep if they didn’t hate us THEN, they sure as heck do now. Thank you Bush. We all have entire countries in the Middle East who hate us now and innocent Americans (who do not agree with the actions of the village idiot) are less safe because of their war mongering Government who attacked NONinvolved countries that did not attack us first.

    I am not sure what part of that is so hard for your thick skull to get. It is one thing to make a colossal mistake, quite another to not do a thing to correct it. If we were to believe Bush that he was misled by intelligence ( Intelligence spoon fed by none other then your favorite group the PNAC)…then why didn’t he correct that mistake yet? Why is MY family still fighting in an illegal unjust war?

    You want to give them more loved ones to dispose of like McCain? You do not care because you have nothing PERSONALLY invested in sacrifices. It’s easy to play with other peoples lives right?

    Again, Our intelligence received billions in our taxes already to so-call protect us and they got warnings, NADA happened. So tell me oh wise one how is making a mess of a system that already wasted billions of our tax dollars, going to be better if we triple it’s size with more layers of bureaucracy? If the old system sucked, then adding many more layers, sure as heck isn’t going to make it better. Does the disaster of Katrina’s aftermath ring a bell oh wise one?

    Your broad brush of hatred for an entire culture is a real delight too. One can only hope you only have people you can tolerate, without wanting to throw in some prison, living near you. You do know America is compiled of many races right? You do know there are many Islamic’s here too right? You know many of them are legal citizens right? Are they all terrorists?

    Have you met every single Islamist out there to know for sure they are all carbon copy clone terrorists out to kill us? Dear God individuality really scares the hell out of you doesn’t it? The sad thing is you want everyone to think the same exact way as you do while following your government who has already proven to LIE. But then condemn them if they all believe the same as they want. Crazy making is what it is. Think for yourself for a change and worry about your own life.

    Because unless you have meet every Islamist on earth you really do not know if this isn’t just war propaganda. Look that up in your history too Mr. History buff. War propaganda has been used for every war we’ve been in. Hate to break it to ya but this one is no different. How do you know every single one of them believes this garbage you have spewed?

    Ya know, I thought some people bought some of this hatred filled crap from our government but I didn’t realize there were some who bought it ALL. You need some serious help. Your own government has admitted what I am telling you. Sad, and pathetic. I don’t know if I should laugh or be afraid of you.

    For someone who just wants to throw Americans out there to fend for themselves. Hello says the pot to the kettle. What about the Jews of Israel? You want Americans to be cut off now from any support. But then have the nerve to talk to Americans about helping people who are not even contributing to your economy, paying taxes, working here, living here, and even in the same country? Good grief you are more messed up then I thought.

    Again, I have NO beef with Israel or any other country. Let them lives their lives and take care of themselves. But you can go to hell if you think I am all for taking care of another entire country when my own country is going to the pot. It’s great to rah rah for another country, as long as you remember where your loyalties should be.

    Give up in the race baiting card here. It’s old, tied, used and you have used it to the ground. Because the only racist here is you. Read your OWN words. Let them soak in. Then look in the mirror to see the only racist in the room.

    Here’s a clue….You will never end racism using racism. I realize that may just be a tad bit too deep for your narrow thinking…but it’s true.

    I do not hate Jews, Muslims or any other faith. Too much work to exert such efforts hating and I have better things to do with my time. But yep, I would like for the money made IN this country by Americans to actually help Americans. So sue me.

    For the record, hell no I do not have to follow a nut dictator wannabe who is invading other countries, and killing millions without cause or legal war declaration. It is my DUTY as an American citizen to uphold the Constitution and abide by it. Although he appears to have completely forgotten it, and you have NO clue of it, this president also took an oath to UPHOLD the Constitution! Not ignore and shred it every chance he got to OUR detriment. Remember that piece of paper, our bill of rights, and our declaration of Independence or do you just wear that picture for Halloween?

    Forget what Bush said. You have a duty as a citizen to this country not a tyrannical government. Good grief most immigrants studying for citizenship in this country know more then you do. My kids definitely know more.

    Read the Declaration of Independence again and see if you have any déjà vu moments. I won’t hold my breath it will sink in. But we can always hope.

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Such has been the patient Sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the Necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The History of the present King of Great-Britain is a History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid World.

    He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public Good.

    Link to the rest….

    Read it….learn it. For the sake of the people in your family, your neighborhood, community, and country that have to deal with you…please read it ALL. You didn’t even have to get off your butt to find it.

  15. Please explain how a freak fringe Losertarian like Ron Paul could ever be considered credible, unless you happen to be wearing a straitjacket.

    I’ll grant you that he is consistently on the margins and unappealing to the mainstream of America.

  16. I guess understanding the true scope, and limitations of your own government, a government that has run amuck was just way too much for you.

    Nonetheless, there are people who do know the Constitution and they do understand the importance of smaller government and the value of putting control in the people’s hands where it belongs.

    It’s Ironic though, that you Mr. Black want to decry such knowledge of what a true so-called “Conservative” is…while a majority of what you support is anything but true conservative.

    As Ron Paul stated it has been the role of Conservatives to END the wars…not start them. He is referring historically before GWB 1 of course.

    Just what kind of a conservative are you really Mr. Black?

    Are you denying that Bush jr ran on a platform of NO nation building?

    We have seen that means as much as no new taxes from his father eh?

    Funny how you incline that anyone who believes in global warming is say we say off their rocker…

    Have you seen the Global Warming stances of McCain?

    Can you say Carbon tax?

    McCain is against torture…but refused to vote to make the cIA report to Congress so torture could be monitored.

    Hummm….no don’t torture them, but if you do I don’t want to know about it.

    have you looked at the voting record of McCain?

    Have you seen the voting record of Ron Paul?

    Yea, wow, why would “consistency” of a congressman with ten terms be of any value for a voting decision for the highest office in our country? McCain wouldn’t know what it meant to remain consistent if the world depended on it and right now our country’s very existence does greatly depend on someone we can depend upon to be very consistent and on the side of this country.

    He is unappealing to mainstream America? You wish.

    He is not gaining more and more support for nothing.

    Ron Paul is also collecting more donations from those serving in the military and those who have served for a reason. McCain is a traitor of his own troops. I do not expect you to ever give the real veterans who served with him the time of day…but to some of us their voices matter greatly because when we are considering a man who will be Commander in Chief of the armed forces it matters a great deal. Ron paul served honorably in Vietnam. McCain was the male version of Jane Fonda. Deal with it.

    Give Ron Paul the years of polls “before” the election season, the press and the massive coverage McInsane got and you would see that for yourself. But we can’t have that because Ron Paul toasted them all in debates when he was given a fraction of the time in them and they learned well that to allow the masses to hear more of this man just may mean an end to their days of pre-selecting the next puppet for the people.

    Again…how about refuting an issue, or a fact, instead of attacking the messenger. Or is that all you really know how to do when you know you have no answer of substance or fact to counter?

    I am waiting…. for you to counter one issue with a real fact.

    Someone just told me they saw you running down the hall with your fingers in your ears screaming, ‘La, la, la, la…” I wish I could say that surprised me.

  17. How the Poll Numbers Add UP to a Fixed Election

    All the way back to 2002 polls were running to instill the idea of a Hillary Clinton run for the presidency.

    Poll: Hillary Clinton top Democratic 2004 choice
    CNN 12/21/2002

    Name recognition is unfortunately a major part of winning an election. The public is too busy or too lazy to seek out information on candidates for themselves and far too dependent on the media to inform them. That’s why it does matter when serious media bias rears its ugly head to not only implant ideas of who to vote for, but to go to great lengths to keep the name of their pre-selected candidates in front of the people enough for them to remember come election day. This insures a higher guarantee of grabbing the lions share of the unwitting who will vote for the name, and face, while knowing nothing about the one they are voting for. The media should be held legally liable for unequal coverage when we are talking about electing the person for the highest office in our country…. its called fixing an election folks and when the stakes continue to rise, the way they have for the very destiny of our country, it matters a great deal when the media runs nonstop polls for a select few candidates, and gives unfair coverage, while it nearly blacks out the rest who are also running. Want proof?
    Who’s left in this election today?

    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    John McCain

    And yes…

    Ron Paul is still in this race even though several media outlets have lied and told the public he dropped out. Even though he has been dropped from ballots illegally, blocked from debates, and has not gain near the media attention.

    Now look at the number of polls there were given and see just who they already Pre-selected for this years election in the numbers revealed of how many polls were run on the following candidates.

    Hillary Clinton- 348 polls
    McCain 162 polls
    Obama 87 polls
    Mitt Romney- 52 polls
    Rudy-68 polls
    Huckabee- 14 polls
    Dennis Kucinich- 4 polls
    Ron Paul- 1 poll

    It is interesting to note they do not include Fox polls after the debate in which Ron Paul won. Nor did they include the MSNBC poll after the debate in which Paul won. Or any of the other online polling he won. He only received one national poll from gallop. Yet to hear the media talk they act like they are “surprised” when the masses by a majority haven’t heard about him? Demand media accountability folks or this will be a de ja Vu each election cycle with polls popping up several years before the next election priming the people to learn the face and name to remember for their ballot.

  18. How the Poll Numbers Add UP

    All the way back to 2002 polls were running to instill the idea of a Hillary Clinton run for the presidency.

    Poll: Hillary Clinton top Democratic 2004 choice (ran in 2002)
    CNN 12/21/2002

    Name recognition is unfortunately a major part of winning an election. The public is too busy, or too lazy, to seek out information on candidates for themselves and far too dependent on the media to inform them.

    That’s why it does matter when serious media bias rears its ugly head to not only implant ideas of who to vote for, but to go to great lengths to keep the name of their pre-selected candidates in front of the people enough for them to remember come election day, while blocking opponents.

    This insures a higher guarantee of grabbing the lions share of the unwitting who will vote for the name, and face, while knowing nothing about the one they are voting for.

    The media should be held legally liable for unequal coverage when we are talking about electing the person for the highest office in our country…. its called fixing an election folks and when the stakes continue to rise, the way they have for the very destiny of our country, it matters a great deal when the media runs nonstop polls for a select few candidates, and gives unfair coverage, while it nearly blacks out the rest who are also running. Want proof?

    Who’s left in this election today?

    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    John McCain

    And yes…

    Ron Paul is still in this race even though several media outlets have lied and told the public he dropped out. Even though he has been dropped from ballots illegally, blocked from debates, and has not gain near the media attention.

    Now look at the number of polls there were given and see just who they already Pre-selected for this years election in the numbers revealed of how many polls were run on the following candidates. These numbers can all be verified under the candidates names in Polling Report dot com.

    Hillary Clinton- 348 polls

    McCain 162 polls

    Obama 87 polls

    Rudy-68 polls

    Mitt Romney- 52 polls

    Huckabee- 14 polls

    Dennis Kucinich- 4 polls

    Ron Paul- 1 poll

    It is interesting to note they do not include Fox polls after the debate in which Ron Paul won. Nor did they include the MSNBC poll after that debate in which Paul won too. Or any of the other online polling he won. He only received one national poll from gallop. Yet to hear the media talk they act like they are “surprised” when the masses by a majority haven’t heard about him? Demand media accountability folks or this will be a de ja Vu each election cycle with polls popping up several years before the next election priming the people to learn the face and name to remember for their ballot.

  19. “McCain was the male version of Jane Fonda.”

    To say something like this, on Memorial Day, of all days, reveals what an ignorant and ill-informed redneck buffoon you are.

    Such a suggestion is beneath contempt and indicative of the slimeball mentality that has gone out its way to smear a person that served his country above and beyond the call of duty.

    None of those vets who run those smear sites could admit that they wouldn’t have been treated differently by their captors if they had high ranking admirals in their family.

    None of those vets, if captured, could say how they would have responded to continuous torture over a period of FIVE YEARS in the form of physical beatings and mental cruelty. No human being would be able to withstand such treatment, not even YOU, redneck.

    At that point, you did anything to survive. So these braindamaged so-called “vets” running these sites can go screw themselves.

    Jane Fonda wasn’t captured and tortured, you stupid schmuck. She was welcomed by the VC and courted as an honored guest.

    Was John McCain treated the same way? No.

    Obviously, McCain’s superiors had no problem with McCain’s conduct, since no charges were served upon his release so why should anyone else?

    “Ron Paul is still in this race even though several media outlets have lied and told the public he dropped out.”

    Apparently, he can’t even give his own lemmings a clear answer. Those of us with a brain can figure out his true motives.

  20. You Constitutionlist/Losertarians are no different from evangelical Christians. You both clutch tightly your respective scriptures and surrender your minds to them. You have no capacity for independent thought. You are lemmings in the truest sense of the word.

  21. Wow Mr. Black has an “opinion” and unfounded opinion, and not backed by any facts…”again”….but nonetheless he has an “opinion.”

    Comparing McCain to Fonda was a compliment to undeservingly water down the grand scale of the REAL treason to his country you idiot. You were not there were you? If all these people who WERE there are lying then why hasn’t McCain faced them with a lawsuit?

    Ironic that you admit people will sing like a canary if tortured. I could not agree more…now tell me oh wise one why you advocate torture if you get it how useless it is?

    But McCain did more then sing like a canary didn’t he? He made over 32 tapes of propaganda FOR the Vietnamese government. He then gains a seat in our government and has the NERVE to go way out of his way to prevent POW’s and MIA’s from seeing their own cases, to stop investigations of their families, and he blocks other legislators from finding more classified information on those cases, while stonewalling to prevent ANY accountability to those who knowingly broke the law surrounding the refusal to release documents pertaining to POW’s and MIA’s.

    Tell me Mr. Black why wouldn’t he want a bureaucrat to be held liable for telling a LIE about honorable Vets? Why wouldn’t he demand all records be released to help families find their loved ones? As a so-called HONORABLE POW one would think he would want TOTAL transparency of all cases surrounding POW’s and MIA wouldn’t cha think? His actions reveal he was covering his own backside as usual to the DETRIMENT of his country and in the face of suffering veterans. Yea real great HERO we got there. And idiots like you want to put him in the place of Commander in Chief?

    Memorial Day is the PERFECT day to oust traitors of our vets and OUR country. Vets who did serve HONORABLY and did NOT betray their fellow men and women who served. My father was a vet, my grandfather was a vet, and I have family serving right NOW you pathetic supporter of a nutcase traitor. Don’t tell me what Memorial Day is all about…wake up and see what it really means yourself. Look into the Senate records…see the ONLY man who put major roadblocks in there to STOP the truth from coming out and then when you finally get your head out of your butt tell me why McCain did it? He wasn’t in so-called “prison” THEN, he was stonewalling in the Senate, and he has some major explaining to do.

    Ron Paul has endorsed every POW bill that has been placed before him. He did server HONORABLY and has NOTHING to hide and will always continue to support those who fought honorably. There are still POWs alive in camps in South East Asia, North Korea, China, and even the Soviet Union-Russia. As admitted by their OWN governments. You ok with leaving them there to rot like McCain is?

    You can continue to buy the lies the White House fed media spoon feeds you or you can LOOK at verifiable Senate records and see the truth from your lying horses mouth yourself. Again, you need some help and seriously need to learn to look at the facts and not believe everything the media tells you. The facts do not support this man as ANY hero.

    McCain collaborated with the enemy was given preferential treatment because his Dad was an Admiral. Those who were THERE call him Songbird McCain. He is the POW/MIA’s worst nightmare due to his ABOVE and beyond duty, Not to HELP his country, or fellow veterans, but to block all efforts to help them while in the Senate. Using his power against veterans to serve his own criminal past.

    He ditched his sick wife to hook up with an heiress when he returned from Vietnam. Ron paul has been married to the same woman for 50 years. She had heart trouble on the campaign treail. He quit the campaign during that time to be with her. He does not abandon her when she is ill. He is right there and like he took his oath to the constitution seriously he also took his vows to her seriously.

    Is this the type of morality so-called “conservatives like you condone? Do you really want a traitor for your President? He is known for his shocking language at anyone who gets in his way. Yea, real unity we will get from such a President eh?

    Enlist now Mr. Black to fight these 100 years of war for your traitor and if you become the next POW or MIA you can only hope someone will get Ron Paul in there to demand accountibility, RESTORE the Constitution that you blast at every chance in your ignorance, and help them find YOU.

  22. McCain as president would be yet another nightmare for this country. Here are a few quotes to let him hang himself.

    McCain-Recession is partly psychological and not inevitable. (Jan 2008) (could he be more clueless? )

    McCain-FactCheck: Said–then denied—said that he needed economics education. (Jan 2008)

    McCain-To avoid recession, stop out-of-control spending. (Jan 2008) (cough-ending the war would be a good start don’tcha think?)

    McCain-Loss of economic strength leads to losing military strength. (Dec 2007)
    (Huh? Doesn’t he mean a massive war that never ends leads to the military bankrupting the US? The war is costing us $195 million per day-just how does he plan to pay for his 100 year war? )

    McCain-Republicans have forgotten how to control spending. (Nov 2007) (ah yea, ya think? So what all did he NOT vote for in spending to show himself as an example of trying to fix this problem he points out?)

    Like most Democrats McCain has a lot of environmental programs he supports but it appears he is self serving in several of his environmental issues at the detriment of public land. Feb 02, 2008 it was reported that McCain’s campiagn chair Renzi was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy, extortion, money laundering and wire fraud.

    There is a 26 page indictment that lays out how McCain and his business associates conspired to obtain federal government land by swapping land they owned together because the coveted public land sits above underground copper deposits.

    If he can’t even select a decent, law abiding, campaign chair then what type of people do we think he will select for his cabinet if he is elected? I shudder to contemplate his choices. If he commits a crime why is his fall guy the only one going down? This reeks of Bush, Hillary, and Bill’s constant evasions from the alw. But we know ahead of time so there is no excuse for putting another criminal in the White House.

    This is a very interesting McCain statement.

    McCain-There are No circumstances where president can disregard treaties. (Dec 2007)

    Does McCain really believe this?

    Violation of the Nuremberg Principles defining “War Crimes”
    Bush invaded a sovereign country that had not threatened the United States and had no ability to do so. Bush had been making plans to invade Iraq even before 9/11.

    According to the US Constitution, international treaties are a part of the Supreme Law of the Land. Bush has violated the Geneva Convention by torturing prisoners and holding them without access to counsel.

    What did McCain do about that besides further the war agenda and fully support it?

    Bush setup a team in the Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans whose purpose was to distort intelligence to support justification for war.

    Bush set up WHIG (The White House Iraq Group) to mold public opinion on Iraq and to justify war.

    Interesting acronym seeing the history of Republicans for destroying the equally fanatic Whig party.

    Bush has violated well over 700 laws (and counting) in his signing statements.

    Was McCain asleep during this whole process?

    No he was flip flopping…or not there to vote. He was heard saying the war was going great, the surge is working, …then denying he ever said those things when proven to be very wrong. He Flip flops all over the place worse then a catfish in a frying pan.

    McCain the real “conservative” on Abortion:

    In 1999, the “moderate” version of John McCain said that overturning Roe v. Wade would be dangerous for women and he would not support it, even in “the long term.” Here’s McCain in the San Francisco Chronicle:I’d love see a point where it is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations.

    On ABC, during this election season McCain expressed his unequivocal support for overturning Roe v. Wade. Look it up yourself. See how Romney and McCain have a lot in common in this issue.

    But yea, this inconsistent, wolf hiding in conservative clothing, will indeed remain “Consistent” AFTER he’s elected as if some spell will overcome him right after the inauguration and magically make him a great president right? Lord help us all if you really believe that.

    Even if we could forget his betrayal of his own troops…in which many cannot, The Corruption of his own campaign chairs is worthy of a look- the fact he has gone through 5 campaign chairs with equal concerns of activities in crime…that really shows us he will surround himself with people who will serve the interest of the people and this country right?

    McCain refuses to fire lobbyist Charlie Black who worked for some of the worlds worst dictators responsible for untold murders and oppression. Any relation to you Mr. Black? Don’t even get me started on the corruption of Hillary’s campaign “donors.”

    What does McCain really offer us?

    100 years of war…no thanks.
    Keeping a government that has more then tripled it’s size? No thanks
    Doing nothing to preserve our rights? No thanks.
    WE already know his Amnesty stance so forget any opposition to the NAU.
    Continuing the Global Warming scam to equate to bilking millions of more dollars out of the American people for carbon taxes etc….no thanks.

    This doesn’t touch the Keating 5 either.

    Does America Need more corruption at the highest levels?

    Apparently you think so Mr. Black.

    We’ve been there and done that through SEVERAL administrations already. It’s time for a real change. Ron Paul has the answers. He is honest, not bought by any special interests, he is not corrupt, he is reliable, dependable, and has triple the experience as John McCain a 3 term Congressman compared to a 10 termed Congressman.

    Staying in denial doesn’t help your country or you as a citizen of this country. It just makes you another mouthpiece for the next four years of hell in your own country if any of these other sell outs gain the Presidency. Where will you be then Mr. Black? Still in your serious denial or finally waking up ….albiet too late? Being a moron and picking the lessor of two evils is no longer the excuse. YOUR country is at stake. Forget the USA if they get their way with ushering in the North American Union without Congress and without the people’s input. Your little blog…will be protected no more. Your whole way of life will not be the same. It will effect you too regardless of the role you played in it thinking you would be immune.

  23. Mr. Black,
    Speaking of “Islamic Terrorists”. You know the ones you are so afraid of that post after post you chant the mantras of the WH that they must be destroyed before they destroy us? The ones you keep ranting about for a reason of why we would need a nut like McCain to keep the illegal wars going?

    Guess what?

    McCain helped to arm the Kosovo Islamic terrorists. What did he get out of it? In return, because they were so GRATEFUL for all his HELP, the Albanian’s gave McCain a million dollars to his presidential campaign.

    The KLA – The Kosovo Liberation Army – is an Islamic terrorist group responsible for beheadings, torture, rape, burning down churches filled with Christians, and other atrocities. To this day the KLA continues the persecution and genocidal cleansing of Serbian civilians residing in Albania. The former leaders, enjoying life as high paid politicians in the Albania Government, are unapologetic for the crimes committed. And John McCain helped to arm them. Not only that he used US forces to bomb for them. Great to see our tax dollars at work for ANOTHER country again.

    Yes, this “HERO” of yours really is something isn’t he?

    Nah, he’s no traitor right?

    Couldn’t be…because The media told you he was a hero right?

    Good grief, do you even know anything about McCain?

    Just look up the title, “John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic terrorists “ and see for yourself. Prepare yourself to get all excited about Israel being the Leo Strauss PNAC lover you are- because they whitewash his efforts to arm NOTED Islamic TERRORISTS as an excuse to help holocaust survivors.

    Tell me-Is it ok to arm terrorists when it is in the interest of Holocaust survivors and use US tax dollars NOT for protecting America but for protecting another country Mr. Black? Why didn’t Israel protect them, and send their defenses on their dime? Will we see a dime of our tax dollars back? Nope. Will you see the hypocrisy in your selection for a so-called leader and your own rabid stances against islamo-terrorists? I doubt it.

    Read it and weep. Mr. Black -then wake up.

    FEB 13, 2008:

    “He did EVERYTHING that we asked of him., including arming the KLA.”, said Albanian lobbyist Joe Dioguardi. The Albanians collected one million dollars for the presidential campaign of this senator.

  24. You’re right, I don’t form opinions based on information found on Jew hating redneck fascist White Christian Supremacist websites like you. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the ZOG conspiracy yet. I’m sure you could write (I mean CUT & PASTE) a whole volume of information on that topic.

    “Ron Paul has the answers.”

    Why don’t you just call him Jesus Christ now and be done with it? I know that’s what you are looking for. Maybe Ron Paul could walk on water if you asked him, or turn Gatorade into peppermint schnapps, too!

  25. More blah, blah, blah, and hate and new labels of the day. Why am I surprised? Face it, you support a traitor. You don’t even hold allegiance to your OWN country. As I said, it’s all fine and dandy to support “other” countries as long as you remember where you’re loyalties lie. Your OWN country is in jeopardy of becoming NO more with the NAU and you are too dense to get that. It appears as if you are like the neocon idiots you follow. As you proudly admit in your pathetic little blog of hate. It’s ok to Ignore the suffering of many countries, and hand select the ones you think need our attention right? It’s ok to support terrorists if they are for Israel? Lol Lord help us. This is as insane as defining what “is” is. Just “why” do you think “certain” hand picked countries gain our help Mr. Black?

    Follow the money Mr. Black. See what resources those countries have and their strategic location in the world to see just why “certain” countries are chosen to be so-called saved by this country while millions of people in other countries are left to die at the hands of an oppressive governments. Iraq has the third largest oil reserve in the world. While the media talks about our rebuilding schools they are erecting a massive pipeline. And how about drugs Mr. Black. You want to slam Ron Paul for taking all the power away from that CIA run market, but turn a blind eye to how Afghanistan was on their way out of the poppy market to now being one of the largest distributors in the world of cocaine. Yea, our invasion has been great for them and OUR people who are recipients of those drugs eh? Still think that war on drugs is working?

    Now ask yourself what about your OWN country. What about Americans? I know it will make your brain hurt..but read your constitution and see what the true role of THIS government is to THIS country. If that is taken into consideration there is no handpicking who to help for power, oil, etc. Because The interests stays within this country. You proudly display your neocon racist views in your blog and can’t stand it when anyone threatens your pathetic denial.

    Aside from losing our entire sovereignty and be the United States of America No more We will go bankrupt if we stay on this course. Get it…?

    We cannot continue to print fake money to pay for this empire Bush has unconstitutionally and illegally built. Nor can we become more indebted to China. What will you say then Mr. Black? Will you still be chanting the war drums?

    Earth to Mr. Black, no one here hates Israeli’s or Islamist. Give up the race baiting…good grief I am beginning to think that is all you have. Hate, race baiting, and more hate. We have bigger fish to fry and very serious issues right here at home to be far more concerned with. As in OUR country. Remember the USA? The sad thing is we have been fighting for YOUR ignorant rights too Mr. Black. While you are out defending traitors of your country there are people defending the rights you are so clueless that you do not even know you have lost and the country you do not know you risk losing.

    McCain will seal the deal with destroying the US with the NAU. So will Hillary and Obama. What will you say then?

    More importantly with your freedom of speech completely stripped …will you be able to say a thing by then?

    I can understand the issue of Ron Paul seeming so perfect. Yes, it is quite remarkable to find a “politician” of his caliber, experience, honesty, and standards, anywhere today. Hard to find any preacher with his qualities for that matter too and that is really pathetic. The good news is you have a real choice for once. It’s up to you what you do with what is before you.

  26. “As I said, it’s all fine and dandy to support “other” countries as long as you remember where you’re (sic) loyalties lie.”

    Why should I trust someone befuddled with even simple fourth grade grammar?

    Didn’t I point out the spelling and grammatical train wrecks of this same redneck rube before that went way beyond an acceptable level typographic errors?

    Our pubic schools have failed to educate much of the progeny of the unemployed and drug and alcohol addicted social underclasses, so as a result, the products of this failed system embrace mindless freak fringe movements like paleo-conservatism, Losertarianism, Constitutionalism, etc. They’ll read equally freak fringe websites of dubious origin and repeat their respective content as if gospel like the pathetic robots they are, even though no proof exists as to the veracity of their claims.

  27. In your eagerness to categorize me you have missed it all again. Not surprising because you have zero facts on your side and Zero defenses for supporting a traitor and turning your back on your own country.

    The “Fine and Dandy” was to hit your last egotistical, narcissistic, nerve. Because you are full of hot air and way too impressed with yourself Mr. Black. You could pull it off if you knew what you were talking about, and had facts on your side, but you do not.

    Are you claiming perfect grammar and spelling Mr. Black? LOL Please, I do recall seeing many mistakes in here by you and in your hilarious anal ways you ran quickly to post, and correct them, because you’ve been such an idiot about jumping on others for this. Winning many new supporters for your traitor that way?

    The truth is that’s all you have. No facts…so you pray for something…”anything” to give you a shred to hang onto. Something to detract from the issues that you yourself cannot handle hearing about. This may work with some people but for me it does not because these issues MATTER. People like you who have bought all the official lies give people like me the opportunity to educate others. I can see you didn’t learn a thing. But that’s ok. I didn’t do it all for you.

    For the record…I am not “from” Texas. But you loved telling yourself all people who live here are rednecks, hicks, KKK, and worse didn’t you? Get a grip, get a life, and please get an education. Try starting with the realization that no matter how hard you try to categorize entire groups of people they really are “individuals”. Individuals do not fit in neat little racist categories that you want to put them in regardless of your own biases, racist tendencies, and desperate need to place them there based upon political parties, sex, religion, and demographics. Hate to break it to you but ALL people do not all believe exactly the same. It’s called free thinking. I realize that is extremely threatening to a person who refuses to think for himself, but thank God the country is starting to fill up with “individuals” who can think for themselves again.

    Next, you can READ the Constitution that you so vehemently want to pretend does not exist any longer. Progress to the Homeland Security Acts. Then move on to The Patriot Acts. Then see about the North American Union. I cannot be any clearer then that. If you do not see the state your own country is in after that then I’m afraid nothing will help you. It doesn’t matter if you get it or not. I am not here to save you from yourself because only you can do that.

    In the meantime Ron Paul does not want to cut anyone out. He welcomes all people from all races, all sexes, all religions, and all political parties who want to fight for freedom. Who want to fight for the rights that have been stolen from us. Who want to fight against the NAU and stop them from destroying the US and melding it into one huge country with Mexico and Canada. He has never voted against our rights and the constitution. Never once voted to raise taxes. He will end this illegal war immediately. He will bring our troops home.

    The revolution is here and it’s getting stronger EVERY day. Join the side for freedom. Join the side to fight for your country. Join the side that will weed out the lies, the corruption, and the blatant theft of the American people. Even you are welcome Mr. Black. We are not so hardcore, so unforgiving, and so intolerable that we would refuse to allow someone to join if he has seen the light. Yes, it would help tremendously if you would give up the racism. That’s not a great way to unite people now is it Mr. Black? Ron Paul supporters are not one race, or one sex, or one religion. Nor do they live in the same state or city. They are all over the US and abroad. It would be appreciated if your loyalties would lay with your own country as well. You will be benefiting from these efforts in “this country” after all. It’s your choice. Join the revolution or watch other people do the work for you. That is the American way now isn’t it?

    Notice how I did not share where I am really from. Golly gee it just may be from your good ole state… Would that be something?? lol Are you ready to get past the roadblocks or are you determined to remain one? The revolution will step right over you. It would be a shame to miss it first hand. Again, it’s your choice.

  28. I don’t post to win supporters. I don’t care if I don’t receive any support for my views. I post for my own sake only.

    Yes, I do care about proper spelling and grammar, as anyone should. This is about the only BBS that doesn’t allow for editing. That’s why I go out of my way to post corrections. It should be anyone’s minimum expectation. A sloppy writer (like you) is a sloppy thinker (you, again).

    Free thinking? Is that what you call cutting and pasting discredited and paranoid propaganda from freak fringe websites down there in Texas?

    “We are not so hardcore, so unforgiving, and so intolerable that we would refuse to allow someone to join if he has seen the light.”

    Part of your problem is that you sound like bible thumping sickos. Anyone with a brain would be turned off by such an undertone.

    YOU: Constitution=Holy Bible

    “Yes, it would help tremendously if you would give up the racism.”

    Right, you tell me that and you and your neo-Jesus want to withdraw from the Middle East and leave poor Israel to defend herself. That’s mighty compassionate and racist of you.

    If you aren’t down with the Jews, then you are a racist, end of story.

    What kind of coward wouldn’t hate radical Islam who have killed thousands of our own citizens? You claim to be such a flag waving American, yet, you don’t even recognize who this nation’s enemy is.

  29. “Notice how I did not share where I am really from.”

    Why would anyone in their right mind associate themselves with a state they aren’t from or live in?

    And really, who would want to admit they are from Texas to begin with?

  30. Let’s summarize the current paleo-conservative viewpoint espoused on this board:

    If you aren’t a hysterical and paranoid conspiracy obsessed populist suspicious of most leaders and institutions, save for the second coming of a neo-Jesus in Ron Paul, then you aren’t a real American.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  31. It’s obvious you are only out for yourself Mr. Black. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country today. It’s all about you right? It’s also obvious you have no clue about the real issues thus your standard response is to try desperately to find a spelling error to jump on to give yourself the excuse to ignore the issues before you. If that fails then you try earnestly to attach a controlling pathetic label to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

    What’s more important Mr. Black- losing your entire country or focusing on a spelling error?

    You want to talk about loyalty? You yourself said in so many words to heck with giving American’s support, CUT them all off, then you try to shout down anyone who dares to bring into question the massive support we give Israel while Americans need help in the worst way right now. I am loyal to MY country and cannot say the same about you.

    Now you say if I am not down with the Jews I am racist? Lol Please, I am an American. As such I care about THIS country. Yep, I want money made by the people of THIS country to benefit the people of THIS country. You want to turn your back on Americans, cut them off, then tell them they have to support another country that does not pay taxes here or contribute to our economy. Nothing racist there on my end but they are facts you obviously cannot handle. And again it displays where YOUR true loyalties lie.

    The deceit, deception, and downfall of our country starts at the top. When our leaders think nothing of stomping all over the Constitution, waging war without a declaration, and inserting presidential powers equal to a dictator then those who hold them in high esteem will easily look the other way at blatant deception, disregard for laws, and the dismantling of their own rights. Your hardcore dogma of believing everything this administration has told you is no different then the baseless arguments of Democrats who argued nonstop about Clinton’s sex life while he was bombing an aspirin factory, and saying they were a terrorist base, while he was really giving depleted uranium to North Korea, and handing over top nuclear secrets to the Chinese. ( to name just a few of his actions)

    Neither diversion addresses the real issues but they make for a great diversion to cover the real crimes committed by those leaders. When you give your own preferred leaders a free pass to break the law, commit crimes, and turn a blind eye to their monumental heinous acts, then you are no better then those you decry against. We will never clean up the corruption, deceit and massive destruction’s our leaders have bestowed upon innocents (to our detriment) if we allow one entire group off for their equal crimes. Nor will we ever unite to gain the collective power of we the people if we allow ourselves to get sucked into hating entire cultures because our government told us to. Or if we turn a blind eye to their crimes committed in our name. No they do not speak or act for me. Yes I completely disagree with teaching American’s to hate an entire culture when it is a small subset group within that culture to blame.

    Attacking Texas, as a whole, does nothing but continue to prove the point that you cannot handle staying on the issue. You want to sweep a broad racist brush against an entire state to divert attention from the issue at hand. Again is this all you have? Or do you have a real fact in your defense?

    The only coward, and sell out, I see here is you. Indeed many American’s refuse to hate entire cultures who have also lost innocents at the orders of our dictator wannabe. Have you checked those numbers of deaths lately Mr. Black or do you equate a few thousand deaths as justifiable and equal to hundreds of thousands of innocents who have died and those who were left disabled, and maimed for life?

    Besides that, it misses the whole point but coming from you I expect no less. It flies in the face of the hardcore truth buried in the middle of this illegal war. They did not attack us first and this “attack first agenda” will only INCREASE our enemies, not just in the Middle East, but worldwide. One life lost is too many to be lost and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in a war waged against countries who never attacked us nor did they have near the military strength to even pose a real threat to the US. Our casualties of these wars in our soldiers have already surpassed those lost on 9/11. I care about American lives even more. Meanwhile the supposed target Bin Laden is still out there. I cannot be any clearer then that.

    You can continue your campaign for Israel while your own country is sold out from underneath you or you can realize what is really at stake here. As always the choice is yours.

  32. Get this through your warped little mind, sweetie, these issues you speak of, they’re all delusions conjured up by you and your paleo-con kook fringe.

    I have to treat you like the joke you are. Absurdity must be countered with even more absurdity. It’s like trying to take a mental patient seriously. It’s impossible.

    But you’re right about one thing, I do look out for myself and my own interests first. Plus, I am a Jew first, and American second, I’ll admit that. Racial bloodline trumps nationality.

  33. Ok “honey” Name ONE issue I speak of that in your twisted head is so-called ” delusional” Mr. Black?

    Just ONE.

    At least you finally admit where your TRUE loyalties lie and you had the nerve to tell ME to move?

    Good grief.

  34. One’s loyalties should always lie with their own flesh and blood first. My biggest complaint with America is that we are too soft on crime and criminals. This country chokes on a glut of altruism. Too many bleeding hearts in this country and too many losers with their hands out looking for free money so they can spend it on booze or crack. I say throw all their lazy butts into prison and make them work fixing the roads and building bridges.

    You see, sweetie, that’s how a real conservative thinks.

    Just ONE delusional point? That’s a laugh. Asking you to pick any or all of them would be another invitation for you to cut & paste more discredited propaganda. No, the world suffers enough, it doesn’t need another crazy broad to keep repeating the same tiresome nonsense ad nauseam. We already have enough from Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg, Ellen Degenerate, etc.

  35. Ok, I said ONE issue “I’ talked about. As usual you change the subject to your hateful diatribe of issues you could care less about in the grand scheme of things because you do not even have loyalties to this country. But it’s yet another diversion all the same. Please keep proving my point that you have no real defense against attacking innocent countries that never attacked us, against unconstitutional acts like the Homeland Security Acts and Patriot acts and unfathomable plans like the NAU that will destroy this country. Nor a defense to stay in an unjust, illegal war that was never legally declared. Seeing how your loyalties lie with Israel who care show many AMERICANS die right? Freaking traitor.

    If you do not like the source of information get off your butt and prove it wrong with your OWN sources. There are plenty of other sources to offer you the truth and I am sick of doing the work for your lazy self absorbed butt. You are not interested in the truth thus you hammer home more of your own hatred for the people in THIS country to once again skirt the issues I broached.

    You are so far from a true conservative you wouldn’t recognize one if they hit you upside the head. The only thing you come close to that is remotely conservative is that yes –what a true conservative would like is for the people to become far less dependent on the government. But you go off on the nutcase spectrum with this too. You want total enslavement and forced labor camps and those suggestions are just as barbaric as the other idiotic things you have spewed out so I am not surprised. You do realize people eventually get out. One can only hope they bring all that built up rage to YOUR home. Could you be more clueless and more historically ignorant? You advocate government on a far more massive scale. Yea, that’s REAL conservative. The groups you support advocate a much larger welfare state and yet you claim otherwise. Yea that’s REAL conservative. You want to cut Americans out but support total dependence thus enslavement on the government. Again REAL conservative.

    Let’s give a real label that fits YOU for a change. Neocon. You were waiting for it because you wear it with pride don’t cha? How about this for cutting and pasting. Ron Paul describes it all perfectly. Even a hate filled moron like yourself you will get it. No doubt you will see it as a good thing because you are just that messed up.


    July 10, 2003 Neo – CONNED !

    If the link doesn’t show up it’s called Neo-Conned and it’s in the congressional records of his speech on the house floor.

    You fit the bill perfect of an Anti-American, nation destroying, empire building, war mongering, hate filled, elite supporting, NEO-CON.

    Earth to idiots like you…neocons are NOT true conservatives.

    Sad reality is that all this crap about race baiting, conservatives, neo cons, libertarians, democrats etal…means NOTHING in the end but MORE division of the people to make government accountable to THEM regardless of party preference. Which is exactly what nuts like you really want and exactly what your hateful efforts do to help nuts like the neocons to achieve. Pat yourself on the back and keep wearing that label with pride all the way to the destruction of America. I can see you will shed not one tear because you could really care less about AMERICA anyway. Neocons would not have gained near the power they have to highjack the conservative party without the continued drive to keep division of the people at all cost. Yet another true reason why a campaign like Ron Paul’s is such a threat.

    Deal with it. The revolution is here to stay and TRUE Americans are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. Fight your own damned wars built on lies. Fight for Israel if that is where your true loyalties lie. Shed your OWN blood in your lineage of your loyalty! Until your loyalties are with THIS country you have a lot of nerve acting like you have a thing to say about the people in it. It’s quite clear that to you American’s are just dispensable. To be used for labor camps! Did you learn a thing from the holocaust? Sure as hell doesn’t look like it. The main difference between us Mr. Black is I wish no ill will toward Israel or another other country. You could care less about the murders, and devastation’s of anyone but the people of Israel. You are pathetic, brainwashed, and a major part of the problems we face in our country today.

  36. ” To be used for labor camps!”

    A place for criminal scum only. After all, who cares about them? A true conservative wouldn’t. A true conservative is anti-criminal, pro-death penalty, and pro-police authority.

  37. I’ve read Ron Paul’s speech, he’s as much a whack job as you are. Here’s one of his complaints about America–

    “They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud Party”

    Oh boo hoo for you!

    Israel is a great country and deserves unconditional support. I don’t see this as a problem.

    “They express no opposition to the welfare state.”

    I don’t believe in giving poor people free money.

    “They dislike and despise libertarians (therefore, the same applies to all strict constitutionalists.)”

    Here it is in a nutshell. “They don’t like me so I don’t like them … waaaa waaaa waaa.”

    Ron Paul has delivered so many babies he’s actually become one. What a buffoon.

  38. Mr. Black even though you changed the subject I would like to thank you for also proving my point again…

    Read above where I said crime starts at the top and I reveal how it infects the people under it. If you are THAT upset about how American’s are soft on crime then start where the largest criminals are, who have committed the largest crimes, and work your way down.

    Start with this administration that has committed treason, lied to the people and Congress to start an illegal wars, responsible for mass murders, and torture of innocents. Responsible for Obstruction of justice, outing a CIA agent, firing US attorneys to stack the deck for another rigged election, ignored and violated over 700 US laws and counting. Dismantled the US Constitution and violated Habeas corpus rights, annihilated the Geneva Convention and committed heinous acts that will bring about de ja Vu of Nuremberg trials, while currently conspiring to make deals with Mexico and Canada to dissolve the sovereignty of this country in the desired creation of the NAU etc, etc, etc.

    Then go back to the Clinton administration where he committed treason and sold top nuclear secrets to the Chinese, gave depleted uranium to North Korea, used the power of his office to attack his detractors and obstruct justice, while giving pardons to more hardcore criminals. Etc, etc, etc.

    Go back if you dare to really prosecute traitors of Iran/Contra, those involved in vote fraud etc. Look into the scams of Halliburtons no bid contracts, blackwater guerillas. Enron. Mena Arkansas drug running. That barely touches the surface of crimes committed that have not been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The list is vast of real criminals who are not only free but they have been erroneously given high levels of power in this country today.

    Katharine Harris should not have been promoted, nor should Oliver North be a NEWS commentator. Yet another example. This is what this country does with their hardcore lawbreakers and traitors. They give them promotions, undeserved positions of power, they put them on TV, they give them protections from prosecution and help them obstruct justice further. They silence their witnesses of their crimes. Refuse to release evidence of their crimes and go to great lengths to destroy that evidence and hide the rest under National security. They ignore lawsuits, petitions of grievances, Congress, subpoenas, and international treaties.

    Rove is not above the law, nor is Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, and Hillary, or any of the other true criminals who have yet to face their crimes committed to the fullest extent of the law.

    Yes, we do need to address serious crime that America was too soft on. There you will not get an argument from me. I agree we need to really follow through and not allow another criminal of this magnitude to walk away from their crimes against humanity and their crimes against this country. But the people need an example of the highest levels that has set the stage to make those under them think breaking the law is ok, that mass murder is ok, that violating treaties, US laws, Constitutional protections, and torture of innocents is ok. The people have been the targets long enough. It’s time to clean up the real crime and go after those who are behind it!

  39. Populists, among other things, are a rather pathetic species of citizen. They secretly resent their second or third tier “have not” status and thus turn their anger toward those in positions of power or authority. On the surface, they wear their “little guy” cred with pride, but it’s all an act.

    Only a fool would elevate white collar crime as more insidious and dangerous than street level crime committed by the truest dregs of society. Give me 500 Bushes, Cheneys, or Ken Lays over just one trash talking blunt smoking hip hop thug from the ‘hood any day.

    Right, that crack addicted homeboy is going to pause and think before mugging an old lady for $10 if he knew that George Bush or Dick Cheney could be impeached tomorrow.

    What a joke.

  40. This is what happens to real heroes, who remember what true investigative journalism means, when they try to put the real criminals on the front page. The real criminals who provide all those drugs that create those drug addicts for your streets.

    Gary Webb Found Dead in Home
    San Francisco Bay Area , Dec 13, 2004
    (Two shots to the head and it’s ruled a suicide)

    Gary Webb, San Jose Mercury News
    November 5, 1996

    “For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.” So begins the controversial three part series, published last August, by Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News.

    Aug. 18, 19, 20, 1996:
    Read “Dark Alliance,” Gary Webb’s three part series linking the proliferation of crack cocaine in America to the CIA backed Contras in Nicaragua.

    Gary Webb Dead

    He was the journalist who wrote a famous–or infamous–1996 series for the San Jose Mercury News that maintained a CIA-supported drug ring based in Los Angeles had triggered the crack epidemic of the 1980s. On Friday, the 49-year-old Webb, who won a Pulitzer Prize for other work, apparently shot himself. His “Dark Alliances” articles spurred outrage and controversy. Leaders of the African-American community demanded investigations. Mainstream newspapers–including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times–questioned his findings. And nearly a year after the pieces appeared, the Mercury News published a criticism of the series; Webb was demoted and soon left the newspaper. Two years later, he published a book based on the series.

    Webb’s tale is a sad one. He was on to something but botched part of how he handled it. He then was blasted and ostracized. He was wrong on some important details but he was, in a way, closer to the truth than many of his establishment media critics who neglected the story of the real CIA-contra-cocaine connection. In 1998, a CIA inspector general’s report acknowledged that the CIA had indeed worked with suspected drugrunners while supporting the contras. A Senator named John Kerry had investigated these links years earlier, and the media had mostly ignored his findings. After Webb published his articles, the media spent more time crushing Webb than pursuing the full story. It is only because of Webb’s work–as flawed as it was–that the CIA IG inquiry happened. So, then, it is only because of Webb that US citizens have confirmation from the CIA that it partnered up with suspected drug traffickers in the just-say-no years and that the Reagan Administration, consumed with a desire to overthrow the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, allied itself with drug thugs.

    Need more?

    Look into the massive surge of cocaine and heroine from poppy production in Afghanistan BEFORE our invasion and AFTER. Tell me which side our government is on in this so-called war on drugs when that country was on it’s way out of that trade and no huge threat, to one of the largest producers in the world after we invaded them??

    Still want 500 more Bushes, Cheneys and Lays?

    Again you are an idiot and you are clueless. What you say you want less of you promote nothing but what will give you FAR more of it.

    Want less drug addicts on your street then go to the real source of their drugs.

    There is no resentment here toward any tier of classes you moron. The people are waking up and realizing that a government who can create classes of drug addicts who will be hooked and looking for drugs will NOT be watching them. They now get it that this gives us a government who thinks they can get away with more crimes themselves on a much larger scale. The gig is up. The people are no longer under the ether. You may stay in your state of idiotic stupor but the rest of us want accountability.

  41. Rogue cops get stiff sentences for shaking down drug dealers

    January 6, 2008
    25 years for alleged ringleader of group that robbed dealers

    ChicagoTribune | Jan 5, 2008

    By Jeff Coen

    Three rogue Chicago police officers who robbed drug dealers of cash and narcotics were sentenced to lengthy prison terms Thursday by a federal judge who said the misconduct left him “at a total loss.”

    U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman appeared most disturbed that the officers resold the stolen drugs, putting “lethal poison” back onto streets that they had sworn to serve and protect.

  42. “That crack addict home boy gets it from his own government.”

    I note your inability to blame the ignorant homeboy for being too weak to not buy and smoke the crack, where ever it came from.

    You know, that places you in common territory with that insane loudmouth Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He also believes that everything that is wrong with black America is caused by the ZOG i.e. white America.

    Say, you aren’t black, too, are you? I wouldn’t be surprised. No self respecting white person, unless they were liberal schmucks, wouldn’t point the finger at black America for their own problems.

    What a shame that a woman has so much time to write this endless drivel day in and day out. Obviously you aren’t occupied with the responsibility of raising children or making any man happy at home. I don’t know what man could listen to that incessant yapping, unless he was deaf.

  43. I’ll tell you, I know why cops do this, because they get paid squat for risking their lives for these animals in the ‘hood.

    Besides, that confiscated stuff gets funneled right back into those third world dung heap neighborhoods that no one really gives a —- about, and rightfully so.

    It’s not going to respectable white suburbs, that’s for darn sure.


    The Italian and Russian mob take care of the drug trade in the white ‘burbs, at least it’s done that way on the East coast.

  45. You think street drugs are the only problem? Lord help us. Do you live in a cave?

    More children are medicated today (MILLIONS of CHILDREN) with dangerous prescription drugs that were NEVER approved for children then ever before. The results have been disastrous thus far. Inciting violence and rages. Creating chemical imbalances in the brain that were NOT there before medicating them. Being forced by medical Mafia to stay drugged or parents face losing them.

    Yea, wonder how these “addictive” behaviors began?

    Social services and the schools were acting as doctors without license and illegally terrifying parents into drugging their kids so much that legislation had to be inserted to stop them.

    Texas was busted for placing children who were in their foster care program on up to 12 dangerous mind altering drugs.

    What is a common thread in the school shooters? They were all on psychopathic, mind altering, PRESCRIPTION, drugs.

    Antidepressants were causing so many suicides that the FDA was finally forced to put a black box warning risk of suicides for children under 18. As if the day after they turn 18 the risk is any less.

    Vaccines take off in damaging our children neurologically where these dangerous drugs take off. 1 out of every 6 children is “becoming” autistic today. Vaccines are being forced on parents against their rights to exemptions. As was recently illustrated again horribly in Maryland where they brought guns and dogs to force parents to vaccines their children and denied them rights to even know they had exemptions available. ALL US states have vaccine exemptions.

    You in your racist, clueless, brain fog, want to blame the culture for what many have been given no choice in. Many minority families have been forced to drug their children. More so then whites. You do the math.

    Wake up and realize that some times it isn’t as simple as free choice. When the damage is done young, it doesn’t matter if they get off the so-called legal drugs they have the risks in very high percentages to seek street drugs to self medicate to replace the prescription drugs due to damages caused earlier in the brain stem cells. Those statistics are getting larger every year.

    I am sure you will ignore those very relevant factors too and by all means protect the true criminals again.

    You are the biggest freaking racist I have ever met! How anyone in your life tolerates your hate is a wonder. I can only imagine you are one of those creepy men who lives on the internet in his basement.

    Get out…see the light because that cave you have been staying in has severely damaged your brain.

    PROVE me wrong idiot. Instead of worrying about my life how about educating yourself before you open your trap.

  46. Here you go again. There are no cop haters here. Good grief. The only hater, and BAITER, I see is you once again. Big surprise. You have nothing to counter so you go on the personal attack again.

    Let this sink in…many people want corruption to stop at ALL levels. Indeed police officers are not paid near what they are worth. Not all are corrupt either. You can’t seem to get it through your dense skull that all you complain about has a direct connection to everything you want to turn a blind eye to.

    Have yet to meet someone so desperate to try and pin anything negative they can on me in my life. You really are a piece of work you know that? Just imagine what you could have learned if you weren’t working so hard trying to divert the issue to personal attacks and racist remarks? It’s your brain and your loss. Stay stupid for all I care. The world is full of lots of company for you.

  47. “More children are medicated today (MILLIONS of CHILDREN) with dangerous prescription drugs that were NEVER approved for children then ever before. The results have been disastrous thus far. Inciting violence and rages.”

    I’ve worked in education for years and never once saw any violence or rages. Again, you buy into simple minded hysteria because you don’t know anything but what’s fed to you on these paranoid wacko websites. You’ve done nothing, you’ve experienced nothing. How could you with such a piss poor education that’s evident from your poor writing?

    I’ve seen positive results from students who could for once in their lives focus and pay attention without being distracted by every little thing around them. These students have credible and viable learning disorders that can’t be treated with counseling alone. Medication has to be employed, too.

    I’ve taken university courses in special education and no one knows definitively how autism occurs. It’s likely it’s always been around and only now are people recognizing it for what it is.

    With your attitude, then aspirin or tylenol or advil should never be used to treat headache pain or fever, because it was “NEVER approved for children before.”

    I’ve already learned what I need to learn from you. You are a lonely and insane broad with no life but to post endlessly hysterical screeds that don’t preclude any crazed conspiracy theory that’s out there. In fact, I’m probably the only man in your life right now. You’ll take whatever attention is accorded you, positive or negative. It’s just like the battered housewife syndrome; you keep returning for more abuse.

    If you’ve got so much to say, then why don’t you start your own blog, or are you too cowardly to accept the scrutiny you would receive?

    Why must you hide here on Wead’s blog? Do you think this is where you’ll be protected, with all the holy rollers and paranoid paleo-cons and LOSERtarians??

    “Many minority families have been forced to drug their children.”

    Really? You mean they are forcing their children to smoke crack? Are they forcing their children to steal, rob, and rape innocent law abiding citizens, too?


    Really? You mean they are forcing their children to smoke crack? Are they forcing their children to rob, murder, or rape innocent law abiding citizens, too?

  49. It really is concerning to think of you working with a child taking into consideration your intolerance’s for so many races. Much less to be involved with children of special needs. Nonetheless, I have only your word to go on of what you say you have done. When you learn information created by drug companies, for drug companies, you are only going to know what drug companies want you to know.

    Since you are so interested in my personal life- no doubt so you can throw some more “personalized” hate my way. I have been married for over two decades now to a wonderful man.

    My eldest child is gifted with an IQ of 152. My youngest was on the SAME advanced developmental path UNTIL vaccines damaged his neurological system. The CDC and the FDA have been ousted for admitting what vaccines have done to our children. The records of their meeting are available online for anyone to see. I do not need to wait for them to clue the entire masses in because WE lived it, and saw the damages occur before our eyes. So you can forget trying to tell me, or any of the hundreds of thousands out there, who have also suffered through vaccine injuries, what happened to THEIR own children. I could care less what capacity you work/worked with children If you advocate drugging them.

    Our son healed from vaccine INDUCED autism without ANY drugs. All those same so-called experts, who were eager to drug and institutionalize him earlier, removed the autistic label, just a few years later. They were shocked, and stunned at his progress. They could not believe this was the same little boy they gave up on, and wanted to drug into submission, who was talking very well “again”. They could not believe he was reading, and writing, nor could they believe he had the social skills of his peers. Why? Because drugs do not heal a body that has already been assaulted severely by heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, and dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde (to name just a few dangerous vaccine ingredients). Adding more chemicals via drugs to an already chemically damaged child only creates more damage.

    I do have an online group that cares about this country and they care about our children. It contains doctors, biologists, lawyers, theologians, educators, Businessmen, and people from all walks of life.

    We all have a common bond.

    Our children were harmed by vaccines. I have helped families for years through sharing the tools we used to heal our son because vaccine injuries have become quite a racket in both mainstream and alternatives when parents are thrown into it. I do this on my own time and dime.

    A majority of mainstream doctors want to drug them and tack on very expensive therapies that do nothing to address the root cause, while a majority of alternative doctors want to sell over priced supplements that are no better in many cases then much cheaper equivalents out there.

    If parents do not know all their choices they can face bankruptcy very quickly because as I shared earlier, once the diagnosis is vaccine injuries insurance companies will not pay another dime. Our cost was $27.000 just the first 6 months trying to help our child going the mainstream route to see no improvement. Charlatan alternative doctors wanted over $1500.00 a month for overpriced supplements that were easily replaced with $60.00 worth of equivalent supplements later. Not all doctors in either field have ulterior motives and many doctors in all fields are waking up to this epidemic we are in right now and seeking safer choices for healing our children. When insurance rarely if ever pays for a safer alternative choices it puts the burden on the doctor and the family. That is yet another reason why I advocate Ron Paul he is all for true freedom of choice in healthcare and that encompasses insurance companies paying for safer alternative treatments and leaving the end choice fo what risk the patient wants to take on them.

    When we were thrown into this years ago they all had their hands out and until the parents educate themselves, and learn all their choices, they will pay out a lot of money in efforts to help their child to unfortunately not always get good results. Yes, alternatives helped our child heal in the end. But a scam is a scam and I give no free passes to professionals in alternative fields if they are using a child as the pawn to bilk parents out of everything they have. All doctors, in all fields of healthcare, need to learn that healing the patient, in the least invasive way, should be first. They should not get paid if they do not give results in their recommended treatments either. That is the only field that can harm us, and even cause death, and they still get paid. Many doctors are getting back to healing first, with the least invasive choices, but not near enough for the demand they are facing out there.

    What parents choose to use, and do to help their child, is all up to them. That is if the schools aren’t playing doctors and the doctors aren’t acting like the Mafia and denying them the right to decide what risks their child will take. What we found that worked for our child entailed NO drugs, natural diet, and chemical free environment. No more vaccines. I sell nothing and make nothing. I just want to help parents avoid the scams and the money pits we encountered in our journey to heal our child. The rewards are all in seeing the children really heal to show the TRUE potential they have when they are not on a toxic diet, not in a chemical filled environment, and not drugged to stifle who they could have been while adding more damages. Many have seen tremendous successes and some have not because they decided that drugging their kid was easier then learning how to feed their child better and place them in a safer environment. We win some we lose some. The reality is that for parents who come back several years later to ask for help again because their child is only worse on the drugs, their child then has more damages FROM the drugs to also deal with, on top of the original damages.

    We have seen tremendous results in pilot schools that take on students who have been thrown out of all other schools due to violent behaviors and criminal records. When those children were placed on a chemical free diet, into a chemical free environment, and taken off the drugs, they excelled greatly. Their grades soared and their violent behaviors dissipated. They got out of the children what they put into them. A majority of kids today live on a toxic diet filled with chemicals. Their allergies, illnesses and behaviors are a reflection of what they are not getting in their diets and the chemical exposures that are accumulating in their bodies. The chemicals and dangerous adjuvants in vaccines only add to that burden to create more damages. For the most part the schools do not help with the chemical filled diets they offer in the cafeterias or the classrooms filled with chemical cleaners and the playgrounds filled with chemical pesticides. But a lot of other schools are getting with the program and realizing the needless chemical exposures they are contributing to the diet and environment of their students and they are changing and opting for much safer choices. They too are seeing dramatic results in attention spans, test scores, and behavior. All without drugs.

    Ritalin is in the same class of drugs as COCAINE and studies reveal it is more potent then cocaine. That is but one dangerous drug these children are placed on and NO they have not ALL been tested as safe for children. Nor have they tested for contraindications when they give more and more drugs together to children. All of these children on these dangerous drugs ARE the TEST and that test has failed miserably.

    The government knows what these drugs do to children as well. That is why they will not accept anyone who has been placed on these drugs in the formative years as a child to serve in the military later. Why? They know these drugs are creating chemical imbalances, and altering the future of these children to make them unstable as adults the longer they were on them as children. They will not risk adding such an adult who incurred such damages as a child to possibly endanger troops later on.

    If you did work with children, I bet you did see precious little drugged robots. I see them every day and the classrooms are filling UP with them. It breaks my heart. They are Glassy eyed. No one is home. Staring into space in a drugged stupor. Suffering from eating disorders, sleep disorders, odd tics, twitching, and dying from heart attacks as young as 5 years old! Eventually they need a stronger fix when the uncontrollable angry outburst occurs. The doctors who drug them of course says the drugs stopped working and they need to “adjust” their meds. Never telling the parents that like cocaine addicts the doctor is helping their child to become addicted and they need a stronger fix. So they add more and more drugs. Each one causing a serious side effect that of course to the doctor necessitates ANOTHER drug to deal with that side affect caused by the other drugs. Next thing you know this kid is on 8, 9, and 10 drugs at ONCE. All creating a chemical potpourri nightmare for their developing brains and their underdeveloped neurological systems.

    All you care about is controlled behavior right? It is extremely unfortunate that far too many schools only look at that as well. But hey, why shouldn’t they? The schools have entire new massive programs built into their budgets for these vast generations of damaged children that are being created right now don’t they? Programs that do NOT help these children excel to the level of their peers. They are managing programs to contain the problem like cattle because they too are in over their heads. They are there to educate and not medicate after all. But that distinction has become ever blurred with schools playing educator and doctors without licenses to push parents to drug their kids. Vaccine injured children, and all these children who are drugged for ADD, PDD, and ADHD, have helped to create many new jobs for the schools like more speech therapists, physical therapists, and Special Ed teachers, etc. Business is great isn’t it? There really is nothing like building a huge infrastructure that only “contains” the problem instead of addressing the root cause is there?

    Far too many parents do not look at the long-term damage of masking a root problem with dangerous drugs either and they refuse to do the work to get to the root cause instead of treating symptoms. Many just do not feel they have any choice either because they are not told all their choices. They are lied to by doctors who have a vested financial interest in a creating a new lifetime patient and brow beaten by schools playing doctors to keep their kids drugged. Give us all a quick fix right? Pop a magic pill. Forget about the future because we want the appearance of instant results today.

    No, I do not use aspirin or tylenol in my house and have never needed it for our children. Aspirin causes bleeding in your stomach each dose you take and recent studies have warned about using it for the heart. Tylenol blocks glutathione and allows vaccines to cause much more damage to the child. What do doctors tell parents to give their children before vaccines? Tylenol. It also masks the signs of vaccine injuries and delays the response time for getting the child help in critical time. Side effects of vaccine injuries roll in after the Tylenol wears off and parents call doctors in concern and they tell them to load them up with more Tylenol!

    It’s sad and pathetic that parents have gone to jail for shaken child syndrome when the severe assault from vaccines have caused their child to suffer a horrific death. Some have won and got out and others have not. It’s further disturbing that there are real abusive parents out there as well and that line of truth is dissolving because of the mirror damages caused to the brain from vaccines. It is no coincidence that SIDS occurs at the exact interval of infant vaccine schedules. No SIDS, is not caused solely by vaccines but they are a major contributor. No is it a coincidence that the Amish, who do not vaccinate, did not have autistic children until they adopted children who had already been vaccinated.

    If you are over 40 you may have received 4 to 8 vaccines. Children today receive at least 36 vaccines and many get 52 vaccines before they are even school age with a majority given before the brain stem cells have the protective myelin sheathe in infancy. Our public is not stopping to think of the “accumulative” affect of all these toxins when thrown into an underdeveloped brain and underdeveloped neurological system.

    The result can be seen in the special Ed classes that are filling up across this country. My last count they had well over 220 new vaccines in the making. All for profit. We are trading non-life threatening illnesses for a lifetime of mental disorders, and serious rare cancers never before seen in children.

    Just a couple of years ago the SV40 virus was still found in polio vaccines. A precious two year old little boy tested positive for it in a massive brain tumor he died from. But this government you trust so much PROMISED to have all those cancer causing cell lines removed from polio vaccines. Polio did not go away nor have the vaccines eradicated it. When they change the diagnostic controls they can get what ever answer they want and that is JUST what they did with polio. The doctors who created the polio vaccine admitted this before a government hearing as well but that wasn’t broadcast all over the news now was it?

    Before the polio vaccine was introduced they diagnosed a patient with polio if they had been paralyzed only ONE day. After they introduced it they gave a diagnosis of polio if the patient had been paralyzed for over 30 days. Knowing polio does not always paralyze for long term for a majority of patients and all those who were paralyzed less then the new terms of diagnosis were diagnosed as having aseptic meningitis. Look back at those statistics and see where all those supposed polio cases went after vaccines. You will see increments rise in aseptic meningitis where polio cases supposedly dropped. Now millions of people have Guillanes Barr syndrome from toxic polio vaccines.

    Here’s another shocker for you. My family is filled with mainstream practitioners. When my child was injured I was in denial. With that upbringing I trust vaccines completely. I couldn’t believe the vaccines I trusted and believed in would ever harm my child. I researched heavily to actually prove his injuries were anything but vaccine related. The more I researched and the more doctors I contacted all over the world I could not deny it. He was a classic case. No one wants to believe that something they allowed to be injected into their own child could cause such damage. But denial doesn’t help the child heal anymore then drugging the child does.

    There are much safer choices for children to address all health issues that do not have dangerous side effects and my kids are rarely if ever sick because we eat right and we stay away from all the garbage. But stopping all illnesses should not be the goal anyway. If we want them to develop true immunity to make them stronger as adults they need exposures to develop those lifetime true immunities. Vaccines are NOT creating true immunity. They are doing the opposite. They are weakening the immune system and setting the child up for many more ailments down the road due to that weakened immune system.

    We have to ask ourselves…If there is nothing to hide about vaccines and these children were not real in all these classrooms that are filling up for special needs then drug companies would not need the government to step in to give them unprecedented protections from liability for those damages would they? The government would not need to seal the evidence revealed in prior injury cases from the public eyes would they? They would not need to throw the cases into closed court rooms and deny them the right to appear before a judge and jury of their peers. If they have nothing to hide they would welcome total transparency wouldn’t they?

    Now with total government protection to add whatever they want, with little, to no liability for injuries, and death, they are running with it. Like I said, they have 220 more vaccines in the making. Never stopping to take into consideration how our children cannot handle the vaccine loads they are already enduring. All for profits for the drug companies and to hell with innocent children. Do we think for a minute they will make a safer product with so much protection from liability? Of course not. Why should they. If they face no realconsequences in the end they have less incentive to ever create a safer product.

    The same is true for all these new children’s mental disorders. When a group of psychiatrists can get together, and find a list of common behaviors that encompass a large sect of children, they can call those common childhood issues a new illness. Once it’s in their diagnostic records it is treated as a real illness. Forget if these are symptoms that are displayed by a majority of children that were deemed for decades as normal…let’s find a way to get millions more on our drugs. They too have hundreds of new “mental” illnesses they have dreamed up to throw more, and more children, on drugs. Math learning disorders, and spelling disorders to name just a few. I am sure that is one you would help them to find more children for their drugs instead of educating the child.

    They look for all ways they can to get adults on more and more drugs today as well. RLS- Restless Legs syndrome. That’s just one of the newest ones for adults. It’s a calcium and magnesium deficiency that addresses poor circulation not a drug that they need. But hey, they have a drug for it, and a catchy new label now, so why not? That goes back to accountability on the public too for taking control of their health. Researching and getting several opinions before opting for the drugs. So the doctors and the drug companies should not absorb all that blame. Nonetheless, when a majority of the advertising today is drug promotion and they are inundated with the new disease of the week compiled of common symptoms for certain sects of people they can fall for it and walk right into what those millions of dollars in advertising were invested for.

    More people die from low cholesterol then high. But what do they create? Cholesterol lowering drugs that lo and behold caused heart attacks and strokes. When there is damage in the heart, and not enough cholesterol to protect that injury from rupture, people will go into full blown heart attacks. When these drugs block vital CoQ10 that decreases as we age they are the next heart attack victim. But the drugs made millions and many had to die before they face a thing for the damages. Didn’t matter by then, the massive profits were well worth it to them to compensate for what they deemed as business as usual.

    When so many children are becoming disabled for life just who do you think will be here to take care of them in the future when their parents have died? Further, who will take care of our elderly if our children as adults cannot take care of themselves?

    Some of us think long term and not just for today. Like all these other issues we face this issue does have long term consequences if we stay on this path of ignoring the cries of our children. The sad reality to me is that the public will not truly wake up until it hits them square in the pocket book or until one of their own precious children are harmed. In today’s rates the average cost of caring for an autistic patient is over one million dollars. Lord only knows what that cost will be even ten years from now. When the parents die, and the money is gone, that burden will transfer to people and the state. Will they get it then? Probably. But by then we will have allowed this epidemic to reach pandemic proportions and the serious damage will have already been done.

    If you really care at all about children you will look at the evidence out there and you will take heed to the victims families. No you will not find massive amounts of it coming from this country due to the control the drug companies have in our government. But other countries are not so controlled and they do put the people before corporations. Their studies are in the thousands and they are not waiting for the epedemic they are addressing it right now.

    The thing people need to ask is what do families of vaccine injured children have to gain? As I said, we never sued and I do not intend to. We absorbed all cost to help our child heal too. The truth is they have not one thing to gain by going against the coveted vaccine. They face scrutiny and public scorn each day they dare to try and reach others and share their experiences.

    The sad reality is that were a defective toy that harmed their child every parent out there would want to know the toy, the brand, and where they bought it. They would demand removal of that toy immediately and the government would step in and make them remove them. We just saw this with China didn’t we? Make that source of injury come from a vaccine and it’s a whole new story. Even when hot batches are identified they refuse to tell parents the lot, batch and locations of where those vaccines were distributed in most cases. They do not force the immediate removal of them from the shelves either. They allow the drug companies to use “their discretion” on removing and ordering a recall. Then they water down the damages cause by that hot lot and even go so far as to tell parents to re-vaccinate immediately. Yea, that’s the answer. Load them up with more of the same virons and dangerous adjuvants in a short time period. Great for double profits bad for children.

    There is a vaccine challenge out there for anyone of the CDC, FDA or doctor who administers vaccines to allow themselves to be injected with the same vaccine schedule our babies get today. Not one taker yet. They cannot say they do not need them or that it will harm them to get more because they order repeats and boosters of these same vaccines throughout childhood for our children to get them again, and again. So why do they refuse? The dollar amount for this vaccine challenge is into the thousands now for just ONE of them to take what they want little babies to take. Why no takers?

    If vaccines are so safe then why do a large percentage of doctors, nurses, and frontline caregivers refuse vaccines recommended for their own professions like Hep B, and Flu vaccines etc? They are noted to be at a higher risk of exposure and yet they refuse what they want to give to us? Many pediatricians do not vaccinate their own children either. Yet they have no qualms with loading our kids up with them. Mercury is not the only threat here. Aluminum is equally damaging to the brain and central nervous system and it is still found in a majority of vaccines today. But it makes for yet another great diversion to undeservingly gain the publics trust in vaccines again.

    It’s a choice all people have to make for themselves. We already saw a precious child suffer greatly and needlessly in a fight to find his mind again in our home. We just got out of debt last year from the thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills. Until true liability and accountability are restored on the drugs companies we will never know what they will throw in these vaccines next. The HPV vaccines has already proven to be a nightmare with paralyzing girls, and causing needless deaths for a cancer that doesn’t even develop for 20 years. Their studies range in only a few years so they have no proof it affects the statistic of cervical cancer at all. Nor does cervical cancer hit the target age of the vaccine. Girsl aged 12 to 28. It hits much older women Nor it is a cancer definitely linked to the HP virus. The HP virus will clear itself in two years if NO treatment is given. Yet that fact is completely ignored in the campaign for this dangerous new vaccines for girls. They make no claims it will prevent cervical cancer because they can’t…yet they turn around and say it is for the “prevention” of cervical cancer.

    Look at their own trials and see recent studies that reveal over 1800 serious side affects already, and counting, then compare the extremely high price of the three doses they recommend to other vaccines to see why it is still heavily promoted. The HPV vaccine has a very dangerous level of aluminum and mercury in it as well. When those heavy metals are given together they are much more volatile to the patients brain and nervous system. The new Alzheimer’s vaccine was also a complete disaster. Revealed to SHRINK the brain. Yea, a patient suffering from a brain disorder really needs a vaccine that will shrink the brain. There are too many new vaccines out there to keep up with them all. Just rest assured they are coming for every malady we know of and our children will not be the only ones in an epidemic. When doctors are not required by law to report vaccine injuries we will continue to see more parents unwittingly line their children up to spin the Roulette wheel and hope their child isn’t the next so-called rare case. It is noted by the CDC that doctors only report vaccine injuries by up to 10%. Therefore those statistics we see on those brochures in the doctors office are missing 90% of the very real victims out there. It doesn’t matter what the statistic are if your child is harmed their risk was 100%. It is neither genes nor heredity that causes what we are facing. An epidemic across the country can never be genetic. Think about that.

    Now, I have work to do. I really am tiring of the fights with you Mr. Black when we are in a time that all people should be pulling together. If Mr. Wead is concerned about my numerous posts he only needs to tell me this concern and I will respect his wishes. I am not here to take over I am responding to posts directed at me. Either way, this is his board and just as you have your blog, and I have my online group, we do have other avenues to communicate with others. Until I hear otherwise I will respond as my time allows.

    I will end with this. I do believe in personal accountability, but I do not discount other exposures that can also explain why our children are behaving the way they do and what is contributing to the issues of social violence. I put that back on parents as well. They need to focus on their children today more then ever, and work with our educators, so our children will benefit in the end, and society will not be their victims later on if they are left unhealed and live on drugs that will only compound the anti-social behavior and the violence.

  50. I didn’t need to read your last post because it’s the same b.s. as before; essentially, the system didn’t work for you so it’s corrupt and wrong for everyone.

    Tough luck, lady. Life dealt you a bad hand. Get over it! Life isn’t supposed to shake out exactly the way you want.

    What a narcissist you are. Your husband must be worn down to a nub if you flap your piehole that much at home. Nothing’s more annoying than a broad who doesn’t know when to shut up.

    You’re just another bitter old hag who can’t deal with what life has given you. America offers plenty and I’m all about grabbing as much of it as possible.

    How about you, or are you content just to piss and moan about power and authority figures?

  51. You are a sick, pathetic, cruel man Mr. Black and I can only pray you have zero contact with all children today. No, the system didn’t work for my sweet little boy. Nor did I ever say it’s ALL corrupt and wrong for ALL people. I do not look at the world in stark black and white terms as you do. I do believe in true freedom in healthcare choices and that can only come when people have ALL the information in which to truly make an informed choice.

    I do not see YOUR words ending a bit here either. I do however see nonstop, unwarranted, hateful personal attacks, instead of any proof of what you say.

    The only narcissist here is you. Jumping from board to board to attack anyone who isn’t as messed up as you because true freedom of speech and individuality is not something you tolerate.

    My husband sees you as a pathetic excuse for man.

    What about me Mr. Black? I put my time where my words are. I have helped hundreds of people with their children on my time and my dime. I’ve been directly involved in legislation to add exemptions in Texas that were approved and to offer information so parents are not told only one side about vaccines.

    Is that enough ammo for your sick head to have? It truly is surprising Mr. Wead condones such a racist, hateful, person as yourself,…but then again freedom of speech protects your hateful, racist, remarks too. The same freedom of speech you could care less about to fight for.

    Then again, new cases are cropping up about cyber bullies and criminal liabilities for online activities just like this. A recent case of a sick older woman who targeted a young girl with hateful and deceitful words that pushed the girl to suicide is pending right now. That case will be very telling for just how long people like you are allowed to continue the hateful, racists, and purposefully targeted personal attacks online.

    I am a grown woman and not that precious little girl. Nonetheless, our actions do have consequences and the internet is gaining more attention in legislation for those consequences.

  52. I would recommend that you bring this discussion to my blog if you wish to continue. This is my last post to you here. Just remember that you’ve been dishing it out as much as I have.

    The fact that you purport to be an altruist doesn’t impress me.

    You claim to be a conservative libertarian type, yet you’re suggesting that the internet be regulated to disallow speech you so subjectively consider to be distasteful.
    I knew you were a fraud and this proves it.

    The fact that you haven’t stopped responding to my posts and have engaged in quid pro quo name calling yourself doesn’t bode well for any formal complaint you may wish to make. You’ve been willfully participating in this mudslinging, so if you want to cry “wolf!” then simply go away and stop responding to my posts. it’s that simple.

    Remember, you were the one who called me sick, pathetic, and cruel.

    My blog url is

  53. as I told you before I am an American Mr. Black. I am not defined by a political party. The only time I address parties with you was after you continuously decided you held the book on what determined a conservative. I shared Ron Paul’s words of what he believes happened to the conservative party of which I happen to agree with. You had ample opportunity to share your thoughts and attacked instead.

    In this last response your words “were” hateful, cruel and sick, in light of the information I had just shared about my sons recovery from a brain injury.

    I have extended an olive branch to you several times as well to get off personal attacks and onto the subject- ALL no avail …

    What I got in return was more personal attacks.

    So yes, I called you an antagonist because that is what antagonists do. This last attack was Not called for at all and it was obviously written to only inflict as much harm as you could to me “personally” instead of addressing the topic at hand of which you completely avoided again and there is a difference.

    A personal boundary that you showed absolutely no respect for. Again, I was talking about the severe brain injury of my CHILD, and addressing the issues you broached, in which you retorted with very serious hate. Toward me personally once again. While not addressing one issue I replied to. Yes, many people would take that as someone who has gone way overboard, when their child is in that equation, especially when their child has been harmed enough, and the message was to help other children, and I am no exception.

    I have repeatedly noted the personal attacks from you, to you, and tried to get you back to the actual subject instead of the personal attacks on the messenger in here- all to NO avail.

    You have attacked a majority of the people in here FIRST as well. I have not been the only target. Yes, people will defend themselves if they have been attacked and some may do as I have from time to time and get sucked into the anger because you emit so much hatred toward them “personally”. I have not attacked a race, or religion, or an entire state, or an entire country in here. If anything my words have been the opposite in defense of people in different races and different locations to live how they see fit. Your posts do not reflect the same at all.

    I have zero interest in continuing a useless argument with you in your blog when it only end in more personal attacks with not one iota of proof on your end offered to address the actual “issue” I have broached in here. You have gone way above and beyond my words in self defense and with topics I broached, to your personal attacks, racism, sexism, and the attacks of other faiths. You have attacked, and categorized entire sects of people, based on their race, their faith, and demographics as well in here. You will not find my post with that content.

    There is no FRAUD here. I can back up what I have said. I told you to prove me wrong and got attacked instead. It’s gets old after a while and no one wins in that situation.

    It is fine with me to end it here because this is getting us no where. I do have a life and have much better things to do. Good day Mr. Black and I apologize to Mr. Wead if this has caused him any distress. That was not my intent. These issue I have shared do matter and I was hoping to have a decent exchange about them to try and find good solutions for us all.

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