Jenna Bush, Most Beautiful White House Bride in History?


Jenna Bush is obviously a very beautiful bride, how do the historians rate these brides among the children of presidents, or is there such a thing?  Who do they say were the most beautiful brides?


There are two answers to that question.  The political answer is… “They are all beautiful, what do you mean?”  Then there is the inexorable and unforgiving answer of history that says, “Nellie Grant, Alice Roosevelt, Luci Johnson and Tricia Nixon were the most beautiful brides.”  At least, till now, and that would only be the answer among White House brides.


There was the famous Hollywood actress, Faye Emerson, who was a star and a beautiful woman.  She appeared in movies with Sydney Longstreet, Peter Lorre, Ronald Reagan and Raymond Massey.  She married FDR’s son, Elliot Roosevelt, on a movie set near Grand Canyon, which fascinated the public, a marriage between Washington and Hollywood.


Certainly, Tricia Nixon was a beautiful bride and at her wedding, there was some indication that Alice Roosevelt was not a happy camper.  Tricia was on the cover of LIFE magazine twice and there were raves about her.  So Alice started making these little barbed comments about Tricia, saying she was a bore and that Julie Nixon had all the personality.  Alice complained about the wedding, she said it was poorly organized, that her seat was wet.


I think she was disappointed that her own wedding, which had been such a major news event, but had happened 65 years before, had been all forgotten.  No one seemed to remember or even care how beautiful she had been and how she had so captured the nation.  All eyes were on Tricia Nixon.


And this Saturday all eyes will be on Jenna Bush, who now will surely be joining the ranks as one of the most beautiful brides in American history.  And the nation will send their best wishes to her and her new husband, Henry Hager.  See  


YOu Tubes: Is Jenna most beautiful bride?

The colorful tradition of weddings of presidential children


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

12 thoughts on “Jenna Bush, Most Beautiful White House Bride in History?

  1. Alice Roosevelt was correct. Julie Nixon Eisenhower easily outpoints her sister, because she’s her mother’s personality and Tricia is exactly like her father.

    Just ask Monica Crowley.

  2. Y’know, I am glad that I am not beholden to people in power.

    Because my nose stays clean all the time, I am not compelled to use hyperbole when describing their children.

    The Bush twins are average lookers at best.

    If you want a true definition of “beautiful,” look at Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly circa 1954.

    I guess I have a higher standard than most people in this dumbed down society.

    After all, this is the same blog that called another common girl in Chelsea Clinton as “extraordinary.”

    It’s like if you go to L.A. and talk about people that work in Hollyweird, everyone there is a “genius.”

  3. Some may think the Roosevelt women attractive.
    Of course some of them also like the looks of warthogs.
    To each his own.

  4. Dear Mr. Black…goodness gracious. I’ve been reading some of your blogs, and you must be a very unhappy person. Is there nothing that you like or approve of? It must be nice to be perfect, and to be absolutely positive that you are the general manager of the universe. For heaven’s sake, be a little charitable. I’m certain Miss Bush (and I am NOT a bushy, by any stretch of the imagination) will be lovely.

  5. I only know that Eleanor wasn’t turning any heads. I think it can be said that the phrase “beauty is in the eye …” offers a polite excuse not to be judgmental.

  6. I think “most beautiful” is an overstatement. However, she did look beautiful on her wedding day. However, I was underwhelmed by her choice in the wedding gown. It seemed too boring for someone who seems full of personality. She could have done better.

  7. “Is there nothing that you like or approve of?”

    Obviously, you didn’t read my blog profile where I list my preferences in different categories.

    I strive for perfection and am often gravely disappointed when I can’t achieve it.

    I am absolutely positive that I am the general manager of MY own universe.

    Be a little charitable? Forget it, unless it’s directed toward my own flesh and blood.

    As for Jenna Bush, an average looking girl is still an average looking girl even if she’s wearing a $50K gown.

    If Chelsea Clinton were Chelsea Nobody, she’d be managing a Gap store somewhere.

  8. I totally agree with you, Doug, on one of your comments on this topic about the slant of location of the Busch wedding as benefit to the bride and groom in perpetuity. In psychology it is called an anchor when a certain experience has the power to flood a person with all of the dynamics of the original intensity of the event. It’s like walking into a house you lived in as a kid. Some voice of wisdom surely spoke to the wedding decision makers that, in addition to present day preference of ambience, the ability to return to the wedding scene would be a special return also to the commitments of the sacred ceremony. It couldn’t happen at the White House. :)Linda

  9. I for one think that Jenna is far above average. She is beautiful. I would not mind sitting by her on a plane on a trip to India. People make her dad out to look like a clown, but infact hes alright looking and the 1st lady is a looker. BD open you eyes. Jenna is gorgeous, 50k dress or $10 jeans from Target.

  10. Poreagus: if you truly believe that then you must set your bar waaaay low.

    Angelina Jolie is beautiful. Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor (in the 50s/60s) was beautiful.

    That’s where you set the bar for beautiful. Your criteria is flawed.

  11. If you bothered to see any of the more recent photos of Jenna Bush she is a knockout. History’s most beautiful White House bride? Why not? Why some old photo where everyone says, “Well, their beauty doesn’t come through because the style was different.” Yeah right, so what? Jenna’s comes through just fine. Henry is a lucky man.

  12. “If you bothered to see any of the more recent photos of Jenna Bush she is a knockout. ”

    She’s a attractive, but not a knockout. Knockouts work in Hollywood.

    Let’s keep some proper perspective here, OK?

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